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      03.04.2009 00:02



      good sport games

      for you lovers of the game or the lovers of the ball must play this game. PES 2009 game a very good size for sports games with the high image quality and very realistic movement of the aggressive players who are very rigid and not easy to play, the PLAYERS face is very similar to the original and the PLAYERS espresi print time goal as if such a indeed.
      if you like there are some challenges dribling moment the ball is very cool, how do the free kick, corner kick, and many more other things that more interesting again

      This tricks some light
      - back 2x / forward 2x
      - shot + pass / shot 2x + pass
      - back up forward down
      - back 2x + forward
      new trik
      - back forward
      - back forward down
      - back down forward
      - down back down forward
      - up forward forward down
      - forward down up forward
      - up up / down down

      I hope this trick in games to help you, expand your ability to play


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