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    • FIFA 11 (PS2) / Playstation 2 Game / 90 Readings / 82 Ratings
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      11.03.2011 21:21
      Very helpful



      Its the best game to all football game lovers

      FiFa 2011 is the latest and recent edition of EA Sports football game, EA Sports releases a newer version of FiFa series every year along with their other sports game series. The prettiest thing is that it was also released for the PS2 platform despite the fact that PS3 and Xbox 360 have already taken over the gaming world. I bought this game within the first few weeks of its release and started playing it immediately along with brother. There were many improvements in this version when compared to its previous 2010 release.


      The controls are pretty much the same; nothing new is implemented here except for a few additional tricks to perform. An extra set of controls is added for the goalkeeper since there is a new mode in this version called "Be a Keeper" where we can control the goalkeeper. There are separate controls for dive, punch or catch, anticipation save, charge, slide and so on. Or you can also use the right stick for a quick attempt to save the ball.


      There are slight improvements in graphics from its previous edition starting with the audience; there are few improvements in the graphic details of the audience. Then the graphic of some popular players like Ronaldo, Messi have been improved to make them look more unique. Of course it's impossible to bring out the exact facial for all the players. The In game graphics is also improved, now the ball can be seen very clearly, tackles made are very much visible and the players dribbling, kicking & heading the ball is also very clear now.

      -----Game Play-----

      This is part where this edition has shown a lot of improvement. They have added a new feature called personality+ which means special players like Messi, Ronaldo, Van Persie, etc have incredible control over the ball when compared to other players. I was able to experience this clearly when I was controlling the ball with Messi, it was at such ease to dribble the ball with Messi. The secondary attributes also plays an important role in this edition, it works for real in this edition whereas in the previous edition it was quite hard to feel it. For example, when comparing secondary attribute "short passing " between Messi and Ronaldo, Messi has the highest and its easily felt when we make a short pass with both the players, Messi makes and receives a short pass with much more accuracy when compared to Ronaldo whereas Ronaldo has more shot power and his shots fly like a rocket whereas Messi mostly scores only with first touches since he has less shot power. The same apply for all types of passes, the pass accuracy of higher attribute players are way better than the rest of the other players. In the same way defenders like Terry, Puyol are very aggressive compared to other since their "Strength" attribute is high, they can just make another player fall and roll over with a slight block itself. Injury chances are high whey these kinds of players mistime a tackle. Also it's hard to score against goalkeepers with high "Reflexes" attribute. Goalkeepers are very intelligent in this edition; they are very agile and capable of making unbelievable saves when their positioning and momentum is high. These smaller improvements just make the game more interesting to play.


      Tricks play an important role in every football game according me. I believe if one can master all the tricks then it becomes so easy to score goals. There are a couple of tricks included in this edition but the main difference is that there are a few tricks that can be performed by only highly attributed players. Such tricks are usually an advanced version of a simple basic trick but require high skill attributed to perform it on the field. The main thing of using the tricks is the timing at which I perform a trick, if I time a trick exactly the chances of beating the defender and scoring are very high.

      -----Game Modes-----

      There is a new mode added in this edition which the "Be a Goalkeeper"where we can play as a goalkeeper. Our only work will be to correctly position the keeper according to where the ball keeps moving, and then we can attempt saves, charge against players, and anticipate shots and much more. But I feel this new mode is not needed at all, since you get only 4 to 5 chances to defend your goal but the rest of the time you have to idle. This will be good during online play, but definitely an unwanted inclusion according to me.
      Then there are some new features included in the career mode, I can play as pro where I can control only a single player. The rest of the team plays automatically but I can request a short pass, cross, through pass anytime when the ball is with my teammates, I can even force my teammates to take a shot at the goal when they are in the right position to do so. I must carry out the season in this fashion, I will gain fame slowly among the fans as I keep winning and performing well for my team. If I perform badly I will warm the bench sometimes and if I perform really well I can get a place in the national side. These things give an edge to the Pro career and make it interesting to play.

      The Coach career is a bit different where I have to take up the role of coaching my team and make them perform well. I have to look into injuries, improve certain skills of certain players and much more. I do not prefer this career mode much because I think it's sort of boring to play.

      This the best part of the career, the Manager mode. It has lot of things to do; first I should sign up a contract with a team from a list of offers. Then prepare the team with the best playing 11, subs and reserves. I should then sign a contract with a sponsor of my choice and set up a few friendly matches before the start of the season to test out my team. The team bosses will put up some requests which I should achieve with my team. I will have full control over the team; I can give a chance for some unknown fresh players from the youth academy or scout for fresh players around the world. I will have a budget, with which I should manage my team salaries, staff developments, scouting, and stadium extension and so on. I get a bonus for every win from the team's sponsors. My fame level will increase if I keep winning matches, tournaments, cups and so on. I will be asked some questions by the media at the end of some matches; I will come up with some team issues which of those I should handle carefully without any damage, for the team, bosses and my job. I can even make transfer deals during transfer season and sign new players to the team, sell some payers from my team and even hire a player to another team for a few matches. These things make the manager mode my favorite career mode.


      To conclude, this game is a must for every PS2 owners. Up to 6 players can play at a time which makes this game ideal to spend some time gaming with some of our friends, it's so much fun when playing multiplayer but online multiplayer is a different scenario. Overall I love this game and hope EA release its next edition in PS2 platform also.


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      04.02.2011 11:48
      Very helpful



      If you own a PS2 this is definitely not the game to miss out.

      Resident Evil 4 is a horror genre game developed by Capcom for Nintendo's Gamecube and later Capcom announced its release in the Playstation 2 also. The Resident Evil series itself was already a massive hit for capcom, it's known as the Biohazard series in Japan. Soon Resident Evil 4 was also released in other gaming consoles like Wii, iPhone, PC, Zeebo.


      The playable character is Leon S. Kennedy, a Racoon City Police Department's cop who also featured in Resident Evil 2. Six years after the outbreak in Racoon city, Leon is recruited by the U.S Secret Service to rescue the President's daughter who was kidnapped by a mysterious group named "Los Illuminados". Leon is sent to a rural village in Europe where the Illuminados are occupied. Soon after Leon reaches the village he finds out that the villagers are not like normal human beings and they are after him. Leon moves through the village find out the whereabouts of the president's daughter. Leon is captured by the village head and is injected with the plaga(injected person turn into ganados) and is tied up along with Luis sera(a researcher who worked for Saddler in the discovery of the plaga sample). Then they both escape and Leon learns about luis and finds out that luis betrayed saddler (head of the Los Illuminados), so he is chased by the ganados to be executed. They both go different ways and Leon finds Ashley who also is injected by the plaga, now they both have very less time before they turn into those ganados. Leon progresses along with Ashley, but Ashley is again caught by the ganados later in the game. Leon fights his way through to rescue Ashley, then finds a cure for the plaga and successfully escapes from the village at the end. Leon is often helped by a private agent "Ada Wong", who is working for Albert Wesker's organization.


      The gameplay has improved tremendously when compared to the rest of the Resident Evil series. First thing to notice is the change in camera angle, the previous titles were all third person action adventures. In Resident Evil 4 the camera is placed behind Leon thereby giving the player a clear view of his surroundings. This camera view has made the combat with enemies much efficient. With a weapon equipped press and hold the R1 button to aim (a laser aim appears with most of the weapons) and press the X button to fire. Another improvement is the Ganados (by which enemies are called instead of zombies) who are much faster, accurate and smart than the enemies in the previous releases. The ganados are normally equipped with axes, pikes, pitchforks, knives, crossbows, dynamites and other farm aid items as their weapons. Sometimes a couple of tougher ganados appear with a chainsaw. The ganados can often duck from your shots; they sneak behind you and grab you, throw their weapons and rush at you often. Leon is also equipped with a wide range of weapons like pistols, shotguns, rifles, RPG, grenades to defend him from the smart ganados. But Leon first starts with only a pistol with him but later he finds a merchant near every save typewriter who sells Leon weapons in exchange for peseteas(the village currency). The defeated Ganados also drop some ammo and peseteas which Leon can pick up. Leon can also tune up his weapons from the merchant which increases the power and durability of every weapon. In case of low currency Leon can also sell the treasure he finds through the game, some treasures are of greater value when combined together before selling it.
      Often the ganados attacks Leon in packs of 5 or more, in such cases Leon can use the laser attachment to aim and shoot accurately at any of their body parts. For example shooting their legs will make them fall down, shooting their hands will make them drop their weapons. Leon is often prompted to use some action buttons during the course of the game depending on the surroundings. For example, when a ganado grabs Leon, shaking the left analog stick when prompted makes Leon muscle out from the grab. Leon can shoot their knee (makes them to kneel down) or head (makes them dizzy for a few seconds), then move near them and there will be a button prompt, when pressed Leon either kicks them or perform a supplex. This comes in handy mostly when you play in professional difficulty where you need to conserve your ammo. There are also a few cutscene fights in the game which is very challenging where you have to press the prompted buttons exactly in perfect timing.

      The Graphics in the game has also improved from its earlier releases; you can experience the improvement in graphics especially when the game progresses to insides of the castle. Every detail inside the castle looks amazing. You can notice the graphics improvement when you fire you weapons, during explosions and more.
      The difficult parts of the game are the boss fights, each boss has a weak point and you have to find as soon as possible to in order to kill the boss easily. You must also choose your weapons wisely for every boss fight and it's always wise to tune up your best weapons. The best and difficult boss fight according to me is the fight with Krauser which is damn long and tough one.

      There are also a few mini games in the game, the merchant asks you to shoot 10 or more medallions for which he will give the Punisher pistol. Also you can find shooting ranges near the merchant in the later part of the game; you can enter it with a weapon of your choice and complete the minigame which earns you some bottle caps. You will also have play as Ashley (President's daughter) in a certain part of the game which was fun for me but also a bit difficult because she won't have weapons.

      As I mentioned earlier Leon has a wide range of weapons to use in the game. First the basic weapon is the pistol and leon can buy a few more pistols from the merchant which are Red9, punisher (obtained by shooting 10 or more medallions) and the blacktail. The Blacktail is the best pistol in the game, so wait until that is available to buy and spend the money in tuning it up. Next the shotguns available are Shotgun, Riot gun & Striker, the best is the Striker. So spend your money to tune it, don't waste money on others. Then, there is the Rifle and semi-auto rifle. The best is the semi-auto and there is also a scope attachment available if you need it. Then there are 2 magnums broken butterfly and Killer 7(best one). Then explosive weapons like Mine launcher (use it for tougher enemies) and RPG (use it mostly for the bosses) are also available. There is also a submachine gun named TMP and I strongly recommend not tuning it up.

      There are three types of grenades namely Incendiary, Flash bang & Frag grenades. Frag grenades can be used to take out a group of enemies or blow off a stronger enemy like the ganados with chainsaws. Incendiary grenades are often used to block the path of the ganados like the near doors, ladders, etc. Flash bangs are particularly effective against the creatures popping out of the heads of the ganados.

      Leon uses first aid sprays and some herbs to increase his health. First aid sprays increases his full health and there are three types of herbs which can be combined for better use. The green herb increases a small part of the health; two or three green herbs can be combined to increase a large amount of health. The red herb can be used only when combined with the green herb and it replenishes full health. Then there is the yellow herb which increases the health bar a bit and it's also useful only when combined.


      On completing the game, several extra features and game modes are unlocked such as separate ways, Ada's assignment, Mercenaries, professional difficulty mode, matilda handgun, infinite rocket laucher and special costumes. Separate ways is just like the normal game progression but the playable character is Ada Wong who often helped Leon in the original gameplay. This story mode allows you to experience how Ada was able to help Leon and what all difficulties she had to face from her side. After completing separate ways a special gun named Chicago Typewriter unlocks and it can be used by Leon if you play the game another time. The gun has infinite ammo and is nearly powerful as the magnum, so it will much easy to finish the game for the second time.

      Ada's assignment is like a side mission where you have to recover some plaga samples, but it's really difficult to finish. There are no save points, so you have to finish the assignment in one complete stretch.
      The mercenaries are playable with different characters along with their own specialized weapons. You start in a location with a timer running out; you have to kill as many ganados as you can within the given time. Time bonus pickups are available to extend time, try to get a 5 star rating in every area with all playable characters. Doing so unlocks a special laser gun which removes the plaga out of the ganados when fired.
      If you complete the game quite easily, give it a try in professional difficulty as it's more challenging and the enemies are hard to kill.

      Overall you don't have to be resident evil fan to try this one out; anybody who plays this will like it.


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        29.01.2011 07:10
        Very helpful



        This is a must for every PlayStation 2 console owner

        Soon after the optical disc's were started to use as the main media for video game consoles, gamers needed a way to store a point in a game from where they could resume the play later. This is when Sony introduced its 8MB memory card. Thankfully the current generation of video game consoles like the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 use hard drives to store the game save data.

        The original Sony PS2 memory card which has an capacity of 8MB is a must for all PlayStation 2 gamers. It uses the Magic Gate Encryption developed by Sony itself which rejects the production of third party PS2 memory cards as they will not the Magic Gate license. Memory cards without this encryption can also be used to save all PS2 game files but it cannot be read or write for latter use. There were quite a few third party competitors who introduced memory cards for PlayStation 2 users, it even came with larger storage capacities and a cheaper price. But all those third party memory cards are definitely not recommended as they tend corrupt very quickly.

        The normal PS2 memory card has a storage space of 8000 KB approximately which is enough to store save data for all your PS2 games. Most of the games use a space of 100KB to 300KB and some games even less that 100KB. Few games like Splinter Cell: Double Agent (1024KB app), FiFa11 (550KB app), Grand Turismo 4 (nearly 1/4 of the total space) use lots of space. So you must delete the save file of the games you complete in order to free up space for the next game you start to play. For users who like to keep the save data of their completed games like i tend to do, I recommend you to buy a couple of Sony 8MB memory cards or buy an Sony 16MB memory for larger storage. I am a PlayStation fanatic and i own 3 Sony 8MB memory card and a 16MB memory card, but one of my 8MB memory card is corrupted. There are also more larger capacities like 32MB, 64MB and even 128MB(not sure about this) memory cards if you are looking for larger storage. But the problem is, with these memory cards you intend to save all your game files in it and suppose if it gets corrupted or damaged all your files are gone altogether. So, I recommend to use 16MB or atmost 32MB and also have a backup in another memory card for your most loved games.

        Now i mentioned that one of my 8MB card is corrupted, this is the only problem one has to face with the PS2 memory cards. There is no way you can repair or format an corrupted memory, but there are a few softwares available on the net to format a memory card. I tried a couple a couple of those but in vain as none worked for me, but still many people were successful with it. This problem usually happens if you switch off your console or if there is a power failure while a save is progressing. Mine got corrupted as there was a power failure while an NFS Most Wanted save file was progressing. I just defeated Blacklist 3 and whoop my save file was gone, also it other game files like Final Fantasy 12 which i loved so much were also gone. This wouldn't be a problem for those who don't have frequent power failures. There other way a memory card may become useless is if its damaged, but this happens only at the extreme limit as its well protected by its top cover. Even your children will find it difficult to damage it. Just remove the dust from it every now and then using a small brush also clean the slots in your console too.

        Overall PlayStation 2 console users have no choice as they definitely have to buy one but you can make your choice of MB capacity when you go for a second memory card.


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          28.01.2011 19:43
          Very helpful



          Prince of Persia: Warrior Within is an excellent sequel for everybody to enjoy

          With its first release Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time the franchise became a massive hit. The was an action adventure with a number of great environments filled with lots of puzzles and topping it all was the prince's acrobatics. Now the franchise's second release Prince of Persia: Warrior Within picks up the story just from where the Sands of Time ended with some great new features. Now the prince can hold two weapons and his combat moves has also been expanded.


          The story starts seven years after the events of The Sands of Time where the prince is constantly attacked by a beast name "Dahaka" since he had unleashed the sands of time. The prince seeks help from an old wise man who intends that whoever releases the Sands of Time must die and its the Dahaka's duty to kill the one who released the sands as its the guardian of time. The only way for the prince is to travel back in time and kill the Empress of Time(who created the Sands of Time) before she created the sands. The prince starts his journey in a ship to the Island of Time to fulfill mission, but he faces a series of obstacles on his way. He has to travel back and forth in time to find his way, often gets chased by the Dahaka and also he faces the Empress of Time (Kaileena).

          SANDS OF TIME:

          Like the previous release of the game the prince can use the sands of time to rewind time for a few seconds. This comes handy when I mistime a jump or make a false move in combat during which we can use the sands to rewind and proceed. The prince has a total of six sand tanks (used to store the sands of time) which can be unlocked one by one as the game progresses. I can also use slow motion which consumes a sand tank in combat particularly when we have to a number of enemies. There are some surroundings in which we cannot progress without the help of slow motion, so use it wisely. The sands can also be used as a special power when surrounded by enemies, this move unlocks as the game progresses.

          WEAPONS & COMBAT:

          The prince can wield two weapons simultaneously with one being primary and other secondary. The primary weapon sticks with us all the time but we get a new and stronger primary weapon in the game progress. Secondary weapons are optional, I can even opt not to use it, but it allows the prince to perform great combos which are all listed in the pause menu of the game. Practice all the combos somewhere at the starting of the game as it will be very helpful later in the game. The secondary weapon gets damaged with every hit and worn out after a little use, but I can always take another weapon dropped by the enemies or use the weapon steal combo to steal the weapon from an enemy. Combos are a great way to eliminate stronger enemies, so its good to learn most of the combos. The jump ability of the prince is also very important in combat. The prince can jump off enemies and perform a combo attack in air and also in ground. The prince can also jump off from walls and smash into an enemy to push him away. Evading is also an important strategy in this game because its better to evade from certain enemy attacks. We will notice that throwing enemies off works better in many places. Evading attacks will be key feature in boss fight as most of the combos never work against a boss. Lighter combos combined with perfect evading will result in an easier boss fight.


          The gameplay of Warrior Within has improved dramatically when compared to The Sands of Time. The graphics is a whole lot better and the prince physic looks great . The surroundings are also more challenging complemented by extensively wide combat moves. Despite the improved combat, the strength of Warrior Within lies in its environmental puzzles. As the prince, I will need to rely on your acrobatic moves to navigate your way through many cleverly designed rooms and traps. You can still jump, wall run, climb, mantle, swing, and vault your way from ledge to ledge and from branch to branch. You can also now controlled falls by sinking your sword into wall tapestries and then sliding straight down as you slice through them to slow your descents. Completing the game's puzzles and navigating your way through each room tends to be extremely fun and satisfying, and it's made all the more enjoyable by the well-animated moves of the prince and the beautifully designed levels. This gets more interesting with inclusion of Dahaka chase every now and then, where you have quickly find your way through the environment while the Dahaka chases you. This increases the pace of the game at the right time where one false move would cause the prince getting caught by the dahaka. The game may get tougher for a few as you travel back and forth in time to find your way and this may confuse you every now and then. The prince has become more dark with the bloody and gore combat scenes which has earned this game an M rating. This game has two endings, one with a water sword and another without it. You will find life upgrades for prince throughout the game in hidden locations, it increase the total life bar of the prince a little with every every life upgrade he collects. If you manage to find all the life upgrades you will find the water sword (the most powerful sword in the game) in the throne room and in the end you will face a tougher boss (Dahaka) and the end story changes accordingly. Instead if you fail to collect all life upgrades you will face the Empress of Time (Kaileena) at the end.

          Overall Prince of Persia: Warrior Within is an excellent sequel to its franchise and all POP fans will love this game while others may struggle a bit but its easy to complete. Prince of Persia: Warrior Within is easy to recommend for any action adventure fan, and its lengthier campaign should keep players busy for a lot longer this time around.


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