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    • Wilkinsons / Highstreet Shopping / 22 Readings / 22 Ratings
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      20.10.2010 19:31
      Very helpful



      Review of Wilkinson

      I love, love, love Wilkinsons. When I was first dragged into the store about four years ago by my mother, I really didn't have high expectations. You see, before my local branch was a Wilkos, it was another store called B-Wise, and B-Wise really wasn't my kind of thing at all. I went into the store with low expectations, expecting Wilkinsons to be a similar store.

      How wrong I was! As I wandered down the first I aisle, I caught sight of top brand items for a pound or so! I saw bottles of fizzy drinks like Pepsi and Coke selling for two for 98p, oh and was that my favourite shampoo for less that half the price I pay in Boots? Everytime I visited the store I found more great bargains and soon I was a regular customer.

      The home section in Wilkos is also very impressive. You can find gorgeous Ikea style prints, and colouful children's bedding at low prices, as well as cutlery and all your DIY bits such as screws and tools.

      The staff at my local Wilkinson are generally polite and helpful, and they are easily identifiable thanks to their bright red uniforms! There are often quite long queues at the tillpoints, but I think this is to expected when there are so many bargains on offer!

      In conclusion, I would definitely reccomend a trip to your local Wilkinsons. There's something for everybody and you'll be guarenteed to find something you need for a fabulous price!


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      • Nestle Smarties / Chocolate / 24 Readings / 23 Ratings
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        18.08.2009 19:28
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        Nestle Smarties

        Nestle Smarties have been around for many years. Primarily aimed at children, they're also loved by adults- well, a month short of my 21st birthday and I find I'm addicted to them!

        First Things First...How Do They Look?
        Most people will remember when Smarties came in a long round tube with a coloured plastic lid with a letter of the alphabet on. These days however, the tube is a funky hexagonal shape, and the plastic lid has also been dispensed with. But do not fear! The different letters of the alphabet are still printed on the lid, though you will need to take care when opening it, not to rip it as it is made of cardboard. Still, at least you can still collect the letter to spell out your name, or 'Smarties', or the entire alphabet...what exactly was it that you were supposed to do with the letters exactly? The new tubes are still covered in pictures of the sweets with the word 'Smarties' written in that famous bubble style writing :)

        The smeeties themselves are very nice to look at. The same size and shape as your average ibuprofene tablet (bit scary that, come to think of it) each one is covered in a different coloured sugar coated shell- pink, blue, red, yellow, green, orange etc, so they are very pretty and cute- as I said, definitely designed to appeal to kids.

        Smarties are also available in larger packets- big plastic grab bags, perfect for munching at the cinema or at home infront of the telly, and sometimes in small square boxes. More recently, Nestle hit upon the idea of larger 'all pink' and 'all blue' tubes. These are brilliant for girls that love pink, and also make great little stocking fillers :D

        Okay Then...Where Can I Buy Them?
        Smarties are available at practically anywhere that sell sweets. Supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda etc all sell them, as do WH Smith, Superdug and most small newsagents. A tube of Smarties will generally set you back about 50p. Poundland sell the little boxes and large pink/blue tubes for, you guessed it, a pound! Now that's what I call a bargain :) Smarties are also available to buy loosely in some pick 'n' mix stands (See my Candyking review for more details).

        So What Do They Taste Like Then?
        Obviously, the most important aspect of any sweet is the taste. Smarties have a hard crunchy feel as you bite into them, then a pure milk chocolate centre. The different sweets will turn the inside of your mouth multi-coloured lol but unfortunately there is not a different taste or flavour from any of them, as one ay expect from seeing the different colours. Another downside is that the actual sweets themselves are so small you may find you need to tip a few (or perhaps the whole tube) into your mouth at once to get the full effect...though admittedly I may be the only one who does that lolol.

        In Summary
        Smarties are pretty damn yummy! As mentioned above they are quite small and could do with being a bit bigger, but they are pretty to look at, nicely packaged and reasonably priced. I would definitely reccomnd them as a sneaky afternoon treat.


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        • New Look / Highstreet Shopping / 28 Readings / 26 Ratings
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          07.08.2009 17:49
          Very helpful



          Take a Look at New Look

          I can't remember a time when New Look didn't figure in my mind as a shop selling trendy, fashionable clothes and accessories. When I was very young, perhaps 8 or 9, I would visit New Look in our local town centre with my mum and sister on a Saturday afternoon. My sister liked all the trendy clothes and being six years younger, I looked up to her and wanted to buy the same stuff! However at that time New Look didn't have a younger girls section, so I had to make do with buying little stud earrings and cute necklaces, which they used to sell at three for a pound I believe :) As I got older and was allowed out shopping alone with a friend (maybe 13), New Look was somewhere where we could not just spend ages browsing and trying things on, but also be able to buy items, as the prices were always fairly reasonable, even for teenagers with pocket money! Ah, memories...

          Today New Look is still a store I frequently visit. I like the layout of the stores, which are usually large and spacious, with plenty of space to manouvere in between counters. New Look stores are usually fairly well lit too- the shops are bright and it's easy to see what you're looking at clearly, there's no strange lighting as with some of the other 'young' stores. I also hate really loud music when I'm out shopping, and although New Look often have music on in their stores, it's not blaring, and you can still hear yourself think :D

          The clothes themselves are nice although obviously they have a fashionable image, you don't have to be a fashion victim to find something you like- there are lots of nice things for different occasions, including smarter pieces for workwear etc, and also for different people- most stores now carry a 'teen' range, a 'tall' range, maternity wear and a plus size range. Some of the larger stores have even branched out into menswear! Although the prices are not as low as stores such as Primark or Peacocks, I find the stuff is usually of a bit higher quality and is less likely to fall apart in the wash.

          The best thing for me though, is definitely the shoes. Now I speak of somebody who is addicted to nice shoes and owns many pairs, and I would definitely say New Look is one of the best retailers for buying cute shoes and boots without having to pay a small fortune. They do lots of lovely shoes in a range of styles- stilletoes, pumps, slingbacks, gladiator style and most retail at about £20-25, although you can expect to pay £30 or so for boots, and much less for basic ballet flats (£10-£12 say). The shoes are often arranged nicely too. Most stores have perspex shelves which allow you to see the styles clearly, and nice mirrors and little stalls for when you try them on.

          There are often sales or 'clearance' items in my local stores too, these are usually good things that often haven't been on the shelves very often, so it's quite easy to pick up a bargain or six too ;)

          So what are the downsides to this wonderful place, I hear you ask. Well, although the stores are generally well presented, if you visit during a busy period, clothing (especially sale items) with often be all over the floor, and athough I work in retail myself and appreciate that maintaining tidy standards is often an ongoing problem I have yet to see and members of staff tackling this task. The same goes for their fitting rooms- though spacious and comfortable, there are often hangers left in the cubicles and items of clothing on the floor.

          Their customer service sometimes leaves a little to be desired too. As I said earlier, I work in retail, and I definitely don't want to seem unfairly critical of sales staff, or indeed to tar everybody who works for New Look with the same brush, but this is not a shop where the staff see very helpful overall- they often stand around talking, ignoring customers and often carry on theior conversations as they serve, which I find rather rude. On the occasions when i have approached members of staff for assistance, although they are usually polite and friendly, there have been a few occasions when they haven't known much about their stock etc. I also had a nasty experience with a supervisor at my local branch recently who was rude, dismissive and aggressive, although I must say that after I wrote to their head office about him, I was sent a token gesture of a credit note, which was quite nice.

          As with all stores, New Look are very busy during peak periods, such as Saturdays and in the run up to Christmas. I would also avoid the first days of the school holidays too.

          All in all, New Look is a great store to grab nice pretty clothes, jewellery and accessories t a fair price, staff aside lol, so I would definitely reccomend a visit..Go on, take a look at New Look!


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          • General / Discussion / 24 Readings / 22 Ratings
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            02.02.2009 22:16
            Very helpful
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            About Me

            1. Which do you prefer - shower or bath? And why?
            Definitely baths. I like to lie there for ages with loads of bubbles- i'm addicted to nice bath products so I need to use them all up.

            2. What do you swear you'll never do?
            You can never say never ;)

            3. What's the most embarrassing thing you ever done?
            I do embarassing things all the time. Say the wrong thing, put my foot in it...doesn't everybody though? But the day an owl weed on me at a birthday party (long story) was quite embarassing I suppose.

            4. What is your favourite saying?
            Um...I can't really think at the moment.

            5. What was your favourite holiday? And why?
            Disneyland Paris, aged 15. I saw Mickey Mouse :D

            6. What was your favourite childhood toy?
            It sounds exceptionally dull, but my fave thing to do was probably sit at my little desk and do drawings. For that reason, I loved my Crayola art set. it was a red case with loadsa of felt tips and crayons inside. My Post Office was great too ;)

            7. Do you have any pets?

            8. Savoury or sweet?
            Sweet! I have such a sweet tooth. It takes a lot to make me feel sick.

            9. Hot or cold?
            Both. It confuses people ;)

            10. What's your favourite drink?
            Pepsi Max. It's so weird, but I'm completely addiced. I actually feel depressed if I don't have it.

            11. What's your favourite food?
            Chocolate! Biscuits! Junk food is my real favourite, haha. But as a proper meal, I'm not sure. I have too many favourites- I like my grub :P

            12. Who do you hate the most?
            There's only one peson i truly hate, but I can't really say what he did to make me feel that way. Let's just say he deserves it.

            13. Do you have a crush on someone? If so, who?
            I'm not gonna tell you dat! What if he sees this?

            14. What is your favourite colour?
            Pink, pink and more pink :D

            15. What did you do last night?
            Not much!

            16. What's your favourite thing to do?
            Shop/Cuddle. But not cuddle at the shops. That's just sad. Oh, and might as well be honest, eat.

            17. Favourite movie, T.V Programme, Book?
            Mamma Mia! Night and Day, although it was axed years ago and nobody else remembers it now! I always used to say Sophie's Log, but I've read so many good things. Rather embarassingly, I'm quite into Jacqueline Wilson books (I'm 21 this year!)

            18. Who's your hero?
            I don't really have a hero as such, although I'm still on the lookout for one to come and sweep me off my feet! Generally though, I just admire honest, hardworking people.

            19. Favourite song of all time?
            Total Eclipse of The Heart

            20. Have you ever had a supernatural experience?
            Don't think so. Well actually, some half psychic dreams, but nothing to do with ghosts or anything

            21. Favourite Sound?
            Favourite sound?

            22. Favourite Smell?
            Freshly baked bread.

            23. Favourite place to be?
            No place like home

            24. Happiest moment in your life?
            Can't think. It's not that I haven't had a happy life, just that iI an't think one one particular day

            25. Saddest moment in your life so far?
            There's somethings you don't write about on the internet lol

            26. What is your dream job?
            Certainly not the one I do at the moment

            27. What would be your idea of a perfect date?
            I like to be pleasantly surprsed, to go somewere I enjoy without having to make all the arrangements myself Let him show he can think for himself lol.

            28. What's your favourite Newspaper/ Magazine?
            Ok! I like my fix of Kerry, Jordan etc. If that's not bad enough, i grew-up reading The Sun. It's a newspaper to me ok?

            29. Which celebrity do you like the most?
            I don't have any fave celebs. I've recently realised that even the ones that fascinate me, I actually can't stand. In fact it's mostly the ones that fascinate me that I particuarly can't stand.

            30. What religion are you?

            31. Do you have any siblings?
            Big Sis, six years older.

            32. Have you ever been in hospital? If so, why?
            Only as an outpatient.

            33. Have you ever broken a bone or had stitches?

            34. Do you believe in Angels/Ghosts/Demons?
            I believe in angels, something good in everything I see...

            35. Are you superstitious?
            Yes! I've got better actually, I used to be way too superstitious

            36. What colour eyes do you have?
            Baby blue :D

            37. What colour hair to you have?
            Dark brown

            38. If you could change 1 thing about your appearance, what would it be?
            One thing? I could give you a list lol!

            39. If you could change 1 thing about your personality, what would it be?
            I'm quite a shy peson. i'd like to be more confident.

            40. What is your biggest fear?
            Losing somebody I love

            41. Do you have any regrets? If so, what are they?
            A few.

            42. Have you ever been in love?

            43. What's the most important thing to you in the world?
            My family. My family are my life

            44. What your most treasured possession?
            Um, probably my pics

            45. What's your job?
            Sales Assistant although I'm hoping to change careers soon

            46. What's the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?
            I've had the whole flowers and chocolates things but it's the little things that mean the ost.

            47. What's the worst thing anyone has done to you?
            Broken my heart. Twice. No not very nice.

            48. Dream car?
            Voltswagon Beetle. Preferably pink.

            49. Favourite celebration?
            Christmas! Oh and birthdays 'cause there all about me, haha

            50. Where do you hang out
            Round the bus stop, outside Tesco...how old do you think I am, 13?

            51. What School did you go to?
            I went to a few schools actually

            52. What/ Who annoys you?
            Rudeness/Bad Manners. In particular people that don't say thank-you

            53. Do you recycle?
            I try my best. As in, I have a bag for life. No seriously, I do try to recycle all the time

            54. What's your favourite sport?
            Shopping. Well it's a sport to me

            55. Who was the last person to upset you?
            My ex.

            56. What are your hobbies?
            Shopping, reading, writing, surfing the internet, eating out, flower arranging (sounds old ladyish, but I enjoy it) spending time with friends nd family

            57. What was the last joke you heard?
            Can't remember

            58. What is the best joke you've heard?
            I never reember them tbh

            59. What's the worst joke you've heard?
            Probably one of my Dads lol

            60. Name 3 places you have been on holiday:-
            I don't think I've been to three different places. Sob!

            61. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
            Hopefully married with child(ren)

            62. Favourite Season?

            63. What's your favourite website?
            Dooyoo, MoneySavingExpert.com, Digital Spy

            64. What's your favourite shop?
            Marks & Spencer (get in!)

            65. What's your worst habit?
            Moaning far too much

            66. What's your favourite animal?

            67. What is your ultimate fantasy?
            Wouln't you like to know ;)

            68. Can you cook?
            I can make sandwhiches. Nice sandwhiches

            69. What is the last lie you told?
            Can't remember

            70. Favourite flavour ice-cream?
            Fudge brownie. Actually, Raspberry Ripple. I like all the really sickly ones

            71. Favourite take-away?

            72. What do you hate doing the most?
            Cleaning, going to work

            73. What do you like doing the most?
            Having fun :D

            74. If you were a Super Hero what would your name be?
            Princess Lae

            75. What is your porn star name (take the name of your first pet and your mother's maiden name and put them together)
            Bubblegum White

            76. If you were an animal what would you like to be?
            I was born in the year of the Dragon, so that's what I am

            77. What would your animal name be?
            I havent the foggiest

            78. If you could go back in time, what time would you go to?
            Probably the 80's.

            79. Any person alive or dead - who would you meet?
            Princess Diana

            80. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
            Happy where I am for now

            81. Tea or coffee?
            Neither. Hot chocolate all the way for me.

            82. What was/is your nickname?
            Lae/Princess/Princess Lae....and Potato

            83. Have you been to college?

            84. What is the wildest thing you've ever done?
            I'm not really a wild person

            85. Can you play an instrument?
            No. I really wish i could

            86. What's your favourite Disney Character?
            Belle (Beauty and The Beast)

            87. Favourite theme parDisneyland Paris

            88. What size feet are you?
            This is so strange right, but for years I was a 6.5/7 but now I usually take a 6 :O How strange! My feet must have strunk! Well either that or they're making shoes bigger.

            89. If you were King/Queen for a day what 3 changes would you make to the world?
            Anti Bullying laws

            90. What is your favourite Night Club?
            Clubbings not usually my thing really

            91. Name one thing that most people don't know about you?
            I really enjoy wrting.

            92. When was the last time you cried? And why?
            Yesterday. Nothing major happened, just had a very stressful day.

            93. If you could have 3 wishes, What would they be?
            For everyone in the world to be healthy, safe and happy.

            94. Would you ever have plastic surgery? If so, where?
            I'm not happy with my breasts. I lost a lot of weight recently and it's like somebody put a pin in them or something lol They've deflated! But I don't think I would ever consider surgery unless I needed it.

            95. What are you most ashamed of?

            96. Thongs or Knickers/ Boxers/ Pants - on you/ on someone else
            Nice lil knickers for me, nice boxers for men

            97. Blondes/ Brunettes or Red heads?
            Men like blondes, but they love brunettes! As stated before, I am brunette.

            98. What do you find sexy?
            Kindness will always be sexy

            99. If you could have a super power/ ability, what would it be?
            To read minds. Actually no, there are some things I don't want to know about! I'd like to be able to fly I suppose

            100. Did you enjoy this?
            Kind of, though it took much longer than I thought

            Oh and by the way, I must apologise for the numerous typos/ gramatical errors made in this piece- I am just too tired! Will go back and correct them at some at some stage!


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              02.02.2009 14:46
              Very helpful



              No7 'Stay Perfect' Nail Polish

              Nothing cheers me up more than having pretty little finger tips, but the whole palava of applying the varnish, waiting for it to dry, applying another coat then having it chip often puts me off bothering. I'd seen Boots No7 'Stay Perfect' varnish on the sheves and thought the colours looked nice, but at £6.25 for a 10ml bottle I thought it was a bit too pricey. However, when I recieved some of those '£5 off No7' vouchers from Boots last year (I've mentioned these in a few of my reviews- I love them!) I decided to give them a go. I was desperate to see if they really could make my nails Stay Perfect!

              Like all No7 products, the packaging is very impressive. The bottles are made of glass, with black screw-on tops and gold writing. They come in many vibrant colours , all lovely, but as a girly girl who loves pink I had to go for 'Pink Grapefruit', a gorgeous pinky red colour.

              I found the screw-on lid easy to open, and I was inpressed by the quality of the little brush inside. As I applied the colour to my nails, I thought how rich and smooth the colour looked, it wasn't thin, runny or lumpy. I waited for the colour to dry, which luckily didn't take too long (nothing worse than smudging your beautiful new nails) before applying another coat. I was really pleased with the finished result! I thought my nails looked really nice and I could see why people pay that much more for No7 polish.

              However, this nail varnish is called No7 Stay Perfect. Well I'm sorry to say, it doesn't quite live up to it's name, well not for long anyway. I had read that my nails would look good for up to five days, but after washing my hair on the second day, I noticed that the polish had started to chip and i needed to take it off and start all over again. Admittedly, I didn't use a seperate top coat with the polish, but if I'm already having to wait for two coats to dry, I don't really have the time to sit and apply top coat as well.

              I would still buy this item again, I think the coulours are exciting, and they do go on well to start off with, but it looks like my search for a polish that really does 'Stay Perfect' isn't over yet.


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              31.01.2009 22:14
              Very helpful
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              First Dooyoo review of Candy King Pick 'n' Mix

              The name Candy King may not be as familar to you as Cadburys or Nestle, but if you like your sweeties, then you've probably enjoyed their pick 'n' mix at some time during the last ten years. That's because Candy King are the largest supplier of Pick 'n' Mix sweets in the UK, selling over 25million bags of goodies every year through stands in cinemas and stores such as Wilkinson, Morrisons and (until very recently) Woolworths.

              As you would expect from a pick 'n' mix confectioner, Candy King sell a variety of sweets from classics like the fizzy cola bottle and 'snowies' (little round buttons covered in hundreds and thousands, sometimes known as jazzies) to weird and wonderful new additions such as the fizzy glow worm....yes that's right, glow worm. As a self confessed chocoholic my personal favourites would have to be 'Spinning Tops' which are very similar to snowies except they are the shape of a spinning top and therefore are thicker and more chocolatey (yum!) and Orange Slices, which are thin slices of orange flavoured chocolate, very similar in taste and appearance to another sweet sold by a different confectioner.

              Candy King stands are aesthetically pleasing, they're basically large perspex shelves with seperate compartments for each kind of sweet, which looks good as the different sweets can be seen through the plastic and the different colours look very pretty. The sweets are always clearly labelled with a list of ingredients on each compartment so you know exactly what it is that you're eating, and for hygiene purposes scoops are always provided, usually brightly coloured pink/green neon ones to match the paper bags you put the sweets in to take away with you.

              The price of these sweets seems to differ depending on which retailer you purchase them from. They are quite expensive in my local Vue cinema, as all food purchased from the cinema usually is, but the nice thing is that in some stores, such as Wilkinsons, there is a little weighing machine alongside the sweets so you can check to see how much your goodies will cost you before you get to the till.

              I would definitely reccomend Candy King Pick 'n' Mix as a little treat, just don't eat too many :D


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                31.01.2009 20:43
                Very helpful



                Boots No7 Quick Thinking 4in1 Wipes

                As you may have already noticed if you've read the reviews I've written for Dooyoo so far, I'm a bit of a tart when it comes to skincare products! I like to try different brands and I tend to buy different brands according to whatever's on offer in Boots that week. That's actually how I first came across these Quick Thinking 4in1 wipes from No7. At £6.40, they're a little bit more than I would usually be prepared to spend on face wipes, but when Boots first ran a promotion last year offering vouchers for £5 off No7 products, I decided I would give them a go. I've since decided they could well be the best face wipes I've ever used! Here's why I think they're so great.

                Firstly, let me start by telling you about the packaging. The wipes come in a little plastic packet which is a torquoise blue colour. As with all No7 products, the design of the packaging is simple, but expensive looking. Most facial wipes now come with a resealable opening to ensure the wipes don't dry out, but I sometimes find this isn't always very effective as after a while the seal can lose it's stickiness and the wipes still become dry. These No7 face wipes don't have that problem, as there is a small plastic 'lid' over the seal opening which you can pop closed after each use. I think this is a fantastic idea, and as far as I am aware, these are the only wipes on the market to have this kind of opening. They'd be great to take away on holiday, as you wouldn't need to worry about them leaking and they'd take up very little space.

                The wipes themselves are lovely to use. They are quite thick and don't tear as you use them, and they feel quite 'wet', which I like because I like to feel as though I've properly washed my face when I used wipes. They don't have a particular smell, as they are supposed to be fragrace free and hypo-allergenic however, if you hold them up to your nose and really sniff them (can't think why you would want to!) then there is a very faint 'baby' smell to them.

                Now these wipes are supposed to 'cleanse, tone, remove make-up and moisturise'. I would say that they definitely cleansed my skin and make me feel really clean and soft, I don't ever really use seperate toner so I can't comment on that one. They remove all traces of make-up from my face (powder, bronzer, blush etc) but I still find that I have to use a seperate eye make-up remover for my eyes, although I freely admit that this is probably because I coat my lashes in about ten coats of mascara! I haven't ever found a facial wipe that will remove 100% of my make-up, but these ones remove 99%! They are the best wipes I've found so far for removing make-up, and they feel very gentle and don't pull the skin around my eyes. The skin on my face feels soft after use, but I still like to use my moisturiser afterwards, again this is something I do with all face wipes.

                Are they value for money? Well they are generally about £6.40 for a pack of 30 wipes, which is quite pricey. However, Boots offer the vouchers for £5 off of No7 facial products when you spend over £5 on anything in store quite frequently, and this is when I try and stock up! I think £1.40 is amazing for these face wipes! I would probably still buy them at full price if I had to though, as they are just so nice.


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                28.01.2009 23:22
                Very helpful



                Give it ago if you like mouth watering products that leave you feeling clean

                There are three different 'flavour' smoothies in the Radox Shower Smoothies range. This review is about the 'Soul Soother' one in particular.

                I first saw the new Radox Shower Smoothies in my local Boots about six months ago. I've always liked Radox products, I find they are lovely and relaxing, and generally good value for money too. These new exfoliating shower gels looked quite different from any other Radox things I'd bought before, so I had to take a closer look.

                The first thing I noticed about these shower gels was how nicely packaged they are. They come in clear squeezy tubes made of soft plastic, with flippy lids on the bottom to make accessing them in the shower as easy as possible, and they've obviously been designed to seem as 'foodie' as the name would suugest- each of the flavours is a different colour as with real smoothies, and the tiny little bits of exfoliant in the scrub do look like blended pieces of fruit.

                I chose 'Soul Soother' which is the pink one, and just reading what it said on the back of the tube made me hungry! Apparently, the smoothie contains 'a handful of blackcurrents, a few drops of chalomile, some real cranberry seeds, a thumbs-up from skin experts and 100 years of Radox know-how.' Well of course, after reading a description like that, I couldn't wait to get home and try it!

                The first thing I noticed when I opened the tube, was the gorgeous smell! It's really fruity, and yet again my mouth started to water! It doesn't say anywhere on the tube that the scrub contains any strawberries, but I could definitely detect a strawberry scent. The fragrace is quite strong but it's a light and fresh smell, very girly, and would be perfect for summer.

                When I actually started to use the shower gel, I found that it actually felt quite smooth against my skin, and although I could feel the little exfoliating beads as I massaged it it, they didn't feel as though they were scratching me, which is a problem I've experieced with other exfoliaters in the past. I also found that I didn't have to use lots of the product to feel clean, and that just a little went quite a long way. When I stepped out of the shower, I felt really clean and my skin was very soft. There were no beads left sticking to me and my skin didn't feel sore afterwards (again, a problem I've had with other products) and I could still smell the lovely scent, although that did wear off after a while.

                I actually used to use another exfoliating shower scrub a few years that was from Boots, I can't remember it's name but it was one of their own brand products in one of the more 'teeny' ranges, and this scrub reminds me a little of that. This really pleased me, as I loved the other product, but Boots seem to have stopped selling it now.

                I've since bought Shower Smoothies lots of times, although I always stick to the pink one as it's just so yummy! I really must get round to trying the other two out to see if they are as nice really. I usually buy the hen they are on offer in Boots for around £1.49, but even at full price (approx. £2.49) I think they are still good value for money. I'd definitely reccomend them for anybody who likes sweet, fruity products that leave them feeling clean and soft :D


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                  26.01.2009 17:51
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                  Review of Johnson's 3-in-1 Facial Wipes

                  I've always thought of Johnson's skincare of being of nice, good quality. I first used products from their facial skincare range when I started to really get into that kind of thing when I was about 12/13 and I guess my mum was using their stuff on me when I was a baby too! When I saw that Boots had a special offer on Johnson's stuff recently, I decided to stock up! This review is about their 3in1 Facial Cleansing Wipes in particular.

                  The first really nice thing about these wipes is the nice packaging. They come in a little plastic packet with a resealable opening so the wipes don't dry out once you open them. The packet is a pretty soft pink colour which I really like as pink is my favourite colour anyway, but it's also quite useful in identifying the facewipes from others in the Johnsons range.

                  There are twenty-five wipes in each packet, and one of the best things about them is the smell! I always find that Johnsons products always have that lovely fresh 'baby' kind of smell about them. The smell lasts quite a while after using them too.

                  The wipes themselves are very nice, as the name suggests they do three different jobs- they clease, tone and remove make-up. They feel really nice as you use them too- I was a little bit worried as I thought I remembered them as having a 'dry'ish feeling when I'd used them before but I've since found that they feel quite wet, which I like as it feels like you've properly washed your face. The wipes are quite thick as well- they don't tear as you use them, which I find can happen with thinner ones.

                  The only bad thing I could say about these wipes is that it does say on the packet that they remove even waterproof mascara. I would say that they would remove about 95% of my mascara. That said, I must admit that I do put a helluva lots of mascara on, and I've yet to find any facewipes that completely remove mine!

                  As I said earlier, I bought these wipes whilst they were on special, but I believe that they are generally priced at about £2.99, which I think is quite reasonable for facewipes. I'd reccomend buying them, especially if you like nice smelling facial care and girly packaging!


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                    26.01.2009 15:20
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                    Mamma Mia! Soundtrack review

                    I'm a massive fan of all things Abba and I absolutely adored the Mamma Mia movie back in the summer, so I was overjoyed at Christmas when I recieved not just the DVD but also a copy of the soundtrack on CD.

                    The soundtrack contains 17 of the songs from the movie. I'll talk you through all of them.

                    1. Honey, Honey- This song isn't one of Abba's best known hits, and I never particuarly liked it that much as an Abba song, but I actually really enjoy the version that's in Mamma Mia!. Performed by Amanda Seyfried, Ashley Lilley and Rachel Mcdowell, it really captures the fun scene where Sophie reads the diary aloud to her girlfriends in the movie, and I'll be honest, it's hard not to join in with the Aha, honey honey parts! A very jolly and fun song.

                    2. Money, Money, Money- A very well known song, perfomed by Meryl Streep, Julie Walters and Christine Baranski (Donna, Tanya and Rosie). Another fun track to sing (and dance) along to.

                    3. Mamma Mia- The shows title song, this version of Mamma Mia is fabulous. I really like Meryl Streep's voice and think she does it justice.

                    4. Dancing Queen- This is perhaps Abba's most famous song, and in the movie it's part of one of my favourite scenes, where Donna and her girlfriends fool around the bedroom laughing and singing. A real feel good song, and again you can hear the fun from the movie in the recording.

                    5. Our Last Summer- This song is one of the few songs on the soundtrack to have mainly male vocalists. I do like Our Last Summer, but I'm not sure the male actors in the film were really chosen for their singing abilities. Colin Firth sings the lead and he is quite good, but Pierce Brosnan is not really a singer (sorry Pierce! lol) and I'm not really sure about Stellan Skarsgard either. However, it's a pretty, reflective song that works well against all the jolly fun tunes.

                    6. Lay All Your Love On Me- I really enjoy this version of LAYLOM. I like how Amanda Seyfried (Sophie) and Dominic Cooper (Sky) sing alternate versus, and then the ensemble joins in at the end. Another one that's really easy to listen to.

                    7. Super Trouper- This is probably one of my favourite songs on the soundtrack. In the movie, Donna and her Dynamos (the girlband Donna and her two mates were in in the seventies) perform this for Sophie's hen party. It's an uplifting song with a nice ending '..and somewhere in the crown there's you.'

                    8. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!-(A Man After Midnight)- Another one to sing along with! Join in if you know the words ;)

                    9. The Name Of The Game- This is the song Sophie sings to her possible father, Bill, in the movie, ad the words fit in nicely. It's one of the softer songs on the album, nd i enjoy listening to it. Amanda Seyfried has a nice, innocent sounding voice which you can hear very clearly on this one.

                    10. Voulez-Vouz- I could be biased here, because this has always been a favourite of mine, but I think Voulez Vous is a good song. It's catchy and seems faster than the original Abba song.

                    11. S.O.S- I know i said earlier that Pierce Brosnan can't sing, but this is still opne of my favourite songs on the soundtrack, which is surprising as it's not one of my favourite Abba songs in general. M

                    12. Does Your Mother Know- This song is amusing. When I listened it took me right back to the scene of the beach when Tanya rebuffs Pepper.

                    13. Slipping Through My Fingers- Another of the quieter, reflective songs, this ones a bit of a weepy! Not really one to sing a long too, but nice just the same.

                    14. The Winner Takes It All- Now you might think TWTIA is a lovesong about being the loser, and it is, but this version is so ballsy! LOL it's like the girl power version or something, I think. It's quite emotional, and I really like listening to it.

                    15.When All Is Said And Done- This is probably my least favourite song of them all. It's not awful, but I don't think it's as strong as the others. I can't remember it being in the Mamma Mia stage show (though I could be wrong there) the original words have been changed quite a bit, and there's just something a bit dull about it in by opinion. Plus it's sung by Pierce Brosnan. Ahem.

                    16. Take a Chance On Me- What a brilliant version of this classic song! I really enjoyed this track, which is sung by Julie Walters (Rosie).

                    17. I Have A Dream- This song is a nice end to the album. I mentioned Amanda Seyfreds vocals earlier, and they're just as good here.

                    So there you go, that's what I think of each track! I would definitely reccomet buying the Mamma Mia soundtrack if you've seen the movie or even if you're just a sad Abba an like me lol! the only critism I can think of would be that Chiquitita isn't included on the CD or some reason. It compares well to the original cast recording as well- the vocals may not be as strong, but each tune sounds fresher and just newer and exciting.

                    Another thing worth mentioning, is the packaging and presentation of the CD. It's so nice! Inside there is a picture of the cast at the end of the movie in their 70's style costumes, and it comes with a really lovely colour booklet with the lyrics to the songs in and lots of nice pictures from the movie.

                    This is the first review I've written for Dooyoo by the way- I hope you enjoyed it :D


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