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      17.07.2012 13:04
      Very helpful



      Total yanwfest of a game

      I have to say I am not at all impressed with this game, and I am very surprised with this as I am a total Sims fanatic. I feel I have been conned out of my hard earned cash.

      The cover on the box looks good and enticing enough to make you buy it, but the first thing you will notice when you turn the it on is the poor poor graphics, which is really bad considering the DS graphics aren't meant to be out of this world in the first place.
      As usual you make your sim look how you want and then you pick you pet be it a cat or a dog.

      Once the game starts there's a bit of reading to do for each menu to help you in the game, but even with this they are not very informative and it took me a while to get to grips with the cooking, which may I add only consists of a wok on a cooker ring. The most challenging thing about cooking is remembering the correct ingredients for each recipie. Once everything is read (which takes like 5 minutes) the game is so simple it's unbelieveable.
      When the game starts a day doesn't last very long, your working hours are 8am to 5pm and considering 1hour real time is 1minute sim time days are very short (even shorter as you get so bored you feel compelled to speed it up).

      People come to you vets surgery for you to fix their pets, but they always hav the same problems: fleas, worms, flu, swallowed something or broken bones. You seem to heal the same pets over and over although they have different names. Once healed after either 1 day, 3 days or 5 days their owners collect them and pay you. Thats it over and over again. You make money and go on your computer to buy food, pet products for the surgery and various surgery/office items. You are only allowed so many items in your surgery due to the lack of stoage memory in the game, but you can pass other items to friends via wireless.
      You have to diagnose the pets the same way every time, then you wash them, dry them, feed them, groom them and play with them. You might even get to give them medicine, like how exciting it is to hold a syringe over the pet for a few seconds until empty! For extra bonus money you can teach them the same repetative tricks or you can dress them up to make them more "attractive".

      As per usual you have to look after your sim by sleeping, eating, toileting, showering, etc. One thing I noticed is you do not make relationships with people, all you do is greet people in the surgery and say hi to people in the park, there is no making friends and keeping relationship levels up as in most other sims games, you don't even have a phone to call anoyone.
      You can take you pet or pets you're treating to the park, but don't get too excited by this because once there your pet is not with you, it stays in a kennel and you can't even play with it. You can walk around by yourself and say hi to people, but that's as exciting as it gets, then you go back home and do the same boring stuff all over again.

      Don't leave people waiting too long in your waiting room because they get mad and if you don't fix their pet in time they won't pay you and will bad mouth you to their friends. If you do a great job the people will recommend you to others and you might get someone famous visit your surgery, I had Hilary Duff, I got so excited I nearly fell off my chair (note the sarcasim). They don't even look like the famous people because the graphics are so limited they just look like you own sim, sigh it's so boring.
      The more money you make the bigger house you can get, but I never played it long enough to get the biggest house (I think there is only three) because I got so bored I had to turn it off, seriously my eyes were clouding over with sleep due to boredom.

      Well that's about as exciting as it gets and I cannot think of anything more to write on this game, so if you feel you would like to waste £30 of you cash and a few hours of your life that you will never get back, then get yourself straight down to the shops and buy it, or you can be sensible and buy something completely different with better graphics and some actual gameplay.
      The choice is yours as they say.

      I hope this helps :)


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      17.07.2012 13:01
      Very helpful



      Okay if you like a lot of pain down there otherwise stay away!


      Manufacturer: Femme Fatale (never heard of them)
      Additional Head/Blade for Face: No

      Spare Shaving Head/Blades: No
      Power Supply: Rechargeable Docking Station

      Skin Cooler: No
      Type: Epilator/Shaver

      Specified Areas: All Zones (excluding face)
      Pretty Templates: Yes

      Washable: Yes
      Oiled for Comfort: Yes (more of a pain though)

      I bought one of these things as I thought, what a great idea, an easy and quick way to shave the ole bikini line, and boy was I wrong.
      In theroy this seems like such a great idea, but it hurts like hell. It is oiled which is meant to be for your comfort, but when it makes you bleed there is no comfort at all. The oil only makes for harder cleaning, and even though you do get a wee cleaning brush the oil makes your hair stick to it something awful.

      The blades on this are very sharp and can cut you in an instant, no matter how careful you are. It does come with little templates, like a heart, triangle, diamond, etc if you want to be purdy down below, but these are very awkward to use, as you have to hold them with one hand and shave with the other, while trying not to hurt yourself and being down there this is very hard to do as you can barely see what you're doing past the template.
      The only good thing about this specific product is that it's rechargable so you don't need an endless supply of batteries and a charge takes no time at all and lasts for ages.

      You can set the head to different lengths, just like on mens hair shavers, but this is quite pointless because when shaving your bikini line you don't want stubble left, so it's better to remove the main plastic cover/head. Even when removed this thing still leaves stubble making you a bit itchy as it feels spikey and like I said it cuts you, and it cuts a lot, leaving you with little teeth marks/blood spots that sting madly. I recommend using some moisturiser after shaving, although you won't want to use it again.
      I got it at a good price of £15 in the sales, but it is usualy around £25 and totally not worth the hassle and pain.

      Do not buy this product unless you're one of these people who love pain (which I'm sure you're not).
      I would not recommend this product to anyone, either stick to shaving, hair removal cream or good old faithful waxing by a professional.

      Loads of discomfort and stubble, a complete waste of money.
      ouch ouch ouch!


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    • Happy Feet (DVD) / DVD / 6 Readings / 6 Ratings
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      17.07.2012 13:00
      Very helpful



      Great for both adults and children

      Elijah Wood, Robin Williams (x3), Brittany Murphy, Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Hugo Weaving, Anthony LaPaglia, Johnny Sanchez, Carlos Alazraqui, Jeff Garcia

      George Miller, Judy Morris, Warren Coleman
      Bruce Berman, Graham Burke, Zareh Nalbandian, Dana Goldberg, Edward Jones

      Warren Coleman, Judy Morris, George Miller, John Collee
      Runtime: 1 Hour 48 Minutes

      Official Website: http://wwws.warnerbros.co.uk/happyfeet/
      Genres: Animation, Family

      Distributors: Warner Bros
      As soon as this film started I was in love with Happy Feet and the film only gets better all the way to the end. It hasn't been a great year allround for animation films, but Happy Feet is a loved by all masterpiece.

      The story goes that each penguin has its own individual "heartsong" which is required for it to find a mate. Young Mumble is born with the worst singing voice in the penguin world ever, which makes for a pretty tough ride when your parents sound like Marilyn Monroe and the King himself. Mumble's only compensation for this comes by way of his love of dancing via his hippity hoppity "happy feet". His mother is extremely supportive of the dancing but his dad is embarrassed and outraged by the whole affair. Marked as a disruptive and nonsensical influence by the elders (who in the film are scottish) Mumble is blamed for the ever disappearing fish that they all need to to survive on, he's banished from the penguin community and takes up (by accident) with a group of Hispanic penguins on a quest to discover why the fish are disappearing. I have to say the Hispanic penguins are hilarious throughout the whole movie - think cheech and chong.
      Mumble and his newly acquired friends then start thier mission to find out what is happening, and try to discover this by finding the the Aliens (that would be us humans). A lot happens to Mumble and he ends up on his own for a while, but he never stops his hippity hoppity dancing throughout. I will not spoil this for you by ruining the plot.

      There's nothing about Happy Feet that doesn't work, this is one of the most glorious celebrations of individuality, and acceptance in ones community ever committed to film (astonishing though is that this is done via animation). The whole film consists of breathtaking visuals and a level of artistry that's almost real. The voice work is awesome from all the characters, but especially from Robin Williams who plays 3 different penguins at once, and he does not dissappoint might I add. Happy Feet will either have you laughing or on the verge of tears throughout, whether on your own or watching with friends.
      Then, just when you think it can't fit anything else in, we get an eco/anti-pollution message (proving this is a film aimed both at children and adults alike). One of the most obvious signs of this is when one of the penguins has the plastic holders from beer cans stuck around its neck (just like your parents always said would happen if they weren't cut up before disposing of them). And if that's all a little too eco-friendly for you, then just sit back and enjoy the sight of tens of thousands of penguins bursting into pop and soul songs every five minutes.

      Really good leave your brain at the door moive :)


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    • Happy Feet (DS) / Nintendo DS Game / 1 Reading / 1 Rating
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      17.07.2012 12:58
      Very helpful



      Good for kids but boring and repetative for adults

      I have to say I am so glad I didn't buy this game, instead I cheated and borrowed it from my nephew.

      The game starts well, with all the cute little penguins being all happy and singy and dancing. You can choose from 2 modes, either story mode or arcade mode.
      I first started with arcade mode to get used to the controls, etc.

      The first thing I noticed in arcade mode is that that are only 8 measely levels and you can go stright to level 8 and skip the rest, if you're that way inclined. Anyway I started from level 1 and it required the use of the stylus for the touch screen. The top screen has mumble the penguin dancing for all of his friends and on the bottom screen there is snow and little ice-caps pop up, which you have to tap in time to the music, if you hit it too early they break and you get no points, as well as if you hit it too late. Upon hitting it correctly you are awarded 3 different values depending on how perfect you are, there's 50 points, 100 points or 200 points. In doing this you have to keep your 'power bar' in the green or you will not complete the level, but I assure you that you will always complete the leves as they are so easy. Each music level lasts around 3 minutes and there is a timer counting you down.
      The next level was a racing level, although you only race against the clock rather than other penguins. Just like in the film you race on your tummy. You use the touch screen to control your character, up and down to change the speed from fast to slow and left and right for your directions. There are various obstacles to dodge and other items, such as fish to collect (which sometimes make you go faster). There are also some jumps to fly off, but you can't do any tricks or anything while in the air. The top screen this time shows a long diagonal line with a little penguin on it, this is meant to depict how far you have travelled and how far you have left to go. Again these are very easy courses to complete.

      I soon got bored of the arcade mode, considering it only took me about half an hour to complete every single level so I thought I would try to story mode, in hope of better things to come.
      Well it starts off alright, you get told the story of happy feet, which you have to read so this would only be good for children who can actually read, unless you're going to read it to them.

      Then the game started.....BORING is all I can say, it was exactally the same as the arcade mode, the same songs, the same levels and everything, but I perserved with it just in case.
      As it went on there was more of the story told and a few more levels (more than 8 anyway), but I never completed the game as I got cramp in my hand from doing the exact same thing over and over. The only thing that ever changed in the levels was either the music in the dancing ones, or what you collect in the racing ones (be it fish or seaweed, etc).

      The graphics in the game are standard Nintendo DS pixelated pictures and nothing to get excited about, but then DS games are meant to be all about the gameplay, so this game wins nothing for either gameplay or graphics, I guess they think the novelty of the penguins can sell all, like a big penguin empire.
      All in all I would not recommend this to anyone. It cannot hold the attention of an adult for longer than half an hour and I'm sure it wouldn't hold the imagination of a kid for longer than 5 minutes, which I guess is why my nephew had no problems in lending it to me, I'm actually surprised he wanted the thing back.

      I recommend either borrowing this game from someone or finding it super cheap on ebay if you reallllly want it!


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      17.07.2012 12:26



      You smell yummy all day long

      There were 2 reasons why I bought this particular perfume okay well 3 really...the first is the fact that purple is my fave colour of all time so it made sense to me, secondly I love almost all of the Hugo fragrances and the third reason was the price...as I was on the boat I got it duty free, but on top of that there was a sale and I for 90ml for the knock down price of £24 and considering its around £20 for 30mls in the shop this was the best bargain ever so I couldn't resist!!

      This particular scent was released by Hugo in January 2006 and once again they have not let themselves down. It makes you feel happy and energetic...pure purple is purely feminine, the perfect fragrance for the summer, its so good I would recommend wearing it either in the day or night no matter where you're going...you will fall in love with this scent, its also a favourite with my boyfriend as when I don't use it he notices and says "thats not the nice new perfume your wearing today" lol.
      The Hugo website describes the packaging as: HUGO Pure Purple looks the way it feels. Inspired by the beauty and energy of a woman in motion. It's sheer kinetic energy.

      The falcon is a graceful tringular helix of silhouetted purple tinted glass with the uniquely twisting sculptured motion as it rises to the raident transparent cap and reflective silver details at the top. The out packaging offers a light metallic finish to the softly textured purple, making it come alive.
      Not only can you get this is Eau De Parfum, it is also available as a shower gel, body lotion, spray deodorant and also as a roll-on deodorant.

      This is an upbeat fragrance resonant with mouthwatering floral accents. There are top notes of White Cyclamen, Nectarine, heart notes of Floral Bouquet, Black Violet and base notes of Amber, Suede, Marzipan. All of these combined make the one of the best smelling perfumes I have ever purchased and all of this just because I love the colour purple...im so glad I went with my instincts on this one and I would recommend it to women of all ages as it makes you feel refreshed and vibrant and happy and the scent stays with you all day long so no need for wasteful top ups through the afternoon...what more could you want from your perfume!!
      This fragrance normally retails at around £40 for 90ml, £31 for 50ml and £20 for the 30ml bottle, though it can be purchased for cheaper online for example www.cheapsmells.com sell the 90ml for £22.55, the 50ml for £18.31 and lastly the 30ml for the great pruice of £13.44 though out of all these options the best one to get is obviously the 90ml as you are getting it for nearly half the original recommended retail price.

      Also on ciao under same name =]


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    • Premier Inn (Belfast) / Hotel National / 4 Readings / 4 Ratings
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      17.07.2012 12:16
      Very helpful



      Great location, friendly staff, great price though no room service

      My review is for th eother Premier Inn on Alfred Street in Belfast as there is no section for ir nor a general Premier Inn section:

      We only stayed in this hotel for 2 nights before jetting off on our holidays and I have to stay as a wee stop over hotel its actually quite good. The main reason we chose this hotel to be quite honest is only because they had an offer on and the rooms were only £29 per night.

      I did not go to check in my partner did this and left the bags there but he said it was quick and easy and the desk staff we very nice, they also took my name as well and we were thinking that this was maybe in case he was just wanting to bring some random person back later that night or something lol who knows what goes through peoples heads?
      Well what can I say our room was very nice and clean in decorations of white and purple which I thought great but then purple is my fave colour so im biased on that one! There was an ample sized double bed which was super comfy, the view wasn't so good, but then what can you expect from a city centre hotel, there was a little desk area with chair and minimal storage for clothes, etc which we didn't mind as we were only there for 2 nights. One thing I found weird is that the toilet and shower are in a separate 'bathroom' (there was no bath) but the sink and huge vanity mirror were in the actual room beside the 'bathroom' door, were but very useful, it meant I could get my makeup and hair, etc sorted while my other half was in the shower or whatever and man are the showers HUGE....seriously the best hotel shower I have ever used, well pleased!! There were plenty of clean towels for us both and the shower actually had shower gel/shampoo dispensers in them which is great so you would never need to pack your own and the don't just use cheapo stuff they use Lux which is yummy and leave the sin nice and soft.

      The windows are a bit rubbish at keeping out noise, the vents were open on the first night so understandably with it being a weekend it was going to be noisy and kept us awake for a while so on the second night we shut the vents but this really made no difference to the noise which was quite annoying but once you got to sleep it was too bad that it would of woken you again.
      We never ate in the hotel so can comment on the food but can tell you that a regular continental breakfast was around £5 and a hot fry up breakfast was around £7.95 they were both all you can eat so that's not too bad a price and your tea/coffee was of course included.

      One thing I didn't like is that there is no room service, shock horror! I mean really we came back slightly drunk shall we say for our first nights stay only to be informed by the desk staff that they didn't have room service and as we had the drunken munchies were quite upset about this, but he was very helpful and supplied us with various fast food menus and let us use the reception phone to ring in our order, which was with us within 20 minutes....we went and waited in our room and the desk staff rang us to come get it when it arrived and we were able to eat it in our room with no complaints.
      We had also asked for a wake up call in the morning as we had loads to do around town and this was on time exactly which is great.

      The bar area is very nice, on our second night we had a meal somewhere local and then came back to the hotel for a few drinks before bed. I was a bit miffed that they seemed to have none of the drinks I wanted though lol no blueberry, raspberry or pomegranate Bacardi breezers, no rose west coast cooler , but the nice barman made me a rose wine spritzer though unsure of was actually very nice, so nice infact I had to have a few more just to make sure. The atmosphere in the bar is very relaxed and you don't have to be dressed up to the nines to drink there, they play music in the background and on weekends it's a bit more lively, all in all we had a great wee night there.
      One thing we thought was excellent about the hotel is that not only do you need your key card to get into the actual hotel at night you also needed it to go anywhere near the lifts to get to any of the rooms no matter if it was day or night and this is great and makes you feel totally safe whilst staying here.

      One thing we didn't like is that the hotel does not have a car park or any parking facilities of any kind, you would get a ticket if you parked your car out the front. We had to actually park in the Victoria Centre overnight which isn't so bad its like £3.50 for an overnight stay but this can get expensive because if you want a lie in your charge will start adding up as it starts charging £2 every hour after 8am or something so you have to make sure your up and out and back to your car before your faced with a big car parking bill....the car park is around 10 minutes walk away from the hotel which is quite annoying, especially in the rain!
      The hotel itself is in a great location, its only a 5 or 10 minute walk from the city centre where there are plenty of shops, restaurants, activities, etc, it is also near to lots of bus stops and around 10 minutes walk from the train station. The area feels quite safe as well.

      As this was not a holiday and just a stop over we didn't enquire into anything else that the hotel may offer but I would definitely recommend this to people looking for a weekend break or a wee stop over like ourselves because that's what its obviously for, its not a resort or holiday place its just somewhere to lay your head, have a few wee drinks and probably some nice food and when they have offers even better, our offer of £29 was excellent as the normal price for a room for a night is £59 so technically we got 2 nights for the price of 1 and saved ourselves a pound woohoo....I actually think that offer is still running with various locations from the Premier Inn Hotels just check out their website www.premierinn.com
      Thanks for reading and I appreciate any and all comments received.

      (also on ciao)


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      17.07.2012 11:57
      Very helpful



      Great night out with open bar - though no seating!

      Well what can I say about Coco Bongos? Firstly if you are wanting to go I recommend you buy your tickets in the morning/afternoon as they are around $5 cheaper up until 10pm, I also recommend getting there early or else you will have to wait in a loooong queue which isn't fun in the Mexican heat believe me! Beware of people selling wristbands in the street also, yes some of them are legit but seriously would you wanna take the risk and end up throwing you long saved holiday cash away? Anyways on the night we went it was $50 each but as there is an open bar you don't mind paying so much.

      Well, like I said, we had to wait in a super long queue which was annoying not only due to the heat, but also due to the fact that people are so eager to get into the place that they are nearly standing on top of you! Anywho as the queue moves you go along the front of the building where there are various 'statues' of famous people, such as the Mask and Michael Jackson and well since it's a go slow queue you have enough time to get some good pics taken which is a plus....once you reach the entrance of the building you are given a free shot of tequila with a slice of lime...and they don't seem to mind you having an extra couple of shots as the greedy people in front of us were doing (perfect time for us to bunk in front lol). Once you get inside you go along a corridor which is all painted with more famous people such as Madonna, you then turn a corner where you are searched (handbags for girls and bodies for boys), once searched your wristband is scanned and marked with a black line over the barcode so make sure you have purchased one before you join the queue as you cannot buy them inside and will have to take the long trip back the the end of the queue to do it all over again....you then go up not one but two flights of escalators, yea weird I thought so to!
      Once inside you are instantly in a bar where you can get all the drink you want...or so I thought, the so called 'open bar' only allows 2 different kinds of cocktails so it was either a sex on the beach or a blue lagoon for me, neither that appetising but I went with the blue lagoons....you are only allowed to get two drinks at any one time and only if they know you are with someone else boo!! This is also the area where the toilets are located, females beside where you entered and males at the back near a set of stairs. Of course like in most places in Mexico there is a toilet attendant, well in the ladies anyway, who hands you paper towels when you wash your hand and has a conveniently located tip jar which you kind of feel obliged to put something in.

      Once you get through this area you are in the main place where it's all happening....we arrived at 10.30pm and they were having I guess what you would call a disco as the main show didn't start until 12 midnight. They play various types of music and pan a video camera around the room at everyone dancing which is shown on the huge projector screens at the front of the place for all to see, they also encouraging dancing in the little middle stage in the main area, this area eventually turned into another bar as the night went along!
      Good luck on finding a seat is all I can say!! Seriously there are tiered areas of steps, but there is no way on earth that you're allowed to sit on them, the barmen come and move you along and make you stand up!! Any tables, which are only around the edges, are ALL reserved which is not good at all. Thankfully where we were standing at the back there was a nice wee couple who let us share their table to set our drinks on.

      There also only seems to be one bar in the main area (before the one that gets opened later on) which was quite busy and they seem to keep it this way to make you want waiter service so they in the end get a huge tip (though we never had probs getting served)....we even had one waiter guy take us somewhere to get a so called better view and when I tried to sit down he was all no no no standing room only and when I went to stand up he was in the way and I got his teeth firmly wedged in my head, but did he care?....did he heck as like he just continued taking drinks orders from the people around us....needless to say that when he went to fulfil their orders we legged it back to our original spot lol.
      We were quite bored waiting on the show, yea okay it's a nice big place with loads of lights, smoke, excellent speaker systems and all the rest of it, but whats the point in all this greatness if the 'disco' is going to consist of such music such as The Venga Boys, Cotton Eyed Joy and many other various rubbish music from way back when that you would need to be completely hammered to maybe even consider listening to and even at that only if it was the last choice of music on earth!! So bored and demented with the music and having nowhere to sit we decided to do what any normal person would do when there's a open bar....yep you guessed it we got sooooo stupidly drunk our night just seemed to get better and better!!

      Since your only allowed to get 2 drinks at a time and since we were so near to the outside and the inside bar we made a deal....my partner went to one bar for the drinks and I went to the other for shots and then we swapped round when the next drink was required and this worked well....the shots were great, we don't even know what they were, our request of gimme a red shoot or gimme a blue shot seemed to go down well and in no time we were well and truly hammered!!
      Then the show started....actually we were quite surprised....we were having fun! Okay not the kind of music you would want at a nightclub but as they were actually shows it was great they ranged from Robbie Williams look-a-likes to Moulin Rouge then Beetlejuice, there were cirque de solis type acrobats hanging from the ceiling on ropes and ribbons, you never knew where to look or what was going to happen next and the music was deafening, at the end of some of the shows there were great explosions of light combined with streamers and balloons falling from the ceilings and everyone was cheering and dancing where they stood!

      Maybe it was the amount of drink we had consumed but we were actually having a really great night in a place we had already decided to be dreadful and confused in its style so to speak, but really deep down I think we were actually enjoying it so much because the acts were so good, the people involved in the show are great at their jobs and everyone felt a part of it.....though one thing my partner and I both agreed on is that they need to make a decision as to whether they want to have a nightclub/disco or whether they want to have a Las Vegas style show....what we mean by this is that as there is nowhere to sit your feet get sore and people are bumping into you a lot so it would be great if it was a whole seated area with waiter service so we would all have somewhere to sit and watch the show and be able to enjoy it without any hassle and then once its over they could removed all the seating and voila an instant nightclub or disco (depending on the music).
      We were told that it was a Michael Jackson tribute night but we are still waiting to see this act lol, they played one video when he was a child with the Jackson 5 doing the ABC 123 song, but as we left at around 1.30am due to sheer utter drunkeness who knows it could have been played later on? Though saying that apparently the show lasts a few hours and then its back to being a disco which goes on until the early hours of the morning, so beware if you fancy staying up until closing pace your drinks so you can last the night lol.

      Another thing, there are girls running around with bottles of Tequila or some other kind of drink and they will come and blow their whistels at you to see if you want a shot...do not take one, they will charge you $3 per shot and there is no need when you can go to the open bar and get one for free anyways, they are very annoying just firmly tell them no and look away they will get the hint.
      The way out is a bit more difficult to find we actually had to get a barman to take us through the crowd to find the exit doors and once they are open your out super quick with the doors shut behind you and its just bam instant silence its so quiet its deafening and its quite disorientating because you end up upstairs in the middle of the mall area, totally not where you think you should be, it doesn't even look like the place would go that far back....all the escalators are shut at this time of night so you have to use the lift to get back down and then enjoy your wee walk back to your hotel.

      I heard someone saying that you could book a table the night before or that day when you purchase tickets early and I would fully recommend this, but I dunno how true it is because there was one table empty beside us and I'm sure I saw a dude give the waiter a wee bank-hander of money and all of a sudden the reserved sign was removed from the table and he and his girlfriend had instant seats, so its all about the money people....if you do decide to have waiter service apparently if you give them $20 at the start of the night they will look after you completely and your glass will never be empty but we preferred to get our own drinks for free after having already spent $100 between us to get in and we had no problems getting to the bar either!
      Another good thing about this place is that, because it's a show, they do not discriminate on age, okay they aren't going to let anyone under the legal drinking age in for obvious reasons, but unlike back home, you won't be discriminated against for being too old as we saw many older people in the place all having a good time!

      You are allowed to take as many pictures as you like but they do ask that you do not film the shows, although saying that I still managed to get a few wee movies with my camera, I mean really you're on your holidays of course you're gonna want a little movie reminder or two and I'm sure I'm not the first and I definately won't be the last.
      Another bad point is for you smokers out there...if you decided to go for a smoke you have to go outside, but there's no smoking area so you have to properly go outside the exit and then alllll the way back round where you have to queue up to get back in...I don't smoke anymore so didnt have this problem thankfully!

      All in all for a whole night out it is good value because really you could spend more than $50 each on drink in a night so basically your paying for your drink and getting a free show with it, not too bad eh? I will be honest though and say that we feel we must of missed something because everyone we spoke to before going to Mexico all told us oh my god you must go to Coco Bongos best night of your life ever, and yea okay we had fun but I have had better so yea if anyone can tell me what we missed that would be great thanks lol.
      If you do decide to go here for the night I recommend having no plans for the next day, except maybe some sunbathing because I can assure you, you will have a hangover!

      Thanks for reading my review I hope you have an awesome time if you are heading to Mexico and enjoy yourselves if or should I say when you end up in Coco Bongos.

      (also on ciao)


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    • Best Western Hotels / Hotel National / 2 Readings / 2 Ratings
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      17.07.2012 11:54
      Very helpful



      wouldnt stay here again, I like my hotels to have friendly staff, quite rooms with a peaceful sleep

      Well check-in at the desk was quick and easy (the lifts need key card access which is good for security - you can only get to the first floor bar without this). Anyways off to the room we went and I have to say it was a lovely room (505) but there was one problem - a conjoining door...ugh I hate those things I am always wary and never trust them! we rang down to reception to complain and were told no problem we can get you another room so they sent us up to i think 810 we were thinking woohoo a higher floor nice one since we asked for a high floor to begin with! We opened the door and oh my goodness really!!!! there were no windows at all!! none, nothing! These rooms were kinda built in the middle of a corridor? there were other rooms on each side of the hotel and then these plonked in the middle like they just thought sod it we have enough storage rooms let make these into bedrooms, they were really like attic rooms with no windows...how would I know when it was morning? lol we rang and complained again only to be told they had no other rooms at all (lies the hotel was in no way full). We ended up having to go back to dodgy door room one :(

      Dont get me wrong it was a lovely room with loads of space, corner windows, flat screen tv, lots of storage, a fridge, safe, hangers, iron (leaky), ironing board, the bathroom was clean with toilet, huggggge mirrors and a big shower which held the heat well - the pressure was pretty decent too.

      The next thing we could hear voices and thought huh? where are they coming from there were no rooms after ours and it wasnt coming from next door, we looked out the windows and it wasnt anyone outside or from the club or anything then we realised it was super bad in the bathroom and we finally worked it that it was the man in the room above us, seriously he may as well of been in the room with us it was that bad but what could we do they had no more rooms blah blah blah!

      The first night we were there we went to champs bar in the hotel and had a few drinks and some chicken nachos which I highly recommend seriously they are good! we then headed down to wranglers downstairs as it was ladies night (ladies drink free) so we ordered ours drinks....had to pay for both!! I ordered a bacardi it was mostly a glass of alcohol with a dash of lemonade yum but no yuk there is no way on gods earth it was bacardi, I agrued with the barman he showed me the bottle I told him I dont care bottles can be refilled it was disgusting and I drink bacardi all the time! so we left there (I still necked my drink before going waste not want not haha).

      We went somewhere else where ladies actually did drink free and as it was my bday I got free shots too woohoo...note hotel didnt care that it was my 30th bday they did noting special whatsoever!!

      We got an ok sleep that night as we came home at I dont know when o clock after apparently eating a KFC that I only know about because my friend the toilet had share the next morning :( I know im gross but I was sick so there lol.

      That day we went to champs again for breakfast (well lunch you know hangovers) I had a club sarnie with chips and my hubby had some other gigantic sandwich with every meat possible in it....they were ok nothing special, the fries/chips were over fried and hard, the bread was nice, the tomatoes were ridiculously thick like they thought awk sure cut the tomatoe into 4 slices and shove in the bread there, we left a lot of food...the coke was nice but it was from a tine afterall lol.

      We went out and came back to the hotel later to get ready for another night out. Room had been cleaned and restocked which is great. We went to champs bar again to meet up with our friend so we could head on somewhere else....I went to the loo and as I walked down the corridor I though wtf my eyes started to water and my nose stung like crazy, I got back to our table and my friend went and asked the dorrman whats up...apparently there had been some trouble nearby with protests and the teargas that was used had all blown into the hotel, so all the doors were shut and we were advised to stay in the hotel/bar (they could of told me this before I went for a wee) Anyways we ended up having dinner there at about 11pm - as there was 3 of us we shared chicken nachos, chicken bites, chips with curry sauce - all of these things were nice even the curry sauce which I normally dont like, I do have to say that Champs is probably the best thing about the hotel, nice staff, decent prices, and open round the clock basically - plus they do frys with real pork/bacon!

      So we stayed there til around midnight our friend left and we thought oh well up early to drive back to saudi in the morning so off to bed we went and that was it off to bed but no sleep from the thump thump thump of the nightclub and we could hear women in other rooms cackling like witches...also someone must of ordered some onion filled room service because all of the corridors on our level stunk to high heaven. We tang down to reception and they told us that the nightclub shuts at 2/3am and it would be quiet then....great 2 to 3 hours of noise no proper sleep for us!

      The next morning we were completely shattered, didn't have breakfast because on check in no one actually informed us where they served breakfast incase we wanted to buy any! We waited on our taxi and checked out - it was quickonly because the staff cant be bothered holding a conversation with anyone.

      We stayed here one time before and it was friendly in fact the last time the staff couldnt be any more helpful, quiet (higher room), clean/smelt nice, proper drink in wranglers downstairs bar and plently of rooms that didnt have joined doors!! now its a bit less personal, staff don't care and don't want to help and we will defo not be staying here again, we will go back to the Diva hotel where we usualy stay and won't mind paying that wee it extra.

      This is at best 3* hotel!

      (also on ciao)


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      17.07.2012 11:52
      Very helpful



      Bring your earplugs or get really drunk if you wanna sleep lol

      My husband and I stayed here for our wedding anniversary weekend. We used to stay here when it was the swallow imperial hotel and I have to say when we walked in we were pleasently surprised at how nice the place looked, and it was nice to note they had kept the same names for the suites/meetings rooms etc.

      Anyways check in was fast with no problems and our room was on the third floor, so up we went in the lift and into the room. They have vastly improved from the dated swallow rooms I can tell you that, comfy bed, nice tv, there could of been more storage as there was no drawers for clothes only really shelves in the wardrobe which is annoying as half of them dont have a door in front so they are kinda just left out for all to see, there was also a digital safe in the wardrobe which is always good. The bathroom was nice with big shower (dual shower heads), sink with lit up vanity mirror, clean toilet and a heated towel rail/radiator - very clean. One thing I will say about the bathroom is that it has a seethrough door!! wtf who wants to pee or poop with a door that people can see through and on top of that theres a mirror right outside the door on the adjacent wall so if your on the loo and your other halfs outside getting ready looking in the mirror its hard not to see them! bad idea....plus when my hubby was on the loo housekeeping entered the room apologised apparently they didnt know it was occupied yet as we had arrived early then she left but I have to say that wasnt a nice experience for my husband not sure if she saw him but the big mirror was there so who knows, beware!! There seemed to be a lot of light switches which took a bit of getting used to cuz we kept hitting the wrong ones to turn things on and off lol. The aircon was great infact it was so good we woke up frozen and had to put the heat up lol. Oh there is a mini fridge in the room with juice, water, kitkats and such in it and all is free so thats a nice wee touch.

      We went out for dinner and drinks on the first night and came back to a fruit platter and bottle of wine in our room which was a lovely touch for our wedding anniversary, even if the wine was a bit vinegary it was free so who can complain haha.

      Our first nights sleep was fine though at 7am we could hear people outside the room talking and whatnot only then a wee while late to have a housekeeper trying to get into our room, thankfully we had the dead bolt on!! She apologised but apparently our do not disturb button wasnt working grrr....so we got some towels and restocked the fridge and she left. so much for our nice anniversary lie in that was us up and awake :( so we left the used fruit platter and wine outside the room only wee while later the housekeeper knocks the door to see if were finished with it....uhm no I left it out there to get cold I was going to finish the fruit later ffs of course were done with it (still no getting back to sleep) We tried again to get back into bed only for a while later the door to be knocked again for someone to shout in to see if the room had been clean omg seriously!! we decided to get up and go out for some shopping!

      The second night we went to bed around 10pm as we had an 8am flight and had to leave the hotel at 6am. We were woken by drunk people shouting and running up and down the corridors like idiots, got back to sleep only to be woken again at 3am by people shouting again I can still here that woman going "Darrrrrrennnnn, Darrrrrrrrennnn" I actually had to shout would you shut up were trying to sleep! I then got up to pee and our bathroom absouletly stunk of marijuana!!! someone next door must of been smoking the stuff. Finally got back to sleep again, got up at 5am by my alarm.....my 5am wake up call finally came at 5.15am when we were already up and drinking our tea! (there are tea making facilities but I suggest buying a pint of milk to keep in the fridge).

      Thankfully our taxi was on time and the lovely taxi driver even waited while we complained, my husband filled in a comment card and told the front desk everything, the guy said "oh well if I had of checked you in I would of upgraded you to the next room and defo wouldn't of put you in the section you were in as its were all the singles/stags/hens were staying" seriously whoever checked us in obviously didnt have a clue!!! He told us someone would follow up with us but to email the complaint properly.

      I wrote an email and they finally got back to us, the Manager Amy was very kind and helpful and we were satisfied with the compensation that was offered to us.

      I have to say the hotel is lovely its had a major facelift, can't comment on the food as we never ate there but the drinks can be quite expensive over ten pounds for a magners and a bacardi, the staff were nice and although annoying the housekeeping staff were very friendly and helpful and we cant fault them especially as our dont disturb button was broke (they were only doing their job). The hotel is close to the metro which is great and its priced ok for a Holiday Inn I don't think its 4 star thought lke they say maybe a 3 star would suit it better, I would of given it 2 stars for the trouble we had but didnt due to the manager sorting it out and the hotel is very nice. Can't comment on anything else as we only used the room for sleeping (or trying to sleep) and were out the rest of the time.

      I would give the hotel a second chance but will defo be telling them when checking in that we better be in a quiet part of the hotel away from the weekend drunks!

      (also on ciao)


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    • Another Earth (DVD) / DVD / 5 Readings / 3 Ratings
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      17.07.2012 11:36
      Very helpful



      Don't waste time with this movie you will defo regret it, such a borefest!!!

      *** This review contains spoilers ***

      It's hard to review this movie without giving some things away so I apologise in advance and if you're dying to watch it don't read on though I highly recommend you just read this and skip the movie, that way you won't waste nearly 2 hours of your life!

      The trailor for this movie makes it look quite good, new, modern and exciting so I watched it with high hopes, only to have them dashed not so long into the movie....I continued watching in the hope it would get better.....I am still waiting!

      The immediate start of the movie seems like it might be ok, girl driving home, looks out window, not concentrating on road and BAM she hits a stationary car that has a family inside, the girl, Rhoda (Brit Marling) gets out of the car to assess the damage, see dead bodies, and CUT were away from that and all of a sudden its 4 years later, took me a moment to realise she was signing out of jail to be greeted by her family who seems ackward and distant with her, she was in jail for goodness sake im sure they must of visited her and would be happy to have her home and show some love and smiles, but no its like watching a group of people who have never met! Rhoda has im assuming from her stint in jail turned into a robot with no feelings or expressions, she stares into space way too much which leaves you thinking for goodness sake get over it and do something useful.

      The film is full of silence, I mean really I was beginning to wonder if anyone was going to speak and then some random narrator speaks here and there and your thinking who the heck is that? They try to make the film look artistic but to me it makes it look old fashioned like a cheap low budget 80s throw back. The only thing this movie cares about is how much the second earth looks like earth up in the sky they seem to have wasted their time on this and forgot they were actually making a whole movie.

      Ok not only is earth two completely crazy, a plant hidden by the sun that takes 4 years to make contact with even though its closer and bigger than the moon which doesnt take four years to even travel to, but then there's also the fact that we are mean to believe John doesn't know who Rhoda is. She killed his family for a start and although it states that her name was not released as she was a minor (hard to believe as she was enrolled to go to MIT) there is no way this would of went to court without him finding out her name at least! It makes you think do they really reckon the audience is that silly? Oh and the other earth is a mirror of normal earth and apparently everything has happened the same on both, but have things changed now that they know about eachother? who cares? im bored!!!

      The relationship that happens between the two main characters is ackward and uncomfortable to watch, even such things as them plying on the wii is hard work, its cheesy and uncomfortable to look at. There are a few random moments where you think oh maybe something will happen here and a few raised voices, but of course nothing ever comes of it. I kept wanting to turn it off but I kept wanting to watch it just incase...wish I had of went with option 1.

      So John is finally informed of who Rhoda really is (of her own doing might I add) and of course he tries to kill her, then he just wants her to leave, she previoulsy entered to win a trip to another earth and wins but as she feel guilty she gives John the ticket so he can go and try to find his family there blah blah yawn ill not spoil the end but I will say I am very surprised I actually made it to the end without sleeping.


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        17.07.2012 11:34
        Very helpful



        This is the best lip balm I have ever tired and believe me I have tried a lot of different ones.

        I am reviewing the stick (twist up) version of this lip balm as I have never bought the little pot. I think little pots can habour more germs as you always have to stick your finger in to get any out and sometimes you might even get friends asking for some so for me pots are a no no as they are too germ riddled :) The pots do however look nice as they are made to look like old traditional tins so they do seem to have a novelty effect if you're into that kind of thing. Though another reason I prefer the stick it that it is smaller and can fit easily into your handbag or pocket.

        This lip balm costs rougly 3.49 which isn't bad if you ask me for what you get. I have bought cheaper lip balms in the past for 99p or and up but they have always seemed sticky and gunky but not Burt Bee's its lovely, it glides on really well and seems to instantly moisturise my lips, the minty fresh peppermint gives a lovely tingle which just makes me think yumm my lips are loving this. Ok peppermint can dry your lips out but this lip is also rich in vitamins, coconut and sunflower oils and essential fatty acids which nourish, condition and soften your lips and this counteracts the peppermint perfectly - The beeswax part helps to seal in all this hydration.

        I don't feel the need to have to apply this balm all the time as my lips are soft for ages once I do apply but I love applying it again and again just to get a fresh new hit of the minty tingle :)

        I have also discovered that it you put a few layers on right before bedtime you will wake up in the morning with the softest lips ever. I don't know if this is because your not talking, eating or licking your lips, etc in your sleep and therefore the lipbalm has time to soak in fully or what but I have to say my lips feel devine in the morning when I do this and I don't need to apply any of the balm for a long time after. This is especially good if you happen to have extrtemely chapped lips, I can assure you that you will wake up with super soft lips instead!

        All in all I would defo recommend this lip balm to everyone, it feels nice, lasts for ages and doesn't leave a horrible taste in your mouth if you lick your lips, there seems to be just the right amount of every ingredient to make it perfect (for me anyways). Also regardless of the price these little beauties seem to last forever, I use mine a lot and they last me for months which is what you want in a good quality product to be honest!

        Thanks for reading!


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        17.07.2012 11:30
        Very helpful



        Best hand cream I have ever had the pleasure of using

        I only found out about Soap & GLory Products because my mum got a big gift set of the stuff for Chritmas and well lets just say I helped her use everything. I am not a fan of hand cream really as I always find them to be greasy or smell funny and just dont like them on my hands to be honest, but this was completely different and definately converted me!!
        I now use all of the Soap & Glory products I can get my hands on and love them all, they smell devine.

        You can check out their products on www.soapandglory.com / www.soapandglorycosmetics.com
        This handcream costs 5 pounds for 125ml on the website and is the same price with Boots but you will be happy to hear that currently and a lot of the time Boots have it on a 3 for 2 deal which is great for stocking up :)

        The tube states: The most astonishing hand cream ever? You decide - Non greasy hydrating hand cream with shea butter, macademia oil & marshmallow (sounds good enoug hto eat to me and smells it as well!)
        There is also instructions for use: Mend a Hand? Apply hand food hand cream as often as you want to soften, smooth and soothe dry, chapped or otherwise hampered hands.

        Warning: Please don't use this hand cream on irritated or damaged skin, and try to avoid getting it in your eyes. If somehow you do get it into your eyes rinse immediately with water.
        Useful information from me - Underneath the part that states 125ml on the tube is a wee picture of an outline of a rectangle and a solid rectangle at an angle on top - this is mean to represent a picture of an open tub and there is 24M written beside it - basically this means that once opened this product will last for 24 months which is a long time!!

        The cream is a product of the UK for Soap & Glory Cosmetics Co. and is made in London
        The ingredients are as follows: Aqua (Water), Glycerin, Cetearyl Alcohol, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Dimethicone, Glyceryl Stearate, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Macadamia Integrifolia Seed Oil, Phenoxyethanol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Propylene Glycol, Potassium Cetyl Phosphate, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Methylparaben, Parfum (Fragrance), Ethylparaben, Potassium Hydroxide, Dipropylene Glycol, Hexyl Cinnamal, Tetrasodium EDTA, Sorbitol, Limonene, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Linalool, Benzyl Salicylate, Althaea Officinalis Root Extract, Geraniol, Morus Alba Leaf Extract, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Tocopherol, Propylparaben.

        I have to say that the smell of this hand cream is one of the best things about it, and im guessing thats all down to the marshmallow its sweet but not sickly sweet and makes you want to reapply often, not because you need to but because you want to smell it some more :)
        I get quite dry hands and as I work in an office typing and what not my hands are always in use, but this cream is like a wonder cream. It leaves my hands soft and smooth and it almost seems like there is an invisible protective barrier on my hands, like invisable gloves. It is not greasy and soaks into the hands well, it does not hinder me from doing any activities whatsoever the only thing is maybe right after you put it on if you use a touchscreen phone it can leave a wee smudge but this is easily wiped away. This cream is also good for protecting your hands in the winter time.

        I would recommend this for anyone regardless of whether or not they need to use a handcream due to the lovely feeling it gives you (and if your not a hand cream fanatic the fact that it will last you a whole 2 years is a bonus) though I do warn the smell is very addictive and you might end up out of pocket from purchasing all of the soap & glory products like I do....and I defo know how good it smells because my hubby frequently tells me I smell yummy and that my skin is super duper soft - so there you go if it makes a man comment on something thats not football or sport related then it must be good hehe sorry for the sterotyping there men :P


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        17.07.2012 11:17
        Very helpful



        Best for kids, though adults will enjoy as well

        My husband and I decided to go to the Fanatasea show while we were staying in Patong. We organised it through a guy who had taken us on a tour of the island. He collect us from our hotel in his mini bus and drove us to the venue, he collected our tickets when we arrived and brought them to us. We paid the extra for the buffett 'banquet' and also for the gold seats - more on that in a bit.

        Anyways the enterance to this place is very grand with lots of photo opportunities, but just watch out if you want you picture taken with a staff member in costume they do expect to be paid for this, not sure how much because I wasnt paying anyone for a photo! there is a huge lake area full of koi fish and you can buy some fish food for about 50p to feed them and my goodness its a sight to see the whole area in front of you just fills up with fish its immense!
        Once you go through into the main area there are lots of little shops and stalls and games for the kids. They recommend coming an hour before dinner is served to gain the benefits of the fun atmosphere and things to do but honestly I wouldnt recommend this as theres not really that much to do. The games are all carnival style and you buy tickets to be able to play - not that expensive which is good but the only thing you win is cuddly toys - the games are quite easy as well (but thenI suppose they are mostly for kids lol) I think we ended up with 6 cuddly toys of various sizes haha....You can play darts to pop balloons, try and get a high score playing darts...only the dart board is constantly spinning, there grab a duck, knock down the cans, bowl balls into holes, etc so all good family fun.

        There are many many shops but they seem to have a lot of the same stuff, lots of elephant ornaments and whatnot but that is to be expected as you are in Thailand afterall! The prices in some of the shops were laughable when you know you can get the stuff on the street for a fraction of the price. There were some prertty cool stalls like the guy who made the sand candles, it was mesmerizing watching him make his creations...you could get charm bracelets, pictures, handmade jewellery and beautiful masks (like what you would wear to a masquerade ball) though again some of the price were extortionate. There are also a few eating places/restaurants in this area so even if you havent gone for the buffett option on your ticket you could still grab a bite to eat (not sure of prices).
        There is also a little stage in the middle of all this where a mini show took place at 7.45pm this is defo aimed at the kids as it was some tenny boppers singing and dancing, we watched the first song got bored and dandered off but there was a huge crowd of kids gathered round enjoying the show (even if the singing was in Thai lol)

        once you are past the majority of shops, etc there is a HUGE castle type building which is obsiouvly where the main show takes place. In front of this theres a beautful fountain with elephants walking round it in circles and yes you can pay to ride the elephants here, I think it was roughly a tenner to ride the elephant but t his was not person, this was per elephant as you culd fit 2 or 3 people on one depending on the size of the person, we didn't do this but all the kids seemed to enjoy it.
        Facing the main building it another huge and elaborate building which turned out to be the dinner hall. It was very OTT with the decorations and everything but it was massive. We had no idea where we were going but thankfully when you arrived at the main games they stick a sticker on your with deat number/table for dinner and also for the show, this was helpful and someone pointed us in the right direction. I have to say this wasnt even organised chaos this was just chaos...no one seems to know how to queue or be patient whatsoever! We managed to find the starters eventually and by the time we got to our table it was cold chicken tepenyaki yuk!! oh another thing only water is free even though we paid extra we still had to buy pepsi!! anyways we left the starters and went to the looooong queue for food, there was a good seletion of Thai and european/western food and we took a little bit of everything. What can I say I was greatly dissappointed....the food was either cold, too fishy or just not nice....the nicest thing I had were the deep friend chicken drumsticks and im not a big fan of chicken drumsticks, I am not a fussy eater - I mean I dont like fish but I still tried the fish dishes and one of them wasnt too bad nice and meaty but the majority of this food was just school canteen style rubbish and didnt do it for us at all, we were still hungry after and dessert left a lot to be desired as well, 'fresh' fruit pieces and lots of little 'cakes' The only thing I found nice here were the mini raspberry swiss rolls but they went in a shot so Inever got any more as they were very slow in replenishing the foodstuff. So basically I would not recommend having your dinner here, have a big cheap feed in Phuket somewhere before coming you won't regret that decision!

        After dinner we went over the the main building and had to queue for quite a while until it opened. We went inside and there were various queues again with the usual people trying to bunk their way up to the front but thats the same no matter where you go in the world. Bags are meant to be checked on your way through but there was no security working the booths so everyone went on in....once through you have to despoit you phones/cameras/recording devices as you are not allowed them into the main show (im guessing in case the flash maybe distracts the animals?) This isnt as bad as it sounds and is very organised, you go to a booth hand over your goods and they seal them in a velvet bag and give you a tag corresponsing to the pigeon hole in the wall that they put it in.
        We then entered the show room and headed to our seats....wow its massive in this place and as we had paid for gold seats we were right in the middle front section. Finally everyone got settled and the show started and of course there was the most annoying family ever in front of us, don't get me wrong im not against people with kids or anything but who on earth takes a couple of months old baby to a show with loud music, pyrotechnics and whatnot and expects it to sleep? Anyways the woman was constantly rocking in her chair trying to get the baby to sleep and it eventually was sick on her, lovely then the next thing their other child (maybe 5 years old) starting screaming and cryign and covering his ears as he was afraid my goodness they kept takig his hands of his ears and shouting at him and needless to say my husband and myself and the rest of the auidence around them were getting very peeved off and starting complaining etc until the father finally left with the son.....the woman however remained where she was with the constant rocking trying to get her baby to sleep...could she be any more stupid....the rocking got so much I had to push the back of her chair to make her realise its not fun for thepeople behind her and she eventually stopped. Would defo not pay extra for these again ever!

        So the show had started and another reason I wouldnt pay extra for the gold seat is because all the elephants and people started comingout from the sides and over at the 'regular seats' we had to crane our necks to see anything boo and when they starting taking people from the auidence for some fun they were of course also taken from seats along the edge, etc so we paid extra for no reason it seems.
        The show was a brilliant display of dancing/acting/magic etc and was very well done it was in Thai and in English so everyone could understand though you didnt even need any talking as it was obvious what was happening. There was girly dances, martial art style dances, tribal dances, acrobats, magic acts and everything with pyrotechnics, super loud music, shadow shows, everything you could think of and then there were the fab animals (no only elephants might I add but I wont spoil it). I was worried about coming to this show as I hate the circus because I feel sorry for the poor animals but I have to say these animals were all clean and tidy and well looked after and fed, you could see the love for them from their handlers, especially the elephants everytime they did something the people 'riding' them gave them a hug or petted them them it was lovely :)

        My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the show, which is suprising as my husband isnt usually one to like to sit through musicals and whatnot but there is so much going on around you that there really is something for the whole family, plus the animals are perfect at what they have been trained to do, anyone who doesnt like it must be looking in the wrong direction lol.
        After the show they drop ballons and stuff which is nice and there really is enough for everyone think I eneded up with 3 though I have no idea why I took them just to bring to the hotel with me haha. Anyways we managed to get out before the crowds as our seats were easy enough to leave (back row of front section so we climbed over them hehe) I went and waited at the exit and my husband got our cameras, etc. This took only a few mintes and then we were off and out of there, we walked back past the shops to the enterance where our driver was patiently waiting for us in the exact spot he said he would be and he took us back to our hotel.

        This is a great night out for couples or families it doesnt matter what age you are (so long as your not a baby of a few months haha) you will have fun, even the most grumpiest/boring people would enjoy themselves as the Thai people just have a way of making you smile and feel at ease!
        I can't provide pictures of the show as your not allowed to take any!

        (also on ciao)


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      • Nestle Smarties / Chocolate / 4 Readings / 4 Ratings
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        17.07.2012 11:15
        Very helpful



        Who doesn't love smarties really they are quite yummy :)

        For some reason I find mini smarties to be nicer than big smarties and i'm not quite sure why to be honest lol.

        The boring bits:
        Allergen Information
        Contains: Gluten, Wheat, Lactose, Milk

        Sugar, cocoa mass, Whey powder, Wheat flour, Butterfat, Skimmed milk powder, Cocoa butter, Wheat starch, Emulsifier (Soya lecithin, Polyglycerol polyricinoleate), colours (Riboflavin, Carminic acid, Copper complexes of chlorophyllins, Vegetable carbon, Mixed carotenes, Titanium Dioxide), Spirulina concentrate, Glazing agents (Carnauba wax, Beeswax), Beetroot juice concentrate.
        There are 66 calories per box - each box weighs 14.4grams. You get 18 boxes in a packet and they costs around 2.50 this works out to be 14p a box which is great! I amsure you could find them cheaper if you searched and most super markets probably do offers on them here and there but there's no point in me searching for all that information when prices and offers change so frequently in the current market.

        Smarties have changed over the years, the larger ones don't give you the fun packet that you can pop the lid on anymore and then they got rid of the blue smarties due to all the bad E numbers but have brought back a more subdued blue colour, but even through all of these changes I think that the flavour has always remained constant. The only thing that I think has maybe changed is the orange flavour? We were conviced that they used to taste like orange but now no matter how many orange ones I eat they just tastelike regular chocolate so im not 100% sure on that one.
        I always remember when I was younger my mum would get us smarties and we would pour them all out on the table and make 'pictures' with them like a flower or boat etc, though it was always annoying when you didnt have enough of one colour lol.

        These small packets are great for adults and kids a like, they are the perfect size for kids lunch boxes and now days with schools going uber healthy they are small enough to be allowed as a snack so long as the other foods healthy of course! They are great for adults to take to work for a mid-afternoon pick me up with a cuppa tea and another great thing is that they are so low in calories that people on Slimming World diets can enjoy them for a mere 3.5syns :) If your going on a picnic with the family they are little enugh to only take up a small amount of space in the cooler box, or you could always take them in the car to eat as you travel as they are easy for kids to deals with - unlike bars of chocolate that can get all crumbly.

        Its fun to eat them either by crunching through them all or if you want them to last long you cant let them slowly melt in your mouth to savour the flavour yum!

        Smarties have been around for a long time and I think that they will continue to be around for years to come - There are currently 8 different colours; Brown, green, orange, pink, red, yellow, purple & blue - who knows maybe they will add ore in the future!
        If you go to their website there's lots of information on the different kinds of smarties and also a recipe section for all you bakers out there, they even have a section that provides tips on planning children's parties :) and not forgetting the activities section where there are fun quizzes and food art.


        Thats about all I can think of for now, im off to enjoy a little box of smarties with my tea....hope you enjoyed the review!

        (I also post on ciao)


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      • Cadbury's Flake / Other Food / 43 Readings / 40 Ratings
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        13.07.2009 19:55
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        Flake flake flake yum yum yum

        No one knows why or can describe how but flakes are just sooo much nicer than most chocolate bars out there, yes they are made by cadbury's and are just chocolate much like a dairy milk, but for some reason, probably due to its flaky crumbly state, its just way nicer and seems to have much more flavour to it!

        The cadbury website (www.cadbury.co.uk) tells the story of how flakes came about, so here is the story:

        The 'crumbliest flakiest chocolate' was first developed in 1920. A Cadbury employee had noticed that when the excess from chocolate moulds was drained off, it fell off in a stream and created flakey, folded chocolate. And from that simple observation, a new product was born!

        It started off as a Cadbury Dairy Milk product with a see-through wrapper. The yellow wrapper appeared in 1959 when the reference 'Dairy Milk' was also dropped. Sales of Flake quadrupled in the 1970s with the popularity of the TV advertising, showing a series of sensual Flake Girls enjoying their chocolate.

        How strange that such a simple concenpt can become one of the most loved bars in chocolate! but then simple ideas are usual the best so they say. Oh and by the way the website is very informative telling you the history of chocolate and also the story behind most of their products....there are also lots of fun little games to play and competitions to win various prizes...including chocolate and cinema tickets!!

        I do have to say though chocolate bars are getting quite expensive its almost 50p for a flake...I dont get how they can raise the price yet keep the bar the same size, they so need to make it bigger!! Although Tesco have them on offer at the moment and are £1.20 for 3. Alternatively you can buy a pack of 5 which costs around £1.58 a much better saving if you ask me...but wait even better than that, head to the co-op they have flakes andvarious other 5 packs of cadburys chocolate on offer for a mere 99p who wouldnt be happy with that!? I believe you can get them in 9 packs as well for just over £2.

        Milk solids 14% minimum, cocoa solids 25% minimum, contains vegetable fats in addition to cocoa butter.

        Milk, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Vegetable Fat, Emulsifier (E442), Flavourings.

        Allergies Information:
        Contains Milk

        Nutrition :
        (nutrient per 100g per bar)
        Energy kCal 525 kCal 180 kCal
        Energy kJ 2,195 kJ 745 kJ
        Protein 7.5 g 2.6 g
        Carbohydrate 54.7 g 18.6 g
        Fat 30.8 g 10.5 g

        So go on treat yourself, you know you deserve it a yummy flake and wee cuppa tea...sounds good to me :)

        Thanks for reading.

        Also on ciao under same name


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