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Member since: 05.10.2012

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    • Mower Magic / Online Shop / 7 Readings / 5 Ratings
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      05.10.2012 18:59



      Poor customer service caused me to cancel order.

      I ordered about £170 worth of spare parts for my parent's mower on 02 Sep 12. The order was processed payment was immediately taken from my account. After 2 weeks, the parts hadn't arrived and so I contacted Mower Magic to see if they could give me some idea of when I could expect them. I was told they were taking some time to arrive from their supplier. I contacted the company a couple of times after this, with no further progress made, so in the end I sent an e-mail telling them if I didn't have the parts by a Wed 03 Oct 12, I would be forced to cancel the order. As the parts had not arrived by the stated date, I phoned them one last time and was told all the parts (except one washer) had arrived and they would ship them the same day (Thurs 04 Oct 12), which seemed reasonable. The next day, I called to make sure the parts had shipped and was told they had been sent the previous day, as agreed. I then asked for the tracking number, and was then informed the parts had NOT been sent, and I would not get them until the following Monday. As a consequence of this, I immediately cancelled the order as I have come to the end of my leave and will not be here to fit the new parts for some considerable time. The employee said he would refund my money, and when I told him I was very upset at the poor service, he just hung up the phone!

      These days, most people expect better service when ordering online. There was no indication that Mower Magic did not hold these parts in stock, but they took my money immediately. They portray themselves as a company which pride themselves on high standards of service but 4-5 weeks delivery is unacceptable when people need these products to meet a deadline. Finally, to hang up on a customer with a genuine grievance just demonstrates that this company are only interested in one thing - separating you from your money! I have received no apology for this poor service, which makes a mockery of the statements on their website about their customer service, i.e. "...customer care is the main priority".

      I am sure people who have received their products in time are very happy, but the true test of a company is how they react when things go wrong, and in this case they have failed dismally.

      I would not use this company again and I would NOT recommend them.


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