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    • Renault 5 / Car / 6 Readings / 6 Ratings
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      22.01.2010 19:10
      Very helpful



      Get one, look after it and they are great fun to drive.Dont look after it and it wont look after you

      Now heres an absolute gem of a car......now i'm not saying its a diamond, because this car is not without its faults and is definitely not for the faint hearted!! These cars are prone to over heating....even engine fires are not uncommon! Looking past this though, you find me a car with more grunt and more character for the money and I'll eat my hat!

      These cars are all fixer uppers now and you'd be hard pushed to find one in amazing condition, but, provided you are aware of the work you need to put into these to get them running well, you'll definitely get a few looks at the traffic lights!

      i've had two of these little beauties and had to get rid just because i was too young to insure them!

      I think I should give a brief history of the car.

      The 5 turbo was a 2nd gen in 1985 to keep inline with its competitor at the time, the Pug 205 gti.

      now then engine set up used was fairly dated and by no means the best available at the time, i remember some one telling me parts of the engine set up dated back to the 1950's !! Now this wasnt all a bad thing, yes it was a slightly ancient set up, but t did weigh next to nothing... i think the the whole car weighed a measly 850kg and was 115bhp, this thing could almost take off!

      The seats are with out doubt still my favourite, most comfortable seats ever! As the car had go kart like handling, you need seats that are gonna keep you firmly planted and in control of the car! They do exactly what they say on the tin. Not only do they keep you well planted but they are also comfortable too ( keeps you comfortable while waiting for the recovery services on the motorway!!)

      Seriously though looking past its cheap and dodgy build, no car has ever put a bigger smile on my face when I stamp the noisy pedal!

      I don't know what it is about this car but its a classic and an icon of the late 80's and early 90's!

      If you've got a spare £2k you could get yourself a fixer and fix it!

      great fun and a cheap to insure.

      Get one!


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      22.01.2010 18:11
      Very helpful



      Fantastic pair of shoes....Just Do It..... Buy some !

      For as long as i can remember , these have been my weapon of choice when it comes to Running, dancing, walking and generally looking cool!

      I think a little history is in order to show where the trainers originate from and what they are all about now.

      The air max originated in '87 with the Air Max I.Air max II ( or light more commonly known as Air max light) followed shortly after in 1989.
      They were first known as the air max 90' in....yes you guessed it, 1990!

      Nike continued to make a new edition every year up until the present day and still seem to be going strong!

      So as you are probably aware the number after the ''Air Max'' corresponds with the year it was released.

      In 1993, the air bubble was fully visible for the first time, and has been ever since.

      I used to pester my parents when i was at school every year for the latest version of the Air Max series and have loved them ever since.

      they are extremely popular amongst the unground grounds scenes of bboying (breakdance), graffiti and other elements of the hip - hop genre.

      They are extremely flexible shoes, hardwearing and stylish. They are also remarkably light so they are good for dancers, that being one of the main reasons they are popular in the break dancing scene. Also thanks to the www.nikeid.com you can now customise your sneakers to match your outfit yo' !!

      Seriously get yourself a pair regardless of whether your wearing for the gym or the street......


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      • Adidas Shoes in general / Shoes / 4 Readings / 4 Ratings
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        22.01.2010 12:58
        Very helpful



        If you wanna look fresh, these are the shoes for you.

        For as long as I can remember I've always worn addidas.......right since the days of the Addidas Sambas that my dad used to wear.

        My personal favourite Addidas shoes are the ''Shell Toes''.This specific type of shoe goes way back to the 70's and for all you retro heads,these are the trainers featured in the Aerosmith and RunDMC video ''walk this way''.A lot of the original colours and styles are still available today.

        Addidas do some fantastic one off designs and limited additions. I think my personal favourites are the Kermit the Frog edition or the basketball team colours and designs they did!

        I'm a breakdancer ( or bboy for those of you in the know!) and I need a pair of shoes that are very hard wearing and comfortable and flexible enough to dance in, as well as looking ''fresh''

        They range in price quite dramatically any where from £10 right through to £120 depending on the demand for that specific style and their availability.
        Regardless of the price though, these shoes will last you ages! An example of this is my personal experience. With me dancing at least 5 times a week I wear these every where and they get a good old pounding, yet they still lasted me 3 years! If thats not value for money I don't know what is!

        They are a bit on the heavy side so I wouldn't say these are good shoes for running in but if you want to look fresh on the dance floor,cool on the streets with your mates or thrashing about on your BMX or skateboard, these are the treads for you!

        So in closing, these trainers are hard wearing, fresh and well worth the money wether you are a bboy making fresh shapes on the dance flo' or a graffitti artist ''getting up'' and expressing yo bad self, these are well worth a look......but you already know that.......right?


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        21.01.2010 20:08
        Very helpful



        great coffee experience, bit pricey though....

        Costa coffee is one of the uk's largest coffee chains with 893 stores in the uk, thats about 200 more than Starbucks apparently.

        Each Costa coffee across the country seems to be decorated exactly the same. This is a not a bad point, i think they've just decided that ''if its not broke, dont fix it''.

        The creams, browns and dark reds of the shops works well throughout the shop and makes for a relaxing coffee experience.

        The prices of the coffee are expensive.....again this is not a bad thing as usually it means that the people that are in the shop are there for the same reason as you....to get a bit of peace and quiet while enjoying a good cup of coffee!

        The coffee they serve is a lot stronger but also more bitter than Starbucks, so if you prefer a weaker cup of coffee its probably worth asking for one less shot of espresso. The reason for the stronger, slightly bitter taste is the beans they choose for their blend (which is called ''mocha italia''), this blend consists of six parts arabica beans and one part robusta beans.

        This is another good point, the barista's are trained to a very high standard and i know from talking to a few of the guys there that they do travel to take training courses to learn more about coffee and how to make a the most of each ''grind'' of beans.

        Also if you prefer a decaf,extra shot, cinnamon,soya latte with whipped cream to just a coffee, the staff will meet you with a smile and make it for you. so no matter how picky you are they will always do their best to serve you......no matter how picky you are! They also have the coffee machine in full view of the customer so you can watch them make your coffee which gives you good piece of mind!

        Also they do have a selection of cakes and pastries which vary from season to season.....I'd recommend treating yourself to a Costa at xmas, because the cakes and specialty seasonal drinks are fantastic!

        I have found this from personal experience as I do like a good decaf,caramel,iced latte myself, usual after a late night of poker with the guys at a service station on our way home from the casino! This is usually where my chats to the late night staff get me all this info! Thanks to them!

        Now costa also have their own book awards ceremony and occasionally have books on the counter in their stores that you can pic up for roughly a quid and they have short stories that have been short listed from the entries for their very own ''Costa Book Awards''.

        So over all.

        A good coffee experience.

        Well trained staff.

        Good surroundings.

        well looked after and well decorated.


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      • The OC / TV Programme / 5 Readings / 4 Ratings
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        21.01.2010 15:16
        Very helpful



        Great program, good cast....but you mite think four seasons is not enough.

        The OC is a great late teen drama consisting of between 10 and 15 main characters depending on the series you are watching, It is based in California (the Orange county!) and is based on rich kids driving around in flash cars and wear all the lateest designer gear and go to big posh schools.....ah thats the life!DOnt worry its not as shallow as it sounds, I promise!
        I'll write a little about each character and their roles in The OC so you get a feel for what the programme is about.

        Ryan Atwood.
        Troubled teen from the wrong side of the tracks. He comes from a broken home and is on a downward siral to no where.....that is until Sandy Cohen comes to his rescue!Sandy realises Ryan is a bright kid with decent exam results and decides to take him in as his own son and gives Ryan something to live for.From here he becomes Seth's 'brother' and protector.
        Also known by Seth as ''The Fists of Fury''

        Seth Cohen.
        The son of Kirsten and Sandy Cohen. Seth is known as the geek who loves his comic books and is in love with the girl next door, Summer Roberts. Seth, until meeting Ryan was a shy and unheard of kid, who at school, disappeared beneath the surface and is never even noticed by Summer.
        He has a bedside mascot known as Captain Oats who's role in the program becomes apparent when Summer finally ''sees'' Seth.

        Summer Roberts.
        The popular girl at school and is at first is the brunette bimbo who cares about nothing accept how she looks and how popular she is.....Oh how she changes and ......well i'll let you work the rest out! She's fiesty and suffers ''rage blackouts'' but is loveable and funny.

        Marissa Cooper.
        Daughter of Julie and Jimmy Cooper. Marissa is Summer's best friend and they are inseparable. Marissa is a troubled teen who battles with alcohol and drugs. Ryan is her rock but always seems to have to pull her out of tricky situations and his patients begin to wear out and Marissa's downward spiral takes its toll on their relationship.......more than once.

        Sandy Cohen.
        Possibly my favourite character of the program. Sandy seems to be everyone's knight in shining armour, from Ryan and his past life to any wayward soul that crosses his path! Never seems to put a foot wrong. loveable throughout the series. Sandy is married to his childhood sweet heart Kirsten but constantly locks horns with his Father in law ( or outlaw, more to the point!)

        Kirsten Cohen.
        Married to Sandy....obviously. Kirsten is the daughter of multi millionaire, Caleb Nicol and she is constantly battling to get out from under her dad's dark cloud and be seen as an independent and successful mother who has paved her own way and not used her dad's status to help her get where she is today. Also battles alcohol abuse.

        Julie and Jimmy Cooper.
        Two interesting characters throughout the series. The change in Julie from season one to season three is huge! She goes from a gold digging, insensitive,manipulating and controlling mother ( if you can call her that!!) to a gentle person that actually has a soul.....although is does take her losing everything to get her to this point.
        Jimmy on the other hand goes completely the other direction. He goes from being a successful business man and caring dad to an marriage wrecking con man and a cowardly dad.

        Caleb Nicol.
        Father to kirsten and grandad to Seth. Caleb is a very closed off and guarded person that trusts no one. Once you get to know this character you realise that all he is interested in is his money and his business. He thinks any problem can be resolved by throwing money at it. He is also suspicious of Ryan and doesnt like him based on his juvenile past.....although Ryan does nothing to deserve this.

        Hopefully this gives you a bit of an incite into what the characters are like in the OC and what the show is all about.

        Hope this was informative enough for you!


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      • Grey's Anatomy / TV Programme / 7 Readings / 6 Ratings
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        20.01.2010 14:11
        Very helpful



        What can I say? WATCH IT!!!

        This medical drama is amazing. full of huge plot twists, romances, broken hearts, miracles, mishaps and more!

        the plot follows interns (or medical students) Meredith Grey, George O'malley, Izzie Stephens, Christina Yang and Alex Karev as they shadow and learn from the world class surgeons at Seattle Grace hospital in , yes,you guessed it, Seattle.

        The surgeons they follow are:

        Derek Shepherd.
        Brain surgeon. Better known as Mcdreamy! Gets himself involved with Meredith at a bar.......the rest i'll let you find out!

        Addison Shepherd.
        Neonatal surgeon. Derek's wife/ex wife/wife/ex wife! You will come to understand this later! She becomes an attending surgeon on placement from another hospital,comes to Seattle Grace to try and win back her husband

        Preston Burke.
        Heart surgeon,who gets himself seriously involved with one of the interns! ;o)

        Mark Sloan.
        Plastic surgeon. Also known as ''Mcsteamy'' comes to Seattle grace to try and win back Addison.....And he used to be Derek's best friend!!!

        Richard Webber.
        ''The Chief'. Runs the hospital and is in charge of hospital finances. Occasionally performs the odd surgery.Has a bit of ''woman'' history which you'll find out more about as the series progess.

        Miranda Bailey.
        ''The Nazi.'' The interns are managed by the stern and strict yet lovable Miranda her ''apparent'' nickname only comes up in early episodes but its hilarious when she finds out this is what people call her. It is not a fair nickname as she is lovely really and has a heart of gold and only wants the best for her interns! Think of her as the mother hen if you like!

        Heres a little about each intern.

        Meredith Grey.
        Daughter of the famous Ellis Grey who was the best surgeon in her time but is struck down with Alziemer's and is placed in a nursing home. Meredith is constantly having relationship issues and has an on/off relationship with Mcdreamy.

        George O'malley.
        Is in love with meredith from season one, comes from a family of truck drivers and labourers and is determined to make a name for himself in the medical profession. He is a loveable character but always seems to be let down by the ones closest to him.

        Izzie Stephens.
        Struggles with the decisions that she made to become a doctor and this is displayed through flashbacks and personal interaction with patients. She struggles to keep her distance with patients and usually ends up in hot water because she gets too personally involved with patients.

        Christina Yang.
        Christina is a very closed off, guarded, insensitive and competitive intern only really interested in furthering her own career. She always wants in on the best surgeries and struggles to show empathy when dealing with patients with any kind of ailment......which is quite funny to watch.....but not for the patients.saying this about her tho, she is still a loveable character and deep down does have a soul!

        Alex Karev.
        Alex always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time but seems to ''pull it out the bag'' when it matters most. He will always be the character that you change opinion about. One minute he'll be in your bad books next he'll be in your good books and vice versa!

        This is not your typical casualty or ER, this program focuses more on the relationship side of things then what goes on in the OR (operating rooms) there are some great cameo's from people with rare and interesting conditions, which is great for those individuals as it makes us mere laymen understand what they have to go through as well as educating us about their conditions.

        sometimes (especially season two! ) there are people admitted to the Emergency Room that pose huge and imminent danger to those around them which will have you screaming at the TV, hiding behind a cusion,diving for cover or reaching for the tissues as there are a few tear jerking moments that even get us manliest of men ''getting something in our eye!''

        i thoroughly recommend Grey's anatomy and the price of the series is very reasonable and, seriously when it comes to the cliff hanger moments you are gonna want to have the next episode at the ready!!!

        great stuff and hope this was an informative review! Happy reading


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        19.01.2010 16:22
        Very helpful



        great tin of soup, good price and easy to prepare and clean up after!

        MMMMM..... This stuff is awesome.

        The reason I love this stuff so much is because its quick and easy to prepare ( 2-3 minutes in the microwave.) and taste amazing!

        Seriously, all you need to put with this is a few slices of bread and you've got yourself a decent little snack.

        I like the fact it has a ring pull top because this means you can take it to work or school with you too and you dont need to take a tin opener with you.

        I love the quality of this soup. The consistency is great, if you are not a fan of lumpy soup this is extremely smooth and thick.

        Likewise if you like a bit of something in your soup, croutons are all you really need to add to make this a little more interesting.

        Its not too peppery or sweet, they seem to have got the balance just right.

        The price is very reasonable too, usually just under £1 a tin


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      • Hotel Chocolat / Supermarket / 10 Readings / 10 Ratings
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        19.01.2010 15:50
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        whether your a fan of white, milk or dark chocolate Hotel Chocolate have something for you!

        I was introduced to Hotel Chocolat by my girlfriend and have been a chocolate addict ever since!

        Now i must start off by saying the chocolate is quite pricey but once you've tried it, you wont be disappointed, so dont be put off by the price.

        They have an amazing range of chocolate,White, Milk or Dark and everything in between. They also cater for any event.

        Whether you are looking for a nice stocking filler at xmas, a little present for valentines day or a big gift for a wedding or works do, they cater for everything.

        I know chocolate it usually seen as a bit of a cop out when buying it for birthdays or christmas but because the the Hotel Chocolate selection is so varied, creative and luxurious i'm sure who ever you buy it for would appreciate it.

        The only thing I think is a downside is, if you were buying something as a gift for someone and they hadnt heard of Hotel Chotolat i'm not sure they would appreciate the quality and expense that may have gone into your choice of gift.

        I personally love the Chocolate in their shops though, so if anyone was to buy it for me i'd be over the moon!

        The most important parts now:

        The shops themselves are always very well presented

        The decoration of the shop gives it that posh, executive feel.

        The staff are very helpful and polite. Here is a personal experience of how I was treated in the shop:

        I like how they have tasting trays and if there is a type of chocolate you would like to try they have always been more than happy to open a packet and give me a piece to try in the past. (I asked them if I could try the chilli penguins at xmas because I wasn't sure if i'd like the chilli chocolate. Sure enough, the shop assistant went out the back, opened one and gave me a piece.The chilli chocolate is something to be experienced! I really enjoyed it and now I get some as a treat occasionally!

        I recommend Hotel Chocolat to everyone.


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        • 2012 (DVD) / DVD / 10 Readings / 7 Ratings
          More +
          13.01.2010 16:41



          great film and an enthralling story but a bit slow to get going

          This film was out of this world!! I'm a ''manly man'' and never cry....occasionally ''get something in my eye'' but this film roped me and my girlfriend right in and on few occasions I ''got something in my eye.''
          This film does not rely on CGI and epic moments. It truly looks at this 21/12/12 phenomenon from quite a few different perspectives.

          The film starts out following the daily lives of a typical family going through a rough divorce, the ex husband struggling to make ends meet as a limo driver and still trying to live off the fame for his ''one hit wonder'' book he wrote years back, while the wife has moved on and is now seeing a well to do Doctor with a nice house and a Porsche 911. As the film progresses the limo driver gets the opportunity to take his daughter camping and they uncover a huge secret that the government are trying to keep covered up by fencing off Yellow Stone Park. From here they meet a crazy ( and quite amusing ) cameo appearance from Woodie Harrelson,who plays an apparently paranoid lunatic that has a radio station that he broadcasts from his worn out trailer.
          After speaking with the crazy man, the limo driver and his daughter stumble upon some ''earth moving'' information! From here the momentum of the film really picks up!

          There is a huge mix of emotions, the acting is great with a few really touching family moments that really put a lump in your throat and other parts that almost have you screaming at the selfish characters that are really looking out for themselves!! There are also a few characters that will sway from the bad guy to the good guy and back again, keeping you guessing.

          The CGI scenes are very good, although certain bits are a sketchy but not bad enough to really spoil the experience overall.

          It also looks at how people from different social backgrounds would react to this type of situation. There are a few scenes which look at the religious and spiritual aspect and from the working class and middle class view. People trying to out bid each other to stay alive. The maternal view, parents putting their children before themselves.

          Seriously I could go on, but i may end up spilling the beans and spoiling it! So I think you should see this film for yourself and enjoy it.

          It is a tad slow to get going, the 1st 30-40 minutes are slow while they build your relationship with the characters, but stick with it and you shouldn't be disappointed!

          This is definitely one for my collection and I thoroughly recommend it!


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          • Barclaycard / Credit Card / 5 Readings / 3 Ratings
            More +
            13.01.2010 16:03



            good company, and well managed organisation

            I've had my barclay card for a few years now and they have always been good to me.

            I had a few issues with PPI and missed payment charges which I disputed and to give Barclay card their due, they were very very professional and very good with me.

            I find that you only find out a company's true ''customer service'' when an issue like this arises.

            I like a company that takes ownership of complaints and personally deal with your issue . Barclay card did exactly this and hence my issue was resolved within two weeks which I was very pleased with!

            I think they do have over seas calls centres when making payments over the phone, but again their staff selection process must be very good as i have never encountered a language barrier issue. I have always been pleased with the level of service I have received, and that is what is important when it comes to dealing with my money.

            so over all:

            customer service = excellent

            level of english spoken by over seas advisors = great

            complaints handling = very impressive


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            13.01.2010 14:28
            Very helpful



            good snack regardless of your age!

            i'm currently sat at my desk at work eating a bowl of Weetos for lunch!

            i love them. i've been eating weetos since as long as i can remember. when i was at school my mum used to make my breakfast and i would love my weetos.

            you can put them in the microwave to warm them up a bit in the winter. they do go a bit soggy but the milk goes extra choclately and it warms you up ready for the walk to the car,work, or school.

            the reason i recommend them is because they are a better alternative to junk from the vending machine at work!

            if you think about it, if you get a bar of chocolate every break, thats 3 bars a day @ 50p = £1.50 a day. times that by 5 thats 7.50 a week on chocolate!
            on chocolate. instead i buy a box of Weetos (£2.50ish) and 2 litres of milk (£1.25) and they last me a week.

            so what i'm trying to say is weetos are a good alternative to chocolate at work. as they wont cost you as much and kerb your (or at least, my!) chocolate craving.

            they are always well packaged and well sealed so they're always fresh.

            i appreciate not all jobs would allow cereal at your desk. but at least if you have a canteen you can eat them there. people might think its funny at first but once they realise how much money your saving, they'll quickly follow suit!

            bring on the weetos revolution !


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            13.01.2010 10:58
            Very helpful



            good customer service, nice coffee, shame abou the food.....

            i'll start by saying i used to work in a coffee shop and was a barista for a few years myself so i'm very critical of coffee shops.

            starbucks is a nice place to go for a treat if you've had a hectic day shopping and need to perk yourself up.

            i tend to go to starbucks because i like their blend of coffee, i find Costa coffee is a bit too strong and slightly bitter, where as starbucks is smoother, albeit , a little weaker, so if if you like a smooth,sweet coffee go to starbucks,

            the food on display is pricey and the sandwiches, i dont find that appetising as i always have a bit of a dilemma when trying to pick something to eat while waiting in the que. i usually end up getting my coffee to take away and grabbing a sandwich from somewhere else.

            if i do need to have sit down, the furniture is nice and its always well decorated and maintained. if it is busy though i always find i need to clear the tables myself, which is sometimes a little annoying but isnt the end of the world as the baristas are too busy making great coffee!

            the attention to detail while they make your coffee is always top notch as i have never have take my coffee back because they have missed something out! well done starbucks! the one little gripe i have when they make the coffee is that the coffee machine is always on the front counter so you can't watch them making your coffee, i know this is not the barista's fault, its just the way the store is designed, but being a barista myself i know its a bit of an art form and the baristas should be able to show off their skills and impress them customer as its not just a case of pressing a button!

            i like to make sure they're using the right group handles ( where you put the coffee to strain it, if you like) so if i fancy a decaf coffee they dont put decaf in a normal group handle.

            overall a good coffee experience

            good customer service

            great coffee

            large selection of coffees and tea's

            good surrounds and decoration

            well managed

            it's allll goood!


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            13.01.2010 10:06



            Not as good as the Da Vinci Code but a good page turner.

            This is a typical Dan brown page turner. I was blown away by all of his previous titles, bar maybe Deception Point.

            To be honest, it was the slowest of all the Dan Brown books I've read. Its along the same formula as ''the Da Vinci Code''. I dont want to give the game away so I'll not mention too much. Its the ''ah whats that symbol doing there?'' kind of thing again.

            This is the type of book you could read while away on a beach holiday somewhere. But if you want to be blown away, i think you may be slightly disappointed. Although if this is the first Dan Brown book you've read, it may impress you, but I would recommend reading his other titles first so you get a feel for who Robert Langdon is!

            Over all, I would say:

            Average page turner.

            Not as strong as his other titles, but then again when Dan Brown has written such awesome titles as '' Digital Fortress'' and ''The Da Vinci Code'' the only way you could go is down I think!

            So as long as you don't expect much you'll be pleasantly surprised.


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              12.01.2010 19:01
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              I would never recommend any one to sky as I would never wish my experience with them on anyone...

              this is without doubt the worst company i have ever dealt with i'm afraid.
              i have a lot of experience with call centre work and customer service so this a word of warning ! please take notice!

              my girlfriend had been without her internet for 9weeks now while she has been ''reconnected'' with sky although she has all the equipment (skybox, router, telephone line and telephone) the reason she had all this equipment was the previous tenant left it.

              i could honestly go on and on but i want to get the point across as quickly as possible about how bad Sky's customer service has been!

              my girlfriend has been in tears no fewer than 5 times due to the stress that Sky have caused!

              on literally every single call she has made to Sky she has been told incorrect information which has caused longer and longer delays!

              so far these are the things they have failed to do:

              connect her internet ( 9 weeks and still waiting)

              give her the ''£50 recommend a friend'' vouchers

              have been waiting 3 weeks for a manager call back

              sent three letters and still no apology even tho my girlfriend has paid a
              months payment upfront and a reconnection charge! (around £80 in total)

              reconnected her telephone line ( which they disconnected ''by mistake'' )

              send out an engineer to connect the phone line (even though she has been given 3 dates....so far that he will ''definitely be coming out today'')

              and even if they do eventually manage to reconnect her line it will have to be to a new telephone number, which now gives her the inconvenience of having to give everyone her new number. (i only found out this info by calling Otelo! who are the ombudsman for telecommunications issues )

              so in summary:

              if you need to escalate a complaint nothing happens because when you call and ask an advisor to resolve your issue :




              i am aware there are people out there who have not had any issues with Sky and enjoy watching its programs but it is not until you have a problem with sky that you will find how bad their customer care is, experience levels of staff are and how hard it is escalate a genuine complaint!

              please, please, please take notice


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                12.01.2010 17:56
                Very helpful



                good for your joints if you can afford them

                these are good for people who are fairly active and put a fair bit of strain on their joints.

                i can only speak of my own personal experience from using these. i break
                dance about 4 times a week for two hours and seeing as i'm getting on now (i'm 25) i find that i get a fair few aches and pains, especially in my knees and wrists.

                a few friends recommended cod liver oil capsules....because apparently cod liver without the capsule is revolting!

                i've tried them for the last three months and i've felt a lot more agile and the pain in my knees and wrists seem to have subsided. i've also not had as many injuries. i don't know if this is because of the cod liver oil capsules but i've been taking them and feeling better so i'll continue to take them until i'm proven other wise

                i also have a few friends in the armed forces that swear by them as they are constantly putting strain on their joints.

                so to summarise.

                if you play a lot of sport , like squash, rugby, football or dance then these are the things for you. or even if you just have a hectic lifestyle and are constantly cleaning or decorating these would help in keeping you agile!


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