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    • Trunki Ride-On Suitcase / Suitcase / 29 Readings / 29 Ratings
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      11.01.2013 17:58
      Very helpful



      I would recommend but not just as a travel case.

      The Gruffalo Trunki was a must-buy for us as my children all love the book. Paying £29 for a small plastic case seemed sheer lunacy. I also have the Ladybird design and here are my thoughts:

      What is it?
      A Trunki is a child sized suitcase that has wheels and can be ridden to keep the child amused while at airports or stations etc. In reality my children play with them at home as a toy more than being used out!

      If I were to rate this as value for money purely as a travelling case then it would not get much. It opens but only one side has an elastic to keep the contents secure so everything the other side falls out all over the place. The cotton insert is not sufficient to keep much in and falls off. It doesn't hold enough for a journey of longer than a few days so is great if you are using it just for the kids toys and odd bits but not for their holiday wardrobe.

      Where the Trunki comes into its own is in entertainment. My children love them. At home they are constantly filling them with bits, wheeling them round and riding on them. £29 for the hours they have had playing with them is good value. The cases are very durable and made from strong plastic, the side fastenings are easy enough for little hands but also very strong and the attached key is easy to use but can be opened in an emergency without it by an adult should your child lose theirs!

      The case is not good when commuting without a car. The children will only carry them so far and on a tube in london the bulky shape is sheer hell. This is a case for taking out only when in a car and not walking far but do not let this put you off. I love these products, you can buy additional accessories for them and although I have not done so, I would do if we travelled more.

      Here are some things I have used our for successfully:

      As my hospital bag when I had my son, held everything we needed for him for a few days.
      Weekends away. They hold just enough for a few changes of clothes, books and toys.
      Toy storage. Perfect for storing big sets of toys in when not being used travelling and look great in the bedroom.

      To summarise:
      Not just for travel, these are excellent as toys, I cannot justify the cost just for travelling
      Take a car as the kids get tired walking them
      Don't expect to fit in much and be careful when opening them up!


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