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Member since: 26.01.2012

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    • Vauxhall Corsa (pre 2000) / Car / 5 Readings / 3 Ratings
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      26.01.2012 19:02
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      Lovely little cheap car perfect for anyone who is new to driving or wants a cheap car

      I have recently started driving and i absolutely love this car it drives very smoothly and most importantly is cheap to run around, I believe the vauxhall corsa 1L is in the top category for insurance meaning it is cheap to insure.
      Depending on what litre you are driving obviously effects this figure but the combined MPG (miles per gallon) is between 50-60 per gallon which is very good for an older car.
      Like i said in the headline perfect little car for new drivers or drivers that just need a little car that is cheap to cover.
      The only thing i dislike about the pre 2000 corsa's is not having power steering you have to work very hard to do manoeuvres and this can be annoying in times when you are in tight situations. I feel having not power steering is not really a major issue especially when it is saving you the best part of half a grand to get a newer model.


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