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      01.01.2007 10:12
      1 Comment



      Kerala is probably one of the greenest places you will ever see.

      Kerala is on the southernmost tip of India. It stretches along the coast of the Arabian Sea and is separated from the rest of the sub continent by the steep Western Ghats. The state lies between 80 18' and 120 48' north latitude and 740 52' and 770 22' east longitude. The breadth if the state varies from 32 kms in the extreme north and south to over 120 kms in the middle.
      In 1956, when the states were reorganized, Kerala was formed after tying the princely states of Travancore and Cochin with Malabar, a province under Madras state.

      It is a purified world in Kerala, the land of trees. A big, spreading tree purifies as much air as a room air-conditioner. And the former is never switched off. The prolific, bustling, vegetation acts like a massive, biological, air-filtration plant working round the clock, round the year. Hence spending days in Kerala countryside is as if spending in an air- purified environ; some times better than it. So is the rejuvenating effect of the lush greenery of the state.

      The wanton growth of trees makes Kerala a herbarium. The four month-long, copious monsoon and recurrent flurry make this land a perfect nursery for all living beings. Loitering under the canopy of the foliage, you will feel blossoming the dreams. Thus, on a sojourn in Kerala, away from the rough and tumble of cities, you're breathing freshly purified air all the time.

      Another piece de resistance of Kerala is the meandering rivers, which criss-cross the state physique like blood veins. Besides, water bodies tucked away in thick forests also enhance the amazing beauty of the state. They fertilize the' land; turn waste into the wealth of the rich, black, alluvial soil on which the agrarian state thrive.

      The Lowlands or the coastal area, made up of river deltas, backwaters and the Arabian coast, is essentially a land of coconuts and rice. Fisheries and coif industry constitute the major industries of this area.

      The Periyar, Pamba, Manimala, Achenkovil, Meenachil and Moovattupuzha rivers drain into this lake. The other important backwaters are Veli, Kadhinam kulam, Anjengo (Anju Thengu), Edava, Nadayara, Paravoor. Ashtamudi (Quilon)

      Flora: Kerala has over 25% of India's 15,000 plant species. Among them include endangered and rare species, flowering plants, fungies, lichens and mosses. The state's forest wealth includes tropical wet evergreen, semi-green and tropical most deciduous. Teak, Mahagoney, Rosewood and Sandalwood are common; the forests abound with orchids, anthirium, balsam, and medicinal plants. Banyan figs, bamboo as well as 40,000 years old grasslands. Mangroves are seen in coastal areas and low, morass lands. So fertile is the state, thanks to rivers and dams that are replenished by copious rain in Western Ghats.

      Kerala Tourist Destinations
      Alappuzha ,Ernakulam, Idukki, Kannur, Kasaragod , Kollam, Kottayam, Kozhikode, Malappuram , Palakkad, Pathanamthitta, Thiruvananthapuram ,Thrissur, Wayanad


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      • Philips 170S7FS / LCD Monitor / 7 Readings / 7 Ratings
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        01.01.2007 09:56
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        good product for best price

        Monitor Type Flat Panel LCD TFT (Active Matrix)

        Size 17 inch

        Contrast Ratio 600:1

        Aspect Ratio 5:4

        Max. Resolution 1280 x 1024

        Brightness 300 cd/m²

        Response Time 8 ms

        Dot Pitch 0.264 mm

        Color Depth 24-bit (16.7M Colors)

        Viewable Picture Size 17 in.

        Height 32.8 cm

        Width 38.1 cm

        Weight 4.7 kg

        Depth 5.8 cm

        Power Consumption 30 Watt

        User Controls Brightness • Language • OSD Controls • Auto Image Adjust • Position

        Other Features Non-Glare • VESA External Mounting

        Platform PC

        MPN 170S7FS

        Product ID 33163798


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        • Sony Vaio RC202 / Desktop PC / 20 Readings / 16 Ratings
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          31.12.2006 19:23
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          Sony Vaio RC202 is good desktop for office work gaming or entertainment

          Intel Pentium D Processor 920
          Microprocessor Speed 2.8 GHz
          Bus Speed : 800MHz FSB
          Chipset: Intel 945P

          Installed Size : 1 GB (2x512MB)/ 2GB (max)
          Technology : DDR-II - 533MHz

          Cache Memory:
          Level 2 Cache 2048 KB

          Hard Disk Drive:
          400 GB (2x200GB)- SATA - 7200 rpm

          Optical Drive:
          Double Layer DVD±RW/DVD-ROM Drive

          Optical Drive Speeds:
          Max Write Speed CD-R 40x
          Max Write Speed CD-RW 32x
          Max Write Speed DVD-R 16x
          Max Write Speed DVD-RW 6x
          Max Write Speed DVD+R DL 6x
          Max Write Speed DVD+R 16x
          Max Write Speed DVD+RW 8x
          Max Read Speed CD 40x
          Max Read Speed CD-R 40x
          Max Read Speed CD-RW 32x
          Max Read Speed DVD 16x
          Max Read Speed DVD-R 12x
          Max Read Speed DVD-RW 8x
          Max Read Speed DVD+R DL 8x
          Max Read Speed DVD+R 12x
          Max Read Speed DVD+RW 8x
          Max Read Speed DVD-RAM 5x

          NVIDIA Geforce 6600 graphics card with 256 MB DDR SDRAM

          Front Interfaces:
          1 x 4 Pin i.LINK (IEEE1394)
          1 x PCMCIA Slot
          3 x USB Port ( Type 2)
          1 x Microphone
          1 x Headphone/Line-out Volume
          1 x Composite Audio/Video IN
          MemoryStick Type: Memory Stick Standard Size, Duo Combo Pro without MagicGate, high-speed data transfer compatible
          1 x S-Video in
          Multi Card Reader: Compact Flash slot (Type I/II), SMC/xD Picture Card slot, SD/MMC Card Slot

          Rear Interfaces:
          1 x 6 Pin i.LINK (IEEE1394), 400 Mbps
          1 x Antenna in
          1 x DVI out
          1 x Headphone Jack
          1 x Line in
          1 x Microphone Jack
          1 x Parallel Port
          1 x PS/2 Keyboard Connector
          1 x PS/2 Mouse Connector
          1 x RJ-11 Direct Port
          1 x RJ-45 Direct Port
          1 x S-Video out
          1 x TV out
          4 x USB Port (Type 2)
          1 x VGA out
          1 x Video/Audio in
          1 x S-Video in
          1 x Power Cord
          1 x Optical out

          Built-in Modem V.92/V.90
          Ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-TX/1000Base-T

          Dimensions (WxDxH):
          195 x 456 x 399 mm

          14 Kg

          Operating System:
          Microsoft Windows Media Center Edition 2005

          1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

          this is the best configuration desktop . i like this pc very much its performance and lookwiase


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