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Member since: 03.07.2012

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      03.07.2012 17:34



      overall a decent foundation, although some claims are false

      I am 20 years old and still suffer with problem skin.

      I have been using this foundation now for over a year. Clinique claims the following "The oil-free foundation, conceals, controls breakout, neautralizes the appearance of redness and helps prevent future blemishes while providing moderate coverage and a natural finish that never looks chalky and is soothing to the skin." (This was taken from the website).

      Firstly, i don't believe that it controls breakouts or help prevent future breakouts. Having used this for over a year i have had enough time to assess this. I still got breakouts! The claim that it never looks "Chalky" is not an accurate claim either. If you apply too much to dry skin, it will certainly make your skin look chalky and cakey.

      However, the reason i have been using this for so long is because my skin is used to it now and i really only ever stick to one foundation. It lasts a really long time and you don't need to use a lot of it. It soothes irritated skin and does cover quite well. I would say a medium coverage. Its not really very buildable because of its sometimes cakey appearance.

      I shall continue to use this foundation, although i think some of the claims arent accurate for me, it may work for other people. It didnt break me out like some foundation so that works for me.


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