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      05.09.2012 23:55



      the best of the Call of Duty's

      Call of Duty Black Ops is the multi-platform game released in 2010. This in my opinion is the best of the Call of Duty's as the story line, online multi-player and zombies are well thought out, highly graphic and great fun to play.
      The story line, you play a young agent that awakens to find himself in a torture room being interrogated my an unknown man. You have been assigned by the President of the United States to complete a mission to end the war. Your mission is to learn the secrets and prevent the Russians from discovering the Nova gas 6, a deadly form of gas which will change the war in the favour of the Russians. After completing the Story line you unlock the Nazi Zombie map "Five".
      Nazi Zombies in a mini game within the Black Ops game. Before updates there are 3 maps, "Kino De Toten" (Theatre/Cinema of the dead in German), "Five" and "Dead Ops". Kino De Toten follows on from the original Nazi Zombie game found on Call of Duty World At War, in this map you play as the original characters from Nazi Zombies. Edward Richtofen, the German, Tank Dempsey, the American, Takeo Masaki, the Japanese and Nikolai Belinski, the Russian. In "Kino", every 5 rounds roughly on round changes you will have to face off zombie dogs controlled by a psychotic little girl who's voice/laughter is heard throughout the levels.
      On the map "Five", you are in the Pentagon during a zombie attack. The characters you play as on this map are John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Robert McNamara and Fidel Castro. This map has the unique part of having another person, non zombie, in the game. The Pentagon thief, a crazed man who during round a random round change will attack you and steal your weapons.
      The final, non download map is called "Dead Ops Arcade". This is an old fashion, arcade style game where you have an aerial view of players and use your anologe sticks to move and shoot. This is the only completable Nazi Zombie game, on the final level you have to face off against a Giant Silverback Gorrila. All Nazi Zombies except for Dead Ops is online multiplayer.
      During non zombie online mutliplayer, you level up and collect weapons from preforming well during the games played. As you level up you unlock more weapons, which you have to purchase. Getting money from completing contracts.
      Enjoy the game :)


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