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      06.11.2008 07:16
      Very helpful



      Buy one if you suffer with pain

      I suffer with Chronic Pain Disorder to which I have to take Morphine Slow Release Tablets twice a day but before that I was on Morphine every hour.Then I was changed to Slow Release with a Tens machine which was set up for my pain. Since using this TENS machine I have cut down at least the amount of morphine I was taking.

      I saw an advert on Tv for Lloyds Tens Machine at half price. Normal price £39.99 down £19.99. So whats £20 if you are suffering pain. I purchased one then my hubby got sciatia and tried the Tens machine on it and it soon sorted it out.

      TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Simulation. This a recognized safe and highly effective source of pain relief. Even doctors now recommend TENS for treatments.
      TENS machines work by passing harmless electrical signals into the body from its pads. This relieves pain in two ways.
      Firstly it blocks the bodys pain signals.
      Secondly, TENS stimulates the body's production of Endorphins-its own natural painkillers.

      The box contains :
      Main Unit
      Cables x 2
      Gel Pads X 4
      And 4 x AAA Batteries (not included)
      It is very simple to set up this TENS unit. You connect the cables to the machine and to pads and away you go.

      The machine has 8 different settings that you can choose from. They range from slow tapping for pain relief to kneading fast for more intense pain relief. The programs are set and you select which level of relief that you require and then place the sticky conductor pads where it is needed. There are diagrams in the book for how to place pads for different pains in different areas. On turning on the machine you will feel like a pulsing sensation it tingles but it should not hurt if it does you need to turn it to different program. TENS machine is set up to work for 15 minute sessions but it recommend that if you use it more than 15 mins check pads are not causing a sore area. This device can also be used as a massager to help you relax.
      TENS machines can be used for:
      Back Pain
      Sports strains and sprains.
      Almost all muscle related injuries.
      Some TENS machines are used to help during Labour as well.

      The unit has very few buttons so you cant get confused. There is :
      On/off button
      Mode Button to set program required.
      INT Button to select intensity.
      A + B Button which when pressed shows the program and intensity on that channel.
      Up + Down Button for changing mode and intensity.

      So not complicated to operate.
      Its not suitable for people with pacemakers or other implanted medical devices,or for people with rhytnm problems.
      Cancer patients, people with epilepsy or dibetes should consult their doctor before using this machine.
      Hope this is of use to readers and I must say it was the best £20 I have ever spent. And the relief I get is great so I now have a bit more of my life back. TENS machine is very portable just clip on to clothing or you can buy a belt to fasten it to.


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      • jackpotjoy.com / Internet Site / 27 Readings / 23 Ratings
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        26.05.2008 16:21
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Good site

        Jackpotjoy is an online gambling site. But it is so easy to navigate this site. You can play for free or real. There is all sorts of games from Bingo to Scratchcards depends on what you fancy playing.Some games though can only be played for real like all the bingo games are only for cash players. But there are some really good slots. Tiki Island is really addictive. If you play for cash you can withdraw money back to your card but it has to be the card you debitted on and it normally takes 3-5 days to go back to your bank account or credit card. They have Progressive Jackpots on some of the games and they do get won. So this is not a ploy to get your money. If when you join you play for real you do get bonus but you need to check on page to tell you how to claim or speak with one of the CMs in rooms.

        This site is 24hrs so even of you cant sleep you can play bingo.
        If you only play for fun you get points which can be redeemed for raffle tickets which they then draw for prizes. These vary from cash to wii's, bbq to theatre trips theres a variety of prizes and you choose which you enter.

        They have promos on most weeks for real players like 10% of total losses or play £5 each day for 4days and get £10 +draw enter for £1000. They also have other promos in rooms where you can get phone call and win cash. I won Beat the Banker whenit was Birthday week on Deal or no deal. I won £50 just for answering my phone.

        Games vary as I said. There are slots,casino games,bingo,scratchcards,mini games,multi line slots you need to have a look at the site to see whats on it. Dealor no deal and tiki island are my personal favorites but do be careful it can get very addictive and expensive. They have bonus games on the slots as well which you can win more money if your lucky. They do maintan the site regular but they inform you when the site will be down. It normally on main home page. You can play by debiting from your credit or debit card and it done over a secure server. When you deposit the send you email to say its in your account.

        They have forum which you can join and they also have chat in the games where CMs normally monitor talk. They will not tolerate swearing and so words are banned. CMs are very friendly and they also play games where you can win points for exchanging to raflle tickets.

        They do keep updating games and adding new ones Im waiting for the new game at the minute which is coming soon. It has 3 bonus rounds so if your lucky enough to win yuo should be able to increase your winnings. As I said do be carefull as you can get addicted to gambling. So set yourself a limit which you can also do on the site. which can be a daily limit or weekly its up to you.

        So go on guys give it try and did and I won with my bonus money and received a cheque for £150.
        Hope this helps you


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          18.05.2008 22:51
          Very helpful



          AOL is ok really

          Having been with AOL for 4 yrs now. And not had a lot of problems until recently when I could get a signal to my ADSL modem. Rang Customer services which then put me in touch with Tehcinal support and spent over 3hrs talking to them. They had me uninstalling and reinstalling software, still no luck they tested phone line and said fault on line. I thought wot ever they blagging as they cant help me with this problem. So with no internet told them to cancel my membership. They then put through to someone else. Who was saying please dont leave. so they agreed to send me a wireless router free of charge. Which they did straight away but still no internet connection. So I checked everything myself and found that it was the ASDL cable which I replaced. Then rang them back and told them I had sort it out myself. So they then offered my reduce rates for 6 months and I also have AOL Talk Unlimited which was £5.49 per month but you did not pay for calls except international,mobile and 0870 numbers. Due to the problem of the internet they gave this to me free for lifetime. So even though I have had a problem they were very happy to compensate me for my loyalty to them.
          Aol I have found to be a decent ISP so ok everyone has there problems but I have not changed supplier since leaving NTL which was a serious pain the neck. AOL is an unlimited download. They also various packages ranging from £9.99. The browser for AOL isn't fantastic but I use google as well.

          The instaltion CD is very easy to understand and its is done step by step. Also on the CD is the top ten tips,troubleshooting for getting the best from your internet. In the box that comes from them it includes everything you need to get up and running. The only thing is the ASDL cable is very short so depending where your master telephone socket is to the computer you may need an extension cable.

          As I have said the Support team did not sort my problem but AOL did compensate me for them not been able to sort this out. Reading some other reviews people are not happy with this provider but I am very sorry I would recommend AOL as I have only had one problem in 4yrs.
          Hope this helps


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          • kingolotto.co.uk / Internet Site / 26 Readings / 19 Ratings
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            01.04.2008 09:21
            Very helpful



            Free gifts for nothing

            Fed up of not winning on lottery and paying all that money out for nothing. Well I am here to save the day. I found a website where you can play lottery and it does not cost a penny to play but just a few minutes of your precious time each day.

            Kingolotto is a website where you can play a lottery for free but its not like National lottery you know with big money you earn points which you can redeem for gifts. Gifts range from 2000 to 60000 points for things like magnets, dvds, MP3 Players,Books that sort of thing. But if you are lucky enough to get 5 numbers than you will get £15 or £30 of vouchers depends I think on how much grids you have played. For 1-4 numbers you get points of 10, 25,40 125 then 5 numbers is vouchers and 6 numbers is £3000 holiday and if you play all ten grids a car can be won as well.

            You can get VIP status as well you need to play 500 grids which is 10 grids per day for 50 days then you get prizes a little cheaper than normal ie magnet 2000 if you are VIP then1800 for example. Also you can extra points from promotions just by clicking on links but if you dont want them you can say never to be shown again. The prizes are limited so when you see something you want as long as you have enough points you need to get it when you see it as soon as the quantity of the prize has gone it has gone. DVD range from 8500 to 14000 points they do have like Harry Potter, Miss Potter, Flushed away DVDs for all age ranges really.

            You can also gain extra points by getting your friends to join via link in email that is linked to you account. But you can only 10 at time. 10 friends equals 1000 points. They also have special draws for prizes like coffee machines, digital cameras which are only normally for 48 hrs in draws. So there are possibilities of winning prizes. But even if you dont win in draws your points add up then you can redeem for a prize of your choice anyway. So for something that does not cost you anything only time you can get something for next to nothing (time). They change prizes normally around 14th of the month and 31st of the month every month. So you do a get choice of gifts or you can save them for a bigger gift the choice is yours. But the points dont get wiped after a period of time like some sites. There is no time limit on points.

            So give it a go you have nothing to lose really. Hope you like this and its gives you the info that you require. People ask whats the catch there is no catch honest.


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            • Avon Jelly Body Wash / Bath & Shower / 25 Readings / 21 Ratings
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              25.01.2008 12:39
              Very helpful



              Nice product

              Product Info
              My friend has just become an Avon representative so it's my duty as a friend to place my order through her to help her earn a bit more money. So I bought a few of the Avon Naturals. The emphasis being that the ingredients are fruit and natural oils etc this appealed to me because I like to think I'm putting good things on to my skin. There are plenty of different fruit smelling products in this range. The Avon Naturals range is full of lovely combinations of smells and this is no exception. This range has a decent choice of products. Shampoos,shower Gels, Foam Bath, Linen Spray, Body Lotions all with Natural Fruits in them.

              Product Review
              The product I'm going to review is Black cherry & Nutmeg Jelly Body wash. The tub that this comes in isn't anything special at all just a standard clear tub with an Avon label on the front, however the picture is one of fruits and does look appealing the jelly is a cherry colour and is a thick jelly not runny. On opening this tub was amazed at how it smelt wow you can really smell the cherries in this. Could not wait to get in shower to try it. Once you have wet you body take a scrunchy and wet it then dab it into tub. You dont need much on scrunchy as it does lather very well. I have only one disappointment with this product and it is only available at present in two fragrances. Blackcherry and Nutmeg, Mango & Passion fruit but both of them are fantastic smelling.

              There is only one size available which is 200mls for £2.50 but was on offer when I purchased it on a BOGOF offer. Get value for money. The whole Naturals range starts from £1.00 - £3.50 but they do have these on offer a lot of the time. So keep an eye out for them.

              Fragrances in all products:
              Honey & Lemon
              Blackcherry & Nutmeg
              Banana & Coconut Milk
              Papaya & Kiwi
              Lavender & Chamomile
              Ginger & Mango
              Poppy Flower & Almond Milk
              Fresh Apple & Rosemary
              Tea tree & Mint
              Jasmine & Lemongrass
              Just to give you an idea of what the fragrances are and the variety in this great product.

              To me it was the best £2.50 I have spent for ages. The fragrances are superb, lathers well, leaves skin soft and smelling of Black Cherries. My hubby asked to eat me he said I smelt good enough to eat. The best thing I can advise you to do is try this product for yourself and I think you will be as pleased as I was. It smells good enough to eat but I wouldn't recommend you try it.

              Hope you like this review for Blackcherry & Nutmeg Jelly Bodywash.
              Happy Lathering.


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                21.01.2008 12:07
                Very helpful



                Not to bad for water

                I am a big carbonated drinks drinker. I was always drinking to much coke so decided I had to do something more healthy. So on my trip to Asda to do my weekly shop went down the drinks aisle and spotted this blue bottle and decided to try to it. Got nothing to lose really. At 39p per bottle or 3 for £1.00.


                Clear blue bottle with blue lid. There is a picture of fruit on label depending which flavour you buy. This one had Blackberries & Elderflower on it. And a white square with ltr and No Added Sugar clearly marked on the label. So has to be better for you.Also on the label is ingredients,food facts, average values, how to store, contact us. So all the info is on the label.

                ***Flavours Available***

                Apple & Mango
                Strawberry & Vanilla
                Blackberry & Elderflower
                Melon & Kiwi
                Grapefruit & Mandarin
                Cranberry & Lime
                Lemon & Lime
                So you have a good choice of flavours in this range and I have tried them all.


                Blackberry & Elderflower was not to sure on but you only have to try it once if you dont like it. But what a surprise these flavours do work. Blackberry can be tasted and elderflower does come through but not to strong. Its very well balanced. And this one only contains 20 calories per 1ltr. Its slightly higher than the rest. But unless you like tap water it a very nice tasting drink. When chilled its more refreshing. Once you open bottle it should be drunk with in 3days or it does tend to go a little flat. But I dont need to worry when I drink 2 bottles a day.

                ***Other Info***

                Only comes in 1ltr size bottles.
                Ingredients are written on label, carbonated spring water, apple juice from concentrate (2%), citric acid, flavourings, sweetners (aspartame, saccharin), preservatives (soduim Benzoate). Also a source of Phenylanine.
                Phenylanine is a hidden danger to anyone consuming aspartame. Most consumers dont know that too much Phenylanine is a neurotoxin and excites neurons in the brain to the point of cellular death.

                ADD/ADHD, emotional and behavioral disorders can all be triggered by too much Phenylanine in the daily diet.

                Hope you try this product as its far better for you than pop and plenty of flavours to try. Give it a go.

                Hope you enjoy reading this review.


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                • Meet the Fockers (DVD) / DVD / 16 Readings / 15 Ratings
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                  19.01.2008 10:22
                  Very helpful



                  Fantastic laugh

                  Film Info

                  Film starring Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller, Dustin Hoffman, Barbra Streisand, Blythe
                  Danner, Teri Polo, Spencer & Bradley Pickren, Alanna Ubach, Ray Santiago,
                  Tim Blake Nelson, Shelley Berman, Kali Rocha, Dorie Barton, Owen Wilson,
                  Jack Plotnik.
                  Time 1hr 15mins
                  Rating 12 strong sexual and crude humour
                  Directed by Jay Roach

                  This film is the the follow up film to Meet the Parents. So after all the reviews I have seen I was very keen to see it. How did it rate?

                  While not what I expected at all. Very disappointing really. Its actually better then the first one. Has some funny parts in it and some are a little crude. Could not stop laughing.

                  In the beginning Gaylord is a nurse and you see him delivering his first baby and the problems start when the proud new parents want to name him after Gaylord. You can imagine the shock when they see his name badge.

                  Greg and Pam are to be married and its that time when you have to meet the families.

                  Bernard used to be a lawyer but now he is retired, and Roz is a sex therapist specifically helping older couples (we are talking 50+ years) to raise their stamina and strength in bed through massage techiniques and exercises.
                  Bernard and Roz come off as hip, fun-loving parents who love their son so much they even created a "Gaylord Honor Wall," which shows all of Greg's accomplishments. They are still very content with their marriage, and they seem to insist on playing kinky sex games (there is a whipped cream gag that I won't go into), even when they have guests over. They are not a shamed of what they do and dont put on any heirs and graces.

                  Jack Byrnes is a retired cia agent and his wife Dina is normal type of woman. Jack is very set in his ways and wants only the best for his daughter . Jack has a very nice camper van if you can call it a camper it has everything in it. With Jack been in the CIA he even has a lab in the camper to do tests, analysis etc as you will see what he uses this for. Returning to the Byrnes Jack uses sign language to communicate with a little boy called Jack which belongs a relative of the family. Greg accidentally says "asshole" in front of Little Jack, and that becomes his first word. Jack also reproduces the womens breast as the baby needs to feel close when Jack feeds him his bottle. That I thought was a little crazy.

                  Hey what a contrast in the families.
                  They all meet and yes there are some laughs in the film. I had to laugh when Jack is in the shower and he opens the shower curtain to find Bernie sat on the toilet have ****. And have you ever heard of a cat that flushes the toilet. Yep its in here.
                  The Fockers have a little dog that wants to hump everything in sight including Jinxie the cat that belongs to the Byrnes. That I found a scream.

                  There are some really good quotes in this film:

                  1) "Mmm...this milk tastes a little sour!" "Uhh, that is because it came from Debbie's left breast, Greg!"
                  2) "He is so great! Can you believe I conceived him with only one testicle! God, imagine what he would have looked like if I had used both?"
                  3) "You kept Greg's umbilical cord?" "No, of course not...that is Greg's foreskin!"

                  The film is entertaining but discretion is advised for some scenes in this film. Its the best laugh I have had for ages.


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                  • Cadbury Snaps Honeycomb / Chocolate / 11 Readings / 10 Ratings
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                    19.01.2008 09:58




                    On receiving a package today from postman. Opened it to find a free sample of Cadbury Snaps just for completing a survey. So I went down the local shop to see they average around £1.79 per pack. Well expensive even to chocaholics not that i am.

                    A little history of Cadburys. Cadbury's have of course been on the go for a long time - in fact it's 100 years since Dairy Milk first hit our streets although the first Cadbury shop was opened in 1824 in Brimingham. This started as a grocery store before it changed in 1831 when John Cadbury became well known for his fantastic drinking chocolate product .But its still the best selling chocolate now.

                    On the box there is ingredients information and a warning about the fact that it may contain traces of nuts and that you can obtain more information from www.cadbury.co.uk.
                    There is also a picture of three other flavours and a little slogan saying....
                    "Cadbury SNAPS are delicious, thin curves of Cadbury milk chocolate with crispy cereal pieces for added crunch.

                    Cadbury's Snaps come in a tall cardboard tube like Pringles,
                    Simple card casing with purple at the top then depending on the flavour to which the rest of the pack is either green for mint, orange for orange, brown for hazelnut, and all purple for chocolate ones. There is a picture of to me what are chocolate pringles.

                    Opening the pack there is a pleasant smell of mint which are wrapped in a foil cover. The foil even tells you which way they are stacked. There is 40 small pringle type chocolate snaps per box.
                    Which works out about 4p per snap. I think that is very expensive for chocolate.

                    There are six different varieties available within the range. These are Milk Chocolate, Mint, Orange, Hazelnut, Honeycomb and Coconut.

                    They taste like Matchmakers to me. But curved . The mint is not to strong and it does linger in the mouth. There is some sort of crispy bits but it is not mint. Its a little like a cereal. Not bad tasting but would not go mad and buy them. I will eat them as they were free. They are not really crispy as I was expecting them to be. Which is want it says on the pack. Not a very good idea to eat the entire box in one sitting though at around 700 calories a box and over 30g of fat. Cadburys describe them as 'Delicious thin curves of Cadbury milk chocolate, (Thin is right)

                    Energy per curve
                    KJ 75
                    K cals 20
                    protein g 0.2
                    carbon g 2.1
                    of sugar g 1.8
                    fat 0.9
                    saturates 0.6
                    Fibre trace
                    Sodium trace
                    So for those people who watch their figure dont bother with these.

                    Overall Opinion
                    Would not go mad and buy any of these would sooner get a decent bar of chocolate at 40p. Unless you are really rich or mad this is very expensive. But I will finish my free pack off. Cause I dont like waste. Unless I can buy them for 2 For £1.00 then might treat myself again.
                    Hope this is useful.


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                      18.01.2008 10:40
                      Very helpful



                      Delicious Treat

                      On visiting my local Asda store to do my weekly shop. I do like to go round the bakery dept and spotting in a bright cherry red bag. Something saying buy me and eat me on them. Fresh baked donuts.

                      THE PACKAGING

                      Bright cherry red, the top has a flap on it so you can seal them when you have eaten one and save the rest for later. The bags have on them how many donuts are in the bag ie 2 or 10 freshly baked donuts. Also on the top of the bag is the flavour. The bag really does stand out it must be the colour. It also has the asda logo on it.

                      THE TASTE

                      On opening of the bag you can a lovely smell of fresh doughnuts, sweet and depending on which flavour you have purchased that smell also comes though as you endeavour to eat one.
                      They come in all different flavours Toffee, Chocolate, Apple, Custard, Raspberry. I think I have tried them all. They are around 3" in size average size for a doughnut I suppose. But never mind they look so scrumpy. Taking one out of the bag while Im still shopping the sugar on the outside is so scrumpy there is not too much on so you dont get in too much of a sticky mess. The filling just the right consistence as not to run down your chin when you eat it. The doughnut is very light and springy in consistency. They are quite filling.

                      THE EXTRA BITS

                      Ideal for childrens lunch boxes as they are not big. They come in 2s for 26p or 10s for 99p so I think 10 is a better deal. The only problem is they are all the same flavour in larger amounts, but you have more of them to eat. YEAH. They only have a one day shelf life so they are better eaten the day of purchase.

                      There is warning on the bag as well This product may contain traces of nuts or seeds for those who may be allergy to them.
                      Asda prices of usually good prices.
                      They are on the fattening side so if your on diet just be aware of fat content.
                      Hope you find this of some use
                      As I sit and eat the rest of my doughnut now I have finished writing this opinion.
                      Do enjoy as I am..


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                      • Siemens SL55 / Mobile Phone / 8 Readings / 8 Ratings
                        More +
                        14.01.2008 13:38
                        Very helpful
                        1 Comment



                        ok for standby

                        I have always purchased Nokias but It failed me again, so while I was browsing car boot spotted this tiny little slide phone, nice colour, tidy as well. Asked how much said £15.00 but got it for £10.00 so excellent buy and it worked on all networks even better.

                        I have found it very easy to use, good icons very easy to understand as well.Have the standard buttons,phonebook,calls log,surf & fun,messages,organiser,profiles,Extras,Filesystem,settings. I must be the first to admit it was so easy to work for even the stupidest person like me to operate.

                        Has some tunes for everything, slide open,slide close, alerts,alarms,messages so you can set it for loads of different tunes for the different sections.

                        The messaging service on this phone is particularly good, you can send and receive basic SMS with EMS add ons if you want. You can also send MMS and configure your phone to download all the emails in your inbox so that you can check you e-mail whilst on the move.

                        The phone is on a tri-band frequency which means that It can be used in most countries world wide.
                        The phone does work as a camera phone, although only when you buy the camera attachment(about £20 on eBay). The picture quality of the camera is quite good .

                        The address book is also pretty swish allowing you to store multiple numbers under one name, so now I can have all my girlfriends numbers under one profile rather than have "Jan Home, Jan Mob, jan Work" all separately. On top of that you can enter additional details such as people postal addresses and email addresses.
                        The calendar is particularly good on this phone allowing you to store up to 500 different events and dates, which you can also set reminder alarms for, add phone numbers, location and further detail in a easily navigatable manor.

                        Some of the phones other features are a very loud alarm clock(which never fails to wake me up), a countdown clock, Calculator, Currency Converter and Stop Watch.
                        All the phones pictures, messages, games etc are stored in one multimedia folder with lots of other folders coming off of it(like on a computer). All the things in this multimedia folder can be accessed via other menus but it allows you to check Whats in your files and delete unnecessary files etc.

                        The phone has a fast wap function, fast wap as the name would suggest is a lot faster than the standard wap program that most phones have, it is also apparently cheaper and a lot less tedious and boring to use.
                        You can download all sorts of games for you phone, the phone comes standard with a tennis game and ray man golf. The tennis game is a game in which you basically play tennis tournaments to win money to buy better equipment and train your player up to be the very best. Rayman golf is just as the name would suggest and is quite fun. Both games pass time whilst waiting at the bus stop! My phone also has a application with the phone called unit converter which allows you to convert all sorts of clothing, shoe and distances into other countrys sizes and distances, it's a really handy program!

                        The phone also has many other common functions such as call records, hot keys, different sound profiles and so on.

                        They phones ringtones are quite impressive and there is quite a large selection, they have a crisp sound and are quite advanced polyphonic ones. Unfortunately the choice of text message alerts is particularly good or loud. You can also set your phone to make sound when you open or close it which is a novelty but comes annoying incredibly quickly.

                        The phones battery time was pretty good when I first got it, I would be able to leave it on for in excess of 48 hours talk on it for 1 hour play games and send loads of texts! Now I have to charge it every 24 hours when I haven't used it at all and every 12 hours when I have!
                        Data cables are readily available for the phone allowing you to back up your phones memory and transfer pictures, screensavers and games to your phone. Off the market a data cable is £15 and off of eBay it is £5 and when you buy it from eBay you more often then not get a disk full of games and pictures included with the cable aswell, where off the market you only get the cable!


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                          14.01.2008 13:12
                          Very helpful




                          Visited town today and got soaked in the rain so decided to visit Lush shop to cheer myself up. Treat myself to a Bubble bar but which one, need a change from Two Timing Tart so decided on Blue Skies fluffy white clouds. All I need to do now is get home and have a relaxing bath with this bar.

                          Product Review
                          This bubble bar is blue and white in colour and looks like a cloud in the sky. Hence name. Calming, grounding, swirly blue and white bar for peaceful baths. A bath in superbly relaxing, patchouli scented Blue Skies water is as relaxing as if you were meditating in the peaceful garden while enjoying the scents of the exotic blooms cultivated there. Use the patchouli and frankincense scented Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds and it`s almost as restful as being asleep in the bath. The smell is not to overpowering and when crumbled in the bath the water goes blue. The colour does not stain the bath so dont worry about that. You do have to whisk the water to get Bubbles which I have found using a whisk helps to create this.

                          On getting in the bath the water felt very soft and you can smell the Patchouli and Frankincense which to me was stranger but pleasant smell. The water did seem to soften my skin quite a lot. I totalled chilled out and relaxed in the bath maybe it was the natural products used in these products but it worked. My skin felt like silk to touch. I didnt use a full bar only a third so I can have two more when I'm stressed. The bar did not leave any residue on the bath when emptied.


                          The price is expensive a 200g slice of Blue Skies is £3.50 so yes its dear but for a treat as its nearly christmas hey so what. Its worth the expense just to be relaxed.

                          They have a good range of smells and colours in this range so you should find one suitable for yourself. I have tried quite a few of them and have my favourites. Only thing is you do have to work the water to get bubbles but its worth it. The whole bathing experience was great and would recommend this product to anyone. Fantastic experience girls go on try it.


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                          • yougov.com / Internet Site / 21 Readings / 18 Ratings
                            More +
                            09.01.2008 10:20
                            Very helpful



                            Free money to say your opinion.

                            You gov is a survey site that pays from 25p to £2.00 per completed surveys. The site does a lot of political surveys but they do others as well. It is free to join and if you dont mind waiting for surveys and filling them in its free money really. But the only problem is they dont pay less then £50.00 so you have to do quite a few surveys.
                            But they are not that regular so it does take time to get there. The surveys are on various subjects but a lot are politics based subjects. And you get a lot of brand related surveys too.
                            I have completed a lot of surveys . These surveys vary in time from 5 mins -20 mins but it does tell you how long it will take to complete.

                            They also do prize surveys which is a draw where you can win credits from £10. -£250 depends what survey is about. But it does tell you what you can win. These surveys are around 3-5 mins to complete so quick ones.

                            They do repeat a lot of subjects so if you dont mind repeating surveys then you get paid for it. I have been doing this site for about 2Yr now and I have had £50 and nearly there for my second lot now. It is time consuming but if you dont mind doing it. Its like free money. Once you get to £50.00 they send you a cheque. And yes they do send it not like some other sites once you achieve the figure that they say they dont pay or lose data. The are pretty quick at send it you dont need to request it as soon as you have £50 they automatically send it.
                            I do enjoy doing surveys and this one does pay out as well. You can also gain extra from referring friends so feel free to click on the link below if you wish to join.

                            Its a British site and politic based surveys. Its not everyones cup of tea.
                            Anyone can join
                            The form will ask you to complete details such as name, address, telephone number and email address then asks you a series of questions like gender, date of birth, how many cards you have in your household, what TV stations you watch, what newspaper you buy, working status.

                            They also ask you your religion and what political views you have - if you don't feel you want to answer these kinds of questions then you can say don't know to them. The reason they ask you these questions is they use your responses to work out what surveys to send you.

                            They normally send an email at least once a month to invite you to complete a survey. Again if you dont mind filling out surveys it is free money that helps pay the bills eventually.


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                            • playandwin.co.uk / Internet Site / 12 Readings / 11 Ratings
                              More +
                              09.01.2008 10:04
                              Very helpful



                              Play and chat with friends

                              Having signed up to get some free points thought I would gets lots of spam from the site. But to my surprise hardly get any. Have been playing on this site for 18mths now and yet to win money. But have made a lot of friends on here. There are lots of games to play.

                              Yazty,Ludo,Bingo,Various card games, Mahjong,Balloon Buster, slots and lots more but I would be here all day naming them. You play for tokens which you can exchange for prize draw tickets.

                              There are 3 jackpots:-

                              Super Jackpot normally goes £1000 + and this draw is 2000 tokens per ticket but obviously the draw takes longer then the rest as the more people that buy tickets the higher it goes.

                              Extra Jackpot is normally around £50 -£100 and this draw is 1000 tokens per ticket.

                              Quick Jackpot is normally £10- £30 and this draw is 500 per ticket. This jackpot draw happens regular.

                              Scratch Cards
                              You get 5 scratch cards a day and you can win 10-1000 tokens per card and if your lucky you can win £10 cash.

                              All the winnings are paid to you via paypal. So you do need a paypal acoount just in case your lucky.


                              Tournaments are played on certain games like Yatzy, Ludo, Whist, Hearts and on the tournament page it tells you when tournaments are played and when. So you can just click on sign up and play if you are in first three places you win a lump sum of tokens and also a trophy gold,silver, bronze.


                              Medals can be gained when you play games like mahjong, gem quest, solitaire, balloon buster and the high level you reach the higher medal you gain. These start at basic and then you have 3 more levels to achieve. Champion is top. You also get extra tokens when you get a new medal and it tells you how many players have achieve that level medal.

                              Someone every week wins but its never me. Its is free to join so you dont lose money on this site. You can have lots of fun and make lots of friends. They also have meetings where you can go and meet people that you chat to. I went on one to Blackpool and we had a great time. You can put faces to names. Be careful though you can get addicted to the games, before long the day has gone and you have got nothing done.

                              There are multiplayer games Yazty,Ludo,Backgammon,Whist and Hearts. Usually there are lots of players on this site. Yazty is very addictive. There are 8 different card games. You do need to make sure you have a antivirus on your computer as I have got a virus from this site. Nothing to serious but be careful. They also have advertising banners on here some of which slow the games down quite a bit.

                              Hope you have fun on this site. And maybe you will be more lucky then me and actually win in the draw.
                              Be aware Bingo Spinner and Yazty are very addictive so if you only have 30mins to play dont play these two games. HAHA


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                            • Samsung SGH-E250 / Mobile Phone / 15 Readings / 10 Ratings
                              More +
                              09.01.2008 09:29
                              Very helpful
                              1 Comment



                              Good quality cheap phone

                              My husband purchased me this phone for £60. I must say I do like the samsung phones. This one is slimline and sleek and fits into handbag very nicely. It is available in silver and black. Its a slide style phone with some of the buttons on the outside and the number pad is seen when the slide is open.

                              Mp3 player
                              Voice Recorder
                              FM Radio
                              Java World

                              +++Description of features+++

                              Mp3 player has only got 12mb memory but a seperate memory card can be inserted in side of the phone instead of under sim so no need to remove sim card to insert memory card. You can purchase various sizes in mbs. I have 128mb which was purchased seperately. Any song sstored on MP3 can be used as ringtone as well. You can also allocate ringtones for your contacts so you can id them by ringtone.

                              Camera is very clear and easy to use was very surprised at quality of photos only downside is you dont get USB cable with phone so you have to purchase it if you want to upload photos,video to computer. Also the camera is cleverly hidden beneath the slide too, so that the lens will be protected against dust and scratches. Next to the camera lens there is a mirror (as the camera is on the back of the phone) that I thought would make self-taken photos easier and more accurate. Using the camera is quite straightforward, with point and shoot, ready to use setup. The large screen works as an excellent viewfinder.

                              Video. This works pretty much the same way as the camera function although I find that it needs to be held still or the picture can go slightly jumpy and has a slight delay in it.

                              FM Radio is very clear and easy to tune in. The phone does come with headphones and you can store up to 30 stations on this phone. Have tuned in 8 up to now and they are all very clear.
                              This phone also comes with bluetooth, voice recorder,java.
                              The ringtones are polyphonic but only has 10 melodies installed on it. But then must people download there own type of music. Wallpapers there only 6 but they are very clear also. Volume button on side to increase/decrease sound as required.

                              Java world.
                              There were 3 games pre-installed on the phone when I got it, but they are all just limited demos that need unlocked by purchasing the game which was a little disappointing. Not like most phones at least other phones you do get full games.

                              This phone is very easy to use, sleek,slim and for £60 not a bad buy for money. Battery power doesn't last long if you play MP3,games,radio. Have to charge approx every 2-3 days. Value-wise, I would say that this is a really good buy. Yes there are many phones out there with far better spec, some look a lot better too, but at this price range it would be hard to beat.


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                              • mytns.com / Internet Site / 26 Readings / 20 Ratings
                                More +
                                08.01.2008 13:32
                                Very helpful



                                Free Points for doing surveys

                                TNS is a consumer research company. They have been helping businesses find out what consumers think since 1946 when they launched the very first consumer panel. They run surveys via phone, mail and via the Internet with there online MySurvey panel. The opinions of panel members are very important as they shape the products and services of the future. Cash reward credit cards, child safety seats, and new food products are examples of the innovations driven by the consumer research conducted with the panel.

                                TNS is ranked as the world's largest provider of custom research and analysis, operating globally across 70 countries.They have just changed there name from MyTNS to MySurveys. Membership is always free and voluntary.

                                I joined mytns.com in June 05. I have earnt quite a few points in this time. You can earn from 100 to 1500 points per survey.
                                Sometimes the surveys are very boring and of not a lot of interest but you still get the rewards. So do stick with it. Normally they send 1-3 surveys per month.

                                But even if you dont fit the required sector you still normally get rewarded 35 points per survey. After completing a survey the points are converted to your nectar card. The down side of this site is if you dont have a Nectar Card then its not much use to you. 100 points on mytns.com equators to around 50p. It does take a long time to make a fortune but if you have a Nectar Card then it does increase your balance a little. You can then use your Nectar Card to purchase goods etc. They dont take long to reward your points to your Nectar Card. They have just added Amazon Vouchers to the site so if you dont have a Nectar Card its still worth doing it to get Amazon Vouchers. Or you can donate points to UNICEF.

                                The home page now it works is very simple and easy to navigate. It has a language option as well. They cover 70 countries with their surveys. Its free to join so go ahead join if you get the invitation email as sorry it is by invite only now. But if you do other survey site you should eventually receive an invite to join them.


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