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Member since: 20.03.2013

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      20.03.2013 12:40



      If I still have the car then I will certainly consider renewing, when the current deal expires.

      Took out extended warranty on my four year old Audi A4 and within a couple of months a warning light appeared on the control panel. I was informed by my local independent garage that a replacement throttle valve assembly was required. The garage contacted Warranty Direct and received confirmation from them that the failure was covered under my policy with them.
      The garage ordered and fitted the replacement part/s and I was on the road again within a couple of days.
      I had to pay for the total cost of this work but was reimbursed fully (minus excess), no questions asked, in a matter of days by the Insurer. If I had chosen to nominate an Audi dealer as a repairer on the policy then my premium would have been increased but I chose my trustworthy local garage in an effort to keep my own costs down. Also if I had selected one of Warranty Direct's group of garages then the repair bill would have been sent through to WD directly.
      All in all, I am glad that I took out extended warranty insurance and from my experience with Warranty Direct I have no complaints whatsoever.


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