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    • Apple iPhone 4S 32 GB / Smartphone / 13 Readings / 11 Ratings
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      01.01.2012 07:33
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      I recommend this product based on my personal experience. It looks great and is comparatively faster

      I have been using Apple iPhone 4S 32GB for nearly 1 month or so and found this device really awesome. It is an improved version to last year's model i.e. iPhone 4 that features impressive voice recognition software, improved processing hardware and camera. I found many same features as of iPhone 4 but a Bluetooth 4 chip, dual-mode hardware (CDMA/GSM) and improved antenna performance are newer features.

      I feel it considerably faster in running apps and web browsing. You will also notice an improved video output and game graphics in this version. It comes with two different color schemes. Though a lot of improvements since previous version but still a lot to improve, like Apple didn't do anything to get rid of shatter, scratch and smudge issues even in this latest version. However, this is really an awesome device to have and I would recommend it based on my own experience...


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