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Member since: 13.10.2010

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    • Toshiba NB100 -128 / Netbook / 7 Readings / 6 Ratings
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      13.10.2010 20:56



      Simply does the job- well and on the cheap

      Traveling around the world I needed a small footprint laptop. The nb100 came to mind because of its price and size.
      I checked a lot of other machines but liked the keyboard and the touch pad which wasn't bad. The in built web cam works well with skype messenger etc.
      I paid a little extra money (25 pounds) to double the available memory which made a huge difference and really i worth it.
      I have also used the unit with an external keyboard and monitor which turns the unit literally into a portable office.
      Negative aspects- the keyboard is little difficult to read in low light conditions. The battery seems to be inconstant lasting sometimes for an hour sometimes for 3 hours but it gives plenty of warning and the charger is very small.
      Bottom line if you want a really small light useful laptop that can be used as a portable office and you want a well known manufacturer then the NB 100 is a good choice. I run office applications and several online tools using it no problem. Good price and simply does the job


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