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      14.07.2013 23:35
      Very helpful




      Things that make me happy, what are they? Surprisingly it is hard to think of single things.
      My family make me happy but only when we are all getting on.

      I feel really happy when my girls are smiling and laughing at something that one of us has said or when the weather is nice and we have the paddling pool out and they are splashing around in it.

      The weather has a lot to do with my mood especially at a weekend if the sun is shining it makes me happy as you can do lots of things and children can play together.

      Christmas - although I don't like Christmas as in going out with work and having secret santas, it is a great time for families. People get together which is nice. They should have probably met up more in the year but Christmas is a good excuse.

      Manners - I can't stand bad manners so when I hear please and thank-you and see people holding doors open and just generally being nice to each other it makes me feel hmmm nice and happy.

      It makes me happy when my family go for a day out - it can be a simple picnic or a meal in pizza hut.

      Basically I am happy if my family are, I like to spend time with them doing things, a simple card game makes me happy but also spending time with my friends away from my family sometimes makes me happy although I do think of my family a bit until I get in the mood.

      Being on holiday and relaxed make me happy as my husband is always more chilled after the first day he starts relaxing and getting more involved in stuff.

      What actually made me happy this week came from a very bad situation. I live in quite a quiet area but there is a house that is rented out, to cut a long story short the neighbourhood was woken up by idiots; a coping stone was taken off a gate post and smashed into someones car and smashed the window. The neighbours started talking about it whereas previously we hadn't really spoken. And my husband rebuilt the damaged gate post for the people and a neighbour helped put the coping stone on top. What made me happy was people pulling together and helping out; it was a bad situation but it was good to see people pulling together. A good community spirit.


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        09.06.2013 21:47
        Very helpful



        just buy it

        I actually thought I had posted this here but found out I hadn't.

        Head lice are becoming resistant to conventional chemical treatments, plus people like me are reluctant to use chemical based products especially if treatment is needed more than once. I have decided not to go into the side effects of chemical treatments as it is an individual choice and if you want to look into it then you will.
        Having paniced when my children got nits I rushed out and bought an over the counter remedy since then my daughter has been reinfested by someone at her nursery. It went on me combing through etc so I did a bit of research and came across a herbal treatment that is non toxic child and eco friendly ................... neem oil.

        **************** What is Neem Oil ********************

        Neem oil is a botanical pesticide made from the plant Azadirachta indica. The plant originates from South East Asia. As it doesn't really affect humans, mammals or good bugs farmers use it as an insecticide. I am not going to go into what it is anymore as I believe it is a bit much for this purpose as all the info I can find goes into stuff about the plant a bit too much and makes it too complicated. But it is a repellant.

        ************* How it Works ( for head lice) *****************

        Neem oil contains substances which mimic insect hormones called ecdysones, these give mixed messages to the head lice consequently depressing feeding, breeding, and metamorphosis. These messages also prevent unhatched eggs from developing & hatching. This eventually gets rid of them hey presto

        ******************** Cost ********************

        I decided to buy the jumbo pack to get rid of the problem and to treat everyone whether they had them or not. It cost me £25 and consisted of :
        360ml neem oil shampoo
        360ml neem oil conditioner
        150ml pure neem oil
        So I thought it had better work at this price I also purchased from e bay a nitty gritty comb - I did have a nit comb but everyone raved about this comb so I went the whole hog and bought one.
        You can buy each item separately if you require.

        ************* How to use ***************

        Massage neem oil into the scalp and leave for 5 minutes and then shampoo out with the neem oil shampoo, condition and comb through with a nit comb.
        Or you can mix the oil with the shampoo and massage in and leave for 10-15mins then rinse and condition, comb etc
        I first tried putting the oil on dry hair and leaving it for the 5 mins it was a nightmare (maybe it should have been done on wet hair - I don't know). The next time I wet the hair and mixed the oil with the shampoo massaged and left for 15 mins. This was so much easier to make sure the whole hair was covered. Once it was rinsed off I used the conditioner and then combed through with the nitty gritty comb.

        To make sure the nits had gone completely the treatment was to be used for 3-4 days and then weekly if in contact (how would you know). So I applied the oil, shampoo, conditioner and combed through for 4 days. (But being me i then conditioned it and combed it every other day to make sure). You are then to use it 7 days later to be sure they are all gone.
        It states you will only need one lot of treatment for one infestation.

        ************* So did it work ************

        I duly used it for 4 days and have used it weekly since even though there has been nothing so I am now just going to use the shampoo and conditioner for a few more weeks just so they don't come back.

        ************* My thoughts ****************

        When I first opened the oil it stunk, and I mean horrible stink. My eldest daughter says it smells like snickers but weird and horrible. Now I don't think it does, it is just a horrible smell the only thing I can think of is tar.

        The shampoo smells fruity and the conditioner smells of coconut, but the smell of the oil is there even after shampooing and conditioning and it does not smell nice. I think the shampoo and conditioner have the smell to try and mask the smell of the oil and it only partly succeeds. The shampoo lathers up very well, it is thinner than the majority of shampoos so goes further.
        The oil is meant to freeze the scalp a bit to help cut off the food supply and your scalp does feel a little funny whilst the oil is on.
        I hate using this treatment as it stinks big time and also the smell stays in the hair. Also considering it is suppossed to be natural there is something in it that triggers my eczema, I have checked the ingredients and I don't know what it is.

        ************** Would I recommend **************

        I would because it has worked maybe it is a fluke as I was always combing hair with conditioner in, but there has been nothing for weeks.
        I was confident for the first time in a couple of months that the hair was ok once again.
        The smell is bad and I can't work it out


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          30.04.2013 00:13
          Very helpful




          We missed out on our Easter break last year due to a change in the school holidays for my eldest (the golfs fault); and as we didn't really have a summer last year I had said I wasn't going to book anything ever again in this country.
          As time went on though I started to think about going away and last Novemeber started looking for a short break for Easter.

          I thought long and hard about what kind of break to book and where. I knew we had a chance of either nice weather or rain so I decided the best break for us would be a lodge with our own hot tub as the girls have loved having a hot tub in the past. But I realised it might not be fun if it rained so I searched for hot tubs with canopies.
          I came across Dacre Lakeside Holiday Park.
          Once I had decided this was for us I booked a Monday to Friday break (Starting Easter Monday) through Hoseasons. The price for the Garden Lodge was £449 but I got it slightly cheaper through a website discount for work and paid £404.

          To book was easy I booked online and was required to pay £50 deposit and the remainder would be due about 12 weeks before the holiday starts.

          ************* Directions ***************

          The Park is in East Yorkshire a little village called East Driffield.
          These directions were given in the confirmation email

          From the A1 or M1: Take the M62, then the A63 to South Cave. Turn off after Junction 38 to Market Weighton and on to the A1079. From York on the A1079, through Beverley on the A1035 to bypass roundabout. Turn left at Brandesburton roundabout and the park is 1/2 mile on the left.Alternatively: Go left at Humber Bridge on West Hull A164 ring road, through to Beverley and the A1035. Alternatively: Take the A614 off the M62 at Junction 37 past Howden to the A1079 towards Market Weighton.

          These directions didn't mean anything to me so I put postcode to postcode into a couple of route planners and for us the directions were very striahgt forward on the M62.

          Book in with Hoseasons holidays mainly say 4 o'clock and this was no exception, sometimes we have been lucky and been able to book in early, no such luck here. We were hoping to be able to at least park the car at the lodge as we were going to watch the football at a nearby pub but we wasn't allowed. We were however able to leave it in the car park. I got the impression if you booked a lodge you would never get in much before 4.

          Next to reception was a bar and the TV and the receptionist did offer to put the football on for us but they didn't serve food just crisp and a few cakes and biscuits, I was starving so we thanked her but explained we wanted a meal.

          When 4 o'clock arrived we got oour keys and drove to the lodge which was quite a way from reception. We had booked a Garden Lodge.
          We parked the car just in front of the lodge, and there was fencing around making it more private, we opened the gate and were met with a little garden - grass rockery and a small path and a small covered table. We then went up about three steps to the verandah which had some garden furniture - a table and 4 chairs and the hot tub. There was plenty of space to move the table and chairs away from the hot tub if you required. We didn't it was nice where it was placed.

          Once inside it was pretty wow factor for a lodge.

          The Garden lodges were new in 2012 and were very nice.
          As you walked in the door your view inside was a leather 'corner' setee (but it wasn't in a corner and didn't look out of place) it was in front of a 32" TV that was on the wall and a coffee table. Further in was a table and 4 chairs and to the right of that was a kitchen with fridge, freezer microwave, cooker and dishwasher. There was plenty of cupboard space and all crockery and untensils were available.
          On the right as you walked in was a cupboard which housed the DVD player, ironing board and the boiler.

          This lodge had two bedrooms, a double which had a double bed, bedside cabinets, dressing table and a fairly big wardrobe for these kind of places. The en-suite bathroom had a free standing bath with a shower head attached to the taps (so you could use either taps or shower head), toilet and sink.
          In the twin room there was 2 beds, bedside cabinets and apple wardrobe space. We had to move one of the cabinets to the other side of the dressing table and put cushions on the floor as our youngest has been known to fall out of bed. In this room there was also a dressing table chair and overhead cupboards.
          This room also had an en-suite which was nice. It had toilet 2 sinks side by side on a half wall - on the otherside of this was 2 showers. The wall was in the centre so when you took a shower the water did tend to leak out at the ends which was a pain. Other than this is was great.
          The lodge was very comfortable and relaxing.

          The hot tub outside was ready to use all we had to do was pull the cover up and it gave a choice of having the lights on and the bubbles on. This was what we came for and it could be used at anytime of the day or night. It got checked everyday inbetween 10am and 12 and only once were the girls in it whilst it was checked. We made good use of it our youngest would have lived in it.

          Some lodges were at the lake side (there was a big lake) and these weere cheaper as they were older, it was difficult to get to the lake if you weren't in on of these lodges as you would have to walk too close to the lodges which would have been rude to the people staying in them.

          All electricity, gas heating and bed linen were included in the price. There were also towels that were provided and 2 robes with slippers. It would have been nice if there had been an extra rob or even robes for children but I understand that might get complicated.
          An information pack was provided in the lodge giving general advice and also a guest book where visitors could write their comments.
          There were patio doors from the double bedroom that led onto the verandah. This lodge was just so well designed - it had wooden floors throughout, space and room in the kitchen to prepare and store things.

          There is no shop on site but there is a bar which we didn't visit, there was some kind of entertainment on the Monday we got there (can't remember what) but no other. In an annex there is a pool table and upstairs was a games room for the children (we had a quick look whilst waiting to get our keys), from what I remember there was a table tennis table and some cushions and chairs. I can't remember what else was there.

          There was an adventure playground for children which was near reception so quite away from the lodges but it was a good and well maintaned one.
          A tennis court was available too.

          ***************** nearby ********************

          You are pretty much out in the middle of nowhere staying here but there arte two pubs in the village, a shop, a newagents a chinese restaurant and a chippy.(from the lodges these are about three quarters of a mile away)
          We visited the Dacre Arms when we first got there to watch the football, the food was ok; we don't eat meat so were a bit limited.
          The shop stocked most things but the wine was expensive luckily we took our own.
          We got chippy one night but wasn't overly impressed they had no cheese and onion pies but had a cheese pattie which was ok.
          I can not comment on the chinese or the other pub as we didn't visit it.
          The nearest supermarket is about 10 miles away, which I knew so took most of what we would need.

          ************* conclusion *************

          This was one of the nicest lodges we have ever stayed in, it was modern and homely. The hot tub was what we went for so it didn't bother us being in the middle of no where, we took what we needed.
          There is apparently water activities to do on the lake but we didn't see any whilst we were there.

          It didn't rain during our stay but if it had we would still have spent time in the hot tub because of the overhead canopy.

          We didn't want to come home and would go back but it is very ecpensive in the summer school holidays.


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            08.04.2013 19:05
            Very helpful



            a good cheap place to eat

            The Railway Hotel in Lytham is a branch of Wetherspoons, it is quite a new pub and only opened in July 2012. It was previously another pub.

            My husband and I first went here in January, on a rare us only night out.
            We went for something to eat and drink. We travelled through Lytham centre to get there and the pub is quite near the railway station.

            It is very bright in the Railway (like all Wetherspoons).
            As we entered the bar was to the right and went all the way round that side so it is quite big. There wasn't a big queue and we ordered a bottle of house red and went and found a table. The bottle of wine cost just £7.09 which I was impressed with.

            We found a table and looked at the menu, again I was quite impressed as it seemed to have quite a few vegetarian meals which you don't normally get such a variety in a pub.

            My husband chose the all day vege brunch which consisted of 3 quorn sausages, 2 eggs, chips and beans - that was huge for my hubby and he didn't quite finish it off.
            I opted for the vege burger and chips, i found the burger a bit spicy but I am a bit of a wuss. When we took our daughters another time my eldest had the vege burger and didn't find it in the slightest bit spicy.
            I decided after going the second time where I had the brunch I would try the vege sausage and mash or be boring and have a pannini.

            There are other options available for vegetarians such as 5 bean chilli a vegetarian roast which I didn't like the sound of (Mushroom, Chickpea & Pumpkin Seed Roast served with potatoes, vegetables yorkshire puds and gravy), jacket potatoes and pasta.

            For meat eaters there was ribs, burgers, gammon, steak, chicken and all day brunch. I must say that this isn't the full menu (for the mains) and there was plenty of sides and starters such as chips, onion rings, garlic bread and nachos etc.
            There was plenty of ice creams, pancakes and cheesecakes for afters.
            There is a range of drinks like you would expect in a pub including some cocktails and coffee.
            The menu is often changed so will differ from time to time.

            There are 2 entrances, at the front there are some table and chairs outside. The second time we went we sat at the back of the pub but were too close to the door there and it was very drafty as people kept coming and going through it, and even going out to smoke. So best not to sit at the table next to the door.

            The place is spacious and family friendly (meaning they allow children in).
            The toilets are towards the back of the pub and were clean and bright with plenty of mirrors (well the female ones were I didn't check out the male ones).
            Each meal cost us around £5.
            A nice pub with good cheap food and alcohol was cheap.


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            • Cheestrings Spaghetti / Cheese / 92 Readings / 88 Ratings
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              28.03.2013 22:23
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              ok for kids

              We like cheese in our house and I sometimes put cheese in my childrens lunch boxes. Sometimes I cut a piece from a block but quite often I will buy the little chunks or baby bells or cheese strings (less) etc.
              My youngest daughter saw this spaghetti cheese and asked if we could get some - I thought why not it was 2 packets for £2 normally £1.79 per packet. In each packet was 4 little packets in a strip that could be separated by the perforation at the end of each pack.

              Each little pack is 17 grammes and has 56 calories and contains 15% of the RDA.

              On opening the packet you are faced with a ball of cheese that reminded me of a ball of wool that has become unravelled.
              You can take a string of cheese and eat it however you want my youngest sometimes likes to suck it up just like spaghetti; as this is how it looks.
              Or if you don't want to eat it slowly you can always put the whole pack in your mouth - gross.

              The strings are light in colour and I find them quite mild with a processed taste, I think that is why they are probably enjoyed by most children. Mine don't mind mature cheese but I know some children only like mild cheese.
              These are fun for children but should food be fun - well it should be enjoyed so what's the harm every now and again.

              I only buy these very occaisionally (only twice up to now) as I think they are expensive even when they are on offer but most things are these days.


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              • Ask.fm / Internet Site / 94 Readings / 92 Ratings
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                22.02.2013 21:42
                Very helpful



                Don't use

                Ask FM is a social network that young people seem to like.

                Ask FM is supposed to be where people ask questions and people answer them, the questions can be asked anonymously or your 'name' will show; it is your choice.
                You can follow people without them knowing and can look at other peoples profiles and post a question to them if you want.

                No one in my household has face book or twitter etc so when I found out my teenage daughter had subscribed to Ask I wasn't impressed.
                She assured me it was ok and people just 'asked questions' and it was fun. I had my reservations but had to trust her.

                Ask FM was launched in 2010 and is used by over 125 million users around the world. Most FM users are teenagers. Ask.fm allows users to create a profile with their picture and information about themselves. My daughter did not at first put a picture on as she knows her Dad and I don't agree with pictures on the internet. (once out there they can be found).

                You must be 13 years or older to sign up to ask (but we all know people will lie).
                It is supposed to be a fun web site where you can ask any question.
                The problem I have with the site, is when I looked, I found some questions were very sexual, some things are not even questions - it is just things that amount to bullying. the fact that people can be anonymous seems to make it ok to post nasty comments on peoples profiles.

                Ask FM lacks protection for young people, comments can be viewed by both members and non members.
                The site has teenage 'agony aunts' to help with problems people may have, but to be honest the problem is the site - but I am biased as I do not like social networks.

                People are now realising this website really needs monitoring or closing down .

                Comments can not be reported - I have tried.
                Accounts can be de activated but all you have to do to activate it is sign back in.

                Below is a link to an article in the Daily Mail warning people about Ask.


                Ask FM is not ideal for teenagers there are too many risks. The thing with teenagers seem to be no matter what you tell them they know best; and I know some teenagers that have got in contact with others from social networking - luckily for them it really was a teenager.

                I have told my daughter if I find out she has been on Ask again I will get rid of all her internet access.
                I will check what has been written every now and again because like I said previously you can not fully close your account.

                If you have a teenager that uses this just check it out and see for yourselves what is being written on this site


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                  27.11.2012 23:32
                  Very helpful



                  just what I want

                  I don't really go abroad so I tend to holiday in England, I think the country has so many places of interest and nice areas that the only reason to go abroad is for the weather. (so I won't be mentioning passports and currency).

                  1) The first essential thing for me is my family - I could never go away without them, never have and never will I would miss them too much.

                  2) A corkscrew - although now lots of wine has screw tops, you still get the odd bottle that has a cork and there is nothing worse than wanting that glass of wine and struggling to push the cork into the bottle just so you can pour a glass.

                  3) Some clothes - I don't really want my family and I walking round naked or having to wear dirty smelly clothes.

                  4) Wine and drinks - these can be expensive if you are staying in a hotel and if you are camping or self catering they can still be expensive but you might want a drink and they are so handy to just have there ready for you at the time you want them.

                  5) Cards - these are just handy to have if you get a bit bored or just so you are doing something together, plus they don't take up a lot of room.

                  6) Hairdryer or straighteners - now I could possibly manage without one of these but not both, my hairdryer is one with a brush on so takes ages to dry my hair so I could let it dry on its own but would then need my straighteners as my hair would be frizzy.

                  7) Pen and paper - you never know when you need a pen plus this will keep my youngest happy for a little while if we are out. (I would take some toys as well)

                  8) Shower cap - I don't always want to wash my hair depending on the type of holiday we are on and if I am not washing it i can't stand for it to get wet. Also my children don't want to get their hair wet if they are not washing it.

                  9) My daughters teddy - my daughter needs her teddy at bedtime (and this is the older one)

                  10) Plastic bags - they always come in handy for rubbish or packing shoes in.

                  There are a few more things i could think of but hey it says just 10.


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                    05.11.2012 21:01
                    Very helpful




                    I bought this a few months back after my 2nd babyliss hairdryer straightener broke.
                    I really liked that hairdryer but it has been discontinued and was difficult to find the second time.

                    I was looking for another hairdryer straightener but could not find one. All I kept coming up with was this big hair dryer that had a brush which I wasn't keen on.
                    I read quite a few reviews and eventually decided I had to go with it as a normal hairdryer makes my hair go frizzy so I need to get the straighteners on it as well.

                    The hairdryer is said to add volume, shine and body to your hair.
                    It is a 700w and has 3 heat settings including a cool setting.
                    You can rotate the brush as you are drying your hair with it, (you can not rotate if it is on the cool setting). If it is on the lower heat the rotate is slower than if on the higher speed.
                    The brush rotates both clockwise and anti clockwise.

                    Before using this it is better to dry your hair off with a normal hairdryer, or wait until your hair has dried a little as otherwise it will take forever to dry.

                    I found when I started to use it, it was best to dry my hair in stages and pin up the top part of each section and deal with the underneath first.
                    When I did the left side of my hair I found it was fairly easy to do as long as I pressed the button to rotate the brush clockwise. If I pressed to rotate the other way it knotted all my hair and it got tangled in the brush.

                    To do the back of my hair I found that I had to rotate the brush in the opposite direction.

                    My hair on the left looked really good the first time I used this dryer, on the right it went a bit curly at the end, and the back well I couldn't see it but I had had some problems drying it with the brush.

                    On further practice I find it a lot easier to use but I am not 100% happy with it, as my hair sometimes curls under a bit too much or curls the wrong way; sometimes it even makes ringlets but only at the front.

                    This to me is better than me drying my hair with a normal hairdryer and a brush as I
                    then have to use straighteners. If I am using this for work it is good enough and it does make my hair look quite smooth.
                    If I am going anywhere special I will also use the straighteners, but this dryer is ok and I do quite like it if I am not going anywhere special.

                    This cost me about £45 so i don't really think it is that good value but most things aren't now a days.


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                      03.11.2012 01:16
                      Very helpful



                      good value hotel

                      I decided I wanted to go away for the school half term. I had found a holiday park with a really good offer but ummed and arred and lost out on the deal.
                      So, we decided to go for York. I searched the internet for a B & B and got a sale for Hampton By Hilton. We paid £299 for 4 nights for 2 adults and two children, which I thought was quite good. It advertised being two minutes away from the train station, so we thought it would be more exciting for the girls and less stressful for us if we got the train.

                      So was it really two minutes walk from the train station - we did do a little de-tour so it wasn't at first.
                      I would say 5 minutes to walk from the station to the hotel maybe a little longer depending on how fast you walk.
                      The location of this hotel was ideal, close to the railway station, the town centre and all attractions were within a short walking distance. (proof my youngest never moaned to be picked up).

                      The check in on the website say 2pm and check out 12 noon.
                      We arrived around 2.30pm and was told the room wasn't ready (not a good start all I wanted was to get to the room and have a cup of tea). They did say we could either store our luggage behind reception and go out or just wait and it would be about 10 minutes. We decided to wait but our youngest was getting impatient which started to stress my husband.
                      About 20 minutes later we were in the hotel room.

                      As you walk into the hotel there is a waiting area with couches and the reception and the bar is to the right. The seating area and breakfast bar is to the left. We were told if it was busy at breakfast we could sit anywhere including the bar area (which wouldn't be open).
                      We were given a code for the free wifi and told breeakfast was between 6 am and 10 am.
                      We liked the fact that breakfast was served until 10 as it would give us time to get up and ready, rather than rush which is what we have to do sometimes if it is served until 9. We don't like to eat as soon as we get up, and as we were on holiday the girls would stay up later so hopefully sleep longer. (which they did).

                      There are 119 rooms spread over 5 floors. Our room was on the 5th floor, which we entered using the card that was given to us, then we had to put it into a slot near the door so we could turn the lights on.
                      The bathroom was immediately to the left as you walked in the room. It had a toilet, sink and shower. There was some basic shower wash, shampoo and conditioner in the shower and handwash and moisturiser near the sink.
                      The bathroom was clean, which was good but there was only two bath towels and 2 little towels. The next day we got three.

                      The room was quite compact as there was a sofa bed that came out near the dressing table so the one chair had to be moved or you were squashed.
                      The sofa bed was the type that I don't like. It had a metal frame that pulled out very easily but the frame was bigger than the matress which meant there was a gap from the matress to the frame. We put a pillow either side as our children wriggle a lot in bed so they could have easilly banged their heads or hurt their faces.

                      There was very little storage space one wardrobe with one shelf and one rail to hang things, also there was was a small chest with a safe in the first (drawer) and then 2 drawers beneath. As we only stayed 4 days it was enough for us (just).
                      In the wardrobe was a hairdryer, iron and ironing board which was a good touch as you don't always get an iron when the room is as cheap as is was.
                      There was the usual complimentary tea and coffee.

                      The room had a small dressing table, a 32 inch TV and air conditioning.
                      The air conditioning made a bit of a noise and took some getting used to (even when turned off).
                      The TV had free view.

                      The hotel served food but we never ate there as the menu was burgers, fish and chips etc and said ask about the vegetarian option. We don't eat meat and I don't want to ask about a vegetarian option as I feel awkward if I ask and it's not what I want. But the menu did just seem like snacks. There was also a sweets and crisps that could be bought.
                      I did look at the prices of the drinks and they seemed quite reasonable to me, although we didn't have a drink there. For a 250ml glass of wine it was £4.50ish and lager £3.50.

                      This hotel also had a basic gym, i didn't go in it but had a glance (I couldn't get in as I didn't have the card at the time) and it had a couple of running machines and some weights, a cross trainer maybe but couldn't see much else; as I was peering throught a little bit of glass in the door.

                      This hotel is very well situated for getting around York the only bad thing for me was our room was opposite a night club (why put a family on that side). The club wasn't open the Monday and Tuesday (or at least we didn't hear anything then) but the Wednesday and Thursday we could here the beat and the people queuing.

                      All in all I would stay here again maybe ask for a room away from the night club, but it didn't bother the girls. It is situated conveniently for the centre of York and the attractions. The breakfast was a serve yourself with cereal, bacon, sausage, scrambled egg, beans, little hash browns, fruit yoghurt, croissants, muffins and toast etc. There was fruit juice to drink as well as tea, coffee and hot chocolate.
                      They could maybe do some vege sausages other than that it was a great hotel.


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                      • Kraft Dairylea Strip Cheese / Snacks / 99 Readings / 94 Ratings
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                        23.10.2012 23:00
                        Very helpful



                        hmmmm tastless but nicce chees

                        I think Dairylea strip cheese or cheese strippers as we call them, are aimed more at children but in our house the children have to be pretty quick to get a look in if I buy these as my husband will eat them all given the chance.
                        I don't buy them very often but sometimes my youngest will pick them up when we are shopping and I will buy them as they have calcium in and as not a lot of milk is drunk in our house we eat a lot or cheese.

                        These can be bought in packs of 4, 8 or 12 and are advertised as a good source of calcium and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives added.

                        The cheese is easy to open, you just peel back the packaging at the top.
                        When you first look at the cheese it looks like a block but on closer inspection it is 2 blocks side by side with thin strips of cheese that peel off from either side.

                        It is quite fun to peel the cheese and then eat it as it just makes it a bit more interesting than eating small cubes of cheese.
                        But the cheese is very mild which is strange that it is liked so much in my house as I always buy mature and everyone eats and enjoys that.

                        I think it must be liked so much because it is different and takes longer to eat as you are peeling the cheese off before you can eat it.
                        The cheese itself is very smooth when you put it into your mouth but it is tasteless.

                        Per cheese strip (the full one that you open) is 70 calories and 23% of the daily recommended amount of calcium.

                        The prices are around £1.50 for 4; £2.50 for 8 and £3.25 for 12.
                        So they are not really cheap for what they are but I only buy them now and again.


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                        • Quorn Fillets / Ready Meals / 77 Readings / 72 Ratings
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                          22.10.2012 00:00
                          Very helpful



                          good protein

                          Some people think quorn is bland and to be honest some of it is and these fillets are one of those things.
                          But I still like them.
                          I have tried these fillets with roast potatoes and veg and they don't go. I find if you want them as a hot meal you need to cook them in a sauce with a good flavouring.

                          I now cook these and have them cold, they are high in protein so as my daughter has a long wait until her dinner on a school day I cook them in the oven wiith a bit of pepper on and she has them cold as a snack and I too sometimes take them to work like this. Protein is the best thing to keep you fuller for longer.

                          These can be bought from most supermarkets from the frozen department, they are quite expensive at about £2.20 for a bag of 6.

                          As I said earlier I have these cold so as I cook them in the oven I have to be really careful not to over cook them or they go hard and dry; not nice. I find 20 minutes max is fine but this is when the oven isn't pre heated.
                          On the bag it doesn't mention cooking in the oven only frying, hob and microwave. But I have only tried them grilled and oven baked, and I find they taste the same either way.

                          These fillets are also low in calories each fillet is 55 calories which I think is good especially as they are quite filling and not full of fat or sugar.

                          My daughter likes these better when I put pepper on but the odd time when I have over cooked them she has said they are very dry and get stuck in her throat. I find that the moisture isn't quite there if cooked for too long


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                          • Quorn Sausages / Archive Shopping / 67 Readings / 62 Ratings
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                            19.10.2012 21:37
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                            good sausages

                            Quorn sausages can now be bought from the frozen or chilled sections of most supermarkets.
                            When buying frozen they used to come in packs of 6 in a cardboard box which was good for the environment as it could be recycled. Now the frozen ones tend to come in a bag which can not be recycled.
                            I am not reviewing the newer sausages which are the hot dog style ones.

                            I buy the frozen sausages and there are about 8 in a bag for £2.

                            When you take the sausages out of the bag they are pink in colour and can be cooked by (well I have cooked them all this way) grilling, frying or putting in the oven. They are quite fat sausages so need to be cooked thoroughly. Once cooked they do go a bit wrinkly.

                            I rarely fry them and when grilling because they are quite fat I cook them very slowly and they take at least 20 minutes as I have to be sure they are cooked, if I put them in the oven I cook at 200 and they take about 20 minutes. So I find it easier to put them in the oven as i can then get on with other things without worrying if they are going to burn.

                            Once cooked these sausages don't go a real good brown colour and are quite light brown.

                            I like the taste of these a lot more than I used to or that could just be because the other sausages I used to have, have changed and are not as nice.
                            I think they have a nice herby flavour but can leave you with a bit of a dry mouth if eaten alone.

                            There are lots of meals that these sausages can go with, I like them with mash, veg and gravy. I also like them cold with salad on a wrap.

                            Each sausage contains about 70 calories they have herbs and garlic in which will be why they are quite tasty.


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                            • My Husband / Discussion / 81 Readings / 72 Ratings
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                              16.10.2012 12:00
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                              it's good

                              My husband is not what people think , that is probably the same for most husbands or just people in general.

                              My husband has both good and bad points but obviously (to me) the good outway the bad or I wouldn't stay with him.

                              I have to say before I go on that my Dad was a new man before new men existed so I probably expected more than most girls as I grew up. My Dad used to cook and clean etc ( although my mum used to moan that he didn't move furniture out to clean, personally I used to think does it really matter he has cleaned etc so what if its not to your standard) and that set what I wanted in way.

                              Why should women do all the housework and cooking etc.

                              My husband and I have always been equal (even before we were married) sometimes I took the rubbish out sometimes he did. The same with cooking.

                              I often hear about the man in the house does nothing etc and the woman moaning about it. But to me what bugs me most is when women says their partner does something but doesn't do it right so they (the woman) just do it.
                              To me it doesn't matter if things are done to my standard if my husband does some housework its great no matter what.

                              My husband has always done his fair share and I feel that is right he washes the pots sweeps the floors etc and over the 16 or so years we have been together learnt how to use the washer.

                              Things work for us; I am not that domesticated but my husband has over the years done more cleaning etc as I have taken the girls to activities more. This does not make him someone that is under the thumb or anything like that we just work together.

                              As I often hear women moan in my office about their men doing nothing I don't feel smug or even comment because I expect what I have a great husband that shares in the household stuff and the child care. He picks the girls up twice a week and takes them to dancing etc. I understand it is good that his job means he can finish early 2 days a week but i know men that wouldn't bother doing that because dancing is girls things so it is left to the mum.

                              My husband doesn't particularly like going to dancce shows but he goes unlike some dads.

                              I think we have it right we are equal I don't believe in male and female jobs etc.
                              My husband is my partner in everyway, he doesn't shirk reponsibilities and watches the girls in all their dance shows and we work together.

                              My husband understands that sometimes i need time alone, as he does or with friends.

                              I never feel the need to complain about my husband (to be honest it's private anyway). Yes we argue because we disagree or just get on each others nerves but mainly we are on the same wave length and we get what each other means (we love a good debate).

                              We often joke about having psychic powers as we often think the same thing; like when either of us has gone out for something and the one at home remembers we need or just want something the other will come back with it. Or just thinking the same thing when we are together.
                              We know what each other are thinking.

                              So on the whole my husband is pretty good but I wouldn't expect anything else, he is just what I expect a person to be like if I live with them.
                              If soul mates exist I have found mine. I believe we will never split up because we fit. (and are too lazy)


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                              • Bed Sharing / Parenting Issue / 80 Readings / 76 Ratings
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                                26.09.2012 23:47
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                                I don't agree with sharing a bed with your child; I think children should sleep in their own beds end of.

                                So why does my 5 year old daughter end up in bed with me and my husband nearly every night?

                                I rarely allowed my elder daughter to sleep in our bed, she was a pretty good sleeper she would sometimes fall asleep in our bed then I would take her to bed and she would stay there until morning unless she was ill. Or when she was 3 she went through a bad spell after watching something on television that she thought was scarey (we thought it was funny but hey)

                                My youngest daughter doesn't like being on her own, we sussed this out years ago.
                                When she was a baby she slept in the same room as us until she was 6 months old but when she woke in the night we immediately got up as we didn't want our elder daughter waking as she had school. I often think this is why she doesn't stay in her own bed. She started to sleep through the night at about 3 months but when we went away for the night or on holiday it would stop.
                                When she was still quite young we tried just lieing her back down in her cot when she woke up but she would stand up and scream so again we would lie her down (this was done in the 6 weeks school holidays) 3 hours later she was still screaming everytime I lay her down and left her room which stressed my elder daughter out very much (and her parents) so I tried staying in her room until she fell asleep.

                                We made the cot bed into a bed when she was about 15 months old thinking at least I could lie with her until she was back asleep (we bought a bed guard).

                                Time goes on and you think you have it sorted but to be honest in the last couple of years I don't think she has gone longer than a week without getting up.

                                When my daughter wakes she immediately comes into our room I sometimes take her strainght back and she does go back to sleep, other times she goes to run away and begins to say very loudly NO DON'T.
                                Other times I am so tired I just make room for her (and this is what I don't like or agree with). Other times I do lie with her in her bed until she is asleep and then go back to mine but on those nights she is more likely to end up in my bed 2 hours later or I just stay in her bed.

                                So basically I share a bed with my 5 year old, either hers or she shares with me and her daddy most nights at the moment. I feel I should have been stronger when she was younger.
                                I haven't been well since the weekend so every night she has got up and just got into bed with us. I don't believe this is good because I can't sleep properly and if she sleeps in the middle she just keeps hitting her daddy as she likes to roll around in her sleep so nobody gets any sleep.

                                I have spoken to her and explained that she is going to have to go back to bed and not get in with us from Friday (I thought she could syke herself up for it) but once she wakes that is it she doesn't want to be alone.

                                So although I don't agree with sharing a bed with your child I am doing it pretty much every night and feeling very tired from it; I am convinced it is because we never left her for 5 or 10 minutes at night incase she woke our eldest daughter when she was younger; so I wish I had found a way but with the the paper thin walls in this house I think my eldest would have been woken anyway. Maybe if I had left a little light on - but I did try a night light. I couldn't leave the landing light on as that kept the rest of us awake.

                                So I am going to be harder from weekend and just sit in her room till she goes back to sleep (I have actually done this before but there becomes a time when doing it most nights you are just too tired)


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                                  20.09.2012 22:55
                                  Very helpful



                                  a good ointment

                                  I have tried many creams and potions for my eczema over the years, I found skin salvation whilst searching for a non steroid treatment.

                                  Natalie Balmond developed the ointment in her kitchen after conventional treatment wasn't working for her daughter. She thought they could be doing more harm than good, as some steroid creams actually hurt her daughter Lula when applied.
                                  After lots of experimenting she got the formula right and it helped her daughter almost immediatley and soon her friends starting asking for it.

                                  It is now available on the NHS, can be bought online and available in some shops. I got mine from Holland and Barratt. A 60ml pot cost me £13.55 so it is not cheap.

                                  Does it work?

                                  My skin was fairly dry and cracked when I first used this, as I opened the pot the smell wasn't that nice and I smothered my hands in it - probably too much. The first thing I thought was that it didn't absorb very quickly. The second thing I noticed was that my skin didn't feel as tight when I stretched my hands.
                                  I used the ointment on my hands about 6 times the first day and by the next morning they felt better. I didn't want to scratch them the minute I woke up. They were still red so I can't say they looked better but they felt a lot better.
                                  I think I used far too much in the following days as within 2 weeks I was buying another pot.
                                  I finally felt like I had found the solution to my eczema as my hands were looking and feeling better by now.

                                  On about day 17 I was getting the feeling that the ointment had stopped working (like I had many times in the past with other treatment). The little blisters that started my eczema off were starting to appear again and were itchy (once this happens my hands start drying out and cracking etc). So I stopped using it and returned to using steroid cream for about 2 days. I then used a mixture of this ointment and the steroid cream over the next week. I then stopped the steroid cream and used a natural spray that I had been sent along with skin salvation.

                                  It's taken a while but my hands seem pretty good although the skin is still a little thin because of previous steroids.

                                  This ointment is a pale green in colour and quite thick.


                                  Nettle extract - traditionally used to reduce heat
                                  Calendula extract - from marigold, for tissue regeneration
                                  Chickweed extract - traditionally used for itching
                                  Chamomila extract - traditionally used to soothe
                                  Olive oil - anti-bacterial, calming, nourishing
                                  Safflower oil - excellent for sensitive skin, very smooth
                                  Hemp oil - an extemely nourishing, complete oil, rich in essentialfatty acids, EFAs and gamma linolenic acids, which eczema sufferers often lack.
                                  Beeswax, Water & Alcohol

                                  It can be used for people with eczema, dry itchy skin psoriasis and dermatitus.

                                  I like this and will continue to use it hopefully to stop my eczema getting so bad again.

                                  Just over a year after I wrote this review I am still using this but not as much. I find it helps when my hands start to feel tight with very mild eczema and keeps it at bay.


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