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      31.08.2012 20:53
      Very helpful



      Toni & Guy: Sexy Beach Hair In An Instant

      Product: Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray
      Price: £4.75 for 200ml
      Purchased: I received this from Bzzagent to test but you can purchase this from Boots.

      **Why I received this product **

      I love skincare, hair care and beauty and I work as a blogger and PR consultant so I have to be critical of products to find the ones that really set the bar high. I joined Bzzagent because it gave me the opportunity to test out products for free but I could still tell them if I thought something should be tweaked or if something was poop.

      As a Bzz agent I regularly have to fill in surveys that tell them if I am a good fit for the products and brand and I'm guessing Bzz Agent could see just how much I love beauty because I was sent this lovely spray to try.

      **Why Sea salt spray**

      I have fine, slightly wavy and boring hair. I made it my mission this year to really try and upgrade my hair and my look in to something more professional but still fun. The main aim for me personally is being able to do my hair but it not taking an age, I tend to not be as high maintenance as some of my friends purely because I find products that work well and stick to them.

      I had heard that sea salt spray is great if you have slightly wavy hair as it leaves your hair wavy but not frizzy and it's easy to apply leaving you with a newly tousled look but without the curlers, I had to try it out because I wanted to see if it was true.

      ** The product**

      Toni & Guy recently brought out a few new ranges and this product belongs to the casual range. The packaging looks very sleek and modern and is primarily a slate green colour. The bottle is a spray bottle which has a matte feel to it but the typography and branding has a glossy rubber feel which is very now (have you seen all of the matte with glossy/rubber sections in the Pinterest nail art boards) and it has a pull off cap which houses the spray section of the bottle.

      It also doesn't have a huge amount of fragrance which is nice, the scent is hard to describe but I would say it's the typical Toni & Guy hairdresser scent which could be fresh and floral.

      **How to use**

      The instructions say that you can create texture and natural movement with light hold just spray evenly on damp hair to dry hair and style with your fingers. I personally flipped my damp hair over so my hair was upside down and sprayed all over and then flipped my hair back doing the same and teased each section in to place which was easy peasy.


      I have used a few salt sprays over the years with the last ones being a Bumble & Bumble and Charles Worthington. I found the Toni & Guy one was the easiest to use because it really was just a case of spraying and teasing your hair in to a style. The Toni & Guy also didn't leave sticky sections like the Charles Worthington did and it didn't leave my hair feeling frazzled and dry like the Bumble & Bumble did.

      I also found that my fine hair did not end up going frizzy during the day like it normally does which was something that worried me prior to using the product; after all there is nothing worse than a head of frizz during a meeting.

      Overall I would highly recommend this product if like me you are looking for a product that leaves you with a nice style without taking all morning. Also if you have fine, flyaway or frizzy hair you have nothing to worry about as the Toni & Guy salt spray tackles these problems.

      I'm not sure how it would work on thicker hair however but the product does come in a smaller 75ml size so you can always purchase the smaller size before purchasing full sized.


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        22.08.2012 02:33
        Very helpful



        Toni & Guy: Pump Up The Volume

        Product: Toni & Guy casual sculpting powder.
        Price: £7.19
        Purchased: I received mine from Bzz Agent but it is available from Boots and across the net.

        * The Product *

        Toni & Guy are a well known brand that not only have salons but also their own products. I'm guessing everyone has heard of Toni & Guy and if not where the heck have you been?
        I have used Toni & Guy products on and off for a number of years and especially love their Insights shampoo for brown hair. The product I'm reviewing is called Toni & Guy casual sculpting powder and comes in a salt shaker style container which is a grey-blue colour with the typical Toni & Guy brand name vertical on the packaging.

        * Why I wanted to try this *

        I love beauty, haircare and skincare after all it's what I do for a living so I was excited to try this out. My hair is long but it's very fine and flyaway, because it does fly away it gets greasy at the roots quickly and dry at the ends. I have to wash my hair daily and due to it's thickness and volume I cannot get curls, waves or any voluminous up do to remain in my hair. I have tried volume and thickening shampoo's, conditioners, miracle sprays, bump it's (not too great), back combing my hair to death and a variety of concoctions along the way and nothing has really helped.

        I had started to reserve myself to the boring hair club when Bzz Agent asked if I wanted to participate in the Toni & Guy trial, my answer was Heck Yes! I received my Bzz pack and it contained a few goodies but it was the casual sculpting powder that really got me excited and I couldn't wait to try it.

        * Trying the product *

        I hadn't seen or heard of the product before being sent it and after reading the instructions I was a little bewildered about how to use it. It sounded like it worked in a similar way to Baptiste dry shampoo but it wasn't advertised as being a dry shampoo. I decided to give it a go because I was off work and knew I could re-wash it if disaster struck.

        - First Attempt -

        My first attempt was on freshly clean hair I shook some of the product aiming at the roots like the instructions say and to be honest I didn't get much on my roots. Due to the way it comes out it ended up all over the top of my head. I wasn't too worried as my hair is pretty lank. It rubbed in to the hair well and straight away my hair looked thicker (like it does with Baptiste) and more starch like.

        I styled it in a messy up do bob that everyone is wearing and decided to test out it's wear ability. At first my hair looked neat and glossy the bun section felt secure (normally it starts to fall out, even with super tight kirby grips) and remained in tact until I took it out at bedtime. The front sections of my hair because it was slightly thicker and looked less glossy I decided to straighten them and found it difficult with my GHD's. It seemed that as hard as I tried I could not get the sleek look I normally get with my beloved straighteners.

        -Second Attempt -

        The second attempt was on day old greasy at the roots and dry at the ends, sticking to my head and just looking pretty yuck type of hair. I hate going anywhere with this type of hair and really wanted to try the product out. I decided this time to shake some of the product on to my big barrelled hair brush and apply it directly to the roots, this way I could ensure it was getting to the area that really needed it. Again I tested out the up do bun style, normally when I try to do a ponytail or up do on a greasy hair day it looks even greasier. The sections that normally fall out around the front are just embarrassing.

        The product definitely freshened up my hair enough to allow me to go out, it thickened my hair and the bun remained in tact. I didn't feel clean however and by dinner time the effects of the 'fresh' look started to dwindle and I had to re-apply the powder. Applying the powder during the day was hard due to having a style in my hair and I did have to smooth down and apply more kirby's to keep the style looking nice.

        * Overall *

        The product claims to be feather light which it was, it did give my hair volume which was a huge positive in my opinion and I feel confident that I can now get away with doing many of my dream hairstyles (which I plan to do). It blends in to the hair well and doesn't smell at all which is great.

        I think that anyone who wants volume without having to back comb the hair should use Toni & Guy sculpting powder because it does really give your hair a fresh and voluminous look and feel. The product is best used on clean hair (or for normal hair I'd say a day or two maximum) so that you do not have to re-apply throughout the day and ruin your style.

        The price is really good considering that this little shaker will last for ages. It will save you a heap of damage from not having to back comb and it's quick and easy to use. I have tried other dry shampoo's (which is very similar to this product) and I feel that this one is the best of the bunch and doesn't leave you with grey hair marks like some others.

        I'd award this 5 out of 5 stars.


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          21.08.2012 00:48
          Very helpful



          Ren Rose Body Cream: Comes Up Roses

          Product: Ren Moroccan Rose Otto Body Cream.
          Price: £26 for 200ml.
          Purchased: Ren Skincare website.

          * Product *
          Ren Skincare aim to produce skincare that follows their '5 principles' which basically mean that they want to create the best products using no parabens, sulphates and other nasties. Ren cover many types of skincare products such as the body cream, body oils, scrubs, balms and hand creams to name a few. The Rose Otto body cream won the Look fantastic hair and body awards 2011.

          * Why Ren *
          I originally received this in a beauty box having never heard of the Ren brand before I was happy to try it out. I love skincare more so than make-up (always trying to maintain my youth) so love it when I come across a product that does what it says on the tin.

          When I tried the sample size I was impressed by the scent initially, I love a good rose scent but find many really smell too synthetic or result in products that dry the skin out or are over powering. The Ren rose otto fragrance smells exactly like fresh cut red roses in summer.

          * The Product *

          The body cream comes in a long pump bottle with a clear cap. Ren's skincare and this body cream included typically is white with a band of burgundy around the top of the bottle body. Ren describe the body cream as being a product that deeply hydrates, replenishes the skin's moisture barrier, skin feels supple, smoother and softer.

          The cream is easy to get out of the bottle and is sightly thicker than a lotion but more fluid than a body butter or really emollient based cream, it's white and you instantly smell the fresh hit of cut roses which is really nice. It's one of the things that I love and what makes me choose the Ren over the hoard of other creams I own.

          * Is it any good? *

          I have combination skin, my arms, feet and cheeks and chest tend to be really dry, especially my feet. The rest seems to be normal or greasy on occasion(T-Zone). I mostly use the cream after coming out of the bath but have rushed to use some when my feet have become unbearably dry and uncomfortable.

          As much as I love my Ren I don't find it helps too much on my dry areas. When my skin is so dry it burns typically my feet and I do find the Ren soothes the skin straight away but it sinks in too quickly and I find I have to reapply within the hour.

          Because of this I have had to start mixing in some of my Ren oils to get some further moisturisation or I am forced to use another cream. On the normal and even greasy parts of the skin the Ren works wonders, it keeps everything soft and silky smooth and doesn't result in my skin turning in to a greasy pimpled mess.

          * Overall *

          I think that as much as the Ren is fantastic at sorting out my normal and greasy skin (and it does it oh so well) I feel that I will have to start using another cream with the Autumn and Winter season coming in thick and fast. £26 for 200ml is a lot to pay out especially when I'm having to then add in some of the Ren oils just to stop my dry patches and feet from becoming uncomfortable.

          Ren body cream does absorb in really well and it does leave the skin feeling silky but I feel this is down to a product such as cyclomethicone or something similar. I think they have used too much to get that non-greasy dry and silky feel and it's this that lowers the overall score for me. If they reduced the ingredient I think it would work so much better for those with dry skins that need extra care.


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        • Lego 6166: Large Brick Box / Lego / 26 Readings / 26 Ratings
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          17.08.2012 03:25
          Very helpful



          Lego:: The classical toy that never goes out of fashion.

          Product: Lego Blue Brick Tub - Large Starter Box.
          Price: £24.99
          Purchased: Toys R Us although you can buy Lego at most toy stores.

          * The Product *

          The Blue brick tub consists of a durable blue tub with lid that keeps everything secure inside. There are around 450 bricks which range from the standard sizes to Lego men, hair, steering wheels and more.
          You also receive a booklet which gives you instructions to make a range of race cars, tractor, helicopter and boat and you can download further instructions online.

          * Why this product *

          We have 3 sons less than 7 years of age. They are typical boys and are very much about cars, speed and creating things (and subsequently breaking them and leaving the mess to mum to tidy).

          Over the years we have purchased so many toys that are played with and then left gathering dust after a few months which frustrates me. As a 'education pushing' mum I like toys that will not go out of fashion, will stimulate their minds and really inspire them so Lego was way up in regards to my favourite types of toys.

          We purchased the box because my eldest son likes to make cars and after buying some of the mini kits that enable you to make set cars he was inspired to add 'vrooms' as he calls it. (Large exhaust parts and spoilers).

          The box is also great because they know that it is where the Lego lives. As soon as they have finished creating new buildings, cars, houses and magical wonderlands they know that they have to put all of the bits back in to the box which then lives nice and tidy under their beds. Luckily we have had no issues with them throwing bits around their rooms or tipping the whole lot of the bricks out on to their floor - yet.

          * My son's verdicts *

          My sons all love their Lego and we find that when the house turns quiet they are generally building something in their room. They love that they can alter their creations to what they currently like such as my eldest loves race cars so he always builds them, my middle son loves super heroes so he generally builds buildings that Spiderman can fly off and my youngest loves football so he builds football stadiums.

          I find that they will play constantly with Lego for weeks on end and then they don't for a few weeks, although they take gaps they always come back to it and when they want to build something new they are have a box of inspiration at their fingertips.

          * Parents Verdict *

          Lego just doesn't go out of fashion does it? My husband is always showing my sons what he used to make when he was their age and it's just so heart warming seeing the connection. I love Lego because I love seeing my children happy; as soon as they have built something they love nothing more than coming to show us their creations with huge grins on their faces.

          We also find that it is one toy that they do look after and unlike many of their other (more expensive counterparts) their Lego has not broken after a few weeks of play. Another positive is that you can download more instructions to create completely new Lego makes for free and you can buy separate pieces online.

          If you purchase other kits such as the mini kits my son bought, they also integrate in to the box and can be used together.

          * Conclusion *
          I award the Lego blue box the full five out of five for being a classical toy staple that never looses it's appeal. I hope it is something that my sons remain interested in until they are fully grown.


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            15.08.2012 03:26
            Very helpful



            Paul Pender's: 200ml Shampoo Miracle Worker

            Product: Paul Pender's Jasmine Shampoo 200ml.
            Price: £12.99
            Purchased from: Amazon although you can purchase directly from the Paul Pender's website.

            * How I ended up with Paul Pender's Shampoo *

            I like so many other beauty and cosmetic lovers signed up to the new must have item the beauty box. Beauty boxes are subscriptions where you pay around £10 per month and in return you are sent a box of goodies usually containing sample sized products and on occasion 1 full sized product.

            I signed up due to the surprise element and not knowing what I would receive and In my first box from Amitee I received a sample sized bottle of Paul Pender's jasmine shampoo which retailed at around £5 among other items.

            * Hair care Woes *

            My hair is the bane of my life, I have always wished I had thick and glossy hair but instead I have very fine hair, combination with greasy roots and dry ends, it gets frizzy at the slightest threat of humidity and just lacks volume. I have to condition the ends of my hair after every wash and I have to wash my hair daily to stop the greasy lanky looking style that is so not popular in the workplace.

            I leave my hair to dry naturally and it scratches the back of my neck when it's drying and ultimately going frizzy. *sigh* because of this I find that normal high street brands are either too harsh and really strip my hair of oil (leaving it oilier in the long run and drier at the ends) or they don't clean enough leaving my hair looking slightly oily and lank.

            * Trying the product *

            The shampoo smells like adult baby shampoo and not floral what so ever. I decided to try the shampoo at the weekend (in case of greasy repercussions) and didn't hold much faith in the product to be honest. I presumed it would work just like baby shampoo in that it cleans but not enough.

            The shampoos itself is the colour of baby shampoo, golden and see through but rather than being liquid like high street brands Paul Pender's was more gel like and thicker.

            It was hard to get in to the hair as it didn't foam so I literally had to smooth it all on and then rub it in to my hair with my palm. Once it got wet the 2 phase shampoo formula kicked in. It did slightly foam and turn white (but not hugely) and I could feel that it was cleansing my hair but I was still worried it would look greasy the next day. I washed it twice and my hair did feel clean but I didn't want to get my hopes up.

            * Drying and beyond *

            I left my hair to dry like normal and waited on the itchy neck to arrive and it didn't. I noticed straight away that when drying my hair felt soft, (like your hair does later in the day after straightening it) and definitely wasn't frizzy. I was impressed but still thought I should wait until morning.

            Morning came my hair was still soft, looked clean and was shiny. I used Paul Pender's solely for two weeks with no conditioner ( I didn't need to use conditioner) and my hair has never felt as soft, healthy and clean with any shampoo previously ( Including John Frieda, Tigi, KMS etc.)

            When my trial size ran out I was worried and had to revert back to high street shampoo until I purchased the full sized product. I didn't want to pay £12.99 to be honest as it is expensive so I thought I would look around for a product that may do something similar.

            I searched the high street for Olive Oil shampoo and found none. I searched the internet and found Olive Oil shampoo at a fraction of the price but contained chemicals (defeating the purpose) that night I was forced to use the 'normal' shampoo and straight away my hair went in to freak mode, it went really frizzy, itchy and looked limp and greasy the next day and the same happened for the next few days.

            I headed to Amazon and purchased straight away because the differences where noticeable straight away. My hair did not like chemicals. I only use Paul Pender's now and my hair looks good and feels healthy, although the price tag is high I don't mind paying the £12.99 knowing that it really delivers.

            The full sized bottle also lasts around 2 months with daily washing due to the product being thicker than normal shampoo's.

            * Conclusion *

            Paul Pender's receives 5 out of 5 stars and although it is expensive it really does amazing things for your hair. I have not come across any shampoo that has delivered nearly as well as this shampoo does and because of that I am a Paul Pender's convert.


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            • Too Faced Shadow Insurance / Make Up / 25 Readings / 25 Ratings
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              14.08.2012 18:46
              Very helpful



              Too Faced: Shadow Insurance - Are you insured?

              Product: Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer
              Price: £16.50 but varies depending on store.
              Purchased: I purchased from Beautybay.com but you can purchase via Ebay, Amazon and likewise.

              * Why I Purchased *

              Let's Talk about Insurance, Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eye shadow Primer to be exact, like everyone I know when it comes to dull conversations about insurance *groan* I switch off. In my teens I didn't understand what the fuss was when it came to primers, after all I didn't have crinkly eyelids or problem skin but now as I've got olden I know all too well the issues that come with ageing skin and creased eye shadow is one of the major issues I have.

              I did a bit of research in to what was the best primer to purchase and it came down to Urban Decay's Primer Potion and Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Too Faced won because I love the packaging and Too Faced products so I knew I would be in safe hands.

              Typically If I wear eye shadow half way through the day it has really started to look washed out, shiny or creased or on typically bad days maybe half way down my face due to having combination skin with an oily T-Zone like many other woman. I have similar issues with pigments and longed for the days I could wear my pigments like the models in magazines, vibrant, even and non-creased.

              * The Product *

              Too Faced Shadow Insurance costs around £16.50 in the UK but can vary depending on where you purchase it from. As soon as Mr Postman arrived with my primer I had to try it out, really I was so excited I literally headed to the mirror.

              I found the product was a good size, the packaging is so cute and girly (one of the selling points for me personally) and the product itself is easy to apply to the eyelids, it literally feels like silk but dries clear.

              * How I use the primer *

              To blend Shadow Insurance I dotted it around the eye, under the eye and up along the brow bone. Rather than smudging it in I used a clean fingertip to gently pat it in to the skin blending well rather than pulling at the skin.

              The eye area is very delicate and pulling and tugging can cause more fine lines (eeekkk). Shadow Insurance dries quickly allowing me to put my eye shadows liners and pigments on straight away.

              I found the results to be unanimous in that it did what it claimed to do. Stopped creases, kept my make-up in place all day and I never had to re-apply it throughout the day which was fantastic.
              I also found that when you applying more than one colour on to the eyelids it stopped the colours from bleeding in to each other.

              I also use Shadow Insurance on 'nude' days because I love how it keeps my skin and eye area looking fresh rather than shiny and oily and I just generally like how it makes my skin look. So for anyone wondering what all the fuss is about and thinking that surely it must be a big waste of money I urge you to think again.

              Not only does it enable my eyeshadow to stay on all day but using the product under neath the eye area keeps my concealer in place also.

              * Why *

              Imagine that you have purchased your favourite M.A.C Pigment only to find the colour looks washed out, slides off or just doesn't have the vibrancy you expected? You would be disappointed wouldn't you? I know I would.

              The money spent on the pigment will have gone to waste unless you decided that you liked the crinkly eyelid look. So what does a girl do? Prime it, that's what. If you use Too Faced Shadow Insurance or other primer you are guaranteeing that you will never waste another penny on eye shadows, liners and pigments again! The packaging also ensures that you can squeeze the last drop out rather than having to cut open the tube (hate having to do that).

              * Overall *

              I am a Too Faced Shadow Insurance convert and I have this on my wish list and have left 'said' wish list around the house for Mr Rubarbandginger to take note.

              I have since tried L'oreal and Urban Decay's primers just to see how they compared (reviews coming soon) and found that they where either cakey, left creases by the end of the day or left my skin feeling like it had been glued.

              Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer is my personal favourite by far.


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                15.04.2012 01:00
                Very helpful



                A true fragrance that takes me back to my childhood

                Product: Yankee Candle Black Cherry tartlets.
                Purchased: Ebay but you can purchase online and most probably on your high street.
                Price: £1 but prices do vary
                Size: 32g and burns for around 8 hours.

                ~~~Yankee Candle, the company~~~

                Having watched the founder of Yankee Candle on TV I was interested to hear that the idea came after he made his mum a candle as a young boy by melting down his crayons. He wanted to so badly make his mum a gift that she would love and only having crayons (as he was young) he turned something so obvious into something magnificent.

                As he grew the idea evolved and he wanted to continue to make candles but ones that actually smelled great, ones that left a gorgeous scent within the home rather than burnt wick and stale wax and as they say the rest was history.

                Yankee Candle is a strong brand that is known across the world as a company specialising in home fragrance products and gifts. Unlike other brands Yankee Candle's fragrance in my opinion cannot be beaten. I've yet to find a candle or tart that matches up to the strength of Yankee and have scents so true to the real product.

                This quote was taken from the Yankee Candle website:

                'At Yankee Candle we do understand that when a Customer burns a fragrance Candle they expect to be able to visualise the 'real' thing, well with Yankee Candle we guarantee that you can, that is what Yankee Candle is about!'

                I feel that they live up to this quote and then some.

                ~~~Why I purchased this product~~~

                I have been a customer of Yankee since the start. Over the years my fragrance favourites have changed and altered and I am finding some scents I now love I originally hated and vice versa. Black Cherry is not one of those scents and has been one that I have stayed true to throughout my Yankee journey (along with the Lilly scent)

                As a child I loved cherries and everything cherry scented and cherry flavour. I remember having a doll that smelled of cherries and having a dress with cherries on it. My lip balm was always cherry flavoured and my mum used to buy me a children's cherry scented perfume from Avon many moons ago.

                As I've grown up I have struggled to find a cherry home fragrance that didn't smell chemically, cheap and nasty that is until I came across the Yankee Candle Black cherry range while in a local store called Rejects. (They sell home décor items and gifts)

                When I saw the cherry tarts and sniffed them I was taken back to my youth and I just had to have them. I purchased one initially scared that it would disappoint me once melted as many other brands had.

                ~~~Yankee Candle tartlets~~~

                The tarts are like solid pie tart shaped with fluted edges and are made of solid wax. The Black Cherry is coloured like Black Cherries and it comes with a cellophane type see through wrapper with the Yankee candle sticker on the top.

                Unlike the candles the tarts have no wick so have to be warmed up. You can purchase specific Yankee candle tart warmers which are similar to standard oil burners but have a deeper space on the top. You place your tart in the top of the burner and light a tea light and pop it underneath, the heat from the tea light warms up the tart and it melts into a gorgeous scented pool of melted wax. Once the tea light is blown out it returns back into a solid until next time it is warmed.

                The tarts last for around 8 hours' worth of melting according to the Yankee website but I have found with the stronger scents such as Black Cherry that I can burn these for a little per day and still smell the fragrance around 4 weeks later (although it fades over time )

                ~~~The Scent~~~

                Black Cherry is a very true scent and smells like you have got a fresh batch of juicy, ripe black cherries picked on a summers day and warmed them in a pan to make a homemade sweet Black cherry pie. It's not one of those scents that you have to take a minute to figure out what it is and is definitely un-mistakable.
                The scent is one I will never grow bored of and love my house to smell off, it suits all seasons and my sons now also love this scent.I hope in time it will revoke childhood memories for them as it does for me.

                Yankee Candle use real extracts unlike its competitors and use the maximum allowance of essential oils and extracts that is allowed within the legal allowance. Because they use real essential oils and extracts the scent is so much more concentrated than a lab produced scent that has to work harder. I feel that chemical scents within a warm base tend to change and are completely neutralised in most products other than Yankee.


                Yankee have product to match most uses within the home and outside of the home. The tart itself as one main use and that is to be warmed within an oil or tart burner although I do tend to put the 'leftover' bits of wax in an old stocking and put it in my underwear drawer or in a voile baggy and hang in my wardrobe so that my clothing smells delicious.

                I have also mixed scents before with the leftover bits of wax to give them an extra bit of life, Black cherry is one I never need to give a boost to but I use others such as the Lilly and Green grass together and the lemon and cookies together for example.

                ~~~Other products~~~

                You can find many other products with the Black Cherry scent such as:

                * Large Jar Candle - This is a 22 oz glass jar filled with scented wax, you light the wick and burn like a normal candle. The candle lasts for around 110-150 hours burning time.
                * Medium Jar Candle - Just like the large jar candle but this is a 14.5 oz jar and burns for around 65-90 hours.
                * Small Jar Candle - As above but this is a 3.7 oz. jar and burns for around 25-40 hours.
                * Tarts - As described and last for around 8 hours but in my opinion up to 4 weeks.
                * Reed Diffuser -This includes a thick glass bottle and 12 wooden reeds and an 88ml bottle of fragrance. The wooden reeds get saturated in the scent and the scent makes it way around your home. These are great if you don't like candles but give continuous fragrance so make sure you like the scent first of all.
                * Car hanging jar - These also last for around 2 months and work in the same way as the magic tree car hangers. These look like the candle jars and are made of thick scented cardboard.
                * Car Fragrance Vent Sticks - These come in packs of 4 and each 'stick' lasts for around 2 weeks. So 2 months fragrance per pack.
                * Samplers (votive candles) - These are similar to votive candles but burn for around 15 hours.
                * Tea Lights - These are like standard tea lights but come in clear cups and smell like the other candles. They normally come in various sized packs.

                ~~~Overall Opinion~~~

                I love the brand and what it stands for, it inspires me that the smallest of ideas can become huge and I love that they use essential oils and extracts over chemical lab scents. (After all we have enough chemicals in our products nowadays)

                I use to purchase the jar candles before having children but now that I have young children I feel safer having the tarts on and placed in an oil burner at the back of a worktop away from little hands.

                I also love to save pennies here and there and find that the tarts are very economical as they last for ages and I tend to get around a months' worth of fragrance from a £1 tart. (Bargain) I also use the Black Cherry car jars (the ones that hand like the old tree's) and have used the Black Cherry gel car jar (although the scent doesn't last as long as the cardboard ones).

                Black Cherry is a scent that I love, will always love and hope that Yankee never change or retire, believe me if they did I would be absolutely gutted. Although they cost more than other brands I feel they save money in the long run as you don't have to purchase other candles or fragrances to make up for ones that you don't like or don't throw their scent very well.

                They also have a product to suit all fragrance tastes such as the jar candles (small, medium and large anyone), reed diffusers, tea lights, samplers (like votive candles), travel sprays, cylinder and pillar candles and more.

                I award this particular fragrance the full 5 stars as i simple cannot get enough of this little bit of wax!


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                • Barry M Nail Paint / Make Up / 33 Readings / 28 Ratings
                  More +
                  14.04.2012 16:44
                  Very helpful



                  The only reason to paint every day...

                  Product: Barry M Nail Paints
                  Price: £2.99 for 10ml although there are many offers in Boots such as the current 3 for 2.
                  Purchased from: Boots, Superdrug's and other high street stores and you can get them online.
                  Neon nail paint (3 colours)

                  ~~~Why I purchased these~~~

                  I really love nail varnishes, they are one of my weakness and I love how they can make me look polished. Like many others my style changes from serious and professional to fun and girlie, I am inspired by many things from music, films, product, patterns and nature and the seasons. In the darker months I will always go for darker, cosy colours and in the spring I go for lighter pastel colours. (Who knows why?)

                  I love fashion but as someone who has really short legs I find it tedious finding clothes to fit so have compensated this for buying nail varnishes and shoes. (As we do) I can change my wardrobe every season for a fraction of the price.

                  Normally I go for tried and tested brands, Chanel, Bourjois, Nails Inc., and OPI are my favourites. Barry M has never been on my wish list as I presumed they would chip and peel really quickly or look bumpy and gloopy. Now I regret it I have spent an absolute fortune when I could have been purchasing Barry M at a fraction of the cost.

                  ~~~The Product~~~

                  Barry M does a range of cosmetics such as glitter dusts, foundations, eye crayons and more. I love there Nail 'paints' (not nail varnish or nail polish) at only £2.99 these are a real steal and last for ages. Each paint comes in a 10ml glass container with the typical brush applicator within the lid.

                  The Nail pant range comes in a huge selection for all taste's such as instant foils (nail paint that looks foil like upon application) neon's, glitter, ice creams, croc crackle effect (like crackle nail varnish but they leave a crocodile skin pattern on the nails) and standard colours.

                  The paint is thicker than some of the other nail varnishes I have tried but results in only one coat needed to give an even coverage of colour on the nails. Because the paint is thicker Barry M does take around 1-2 minutes to dry so is a little slower than other brands but well worth it in the long run.

                  ~~~My collection~~~

                  My current collection of Barry M Nail Paints consist of
                  Mushroom - A light mauve (grey with a hint of lilac)
                  Mint Green - Light pastel mint green
                  Peach Melba - peach with a hint of coral
                  Lemon Ice-Cream - Baby lemon
                  Strawberry Ice-Cream - Pink/Red pastel colour
                  Berry Ice-Cream - Baby blue pastel with a tiny hint of lilac
                  Gold Instant Foil

                  ~~~Other colour's available~~~

                  *Must haves*-Topcoat & nail hardener and Basecoat.
                  *Pastels* - Blue Moon, Pink Flamingo (deep coral pastel), Berry Ice-Cream (Pastel lilac), Grey (baby grey), Cyan Blue (baby blue)
                  *Neon's* - Pink, Yellow and Green
                  *Bright's* - Fuchsia (More purple with a hint of pink), Block Orange (Orange with hints of red),
                  *Iridescent & Metallic* - Pink Iridescent (like shiny ballet slippers), Aqua Green (turquoise and darker greens), Emerald Green (Like a shiny emerald with dark specks), Gold and silver.
                  *Crackles/ Croc pattern* - Pink fizz, Purple Rain (similar to the fuchsia), gold glitter, black magic, white frost and blue fizz.

                  ~~~Why not~~~

                  1)Paint horizontal stripes on your nails with the Ice-Cream colours or even just one finger per hand with the stripes (ring finger maybe)

                  2) Why not use the Orange block nail paint on the bottom of your nails and top with the Pink Fizz croc effect for a gorgeous clash colour, Boho anyone.

                  3) Why not paint your nails with a grey and then use pink neon on your tips to coincide with the glam sport trend happening this summer?

                  4) Don't know which pastel to go for? why not paint every nail a different colour?

                  5) Try marbling with the nail varnish's, neons, pastels or iridescent. There are many easy to follow video's for nail marbling on YouTube.

                  6) Take advantage of the 3 for 2 every time you purchase and keep a bottle for Christmas 2012. I'm sure your friends and family will love Barry M for their crimbo, try adding some nail files and wrap up all pretty for an amazing yet low cost present.

                  ~~~Did you know~~~

                  Barry Celebrity wearers of Barry M include:
                  Alexa Chung, (Red glitter nail paint).
                  Rihanna who loves their lip and eye colours.
                  Jade Ewen from Sugababes loves the Navy and says it's a 'dead-ringer for Chanel'.
                  Paloma Faith loves their number 52 lipstick
                  Tulisa loves the number 147 lipstick.
                  Mel B from the Spice Girls loves their black glitter eye crayon.
                  Christina Aguilera is loves the brands products too.

                  ~~~Overall Opinion~~~~

                  After trying my first nail paint (Peach Melba) I was literally hooked. For only £6 I could purchase 3 nail paints and this delighted me. I absolutely love the Ice-cream colours and only one more to purchase until I have the current collection. I have always loved pastels so even when the pastel girly trend is out I will still continue to use these albeit if they haven't been fully used.

                  The Barry M Nail paint does take longer than others to dry but really is worth it as it covers really well, leaves a thick glossy coat to the nails that lasts and if you apply a topcoat the paint can last for on average three to four days in normal working conditions. I know some people who can get over a week out of the nail paint but as a mum to little boys I simply can't.

                  The bottles are sturdy and look good standing on my dressing table and they don't separate as easily as others do. Before trying Barry M nail paints I was getting regular gel nail polish applied by my beautician cousin. I love the glossy high colour it provided but didn't like the damage it left on my nails after it came off.

                  I would honesty say that the Barry M nail paint gives similar shine and gloss to the nails that gel nail polish does with without the damage, it's easy to apply and doesn't chip or fade easily.

                  Definitely a reason to be heading to Boots and I give it the full five stars.


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                  Burberry Body EDT - Finally Found 'My' Fragrance

                  Product: Burberry Body Perfume EDT
                  Size: 35ml
                  Price: £45 for the 35ml and it costs around £55 for the 60ml. Prices do vary per retailer.

                  ~~~Why Burberry Body~~~

                  I love perfume and some would say it's a major part of my life especially in comparison to the rest of my family and friends. I love to try new scents, purchase 'smellies' and generally smell good. Perfume makes me feel dressed; it gives me an extra boost of confidence and really can alter my moods. Perfume for some reason seems to smell different on me than on my friends, some say it's down to the body's natural pheromones and to really find a person's true scent (rather than just sniffing it out of the bottle) you need to try and let it settle before making a final decision.

                  Over the years I have tried many perfumes, at one point it seemed that all of the new released perfumes where starting to smell the same, cloying, chemical and wrong.

                  Rather than persisting in my high street scent a thon I turned to independent perfumers with much success. I vowed that I would no longer purchase branded perfumes after smelling the difference.
                  However, I received a tester of Burberry Body in the post, I'm not sure where the original tester vial came from but I left it sitting in my dressing table drawers un-touched. About a month ago I was cleaning it out and found the vial and squirted it on my wrists and they say the rest is history.

                  ~~~The Scent~~~

                  This scent is the epitome of femininity in my opinion. It's warm, smooth but delicate and feminine, like Cashmere with a hint of wood and white flowers in the spring.

                  Getting technical and I can tell you that the heart notes consist of rose absolute, iris and sandalwood with top notes of green absinthe, peach and freesia and base notes of woody cashmeran, creamy vanilla and sensual amber and musk. The notes that stand out for me personally are the woody cashmeran, green absinthe and hints of iris and freesia.

                  Each note is delicately held up by the next and nothing is too overpowering, normally fragrances with rose and vanilla for me tend to become cloying or take on a 'vintage' type scent and this definitely does not.
                  Burberry Body also has lasting power, I can spritz this in the morning and it lasts all day, I know others have said the same thing about this particular one but normally I find I have to re-apply a scent numerous times to benefit from the scent.

                  ~~The Background~~

                  Burberry Body was originally produced with Britain in mind. It was supposed to be for the young adult consumers whereas Burberry Brit was more for teenagers (although I love that fragrance too).
                  Burberry have said

                  "All the modernity and heritage of this British brand today, reflecting all the facets that make up the Burberry world",

                  I don't feel it conveys this statement what so ever, after all the advertisements have a gorgeous model with nothing relating to Britain and the packaging also is very feminine and simplistic again not relating to Britain. I would 100% disagree that the product had anything British about.


                  Overall I love this fragrance and everything about it, the packaging is very sophisticated. The bottle is baton shaped and is made of thick glass it really oozes sophistication and the perfume inside has a delicate pink tone and is very feminine. The perfume bottle comes in a leather case and makes me feel proud to have it on show or within my handbag.

                  I can wear this from day to night and it really does give me a confidence boost. It feels grown up but not too grown up, playful but mature. (If that even makes sense) this fragrance feels like 'me' and has become a true skin scent.

                  Price wise I think it's worth it, this will last for a while as I only need to apply it once per day and I know I will use it all until it's completely finished. So I happily award this perfume the full five stars.


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                  Durex 2-in-1 Massage Mousse- Better As Lube

                  Prouct: Durex Play 2 in1 Massage Mousse
                  Size: 100ml
                  Purchased: Can be purchased from various places such as Amazon, Boots, Superdrugs and supermarkets. Prices vary but it's around £6.50 (ish)

                  **What Durex Say**
                  'Durex Play 2-in-1 Massage Mouse has a sensual silk-like texture and as it contains aloe vera, its light and smooth. The 'less mess' formula allows use all over the body, even intimate areas.'

                  Durex 2-in-1 is :
                  Easily wash off
                  pH balanced
                  water soluble

                  **Why I purchased it**
                  It doesn't take a genious to work out why anyone would really purchase Durex product and I'm no exception. As a married lady I like to try and keep my sex life new and exciting and over the last few years we have purchased many different intimate cosmetics and toys which have not been hugely amazing.

                  I noticed Durex had brought out new products while shopping in Boots and hot footed it to the cash desk with their tingle and cherry lubes to try out. (reviews to follow) Eventually they brought out the Play massage gel and eventually the 2-in-1 mousse.

                  **The Product**
                  The product has two uses, again this is pretty self-explanatory with one of them being for massage as the packaging states and the other being as a lube. The product is both a mousse and oil and when you skoosh it from the container it is like a typical shaving mousse or hair mousse and upon applying it say to the back area it eventually turns oil like but in a non-greasy way.

                  The product upon application is seriously cold. This is really off putting for me as it can be too cold and I generally have to ask my husband to put it on his hands and then apply it which defeats its purpose as a mousse. It does warm up to body temperature quickly which is pleasant and it does feel silky and smooth as the product description states.

                  The product comes in a lovely silky smooth metal container than to touch feels super cold, the packaging gives you an idea of what the product will be like, it's no frills, is white and purple (2 colours for 2 uses) cold and silky to touch. I was really impressed with the packaging believe it or not.

                  The applicator is as easy as simply pressing down. If you have ever used mousse for your hair, shaving or as a body wash then you can apply this with little ease.

                  As a massage mousse and oil it performs well, it applies easily and unlike other massage products it has lasting power. Instead of drying quickly like others this keeps going and going and going leaving you feel relaxed and calm. When giving massages with this product it also eases the pressure on your hands and fingers enabling them to slide about with ease but still giving a deep massage (not sure how it works but believe me it really does)

                  The product contains Aloe Vera which leaves the skin feeling soft and supple and kissable afterwards without any greasy residue and without any fragrance which I can find over powering in other brands.

                  This worked really well as a lube, more so than as a massage mousse. Its easy to apply and warms up quickly, it wasn't greasy or too oily and unlike some lubes still enabled the sensations to come through making sex really enjoyable.

                  My husband was also a fan of this as a lube and found that it didn't irritate his like others have. With the product not being fragranced it doesn't leave you with a nasty surprise of cystitis or thrush and with the Aloe contained in the ingredients you know it's only going to work it's wonders after your fun is finished.

                  **Positives & Negatives**

                  1. No fragrance
                  2. Easy to apply
                  3. Has real lasting power
                  4. Has Aloe Vera in it.
                  5. Can be used for both lubrication and massage although I prefer it as a lube.

                  1. Is really cold upon first application. At times too unbearable.
                  2. Leaves my skin looking like it's peeling once the deed has been done.

                  Although the product was good I don't think I will be buying it again mainly due to the super coldness upon application and that after being massaged the mousse/lube/moisturiser began to peel away from my skin which left me resembling someone with super dry skin or that I seriously needed a good exfoliation. It wasn't pleasant and was embarrassing on occasion. The same thing also happened with my husband.

                  The product was better than other brands so I would defiantly recommend others to give it a go as the negatives of the products may not be the same for others.


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                    07.04.2012 01:50
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                    Glenrothes - The Bland but Homely Town

                    Pronunciation: Glen- roff-iss

                    Around 1940's as a post-world war new town. Primarily planned to house miners from the Rothes Colliery. The Mine never took off however Glenrothes became an industrial town and still remains so. The first town to build Glenrothes was Cadham Village which is close to where I was brought up.

                    Is based in the heart of Fife in east Scotland and is around 1 hour's car journey away from both Edinburgh and Dundee.

                    1. Glenrothes is the 3rd largest settlement in Fife
                    2. The name comes from the Earl who owned most of the land and 'glen' comes from the Scottish word for valley.
                    3. Glenrothes is the Fife Administrative capital and houses both Fife Council and Fife Constabulary.
                    Population: 38,679 as of 2001.
                    4. Big employers are Bosch Rexroth, Amazon, Adam Smith College, Fife Council, Fife Constabulary and Fife Fire Service, Tullis Russell and retails shops within the Kingdom Centre.
                    5. The Kingdom Centre is Fife's largest shopping centre however it has severely went downhill over the last five years with most of the shops closing due to the economic climate.
                    7. Celebrities to come out of Glenrothes are Dougray Scott who is an actor. Having appeared in Mission Impossible 2, Desperate Housewives, My week with Marilyn and Hitman to name a few.

                    ***How the town looks***
                    The town has won awards for 'Beautiful Scotland 'and 'Britain in Bloom' and I do have to agree looks really pretty in the spring and summer. These 'blooms' can also frustrate those who live within the town. As we see things that could be improved and constantly hear about people being turned down for things that are very much needed it can be frustrating to see so much of the government budget doing into the horticulture just so they can add more awards to their C.V.

                    ***New for 2012***
                    The Town regeneration has started and this will see some of the larger eye sore buildings come down and eventually be replaced with a new Tesco's and new retails stores (if any actually want to come to the town) the Fife Institute is also undergoing a major lift and should give the teenagers, young children and families more options for things to do.
                    Glenrothes also has two golf courses, a theatre, cinemas, libraries, numerous bingo's, pubs and a small local club called Styx.

                    **How I came to live in Glenrothes**
                    I was in fact born here however my parents were from the Glasgow area of Scotland. Glenrothes was not supposed to be a Glasgow overspill town unlike Cumbernauld however; it ended up taking on this role in the 1950's. My parents were one of those Glasgow tenants needing a move due to overpopulation in their Glasgow house and were offered a new house in the 'New town' of Glenrothes. They obviously jumped at the chance to do so and we have stayed here ever since.

                    **My thoughts and feelings about the town**
                    When I was younger, like most teenagers I couldn't wait to get out of the town and into the big wide world. Having done so at 15-16 years old I couldn't wait to return a few years later. I found that going away and coming back allowed me time to re-evaluate life in Glenrothes. Although Glenrothes is quiet, boring and bland it is also safe, secure and small enough that you know where everything is, sort of like an organised underwear drawer. Now as I've become a parent I know I won't move away from Glenrothes not even if I won the lottery. I know my children's friends parents so have a fair idea if they are hanging out with a 'bad bunch'. I know how their education works; I know where they will be out playing and as they get older and their punctuality slips, where they will possibly be. My mum stays down the road, my cousins no more than five minutes away, and although I don't see them every day or even weekly I know they are there and this in itself is priceless.

                    As a parent it's nice to tell my children that mummy went to that school or to teach them games I used to play, to go to the Fife Institute and play football on the astro turf like daddy did or to take them to football practice and for them to be taught by the same people that taught my husband. Now with society changing and more people living further away from their families I feel that I have a gift that not many others have.

                    Most places are easy to commute to either through car, bus or train and jobs can be found quite readily either locally or in the capital Edinburgh. The education is fantastic and the houses are quite spacious.
                    The Council make repairs without having to be asked and have been working their way around the town putting in new windows doors, fitted kitchens (the same as bought house type kitchens, think brushed modern steel handles, faux marble tops and wood grain cupboards with a slight bevel) Last year it was new recycling bins, light-bulbs and insulations so we don't fair to badly I feel.
                    The downfalls of Glenrothes are that it has gone hugely downhill over the last five years. There is not much for children and teenagers to do and a huge amount of retail shops have closed or re-allocated due to the economy. Crime has got a bit worse with their being a few drug related deaths and a couple of murders, this is something that we haven't seen in Glenrothes and is a worry especially since i hope it isn't going to get worse as my sons get older.

                    All in all Glenrothes is a great town to live in and bring up children; it's a good basis for stability although if you were not born here I wouldn't advise moving here as there is nothing to do.


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                      Dr Bronner's Magic Soap- Not so Magic but still really good.

                      Product: Dr Bronner's magic soap - Liquid citrus orange castile soap.
                      Sizes: 8 US FL OZ/237 ml.
                      Price: £5.49
                      Purchase from: ASOS and www.theremustbeabetterway.co.uk
                      Other notables: This product is certified air trade and contains only organic ingredients. Suitable for vegetarians too and has not been animal tested.

                      **Why I tried this product**
                      I received Dr Bronner's magic citrus soap to trial from Talk Perfection in conjunction with ASOS. I am not in any way sponsored by them nor had I been expected to give them a good review if I didn't agree with it. I had honestly never heard of the Dr Bronner's soap range so I was excited to test it out and who doesn't like a freebie.

                      I don't usually use soap to wash with as I suffer from combination skin, my cheeks are really dry after using some products where as my T-zone is quite oily. My body is either normal or dry so finding a product that I can use with success has been problematic.

                      I also wasn't sure if I would have really liked the product or liked it enough to re-purchase another once it was finished as I'm not a huge citrus fan but I do like to give everything a chance before ultimately deciding its fate.

                      When I received the soap it reminded me of something that would have been kept on an apothecary's shelving. It looks retro and really unique. The label is covered in white writing and is mainly sunshine yellow.

                      **Products Available**
                      Dr Bronner's range comes in a variety of products but their scents are alike throughout the range. Scents such as lavender, almond, peppermint, eucalyptus, rose, tea-tree offer a choice for all tastes.
                      You can also find unusual scents such as orange and lavender, patchouli and lime and lemongrass and lime can be found in selected products such as the lotions and hand soaps.
                      My preference would be almond, patchouli and rose and I would love to try the lip balms, body butters and hair care products.

                      This product is a liquid soap and came packaged in a plastic bottle with a white flip cap lid. I know the liquid soaps come in various sizes but the particular one I received was 237 ml or 8 US FL. OZ.
                      The label is a waterproof retro design and is mainly sunshine yellow. It is covered in white writing with the main details within a white box on the front and the writing is sunshine yellow.

                      The only thing I found cringe worthy is what the actual writing on the label says. If you are not particularly religious them you may be put off by the writing. For example it states

                      'Absolute cleanliness is Godliness! Touch the moral ABC that unites all mankind free, instantly 6 billion strong and were all in one 'Listen children eternal father eternally one'

                      Some may find this 'nice' or 'inspiring' but I personally found it off putting, it didn't flow well and it made it sound like a scam in some way. As though they are over selling the product.
                      On the front it states: 18 -in-1 Hemp CITRUS ORANGE PURE-CASTILLE SOAP Made with Organic Oils and has the Dr Bronner's scroll along the top.

                      Water, organic coconut oil, potassium hydroxide, organic olive oil, organic orange oil, organic hemp oil, organic jojoba oil, organic lemon oil, organic lime oil.
                      After reading the ingredients list I thought it would be really nourishing and moisturising and hoped that it wouldn't sentence my skin to a fate of super tight and dry skin.

                      **The Product**
                      I ran a bath and was really excited to use this product. It states to dilute well. This soap isn't just a soap to wash with it can be used for a range of other cleaning tasks such as dilute to clean flooring, dishes and work tops as well as using in a steamer to steam those stubborn pores and using as a hair wash too.
                      The product surprised me as I went to put a small amount on my hand to wash with and it was like water. I know its liquid soap but I expected it to have some sort of substance and not to run off my hand. The scent was a typical citrus smell but more so lemon than orange or lime. I had hoped the orange would have come through and change my mind on citrus scents but it never.

                      The product once on my sponge did leave me feeling clean however once it was applied to my skin the citrus scent disappeared and an overpowering scent of castile soap came through. The scent was strong and didn't smell great. I re-washed with a clean sponge but found that the scent wouldn't budge and I still smelt it while at work the next day. I did try it again hoping that it was just taking a while getting used to this product but I found the same thing happened again.

                      I have since diluted the product to clean my kitchen and bathroom floors and also diluted it into an old washing up liquid bottle to wash my dishes and it is really good. It cleans really well, isn't full of nasty chemicals and additives and leaves my house smelling fresh. It doesn't leave any residue and I found that my furniture doesn't get as dusty for some reason since using Dr Bonner's soap. This may be due to the oil content protecting the wood work but that's just a guess.

                      **Overall Opinion**
                      The product disappointed me and failed to meet my expectations as a body wash however having used it as a dish, floor and flooring cleaner I am highly impressed. I know a little bit goes a long way and that if my young children now go and touch things within the home especially after me cleaning and put their fingers in their mouth they aren't going to be ingesting lots of nasty chemicals.
                      The cleaning power of the soap is impressive and when cleaning the house with this product I don't find the smell of the castile soap too overpowering, but when using it to clean my body with it smelled nasty and oily.

                      I'm not sure if I would purchase another bottle of the Citrus magic soap but would consider trying another scent just to see if that is more to my taste such as the rose and I would like to see how long the bottle lasts once it has been diluted for all of its uses. The product costs £5.49 and it may offer a saving in the long run as I won't have to be purchasing separate cleansers from the supermarket.

                      So I would award this product 3/5 stars because I was disappointed but will definitely try another scent and I would love to try the patchouli and lime body lotion as it really sounds lush!


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                      Rimmel Volume Mascara - For eyelashes that WOW

                      Name: Rimmel Volume Flash Mascara
                      Colour: Black
                      Price: £3.00
                      Purchased from: ASOS (Sale)

                      *~What & Why~*

                      This is mascara and a staple item in my make-up bag. I don't wear much make up but do wear mascara every day. As I've got older I feel that my face can look pretty drab at times and applying a coat or two of mascara brightens up my eye area making me look less tired.

                      Because I wear mascara daily I do get through a whole heap more than my friends do. I also find that mascara and I have a love, hate, frustration type of romance as I have very short, sparse and stubbly eyelashes that don't grow uniformly.

                      I look for mascara that can make my eyelashes look thicker, doesn't clump and comes off relatively easy with an eye makeup remover and having come to the end of my last brand I decided I needed new mascara and definitely wanted to give a new brand a try.

                      I was browsing the ASOS sale last summer and spotted the Rimmel Volume Flash mascara for only £3 which is a real bargain so added it to my basket and it was delivered within five business days. Normally I hate spending a lot of money on a cosmetic product, especially if there is a possibility it won't work that great so I tend to look in sales or for samples.

                      *~The Claim~*

                      'Load your lashes with Rimmel volume, black mascara. 5 times the volume with 2 times the pigment will immediately thicken your lashes creating a truly striking finish. Its unique formula locks on to your eye lashes for dramatic boldness, yet remains very easy to remove come the end of the day.
                      With no clumping, smearing, sticking or flaking, it's easy to see why Kate Moss swears by Rimmel volume extreme black mascara.

                      *~The packaging~*

                      This comes in a shiny black and red mascara tube with the applicator wand hidden inside like most other mascara brands. The tube is shaped like an extended bullet and is chunkier than other brands. I feel this gives it a really fun look and is easy to grip securely while applying the mascara.

                      The brush is slightly longer than standard brands and has a curve in the centre, this curve grips each lash and curls it slightly while you apply. I love products that save time and have dual purposes. The mascara as very black, shiny and more fluid than some other big brands. I found that although the mascara was more fluid it dried quickly and didn't smear once while applying it.


                      Normally I find that advertisements for brands are really hyped up beyond belief. I hate that they use eyelash extensions on the models and generally don't trust many of the claims, however this was a real bargain and upon receiving it I had to try it straight away.

                      I found this mascara to be dreamlike so much so I physically said to my husband, 'Oh my goodness look at my eyelashes' straight after applying it. I had never tried mascara that worked quite so amazingly before and remember I have used a heap of mascara's. Needless to say my husband didn't know the difference between this one and my old one.

                      Each eyelash was visible, looked thicker and made my eyelashes look uniform (rather than criss crossed) Once application was enough for my day time look. If I wanted to look extra special another coat really made my eyes pop and smoulder.

                      I found also that applying the second coat was just as easy, rather than struggling to get the coat through my eyelashes. I also haven't come across any clumping, flaking or smearing and it can be washed off with normal facial cleanser with ease.

                      I have now finished this mascara and have re-purchased another. As they say if it's not broken why fix it (or something along those lines) the original mascara lasted around seven months with daily use (give or take a few days here or there).

                      I definitely recommend this to others, especially if you want eyes that 'wow'.


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                      • Clearasil in General / Discussion / 17 Readings / 17 Ratings
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                        Clearasil - Stop spots in their tracks

                        *~The claim~*

                        'The clear, fast-absorbing formula penetrates deep into the pore to effectively fight the spot at its source, before it appears! It also helps clear existing spots by visibly reducing redness and spot size.'

                        *~So what is it~ *

                        The Clearasil spot blocker looks like a pen. It's made of a clear plastic and has the Clearasil label around it. On one end there is a twist top and the other end is capped end. When you take off the cap the spot blocker is shaped like a pen, one end slanted for precision application of the gel product.
                        The gel comes out of the slanted end once the opposite end has been twisted. The gel has a really strong chemical smell which might be due to the Salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is the active ingredient which is what is supposed to bust those spots.

                        This can also be found in many other non-Clearasil products and also prescription creams and gels such as those for eczema, corns, psoriasis and acne scarring - Not a pretty thought! Clearasil state that the salicylic acid is supposed to reduce redness and inflammation and stopping those pimples in their tracks.

                        *~Benefits of Use~*

                        Clearasil state that the benefits of use are as follows;
                        Helps to stop spots before they become visible.
                        It helps to clear existing acne by reducing overall redness and size.
                        The Clearasil blocker pen is designed to be precise and portable.
                        The Clearasil spot blocker pen is scientifically and dermatologically tested.

                        *~Directions of use~*

                        1. Ensure that the new product has not been opened.
                        2. Take off the lid and turn the end.
                        3. When you see the clear gel coming out of the slanted end, apply it directly to your spots and pimples.
                        4. Apply a thin layer to the affected area and leave to dry.
                        5. Apply the opposite end until you see the clear gel coming out of the slanted end. Press the slanted end directly onto your spot or pimples and apply a thin layer of gel.
                        6. Apply 1 to 3 times per day.
                        7. Re-apply the lid when you're finished using the pen to stop the gel from drying out

                        *~My Opinion~*

                        I purchased this from Poundland for, you guessed £1. I have a love for skin care and keeping my face looking fresh and healthy but I do break out in spots around my time of the month. I thought I would give it a go as Clearasil have a good name and great reviews.

                        I first tried this out as soon as I got home, after twisting the end a few times I applied the gel to the spots on my chin and forehead. It stung quite a bit but as they say 'no pain, no gain'. I reapplied this at bedtime as the directions state that it's best to use this twice a day. The next day my spots where angry and red but I gave it the benefit of the doubt and kept on using the pen day and night.

                        After 1 week nothing had happened and my spots kept breaking out and were still red, my skin stung every time I applied this gel and I noticed after two weeks of continuous use that my skin was becoming dry and sore where I had applied the gel. I started moisturising the sore dry patches of skin while maintaining the directions of use as I wanted to at least give the product four full weeks of use before placing a final judgement on it.After three weeks my skin was no better and my dry patches where still sore and where still dry, the patches actually felt like my skin had become chapped.

                        After four weeks I had really had enough of this product , my pimples had spread, I grew a very painful boil on both my cheeks and forehead, the type that are under the skin and where placed exactly under the worse areas of dry skin, this is something I have never suffered from.
                        Once the month was up I purchased a cotton muslin cloth and stuck to water and the muslin for cleansing as using any other product was painful. After three days of using water and the muslin my skin started to improve, after two weeks my skin was nearly back to full health.

                        Overall, this definitely is not a miracle product and I'm not sure that it actually done anything to help my spots, it never stopped them in their tracks, reduced redness or helped them heal faster as Clearasil claims and if anything it made my skin painfully sore and dry. I'm just glad that I only paid £1 as I have since seen this at £6.85 in other shops.

                        I'll leave it up to you if you want to try but please consider all reviews before doing so. The active ingredient is salicylic acid. The name of the ingredient says a lot and matches up with the smell of the gel as it really does smell acidic. Natural options may take longer but at least it won't strip away the natural oils as this product does and won't back fire on your skin.


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                          22.01.2012 03:21
                          Very helpful



                          Collection 2000 - The cover up that doesn't conceal

                          Name: Collection 2000 cover up stick

                          Price: Around £3.50

                          Purchased: Boots

                          Colours: This cover up stick impressively comes in 7 shades. The shade that I purchased was 'nude' but you can also purchase Light translucent, buff, natural beige, medium, honey beige and dark.

                          *~Why I purchased this product~*

                          'Conceals skin blemishes for a flawless look' now doesn't that statement sound appealing? And at a very affordable price I thought I would give this a shot. Looking at the product in Boots it looked ok. The shade was a perfect match for my vampy milk bottle white skin and the stick itself looked creamy and easy to apply.

                          I don't tend to suffer from bad skin but before Christmas my hormones went wild as did my skin which resulted in some boils and pimples around my chin and forehead. I love cosmetics but don't own or wear foundation as I find it makes me uncomfortable. I couldn't place where my Bourjois concealer had disappeared too but knew it was 'somewhere'. Not wanting to spend a lot on a replacement I ended up in the Collection 2000 section of Boots.

                          -Needless to say, said missing bourjois concealer was found down the back of my 2 year olds beds all mushed into the cap.

                          *~What is the product~*

                          This product is a 'cover up stick' more commonly known as concealer. It can be used to cover up a multitude of skin sins from blackheads, pimples, acne scarring and the under eye area. The product not only looks like a classic lipstick (in a not so pretty shade, I do not recommend you use this on your lips) and applies to the skin sins in the same way you apply lipstick to your lips.

                          The product is shaped like a lipstick; it is encased within a plastic tube which is white with the typical navy blue Collection 2000 written clearly on the side. To use the product you simply pull off the top, twist the bottom so that the cover up rises and apply. Once your finished twist the bottom back down so the cover up retreats back into the tube and pop the lid back on.

                          *~How it can be used~*

                          After cleansing and prepping the skin, moisture to ensure there are no dry patches as I know from experience that spots, boils and pimples always try to fool you. As soon as cover ups applied you notice a tiny little dry patch in the centre which is difficult to hide.

                          Here's what i do to use this product:

                          1.Take off the cover up's cap and apply just enough to cover the pimple, spot, under eye, around the nose or any areas you want to even out.

                          2. I normally then do my hair as the heat allows the cover up to settle and smooth into the skin easier.

                          3. You can use a sponge, a clean fingertip or concealer brush (not included with the Cover up) to gently blend the concealer into your skin tone, ensuring that you don't completely smudge the whole lot away.

                          4. Finish with a dusting of foundation or powder and apply any other items of make-up as normal.

                          5. At the end of the night it comes off really easy with normal cleanser or water.

                          *~My overall Opinion~*

                          The packaging is typical Collection 2000 however I just wished that they would make it look prettier. I like my cosmetics to look good and this certainly doesn't. The colour of the actual product on my skin was amazing and I was surprised that Collection 2000 had so many colours within the range. The nude tone that I purchased is suitable for anyone with white, un-tanned skin or those who suffer from dark bags around their eyes or visible veins under the eyes or even teenagers who don't really have bad skin but want to apply a little bit every now and again.

                          The cover up does apply easily to the skin and for small skin sins such as redness around the nose area, the inner corners of eyes and small pimples it covers like a dream. Larger or really red looking boils or pimples don't seem to get any sort of coverage even with a couple coats of the cover up.

                          Although it applies easily I found that this cover up didn't smooth and blend into the skin as easily as other brands that I have used and that is why I started drying and straightening my hair to try and get the heat to melt it a little. This did work but obviously it's not an ideal way to apply your cover up.

                          Overall it's a good price for the product and the product itself is a good back up just in case you forget where your other is or if you go between homes or even for leaving at work but as a primary concealer and cover up I think I'll stick to my Bourjois.


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