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      24.04.2006 14:54
      Very helpful
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      A brilliant game that every person who has the slightest intrest in basketball should have.

      Allen Iverson has the ball he is driving to the hoop, he goes for the dunk but Shaq has denied the point guard. Allen Iverson collects the loose ball and runs to his hotspot he takes the three point shot SCORE!!! Shaq didn’t know what to do.

      This is what its like when you play this game if one way doesn’t work then use a different way. This game is brilliant it makes you feel so involved the player will do exactly what you tell him to do. If you miss its not his fault its yours because you told him to take that shot or dunk on that guard. I believe you cant get any basketball game that is better then this game, because it stands out like a sore thumb the graphics are brilliant it has all the NBA stars you could think of. It has all the latest hip hop tracks on it ranging from Nas to Young Buck also MC Supernatural is a guest star on the game.

      The graphics are absolutely amazing and I don’t think there is any game that can match up to this game in way of graphics because it has absolutely amazing detail every player has their own unique look so you can identify easily. Each court and person on the sidelines has their own look and you can identify them with ease. Midway Sports have done a brilliant job on the graphics and making the game feel and look as real as possible.

      Customize a Baller
      This is where you can make a baller that is the same height as you and looks like you. This part of the game is where you can really customize the baller to look how ever you want him to loo like. You can change the colour of his hair, his facial features, height, build and skills so your player could be better at shooting than dunking if you want him to be.

      Rags to Riches
      This is the story mode where you enter your customized Baller into and battle every baller that comes your way and change your Rags to Riches. At the beginning you have to beat 5 street players on the street. Once you have done this you get picked out to star in a new TV series called Rags to Riches. Then you play against ballers ranging from Allen Iverson to Shaq. For everyone you beat you get to move on to the next one which means another step closer to the riches. The more moves you do in a game against a baller the more money you get. You can then spend the earning to live the good life with mansions, cars, jewels and even an entourage, but you’ll need to earn it on the court.

      TV Tournament
      This is where you’ll unlock NBA players by winning tournaments. The opponent at the top of each ladder is unlocked to your roster once you defeat him. First, you’ll need to select an episode. Each episode has a different opponents and a prize. This is a brilliant place to play because its not exceptionally difficult but makes you play at your hardest.

      Sign a Baller
      Got a lot of credits burning a hole in your pocket? Use this to unlock some of your favourite and best NBA stars. They’ll then be available for versus, 1vs. 1vs. 1 and TV Tournament game modes. You’ll notice that some players are unlocked by default. You will be wondering for a while which one to buy because there is such a wide variation and choice.

      Basic Offensive Controls
      Triangle-Alley Oop
      Cross-Pass to sideline (if available)
      L1-Back ‘Em Down
      Right analog stick-Ankle breaker

      Basic Defensive Controls
      Circle-Quick steal
      Cross-Take charge
      Square-Strong Steal

      These moves are only the basic moves that you can do in the game you can do in total 36 moves that’s offensive and Defensive moves together. So you can do 18 moves in offensive, and 18 moves in defensive. That is I think a good wide range to choose from and use in any game.

      This is the part where you can keep your baller sharp by changing mostly anything. You can change his facial hair so he has a goatie or clean shaven. You can make it so he wears the NBA kit of your favourite team. You can give him new shoes. You can make it so he is wearing a gold watch with a silver basketball pendant chain or all gold, all silver or platinum. If you want your baller to stay in fashion you can change the tattoo’s he has he could have none, or he could have tattoo’s like Allen Iverson or make your own tattoo’s. Also if he wears a hat or an arm sleeve this is all up to you.

      The Difficulty
      I believe that this game doesn’t take ages to master and is quite easy to play from the beginning of the game. I found it extremely easy to master and do all the tricks well within my first few matches each button does something so its just a matter of knowing what button does what. If you don’t think you will be able to do it straight away then go into practice mode and practice there and you will soon be able to do it with perfection and pull of some sizzling hot moves.

      Amazon are selling the game for £17.99 with free delivery in the UK

      I think that this game is a must have for any basketball lover and will satisfy any person even slightly interested in basketball it has all the right sounds, moves and players. I recommend this game to anyone because it is a brilliant game and will never dissatisfy.

      Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed reading my review.


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        18.04.2006 11:58
        Very helpful



        A game that everyone should own pure brilliance.

        Hitman contracts is a whole different game it just oozes with greatness. I got this game about 4 months ago and I completed 4 of the 12 missions and then I gave up on it, because I found it to difficult. I went back to it 2 months later and now I cant stop playing it. At first it is quite hard to get into and really understand but persist with it and you will be addicted to it. The first couple of times I played I was killing everyone and collecting weapons now I aim to be a silent assassin so I can then receive the the reward of new weaponry. All I need is 6 more weapons and then I have a full weaponry.

        The main character. Agent 47
        You play as Agent 47 a ruthless, heartless and careless killer who uses everything as a weapon. You have a option of how you want to kill your target through killing everyone or using stealth and killing them secretly. As you progress through the game and enter new and more exciting missions your weapon choice's increase and also the difficultly. I have completed 4 missions on Silent Assassin and I cant seem to do the rest.

        The graphics of the game are absolutely brilliant. The characters have in depth facial detail and you can tell one character from the other. Edios have done a brilliant job on capturing the detail of the game the guns knives and disguises are unique in detail. I think this is a game that boasts quality graphics and can amaze even the most experienced gamer. The cut scenes before every mission are absolutely brilliant they are so realistic that you feel like you are in the game with hitman.

        Pistols and Handguns
        These offer a wide range of power, capacity and caliber. Once the pistol is silenced and concealed well it is one of the most effective weapons in Agent 47 hands. The pistols can pack a high level of fire power and this can help a lot in difficult situations.

        Sub-Machine Guns (SMG)
        These guns are small, lightweight and often utilize pistol ammunition.. Designed for use in close combat. They are inaccurate but have a high rate of fire and manoeuvrability.

        Assault Rifles
        The rifle is in its element when used outdoors and over long distance. Single shot and burst fire are a necessity if accuracy is to be sustained.

        Devastatingly powerful at close range, the shotgun is defined by its characteristics of having a smooth bore and firing ‘shot’ from an explosive cartridge. Designed for close combat situations the shotgun is mainly used by law enforcement agencies and as a hunting weapon.

        Sniper Rifles
        My favourite gun. In the right hands the sniper is perhaps the most powerful of all projectile weapons. I like these guns because they offer precision and accuracy over long distances. You can eliminate targets from a safe position with this gun. Agent 47’s weapon of choice is the W2000 Sniper Rifle it comes silenced and concealable within its own briefcase.

        This is a place where hetmans goes to improve his accuracy with a sniper. Or to increase his reaction time. Also if you haven’t mastered the art of sneaking around then you can enter the sneak training zone where you can see how good you really are. Also in this area all your guns are displayed so you have an option of what guns you want to use.

        Binoculars. I think these are a must have when you are on any mission because they allow you to plan you kill without getting to close to your target and their surroundings.

        Map. This is in every mission compulsory and it allows you to watch every character in the mission allowing you to watch their movement and letting you plan when is the best time to move in for the kill.

        Night Vision Goggles (NVG). When worn in a dark environment the night vision goggles will amplify the light levels allowing navigation through darkened areas.

        You have three difficultly levels. You can chose for the missions. Normal, Professional and Expert. Now these are there for a reason I like them all because it allows you to experience different levels of play. I recommend Normal for all the starters of the game because I think the others might be out of you ability but you will reach expert over time.

        You can now buy this game for £9.99 at Amazon.

        There is a new hitman game coming out soon called Hitman Blood Money. It is predicted to be the most realistic and in depth game so far in the Hitman series. Once I have played it I will review it for Dooyoo and all you readers.

        My conclusion is that this game is brilliant and a must have in any gamers collection. If you like metal gear solid, you will love this game because its a lot more stealthy and exciting. 10/10

        Thnx for reading hope you enjoyed my review.


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          05.04.2006 10:19
          Very helpful



          if you can stay committed then marry but if you dont want to then dont. Think about your choice

          I think that marriage is outdated because men and women change their partners more than ever. I know people that will be with a women for 1 month then go and find another. This is why marriage is outdated.

          Men and women today don’t stay committed to their partner because they have an argument or because the bedroom department isn’t as good as they want it to be there are a lot of reasons, but I’m not going to mention all of them because that would take me forever.

          The price of marriage is to high now days for people who don’t have a lot of money. Now even though I am a boy I know girls want to have a nice wedding dress and a lovely wedding with their dream man and its their happiest day of their life and everything is perfect. But if any man was to do this for his partner it would certainly take a lot of saving up or a huge burn in your wallet. Wedding dresses now are like £300 that only the cheap ones I think they can range to £2000. Women if these prices are wrong just say and ill change it. After you have booked the church and bought dresses for the brides maids and tuxes for you and your best man then you have to pay for the hall and food and drink for all the guests.

          I think marriage is outdated and used for all the wrong reasons. I mean you see men and women at 23 getting married and you are sitting there thinking this marriage is going to be over within 2 years. You know why because people are getting married to young and aren’t prepared for what they are going to go through.

          Religion has loosed its grip on society today and having sex is not frowned upon but praised by your parents and friends. Going to Church on Sundays is long gone for a lot of people because they have better things to do then to sit in a church and listen to a priest. Also now I know that a divorce of two people was extremely frowned upon by the church until Henry 8th took control of the church and allowed divorce to happen. Now young if you get married and you don’t want to be together any more then you just get a divorce and that’s it.

          I also think commitment is also a problem with people nowadays the choice for a partner is so wide and variable that it is extremely hard to stay committed to one partner.

          My conclusion is that marriage is extremely outdated and I don’t think will ever come back into date because couples nowadays either cant afford it or they just want to live together what ever the reason marriage is going to continually go out of date. I think though that you don’t have to get married if you don’t what it is your choice to marry and if you don’t want to then don’t and if you do they do.

          Thnx for reading hope you enjoyed my review.


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          • Drugs in Sport (Doping) / Discussion / 28 Readings / 25 Ratings
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            20.02.2006 15:42
            Very helpful



            Dont Use drugs in sport

            Should Drugs be used in sport. I know that some people think that drugs in sport is wrong that they should never be used in sport, or even in day to day life. On the other hand there are people that say drugs should be used because it is right to.

            Me I would agree with both accounts and I am going to explain why.

            Firstly I agree that drugs shouldn’t be used in sport because if people did use drugs then the people that work hard at the sport that they chose would be cheated out of something that they have worked hard for. Also people that use drugs in sport are probably the most pathetic people in this world because they have no dedication to that sport the only dedication is to that drug that they are choosing to use day in day out to get where the decent people of that sport are. At the TOP. I know people that have worked hard at their chosen sport and got what they wanted and I know people that have used things like steroids etc to get up to the top and my loyalty is with the people that have worked hard at it and got what they wanted.

            Secondly I also think that in sports the drug checks should be more strict because you can get drugs that are unidentifiable, or even the chosen person could use that drug just once 2 weeks before the big match etc and when that drug test comes along then the drug is out of their system and has done what it is needed to do and gone. That’s not right. Also to use drugs in normal day to day life is wrong because it may make you feel good for like what ten minutes but there are no positive sides to drugs just negative ones. Because every needle you use, every pill you swallow, every line you snort, every sip you take you are bringing yourself closer and closer to death.

            Thirdly is you don’t use drugs in sport and you do go far and you get what you want then you feel that much better at the end of it because you know that you have worked hard at what you have done and you deserve what you have. As where if you use drugs then if you do lift a big trophy or a Olympic gold medal then you are going to have that little person inside of you saying you don’t deserve this because you cheated yourself and you cheated the real champion out of their glory. I know that I could only withstand a certain amount of that before I broke down and said I don’t deserve it. Well I wouldn’t use drugs in the first place because I think that the only way that you really feel good about yourself is through hard work and completing them goals that you have set yourself.

            I also said that I believe that taking Drugs in sport is right. Because I know that everyone wants fame and glory and if taking drugs is the only way you can do that then who am I to say don’t because sometimes the thrive for fame and glory is too strong for some people and they need drugs to feed that hunger. Also if a certain amount of people use drugs then you might as well let everyone use them in sport because the sports would be so much different like in the hope skip jump it would be hop, skip and where the f**k did they go.

            Also the advantages are that everyone would be fit and ready to do any sport to perfection because all you would need to do is take a pill and that would result in every sport being more competitive and more interesting because everyone would want to win more because they would have more chance of winning.

            I think in the future the amount of people that use drugs in their sport to succeed will increase because more people will get fed up of not being at the top of their chosen sport. I know that the percentage is low right now, but it will improve over time that is one thing that can be predicted by everyone.

            My conclusion is that Drugs in sport is wrong and shouldn’t be used because the people that work hard at the sport will be pushed out of the lime light by people who use drugs to enhance their performance. I think that hard work and sweat is the only thing you need to achieve what ever you want. The only drug every one should be addicted to is hunger for glory and fame.

            Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed my review.


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              14.02.2006 16:52
              Very helpful



              A brilliant game that every gamer should own.

              Now I bought this game for Christmas because it was probably the most talked about game out and I thought I would try it and see what it was really like. The big question Is it as good as they say Yes I think it is. I know a lot of members out there in dooyoo don’t particularly love 50 cent but this game is excellent, so don’t just rate it on that its 50 cent because the game has some great features to it apart from the famous rap/hip hop artists in it.

              ‘You are 50 cent, the hardest street hustler in New York, who gets an urgent page from an old cellmate, K-Dog. However, 50 walks into an ambush where he is shot 9 times and left for dead. Back on his feet and seeking revenge, 50 gets caught in a web of corruption, double-crosses and shady deals which leads him on a bloody path through New York’s crime underworld. Working with allies such as Lloyd Banks, Young Buck and Tony Yayo, the streets heat up as 50 takes on the most dangerous crime families in the city, uncovering an international conspiracy with devastating implications’ This is what is at the beginning of the guide. This puts you into excitement straight away because they are setting the scene for you and you know that as soon as you load that game up you are going to be shooting everybody you can see on the screen.

              The storyline of this game is for 50 cent and his G-unit crew to seek revenge for 50 being shot nine times by an unknown assassin. He isn’t scared of no one he goes for all of the people he thinks are involved. He also shoots at anyone he wants. His determination to get to the bottom of this situation drives him through drug stores, illegal gambling dens and through the worst parts of New York to get to the bottom and in the end he……. Now I cant give that away can I.


              Lloyd Banks in this game is a locksmith that can pick any lock in the game if you need him to. He is nearly always there for you if you need him because he is close to 50 in the game. He use 2 9mm handguns I think and he doesn’t normally switch from them.

              Young Buck is a weapons specialist in the game. He has some mad weapon skills and he uses them to there limits. He has got probably every gun on the game on him. He also helps 50 when needed he is an excellent shot he can hit almost anything within reason.

              Tony Yayo is demolitions expert that has a soft spot for blowing things up whatever it may be. He also will tell you useful information throughout the game to help you succeed through tough mission, and on the odd occasion come along with you to watch the show.

              Booker is a bum in a back alley in 50’s hood. But he is a very useful character he sees a lot and is willing to tell 50 in confidence what is going on around in his hood when he’s not there. Watch out though because he may let on to much information and be a threat.

              Moet and Chandon these are hookers that 50 now owns. These two lovely girls hang about out side 50’s crib watching and waiting. They work hard as well. 50 got these two hookers because he saved them from their pimp who use to treat them badly for no reason.

              DJ Whoo Kid this kid has gat bootlegged beats for 50 to buy and listen to. You talk to him if you want to purchase hot new tracks and videos, be careful though these music tracks and videos come at a very heavy price so make sure to bring loads of money.

              Popcorn runs the theatre across the road from 50. Popcorn is a movie buff and loves to watch them. If you want to learn some top secret counter moves he is the one you want to visit but you only get the counter moves at a cost so be prepared to spend some of that nicked cash.

              Bugs is the pawnshop owner and gives 50 extremely valuable information that helps 50 through all the missions he goes through. Bugs is in a wheel chair so he cant exactly do much on the physical side but what he cant do on the physical side he makes up for, by inventing machines that help 50 identify people etc.

              Detective Mcvicar (Eminem) This character is a cop that is willing to accept something on the side for useful information. (I know I cant believe it Eminem a cop!). He hangs about in the hood in his car it would be worth talking to him a lot because he has useful information all the time.

              Grizz (Dr Dre) Grizz has every weapon you need from big time rocket launchers to silenced 9mm handguns. He is an old war veteran and loves his armoury. You can find him down a back alley in a beige coloured van in the back of that van he runs his illegal gun shop. In the game Grizz loses his onld war medals and he asks you to find them on your way round the city if you find all ten on them he will give you something in return.

              Enemy AL they hunt in packs, they use strategy to bring down their target then cover and move like special forces would. Enemy AL have a variety of guns at their disposal and use them as much as they can you don’t normally find these on their own they are normally with a team mate. These are well trained shooters and attackers make sure you bring down as many as you can as fast as you can otherwise they will bring you down.

              Doc Friday this one runs his own little doctors shall we say that will get you back on your feet with out a doubt. He has a lot of medicine to give you so you can go out fully healthy again but it isn’t free you have to have quite a bundle of cash if you want to buy things like painkillers vitamin water you name it he has probably got it. This one will also ask you to carry out duties in return for something.

              Places in 50’s hood

              50s crib in here you can watch or listen to any hot tunes or videos that you bought and just chill out and watch them or you can visit his armoury where you have the choice of a lot of guns from hand guns to shot guns to rocket launchers to machine guns there all there but you have to buy them before they appear in your armoury.

              The Pawnshop Bugs runs the pawnshop, he gets all kinds of characters wanting to buy things off him so it would help if you kept him on your side because the information that he can give you can be invaluable.

              The Theatre Popcorn runs the theatre he is a movie buff that loves to re-act scenes form famous films the theatre isn’t open to the public though and there aren’t any movies playing but you aren’t there for that anyway you are there for the top secret moves that he has to offer.

              Vet clinic This clinic Doc Friday runs and he gets a lot of business form homies in the hood that are wounded and need help, he will help you and provide you with a variety of medical equipment such as tablets etc but at a price.

              Subway this is where you start all your missions think of it as you own personal ride since on one drives in New York and the cabbies keep well clear of 50s hood the subway is the only travel that you have got so use. The subway will show you every place that you have been and will take you to every place you need to be so it is a very useful place to go if you want to replay a mission or start a new mission.

              The counter moves
              The counter moves that you can do in this game are incredible. There are 25 unique counter kills that you can do on any enemy chosen. You have to have full stamina to do a counter move and there are different moves you can do it depends on what gun the enemy is holding, and how big they are. But once you do, do one then you want to do them all the time because when you do it everything slows down and you see 50 carrying out the counter move needed, also you can change the angle of the camera to get a better look at what is going on. Also you can grab the enemy in question and use them as shields, and as you walk forward let their own people kill him, also if you need information just grab one of this and extract it from them and they will break like a toothpick under a table leg.

              The Perfect Shot this is where you focus the aimer on a enemy and when you hear a noise pull the trigger. And the camera follows the bullet to the enemy and you see the head of the enemy blow up on you screen form one shot and it BRILLIANT.

              Money problems…..Yeah right
              Now you don’t earn money in this game like you would any other game you steal it from the enemy and find it hidden in certain missions. Now when you or one of you G-Unit crew kill an enemy you can go over to the dead body hold square down and you start stealing. What that particular enemy has such as money jewellery etc. You cant do this all the time though because if cant shoot while you are doing this, so if you do it when everyone is shooting at you then you are going to be a prime target because you can defend you. You can only depend on you crew so much then you have to depend on yourself.

              You can also purchase and find armour if needed to help you through the game, there are three types of armour level one which is the standard amount of armour. level two which is a bit more which helps if you are going into a mission where you got to kill everyone. Last but not least level three this is the best armour you can get on the game because it takes about two/three clips to take away half of this armour so this is the one you want.

              Now you can get a variety of guns in this game which you can take on a mission with you. The standard one that you have when you first start is two 9mm but after you get into the game more you can get desert eagles, snipers, shotguns, grenade launchers, Uzi’s, machine guns, rocket launchers. You can mix and match them as well only the hand guns though you can have like a rocket launcher in one hand a Uzi in the other that would be fun though but you can you can only mix the hand guns a mix I like is two desert eagles or an Uzi and a desert eagle its fun.

              The graphics on this game are absolutely amazing every little detail is covered on this game from the colour of someone’s eyes to the bullet shell. I have to say that the detail on 50 is amazing. The graphics are that good that the tattoos on 50s body look real yeah real that’s how much detail and effort has gone into this game, and I have to take my hat off to the makers and producers of the game.

              Left and right directional buttons-Changes music tracks.
              Left analog stick-Character movement.
              Right analog stick-Camera manual aim
              Start button-Pause game, G-unit mobile, Access tasks.
              Select-Brings up title of current music track.
              Triangle-Evade, Dual Wield, Interrogate, Dive.
              Circle-Hostage, Excute, Grab mobile cover.
              Square-Counter-kill, Action, Reload, Swap weapons, Cover mode, Steal, Throw enemy, Resumes counter-kill camera speed.
              R1-Fire weapons.
              R2-Weapons inventory.
              L2-Heal (must have pain killers).
              Left and Right analog sticks-Press both down to auto centre the camera.

              The extra things you can do on the game are brilliant such as create your own play lists with the exclusive music on the game. Or you can even play certain parts of an mission in a different character apart from 50 with weapons on your choice this is all for your enjoyment. You can play as 50 cent inked with no top or as Young Buck, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, Bugs yeah bugs he has metal legs that he puts on specially for your enjoyment, Grizz, Mcvicar, Doc Friday, Popcorn and Booker. Also in this game there is 4 Cd’s worth of 50 cent and G-Unit music, also new exclusive rare tracks and remixes from 50, also over a dozen videos of 50 cent and G-unit.

              The down part to the game is that you cant rides cars or buy them so you cant buy really supreme cars to ride around in, also you cant buy jewellery or get tattoosand you cant order your team to do everything you can call on them to help you though, and also the game is so addictive that you want to play on but you cant because after the certain amount of missions that you have done then you have completed the game. and that is a real downer.

              My conclusion to this game is that it is a brilliant game that I think most play station two owners should own because it is an action-packed game that attracts your attention straight away. Even the front cover of the game makes you automatically want to play it. But I have to say this is that it is an eighteen for a reason it is extremely bloody and it contains a lot of violence, so I wouldn’t recommend you buy it for a ten year old because you never know he/she might go out and try some of the moves on there, and that would be sad but apart from that minor thing it is a brilliant game that I think should be in every ones collection. I have to say that Terry Winter you are the best. Terry Winter is the story writer of the game, he also wrote the story line for the Famous gangster series The Sopranos.

              You can buy the game at www.gamestation.co.uk for £24.99 which is cheap
              Or at www.amazon.co.uk for £29.99

              Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed my review.


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                13.02.2006 13:28
                Very helpful



                Boxing is worth it but if you are smart use that instead

                Is boxing worth it in my opinion YES it is.

                Firstly I know what you are all saying how could such a sport be worth it with all the things that happen to you like broken bones severe damage to most of your body. But I am going to show you that to some people that don’t matter. I was never very good in school I just couldn’t do it because I wasn’t lets say the brightest of bulbs, and I got hit at school by another pupil for messing around with his girl I didn’t retaliate he was suppose to be the hardest boy in our year and his punch didn’t even hurt he made me bleed and that its. After that I went to one of the roughest estates that we knew of and I joined the boxing club there and I found myself. This was were I found that boxing was all I had that I wasn’t smart and I wasn’t exactly the one that every girl wanted so I joined. From there on I felt good, I still having had a chance to meet that particular boy who hit me but I’m sure I will soon and I can finish off what he started.

                Secondly I’m not trying to promote it to everyone boy and girl out there but it teaches you a lot of things like how to fight properly also it teaches you discipline it keeps you on your toes because if you don’t do what that trainer is telling you to do then you get punished either doing more exercises, the trainer coming round and punching you not hard or a clip round the ear hole or if its well bad getting thrown out of the club for good. So you learn discipline whenever its through seeing or it actually happening to you , you learn to respect each other as well. Also I think that boxing also teaches you to depend on your self and push yourself to your limits because once you are in that ring you have no one else to depend on yourself but yourself and if you lose you cant blame anyone else but yourself.

                Thirdly I think its worth it because of the fame and glory of making it. Even if you fight for your club for a little while you get fame and then people get to know you as that person the one that you don’t want to get into a scrap with. Most boxers forget the pain that comes along with boxing but the money that is at the end. If you are good then you are bringing in a lot of money Mike Tyson had 40 million all from his fists. I know that boxers are the real men apart from the marines and people like that etc in our society because they sacrifice a lot for other peoples enjoyment.

                To round this off I am going to say that boxing is worth it because it gets you physically fit and it makes you mentally strong it teaches you discipline how to respect how to fight properly and also it teaches you that in this world you have to stay on your toes otherwise you are going to get hurt if you disagree with this comment please explain why in the comment box. A quote that my trainer gave me was ‘Winners never quit, Quitters never Win’ that quote has followed me through my whole life making me drive to win or do my best at what I do because as soon as I become a quitter I will never win.

                Thnx for reading hope you enjoyed my review PS sorry if I have gone a little of track.


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                • Chocolate in General / Recipe / 27 Readings / 24 Ratings
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                  06.02.2006 13:19
                  Very helpful



                  I would recommend all these chocolates to anyone.

                  I love chocolate I am going to admit it I am a chocoholic and to be quite honest I cant get enough of the stuff. Chocolate is used more in our life’s then we can imagine such as chocolate cookies, ice cream, muffins and a lot more. Now in this review I am going to tell you about some chocolate bars made by different company’s and how they vary. I’m not sure if that is what you are suppose to do but I am going to do that so hope you enjoy.

                  Mars Bar

                  Firstly I am going to start off with the ever so famous Mars bar. A snack that everyone knows and likes to have, whoever you are and wherever you are a Mars fit’s any situation. Now you can get all sorts of sizes of Mars form king size to snack size. I am going to talk about the snack size one this is about half the size of a regular Mars bar, I don’t think you can get them on their own I think that you can only buy them in multi packs. The wrapper has Mars written on the front in red and gold colour then the background is midnight black which looks very attractive. There is 17.7g of fat in each snack size Mars bar which isn’t a lot if you think about it.

                  When you take off the wrapper to reveal the chocolate bar underneath you will find a layer of caramel and nought wrapped in a layer of milk chocolate. The outside has an attractive look to it which makes it all that more mouth watering. When you take your first bite the chocolate instantly melts and sinks into the tongue then you are left with the thick layer of caramel and soft nought the caramel melts with the nought to make a indescribable taste which makes you feel in like you are in a different dimension. After your first bite you can stop eating it until you finish the whole bar because its that irresistible.

                  Kit Kat

                  Secondly the Kit Kat “have a break” this is a make of nestle and a great product they have came out with here I like the Kit Kat and I think that the slogan “have a break” is extremely true because I think that when you have had a hard day and you just need a break from it all for a while then a kit kat is what you need. Now I don’t think that nestle is the best quality chocolate you can get but it is up with Galaxy Mars Cadbury’s etc. I do like nestle don’t get me wrong but I think that it lacks the silk ness that these other chocolates have anyways back to the Kit Kat. In the two finger regular Kit Kat there is 507kcal of energy
                  5.9g of protein
                  62.0g of carbohydrates
                  26.1g of fat
                  Now I don’t think that is a lot because there is a two fingers in the regular bar You can also get a four finger bar and a six as well I think if you look in the right places and there are ones out where it is just one really big finger that is also nice. Now I like to have a Kit Kat after a long hard day because I think it relaxes you tremendously.

                  The Wrapper is a bright red colour with the Kit Kat logo in the middle slightly tilted upwards to make it look that much more attractive the only colours used are red and white. The wrapper isn’t like normal wrappers because it only goes around the two finger horizontally therefore revealing the sides of the two fingers which are wrapped in foil.

                  Once you take the wrapper off then you see the two milk chocolate fingers with the Kit Kat logo printed on them they may also state the words “have a break” now the two fingers are made up of wafer crisp covered in a adorable layer of chocolate once you take your first bite then you are taken away to a place where time has stood still and you can just relax.

                  The Galaxy bar

                  Now last but not least the Galaxy bar which is adorable with its silk milk chocolate and its attractive look. Now you can buy this bar in many different forms one you can buy it on its own or you can buy it in a multi pack or even in a massive bar like pack. I love Galaxy because I think it has hit the taste of chocolate on the head, with its very different taste and it outstanding performance when you eat a square of it.
                  The Galaxy Chocolate is wrapped in a gold coloured foil with an outer layer of wrapping stating the name with an attractive background and on the back telling you the ingredients used also it has a short description about the chocolate ‘Smooth and creamy milk chocolate’

                  When the milk chocolate square/squares hit you tongue it quickly soaks through you tongue to you taste buds to make you get this incredible feeling of tranquillity and you feel so relaxed. The chocolate its self isn’t that pricey and its price is I think extremely reasonable.

                  My conclusion is that all the brands of chocolate are good ones and that some stand out from the rest but they are all adorable and gorgeous to eat and have. I would recommend any of these brands to anyone Also one that I didn’t get to mention was Cadburys and I have to say they are also delicious and I would recommend them to anyone also.

                  Thnx for reading hope you enjoyed my review


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                    30.01.2006 20:27
                    Very helpful



                    A great game for a very low price.

                    This game is a great sequel to the first one and Team Soho have enhanced it tremendously. The graphics, missions everything has got better. There is plenty of unique characters.; brilliant dialogue and voice acting.

                    The storyline
                    The game starts with a cut scene with Sgt Mitchell chasing a young thug he shouts stop and the young thug turns around picking his gun up. Sgt Mitchell then aims his gun at him as well the thug goes to run away and Sgt Mitchell shoots him making the boy fall to the ground and die. What does this mean for him?……….

                    The storyline varies between the characters, for Sgt Mitchell on his first shift back he raids a council estate that turns him against his colleagues and meet the most powerful man in London. (Viktor Skobel)

                    For Eddie his crew has been wiped out and Sam is the only one Eddie has left, she is more into stealing laptops then gang violence, but both of them help each other to seek revenge on their friends deaths.


                    Sgt Ben ‘Mitch’ Mitchell
                    This character has been in the army in his earlier years and that has prepared him for policing the mean streets of London. In the game he is a very commanding character and follows any order he is given with precision, he is trigger happy as some say which means he doesn’t mind using his gun in any situation. He often unnerves his work mates because of his mood swings and silences.

                    Eddie O’Conner
                    This character is a local star, having boxed since he was eleven. He is a what you see is what you get person that is loyal to all close to him. Danny West taught him all he knows and Eddie would do anything for him.

                    Danny West
                    Danny’s been a boxing trainer for twenty five years and his life revolves around it. Danny is involved in nearly everything that is going down in the underworld of London. Danny has a secret gambling addiction which he keeps extremely quiet. Danny owes money to the Collins crew and it looks like he cant pay them……….

                    Sam Thompson
                    Sam is willing to go to any level to prove herself. She excels in computer hacking. She has spent time in a juvenile unit leaving a very good gymnastic. This just added to her abilities allowing her to break into what ever building and security system necessary. Her intelligence is way beyond her age.

                    Jimmer Collins (Leader of the Collins crew)
                    Jimmer inherited the crew form his brother who died leaving him the empire that is feared amongst the underworld. Jimmer has no experience in this kind of things and is getting pushed this way and that. His empire is about to fall around him if he doesn’t act quickly.

                    Jamahl (Leader of the Yardies)
                    He was least affected by the gang war in 2002, and his operations and imports have worked out for the best he has left the millions of imports of drugs, and moved on to moving guns in and out of London which he preferred anyway.

                    Jackie Philips
                    This character is a Journalist and is determined to reveal in a book in which she is writing the organised crime that goes on in the Town that is London. Jackie is always around at the wrong time in the wrong place.

                    Viktor Skobel
                    A former Russian, moved to London. He is highly respected in the finance industry. Under his many layers of charm and class there is a ruthless core to be revealed. This character has tastes for the fine arts along with fine women. He has a tattoo on his left hand that hints to a rough upbringing.

                    Zara Beauvais
                    This character uses her beauty and sophistication to its limits. She is a perfect accessory for Viktor as long as the price is right. He is determined to get what she desires no matter what.

                    Alternate options
                    There are a lot of alternate options that you can access in the game such as
                    Race which means you race against other cars you have to win to move to the next race which is good because it makes you try harder.
                    Black Cab
                    This is where ride a black cab picking up fare paying customers and getting them to there chosen destination in a limited amount of time.
                    In this feature you play as Sgt Mitchell in a souped-up squad car, chasing gangland thugs and joy riders through the mean streets of London.
                    Free Roam
                    In this feature you get to roam around London looking at the features of the city and enjoying the sights or take the alternative route through the back alleys of Soho.

                    Also another feature is You can now store vehicles which you like in garages. Find a car that you particularly enjoy and take it to one of seven garages. The catch is that you can only store one car and bike in each Garage and you have to find them your self.

                    Here is a small look into the guns you can discover in the city of London The standard hang gun which will kill an enemy in four shots. The MP412 REX this is a import from Russia and the most up to date revolver, with a chamber from a magnum .357 and a capacity of six rounds this gun is also a good gun to have. The pump action shotgun this gun can take out multiple enemies with ease, and last but not least the AK-47 this gun will make anyone that stands its way regret that they did letting out 600 rounds a minute. You can also mix and match guns in this game now as well.

                    The graphics for this game are superb showing as much detail as possible the shells of the bullets are detailed well. The character’s expressions are so realistic that sometimes you think its actually real and happening in front of you.

                    My overall Thought on this game is that it has I believe lived up to its expectations. The graphics have improved the game play is more realistic and the whole game is more interesting than ever. I think this sequel is brilliant and a must have.

                    You can buy this game for £9.99 at game station or even order it off the internet. www.gamestation.co.uk

                    Thnx for reading hope you enjoyed


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                      17.01.2006 20:27
                      Very helpful



                      You wont be dissappointed by the DVD

                      Lee Evans XL tour

                      Now I have liked Lee Evans since I got his first DVD. I like him because of his humour and his actions on stage. Now its hard to explain but he makes you laugh because with most of his jokes he puts an action to it and it makes it that much better. He also talks about real things his jokes are true. He picks on the relationship between man and women with some hilarious jokes and actions to make you fall out of your chair laughing.

                      His latest material is the XL tour and some of the things he comes up with are hilarious, one joke is about the tube and he explains about. How if you are late for the tube and you start to run for it then you quickly stop and walk normally saying I’m not that late. Because of all the extra security because of the bombing that’s being going on. He has a lot more jokes about women, horse racing, Olympics, airports, holidays and other general things parking meters are even mentioned.

                      I wont tell you any of the jokes all anything like that because it will ruin the surprise of it all. I also like Lee Evans because he is a family man, what I mean by this is he appeals to families not just adults but children as well. He doesn’t swear excessively only with the odd rude word.

                      This particular DVD costs about £9.99 I bought mine from Tesco’s for this amount. I think it is well worth taking a look at to this if you like his sort of humour. You can purchase the whole box set for £23.99 with free delivery at Amazon. I would recommend this DVD to anyone.

                      The amount of people he makes laugh at one time is unbelievable. Also he is not an under performer either the amount of effort he puts into his performance he was sweating buckets

                      Also the DVD has some special features on it which I think are brilliant they show lee Evans in a different light, and you get a diminutive look into his life.

                      Thnx’s for reading hope you enjoyed reading my review


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                      • Galaxy Chocolate / Chocolate / 40 Readings / 38 Ratings
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                        15.01.2006 15:49
                        Very helpful



                        Its like another world. There should be people dealing in this stuff.

                        Galaxy chocolate

                        Now I am going to admit to it I am a chocoholic, I will eat any kind of chocolate (expect dark for some weird reason, I will eat it but I prefer white or milk chocolate) I’m here to talk about Galaxy one of the best chocolates for a reasonable price. Now I know a lot of girls like chocolate and boys prefer I don’t know football games like Championship manager. I like both they mix extremely well. Galaxy in my mind has a soft touch to it. When I eat a bit it makes my taste buds feel good and I feel unperturbed and unproblematic. Its a complex feeling with a lot of layers I would say that is quite difficult to explain with words I think you need verbal skill to get the explanation right. But I will try.

                        The Galaxy Chocolate is wrapped in a gold coloured foil with an outer layer of wrapping stating the name with an attractive background and on the back telling you the ingredients used also it has a short description about the chocolate ‘Smooth and creamy milk chocolate’

                        Ingredients: Sugar, coca butter, skimmed milk powder, cocoa mass, milk fat, lactose, demineralised whey powder, vegetable fat, emulsifiers (e442, Soya lecithin), flavouring.

                        When you open the wrapper you do it gentle with elegance to show how nice it is once you have done this it reveals the chocolate within and it looks so tempting just sitting there waiting to be eaten. You break the first row off which contains either from one pieces to six pieces. It is soft in your hands and you slowly put it into your mouth as soon as the soft creamy milk chocolate squares hit you tongue it quickly soaks through you tongue to you taste buds to make you get this incredible feeling of tranquillity and you feel so relaxed its like a drug, I believe but scientists haven’t proved it yet. After you have had that first bit you don’t want to stop and you just keep eating it until you cant eat no more. That’s the feeling I get but others might get a different one. I have tried to explain it the best i can hope you can experience this feeling because its out of this world.

                        You can buy a bar at nearly any food store the price varies depending on the store you go to. I get mine for about 50p that’s the regular bar for a 150g bar about £1.09.

                        Thnx for reading my review hope you enjoyed it.

                        P.S This is the first time I have written a review on food so I don’t mind some criticism. Please have this in mind when you rate thanks.


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                        • Abortion / Discussion / 39 Readings / 35 Ratings
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                          09.01.2006 20:01
                          Very helpful



                          I think abortion is right in certain situations

                          Should abortion be allowed?

                          First scenario.
                          Now I think that abortion should be allowed in certain situations. Now picture the situation A young teenage girl has just had unprotected sex and is now pregnant with the boys child. The family have looked at her in shame and don’t want anything to do with her or the child, the boy has his own life to lead and he denies anything to do with it. The young girl has no one to turn to a few friends maybe if she is lucky but they can only help her so much. Would you say then that she should keep the baby and go on the long path of bringing it up all on her own with no one, with just a few benefit’s for her to survive on in a house that is in one of the roughest estates of her town. Would it be right to bring up a child in them conditions I don’t think it would be and abortion for that young girl is a very influential option that she should use.

                          Second scenario.
                          A girl has just left a club and began her long walk home, but wait there is a suspicious character walking about 10 foot away on the other side of the road. He looks like someone that is willing to commit any offence, he crosses the road and walks up behind the girl and grabs he she try’s to escape his grip but it is too strong and he carries her into the nearby woods and has his way with her even though she denies him want he wants after he has done he leaves and the girl reports it, 2 weeks later she finds out that she has a baby and there is a very high possibility that it’s the rapist’s child. Now I believe in this situation that the baby should go because it hasn’t been made by intention and the parents hate each other. If the mother decides to keep the child then when the child grows up then its going to want who its dad is and what is she going to say ‘Your dad’s a rapist, he raped me and that’s how you were conceived’ I believe that abortion is really the only option there.

                          Third Situation.
                          The baby is conceived by both its parents properly and they did plan it but after a few year the family starts to deceive each other and the child is beaten black and blue by the father or the mother, and that child has one of the worst life’s possible. Or the father gets drunk all the time and has a temper on him when he has had a few drinks up at the pub he brutally beats the child and the mother for his enjoyment but later regrets it. That is no life for a child. Or the other one is that the father or any other man for that example in the family visit’s the young girl in her bed at night telling her, making her do stuff that she isn’t old enough to do or understand. That is no life for a child. Abortion is the only option there if a baby is made from that young girl experiencing things that girls of her age cant even say or understand if they could.

                          Now some may argue that it is killing a life. That it is manslaughter that you are killing a life that is the same as you an me. I cant argue that because it is true and some also believe that the mother of the child should be put on trial for murder like everyone else but is it right should they?

                          Also some say have it and put it into care for someone else to look after, yes that is an option but that isn’t a life for a child is it. Then it wont know its parents, brought up by strangers that it thinks are it parents, that is no way to live a life, constantly wondering what its parents were like, if it will ever meet them again, spending its life trying to track them down to ask why. Its no way to go on if you ask me.

                          My conclusion on Abortion is that it should be used in situations where it is needed. You are killing the child but if you have it then you could make it so it wants to die. In situations where things happen and a baby is born then I believe it you cant support it to a good standard of living, giving it all the love and care it needs and being able to bring yourself to tell them how they were made through rape, a relative taking advantage or any other situation then have it. Or if you know that the child is going to be part of a broken home where it will be abuse to a extent that it wants to take its own life into its own hands and end it there and then, then have it if you can cope with that. ‘Do the loving thing’ that is a quote from Jesus that I think all mothers to be should think about because abortion could be the loving thing.
                          ‘Do the loving thing’

                          Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed my review.


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                          • Teenage Pregnancy / Discussion / 42 Readings / 35 Ratings
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                            08.01.2006 20:19
                            Very helpful



                            Dont have unprotected sex in the first place

                            Teenage pregnancy?

                            Now I think that teenage pregnancy isn’t right and that young people don’t think about what they are doing and just think it’s a bit of fun.

                            I knew one girl who was pregnant with a boys baby and I asked her about it and all she said was that she didn’t know what she was doing influenced by the boy and pier pressure she let her self go and she fell pregnant.

                            I think that the education on sex is good I think that it really couldn’t get much better, they explain the consequences of what could happen if they have unprotected sex etc. I think its about families having a long talk with there daughter about the seriousness of the actions that they choose. I don’t blame anyone I just think that parents should put it on themselves to talk about this with there kids to let them know that the consequences of having one night with a boy could be baby.

                            I think that Britain cant keep paying out to young mothers to support them when they cant even support themselves. I do think that the rate of underage pregnancy should be reduced. I agree with logberg that its not ideal for to days communities.

                            The more these young girls that are pregnant think they can handle all things that comes with a baby then the more money has to be spent out on support this child, when the mother cant even support herself let alone a baby. Once more girls recognise what can really come of a one night stand the better because that end result of one pleasurable night can ruin the rest of there life. Because they have to revolve around a baby and miss going out with there friends also they have to notice that there parents aren’t going to be there for them 24/7 they have there own lives.

                            Ways to solve this is in school have an teenage mum come in to all the girls etc and talk about if its done them any good to have underage sex then have the baby that’s comes along with. Or at least show them the things that a baby takes up it isn’t just a fashion thing like logberg said it takes up privacy and more. I think that schools should show this and show that the rates are going up that the government are paying for the mistakes that have happened and that the mothers have only just hit 16 with no father and the baby is 1 its no life for anyone.

                            Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed it.


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                              02.01.2006 17:35



                              We all should do a sport that we enjoy.

                              Should sport be compulsory

                              I think that sport should be compulsory because it would make our society a more healthier one also if you gat use to doing sport at a young age then when you get older you want to keep doing it. Also I also think that kids have it to easy now days with their fancy game consoles, and the endless amount of television channels.

                              I think also Sport does build character because it makes you fit it makes you more want to push yourself through when things get hard. Take boxing for example when I go to train our coach wont let us stop. So like when he tells us to run on the spot and you get a stitch you have to go through it because if you stop then he points you out and makes you feel stupid. I no not all sports do that but when you do, do a sport like that and you have to keep going you don’t stop and you pull through.

                              But there are bad points to doing sport. For example I did basketball boxing and the odd bit of football and I got Osgood shatters I’m not sure if I spelt it right but it is where there is to much fusion on the knees to much jumping and I had to give all sports up for a long time, in that space of time I got lazy and my stamina and energy levels dropped. It me along time to get them back up to what I had them at but I got through it.

                              What I am trying to say is that if I can give up sport for a whole year then bring myself to do it again then we all can get up off the chair and do a sport that we like or might enjoy. If you get them into a sport early the possibilities are endless. We as a country could to better at all sports.

                              Thanks for reading my review Hope you enjoyed it.


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                              • General / Discussion / 29 Readings / 29 Ratings
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                                23.12.2005 18:28
                                Very helpful



                                Do your christmas shopping earlier

                                The Christmas Rush

                                Now why does everyone rush at the last minute to get late presents or food.

                                Today I went to Asda to do some Christmas shopping for food etc and we had to wait in a queue for about 5 minutes just to get a parking space. Its not Asdas fault that there was a queue there just was, now once I got in there the whole shop was fully packed right out with people.

                                You weren’t fighting for a trolley or anything but lets say there weren’t that many left and I got there at what nine o’clock and as you walked through the electronic doors and into the superstore the sound of near 500 people all rushing about on the shop floor, babies crying and people muttering everywhere calling to there wives or husbands should we get this should we get that. Trolleys being raced about like it was a formula 1 race of which one could fill there trolley with the most food the quickest and getting out of there and back home.

                                The trolleys were skidding in and out of aisles of the shop store being careful not to hit anyone but yet keeping a steady speed of about what 100 mph.

                                I set of into the race with high hopes of getting around the track with a trolley full of shopping within an hour. But how wrong was I the moment I started I had to push my way through hordes of people grabbing fruit and vegetables to fill their trolley with. I managed to get half way round within about 45 minutes. I wasn’t rushing either.

                                Why is it though that everyone on these few days before Christmas rush straight up to the superstores and go mad for everything. Maybe its just me but I think it’s a bit bad I know I done it and is because I wasn’t organized well this year but the amount of people trying to get into one superstore and one time is unreal. The superstores must makes thousands and thousands I spent close to £100 and my trolley weren’t even fully full.

                                Asda I don’t think was expecting as many people as it had. The staff which look like peas or a piece of celery were rushing about everywhere. (no offence if you work there).

                                Also do you manners just do a disappearing act the moment you step into the superstore because I got pushed about 15 times, no one would allow me through with my trolley without me forcing my way through. Now I hate it when no one respects each other and just have there mind set on one thing get food get out I think that isn’t civilised and just plain ignorant.

                                Once I had finally left with my bags full of shopping and to my car the queue had increased in size by about a hundred percent and the car park was getting filled extremely quick, the moment you got out of your space it was taken.

                                I don’t understand this Christmas rush and I thing we all forget what we are doing and go back to our primitive mind Get Food. But I’m glad this doesn’t happen every week because I don’t think I could cope.

                                I recommend that you get your shopping done earlier and get the food supplies up before this Christmas rush. Its not Asdas fault and I don’t blame them or anyone else but I just things its a lot more easier to do your shopping earlier.

                                Thnx for reading hope you enjoyed reading my review.


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                                • Your Top 10 / Discussion / 29 Readings / 19 Ratings
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                                  22.12.2005 16:56



                                  A collection of some great songs

                                  This is a list of my top ten songs that I love to listen to whether I am. Some include Eminem, Nelly, 50 cent (fiddy) and more. Now I hope you enjoy reading what I like about these songs and why I have chosen them in my top ten songs. Now they aren’t exactly what everyone would want to hear but I think that is quite a wide range of artists and musicians in my choice.

                                  10. Crying overtime Alexander O’Neal

                                  Now I like this song because it is a great song by Alexander O’Neal. It is quite old but it is a great song to listen to. It is about him being criticize about what he says who he chose’s to be his friends his ideas his lifestyle etc. Now I think it touches us all when we get criticized for things that we do. I recommend that you download this song from a music site such as Napster etc or buy his cd and listen to the song because I think the song is sung with real passion and reach’s you in so many ways.

                                  9. Modern Way Kaiser Chiefs

                                  Now this isn’t usually my kind of music but when a friend put it on I liked it instantly. Now I don’t know a lot about the group or any other songs of theirs but I love this one for some reason, I like I think because it explains the modern way that this is the way we live and if you don’t live in the modern way then you are rejected, also I think it describes our lifestyles how we live how we do things. I think this song is a great song that I like to listen to.

                                  8. In da club 50 Cent (Fiddy)

                                  Now I like this song because of the up beat feel of the song. it’s a club song that will get you dancing to, I enjoy listening to it because it’s a catchy tune that gets you going constantly. You just want to move you feet to the beat and get jiggy with it. Now I am quite a big 50 cent fan I’ve been to a few of his concerts and I have enjoyed, also this is the song that made 50 cent so popular with us because he was a new rap artist that we all enjoyed listening to. I think this is a great song that well deserves to be in my top ten.

                                  7. Ride wit me Nelly

                                  Now I’ve always liked this song because I think that it is a real good song that I like to listen to, it is another tune that makes me want to dance to. I thinks Nelly talks about Girls are around him constantly because of the money that he’s got. This is from one of Nelly’s earlier albums Country Grammar which has some great songs on apart from this one other ones I like are Greed, Hate, Envy and thicky thick Girl also N dey Say but that’s on a different album.

                                  6. Wanksta 50 cent (Fiddy)

                                  Now I like this song because it ‘s a song to all them people out there that think they are gangsters and hard putting a front up to try and make people think they are hard, and this songs says that 50 can see right through them and that they haven’t done what real gangsters have done. That they need to stop doing it because it’s making them look stupid. Now I am quite a big fan of 50 cent and I do like most of his songs and I enjoy how he rhymes and makes the listen feel like he is there with 50 cent.

                                  5. Cant let you go Fabolous

                                  Now I like this song because it is about the things he’s put his girl through and that he don’t want to but it just happens. I like it because I can relate to it in some ways . I have from time to time put the girl I was with through some rough patchs staying out till the early hours of the morning making her worried about our relationship, and I feel sad that I done that and that I shouldn’t of but I cant change the past can I. This is a good song that I would recommend to a lot of people that have had girl trouble because it’s a great song. I have it on the R &B love disc. Great song.

                                  4. My Humps Black Eyed Peas

                                  Now I like this song because I think it’s a good dance tune that gets you going that’s makes you dance to it. Also the video is extremely good as well which I thought was sexy and made to suit the song. The lyrics as well are good as well I think this song portrays that as long as you keep giving they are going to keep taking from you. it’s a great song though. Must Have.

                                  3. When I’m Gone Eminem

                                  Now this song I think is a musical master piece and a great song for Eminem to leave on. Now as I think you know I like Eminem and have been to a few of his concerts and loved them. Now this song is brilliant a real gripper that I cant stop listening to. If you listen carefully you can hear that he is killing slim shady and that he wants to leave the hip hop business and settle down with his daughter Haley. I think the video is good as well, that shows what he is trying to say, what I think he is trying to say is that he is moving out of the lime light for new rappers to take the throne. A great song that I love to listen to. Another Must Have.

                                  2. Love Generation Bob Sinclair

                                  I have chosen this as my number two because I think it is a great tune that everyone should own . The beat everything about this song is great. In this song Bob Sinclair is saying that we should be the love generation , no more war or violence. Which I think it a good thing to say but it will never happen with the human race well I no it would never happen in my town the violence will never stop whether you are in one country or another you will always see witness or even experience violence which I think is sad that we cant stop it but that is the way it is. A great message to the world though through Bob Sinclair and it would be nice if one day that could happen. This is A MUST HAVE.

                                  1. Hell Razor Tupac (2 Pac)

                                  I love this song because first of all the Greatest made it the great 2 Pac, secondly I think 2 Pac makes an image in your mind with his words of what has happened in his life what he has had to go through. This song also I think makes you think about your life and if you have a good one or a bad one that however bad you think you got it someone always got it worse. Now also the beat of the song is good as well. I think 2 Pac wasn’t just a rap musician but also a preacher of God I believe he believed in the Lord a lot and portrayed that in his songs but still adding the edge of a rap song. This song I think everyone should have and listen to 2 or three times before they judge it. MUST HAVE.

                                  Hope you enjoyed reading my review and don’t be afraid to express yourself’s in the comments box


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