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      13.03.2011 18:27
      Very helpful



      This product is miles better than pencil so chuck it away and get yourself this!

      To be totally honest I have no idea of my natural hair colour all I know is its brown! I have been dying my hair for about thirteen years and my eyebrows are very sparce and very blonde strangely enough! When I wax my eyebrows I tint them black/brown but to fill the gaps I need to fill them in with pencil!

      For years I used pencil but it took so long as I tried to make it natural looking as possible, I did not want to walk around with eyebrows that looked fake and hard looking like some old dears.

      I came across this a few years ago now in Superdrug and thought there's no harm in trying it. I can't live without it now. As some of you may know I am a beauty therapist so its part of my job to have good eyebrows and I have so many compliments.

      My product is 'light brunette' even though I have dark brown hair I find this the perfect colour match. You don't want something that is too dark! I believe L'oreal come in a wide range of colours but having done some research I'm finding this really hard! They better not discontinue it! I'm sure when I bought mine there was a blonde shade, light brunette and dark shade.

      I sure you'll find this where ever there's a L'oreal stand if not there is a lot of sites on the net that sell it!

      Also looking around I found it between £3.99 to £5.95! I'm sure I paid £4-£5 as I say it was a few years ago.

      The palette comes with three colours and is easily numbered in the shadow and on the back is the numbers and where to use them.
      1. eyelids
      2. corners of eye
      3. eyebrow shading

      It also comes with two brushes one being a sponge clearly for the eye shadow. The sponge has a point on end with a thin edge and a flat, fat surface so you can really do some different effects with it. And one that's firm and made with bristles for eyebrow shading to get a easy shape.

      This takes me around 2 minutes and I get an even, quick and effective look! I love this product, the colours are perfect for blondes and brunettes as you can do light shades to darker shades what ever suits you.

      As I say I have had mine for some years and wear it 5/6 days out of 7 and the brow shadow is starting to get low! Even though there's not much it still has the number clearly in it just in case you forgot?!

      I do hope this was of some use and thank you for reading! :-)


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    • Clarks Daisy Time Junior / Shoes / 18 Readings / 17 Ratings
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      13.03.2011 17:27
      Very helpful
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      well worth every penny!

      Madeline my daughter started school September 2010 and I believe she had to have good quality and well fitted shoes if she's to be in them all day, everyday. You can purchase clark's shoes online as well as the shop but personally I would recommend the shop as the assistants can tell you whether it fits correctly.
      At the time we went the measuring machine did not work so they had to do the old way. She popped her foot on a measuring board to measure size and then a tape went over the foot to measure width. Madeline does have one foot larger than the other and she does have big feet for her size as she is a very small frame with huge feet! When they bought the shoes and tried them they were to loose so they had to go a width smaller which luckily fitted as there is no width smaller than the one she had tried on! These shoes do come in whole and half sizing!

      These particular shoes are £36 and with the shoe cream it does cost a small fortune but in my eyes if you want children you provide the best you can. It did scare me a little when I thought we were going to have to make this costly purchase 4 times a year but now I realise we don't buy as many shoes as we use to so it hasn't made a difference anyway.

      These daisy shoes are made of leather, textile lining, rubber soles and a riptape fastening. The picture on dooyoo isn't the actual shoe! Daisy shoe has a little bow on the top at the front. Inside the shoe is a flap you lift where there is a doll and in the other is a animal. Maddie often takes them out and puts a littlest petshop in there!

      One of her friends has a pair of these at the same time as Madeline and they still look brand new where as Maddies are very scuffed and will need some new ones! Maddie is very active and runs everywhere never walks so when you compare her to her friend with the same shoes she is very different.

      I polish these shoes every Sunday and buff them till their shining sparkly and leave them to dry. I have always used clark's shoe polish and seems too do the job even on Madeline's scuffed up shoes!
      I can't blame Clark's for the front scuffing as that is my daughter unfortunately. Also the fastening is velcro so it collects hair,fluff well anything! So I do have to pick at it time to time to keep the fastening doing its job! Again we all know that velcro is a bloody nuisance but I think its the best fastener to have for little ones that can't tie with shoe laces and that they have the choice to how tight they want them. There is a little flower metal detail on the fastener that is correct in this dooyoo picture and both Madeline's have come off. But again I am reviewing my daughter with these shoes and as I say she is very active and boisterous so I am reviewing how hard wearing they are! lol.

      One Monday morning as my daughter runs around the school building I here a friend calling my name as I go around all I see is my daughter caked in mud head to toe! She of course ran into a muddy puddle on the grass and slipped. Luckily she had a long coat on so her uniform stayed clean but it was the shoes that had 3 inches of mud all the way around! When we got into class she changed out of her tights and popped her PE socks on whilst I was trying to clean the mud of her shoes! I did take a while but that's because I trying carefully not to get them wet inside. When the mud was cleaned off and I dried them under the hand dryer of course they were not shining but they were resilient! Later that day I polished them 'again' and they came up beautifully and they don't even smell like cross country shoes!

      Overall I believe these shoes to be very good, sturdy, hard wearing, decent quality shoes. If I bought some £10 shoes which I do and know they last a month or two, part time (with Madeline) then I know these are good as we are 6 months on and she wears them full time!

      Thank you very much for reading and do hope this was of some use :-)


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        13.03.2011 16:28
        Very helpful



        Make sure you have an electric pump!

        My daughter was fascinated with Tigger when she was two years old so everything she had was Tigger.
        Her supporting adult (godmother in religous terms) spoilt her with a few Tigger gifts and this was one amongst them. As this was a gift I'm not to sure where you would buy it, having a look on the net it is available at amazon for £9.99.

        The chair was folded up very small so you have to flatten it out to inflate it. At the time we didn't have an electric pump so it took a while to blow it up. We blow it up so it was rock hard and looked resilient but it wasn't stable especially for a 2 year old. Every time she parked her bum she would slip off or it would fall to the side! So I would definitely recommend it for 4 year olds and up (the manufacturer age recommends 3 and up). The actual seat is huge and could fit two toddlers in it so without a doubt it would be more stable if a little smaller.

        I know my friend got this because its tigger but also she knew I was looking for a chair for Madeline. I was looking more for a armchair than a inflatable but on the practical side it deflates and it goes away!

        Maddie at first didn't seem interested then after a few months of it being in her bedroom she played with it all the time. I did notice that some of the edges were a little sharp and deflated it and popped it under her bed as I didn't want her to get scratches from it.
        I thought when's she's older she can have it back out again but Maddie doesn't seem bothered and she know's that its there. Maybe its because she grow out of tigger and if it were to be 'hello kitty' I'm sure it would be out again.

        At £10 you can't really go wrong but with the sharp edges and being unstable I would not recommend it especially for tots. There's a lot more choice now so maybe shop round before buying this product. I like the idea of the inflatable armchairs as you can change the cover so hopefully they'll never grow out of it!

        I do hope this has been of some use and thank you for reading :-)


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        08.03.2011 23:18
        Very helpful



        Well worth a smell!

        We all know Beyonce Knowles for her music and like all stars they get offers left, right and centre. Most celebrities today have a perfume out and one thing I like most is they are usually cheap! Heat is Beyonce's first perfume and from my experience a very good one!

        This I found in boots on offer for £9.99, it came with a 30ml edt, shower gel and body lotion what a bargain! I bought one for my friends and members of my family and was so pleased that I went back to get myself one but they completely sold out! Luckily my brother in law bought me just the 30ml edt.

        This fragrance is a meduim, warm scent and would probably suit teenagers to late thirtys from my experience of working in a perfume shop for six years this would be best suited.
        It is a fruity, floral and woody fragrance that is irresistible to wear and to my husband! It is extremely feminine and has a feminine power to it.

        The ingrediants are:
        red vanilla orchid
        sequioa milkwood
        tonka bean
        amber linger

        You can get a 30ml for £23.50, 50ml for £29.62 I believe the shower gel and body lotion is only part of a gift set.

        At first this fragrance seems very sweet and very fruity but as soon as it warms and melts into the skin it smells divine. I always get compliments so it must be good! This perfume would probably last around 12 hours and is better suited for a day fragrance.

        You can buy this pretty much everywhere superdrug, boots, most pharmacys even tescos.

        I hope you have enjoyed this and has been of some use :)


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        25.02.2011 00:46
        Very helpful



        worth an adventure :-)

        The largest exotic animal, award winning attraction on the Isle of Wight. This is mostly indoors so a perfect gesture for rainy days, just like today!

        We were hoping for a beautiful day as it being my only day off this week to enjoy with my daughter during school holidays! Well it was horrid at 8am and still is! We picked Madeline's friend up and headed straight over to Arreton (between Newport and Sandown) Its easy for myself to find being an Islander but I'm not sure for tourists. It is well sign posted and of course most of us have sat navigations now.

        We arrived at 11am to be greeted by a very friendly member of staff that filled us with information. I was a little shocked that I paid £22.65 for a four year old, five year old and of course me! But by the end I realised the cost of the food, vet bills and rates this is probably worth every penny.

        Opening times are 10am till 5.30pm and your allowed in as much as you like during that day.
        Prices are Adults-£8.75, seniors £7.75 and children (3-14) £6.95.

        We walked through the door it immediatley felt like we were in the Amazon (a little imagination) birds loose flying everwhere amongst the plants and trees some sat right beside the path so you got such a great close up. Little bridges and pathways that made it feel so inclosed and surreal to the girls.

        The animals at amazon I believe to be a great range of variety were
        small crocodiles
        huge african snails
        white foxes
        stick insects
        red bellied piranhas
        frogs from small to big!
        There was only 2 snakes though which was a little dissapointed.

        We took just over an hour and a half to go around all the enclosures and reading a few of the information boards.

        I have to say the information boards were a little rubbish not a lot of information on what they are, where they live, where they sleep, what they eat, just lacking in general info. I would also like to know more than just general answers especially as they are keen on you adopting.

        The enclosures were strange for example the tortoises had a huge home but the flamigos, armadillos, and otters had small enclosures? One particular little armadillo was going crazy bless him pacing up and down the window.

        I would also say that it would be an advantage to have benches in the insect areas as it got very tiring lifting each girl to look in the tanks at the different species plus I was covered in mud from there shoes!

        There is a lot of parking and an excellent play and picnic area but it was very cold and wet when we went so they didn't get to play. We had lunch there and I would say it was alittle over priced. The girls had ham sandwiches, small slush puppies and I had a coffee and it came to £11.10. The cafe was clean and the food was decent.

        The zoo is wheelchair friendly but with experience of wheelchairs I would say it woulod be a struggle as there is slight hills, small bridges. However they did have different wheelchair access which seemed strange as they would miss half of the zoo! Also they would have same problem as young or short people with the insect area and most homes of the animals had walls around so again I had to lift girls over or they climbed up to have a look.

        Overall I very muched enjoyed the day and the girls loved every minute so thats all that matters to me!

        Hope you enjoyed and found this of some interest!


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        • Samsung RL38SBTB / Fridge / 33 Readings / 31 Ratings
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          23.02.2011 23:06
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          Christmas was a lot easier to store food!

          I am fresh veg and meat mad so of course the tiny weany fridge freezer had to go and in with the new. I have to say it was so hard to choose from such a huge range of fridge freezers out there at the moment. I wanted a huge fridge with big draws for vegetables and lots of shelfs. The freezer needed to be frost free which I think all are now and I also wanted three to four large freezer draws.

          As we looked around with price of around £400 we couldn't go for the american style fridge! Maybe in the near future. I came by this particular fridge/freezer, it sold with me straight away as it ticked all the boxes plus comes with an extra shelf in the freezer just for ice! which was perfect for us as we do like to have a drink and often have friends around so offering a beverage with ice is just what everyone enjoys and strange I know my daughter likes to suck on them?! So lets get on with the product itself.


          width: 595mm
          depth: 643mm
          height: 1820mm


          total 301 litres
          freezer 94 litres
          fridge 207 litres


          £349 shop well! I found it for cheaper on the internet!



          *Energy Grade;


          *Cooling features;

          no frost and multi flow

          *Fridge features;

          Dairy compartment, 4 spill proof shelves made with tempered glass, 4 door shelves, 1 vegetable drawer that divides into two but pulls out as one.

          *Freezer features;

          3 huge draws, 1 very slim ice shelf with two ice maker trays.

          Oh yes we never need to do that hectic job again 'defrosting'! We now have the mordern technology of 'frost free'. This is by removing the moisture in the freezer air so there is no build up of frost, yay!

          Tempered glass shelfs are extra strong and are spill proof. I personally never broke a shelf so probably won't evr experience the strength of my new shelves!

          Multi flow feature is a steam of cool air that moves around on all levels evenly and this helps keep food fresher for longer.

          Reversible doors so you can have yor fridge opening on what side you prefer or to suit your kitchen.

          LED lighting emits very little heat and is 20 times more efficient than a standard bulb.

          The back of the fridge freezer is covered and flat, nothing like old fridges that are open to dirt and dust!

          You also get 2 years warranty for parts and labour so keep your receipt!

          We did get ours from currys and this particular model you can get from next, dixons, marks and spencer and a lot of internet sites but look out for delivery charge! My husband has a van so we picked ours up straight away.

          I clean my fridge/freezer on a regular basis so it remains new, clean and fresh. I do this with soapy hot water and clean the outside with dettol spray and kitchen towel.

          I am just under 5ft 2" and this product towers over me. I can reach the top shelf and maybe find it hard to reach right at the back. I definatley can't reach the outside top of the fridge! The shelfs can move where ever you wish and same with the door shelves. Its not at all noisey even if the door is open for a small amount of time.

          Just advice with a new fridge when you get it stand it up properly and leave it unplugged for several hours before turning it on.

          Thank you for reading I do hope this was some use to you :-)


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        • Skechers Shape-Up Trainers / Shoes / 45 Readings / 44 Ratings
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          09.02.2011 13:26
          Very helpful



          An excellent trainer!

          Putting on just under 8 stone over 10 years something just had to be done! So the idea of walking but with a shoe that burns more calories and tones more than usual I just had to get a pair! I believe there's only two brands with these type of shoe and thats Sketchers shape ups and Reebok easy tone. When I saw the shape ups on a TV advert I really didn't like the look, I thought they were ugly and far too bulky. I was heading to the shops thinking I was coming back with the Reeboks, when I got there the sketchers were much more eye catching and so comfortable and only just seeing a ad on my facebook page with Kim Kardashian wearing them and they looked great I could not resist (sad I know).

          So what is this 'Sahpe up trainer' do? Well Shape up is designed to burn more calories, strengthen the back, firm calf and bottom muscles, tone and firm thigh muscles, increase cardiovasular health, improve posture, reduce stress on back and joints and relieve muscle tension and fatigue.

          Does it work? Yes I believe it does and the reasons are the fact I can feel the muscles that I usually don't feel. It feels harder to walk in but without the discomfort.What I mean is they are so cushioned and comfortable that it makes it a lot easier and what I mean by harder is that they do make you work at walking where it rocks from heel to two rather than placing foot down and rocking to toes. Also where you rocking further back and forward than normal you can really feel those muscles stretching.
          At first you feel you are walking funny then you get so use to them and I suppose you 'learn' how to walk in them and honestly can't keep my feet out of them I love them!

          The varietys were never ending what ever your favourite colour they'll have them! I chose white with silver and blue pattern, very attractive! They are higher than the average trainer which is great for me as I am only 5ft 1 nearly 2! This is because the shoe has layers so under the upper part of shoe you have sockliner which is an antibacterial treatment that helps odours. Underneath that is a midsole which is a two part firm and soft density midsole that gives that rocking affect from heels to toes. Then under that is the ultra soft kinectic wedge technology giving each stride a gradual transition. Last under is of course the rubber outsole that has maximize traction that lugs and treads while enhancing cushioning.
          The shoe also comes with white laces or the colour that your shoe is so you have a decision or have a spare whilst other is wash!
          All around the shoe they have small holes that are for the obvious reason of making them breathable which I have had them in other shoes but these are incrediable! I can feel the slightest breeze through them and instantly feel my feet cooling down which is sensational when your feet are burning from walking.

          Their are four types in the womens range:
          The original (my ones) are perfect forbusy women who need an easy way to get in shape.
          X.F are perfect for women who want a continual full body workout while at work, home or on the go.
          SRT are perfect for those who want to maximize their workout.
          A.T are perfect for walking, exploring and outdoor adventures.
          They also do boots, mens and trainer shoe with bars so they would look professional for nurses, hairdressers etc anyone that stands on their feet for several hours as its not just for shaping up but for posture too!

          I also wear them on my bike rides and find them still very comfortable and easy as the wedge makes me taller so I can stop easier! The tread on the bottom of the shoe really grip well to the peddle.
          I wear them out and about and they seem to go nicely with all casual clothes so I can pop them on and if we go for a walk I can rather than leaving my hiking boots in my car or having to rememberto take them.

          I will definatley buy a few pairs in nthe differnt ranges as I'm loving these! They do cost £89.99 which I believe is reasonable.


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          • Homedics SBM-300 / Massager / 38 Readings / 38 Ratings
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            30.01.2011 17:10
            Very helpful



            Well worth buying!

            Sometime last year we popped into currys to get a television and on the way out something caught my eye, massage products. I am a beauty therapist and massage is my forte and turned to my husband and said "technology better than manual?, don't think so" as I sat in this chair that had a shiatsu back massager attached to it, I could not believe it! It was superb, it sent shivers all over my body and made me want to do herbal essence noises out loud! lol.
            I would admit that this product from 'homedics' could be deeper than a manual massage the only thing I would say this paticular massager does not hit all of the problem areas.
            I didn't purchase this at the time of the TV as we had just spent several hundred pounds! So I was pleasently surprised when I found this amongst my christmas presents. Thank you hubby!

            He purchased this Homedics shiatsu back massager at currys for £59.99 for the reason he knew they sold them there, they reserve and he has not a clue about shopping around to save money, lol. You can purchase pretty much all of the homedics products almost anywhere such as;
            *John Lewis
            *Littlewoods direct
            *Selfridges & co
            *Great universal
            *John Bell & Croyden
            *House of Fraser
            and of course Homedics website www.homedics.co.uk.

            As soon as I opened my present of course it went straight on my chair and was tested by all family and friends. Everyone loved it and was extremley surprised to how powerful it is.
            This particular model has three settings that comes with a remote so you easily sit and decide wether to have it on lower back, top back or all of the back. I can't tell in much difference in the settings to be honest but this is the more budget one out of the back massager range. You can also choose to have it heated (I believe to be infer red) which takes around 50 seconds to heat up. It has a integrated strapping system which makes it conveniently and easily attachable to most chairs. It may not fit small back chairs as the product fits very very nicely on my long back office chair.

            It is soft material and extremley comfy to sit on as it has a padded seat too! Which does not massage there. It is very lightweight and portable as I am 5" 1 so I can find it harder to move anything long and would not have any trouble with this.

            I had a very bad car crash back in 2009 in fact 1 month before my wedding! And has left me with ammense pain in my shoulder which is apparently caused from serious neck injury. I have had a lot of treatment but soon goes back to how it was due to my job constantly looking down eyelash tinting, massage, pedicures everything I do is using my neck and shoulder in the wrong way so when I come home I switch my chair on (if I get time) and have 15 minutes which helps more with relaxing me then helps my muscles relax.
            Also being self employed I have to keep accounts and usual work/bills and of course this I am using my laptop which we all know cripples us. This is where again the 'homedics massager' comes handing by popping it on for 15 minutes every hour it stops that aching and it works!!

            The massager itself has two hard balls (golf ball size) that have a small ball attached to it. They run up and down the back and start from the bottom working clockwise in a cicular motion up to the top then again circular motion anti clockwise back down. This generally feels amazing! You can also push yourself back on it if required a harder massage. Sometimes the force pushes you back and forward (slightly) and you can feel where you have tension and knots. When you put the heater on my daughter refers to it as eyes because the balls glow red!

            Homedics started in 1987 and continully reinvest to make sure they bring the latest technological advances to provide you with the most innovative personal wellbeing products.
            They do 3D massagers, massage matts, neck massagers, eye and temple, palm, hand massagers, feet massagers, percussion, quad and atom massagers and even snuggly bear massage booties!
            I believe these to be cost effective as the most expensive is around £290 and the cheapest £15. If you take my product for example cost £60 it should last some time and its at home all the time when you need it then and there. I would always recomend a manual massage because its tailored to suit you and your needs but with the mess this countries in and people not having many pennys to spare this would be a better investment. I can't fault a thing I absoultley love this machine!

            I would reccomend not to use this if you have any back problems that is under doctors care.


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              20.10.2010 14:20
              Very helpful



              Worth every penny :-)

              Winter 2000 I was extremely lucky to spend two wonderful weeks in Cuba. We stayed in Varadero which is north of Cuba and not very far from Havana. The blue sea and the white sand was breath taking literally!
              Our hotel was out standing and clean and very well presented.

              It was hard to see how some of the Cuban's lived but still having such huge smiles on their faces. The music was beautiful just want to get off your butt and dance! Anything from latin to sumba.

              Varadero had everything you needed even a nightclub. I didn't try any water activities as I am petrified of sharks, jellyfish well anything! Lokking back I don't regret it either as I still wouldn't. I would rather lye on the beach absorbing the lifestyle! lol.

              However I will surprise you as my parents arranged a trip that I didn't quite know about as we went to visit Zapata Peninsula on jet ski's. This is thirteen tiny Islands and a quarter is covered by forest, the rest is swamp!! Yes that means crocodiles. I cannot believe I went through these Islands sat on the back of a jet ski with my legs as high as they can go holding on for dear life to my Dad!
              We pulled up to this jetty on La Boca where a smelly crocodile farm is. I personally found this a little creepy I can't explain really I suppose I felt isolated.
              The nature was just out of this world though apart from the crocs there were turtles, birds and manatees!

              We also visited 'The bay of pigs' which is a very narrow bay. A row of beautiful coloured Cuban style houses on one side and the water on the other side. I have one memory of this Cuban in his bus and every time he saw some women he would beep his horn and it was a wolf whistle! Amazing place to live but rather scary if there were to be a hurricane.

              Talking of hurricanes I believe hurricane season is July to October so I can never understand why people would risk going then?
              The weather is good all year round and is extremely humid. It rained once in the fourteen days we were there and I don't remember it being cloudy, we went over christmas.

              We then booked a over night stay in Havana where we explored the beautiful city. It was so old but yet kept up to date and well looked after. The colourfulness and history was so intense. The buildings were different colours, architecture was charming and you could get to explore these as a lot were cafe's and restaurants.
              We went to the cigar factory which to anyone would be interesting. This is how they make them the different styles, strengths etc. The shop was something special too. The cigars range from small money to a lot of money and I mean a lot for Cuba. You could buy a packet of cigarettes for 24p and 200 for £11! So when I saw some boxed cigars in there for hundreds I knew these had to be special.

              The city was something that is a must if visiting Cuba as too me this was the 'real' Cuba. The people are so friendly, smiley and very beautiful. I have to say I did turn heads and have men constantly saying hello and whistling at me. I don't know if this was because I was british and they thought money or whether its because I was a little larger than a Cuban girl. I was 16 at the time so I couldn't find out!! lol.

              The Cuban girls are tiny with gorgeous curves and have long dark thick curly hair. The men tend to be tall, dark and some wow! Eye lashes so thick and curly. They just all had the charm.

              Later that night we went to see the famous 'Tropicana show' You pay for the show and food and drinks are all inclusive. I have no idea what we were eating as it was a little hard to see! I also wasn't bothered as I couldn't take my eyes of the show. The dancers really could dance and the costumes were very sexy, bright, extravagant and flawless. You literally sat right underneath them. The layout was perfect as you could capture the whole ambience of energy.

              Lastly the flight! The flight was around ten hours but well worth that time!

              Looking for a colourful, energetic holiday then this is a must. This is certainly a dream holiday. You will have a relaxing time but catching all the wonders of Cuba.

              Thank you for reading and have a fab time if your going!


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              • Canary Islands / Tobacco / 30 Readings / 26 Ratings
                More +
                20.10.2010 12:36
                Very helpful



                Very much recommended! Thank you for reading :-)

                The Canary Islands are one of the most popular destinations where the brits choose to go on their holidays. Its perfect weather during our winter months without having to travel super far.
                The canary Islands are spanish and are close to one another in the Atlantic sea just off the north-west of Africa. It takes around 4 hours from the UK to the Islands.

                There are 10 Canary Islands, starting with the biggest:
                *Gran Canaria
                *La Palma
                *La Gomera
                *El Hierro
                *Isla Graciosa
                *Isla de Alegranza
                *Isla de Lobos

                I have been to Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote and I have to say they are beautiful. The weather isn't my personnel favourite of the Islands as I like it very dry and very hot. I found they were cloudy most of the time and more like the UK's summer weather. However I did always come back brown!

                I'm sure you are aware that these Islands are made of volcanic rock and the sand is black and the landscape is something you need to see. There are 6 Islands that have volcanoes which are
                *La Palma
                *Gran Canaria
                Don't worry they haven't erupted for hundreds of years!

                The people are friendly and the food is yummy. There is so much to do on the main Islands to keep you and the children entertained. Hikers and golfers are also very fond of the Canary's too. Fishing has a big reputation there too, not for me though I don't like the fish in our contry let alone scary big ones out there!

                The main Islands have a brilliant night life. I went to Lanzarote a few years ago with one of my best mates and we were clubbing till 7am! Drinks are very cheap too. I felt safe all the time day and night.

                I would recommend any of the Islands I have been too and myself and my family are actually looking a trip Island hopping so we get to see all of them.

                The currency is Euro's and I found it to be quite cheap eating out and shopping to my delight!

                If your planning to go to any of the Islands have a great time! :-)


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                  15.10.2010 14:51
                  Very helpful
                  1 Comment


                  • Reliability


                  A recommendation :-)

                  Our daughter like all children loves music, dancing and of course singing so her Grannie couldn't think of a better christmas present.

                  Grannie purchased this last year (2009) off Amazon for just over £100 with free delivery. From looking at the site it is now £89.99 and still with free delivery.

                  This portable karaoke machine is silver with a digital video camera, a built in 5.5" tv monitor, a built in speaker with bass port and of course a microphone. It is light in weight and can easily be moved around as it has to holders on either side to safely transport it. An adult can easily move it but would advise small, young people as its quite big and bulky to a child.

                  This all in one machine is a grand buy as it allows you to follow along to the song lyrics on the built in tv monitor. You can also connect the karaoke machine to your external tv if your having a karaoke party!

                  The tv monitor can display either the song lyrics or the video image of you but cannot do both at the same time. If you were to use the external tv you could have the lyrics on your tv and the video image on the built in tv. The monitor is only in black and white but to honest does not bother any of us.

                  It plays a CD and a CDG. A CDG is a CD + Graphics meaning it has lyrics and sometimes videos. The CD door is on top of the machine so you can change CD's carefully.

                  The sound is not bad for such a small thing! You can also connect it to a sound system to really pump up the volume for your karaoke party!!

                  The advantages to it being portable is that you can choose where you want it as long as there is a plug socket. I have had it downstairs when we've had Maddie's friends around and even when ours have been round. Mostly it stays in Maddie's room so she can play music or have a sing along when she wants.

                  The video camera is on the front so you need to either pop it onto a chair or have people standing far enough away so they can see themselves on the TV.

                  The only let down is there is no microphone holder! So the microphone has no home to keep it from getting damaged. This would be the first thing I would of designed. The microphone has an echo effect this is to make it sound like your singing in a big concert hall.

                  Overall this is excellent and worth every penny. I would give it 5 out of 5 regardless of the disappointments as they are minor.
                  Thank you for reading and if you are purchasing "have fun"!


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                    09.10.2010 00:42
                    Very helpful



                    Waste of time!

                    A friend told us of these as he knows I am very toilet proud so I thought I'd give it ago from his appraisal. My toilet is probably the most well looked after thing in my house! It has to be gleeming. It makes me feel sick if I use a toilet that smells or looks slightly unclean.

                    Duck fresh discs (SCJohnsons) are for odour elimination and to clean with each flush. The smell was not the most pleasant smell as it smelt of toilet cleaner. Your probably laughing at me but can't they come up with a fresh clean smell other than that toilet smell?

                    It does not clean at all! You only need one disc where the water flows and this lasts a week (600 flushes) I would say it lasts well up to 3 weeks. The last three I got fed up and stuck them all on just to see if it cleans better and still no different!

                    They were on offer at the time so this was even better! Usually they are £3 and I believe we purchased them for £2. After I have used these I would say they are worth paying anything less than a pound 'their rubbish'!

                    It comes in a small tube about 6cm long. This product you place onto the toilet then you click the green button and push it till it clicks into the hole and it places the gel like a stamp. I couldn't personally get on with doing it this way as it was a little hard holding it in the toilet whilst pushing, clicking and pulling!
                    I simply just clicked the button then placed it in the toilet which seemed to work as well as the way your suppose to do it.

                    The product it self is green and like a gel formulation. It did seem to be a little sticky and sometimes didn't want to stick to the toilet as it didn't break up that well from the tube of gel.

                    Overall I shall not be buying this again! And my score is 1 out of 5!


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                      04.09.2010 18:51
                      Very helpful



                      Have a good shop around before you buy a pushchair!

                      This was my husbands choice which to honest I wasn't as keen but I wanted him to feel involved and comfortable pushing our new baby around.

                      Mothercare Trenton deluxe pushchair is everything in one.
                      *Pushchair - You have the forward facing pushchair that has a parent tray in front off the handle that has 2 cup holders and a box that's great for sunglasses.
                      By that box is a clock and a temperature gage. Underneath the pushchair is a huge shopping basket that drops if baby is lying flat asleep so you are still able to pop shopping in basket without waking baby.
                      The child also gets a tray at the front off the pushchair this I put her drink in and some snacks. This tray also moves to the side so its easy to get child in and out of pushchair.
                      The pushchair has a large hood that can move either front or back so it keeps the sun out of the child's eyes.
                      A large cosy toe that goes from under the child's feet right up to child's face to keep them warm and seems to be extremely wind proof.
                      There are 4 wheels double at the front and single at the back. The front could lock if needed but I never did. The double wheels make the pushchair very easy to control and there is also breaks at the back.

                      *Carry cot - When Madeline arrived she was 5lb 4oz and seemed more like a doll in this pushchair than a baby. So it was very convenient to have a carry cot as she looked more snuggle in there! Also you can have this facing you or outwards and makes it easy to transfer them into the pushchair and out without disturbing them. There is also a foot support that adjusts as the baby grows. Suitable from birth.

                      *Car seat - Again this was great, a car seat that fits straight into the pushchair without disturbing baby. This clips into the pushchair so its extremely safe. Birth to 13kgs. It has a head support cushion and a cosy toe to keep them warm. A hood that again moves up or down to protect from sun or wind. The car seat is secured by an adult seat belt or a graco base.

                      You also get a matching changing bag which I thought was rather rubbish. It has no poppers or zips to keep everything in the bag. I found that it only carried a small amount of things any more and bag looks overloaded. I always like to take a change of clothes and at least 4 nappies in case there's accidents or just a lot of poohing! I would also take a changing mat/ wet wipes/ toy of some sort and her dummy. I had a separate bag for her feeding. The design was bad so that went straight into the back of the cupboard!

                      The pushchair folds down even with one hand but is child safe. It has a handle on the side to carry it easy whilst folded. It does fold down flat but still large. In my fiesta it took up the boot and had to go in on its side. In my other cars (bigger boots) it fitted in lying down.

                      We paid £289.99 at the time (5 years ago) considering how much you get with this system to me is rather reasonable and now its only £230 online at mothercare.

                      We chose the blue colour which looked like denim and on the inside was white and blue striped design. The material is lovely and soft and very easy to wash and clean. Being a dark blue also meant it never looked grubby. I am sure the colours are different now but I would recommend a dark one so its looks clean. It is very easy to take it all off to wash it. It washes well and then goes back on easy.

                      I'm sure ours came with a weathershield but if not its a standard travel system one for £9.99.

                      I did find this pushchair rather big and when we have another baby I would probably go for a different pushchair but definitely a travel system. I just didn't like the fact your baby doesn't face you.

                      The wheels do ware down a bit considering Maddie was walking at 10 months and wasn't using the pushchair much and didn't use it at all from 18 months.

                      This pushchair is worth 4 out of 5 because the bag wasn't usable and its only forward facing if crib or car seat is in the pushchair. However I cannot fault the pushchair!

                      Thank you for reading :-)


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                        04.09.2010 16:43
                        Very helpful



                        Best buy ever

                        We had a desk top pc and my husband decided he needed the space and wanted a laptop. We shopped around and finally he found one to his needs. Where does this leave me?! His is far to technical for me as all I do is write letters, write reviews and use the internet.

                        I should really learn how to do more with a computer but do I really need to when hubby does the photos, downloading etc.

                        My husband was the one that suggested a netbook as its all I need.
                        After reading many reviews Asus seem to be the one that came up with the best results so I decided to go with that make and have gone with model ID 1001PX Asus Eee PC.

                        We looked around and Curry's had the cheapest price I bought this for £210. This doesn't come with any cover and the last thing I wanted to do was damage it so I bought a case too.


                        The Asus netbook is black with sleek curves with a seashell pattern that I wasn't keen on at first but I have got used to very quickly and now love it.
                        It has a anti glare 10.1" LED backlit screen with a 0.3 mega pixel video camera just above it. The battery life is suppose to be 5 hours but I 'd say more like 3! I believe you can buy a extended battery for it if need to.
                        The ergonomic keyboard is the best I have ever used! I actually look professional using it. The keys are close together but I have no trouble catching as I have small fingers.
                        You can choose from either windows 7 starter or windows XP home my husband advised me to choose XP because it is more of a simpler operating system to use.
                        It came with 1GB of ram fitted which my husband upgraded to 2GB of ram it wasn't necessary as I found it ran quick enough for me.
                        It has a high definition audio with built in speakers which are reasonably loud and sounds good it also has a built in microphone.
                        The netbook is very light and easy to carry as I take everywhere with no problems.
                        It also comes with a built in bluetooth so applications can easily connect between 2 or more people remotely, I have not used this yet and probably won't.
                        Lastly the Asus features the new power saving Intel Atom which works in tandem with Asus exclusive hybrid engine energy management technology. It makes us feel a little bit better for being more green even though mine only lasts 3 or 4 hours!

                        I have too say I am loving this netbook. Its the best purchase of mine this year! I take it to work plug the dongle in and use when I like without being in the way as its so small. Its easy too use if I find it simple then its easy.

                        When I turn it on it takes roughly 30 seconds and I'm on the net. When I close it down it turns off within 10 seconds. I constantly have bubbles coming up notifying me which does not annoy me but I am sure you can turn off if need too.

                        I get on really well with the screen being small as our PC was 21" monitor. It did take 3-4 days to get use too.

                        This is worth 5 out of 5 stars!
                        I hope I have covered everything and thank you for reading!


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                          01.09.2010 23:18
                          Very helpful



                          Make a fishy happy

                          Our cat was pregnant and of course my daughter couldn't wait! 3 beautiful kittens soon came. Maddie did fall in love with one of the kittens and over the 10 weeks we had them my husband and I tried desperately to talk her out of keeping it.

                          Finally we came to an agreement! She agreed to give up her kitten for a gold fish. Off we went to pets at home. They have a lot of choice of fish tanks for children. Maddie likes scooby doo and sponge bob but funny enough she didn't go for that she went for Dora the explorer. This was £25 reduced to £14.99 so we were all very pleased!

                          This tank is 15 litres and comes with green and white stones, a pump, small green seaweed plant and a Pirate Dora that all goes in the tank. It does also come with a cardboard picture for the back of the fish tank which we got laminated as if any water got on it the picture it would of ruined it. The tank is very basic, small and fits nicely in with Maddies bedroom. The lid is pink and has two round holes on either end depending what side you are to have the pump on. We have ours on the left side so you just break gently the plastic and out it pops and creates a hole. In the middle is a big hole with a flap so this enables you to feed your fishy. The lid comes off easy once you have unclipped the sides and clips in easy as well.

                          The pump is very small and to be honest not that great. I probably will invest on getting another one when I am next at pets at home. I would recommend to clean the pump maybe once or twice a week as it is so small. It however keeps the tank clean as its still shinning and gleaming away. It is noisy on the highest setting but we keep it low and doesn't make much noise at all. The pump does need to be kept completely under water so make sure you check water levels.

                          When we took the tank home you need to wash the stones thoroughly then place all the parts in the tank where you require. The tank needs to be set up for at least 3 days. The pump also needs to be kept on all the time to clean the water.

                          We then got our 2 bubbled eyed fish 5 days after the tank had been set up. We were told to put the bag that contained the two fish in the tank and leave for 30 minutes then place some of the tank water in the bag for another 30 minutes. After that the fish were free to see their new home!

                          One week later Madeline's fish died sadly. Pets at home can do a water test and if you fish died within 7 days and the water test comes out clear then they replace your fish for free. Our test came out with a high level of chlorine. I would say that all the pets at home staff didn't seem to understand and didn't seem to give us full information on how to care for our fish.

                          I then had an idea and that was my Mum being allergic to chlorine and therefore uses and drinks bottled water. I knew which bottled water she has so off I went to buy 15 litres. I cleaned the tank and the pump and placed the bottled water in the tank. It did only take around 13 1/2 litres of water. We set the tank up and left it for a few days. We also popped some tapsafe within the water which kills anything harmful to fish. We now have a oranda fish 'Lisa' who seems to be happy so fingers crossed.

                          Overall this tank is worth the money what more could you expect for £14.99! This tank is lovely and give it 4 out 5 as the pump is a let down.

                          Thank you for reading :-)


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