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      12.06.2014 15:36
      Very helpful
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      • "No messy Coals"
      • "Very easy to clean"
      • "Can be used outside or Indoors"


      • "No Disadvantages"

      I love this product and even at its full listed price would recommend it .Perfect

      The Andrew James Electric BBQ Grill can either be used as a table top BBQ or on the stand provided for it , it can be used outside or ( the deal maker for me) Indoors when the weather turns . Unboxing........ Step One were the feet which with a few deft moves were placed together and a metal washer at the bottom secured them , Step Two there are two plastic poles and a long double screw which tightens the stand together , I realised that the double ended screw needed to be screwed into the top part of the pole before tightening it into the bottom ...problem solved ! Step Three there is a handy condiment shelf which fits over the pole and a small screw holds in firmly in place . Step Four Place the Kettle lid on top , there is a slot on the base of the BBQ unit designed for this function and once on , is very secure ..( fully assembled the stand and BBQ stand at roughly 3 .5 foot , a comfortable height , where you don''t have to bend up and down .) Step Five & Six take the grill plate and insert it into the lid , slide the drip tray into the back of the BBQ. Step 7 plug in the cord and away you go ...The whole set up process took less than 10 minutes . Interesting details The cord is an impressive 2.9 metres long so you can have it plugged in almost anywhere ., I have it plugged in in my kitchen and the BBQ in the garden is a good four feet away from the seating area .. The Griddle Grill is different to most BBQ grills , in that it has ridges on 3/4 of it and the 4th 1/4 is a flat plate .Great for cooking fried eggs ,I have tried fried eggs on many grills ,with varying results , because you can close the lid on this one the Eggs are perfect every time . The power lead slips into the side of the appliance and has a temperature dial heat settings ranging from one to five with a light which goes off when it reaches the optimum heat .... How Big is it ? the total surface area of the griddle is 44 cms , which is a lot bigger than the largest sized George Foreman grill ( yes I''ve bought one of those too ). Is it large enough for a family though ??? On the first outing of the BBQ hubby ( eyes ever bigger than his belly ) decided to cook a full english with a few extras.. The griddle cooked 8 sausages , 7 slices of bacon , 2 Large flat cap Mushrooms 2 beef tomatoes 1 sliced red onion and 4 fried eggs ...all at the same time , So Yes this is definitely a family sized BBQ plenty big enough to cook for a family of 6 . Tips When you are using this BBQ its a good idea to have the lid down after the first five minutes of cooking , it cooks the food more evenly , and I have to say finishes off the fried eggs to perfection , avoid using any metal implements , Andrew James do some great wooden teppanyaki spatulas which can be used avoiding any scratches to the non stick coating of the griddle itself ....There is also a very handy timing menu in the instruction booklet which gives you average cooking times for all kinds of different foods . Cleaning this BBQ is really simple , after you have turned it off it takes seconds to cool down , remove the power cord and place it to one side , AJ recommend that you wipe the griddle plate with a cloth that has detergent on it , but we have found that the plate comes up a lot cleaner , and without any nasty detergent tastes if you simply pour a little hot water over it and give it a wipe with a dry cloth , for any stubborn burnt bits lightly rub a damp cloth over them..The drip tray is then removed and the excess fats can be disposed of ...It''s much easier to clean the drip tray if you add a small amount of water to it before cooking . The other benefit of this particular grill is that you can take it off of it''s stand and use it as a table top Grill, so if it does start raining its simply a case of continuing indoors. This BBQ is Brilliant , I have no problems in recommending it as I have yet to find any negatives at all , It has been used daily for the last few weeks ..( there we have had summer already ) Inside or out you''ll never have to miss a BBQ again .


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        14.03.2014 16:27
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Quality piece of kitchen kit .

        Wanting to update the colour of the appliances in our kitchen we decided to go Black , Yes it might show the fingermarks but what better reason could have for wanting to get the cleaning done ?

        I needed a Fridge Freezer to fit in a specific space , there aren't many choices out there if you only have 60 cms to work with ,but we searched online and found one that would be perfect for us . I ordered it and three days later it was delivered .( Big thumbs up to ao.com for the service and pricematching .)

        The Indesit CAA55k comes in white as well , but as I said I wanted Black it was delivered directly into place into the kitchen .

        The first thing to strike you about this FF is the sheer size it stands at 174 cms making it really high , but this is by no means a bad thing it means there is more space inside .It has an A+ energy rating so you know its not going to gobble your electricity as Fridge freezers go this one is Green .This model isn't frost free though , which isn't a problem if you defrost on a regular basis , I'll go into that further in to the review .

        The inside of the fridge has three door shelves , the bottom shelf has a large recess on the left hand side which means you can stand a 2 litre bottle of pop inside the door , it comfortably holds three 4 pint cartons of milk , you then have a dedicated dairy shelf complete with egg tray and butter dish and a higher shelf for either cheeses or small jars .

        In the bottom of the fridge there are two good sized salad crispers .I like the way that they have been designed as it means I can separate any salad according to date ,with the newest on one side and the not so new on the other . We eat a lot of salad and the drawers have comfortably fitted everything in with no overflow ...This is another one of the benefits of the FF being so tall .

        There are three Glass shelves , one is static but the other two can be adjusted to suit your needs ,Handy if you have a large joint of meat !

        On the right hand side of the top shelf the thermostat sits just in front of the fridge light which is bright enough to illuminate the contents from the top to the bottom , the thermostat reel has a regulator running from 1-5 ( the recommended setting is 3 ) there is also a quick freeze switch located just beneath this , very handy if you have just been out shopping for frozen food and its in danger of defrosting ,The total capacity of the fridge is 150 litres ( net )

        Opening up the freezer which is located at the bottom , you again have to give the door a good pull ( the build quality of this model is Outstanding )

        Inside there are four freezer trays with more than enough space to take a good family shop .They are all quite deep .Some freezers have graduating size draws this one they are pretty much equal .Total Freezer capacity 85 litres .

        On the inside of the door there are handy pictures diagrams showing you what the optimum freezing dates are for certain foods ...picture of a cow fruit etc .

        Noise level is very low .I always have a fan running in my kitchen and when its switched off you cannot hear the operation of the fridge freezer at all ...


        At the bottom of the freezer there is a pull out funnel which you use when defrosting , you need a small bowl to catch the water as it drains away . as long as you don't allow ice to build up inside this only needs to be done every few months .

        The Best thing about this Fridge Freezer is that Indesit give you a free 5 year Guarantee on parts as well as 12 months warranty , they even provide a freephone number for you to register .

        My Summary

        This is a must buy for anyone who needs an affordable good quality Fridge Freezer.
        I paid £248 including delivery .Not only is it aesthetically pleasing its a solid piece of kitchen necessity...would I recommend it . Absolutely !


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        • Pet Ottoman / Dog Accessory / 27 Readings / 25 Ratings
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          02.07.2013 12:51
          Very helpful



          Definitely a good buy !

          Over the last few years I have repeatedly been buying new beds for the dogs every 4-6 months , but was never really happy with the aesthetics, huge hunkering pieces of material were always a problem , where to put them for one !

          .A few years ago I saw these pet ottomans being advertised on an American site but at $99 dollars each plus $53 dollars shipping could never afford them . They looked like they could prove to be the answer to my pet storage problems ..From an untrained eye they look like footstools/ottomans , something that you would normally store things in , they have a thick padded lid which can be used as a seat .

          This week I found the same on ebay uk at just under twenty quid each they are a complete bargain ,

          My two dogs are Chihuahuas and at approx. 38 x 38 x 38cm (15 x 15 x 15").The size of these ottomans is just perfect , They are big enough for a terrier size dog too to sleep in comfortably .

          I ordered two one for each of my dogs and waited just three days for delivery , when they arrived the packaging was very small , because these are collapsible the bottom of the ottoman is stored in the lid .

          Made from faux leather they have a thick leather pillow in the base to give your dog that touch of luxury , Assembly is extremely simple you take the folded base out of the lid and open it up , insert the solid base supplied and then the cushion put the lid on and your done !

          The best thing about these other than they look terrific , is that they can be collapsed and moved from room to room ,even giving you extra seating as they can take up to 60kgs in weight ,No one would ever know they are dog beds .

          Mocha and Truffles ( my Chi's ) absolutely love them and have been scooting in and out since they got them .


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          • Star N9770 / Smartphone / 28 Readings / 28 Ratings
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            27.03.2013 12:14
            Very helpful



            I give the Star 4.5/5 stars just taking off the 0.5 because of the two problems I have highlighted .

            I wanted to buy a large screen smartphone it's getting harder and harder to see anything on my current phone "ain't age a bummer !". I really wanted something like a Samsung Galaxy whether it be the s2 , s3 or note but I really didn't want to pay the huge prices that these phones demand , four or five hundred quid for a phone is a bit beyond my means and I needed to buy two . I trawled through the internet looking for a cheaper alternative .

            I ended up on Amazon where I found The STAR N9770 - 5.08 inch MTK6577 1.2GHz dual core CPU android 4.0.4 ICE CREAM SANDWICH 3G smartphone dual sim 8MP camera WIFI GPS, new google play store and flash player supported, with flip case

            Don't ask me what all those details mean , I've been using the internet for 10 years and still consider myself a total technophobe !

            This phone is a Chinese clone of the Galaxy note , I read through all of the reviews and the majority of them were positive , noting that some reviewers had mentioned the best company to use for customer service " DracoTek". I decided to take the plunge and order. I placed an Order for two ,the price of this phone varies ,dependent on which supplier you get it from .( UK suppliers charge more and take roughly the same amount of time for delivery ).

            I chose to get the cheaper option and placed my order on the 6th of the month expecting to have to wait at least 3-4 weeks for delivery from mainland China , to my surprise and delight I received both of the phones just 7 days later , that includes customs clearance .Draco Tek (the company that sent them )gave me a tracking link which I was able to click on from the moment I received it ,it kept me up to date with my packages journey even going as far as to tell me the package was waiting to clear customs .

            Technical details..

            5.08 inch huge display and super slim smartphone/mini pocket tablet pc all in one
            Latest MTK6577 1-1.2GHz dual core Cortex A9 + GPU Power SGX531 + 512MB RAM + 4GB ROM
            High sensitive capacitive 5 point multi touch screen Android 4.0.4 ice cream sandwich OS, compatible with thousands of apps from google play ** mine is running Jelly bean 4.1 not the ICS advertised .

            3G + WIFI for high speed internet Dual SIM Dual Standby, Build in GPS (navigation software is not included) Support external memory card up to 32GB Bluetooth hands free calling Dual camera, 8MP with flash light ** not what it says on the back of the box..**actual details 5MP AF + 2 MP front camera

            On To the phone

            They arrived delivered by a courier well wrapped in reams and reams of bubble wrap ,not so environmentally friendly but it certainly guaranteed that they arrived undamaged ...

            The box of each phone is white and has a picture of a black phone on the front with the words Android Note printed in large gold lettering on the bottom .On the back all of the usual information .This phone can be bought in Black or White I chose the former .

            Inside the box ...

            Opening up the box the first thing you find is the phone itself nestled in the top layer of contents ...it is HUGE ( definitely more the Galaxy Note size rather than S2 or 3). The phone has a protective layer over the screen , unfortunately you have to take this off as it is covered with details about the phone Amoeloid screen etc .( I suggest you purchase a packet of screen protectors at the same time as the phone ,)

            Also inside the box under the first layer , a small and frankly quite useless instruction manual , all it appears to tell you is which applications you can use ,pages and pages on Yahoo ,Google Flicker and Facebook take my advice and throw it away without bothering to bore yourself with the lack of content !. A spare cover flip case ( not something I would recommend using as you have to take the back off your phone and use the clip cover of the case instead ). A USB power lead with a European adapter plug ( one worked fine the other was broken but they aren't expensive to buy .) Two Batteries ..Yes I did say Two and both have up to 85% charge on them , a usb charging cable & a pair of earphones .

            This phone has the capability to use 2 sim cards , one running 3g the other normal 2g but you don't have to have both of them filled , it also comes with a 2mb sd card installed small but good enough to get an idea of how the phone works .

            The phone itself is well made ,the only real letdown being that the back cover is made of plastic , in all other ways, the menu search and back buttons are the same as the Galaxy Note ,the only difference being the volume and on off switch are on the right hand side of the phone instead of the left .

            I put my 3 sim into the 3g enabled left hand side slot , leaving the right hand slot empty ( great that you can do this ),placed one of the batteries in and replaced the cover ..switched the phone on.

            Starting up the phone .

            For those of you familiar with the Android operating system this will be no problem , for those new to it ,when the phone starts up it's like booting up a computer .Start up was really fast less than 15 seconds for the Android system to boot up , the usual android icons dancing across the screen then onto the home screen .My 3 sim was recognized straight away ...The home screen looks just like a Galaxy the wallpaper is of one of those fairy flowers ( I know that's not what they're called I'm just getting old and can't remember !).It shows the network you are using in my case 3 , the only differing feature is that at the top of the screen you have two power bars , one for each sim card , the empty sim card shows but with a red cross against it .

            The Time and Date are shown along with icons for phone , settings , browser and apps .There are three home pages or quick start pages .The settings menu is much the same as any other Android device.

            I went into the settings menu to turn my home network wireless I was sitting next to the router and the phone found it straight away ,although when I moved downstairs I lost wifi completely , some reviewers had mentioned a poor wifi signal *,but in my case I knew it was to do with my broadband supplier who I was in the process of switching from .*Two days later after I had completed the change to a new broadband supplier the wifi signal was at full strength on my phone both inside the house and out in the garden .Bonus !!

            I clicked on the apps icon and was taken to the applications screen , there are a few pre installed apps like Flash player , Google play store Camera Video etc ...I clicked on the playstore icon ( you have to have a Google account for this if you are already an android user then you know ,if not it's simple to set up an account .) and downloaded a few apps I wanted , Skype video call being the main one ,installation took seconds .I Immediately made a video call to my husband , the picture and sound were as good as I get using my laptop so I am happy with that . All of the other apps I installed work really well including BBC iplayer ( you have to download BBC media player as well for this to work ). TV catchup works a dream too .All the usual social networking apps work but I'm not really one for informing people I barely know my location and details throughout the day , If it is your thing then this is the easiest and best way to do it .

            This phone even has voice recognition so you don't even have to type searches in.. if your feeling lazy or just like the sound of your own voice ..talk , surfing the internet using the browser is simple .

            Some reviewers have said that they have trouble establishing 3g connection , this is to do with settings all I had to do was go to settings > phone>networks click on network and then turn 3g on . If you decide to buy one of these phones there is plenty of help to be had using the discussion facility on Amazon .

            Battery life .

            Is the battery life good I hear you ask , well I spent all day using the wifi surfing the net yesterday the battery was at 97% at the start by the end of the night the battery was reading 33% .to put this into perspective when you go into the settings you will get the battery status both in percentage and time .33% equates to 1 day 23 hours and 46 minutes .

            The fact that they supply you with 2 batteries is great however you have to have them inside the phone to charge them , despite searching through Amazon and many other sites I have not been able to find a charger that these huge batteries will fit . the best thing to do ,( I suggest ) would be to keep up to date with the detailed discussions on the Amazon sale page , loads of information from other users that is really helpful .

            The Camera .

            While the camera is 5mp and not the 8 mp advertised It gives a really crisp and clear photo ,it has its own mini editing suite so you can make the changes before you save the pic .Don't bother with the flash though as it is completely useless and doesn't make a jot of difference to the quality of the photo .Video chat is fluid , it has a nifty little switch where you can flip from the front to back camera ..comes in handy for me when I'm shopping trying to explain an item to hubby , no more talking just point the phone at it and show him .. The Video function on the phone is terrific too giving clear video every time .

            Call Quality ..

            I haven't experienced any problems with either the sound or the call quality of this phone , its very clear , there could be slight problems with the earphones if you ever need to replace them as they aren't standard , instead of being the normal 2 pin they are 3 pin ..this is probably something to do with the Chinese manufacture ,there are ways to make normal 2 pin earphones work which require adaptation , not something I'd consider , think I'd just write to the supplier and ask to buy direct from them instead .

            Extras good to have ...

            I bought 10x galaxy note screen protectors which are a perfect fit and a Galaxy note soft leather flip case , the Star is a perfect fit for size , the only downside being that the flash on the back is covered , but as I have said that's a basically useless feature anyway .

            A week later and I am in seventh heaven , I have a Smart phone that to all intents and purposes looks just like the Galaxy note , with all the functions and all at a bargain price .

            Yes you may be wary of buying a Chinese Clone phone ,but with the Star N9770 you won't be disappointed ..Samsung Galaxy note £459.00 Android note £114.00 ...Don't know about you but saving
            £320.00 and Not being tied to a network , I'd go for this every time , and lets be honest Its going to be a lot cheaper to replace them that it would have been had I bought 2 of the Galaxies .

            Not a very technical review but these were my impressions of using the Star for the first time .This is one of my Best Buys ever ! I hope I have at least made you want to look at one .


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              06.12.2012 16:03
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              all in all I would recommend this product gentle on gums cleaner teeth with little effort

              I'm a bzz agent and was recently chosen to take part in a campaign for Colgate , Basically I signed up , what I got was the option to test this product for free , I waited for the bzz kit to arrive ...A week later My husband answered the door and I received my Colgate pro clinical C600 , I excitedly ripped the box open and shared my first impressions of this electric toothbrush with him .

              I had a few small niggling negatives to get out of the way before I start to use it .

              Firstly opening up the packaging and seeing that the charging unit cable has a european plug on it ! not a great start ( luckily I have an adaptor )so I was able to put it on charge straight away I don't know about anyone else but my home doesn't have a two pin shaving plug in the bathroom , maybe this is something Colgate will be able to improve on .

              The charging time required for the C600 is to my mind a little excessive 16 hours twice a week ! I don't even charge my smartphone that often or for that amount of time ...

              As a good bzz agent it is important for me to list the negatives as well as the positives .

              There was enough of a charge in the toothbrush for me to see exactly how the different actions work . Clipping the brush head into the top of the unit was simple just push and click , on the handle there is a button with three modes which showed that not only does this brush go up and down , it goes from side to side and has a special low speed side to side action which is gentle on the gums , using the mode button I was able to see that it is possible to switch from one mode to another whilst brushing .

              the little carry case that comes with the unit is a brilliant extra , electric toothbrushes aren't exactly the easiest of items to pack into luggage or an overnight bag , with this case as long as you make sure the toothbrush is fully charged you won't have any bulky charging units to carry as well .

              Down to the Brushing ....

              After giving the toothbrush its full 16 hour charge ( yes that's right 16 hours !! Still can't believe it ) I used it for the first time the following morning .

              For me I was expecting it to be pretty much the same as any other electric toothbrush , its simple to switch on , just the press of a button .

              The difference is you are able to control the speed of the brush when cleaning the sensitive areas of the mouth , most electric brushes continue at a high speed which can cause gums to bleed ..but this nifty little number slows the action down , while still delivering a hygienic clean to the bottom of teeth around the gum line . Not a spot of blood in sight . After a good three minute brush my teeth felt as clean as they do after a visit to the hygienist .

              Using this brush will no doubt make a difference to my oral health , after just one use I could feel the difference compared to using a manual brush .

              Another small negative point to make , this is extremely streamlined for an electric toothbrush the handle isn't much wider than a traditional manual brush which could have some disadvantages too .

              I suffer from dexterity and mobility issues in my hands making my grip poor at best , this toothbrush is so slim I had problems gripping and holding it comfortably . If you have grip problems this could be a problem ,

              Value for money ...

              As I stated at the beginning of my review I received this product free to trial however it is available to buy at Boots and Tesco as well as on the Colgate website usually retailing between £95 - £ 98 .... for a limited time if you buy via the Colgate site you can get a 30% discount if you use the code ' BZZAGENT2012 '

              Despite my little niggles this is definitely a product that I would recommend .


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              • Kodak ESP C310 / All in one Printer / 21 Readings / 20 Ratings
                More +
                03.09.2012 13:22
                Very helpful



                I recommend this to anyone who wants to print and doesn't want to worry about ink costs .

                My last all-in-one printer had given up the ghost , and although I generally don't print a lot I needed to replace it .I had heard so many adverts telling me that Kodak has the lowest printing costs that I decided maybe it was time to give them a go .

                I found the C310 and carefully read the product information , Ok , so this printer is wireless has cheap ink replacement costs , but it doesn't have a Fax facility .I always like to check out customer reviews and many of them stated that there hadn't been a lot of ink in the cartridges provided with the printer ..It was on offer across a number of stores so I 'bit the bullet and placed my order ( I did ring the company I was purchasing from to query the ink cartridges and was told by a very helpful CS rep that Kodak sell the printers with just enough ink for you to see they are working correctly ) .So at the same time I purchased replacement ink cartridges too .

                The printer comes with a DVD which allows you to download all of your Kodak support this is called the Kodak Home Centre , there is also a getcleanprint application , which is basically a photoshop app that assists you reducing red eye and performing basic editing tasks .

                The printer arrived and it was time to set it up , not being very technical myself ,I was impressed by just how easy the set up process was .I plugged it in and all the lights lit up , it has a very handy little LCD monitor on the right hand side , you use this to configure the printer with your network router , by just typing in your router password , you know when you are connected as the blue wireless light flashes ( it's much the same as any other wireless piece of technology ..After you have completed that phase , you place the DVD into your hard drive and download the Kodak app ..That's it ! It's so simple and then your ready to print to your hearts content .You can even print directly from your android phone with this little beauty !

                If you experience any error codes , you can click on a link and it directs you straight to Kodak customer support .Very handy as most questions are answered there , and if they aren't you can contact Kodak customer support via the site app .

                The quality of the print is very impressive , but a word of warning , don't be tempted to use inferior quality photo paper , for the best quality prints use Kodak .

                The design isn't as brilliant as some printers , this is a basic Kodak all-in-one and looks quite frankly like a huge black brick , but hey I bought it for its printing quality not aesthetics .It does a good job and for the price is a printer that I would highly recommend for anyone with a home office .The total cost of ink cartridges is under twenty pounds ,( this is more than less of half the price I was paying for Lexmark cartridges ).

                I would definitely recommend Kodak both its printers and ink replacement cartridges .


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                25.07.2012 13:18
                Very helpful


                • Reliability


                My Best buy this year .Acer delivers again !

                This is a none techno review from a technophobic dinosaur trying to catch up with new innovations so if it doesn't have all of the details you would expect , don't be surprised .

                After 6 months of struggling to get to grips with an Android tablet pc and having no luck at all when it comes to being able to get the applications I want . I decided to take the plunge and look for a Tablet PC with a Windows operating system. I trawled through pages and pages of tablets the majority of them coming with the Android os , there really didn't seem to be much of a choice , an Android tab or a new Apple ipad..,

                I typed in Windows os tablets on google search and nothing came up , I was at the point of giving up when I decided to make a last ditch attempt and go via a site that I have used before .Laptopsdirect , there I found EXACTLY what I was looking for..

                The Acer Iconia W500 Tablet running Windows 7 , at bargain price too ,it was on sale for the pricely sum of £329.00 , but on further inspection I saw that Acer were running a promotion whereby they refund £100 on qualifying products and YES ! the W500 was included ....Times like this really make me feel I have lived up to my screen name .

                I rang laptopsdirect and placed my order over the phone , opting for a 3-5 day delivery , I received my order confirmation within minutes and I sat back happy that I had made the right decision . The Following morning there was a ring on the door bell , my Tablet had arrived !

                The box looks like most other Acer laptop boxes , I thought for a second they may have made a mistake , but it was fine the tablet was inside yet another box ( not too environmentally friendly ).

                Product specs...

                Screen size - 10.1 in - 1280 x 800
                Processor - AMD C50 C-50 - 1 GHz
                RAM - 2 GB
                Hard Drive - 32 GB
                Operating System - Windows 7 Home Premium (32-bit)
                Optical Drive - None ( not a problem as i don't use this on any of my other pcs anyway )
                Webcam - Integrated 1.3mpx **

                Opening it up the contents were The tablet , a windows recovery disc and a powerlead along with transformer & the usual start up guide and warranty ....on to the setting up .

                This Tablet has a 10.1" screen and on taking it out of the box I could feel that it is a lot heavier than my previous android tablet , it weighs in at 970 grams , this weight may be a problem for others but for me and the use it is intended for the extra weight is negligible ,I will be housing it in a Custom Leather notebook .

                I read the quick start guide ( which is all of half a page and all pictures no words ) which tells you to immediately plug in the transformer , simple step .The windows logo on the bottom left of the tab lights up blue ( I thought this was a handy edition as I have been guilty in the past of leaving my tablet plugged in and forgetting about it ). The top left side of the tablet houses the on off button along with the sound button , I pushed the button and waited to see what would happen .

                The Tablet powered up and the familiar Acer wallpaper was showing then the round buffering signal for maybe four seconds before a message appeared , Windows Initial setup ....here I go I thought !

                The page sprung up asking me to set my pc name and password ..problem was I couldn't for the life of me find where the virtual keyboard was to enable me to type those essentials in ...after five minutes of getting really frustrated I tried to double tap the area where they were requesting my details ..Success ! ok ,now I knew I had to double tap .I sped through the rest of the registration process in a matter of seconds .

                A Configuration message came up and after it had completed my homepage sprang into life ...its all exactly the same format as my desktop and laptops .The tablet had a few pre installed applications like Skype and eBay all very easy to navigate , the one difference is that there is an application built in called the Acer Ring , this houses certain multimedia applications like the Camera .The icon for this is found on the desktop simple to use .I clicked on it to have a look .I pressed the camera part of the ring ( wanting to see how good the resolution was )** at this point I made a happy discovery my tablet has two cameras ! One forward facing and one rear , a simple tap flick of the switch and I can control it ...Bonus !

                I added my home wi fi network ( as I have said the set up for this is the same as any traditional pc ) and was ready to browse the web .I clicked on the internet explorer symbol and hey presto , within seconds , was surfing the net going to all my favourite sites .I thought I'd try to see if I could access BBC Iplayer as that was one of the reasons I purchased the tablet , No problems at all .This Tablet really is a pc !

                Then there is another great function , i found it quite by accident I thought I was clicking on the virtual keyboard ,not only is there the traditional keyboard but a writing recognition keyboard programme is installed too , I attempted to write my name , with my finger on screen and the tablet recognised my efforts and my name appeared in the search bar ...not something I'm likely to make a lot of use of , but its quirky and appealing .

                I spent all day ( a good 8 hours ) surfing and exploring its functions and the battery was still going strong when I switched it off .that for me is a huge tick as my Android tablet only every lasted two hours max .

                This Tablet has all the features of a desktop or Laptop computer , but is completely portable , in my opinion a must have . I would highly recommend registering the product with the Acer website as they have fantastic customer support if you do run into any problems ...

                A Fantastic Tablet PC !


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              • Yodel / Transport / 25 Readings / 25 Ratings
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                12.06.2012 12:34
                Very helpful



                Yodel is a courier firm to avoid if at all possible ,terrible Customer service .

                Yodel is the new name for the Home Delivery Network , a courier service used by many catalogue companies and also private individuals .They deliver nationwide .I am writing this review as a customer receiving goods , not sending them , so information on pricing won't be involved .

                I purchase a lot via the internet auction sites and Amazon, and have had my parcels delivered by many different courier firms . I have had good experiences and bad experiences , In my opinion though Yodel have to be one of the worst , for tracking the packages , but more so , for their complete lack of customer service .

                I recently purchased an item and paid for next day delivery , I received my confirmation email within seconds , included in it was a tracking link ...my heart fell when I realised it was Yodel .As per the instructions of the mail I waited until after 6pm to click on the link to see that my parcel had been sent for collection at one of Yodels main sorting hubs .

                9am the following morning I clicked on the link again to track my package it stated that the package had been received at my local hub and that it was now ,'with the courier for delivery'..... unlike many of the other courier firms Yodel will only tell you that a package is in transit , it WON"T give you an expected time of delivery . As the Yodel hub is only 25 miles from my home I anticipated that even if I was left til last my package would be with me by the afternoon .....

                12 o'clock ...1 o'clock...2..3..4..5..6..7..8

                As you can imagine I was getting slightly frustrated at this point and decided to contact the company , all they have is either an automated phone or email contact ..so I attempted to ring , but was just placed on hold ..after twenty minutes I gave up , I may as well have Yodelled that might have got some response !I decided to email instead ....They only deliver up until 9pm and when that time had been and gone , I was no longer frustrated , I was FURIOUS.

                First thing the following morning I signed in to my mail account expecting there to be an answer ...but nothing .I clicked on the Tracking link again and it said ....' Unable to Locate '. So it was with the courier the day before but they were unable to locate it today ... I contacted the company I purchased the item from by email, explaining to them in intricate detail my problem and what had happened ..and they sent me the tracking link !

                1pm the following day still no reply to my email to Yodel customer services, but at 5:30 there was a rap on the door , my package had finally arrived ..

                It's now One week later and they never did reply to me , but now everytime I make an online purchase I will ask the vendor which courier service they are using , and if they say Yodel , I'll ask for them to send it via Royal Mail instead .
                In my opinion Yodel have the worst customer service of any of the big courier networks and frankly need to be more customer orientated .


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                  11.06.2012 11:11
                  Very helpful



                  Recommended for any tablet , safe storage , don't have to facilitate touch screen .

                  Don't faint ! I have finally entered the technology age .

                  Earlier this year I purchased a mid range tablet , as I wasn't certain that I would be able to manage with one there wasn't much point in splashing out on an ipad so I settled for a cheap one which I purchased on Amazon for the reasonable price of £120. I knew when I ordered it it wouldn't be top of the range .When it came through it took me a while to get used to the touch screen ( sometimes having long nails is a distinct disadvantage :S ). No matter how hard I tried I just couldn't get used to typing on the screen , so my only choice was to look for a keyboard that I could attach to it .

                  I found a few on Amazon their prices ranging from £10 -£70 , well I certainly wasn't going to be paying half the price of the tablet so I opted for the £15 one . Two days after I made the order it was delivered .

                  The case is Leather look (not leather ) it doesn't feel cheap though .It has a pull out picture frame stand on the back , which you pull out when the tablet is sat inside , and a magnetic clasp on the front that keeps it closed when not in use .

                  When you open it up , inside you will find on the bottom half , your qwerty keyboard ,just above there are two loops one of which is holding the included stylus , the other holds the usb connector that connects to the tablet .
                  The top half of the case has five rigid clasps which hold the tablet in place ...Not very well designed as they are so rigid if not EXTREMELY careful you will scratch the tablet trying to fit it in ..

                  I recommend buying some screen protectors and applying them to the tablet before attempting to fit it to the case . Once it is all in place it's best to make sure you can close the case and that the clasp is secure enough to hold whilst on the go .After you have done that ...down to business .

                  I turned on the tablet and plugged in the usb adaptor went to the browser and used the keyboard to type in a url , this was fantastically easy ( even for me !!) . It worked a treat .When the keyboard is in use one of three lights at the top of the keyboard come on to show you you are connected to the tablet .

                  I have however since found a flaw in the workings of the keyboard , as I am no computer expert it's pure assumption on my part , but I think these keyboards were manufactured for the overseas market , because there is no £ sign ...( I don't have on on my laptop either ...) to get over this you have to copy and paste every time you need to use one ...

                  Thankfully I am only using my tablet for watching programmes , playing games and instant messaging , so the lack of the £ isn't really a problem .If I was using it as my main form of computing equipment I would be rather annoyed though .

                  I called my review Chameleon Computing because that is what this case does , it turns your tablet into a netbook and makes it easier to type .Even with the slight disadvantage of not having all of the usual buttons (£) I would still recommend it .The case keeps your tablet secure when you aren't using it and is really easy to store . At £15 it is a snip that will probably protect your tablet screen for years to come .


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                • Acer beTouch E210 / Smartphone / 31 Readings / 31 Ratings
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                  19.01.2012 14:35
                  Very helpful



                  The smartest buy a simple step into smartphone technology

                  I recently decided it was time to dip my toes into the smart phone technology pond , being, what could be deemed as a technological virgin ( no don't laugh ! ) I was quite impressed with my bravado. I didn't want to spend hundreds of pounds on the latest apple i-phone , as money conscience as I am ( my husband calls me tight ) all I could think of were the consequences of what I would do if I didn't get on with it .


                  I trawled the internet looking for a decent alternative that wouldn't break the bank if it wasn't for me .Who would have thought there would be sooooo many to choose from , not me that's for sure !

                  After hours and a huge headache , I found one that I liked the look of , it suited my needs and more importantly my budget .

                  When you're reading the following please bear in mind , I am not a tech wizard and this is my first foray into smartphone technology , so I am writing purely from the idiots stand point .That means no tech specs , if you want them follow the link .

                  The Acer beTouch E210 is an android operated phone , it has both a physical qwerty keyboard and touch screen technology , in fact all of the items you would expect of a mobile , camera , camcorder etc...

                  I was looking forward to getting it with some trepidation...A few days later the phone arrived .

                  Inside the box you get the usual paperwork , warranty , quick set up guide and safety information booklets along with the phone itself an SD card, battery, usb charging cable and two pin adaptor , which converts the usb to a normal electrical socket , along with earphones .

                  The phone is,( I have on good authority.) a little wider than a Blackberry and the keys on the qwerty keyboard are rounded making typing slighty easier .It is black with a silver trim , which gives it an expensive look .

                  Setting up

                  My first mountain to climb was getting the back off of the phone , there is a small indentation you are supposed to put your fingernail into to push , lift and unclip it open . Maybe you could manage this if you were Thumbelina , or a weight lifting smurf , but my fingers were just too big and I couldn't get anywhere near opening it this way..Twenty minutes and a few $@!^$ expletives later the back was finally off.( I am hoping this is going to get easier as its a nightmare when everything is so tight ).

                  I placed the sim card in and then the Sd card ..why an sd card ? well apparently it has to be inserted if you want to use the camera , not sure why but you live and learn .Next the battery goes in ..dizzy mare put it in the right way round ,doh !! now plug it in using the usb cable in the mains and wait for the phone to charge ...

                  6 Hours later...yes only 6 the box said 8 but the red indicator light has gone out, which the paperwork says means the phone is fully charged , unplug from the mains and switch the phone on...Up pops the home screen an Acer logo with a little green android waving at me , then the screen moves on to android flashing across it , a little mp3 ditty to tell me that the phone is operational its time to get smart .

                  First things first .

                  I had to register the phone with Acer , doing this apparently gives you your warranty ..the wonders of technology .All I had to do was type in my name and address as simple as that . Registration complete it directed me back to the homepage where I had to sign in to google and accepts the T&C's to enable me to use the android market .At this point i was glad I had the forethought to top up my sim with enough credit beforehand as you have to access the internet for it . Google done I was returned to the homescreen , now it was time to explore !!

                  On the left of the home screen you see the time , date & your network provider to the right you have a speaker symbol and a green lock symbol ,on the far right browser menu and phone symbols , then , running along the bottom of the screen there are four more logos..Acer settings , market , email and messages. To open the phone and get into the menu you have to use the touchscreen to slide the green lock up to open the phone and see what else was included .In the rolling touch menu I gave myself a brainache..so many apps already on the phone facebook , microsoftword ,barcode reader , spinlets , talk , market , twidroid ,fooz ,places, voice recorder , youtube , gps ...and on and on.But , there was one missing .I needed to go to the market.

                  My First go downloading an app .

                  I wanted to make sure that I had Skype on my phone , as it wasn't one of the pre installed apps, I had to go to the android market and download it .I typed Skype into the searchbar and up it popped (wow that was fast ! I was impressed ).I pressed the download now button and expected a long wait , less than a minute later skype had been downloaded and installed .I pressed the menu button and was taken back to my homescreen went through the menu to see if it was showing and there it was .Success ! either I'm not as blonde as I thought or they have made downloading idiot proof ( please don't answer that lol ).

                  I had to make sure it was all working so I signed in with my details all of my contacts were there , just ready for me to press the button and talk ,so I skyped my hubby to see if the audio quality would be diminished on a mobile , no problems .It was clear as a bell , I ended the conversation and signed out of skype .On returning to the homescreen there was a helpful message from my little green android friend explaining that instead of scrolling through the main menu I could move regularly used applications to one of the six homescreens..6 Homescreens !!!I thought that it was just one , but on closer inspection quickly found myself surfing between them .To move skype to one of the main screens I touched and dragged the skype logo to the screen I wanted it on ...blimey i could be a meerkat this was SIMPLES tsk !!

                  My one problem now was that the touchscreen was far too sensitive ,scrolling was going mad shooting past everything I wanted to loo at , but after going into the phone settings I was able to find the adjustment , it took a few tries but I eventually got there .Now the touch screen is sensitive to my touch and I can scroll to my hearts content without missing anything .

                  I looked through the youtube app , there was a microphene symbol , I was intrigued so I pressed and it told me to speak .I gave the name of a band and a song and seconds later the video was there on my screen playing .The picture quality is astounding , bearing in mind how small the phones screen is I hadn't expected such clarity. I am CONVERTED .

                  The camera on the phone is only 3.2 megapixels but still gives a good picture , the camcorder is simple to operate , the only downside being that there is no flash so taking pictures in the dark won't give you a prize winner , however , the picture quality is fine for what I need , my Chihuahuas will pose all day every day they know what a camera is for .

                  Battery ; I was able to use the phone pretty much continuously for three days before I had to recharge the battery , which wasn't quite as long as I had hoped for , but then I have never accessed the internet via a mobile before and I had been playing with it constantly .Maybe after a few charges it will last a bit longer...I'll have to wait and see.

                  I always recommended Acer in the past for being a reliable PC manufacturer now I will be adding praise for their smartphones too . Until I am more savvy with Smart technology I am more than happy to stick with this fantastic little phone , it's like a mega portable computer , and with so many apps available in the marketplace I may never need to use a PC again...It has all the functionality of a Blackberry the touch screen of the i-phone , and all this at just over 100 quid , but the main reason I like it is because to me its a miracle of technology .Why ? I hear you say ...because they have made it idiot proof .If someone as dizzy as me can get to grips with it in just under a day then anyone can . All the bells and whistles of smartphone technology at the price of a good quality basic mobile phone ...Who needs an Apple when Acer have this ace ...not me that's for sure.

                  Sorry to have waffled on ...I am still giving myself a pat on the back for attempting to embark into the smartphone world ...now I'm in it I'm converted and most importantly I haven't drowned . I've beTouch ed


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                    06.10.2011 10:53
                    Very helpful


                    • Reliability


                    A Mini Miracle piece of kit that everyone should have .

                    My Hubby was having problems with his back , sitting in a chair leaning backwards and forwards whilst using his laptop .We decided he needed a wireless keyboard and duly searched the net for the perfect one.

                    There was a multitude of keyboards to choose from , but I believe I have found the BEST .You know what men are like , Masters of the Remote control .The Keyboard I found was perfect .the size of a remote control , but with all the functions bells and whistles included ..( Well not literally ) .

                    As anyone who reads my reviews will be aware I am NOT technically minded , it took me three years to work out how to get music into my MP3 player ! But here goes with my review for this keyboard , please excuse the lack of Tech Talk .

                    I purchased the 2.4G 2.4GHz Wireless Rii Mini PC Keyboard Touchpad V2 Black from Amazon for a reasonable £34.05 ( free delivery too what a bargain ).

                    I was given the delivery date and waited , Unusually the item arrived three days before expected . I eagerly ripped the cardboard packaging ( well done amazon for providing recyclable cardboard ) to look at the contents .

                    SHOCKED ...That was my first reaction .this keyboard is the size of a remote control !

                    Inside the box was the keyboard and a usb charging cable . That was it !

                    How easy it is to set up ...It's so easy even a 2 year old could do it .After first using the usb adapter to fully charge the unit .There is a Bluetooth adapter in the top of the keypad that slides out and you just plug into a port on your laptop or Pc and away you go .Navigating using the touchpad is simple and the qwerty keyboard UK layout means you know where all the buttons are . There are indicator lights on the keypad which tell you when it needs charging and the battery strength and a communication indicator that shows it is receiving the signal.

                    The Unit

                    The actual unit weighs just 100grams , it has a fully functioning qwerty keyboard , complete with multi media and PC control keys , and here come the bells and whistles ....It has a Laser pointer and a Touchpad which can be used vertically and horizontally ( not that I expect my husband to be making any presentations with it , unless its to point out what gadget he wants next ) and here's the icing on the cake... this keyboard can be used in the dark , the keys Lightup ! No more having to have a light on at night in order to see the keyboard .

                    Within a minute of plugging the unit in my hubby was happily surfing the net sitting comfortably in his recliner .

                    If you are used to using a Blackberry or the like then this would be ideal .

                    For those that want the Technical details I have copied them ...I may one day learn what they mean ...but I'm not holding out much hope .


                    Measurements ( L X W X H ): 151.1mm x 59 mm x 13.8 mm
                    WEIGHT ( grams): 100g/ 0.22 lbs
                    OPERATIONAL RANGE Up to 30 meters
                    OUTPUT POWER (db) : +4db Max
                    OPERATION VOLTAGE 3.3V
                    OPERATION CURRENT < 150mA
                    CHARGING CURRENT <350mA
                    HIBERNATION CURRENT < 1mA

                    SUPPORTED ENVIRONMENT

                    Windows 2000, Windows XP , Windows Vista , Windows CE , Windows 7
                    Linux (Debian-3.1 Redhat-9.0 Unbuntu -8.10 Fedora- 7.0 Tested
                    Microsoft XBox 360 ( may require frmware update )
                    Sony PS3 ( may require frmware update )

                    The keyboard will comfortably last for 12 hours being used continuously before needing to be recharged , a full recharge takes two hours just plug the USB cable in and wait for the red light to flash..simple !

                    Not sure what any of that means but , regardless , If it was possible to give this 10 stars I would . Simple functions and easy to set up even for the biggest Technophobe , Just one request please don't all rush out and buy one till I have bought a spare !

                    This review is also on Ciao under the same username savvysaver


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                  • laptopsdirect.co.uk / Online Shop / 29 Readings / 28 Ratings
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                    04.10.2011 13:59
                    Very helpful



                    AcerDirect have not only Fantastic prices they have a customer service team who are second to none

                    My laptop was about to die and I wanted one with a larger screen 15.3 was ok five years ago , but age and eyesight insisted that I needed a 17.3..those extra two inches really do make a difference !

                    Anyway I was searching for an Acer computer because that is the make I have always had , I am comfortable with them and technophobe that I am didn't really want to learn about a completely different system .So I typed Acer into the searchbar and got thousands of results.I went down the traditional routes of trying to find a bargain on the well known bidding sites but was disappointed to find that the Laptop I really wanted wasn't going to be within my meager budget .Back to the search results and I saw Acer direct , I thought why not give it a go , it couldn't do any harm to have a look .

                    AcerDirect also known as Laptops direct are a fantastic manufacturer website where you can purchase good quality Acer computers and peripherals at knockdown prices .Not that I had ever heard of them before .( thank god for Google !). This is because they sell direct rather than through a third party retailer .

                    They have a huge range available on their site, Laptops ,desktops ,notebooks,carry bags , printers storage ..etc , and with all the expected operating systems .Because I knew I wanted a Windows 7 OS and a 17.3" screen I just typed it into the homepage search bar up came 8 different computers and a section called refurbished .I looked closely at this ..

                    As this is the section I purchased from my review will be focused on my journey from choosing the purchase to the delivery .

                    In the refurbished section there are all kinds of computers which are graded into 5 sections ..A1 - As New , A2 - Minor Cosmetic Damage, A3 - Moderate Cosmetic Damage ,A4 - Minor Structural Damage, e.g. may have a small crack in the casing.All basic operations fully functional and A5 - Moderate Structural Damage, e.g. may have crack to casing or broken hinge etc. All basic operations fully functional.

                    Basically the best ones to look at are the A1 grade computers , after further investigation and an email to customer services with a query I was informed that A1 grade laptops are as new but the box has been opened .

                    It had everything I wanted a 17.3" screen Windows 7 O.S and came with a full warranty , free McAfee security for two months and 3 months 24/7 tech assistance ...and all this for £250.00 . I added the laptop to my basket and continued to the checkout ...at this point you are told you do not need to register to purchase from the site .

                    The checkout process if done by credit card is very fast indeed ...however I wanted to pay using my PayPal account , that little bit of extra security . This process is slightly more complicated .After adding everything I wanted to my basket , and taking away a few of the items they automatically recommend . I chose my delivery option for the next day , at the price of £14.00 which I considered to be more than reasonable , then I had to call the customer service team to pay ...The C.S advisor took my order and my email address , explained to me how I would have to make the payment direct through Paypal and that all the order details would be in the e-mail also that because I was paying by PayPal I would incur a 1.5 % surcharge .

                    This was the first time I have ever paid via Paypal directly to a company rather than just pressing a button so I was a little apprehensive , but thankfully I needn't have been .I followed the detailed instructions and got confirmation from PayPal that my payment had been made .

                    Half an hour later I received another email from them confirming that my payment had been made and that my laptop would be delivered the following day , it also had enclosed a tracking link .

                    Dependent on where you live in the country the courier company may differ , here in the South East the couriers were Yodel .I clicked on the link and it immediately told me that my package was waiting for collection at the service hub ..

                    Next morning less than 18 hours after I had placed my order .My Laptop was delivered .

                    In my opinion AcerDirect have not only Fantastic prices they have a customer service team who are second to none .I would seriously recommend anyone wanting a computer and /or peripherals to check out the site .


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                    09.09.2011 18:06
                    Very helpful
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                    Worth every penny

                    Everyone that is familiar with my reviews will know how passionate I am about my garden . My Hosepipe had been bought ,the nozzle on it was worse than useless , like a geriatric dribbler ( no offence intended ) but I wanted an attachment with all the bells and whistles to help me with the watering .

                    The Hozelock Multi Spray Pro gun wasn't my first choice , at £10.50 + £4.59 postage and packaging I thought it needed to be gold plated to be worth it .

                    I couldn't have been more wrong !

                    After the package was delivered I was concerned that I had been sent the wrong item .The box it came in was extremely heavy , surely too heavy to just be a hose pipe adapter .

                    On opening the box , inside I found the spray attachment for the reel I had purchased earlier in the year .May as well buy everything from the same manufacturer , at least I was guaranteed that it would fit .

                    The gun itself is grey and yellow ( Hozelock colours ) with a bright red trigger , which has two functions , the outer part of the sprayer is reminiscent of a shower head with a few extra adaptions .On the back side of the shower head is a grey grip which you turn to the different settings ( all have pictures ) ,of which there are six , Each setting is for a different use.

                    1st setting , called Jet can be used for cleaning cars , its a very strong flow , and not one I would recommend for watering plants with .It could prove useful for cleaning patios though .

                    2nd setting , called Fast Fill , can be used for filling up buckets or if you are a parent or Grandparent paddling pools for the kiddiewinks .Again not a setting I would necessarily use for watering the plants because of the heavy flow .

                    3rd setting , called the Mist setting , is one that should be used on plants , recommended for seedlings , as it does exactly what it says and gives a very fine mist of water .

                    4th setting , called gentle watering , again useful for watering plants this setting will give you the same kind of flow as a traditional hose pipe fitting .

                    5th setting , called fan spray , is recommended to be used for washing of suds on cars , I am sure that there are many other uses for it , but not one I would use for watering delicate plants .

                    The 6th and final setting is called Fan Spray , This is the kind of setting you will see used in garden nurseries across the country , absolutely perfect for making sure your plants are getting the right amount of water , and the setting I now use most frequently .

                    The trigger on the gun also has a flow regulator locking system with two different settings you can choose to lock the water flow at either a 40% or 100 % flow, The 40% flow is terrific for the garden .

                    My first impressions of this spray gun were that it was very heavy , and I was concerned that it was going to be uncomfortable to use for extended periods of time .I was delighted to be proved wrong , at 611 grams the gun is heavy but the way it has been developed means it is comfortable to hold . It gives me the choice of how much I water and at which setting , as I have mentioned of the six settings personally I would use three of them on a regular basis for my gardening needs.

                    Should I ever need to wash a car the first and 5th settings would be beneficial .

                    I have to say that as an amateur gardener I am very impressed with this Spray Gun , and would recommend it to anyone looking to upgrade an old hose .

                    Yes the initial expense could make you think twice before purchasing but the benefits far out weigh the cost . In my opinion Hozelock have made a product that is simple to use and has a myriad of uses , Worth every penny ,this is One Gun I would say I am Pro .


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                      02.09.2011 12:18
                      Very helpful
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                      Worth every penny for this healthy alternative Table Grill

                      I was looking for an electric griddle that could be used outside in the summer months and indoors the rest of the year .I looked on Amazon and went through what seemed like hundreds of them until the Andrew James Electric Teppanyaki Table Grill caught my eye .All of the reviews on this item were positive , so I decided to hedge my bets and purchase one .The total cost including P&P was £37.90 , delivery was extremely fast with it arriving just two days after I ordered it .

                      Inside the box you get the grill plate which has a cooking area of 46 x 26 cms . The grill itself has a non stick coating , there is an 1800 watt adjustable temperature control which has five settings and it also has six wooden spatulas and a plastic drip tray to catch all those unwanted fatty juices .

                      That weekend it was sunny so we decided to christen our new grill and have a garden breakfast , taking it out and setting it up is , as the meerkat say simples .Just place it on a level surface plug in the temperature control on the left hand side of the griddle adjust it to the correct temperature and away you go . The five temperature settings are easy to use basically you just turn it much like an old radio dial although we didn't have to turn it any higher than the third setting for its first use, less than a minute and you reach optimum heat to begin cooking . ( It heats up almost as fast as pair of good quality hair straighteners .)

                      The grill was large enough to feed two comfortably ,to put this into perspective , for me , thats enough cooking area to cook two fried eggs ,two portions of mushrooms , two portions of tomatoes and six rashers of bacon and at a squeeze you can have a slice of fried bread on there too . Greedy me !!Best of all it's the healthier option . I dislike using oils or fat to cook , so on its first outing I didn't use any oils at all , and it still cooked a perfect breakfast .

                      The non stick claim actually lives up to expectations , if not exceeds them , although there was plenty of residue left from the cooking this all cleaned up with the wipe of a cloth .

                      Needless to say that this summer ...if that's what you can call it ! it hasn't had as much use as I had intended but it has the great benefit of being portable . So will be brought out every time the sun makes an appearance .

                      I prefer the convenience of cooking outside , it has more benefits than negatives , the main one being that the house doesn't smell of fried foods .As much as I like to eat the food , the aromas that linger after cooking put me off eating it more often .In my opinion this grill is the best of both worlds because it can be used outside my kitchen stays smelling fresh and because I have no need to add fats it makes an otherwise fatty food healthier to eat .

                      Summary .This is a quality piece of kit ,healthier fried foods , portable and best of all affordable. I give this 5 stars and highly recommend it .


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                      • Air Wick Odour Detect / Homeware / 25 Readings / 24 Ratings
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                        10.08.2011 14:30
                        Very helpful



                        Definitely a good buy even considering the initial pricey outlay ,

                        I recently entered an online competition to trial a new product from Air Wick .I have always used their products and have a few that are definite favourites in my home .After a lot of faffing about over delivery I finally received my product .
                        The new Air Wick odour Detect comes in two sizes the compact and the max .I received the compact to trial it is a very tactile air freshening dispenser , it has a pleasing shape and is free standing , although it is white in colour and if it was to be left in one place would probably discolour, but Air Wick have even come up with a solution to that problem , they are introducing stickers that you can decorate your dispensers with , which come in a number of colours and designs .

                        After opening up the packaging , (which by the way you need to have a really sharp pair of scissors for , all that plastic seems less environmentally friendly than I would prefer ) I took out the Odour detect compact.
                        The kit comprises of one diffuser , one spray and three AA batteries , because it is a starter kit the batteries and spray have already been fitted in the diffuser so all you have to do is place the diffuser in the place you want . The back opens up for you to replace the spray and it is simply a case of taking the old one out and replacing it . The batteries go in from the bottom of the diffuser again very easy to get to there is a clip which you push and press and it opens it up.

                        The fragrance that was in mine is Sicilian Lemon & Ginseng , although the starter kits are available in Mulled Wine & Cinnamon Apple , Cool Linen & White Lilac as well.
                        On the side of the diffuser there is a switch with four positions , the bottom of which turns the diffuser into a sensor only spray.This means that the spray will only activate when it detects an odour .then you have the other three positions which you are able to change the intensity of the fragrance , signified by one , two or three flowers . In my opinion the best way to use the diffuser is with the sensor only facility .

                        Does it work ? well actually Yes it does and extremely efficiently as well .The sensor has been designed in a way where it won't go off constantly which is intuitive in a way .Obviously if you place your diffuser next to a cooker while cooking fish it is going to activate more often .
                        I chose to place mine in the bathroom , sometimes it can get a bit whiffy in there ( not mentioning any names but they know who they are ! ). The difference actually took effect almost immediately ..

                        Admittedly I did hear a few shouts from the bathroom " Flippin thing stop it ewwwwww " Followed by "..MuuuMMMM every time I go in there it squirts at me "

                        It does it every time my hubby goes in there too , I'm starting to feel quite left out , it never squirts at me !

                        Presently you can purchase them in Sainsburys for £10.20 ,I have recently seen them advertized on the Asda website for just £2.00 , the refills come in at about £4.99 .I know this seems expensive , but if you consider one refill could last up to six weeks it could prove to be the best buy .You can also get discounts and money off coupons by joining the Air Wick fresher Homes Club anything from 50 pence to £3.00 its well worth it .

                        I think that this is one of the best Air Wick products currently available , when the spray runs out I am going to try the other two fragrances .


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