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      13.03.2009 18:01
      Very helpful



      If you currently wear contacts give these a try

      I started wearing glasses in 2001, at that time I could go out at night and still see ok.
      My Vision has got worse over the years and I wanted an alternative to my glasses when I go out.
      I originally tried the daily disposable lenses, these were nice and easy I just wore them and binned them when I took them out.
      Then I tried the monthly ones as my prescription got worse, these were good I would wear these when I wanted to for up to 8 hours really any more than that and my eyes would feel dry and itchy, These I always had to remove before I went to sleep, which after a night out meant I always had to carry solution and a case with me if I ever stayed at my friends for the night.

      I also have an Astigmatism this is when the front surface of the eye is shaped like a rugby ball and not like a football, when you have an astigmatism you cannot just wear normal contact lenses you need ones which have a toric lens which have a power element in them called a cylinder.

      I recently asked my optician if I could try the contact lenses that you can sleep in so I didn't have to worry about them when I went out anywhere.

      The make she offered me were from Baush and lomb and called purevision toric.
      PureVision Toric contact lenses are designed to meet the special vision correction needs of people with astigmatism and designed to provide more oxygen to the eyes

      When I first got these lenses I had to do two trials with them.

      Trial One

      For one week I wore them daily wearing them for about 12 hours and took them out at night and stored them in the case in the solution then I went back for a check up, I could definitely wear these for longer than my previous monthly contacts which is good for even if you just want contacts you can wear daily but for longer.

      Trial Two

      Then for the second part I should have worn them all day and night and sleep in them for 7 days and gone back for a check up to see how my eyes were reacting to them and to see if I had any problems. However I didn't do this cos where I work I have a big heater blowing down on me all day and I find wearing my contacts under this very uncomfortable so after telling this to my optician after the first trial I said I only really would be wearing them at weekends cos I only want them for when I go out and I don't mind wearing my glasses at work, so she said to carry on wearing them for up to 3 nights a week and to come back after 4 weeks to check my eyes again.

      I find these contacts more comfortable than my previous contacts, I can definitely wear them for longer without my eyes feeling itchy or my contacts feeling like they are drying out.
      I have been sleeping in these for one night a week every week for the past 7 weeks and I don't have any real problems with them. They feel slightly different to my last pair they are slightly firmer and what there made from makes them feel like they are sticking to my eyes, there not they are just not moving around as much as my last pair did, this can cause problems when you have an astigmatism as basically ever time you blink it can slightly alter your vision and make it blur so it does help a lot with that. Sometimes if I can really feel them in my eye I have probably put them in the wrong way as it can be hard to tell which is the right side of the lense to put against your eye, so I take them out and bend them the other way to see if this helps, also I find just moving them around in my eye helps too cos with them being the shape of my rugby shaped eye I have to get the contact to sit correctly to fit with my eye shape, I think if you have a normal round eye this isn't a problem.
      I can sleep in these well to at first I was a bit worried that they might dissapear behind my eye but my optician said they couldn't go anywhere, it was so good as everytime I would wake up I could just see which is a nice feeling when you haven't been able to do that for years.
      When I get up in the morning I can see clearly they feel very slightly dry just blinking a few times normally eases this or even using a contact friendly eye drop helps, I would recommend waiting about 30 mins though if you want to take them out after getting up.

      If you are able to wear these continuosly it is recommended that really you take them out one night a week to give your eyes a bit of breathing space as eye infections can happen from time to time, I have never had any eye infecctions since I started using lenses years ago.

      I currently get my contacts from my local specsavers.
      They cost me £18.00 a month, for this I get 3 pairs of lenses and 3 bottles of solutions sent to me every 3 months


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      • Covermark Face Magic / Make Up / 145 Readings / 142 Ratings
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        07.06.2008 15:09
        Very helpful



        Overall this is a great foundation to hide any imperfections

        Well in my search for the cure for the acne that I have had daily for the past two months, I have tried various creams, lotions and moisturisers and nothing seems to be helping with it.
        So I though if I can't cure it I will hide it. I have been on the look out for a full coverage foundation to try and hide the spots.
        I have tried various concealers and foundationd from the high street and they just don't really cover them at all really.
        I had seen the Covermark products advertised on QVC a while ago and I though they looked good, at the time I never really needed the sort of coverage they claim to provide so I never tried it.

        Covermark do a varied range of products including
        Full coverage foundation,
        Face Magic foundation,
        Concealer Sticks,
        Body and Leg foundation,
        Finising Powders,
        Compact powders,
        Make up Remover,
        An Anti ageing coverage range.

        I bought the Covermark Face Magic from QVC for £16.82 for 30ml as I like there return policy if you don't like it or you choose the wrong colour.

        This can be used to help conceal
        pregnancy mask,
        age and sun spots.
        It has a SPF 20 and is waterproof and proven not to aggravate acne.

        I was originally after the light shade but has this had sold out and after watching the videos for it and the presenter saying she would wear the medium and she is about my colouring I though I would give the medium a try.
        When I first got this it was sealed with foil which is good to see, least you know you're the first one to use it.
        It came in a small squeezable tube with a screw on lid.
        I put a small bit on my hand and arm to try it there first, I wasn't very impressed with the colour at all, it looked almost pink and there was absolutely know way I thought this could match my face skin tone.
        Off I went upsairs to try it out, I squirted a small amount onto my hand, it has a fairly thick texture and doing this lets it melt a bit which makes it easier to apply, this time the colour of it looked more normal and not as pink.
        I applied it onto my face in dots and gently rubbed it in, like I would with a normal foundaton, I also got a little sponge with it so when I hae the coverage I liked I went over the top with this to remove any that was too thick.
        I was really impressed with the coverage I got, it covered the spots I had really well, I could still see where they were only because they are so bumpy.
        If you are someone with facial reddness but with nice smooth skin I'm sure your skin would look absolutely perfect after using this, I am really pleased with the coverage I have got it has definitely given me more confidence knowing I can cover it up and not really have to worry about having the spots now.

        The ingredient list for this isn't too good for the people who can be allergic to cosmetic ingredients cos it contains a few of the ones I know people can have reactions to.

        Paraffinium Liquidum, Titanium Dioxide, Cera Alba, Talc, Magnesium Carbonate, Octyl Methoxycinnamate, Benzophenenone 3, Parfum, Propylparaben.


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          28.04.2008 20:56
          Very helpful



          Anyone worried go and see your gp for a refferal to a dermatologist

          Last years after spending a few years checking my moles myself as much as I could, I decided I wanted to have them checked by a skin doctor who knew what they were looking for.
          Being fair skinned I have always tried to stay out of the sun but being fair I think you can just be more genetically prone to things like skin cancer.

          The mole I was most worried about was on my back where I couldn't see it so I had to always rely on my mum looking for signs of anything changing with it, It was dark but for as long as I can remember she had said it was dark and I have others that are quite dark, but this one was nearly black.

          I eventually asked my doctor to look at it to see what he thought and he just thought the same as me I think, that it looked dark but was probably ok, even though he though it was probably ok he still got me an appointment at the hospital to see the skin doctors.

          The first doctor I saw there asked me to undress to my knickers and bra so he could take a good look at all my moles and skin, the mole I was worried about was the only one he thought looked suspicious.
          He advised I had it removed to be checked for abnormalities, He asked if I wanted it doing that day or wanted to come in another day to get it done.
          I chose to have it removed that day to get it over with as I would only just worry about it if not.
          I was given a general anaesthetic to numb the area so I couldn't feel it when he cut the mole out, this was all done in about 15 mins and I was sent home and told I would receive the results in the post in the next two weeks.
          I had 4 stitches in my back to hold the cut together and let it heal, The actual cut was never really that painful I'm glad to say, to start with it just felt like a sharp scratch on my back but when it started healing it was itching so much.
          I found it very hard to lay on, I just couldn't get comfy and my whole body from my back down was aching from being so tense all the time, I still worked while I had this done as it didn't affect my job as it was fine when I was walking about and standing I just had to be careful not to over stretch and tear a stitch.

          After two weeks I received my letter from the hospital which started "I'm glad to inform you we have made you another appointment to come and see us" this is all it basically said with the date and time.
          I had to phone them up and basically had to ask them if It was cancerous. The lady I had spoke to said yes, then I asked if they wanted to remove some more skin to see if it had spread, She said yes to this too.
          I'm not sure why they just can't send you the letter and say we have found some abnormalities in your biopsy and we would like to remove more to check it, at least that way you know and as I couldn't drive with the stitches in my back for the first couple of days I needed to arrange someone to go with me.

          When I went back to the hospital 3 weeks after having the mole removed the doctor told me that it was Malignant Melanoma. I didn't really know what this was but I think it's the worst form of skin cancer to have.
          While there I had another biopsy done of the area around my new scar, this time they cut away a bigger and deeper bit of my back.
          I'm glad to say I didn't have to have any skin grafts like some of the people who's reviews I have read on here, but I am now the proud owner of a 3 inch scar.

          I'm glad I went to the hospital when I did as they found this mole to be cancerous and it was 1mm which I think is good, I'm not sure if this cancer would have ever spread if it had been left or if it would have just stayed the same.
          But I'm glad to say this was caught very early either way and I only had to have two biopsy's to remove the mole and the other to check the surrounding area.
          Some people aren't so lucky so anyone who is worried about any mole go and get it checked to be sure.

          I now have to have regular check up's, 3 monthly for the first 2 years, 4 monthly for the next 2 years, 6 monthly for the final 2 years.
          On my first check up I had another mole removed, this was in a funny place that I never thought to get them to look at the first time I went, the centre of my bottom.
          Now this mole used to itch and when I sat down too long it would feel quite painful so I thought this one might be cancerous to, but I'm glad to say it wasn't and now the mole has gone I can sit down for a long time now without it hurting.
          I'm think I'm definitely one of the lucky people who had there cancer caught early and hopefully nothing more will come of it but I'm hoping if any more abnormalities are found they will be caught early enough to treat with out to much trouble.


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            09.04.2008 20:12
            Very helpful



            I'm really glad I got this.

            As you may have read in one of my earlier reviews (B12 Deficiency) you will know I have been suffering with pins and needles and numbness, this has started going lately but my legs and arms are still feeling generally quite achy.
            After noticing that the aching seemed to wear of when I stood next to a radiator I thought it might be a good idea to find some thing I could buy to use on a regular basis.
            So while looking through my Argos Catalogue I came across a few things that looked like the sort of thing that would work.

            There was a Hand Held Heat Massager but I really don't think I would use this as you have to hold it and to be honest I just couldn't be bothered.
            There was an Infrared Massager which I probably wouldn't end up using either.
            Then I saw some Heat Pads, I really liked the ides of these as you could just lay on them or place them over the area you wanted treated.

            I ended up getting the Morphy Richards Heat Treatment Pack which included Hot and Cold Treatment Packs for different things. A Heat Pad is basically a mini electric blanket.
            This cost me £24.99 from Argos but I'm sure you could get it cheaper if you looked around.

            The Manual Say's

            Heat Therapy is used for Chronic Injuries or Injuries that have no inflammation. Sore, stiff, nagging muscles or joint pain.

            Ice Therapy is used to decrease Swelling, tissue damage, blood clot formation, inflammation, muscle spasm and pains.

            On the box it say's it helps relieve

            Aches and Strains,
            Back Pain,
            Chronic Muscle Spasm,
            Frozen Shoulder,
            Period Pains,
            Pulled Muscles,
            Sports Injuries,
            Stiff Neck and Tension

            The Heat Pad

            When I first opened my Heat Pad it came wrapped in plastic, it was all set up to use all I had to do was remove the plastic and plug it in.
            The Heat compartment has a plastic cover over it, this can be wiped down with a damp cloth and dried when necessary, then you get a fleecy cover that you put over (this was all done) and it can be closed together with Velcro.
            The fleecy cover can be taken off to wash on a wool programme at 40'C and you can tumble dry it on a low heat setting.
            The Heat control unit is very easy to use and very basic, you just turn it off,1,2,3 and 4.
            The actual size of the heat pad is quite small 28 x 41 cm, but as I only wanted to use it on small areas at a time I thought this was a good size for me.
            The Heat Pad has 4 heat settings, it says 1 and 2 can be used for longer periods of time up to 3 hours.
            I don't think you are meant to leave it on the same part of your body for that long though.
            Level 3 and 4 are meant for shorter times and you can use it for longer it just reduces the temperature after 90 mins.
            I first tried this on level 3, it got to it's full temperature in about 10 mins which I though was good, I just used it laid in my bed watching telly. I just put that pad on the bed and laid with my leg on it where it was hurting. This was a nice heat level for me, I could feel it nicely through the fleecy cover, I have had this aching pain now in my legs now nearly every day for two weeks.
            The second time I used it was on setting 2 I thought this wouldn't be that warm but I could really feel this too. I used this while sat at my computer, I was sat forward on my chair so I could just rest it on the backs of my legs, I had trousers on and I could feel it nicely
            I first used this on Sunday night, On Monday my legs definitely felt a lot better, they were still stiff but definitely an improvement on what I've been putting up with.
            The Heat Pad uses Magnetic Therapy, not really sure why this is so good but it say's the magnets help the heat to speed up the bodies healing process.

            The Ice Pad

            This didn't come wrapped in plastic but the little ice pack again has it own little fleecy cover, the ice pack itself is fairly small 11 x16 cm's.
            I probably won't ever use this but I have it if I need it which is good I guess.
            To use this you just put it in the freezer for at least 2 hours(it say's you can leave it in the freezer until you need it) take it out put it's fleecy cover on which has a tie strap, so you can for example tie it to your leg.
            The manual say's you should only use the ice pack for 20 mins at a time on one area but you can do this up to 8 times a day

            Overall I am really glad I got this, it's now Wednesday and I have definitely felt a difference in my legs this week, I also like my new heat pack as I just leave it in my bed under my quilt and if I get cold in the night I can just turn it on and it warms me nicely even though it's small especially as I tend to get cold in certain areas like my feet or legs which makes the rest of me feel really cold.
            I don't do this but for you girls out there who suffer with period pains and use the hot water bottles on there stomach this would be a good alternative.


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            • B12 Deficiency / Health Problem / 103 Readings / 96 Ratings
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              25.03.2008 18:54
              Very helpful



              Get yourself checked if you feel anthing like this

              Not sure really how to write this review so I'll just do my best, thanks for reading
              For the past year I've not really felt 100% health wise, Last April I fainted then I got a Viral Cough which I had for around two months, along with this I got a very bad head and some on and off again dizziness.
              Then I had a mole removed to which I got told it had melanoma cancer in it, luckily this hadn't spread, so I now have to go for regular check up's on my moles and skin.
              I had another mole removed in February as they thought it looked funny so while waiting for the results for this I got my self very stressed thinking the worst and one morning I got this strange numb feeling in my lower arm and lower leg so when I had this all day long I rang the doctor and went in to see him the next day, he told me to have a blood test to test for various things, Diabetes, Thyroid problems, Iron, Folic and B6 and B12 deficiency etc.

              By the end of the week I was asked to come back in for a second blood test as they said I had the B12 Deficiency not sure why the second blood test was needed really cos you would think that I either had it or didn't, my second blood test came back the same so I was told I would need the B12 Shots.

              What are the symptoms of this type of anaemia?

              Anaemia is a condition where you have too few red blood cells or not enough haemoglobin in your blood. It can make you feel tired, breathless and faint.

              Vitamin B12 is a ingredient in DNA, the chemical that carries genetic information for new cells. It's found in meat and animal products but not in vegetables. You need vitamin B12 to make red blood cells and for maintaining healthy nerves.

              Vitamin B12 deficiency may cause neurological symptoms due to inflammation of the nerves . This is called vitamin B12 neuropathy. It affects movement and sensation, especially in the legs and causes numbness or pins and needles. It can also cause confusion, depression, poor concentration and forgetfulness.

              -If a person is otherwise healthy, it can take some time for the signs of anaemia to appear.

              The first symptoms will be tiredness and palpitations (awareness of heartbeat).
              Shortness of breath and dizziness (fainting) are also common.
              If the anaemia is severe, it can result in angina (chest pain), headache and leg pains
              Red, sore tongue and mouth.
              Weight loss.

              -Some people with vitamin B12 deficiency will experience symptoms in their nervous system first, such as:

              Altered or reduced sense of touch.
              Less sensitivity to vibration.
              Colour blindness.
              Tingling in the hands and feet.
              Muscle weakness.
              Difficulties with walking and coordination.
              Psychological symptoms such as memory loss, confusion and depression.

              In the days between seeing the doctor the first time and having my first shot (19 days).
              I was now having a lot of different symptoms my head was feeling very light headed and my eyes just seemed to feel a bit drunk and some days I would feel like I was going to pass out, this was coming and going but it was lasting for hours at a time.
              I had a furry tongue and my gums were feeling sore and bleeding every now and then.
              I just seemed to have absolutely no energy, my legs felt like they were going to collapse under me and I felt like I had no strength in my arms.
              I would feel tired all of a sudden, It would just hit me and this would last until I would wake up the next morning some days.
              I would have days where I wouldn't feel too dizzy or my head and eyes felt fine or the numbness would just come and go but more often than not I would never feel quit right, I was also stressing so I think this may have been causing me a few symptoms as when I felt stressed certain things would feel worse.

              I was told to have the B12 shots every week for 5 weeks then after that I think they said they would check my blood again after a month to see how my body had absorbed it.

              Week One after 1st shot.(had symptoms for over 4 weeks now if not longer)

              During the first week I was still feeling very tired and getting most of the symptoms I was getting above, these were coming and going, some days I would think I don't feel to bad today then the next day it would just hit me again a dizzy spell or all day numbness in my hand or legs and just feeling like I had no energy.

              Week two after second shot

              This week I have definitly seen an improvement in the tiredness I have been getting, The dizziness has improved slightly, I am still getting it but it doesn't seem to be lasting as long as it was. The numbess is still there, it just seems to move around my body.

              I am hoping having the regular shots will start helping my symptoms soon and generally make me feel a bit better, I'm not sure when they'll start to kick in so I will have to try and add to this review at a later date to add things like how long I felt the shots took to work, What symptoms went first etc.

              Good News and Bad news, after my 3rd injection i came out in really bad spots I thought this was just going to be a reaction that might last a few days of a week or two at the most. Well after two months I still have the spots and they are classed as grade 1/2 acne according to my doctor. Great feel better but depressed i look a mess.

              After the initial 5 shots I definitly started to feel better then 6 weeks after my last shot i was due to have my blood levels checked again and i was experiencing the pins and neddles/numbness again.
              My levels were still low and I am now taking 2 folic acid 5mg tablets everyday for up to 6 months I think , since taking these i have been feeling ok again really.


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                10.03.2008 19:52
                Very helpful



                Good Varnish at a good price

                N.Y.C Cosmetics Long Wearing Nail Enamel

                N.Y.C Cosmetics were introduced in 1999 by a company called Del Laboraties Inc, a leading manufacturer and marketer of cosmetics such as Sally Hansen products and over the counter Pharmaceuticles.

                I Love my Nail Colors and I am always on the look out for New Brands and Colours.
                In my local Superdrug two weeks ago I noticed a brand called N.Y.C Cosmetics, they do a variety of things that include Nail Varnishes, Foundations, Powders, Eye Shadows, Mascara's and Lip products all at a reasonable price.

                I have been on the look out for a nice Dark Blue Colour to add to my collection and at £1.99 for 13ml I thought I would give these a try.

                They did two types of Nail Varnish
                Long Wearing Nail Enamel - long-wearing formula.
                Nail Glossies Nail Enamel - colour with Vinyl and Pro-Vitamin B5 for strength.

                The Colour I got was 115A, it was called Skin Tight Denim Crème in the Long wearing Enamel range, it came in a glass bottle with a long round handle with a nice length brush.
                The brand name, type of varnish e.g Long Wearing Nail Enamel and amount was on the front and on the back was the full list of ingredients that are in it along with the address of the company.

                When I first applied this I noticed that it was a nice consistency not to runny or too gloopy, I applied the first coat to all my nails and noticed it was slighty light looking almost see through and looked like it was going on streaky, but after I applied the second coat the color looked exactly like in the bottle and it went on very smoothly with no air bubbles at all, this was almost as good as my OPI Nail Varnish.

                I definitly reccomend putting one coat of varnish on and letting it dry for 5 mins then put a second coat over the top to get the best result and colour, I also use Nail Envy as a top coat.

                This colour easily stayed on my nail for a good 3 days without starting to come of which I think is really good for a £1.99 bottle of nail varnish, I will definitly buy some more of these as they go on well and stay on well.


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                  05.03.2008 11:43
                  Very helpful



                  Would work for others

                  Gum disease is the most common dental problem that will occur in almost over 50% of the adult population age 35+, with 9 out of 10 people developing gum disease at some point in their lives. The cause is plaque, a sticky film of bacteria that forms on teeth and adheres to the gums, eventually turning to tartar, causing inflammation, irritation and swelling, all signs of the first stages of gingivitis. In order to prevent gum disease by controlling the amount of plaque that builds up on your teeth, Purity Laboratories have introduced their Beverly Hills Formula Gum Strengthening toothpaste. This new toothpaste boasts a gum protection system, with vitamin E to invigorate and strengthen the gums, plus fluoride to protect against the exposed root area. Beverly Hills Formula Gum Strengthening toothpaste contains ingredients such as Permethol which helps to reduce and stop bleeding gums, whilst Panthenol, Q10, Vitamin E and Folic Acid promote healthy growth of the gum tissues.

                  HEALTHIER GUMS - Contains Permethol which helps to reduce and stop the bleeding of the gums, plus Co-enzyme Q10, Folic Acid, Vitamin E and Panthenol, to help nourish and strengthen the gum tissue.

                  ANTI-PLAQUE - Helps fight plaque a cause of TARTAR

                  STRONGER ENAMEL - Contains Xylitol and Fluoride, agents proven to help strengthen, remineralise and harden tooth enamel for cavity protection.

                  WHITER TEETH - Cleans and safely removes stains and films without bleaching.

                  LOW ABRASION - Laboratory studies prove that the Gum Strengthening formula is less abrasive than other leading brands of both whitening and regular toothpaste

                  TOTAL PROTECTION - Contains Xylitol, a clinically proven agent that helps fight plaque, a cause of gum disease, tooth decay and bad breath.

                  GREAT TASTE - The long-lasting mint flavour freshens your breath every time you brush

                  In my bid to get a brighter whiter smile, I decided to try a whitening toothpaste instead of my usual toothpaste.

                  I've always seen the Beverly Hills Formula toothpastes advertised but I've never tried them as I thought they were really expensive.
                  In my local tesco I found a 125ml tube for £2.00. This price definitely persuaded me to try it for the first time, I decided to try the Gum sensitive one has I have trouble with my Gum's.
                  I tend to stick to my regular toothpaste of Mentadent P as this really helps with my Gum's, Normally if I try a new toothpaste after about two weeks I normally have to go back as my gum's seem to start to really hurt.

                  After using my new Beverly Hills Formula for the first time my teeth and gums felt really clean and fresh for a good few hour afterwards, most of the time I'm left with a bit of an after taste after about ten mins or my teeth just don't feel that clean.
                  I like the fact the mint taste isn't too overpowering as I don't really like that.

                  After 3 days unfortunately I've had to stop using this as it seems to be reacting in my mouth casing my skin to really sting and look red, I think my teeth have whitened slightly so I'm sure if I could have carried on using it I would have got a nice white smile.


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                    03.03.2008 10:53
                    Very helpful



                    Great for all over body and hair cleansing

                    Philosophy was founded in 1996 by Cristina Carlino, a pioneer in skincare technology with 25 years experience in the health and beauty industry.
                    Philosophy has a group of scientists dedicated to the development of the brand which helps Philosophy remain one of the hottest and most innovative names in the beauty industry.

                    Amazing Grace Shower Gel is uniquely feminine and moisturizing shower gel. It is formulated with nourishing milk proteins and it calms even the most sensitive skin and nourishes the driest hair.
                    Milk based for long lasting conditioning,
                    Contains pro vitamin B5 for enhanced strength and moisture,
                    Contains silk proteins to soften skin and hair.

                    Philosophy bottles are all clear plastic bottle with the name of the product on the front with a little poem, they have black flip up lids for ease of use in the shower.
                    They all come sealed with a little foil cover that you remove before use, do this when you want to use it, if you get things to stock pile this way the shelf life will last longer for you.
                    Amazing Grace is a light pink colour gel which is of a thick consistency that easily runs out of the bottle and lathers up really well.

                    I have been using this for a few months now, I love that I can wash my hair with it and get the same results as with my normal shampoo, also I find it good if I go away as I only need one bottle for my shampoo and shower gel.
                    After using this on my Hair it is left silky soft with body and with No flyway's. I needed to use a conditioner after it as my hair can be dry at times and get knotty.
                    On my skin the Amazing Grace leaves my skin feeling moisturised and soft with out feeling dry or tight and after showering the whole bathroom smells lovely, it is a very pure, fresh, feminine smell like clothes just tumble dried.
                    You only need to use a small amount as a little goes along way and my bottle of 250ml easily lasted 3 months using it most day's along with my other shampoo's and shower gels.

                    A 473ml bottle costs around £18.00 or you can find smaller bottles in various sets on the internet. www.hqhair.com sells these products.


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                      29.02.2008 18:35
                      Very helpful



                      Good for some not for others

                      Bare Escentuals Mineral Foundation

                      Bare Escentuals Mineral Make Up is made up from 100% pure, crushed minerals. It's so pure you can sleep in it, it looks like powder but goes on like a cream.
                      It contains an SPF 15 so your skin is protected from the sun's ray's.


                      Titanium Dioxide
                      Zinc Oxide
                      Bismuth Oxychloride
                      Iron Oxide

                      How to Apply

                      Step 1
                      Tap a small amount of the powder into the lid of the pot, then swirl a brush into the minerals in the lid.

                      Step 2
                      Tap the brush on the sides of the lid to remove the excess.

                      Step 3
                      Buff the foundation into the skin using circular motion until you reach your desired coverage.

                      Colour Selection

                      Fairly Light
                      Medium Beige
                      Medium Tan
                      Warm Deep

                      I have been using this Foundation on and off for about 6 months now.
                      It gives really good coverage but it does seem to make my fine lines around my eyes stand out more, also it contains the ingredient Bismuth Oxychloride and for some people it can cause itchiness, allergies and redness to the skin.
                      This doesn't happen to me but I do seem to get a lot of spots after I wear this so I'm not so sure about the claim of being able to sleep in it.
                      I will continue to use the pot I have Occasionally but I don't think I would buy anymore due to the fact I get more spots with it and I don't want that really as generally my skin is ok.
                      It can also be quite messy to use and if you accidently knock it, it would go everywhere. For this reason I prefere the Laura Gellar Foundation I use and this doesn't cause me to have spots.

                      You can buy this foundation on QVC for £24.00 for a 9g pot and various online shops these can be more expensive upto £30.00 a pot


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                        28.02.2008 20:21
                        Very helpful



                        Nice easy to wear varnishes

                        Since Launching Nails Inc has become the most successful and biggest Nail Bar Chain in the World.
                        They begun by just opening three Nail Bars and now they have over 50 in locations such as Harvey Nichols, Selfridges,Top shop, House of Fraser, Debenhams and John Lewis.

                        Nail's Inc Varnishes come in a simple glass bottle with a round silver top and a generous size brush, The brand name and logo are on the front and the size and address is on the back. The Varnish shade name is on the bottom and sometimes on the lid,

                        The Varnish shade I'm wearing now is shade Ascot it is a lovely emerald shade of Green, I put it on on Monday Night and 4 day's later it still looks good(no chips), I don't think these go on as smooth as OPI but I do like that they last when you put them on, I did use a Base coat and a top coat over and under the polish.
                        I've yet to see how long they truly last as I like to change my colours at least once a week if not more.

                        These varnishes cost around £9.50 each for 10ml, I normally buy these in kits from Qvc, one set I bought had ten varnishes for under £25.00. I normally wouldn't pay this much for one but for the Ascot colour I did as it was a colour I had wanted for a while. I Buy them in Debenhams and on QVC, Also they have there own website Naislinc.com and they have lots of offers and sets on there too.
                        They also do strengtheners, Hand creams and exfoliators


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                          27.02.2008 18:05
                          Very helpful



                          Good Foundation at a nice price

                          Barbara Daly shot to fame as the make-up artist for the late Princess of Wales and has been working with Tesco since 2000. The success of her pairing with the retailer has made the ranges some of the best-sellers in the UK.

                          I've been looking for a new liquid Foundation now for a few weeks now, I was finding it hard as I always want the lightest shade of any brand and sometimes even these aren't light enough for me.

                          I was in my local Tesco at the weekend and found myself down the make up aisle and started looking at their in store brand by a woman called Barbara Daly.

                          In the Foundations they had a choice of Oil free foundation for normal to combination skin and Moisture foundation for dry skin, they had about 6 shades for each one.

                          As I couldn't decide which one to buy I decided to get both as there was an offer on for buying three items and getting the cheapest free so I got my self another product to try.

                          In the oil free one I chose shade Ivory as this was the lightest one in that and in the moisture one I chose shade porcelain, this was the lightest shade of any brand I've looked at so far.

                          The Claims...

                          The Oil Free Foundation

                          A light and silky formula that glides on smoothly for a long lasting, satin finish. It contains a soft focus complex to help minimise skin imperfection and has a spf 12 sun filter,

                          The Moisture Foundation

                          A lightweight yet creamy foundation, perfect for normal to dry skin. Evens out skin tone for a fresh, flawless finish. Contains moisturising ingredients to keep the skin looking soft and smooth and has sun protection filters. Contains Oxybenzone.

                          Both Foundations come in a frosted glass bottle and contains 29ml of product, The black lid had a spatula build onto it and I found this very useful as I just pull it out and put it straight onto my face instead of putting it onto my hand first then applying it like most foundations I have tried in the past and I always squirt too much out wasting it so this way my product should last longer.

                          I found both foundations applied exactly the same, they were easy to use and easy to blend in. I was happy with how they looked and they gave an even coverage and this easily lasted 8 hours for me, I'm sure they would have lasted longer if I hadn't wanted to remove it to go to bed.

                          The coverage wasn't to heavy and I felt my skin was soft to touch not greasy and it felt like it could still breath.


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                          • OPI Nail Varnish / Make Up / 37 Readings / 34 Ratings
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                            25.02.2008 22:26
                            Very helpful



                            Great Varnish for lasting wear

                            Opi Nail Varnish

                            I Love to wear colours on my nails to the point I probably change the colour at least 3 times a week.
                            I have a varied selection of colours by different brands, Nails Inc, Leighton Denny and Collection 2000 Hot Looks.
                            I find that most brands go on the same really know matter what the price, well that was until I tried my first OPI polish.

                            OPI have a massive choice of colour, they have over ten shades in the following shades
                            Black and Whites,
                            Bronze and Browns,
                            Gold and Silvers,
                            Neutrals and sheers,
                            Oranges and Yellows,

                            These also come in a variety of finishes
                            Matt is an opaque, solid cream colour,
                            Shimmer has soft undertones of sparkly gold or silver,
                            Frosted are iridescent with a subtle glimmer.

                            I have watched the OPI shows on QVC for many years now, I finally took the plunge last year to try it. The set on the TSV(Today's Special Value) had a few things in it I had wanted to try for a while and came with two nail colours.

                            The colours I got were `I've read the script'(A lovely ruby red) and `stars in my eyes'(a sparkly silver colour).
                            Both colours came in a 15ml glass bottle with a tall black lid and the brushes are long and wide for ease of use.

                            The Red colour covered my nail's easily, The Varnish is easy to apply and it's not to runny or too gloopy for ease of application, I put on two thin coats, it went on evenly even when I did my right hand with my shaky left hand, it was very shiny even without a top coat. I use my Nail Envy as a base and Top Coat and I find that it easily lasts 5 days without chipping and I have my hands in and out of water all the time.

                            OPI Varnishes are around £9.75, these aren't widely available on the High Street but I have seen the Nail Envy in my local Boots, I think you could probably buy them in some salons and definitely on the internet. I like QVC as they do things in set's and I like to try things that way, rather than just but one colour.


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                              25.02.2008 13:54
                              Very helpful



                              Nice product for smooth even skin

                              Barbara Daly shot to fame as the make-up artist for the late Princess of Wales and has been working with Tesco since 2000. The success of her pairing with the retailer has made the ranges some of the best-sellers in the UK.

                              Barbara Daly's Face Lift Cream

                              The Claim

                              Face lift works on 3 levels.

                              1 It is a feather light moisturising cream containing apricot, wheat germ and evening primrose oil.
                              2 It protects the skin with anti ageing vitamins A and E and has UVA and UVB sun filters of SPF 10.
                              3 The micro refined photo reflecting particles illuminate the skin and give an instant lift to your complexion giving a healthy dewy look.

                              I bought this to make up my three for two offer in tesco when buying my new foundation.
                              I thought I could either use it as a primer for underneath my make up or alone so I didn't have to wear make up all the time.

                              The cream comes in a frosted glass jar with a black lid and contains 30ml and costs £6.00, The cream itself is a apricot colour I think this is to help even out the skin tone.
                              I only use a small amount over my moisturiser I just apply it as I would a moisturiser, It gives my face a healthy glow without looking shiny or greasy, I applied my new foundation over the top and it went over it very smoothly and didn't slip of over the day.

                              The product is called Face Lift but I don't think it's meant to be a firming cream, I think it's meant to be used more like a primer or just to be used as an SPF cream over your moisturisers that don't have them in as mine doesn't.


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                              • Mentadent Toothpaste / Oral Care / 21 Readings / 18 Ratings
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                                25.02.2008 13:17
                                Very helpful
                                1 Comment



                                Good for Gum Health

                                Mentadent P Original Flavour Toothpaste

                                It uses two Antibacterial ingredients, Triclosan and Zinc Citrate which are absorbed along the gum line then gradually released protecting gums and teeth from bacterial plaque for long lasting protection for healthy teeth and gums.

                                I have been using this toothpaste for the past couple of years now, I started using this after having an infection that went through my body and ended up in my gums.
                                Since then I had a lot of trouble with the gum problem coming back and going, In the end I decided to try a new toothpaste and Mentadent P was it.
                                Within a few days of using this it really seemed to help with the soreness I had along my gum line, now if I ever switch from this toothpaste for more than two weeks my gums just get very sore and red looking.

                                The taste of it isn't too minty which I like too as I find some of the mint flavours to overpowering, I don't feel the need to use a mouthwash as my mouth always feels fresh after using this.

                                The only problem I have found with it is it is not widely available, I get mine from Tesco but Morrison's and Asda don't seem to sell this. I also think Boots sell's it, also I would like to see it in different sizes and tube style, This has a screw on lid and I hate that about it I much prefer the squirty tubes that stand up on their own.

                                It cost's around £1.89 for a 100ml tube, There is a warning on the box advising that if you are taking fluoride supplements you should contact your Dentist before use.


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                                  24.02.2008 21:03
                                  Very helpful



                                  Nice on bikini line and underarms not on legs

                                  As someone who has always shaved my leg`s etc with a razor I'm always on the look out for something better, more long lasting with no pain.
                                  Epilators - I have a mini one of these and it really hurts definitely couldn't take the pain of doing two whole legs.
                                  Waxing - Well I'd rather get this done by a professional and to be honest I couldn't be botherd with that.
                                  Hair Removal Creams - These always look like to much mess.

                                  So anyway a few weeks ago I decided to take the plunge and try a hair removal Cream, That was the easy decision now which one to get, I Decided I would try the Nair brand as my first try into the world of Hair Removers.

                                  Nair has a variety of choices

                                  Nair Moisturising Hair Cream
                                  Nair Sensitive Hair Cream
                                  Nair Sensitive Facial Brush On
                                  Nair Sensitive Gel Cream
                                  Nair Sensitive Glide on
                                  Nair Pretty Soft Rasberry Cream

                                  How do they work

                                  The Creams contain ingredients that work by breaking the chemical bonds that hold the hair together. The bonds give hair strength and structure, so when you break these bonds, the hair can easily be washed orwiped away and removed.
                                  When the hair grows back it should feel softer as it hasn't been cut to a sharp edge.

                                  I chose the Nair Sensitive Hair Cream for all hair types, On the tube it says you can use it on legs, body and face.

                                  Their Claim for this product

                                  Specially formulated for sensitive skin, this Nair Sensitive cream gently but effectively removes hair from legs, bikini areas, underarms and face. With Camellia Oil and Ylang-Ylang, it helps moisturise and exfoliate your skin while it removes hair, leaving it soft and smooth to the touch. No irritation, just gorgeous smooth skin.

                                  I thought I would just try a small area the first time I used it so I went with my bikini line.
                                  I let my hair get a weeks worth of growth as I really wanted to see how well the cream actually worked.
                                  With the tube I bought I got a spatula which is handy as I didn't need to touch the cream at all, I squeezed it straight on to my skin then just spreaded it evenly on top of the hair I wanted to remove, easy as that really.
                                  It said to leave it for 5-6 mins then remove a small bit with the spatula, one side of the spatula is smooth to put on with and the other is shaped to scrape with, you do this in the direction you would normally shave. I think I probably left it on longer than this and just tried to remove it all.
                                  I have to say I was fairly impressed, it removed all the hair s that I actually covered, and my skin felt really soft too and it easily washes off in the shower,
                                  I still think on me it grows back as quick but I don't notice it as much because the hair definitely feels a lot softer to touch instead of rough like with shaving, there was no goose bump effect and no itching when the hair started growing back.

                                  A few days later I thought I would try it on my leg's, I left it on for 10 mins then I scraped it of with the spatula then got into the shower, When I got out I found my leg's to be very red and stinging, I won't use it on my legs again because it reacts on me but I will continue to use on my bikini line and underarms as it is ok on these parts.


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