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      27.10.2011 16:45
      Very helpful
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      I Would 100% Recommend.


      I love painting my nails so when i found this new product on the market i just had to try it out. I had previously bought quite alot of barry m products, mostly being nail varnish but some being the little eyeshadows and eyeliners that you can get. I have had no negative feedback from BarryM products so i loved the fact i could get this new type of nail varnish from a brand which i could trust. I went out looking for the nail varnish and found that it had been sold out in Boots (this was when it first came out), but after a couple of days they had them back in stock and i purchased it for £4.99 which i must admit is quite a bit for nail varnish but it was a new product and i was happy to pay that amount because i trusted the brand.

      The Packaging#

      If you have ever bought nail varnish from the barry m range all of the bottles are the same in my eyes. This lid is a little different from the others but other than that there is no change. The bottle is still the same quality. I like the packaging of the bottle because it is a good shape, so it makes it easy to stack them or line them up on your desk which is great when compared against the round shaped ones. The bottle also is hard to break, well it is for me anyway. I have dropped the bottle a couple of times and it has received no damage so i love the nail varnish for that. The lid is a great size which makes the grip on the brush great, its not too big and not too small. The brush which you use to paint on the nail varnish is also of great quality so painting this product on your nails could not be any easier.

      The Nail Varnish#

      The nail varnish is great. You can paint your nails professionally without paying laods for them to be done, and it is efficient for you as well. The nail varnish looks great when it is on especially when it is placed over bright colours. The nail varnish is just the right density as well which is great. You simply paint the nail varnish on your nails and wait for a minute and the cracks start to appear! The nail varnish is great quality just the same as the other products from Barry M. The cracks do last quite a long time before coming off your nails which makes the product last longer and also stops you from painting your nails all the time.

      How To Use It#

      To use the nail effect nail varnish you simply paint your nails as you would on a regular basis. Any colour, it does look really good if you have a bright colour available. Leave your nail to dry completely. This is important, dont put the nail effects on whilst your nails are still a little wet otherwise it will not work. Then paint ONE layer of the nail effects on top of the colour, again just ONE layer otherwise it will not work. You might think "arr its turned my nails black" but it soon changes. Leave your nails for about a minute and the cracks appear leaving you this crack effect over your nails. If you want the cracks to last longer i would recommend painting a clear layer of nail varnish over the top, of course this is optional.

      Where To Buy#

      You can by the BarryM nail effects from most places now, the cheapest being Superdrug and Boots. If you are looking for something cheaper than the £4 you pay for this product take a look on eBay or Amazon they knock about £1-£2 of the original RRP so it is definitely worth looking. You can also pick this nail varnish up at ASDA, and places like that. As i say most places. This nail varnish is on the market for about £4 so its not that much in my eyes for what you get.


      Overall i would definitely recommend this product because the company's products are great quality and worth the price which you pay. The nail varnish gives your nails a great effect which makes your nails stand out from the rest. Applying it is easy and efficient. I would 100% recommend.


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      • Samsung ES17 / Digital Camera / 14 Readings / 13 Ratings
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        08.10.2011 14:19
        Very helpful


        • Reliability
        • Reliability


        I Would 100% Recommend.


        The camera i had before this was basically to simple and the megapixels were alot lower than this camera, so i thought the best option was to purchase a new one. I had a look around for a camera which was generally small, had good megapixels, and one with feature which I would know how to use. At the time i was aiming for a £100 budget which i completed but obviously the camera is cheaper these days. I looked around and the best price was at Argos so i went out and bought it. I must say the service at Argos was outstanding i didn't wait for the camera which was good and the payment was simple. The staff were very friendly and willing to speak to me and my children.


        I understand that people aren't to keen on people writing reviews and including packaging because that's not why you buy the camera but i will try and keep it short! The camera came in a cardboard box which was heavy duty and strong which is great. The box being that hard was good because damaging the box was not a option. Inside the box the camera was wrapped nicely to prevent any damage to it. The user guides and manuals had been put in the box nicely - which i love because they don't come out creased. Everything was packaged well and the packaging prevented the contents from being damaged.

        Battery Life

        This camera works off batteries which was not at the time what i wanted, but other than this i loved this camera so i didn't mind. The camera runs off two AA batteries which are put in simply, and last a reasonably long time. The batteries for me lasted about 3 days when i was on holiday which tells you quite alot. I went Florida for 16 nights and i changed the batteries 4 times which was fab. The batteries do go down alot quicker if youa re using the camera for video taping but other than that they last a long time.


        As you just read before i took this camera on holiday with me. We at the time was taking the camera on all of the rollercoaster which didn't really bother me, until a family member dropped the camera whilst on a loop on the roller-coaster which i thought, that's it end of the camera. To my surprise we went to see if they could get it the next day, they went and got it and the damage to the camera was minimal. I was shocked. We had dropped the camera of the loop the loop, whilst going fast down onto concrete, and it had one chip in the corner and worked perfectly fine. What a miracle!

        Taking photo's

        This camera is 12.2 megapixels produces great quality photos. Taking photos on the camera is also easy which I love. The button to take the photos is very clear, a big button on the top of the camera like most cameras these days. The photos are taken instantly if the flash is turned off, and delayed a couple of seconds if you choose to keep the flash on. I will say the photos without the flash are great and can be took a lot quicker so I would definitely recommend that. If the room is dark however or it is in the evening, the flash is definitely the better option.

        Buttons & Features

        The buttons on the camera are so easy to use which is great. The buttons are simple and there isn't many of them which is great because then you don't have to remember what each one does. The buttons are on and take a photo on the top. The buttons around the LCD screen are clearly labelled which is great, eg the delete button has a bin symbol by the side of it. The features on the camera are literally not many but everything you need. They have night and daytime capture, video capture, horizontal, flash or no flash, red eye. There aren't the photo edit tools and things which some cameras come with but basically everything you want.

        User Guides & Help

        Samungs user guides are really good to use. They are so simple and the language they use in them are easy to understand. The user guides are great for everyone. They contain lots of images which are high quality and easy to understand. The user guide has pages with a range of languages in so if you want to read it in something other than English it is great. Samung also has a fab customer service team which i love. The phone number for the company is provided in the user guide, and they respond immediately. The email service for the company is also great, they also respond to emails with useful information within a couple of days. The company also offer a online forum which provides you with useful help and information along with video tutorials if you need more help.

        Out and About

        The camera is great if you want to take it out. The camera fits well in most bags because it is so small. I recently went to a wedding with this camera and it fitted in my small clutch bag simply. It is also light weight and only weighs 120 grams which is fab.


        Memory on the camera without any memory card in is not great at all. It can take a few photos and store them but not many about 50. When purchasing the camera they usually come with memory cards which is great. I currently have a 8GB memory card in which holds loads of photo's and videos. I recently took 2314 photo's on holiday and my camera still had enough space left on it so thats really good. If you are wanting to buy a memory crd for the camera it takes SD, SDHC, MMCplus memroy cards so finding one isn't difficult. They are reasonably cheap in Argos so i recommend going there!

        Top Things About The Camera;

        Good value for money
        12.2 Megapixels
        3x Zoom
        2.5 inch LCD Screen
        94.1 x 62.7 x 25.2mm


        Overall i would definately recommend this camera. It is small and very efficient. The photo's which are taken are really good quality and look fab when printed out. The camera simply doesn't brake which is great especially if you have kids!


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          01.10.2011 14:46
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          Would 100% Recommend - Please Read Article!

          Apple iPad 64GB 3G+Wi-Fi


          Well I simply love trying and testing out the new technology and when i heard about this tablet i was the first one to get it literally. I looked for the best prices on the internet and the best was currys for approx. £465, which I thought was great for one of the first tablets. I made my decision basically because Apple was and still is a fantastic world-wide known company and i was happy that the product would be of good quality. The iPad was delivered to my house the day which it was out. I was very happy with the customer service and delivery from Curry's and recommend it to anyone. The staff there are very friendly!

          Packaging and Contents;

          The packaging of the iPad was really good which is great for me because i tend to drop things quite a bit. I understand this isn't why you would buy the iPad so i will keep it as short as possible. The iPad came packaged it a modern box with a iPad printed across the front which i found was really different. The box is really strong so it holds the iPad really good and helps prevent the iPad for sustaining any damage. The iPad was packaged in a plastic sleeve which prevented it from scratches or damage to the screen, the rest was covered with strong cardboard which was good. Inside the box there was the iPad itself, a USB lead to collect it to a computer or laptop, a wall charger which comes in handy, and user guides and manuals. All of the contents in the box came well packaged.

          First Use;
          First use of the iPad was great. It was so easy to use which I definitely wasn't expecting for my first tablet! The iPad charged up easily and the charger went into the slot it fitted in very easily. The charger plugs in the wall great and is quite small for if you want to take it out and about. The iPad charged up quickly which was great for first use. I didn't want to do anything I shouldn't on the iPad my first time so I did look at the user manual and guides whilst it was charging up which I would recommend. Overall it was pretty simple to use, there aren't many buttons so it's not complicated, and the language used was simple. I very soon got used to it which was great, and fab for new users.

          Battery Life;
          Battery life on the iPad is great, and it couldn't be better. My iPad charges up within an hour which is great, and is fab for if you want to use it quick. The iPad definitely charges up better if you plug it in the wall via the wall charger and not via the USB to the computer i find, but this might differ depending on your computer system, etc. The battery life on my iPad lasts at least a day but this can differ depending on what you are doing on your iPad. I find the battery runs down faster if you are playing games or watching videos. It lasts longer if you are reading or just browsing the internet, but even when you are watching videos it lasts about 5 hours which is fab! The battery is determined by a bar at the top of the screen which you can almost always see. It measures from 100% down to 1% where the iPad automatically turns off until you charge it again.

          Screen & Touch Ability;
          The screen of the iPad is just under 10 inches, well 9.6 inches to be precise so the screen is really big and great therefore to use in my eyes. The iPad is not too big and not too small which is great. It is a plain square shape well a bit rectangular so it is fab. The internet and other photos show fantastic on this size screen. The touch ability is fantastic when I first used it I was so surprised at how good the iPad picks up your finger movements and it is still fantastic to the day. The screen doesn't scratch and has multi-touch features which are great if you want to play a two player game, to compete against friends or family.

          Music playing on the iPad is great. The ipad comes with youtube pre-installed which i tend to use alot because it saves me paying for music, or using time to download it onto the ipad. With youtube official videos cannot be played at the minute due to copyrights but those you find with lyrics and things can be. Youtube videos sound great being played out of the ipad at any volume! Overall the music app on the iPad is easy to use and navigate. The buttons are simple and not confusing. Repeat, Pause, Play etc. are available.

          Pictures on the ipad show up great. You can view them on the internet and save by holding (pressing) down on the image. Images show up great with the high quality screen. You can view images simply by sliding across to view the next photo and using two fingers and drawing them out to zoom in or out. Pictures are simply viewed and can be deleted. There are many apps available for video editing which is great. Pictures can be used for the home lock screen or behind the apps to brighten up the iPad!

          Video's & TV Programmes;
          Videos and Tv programmes play amazing on the iPad, expecially if the quality of them is good! Videos use the high quality image and also the high quality sound to combine to make a overall fantastic quality video. YouTube videos are usually clear if they are filmed clearly enough! Videos provided my iTunes are fantastic. I first got a doctor who episode free and i was totally shocked at the quality and have paid for loads since - believe me they are definately worth it especially if you are out and about!

          Sound Playback & Picture Quality;
          Sound quality on the iPad is also an amazing feature on this tablet. The sound plays back very clear which is great. Sound plays back especially great working alongside iTunes or apps provided by the app store. The sounds are clear and easy to understand, the music or sounds are never unclear or crackly. I do recommend purchasing music from the iTunes store which is pre-installed on the iPad, basically because you can guarantee it is 100% legal and the quality will be amazing. Another great feature on the iPad is picture quality. Picture quality on the iPad is amazing; there are hundreds of colours which can be shown on the iPad's screen which intensifies the iPad picture experience. Videos, webpages and most of pictures are shown in amazing quality on this iPad and definitely could not be any better.

          Connections on the iPad are amazing. If you are purchasing a iPad I would 100% recommend purchasing one with 3G networking, it is worth the £20-40 extra for access to network where ever you are, and there can use your iPad all the time when travelling. 3G networks are available all of the time - well they have been for me anyway. The connection quality on the iPad is outstanding and couldn't recommend it anymore. Wi-Fi on the iPad is also great if you plan to get an iPad whether it is with 3G or not. Wi-Fi connections are so easy to connect to and couldn't be any simpler. Wi-Fi connections are good quality and fast as long as you are connected alongside a good internet provider. Mine is currently working alongside BT Internet which is great.

          App Store & iTunes;
          App Store and also iTunes are preinstalled on the iPad when you purchase it so there is no need to download them onto the iPad. iTunes on the other hand needs to be installed onto your computer or laptop for connection laptop/computer to iPad. If you are installing iTunes on your computer it is great, it installs fast and works fantastically alongside Windows 7 if you have that operating system.

          iTunes is fantastic. It is easily used, and is not confusing one bit. It downloads onto your computer fast and also efficiently and doesn't take a lot of space up on your memory which is great so you don't slow down your computer. You will need iTunes firstly to update the iPad from the start, so this is not optional! iTunes is really easy to use, even for younger ones. Music, videos and TV programmes are easily put onto this, either from downloading via the online store, or by uploading your own CD or downloaded music. Music on the store is about 79p per track so it's cheaper than a CD!

          The App store is also another great feature on the iPad by apple. This app is already installed onto the iPad like the iTunes store, which is great. The app store is the biggest app store on the market which means you're not short of choice what apps you want to purchase. The app store is set out clearly which makes it easy to use. There are loads of different categories which is great so you can choose depending on what you like, and a search bar which brings up only relative results which is great! Apps only cost 79p again, some are more depending on the company providing them but saying that most are free, e.g. BBC, Twitter, etc. Apps download efficiently and don't take up a lot of room at all on the iPad which is fab!

          If you know me you will know I tend to drop things a lot and break things which is rather bad on my behalf to be fair! I have got to say this iPad is durable. I have dropped it once or twice which is bad, but it has no damage to it whatsoever. I think the iPad's durability is massively helped by the hard case on the back which does it job great. I have had my iPad for approx. one year and my screen has no scratches or anything so I rate durability 10 out of 10. Maybe this is just mine I don't know?

          On the iPad there is barely any buttons which is a plus side for me. This might be just my point of view but I think it is a lot simpler to use if there are minimal buttons which need pressing! The iPad has a main home screen button/on button which is the famous circle at the bottom underneath the screen. It also has a volume button along the right side which adjusts the volume simply and fast with one or two clicks. There is also a lock/turn on button at the top which is great, and that's it. Simply not a lot of buttons!

          Memory on the iPad is great. I will give you two different points of view. My cousin's iPad holds a lot of photos about 63 apps and some TV programmes. Her iPad is a 32GB one and she still has a lot of memory left on it. My iPad on the other hand is a 64GB. I have hundreds of photo's 121 apps, quite a few videos, and programmes. Mine also holds a lot, and I mean loads of music, and I still have a bit of memory left, so I hope by this you can estimate what size memory you need? Upgrades for memory are not a lot of money either so I would recommend getting 32GB?

          Connecting It to Your Computer;
          Connecting your iPad to the computer could not be easier. The USB which comes with the iPad is so easy to slip into the slot underneath. The USB connects to the computer easily. The iPad connects to the computer easily and iTunes sets up quickly and efficiently. From the start when you plug it in it starts charging which is great because its charging whilst your updating, adding music or whatever you would like to do! The USB connection is really speedy which is great as well.

          Out and About with your iPad;
          Taking your iPad out and about is fantastic. The iPad is light weight and small which makes it easy to carry around. If you're in the car the iPad is great to keep you amused and then fits fab in the back pockets and you can't tell it's there! The iPads connectivity is great, so connecting to Wi-Fi networks out and about is so easy. If the internet's not available games and apps on the iPad are really amusing and fun. So you are not short of things to do!

          A Few Top Apps Which I Recommend;
          Kindle App - Read Books on Your iPad easily!
          Sky News - Read News, And Watch Live.
          Ebay - Look For Latest Listings & Check Your Account!
          Dino Rush - Fun Game Where You Are a Dino & Need To East Fruit!
          Shazam - Find the latest music, download it, & ask Shazam what tracks playing around you!

          Compared Against the iPad2;
          With the new iPad 2 out on the market many people are wondering which one they should buy. At the end of the day there will be a difference otherwise apple wouldn't have brought out the newer version. Overall the iPad2 is thinner, lighter, has a camera, and has more features in general. The camera allows you to video call people, and take photo's unlike the ipad1. I am still very happy with my ipad1 but if you want the newer version with the camera you need to be prepared to pay a little more!

          User Manuals & Guides;
          User manuals and guides which come with the iPad are absolutely fantastic. You seriously could not get any others which are better. They are very simple and easy to follow which I love. They come in so many different languages which I fab if you need them in another language. They are set out clearly, which makes them easy to use. The text size and font is really clear and simple. They user manuals and guides are packaged well in the box and do not crease which is great. User manuals and guides are also available to download of the apple website if you follow the links through to support.

          Help With Using Your iPad;
          Apple offers a great range of support and help. They have a rather big call centre which is good. The staff answer the phones are very kind and helpful. When I rang up I didn't get put onto any of that music which is great. They also offer a fast and efficient online chat service where apple staff can answer your questions, very similar to emailing in where they answer email efficiently and provide you with useful information. Apple also offers an online forum which is great where apple experts reply within hours. The website also holds a support page for frequently asked questions which help a lot. They offer user manual, guides and also video tutorials to use online.

          I am not going to give you a one side story so i will give you some disadvantages i myself have come across. The main problem is the Java and Apple companies do not mix. Java is therefore unavailable on websites which are viewed on via the Apple iPad one. This can be problem which means no facebook games etc. but i have got round it by downloading the porper apps for the games which dont require Java. The another disadvantage is the fact Microsoft word and others cannot be got on the iPad, therefore it is more a leisure tablet than a work which doesn't bother me but it might you? The iPad does have anote pad but has literally no feature other than writing so it is definately not one to work on! The final disadvantage is the fact of the price, laptop or iPad - there the same price!

          **Height:9.5 inches
          **Width:7.4 inches
          **Depth:0.5 inch
          **Weight:1.6 pounds (0.73 kg)
          **Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR technology
          **Digital compass
          **Assisted GPS
          **9.7-inch LED-backlit screen
          **Multi-Touch display with IPS technology
          **1024-by-768-pixel resolution
          **Support for display of multiple languages and characters simultaneously

          Where To Buy The Apple iPad 64GB 3G+Wi-Fi;
          Digitalpromo.co.uk - £429.99
          Argos - £489.99
          Pc Titan - £389.99
          Ebay Ranges But Rather Cheap
          Amazon Ranges But Rather Cheap.
          ** I apologise for the poor quality selection stores tend to sell the new iPad2 now!

          Top Tips;
          * Get The Correct Memory For You
          * Check Out The Apple Store
          * Buy A Case To Prevent Scratches - They Are Cheap On eBay!
          * Check Out Prices On Google Shopping
          * Test One Out In Store

          I would 100% recommend this product. It is fun, sleek, stylish, light-weight, high-tech! I absolutely love mine, and go on it almost everyday. It is great for all ages, and has something to suit everyone which makes it unique. I would like to thank you for reading my review i understand it it long so i put it into sections if you just want information on a certain bit! If you do need any help with your iPad or have any further questions i will be more than happy to answer! Thanks again! :)


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        • Samsung Tocco Lite / Mobile Phone / 16 Readings / 15 Ratings
          More +
          24.09.2011 13:11
          Very helpful
          1 Comment


          • Reliability


          100% would recommend.


          I am a person which tends to go through phones quite a bit, either by not getting along with them or breaking them, which is bad on my behalf. I broke my phone screen on my previous mpbile before purchasing this one so i needed a phone which was cheap, easy to get along with and one i could get hold of easily because i needed it for work and personal reasons. I went to my local Tesco store which always seems to have lots of phones available which is great. I looked around and i loved the look of this one because it was modern, stylish, cheap, and did the job i wanted it to. I purchased the phone at the time for approx £50 which was great for me because that was my budget at the time. The phone was in stock there and then so i purchased it and took it home ready to use.

          [-First Using The Phone-]

          The box which the phone came in was very stylish and gave me a good feel about the phone. The phone and the other contents were packaged really good to prevent the phone and other accessories being broken in transit, which is great. When you get the phone out it is covered in protective plastic which is good because it prevents the phone from scratching and i actually left it on for a bit to keep the phone in good quality, and you couldn't really see it also which made it better. The box contents was the phone itself, the charger for the phone, a CD to be installed onto the computer or laptop so you can combine the two, a USB lead for connection to the computer, headphones for listening to sounds, user manuals, a step by step guide, and a warranty for the mobile. I charged the phone up straight the way with no need on looking into the user manuals or step by step guides because it was so easy, the battery slipped in the back and the charger just plugged in to allow the phone to be charged. It charged up pretty quickly which was good, and was ready for use straight the way. When first using the phone, it is self explanitary really, i personally didn't need to look into the user manuals but they are there if you do!

          [-User Manuals & Guides-]

          One thing which i do love about Samsung is that fact they always package there user manuals, and step by step guides correctly. They put them in plastic wallets to prevent them from bending in the box they also place them nicely in the box and don't just put them in which means they aren't screwed and messed up when you come to read them. The user manual and the step by step guides come in a range of lanugages which is good for if you want to read them in something other than english. The guides are also written in simple language which is great and makes them easy to follow. The guides give you very useful information which is great for when you are setting up your phone, or for reference later on.

          [-Picture Quality & Sound Quality-]

          The picture quality on this phone is really good. It displays alot of colours which is great and helps you to view pictures and videos in great quality. Pictures view really well on this phone and display as the background in good quality which makes your phone really bright and fun! Another great feature of this phone is the quality of the sound playback. This phone plays sounds really clear which is great for if you are listening to music or videos via the out loud speaker, or via your headphones. The speaker and also the headphones have a range of volume levels which is great, and allows you to determine whether to listen to your sounds on low, and quiet, or vibrant and loud!

          [-Camera & Video Camera-]

          The camera on this phone is fairly good for a phone camera. It has a 3.2 megapixel camera which is great quality, obviously nothing like the video camera's and digital ones on the market but it is fab for a phone. The camera on the phone is great for if you are out and about and need to take a picture of something ot even just for general use. The camera and the video camera are very easy to use which is great. They have a button on the side of the phone to take the photo which is easy to use, just basically press the button and the photo will be taken. All photo's and videos which are captured on your phone are stored on the phone's memory in the files. This can be changed for them to be stored on the memory card if you have one installed but the phone memory is generally enough for me.

          [-Screen & Durability-]

          The touch screen on the phone is pretty good. I have heard mixed responses from family and friends but overall i think it is generally good. Obviously the new iPhones on the market have a better touch screen but i think this is demonstrated in the price. The screen however is good, if you touch the screen it picks up your movements, better if you are sliding your finger across. The durability of the phone is pretty good! My son was swinging on a swing with this phone in his pcoket it fell out and barely any marks were left which tells you alot. I am pretty sure i can say that this phone is durable!

          [-Music, Video, & Picture-]

          On this phone there is a folder for everything to be stored. Music, videos, and pictures are stored easily and efficiently which is great. The music folder can hold lots of music which is helped if you have a memory card, the music folder makes it easy to play music, and also send to other devices. The picture folder has the ability for create more folders, like the rest, this allows you to sort out photo's if you want - i tend to so i can find a photo fast. The picture folder also allows you to view photo's fast. The video folder holds lots of videos as like the others. Picture, Music and video quality on this phone is great and very clear. Pictures can be viewed on the phone using the high quality screen which looks really good, video can be watched through the great screen and also through the high quality sound available, the same thing goes for the music which is also great!

          [-Buttons & Menus-]

          The buttons on the phone are limited but thats what i love about the phone. The phone is almost all touch screen which is great. The only buttons on this phone are the answer phone call green button, the put down phone call red button, and the main menu button situated in the middle. The phone also has a camera button, a volume button and a lock button which is great because you cant really get confused on the buttons. The menu's on this phone are also really clear which is great. They consist of simple to understand language and a easy set out to make the experience on this phone better. The menu is great and contains images so you know what you are clicking on. The colour of the menu can also be changed in the setting which is great if you prefer to read on a certain colour, or just want to brighten up the menu! I think the front screen menu is a good feature on this phone as well, it has three screen which can be slided across. I didn't realise this at the start until i accidently did it! This allows you to sort out your apps efficiently, which i will come onto later.

          [-Modern, Stylish, Weight, Look-]

          I love this phone because it is stylish and looks good. This phone comes in a range of colours but i purchased the black. This phone can be found in, black, white, pink, silver and some limited edition colours which pop up rarely in the market. The phones design is pretty shiny which not only looks good but it prevents dirt from getting stuck on your phone which is great and means it always looks good. The phone is slim and looks great when you are carrying it around which is great. The weight of this phone is only 94g which is not alot at all, the size of the phone allows it to fit in your pocket easily, and for you also to carry around without noticing. The phone looks even better if you are putting bright cases on it to liven it up, but obviously this is optional but i do think it is a good idea!

          [-Security & Battery Life-]

          Security on this phone is pretty good. You can add pin locks to provide your phone with security incase it gets stolen, the only thing i did find was that unless you constantly turn your phone off the phone lock doesn't appear which is not that good, but didn't affect me because i didn't really mind. Security measures are easy to complete on this phone just go to the settings and follow the instructions! Battery life on this phone is also great. This phone takes 30 minutes to an hour to charge up, and then it is fully charged which is great for a mobile phone. The battery lasts a long time which is also good especially if you are going out, the battery doesn't last as long if you are playing music or videos. but i personally dont that much so this didn't effect me. I personally haven't had any problems with the battery which is great but they can be bought (replacements) for £2-5 of ebay which is great for a fast repair!

          [-Apps & Internet-]

          The internet on this phone is a great feature which i tend to use quite a bit. The internet layout is easy to use which is really good. The internet works really fast on this phone, which makes the experience better. The internet is easy to use and efficient, which you dont get on most phones. The use of the internet is easy helped by the easy and simple language again. Apps are also available for on the front screen of the phone which makes the phone alot easier to use if you want to just quickly click on something. Apps can be downloaded on here, there isn't a massive range but ones which you would use eg, weather, facebook, news. i tend to have quite a few on the front screen to help me use my phone fast!

          [-Phone Calls, Typing & Messaging-]

          Typing on this phone is easy i find. The layout of the keyboard can be changed easily by clicking on the bottom whilest typing, also by turning around the phone. The keys are spread apart quite away which is great and allows you to type fast and efficiently. Therefore typing and messaging on this phone is easy which i love, i can text friends and family members easily. Calls are also easy to make on this phone with the two easy to use buttons on the front. The calls have been known to cut off sometimes but i personally have never had this problem? The calls have features such as loud speaker, and handsfree which could come in hand if you are going to using them!

          [-Connectivity and Networks-]

          I find that connectivity on this phone is great. The internet works really good on the phone via your networks connection. Please bare in mind that wifi is not available on this phone which could be a bad thing for some people. Bluetooth is also a great feature on this phone and works really good to allow you to send files to other phones efficiently. On this phone i am on O2 and the signal is always great so i would definately recommend this network, i heard Orange network also works great with this phone via family members and friends.

          [-Samsung Customer Service-]

          Samsungs customer service is great. Samsung provide contact details on their website which can be found online and also the user manuals, and guides which come with the phone. Samsung's phone line call centre, answesr phone calls immediately which is great, and barely ever put you onto silly music which me myself hate. hey also have a great email service where they reply to email efficiently with great information to help you get sorted. On the samsung website you can also find video tutorials to help you with your phone, forums are also available where people with experience can expertly answer any questions you have.

          [-Overall Features Of The Phone-]

          * 3.2 megapixel camera with digital zoom
          * Video recording
          * Display: TFT, 262K colours, 240 x 400 pixels (3.0 inches)
          * Music player
          * Stereo FM radio
          * 64-voice polyphonic ringtones / MP3 ringtones
          * Integrated handsfree speakerphone
          * Personal organiser functions and apps
          * Memory: MicroSD memory card slot available (up to 16GB)
          * Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.1, and via USB lead
          * WAP 2.0, GPRS, EDGE
          * Quadband GSM
          * Size: 106 x 54 x 12 mm
          * Weight: 94g

          [-Where To Buy-]

          Vodafone - £50.00
          Tesco - £49.95
          Play.com - £59.99
          Sainsburys - £79.99
          Ebay - Price Ranges
          ASDA- £49.99


          Overall i would 100% recommend buying this phone. It is a great phone which is stylish, modern and easy to use. It is cheap as well which is fab! Thanks for reading and rating - hope it helped!


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          • Samsung SF311 / Laptop / 33 Readings / 23 Ratings
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            22.09.2011 18:19
            Very helpful
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            • Reliability


            100% recommend.

            [-Introduction On The Laptop-]

            After braking my screen on my previously laptop, i needed a new laptop for work. I wanted one which was durable firstly so the screen wouldn't brake like the previous. I wanted a white coloured stylish laptop because they are basically the type of laptop i like. I wanted a fairly cheap one between the prices of £500-£700 which was my budget. I instantly started looking a google shopping which not alot of people use but i would definately recommend, they provide the lastest prices, and where you can purchase the laptop from. It definately saves you going around every single site trying to find whether they sell the laptop and then what the price is and what is comes with.

            After searching through google shopping i found the cheapest price. The cheapest price was at PCWorld which was convient for me because i trust the store, and there is one nearside my home. The price at PCWorld was £650 at the time, it then came with a case, the laptop and security software to be downloaded onto the laptop. For all of that i thought the price was amazing. The laptop was in stock as most things at PCWorld so i went to collect it. The staff at PCWorld couldn't have been any better they were so nice and thoughtful and made sure i knew what i was doing. The laptop was well packaged with everything it came with in one box which was convient because i didn't have to go around carry bits and bots.

            [-Getting The Laptop Home & First Use-]

            I got the laptop home and started it immediately. It was packaged really well which i loved, because i do tend to drop and brake things quite a bit, and as you can guess that is how my previous laptop broke! All of the seperate bits in the box were packaged very well, even the instructions which were packaged in their own plastic wallets to avoid folding which i thought was really good. In the box was the laptop itself, the laptop charger, the case (only in this package), instructions, the warranty, step by step guides, security software (only in this package again). I charged up the laptop straight the way connecting the laptop charger into the laptop which i must say was really easy. One thing i did notice straight the way whilst carry the laptop is the fact that it is so light. The laptop and charger which is all you need to carry around weighs literally one to two kg, which makes it really portable.

            [- Battery Life & Start-up-]

            Start-up on this laptop is very fast which is amazing especially if you want to go on the laptop fast and efficiently. If you put the laptop in advanced sleep mode which is more or less the same as turning off the laptop, all you have to do is lift the lid and the laptop starts up within three seconds which is great. If the battery dies or you have to go quick another great feature on this laptop is the fact the laptop automatically saves your work. The work which you had open is automatically saved to the hard drive which is really good and means that you never lose the work. Battery life on this laptop is also amazing which is another great feature of this laptop. All of the laptop's performance works of battery save which is good and no change is made to the performance. There is no need to worry how much battery life is left because the laptop generally lasts around ten hours which is amazing. Battery life obviously depends on what you are doing on the laptop, the battery runs down more if you are playing videos or games.

            [-Stylish, Light-Weight, & Modern-]

            This laptop is so stylish which is one feature which i absolutely love. I have never saw a laptop like it, it curves and is a weird shape which is great because i wanted a laptop which is different because most laptop look the same rectangualar shape, despite this being a little rectangular, it is desfinately different. It as sold as being ultra light which is definately right. The laptop is very light and makes it portable and easy to carry around if you are going to be using it for work. This laptop is shiny, and a great colour which makes it look really modern which is a good thing about a laptop if you are taking it into work, or if you are buying it for someone else. The laptop is skinny which is good and helps to make it light weight, it also helps if you are carrying it around with you.

            [-Picture Quality & Sound Quality-]

            The picture quality on this laptop is amazing. It has a very very bright LED screen which is good and i suppose this helps the picture quality. This laptop can also provide over 16,000 colours which is amazing, and allows you to view pictures clearly. The screen size is 13" which is also a good size which is not too big and not too small. On your home screen backgrounds which come with the laptop make good use of the 16,000 colours available, and makes your laptop look really good. Game and video quality is also amazing through picture graphics and sound. The sound quality on the laptop is also amazing, whether you are playing the sounds out loud or through headphones which can be easily plugged into the laptop. Music and game effects play great on this laptop and sound really good. There are multiple volume levels which is great if you want your music on low or high. iTunes also works great on this laptop and the music plays out is good quality.


            Wifi connectivity on this laptop is great. It scans for wifi available networks fast and efficiently. This is great if you are out and about and want to connect to wifi immediately. Another great feature of this laptop is it has amazing bluetooth technology, which is Bluetooth 3.0 high speed, this allows you to send files to other laptops and devices easily! This laptop has a share file solution which makes sharing files easy, and efficient another great feature of this laptop. A great feature of this laptop is the fact that you can charge devices via USB without the laptop even being on. Via the connection of the USB it charges your device up easily, and i have never known a laptop which does this.

            [-Customer Service & Help-]

            Samung is a great company which has so much help on offer for its users. Samsung has a great call centre with people that are willing to help. The call centre is more or less 24 hours, well it has always been open when i have rang up. Samsung also offer a great email service where you email with the problems which you are having and they will help you sort them out with a email back within a couple of days, which is a quick response for a large company. Other options include, online video tutorials, and online forums where people can come online and help you with the problems you are having. The user manuals, and step by step guides are also helpful. They come in a large range of languages which is great if you want to read them in a different language than english, they also come in simple language, with diagrams to help you.


            This laptop has 4GB RAM which is fab for a laptop. It also has 320GB in hard drive capacity which is also really good. All of this memory is great and allows you to store lots of documents and presentations if you are using it for work. Me personally i have hundreds of documents, pictures and quite a few videos from music concerts and i still have loads of memory left. This means you can also download programmes easily, fast and efficiently. All this memory allows the laptop to be super fast which is great because i hate a laptop which is slow!

            [-Where To Buy The Laptop-]

            If you want to purchase this laptop it is available at quite a few places, which i will list below, and the prices they sell it for. If you are planning on buying this laptop and the package doesn't come with a case i would definately recommend buying one, it makes carrying it around easy, and prevents it from collecting dust or dirt. Prices are as follows;

            The BT Shop; £684.99
            Insight UK; £663.94
            Memory Express; £686.16
            Ebay; Range Of Prices
            PCWorld; Unavailable
            Curry's; Unavailable


            Overall i would definately recommend buying this laptop, it is a great price for what you get. It is a good laptop, and for all the points i have raised above. The laptop is great for people of all ages. Thanks for reading and rating!


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