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      06.08.2012 00:53
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      To help you get experience

      My Experience Climbing Ben Nevis Mountain

      I am writing this review to tell you about my experience when climbing to the top of Ben Nevis mountain. It was extremely awesome and I had a awesome time. It began to rain a lot half way up the mountain but it did not hold me back. There was snow at the top of the summit. Climbing it was very tiring and I had to drink water to rehydrate daily. I went with my friends and all of us made it to the top except one who was too tired to go on. The misty/cloudiness as we reached half way made it hard to see and while climbing up it we had to go up in a zigzag. When climbing someone was rescued by Ben Nevis Helicopter Rescue because he slipped and smashed his face on the rock. Mountain climbing can be very dangerous! When I saw the guy who hurt himself and it made me feel discouraged and I considered stopping but I did not go all the way to Ben Nevis to give up half way and so I ventured on. All in all I really enjoyed it and was very proud of myself because I passed the challenge and achieved one of my goals.

      The Approprate Attire Required For Mountain Climbing

      The following attire will keep you warm, comfortable and altogether safer on your journey.
      1. Long sleeve fleece to prepare for very cold weather conditions..
      2. Wet Suits (waterproof coat and trousers)
      3. Hiking trousers (when it is raining you can put waterproof trousers over them.)
      4. Goggles (snowboarding types) or sun glasses
      5. Walking Boots and I recommend you to get warm, comfortable and tough ones that will endure the wear and tear of mountain climbing.
      6. Ruck Sack (you can put your waterproof trousers in your rucksack while climbing)
      7. Four pairs of trekking socks
      8. Waterproof gloves
      9. Climbing stick.
      The full price of the attire needed can be anything from £600 or over but if you shop around you can get all of your attire more reasonably priced. I would really recommend to buy the more expensive ones because they can protect you more and will be tougher and longer lasting.

      Getting There

      Before you make arrangements for transport. You will first need to decide on and book a B&B that is suitable for all of your home comforts and close to Ben Nevis, Now the B&B I was in is called Acarsaid and I would totally recommend people to book there. It is on the Achintore Road in Fort William. The reason I recommend this place is because it was really reasonably priced to stay for one night for only £25 and because you get free breakfast in the morning and you can choose what you want by from the provided list on a litle laminated card..
      Here is the list for breakfast:
      Scottish Fry
      Toast with Butter or Jam
      Orange Juice
      Double Bedroom
      Twin Bedroom
      (Each has a beautiful reasonably big bathroom with golden colored shower equipment and nice fresh towels)
      Once you book a B&B your next goal is to arrange your transport by either boat or plane but I would highly recommend that you travel by boat because you might want to bring a car to carry a lot of your luggage and foods. P&O ferries is the cheapest option to travel and the price to transport your vehicle on the boat is reasonable too. The price for the boat is £90 return per person and a extra 32 pounds for your car.

      How Long Til You Get There

      Traveling to Troon (Scotland) from Larne in Northern Ireland would take about 2 hours tops. Once you get off the boat traveling by car from Troon to Fortwillaim will take 3hrs 24mins.

      Safety Advice

      Before you head of to climb Ben Nevis mountain you will have to make sure you have brought everything you will require. Things like a spare pair of socks just in case you get your feet wet and you need to put on the replacement socks really fast before you feet get really cold and make sure you got enough water to hydrate as you will stop more than 5 times as you be tired out so quickly. The main thing that is important is to have the phone number of the Ben Nevis rescue in case you get a really bad injury.
      For experienced climbers it would take them about 3 or 4 hours to reach the top and then get back down again and non-experienced climbers would normally take about 5 or 6 hours but going back down it takes about 1hr 30mins and it's the easiest.
      Once you get to the top of Ben Nevis you will see the ruins of a shelter but most times you can't see it because it is really misty or cloudy so you might have to walk up closer to see it better .
      I would recommend people to go climbing around summer time as have been told that during the winter would be highly dangerous.
      People off any fitness level can climb this mountain but it would be easier for someone in optimum health who prepares a lot for it and has moral support. So I advice to bring one or two other people with you.

      I hope this review will catch your eyes and mind and hopefully you would like to be the next challenger to climb Ben Nevis


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