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Member since: 27.08.2011

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      28.08.2011 00:30



      worth for £29 pound

      Me and my boyfriend booked one night reservation,as the next day we were going to go to Southampton boat show.

      We left London late,so was not sure if they would keep the room for us, my boyfriend called them,and they said it will not be problem.

      It was very hard to find the hotel as there were no signs to direct us to hotel and navigation was not finding it either. We had to call reception and they gave us direction.

      Check in was very quick and as soon as the receptionist confirmed our address she gave us key for our room. We paid only £29 when we booked it which was very reasonable price. There was no vending machine, and when we arrived the Little Chef restaurant opposite hotel was shut, only place we could get something to eat was petrol station.

      The room was very basic with big long mirror, double bed. The room was very warm when we went in. The shower was basic but the sink was cracked. There was only one set of towels left in the room so we had to go to reception and ask for another set.

      There was no telephone in the room and there was basic coffee/tea facility with 2 cups and tea bags/coffee/sugar.

      Check out next morning was quite quick too and receptionist helped us with direction to Southampton.

      Only thing we were not happy there was a lot of noise at night.


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    • Tie Rack / Highstreet Shopping / 3 Readings / 2 Ratings
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      28.08.2011 00:07
      Very helpful



      Amazing small store selling products with reasonable prices and good quality

      I have visited Tie Rack in my city where I live on so many occasions and adore their clothing/accessories as the products have excellent quality and often a lot of their scarves and accessories look like a cheaper alternative to expensive designer branded clothing.

      Tie Rack offers men's and women's clothes, which not many people realise it when they see the name of the shop. It also has website.They have stores in over 330 stores in 24 countries.

      The products are in a fairly reasonable price although not many people realise it. They do very reasonable priced silk ties. You can find any type of woven, printed, novelty ties matching to the shirt/suit.

      One of the disadvantages is that they do not have children's section even there are big demand for it ( not many shops do children's ties, bow ties, accessories) which could be advantage for them.

      One of the greatest advantages can be the fact they offer student discount.

      Customer service in Tie Rack in my city is excellent. The staff always smile, greet customers, ask if they need help. I had a dress with me once, was looking for a scarf as the weather was going to be rainy. Staff offered me help, hanging my dress in their hanger, asking details like which occasion I was going to wear it, which colour was my shoes, etc and they found me amazing scarf which I have been using it since I bought it in several occasions.

      I have also bought many gifts to my friends from there. They do amazing gift boxes which you can include cufflinks, ties and hankies, and they help you to match them. I have bought my dad this gift box set and it cost me £13.97 all together! ( £5.99 tie, £2.99 hankie, £4.99 cufflinks)

      Their website has very well laid out site which is easy to navigate and is frequently updated.

      The Tie Rack shop which I usually visit has got sale box, all bargain stuff is placed there, I bought a hat to my bf for only £1!

      Overall, I love Tie Rack shop and would recommend to everyone to visit it. As soon as you go in you will feel great atmosphere and bargain!


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