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      26.07.2011 12:35
      Very helpful



      Overall a fantastic thrilling exciting and scary book!!

      ~~What is the book about? ~~

      Karen Rose brought out the book ''Don't Tell'' back in 2003 and this book ''I Can See You'' picks up from this. The characters are brought through to this new and exciting fast paced thrilling story.
      We are brought into the world again of Eve Wilson who was attacked and left for dead. She was assaulted so seriously that her attacker slashed at her face, body and hand and left her needing extensive plastic surgery.

      Having been mentally and physically scarred Eve hides away and retreats from the outside world.

      We now see Eve a few years on, having had surgery and wanting to start her life over. She moves to Minneapolis and works as a bartender in the evening, whilst studying in the daytime for a psychology degree. The topic of her degree is the pathology of serial killers.

      When she was attacked. Scarred she hid herself away by entering into the virtual world of gaming. In the world of ''shadowland'' she wants to learn how to understand people and to try and help them. This givesEve the chance to study her subjects, and to study the relationship between the real world and the virtual one.

      What she doesn't realize is that her test subjects in the game turn up dead in real life, having committed suicide. Realising what has happened Eve then realizes she has to do something, and is determined to find out what really happened to them

      We are re introduced to Noah Webster a homicide detective who has been investigating suspicious suicides, and his investigation leads him to Eve.

      Eve is drawn to Noah after studying him from afar from the comfort of the bar that she works in and is frequented by many cops.

      Noah believes in her and you instantly feel the chemistry between the two of them. They are both like two lost souls, as Noah we find out is a recovering alcoholic, and has problems linking him to his past.

      After getting Eve in on the case to find out what she knows, they link the suicides to many of her test subjects in the Shadowland game.

      As the victims appear to all be online avatars, and in Eve's study, she soon realizes that she in deep and that the target next on the list might be her.

      ~~What did I think? ~~

      I have to say I love Karen Rose and her books are always thrilling, page turning and interesting reads. Many people have criticized this book in saying that the romantic side was overwhelming. I strongly disagree.

      It had a nice mix of thrilling, killing, and a bit of romance to slightly soften the edges.

      You instantly warm to the characters, however I do feel it would be of benefit to read ''Don't Tell'' simply so that you know the characters better.

      Karen Rose has a way of scaring you, and in this book believe me there were times when of an evening I would have to watch something funny before I went to bed, so that I didn't have nightmares!!
      It's not gory or gruesome, but it has a way of making you shiver.

      The way in which Rose describes the killers choice to kill people by finding out their biggest fear I felt was ingenious. To glue open their eyes so that the killer can indeed ''see them'' made me frightened but intrigued at the same time.

      I would say pick this book up and have a good read it's most defiantly worth it!!


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      • Numatic Henry / Vacuum Cleaner / 33 Readings / 28 Ratings
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        08.06.2011 14:12
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        A happy smiling Henry and a happy smiling me!! :)

        I recently bought the new Henry hoover model HVR200-22. It cost me £90.00 from Argos and was a bargain!!

        It has a 10 metre cable which is great from going room to room and also has a retractable lead. There is a Tritex filter system built in which apparantly is so that everything that gets sucked up stays in!! It has a dust bag fitted inside and is easy to clean and empty, as it comes out in one fail swoop and I have to say there isnt much spillage. I am a bit clumsy to be fair so sometimes it does end up that as I lift the bag out it does go over me...but I think thats just me!!

        It has a very low sounding when you are in full hoover mode and for a fairly large machine this is a bonus!

        The flat section of the hoover works well on laminate flooring (which I am forever having to do) carpet and also tiles. You do have to be careful however if you use it on the flooring that you dont drag it too much as this can create slight lines in the floor.

        You dont need to be heavy handed with this hoover as it really does have super sucking going on!! It has a capacity to hold 9L which I think is pretty impressive.

        With a weight of 6.6kg it isnt too bad but if the hoover is near to full can be a bit cumbersome if you lift it from room to room. I do tend to pull it though as it has 4 wheels attached and this eliminates the problem. Although as I live in a flat I am unsure how well this concept would work if you had to drag it up some stairs!

        Overall I have to say this is one of the best hoovers I have used. I have tried the Dyson and other fairly mediocre brands but so far nothing can outweigh how great The Henry hoover is.

        I would highly recommend this product


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          13.04.2011 17:16
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Fantastic Dehumidifier

          I have lived in my flat now for over 12 years on the top floor. You would think being at the top of the block that I wouldn't have problems with damp but boy oh boy do I!!

          It started a couple of years ago when I noticed that the bedroom had a slight smell of stale air and damp. It was awful waking up in the morning and unable to get the wretched smell from your nose. I tried everything.

          I bought the mould and mildew spray remover which works well but reeks to high heaven and lingers in the room and does slightly burn your eyes.

          I used the paint that you are supposed to slap on to eradicate the problem, but the damp patches simply worked its way around the areas of painting I had missed.

          My sister however came to the rescue. She told me about dehumidifiers and how they work and that they won't cure the damp but will at least help the situation.

          After a few years and being at my wits end after trying every trick in the book, I decided to take her advice.

          So welcome to the Swan Dehumidifier SH3020. It isn't cheap by any means but I didn't let that deter me from buying it. I purchased it from my Very for a price of £149.00. After looking on the internet this was the cheapest price for this model that I could find.

          It arrived promptly and as the delivery driver slowly made his way up the stairs I wondered why he was taking so long. Then when he handed it over to me I realized why it's really heavy!! I am a bit of a weakling so others may not find that this is the case for them.

          After opening the package I was surprised by the sleekness of it. With dimensions of 55cm in height , width of 32cms and a depth of 17cms I was pleased that it slotted nicely into both the bedroom and the kitchen without taking up much space.

          After reading the instructions I set to work. The problem area is in different locations of the flat and the dehumidifier covers a range of 18-25sqm. I decided to start with the built in wardrobes first. After clearing out all the clothes and wiping down the walls which had formed a light residue of wet and cold condensation I wasn't very optimistic.

          Whilst I know that steamy showers and drying clothes can produce moisture in the air this was on a whole new level. My walls were literally crying.

          The instructions and very straight forward and the Led light is handy (especially as the wardrobe is pretty dark). After turning it on, I was surprised by how quiet it was. My dad has a fan in his toilet that sounds like a plane taking off and I had visions of that happening. But no it was surprisingly low in volume.

          After watching a few tv programmes I heard a beeping. Off I set as I realized the dehumidifier was telling me it was time for auto shut off and that the tank was full. I was surprised as it had only been on for around an hour. But it was full and strangely the water was clear. I had expected it to be a very dirty colour especially as the walls always look so dreadful. The bottom has an easy tray that you pull out and you simply pour the water away.

          I was so happy, it was working and strangely it already seemed that the air had changed in the bedroom. There was still the slight damp residue hanging but overall it was starting to get there.

          At a rate of 20 litres per 24 hours I have to say that is impressive!!

          A couple of days on and the dehumidifier has yet to disappoint me. I can't fault it at all. It is compact and has a handle on top so it is easy to move from room to room. (Even though initially I thought it was pretty heavy) It is quiet and the room has gone from strength to strength.

          I have had a few good nights sleep which is crazy seeing as for the best part of 2 years I haven't slept all the way through the night, without waking up. I don't know if that's just me or if it's my body telling me that now I am breathing in cleaner air its ok to sleep fully.

          Overall I would have to say this is the best thing I have done. So far it has been working wonders and the water is continuing to collect every day. I haven't yet been brave enough to leave it on and go out. If you do choose to do this is has a timer set into. So you can set it to your requirements. It will never overload and go spilling out as it has an auto shut off facility when the tank is full.

          It has an electronic control with a handy LED display and a timer. There is a power on light which also reminds you if you have remembered to plug it in!!

          At the bottom part of the dehumidifier there is a tray which displays the water that is being collected which I think is a nice feature and it is blue which looks nice at night (!!)
          It has an adjustable humidistat and 2 fan speeds. It also has an air circulation mode built in.

          And also the last thing is that the fan blows out cool air so the room can get quite chilly, but now the sun is trying to poke its head through the clouds I just make sure I sit in the sunniest room in my house and let the dehumidifier do all the work.

          Highly recommended!!


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          • photobox.co.uk / Internet Site / 57 Readings / 54 Ratings
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            25.01.2011 15:58
            Very helpful



            Overall potentially a great website but many teething problems for me

            I have been a customer of Photobox for around 6 months. What first led me to join was the offer of 40 free prints for registering. Great I thought, I always like a freebie but the skeptic in me doubts that anything in this life is truly free.

            However I was pleasantly surprised that yes after registration I could have 40 prints all free!! Wonderful news I thought...

            So as I navigated around the website I found it to be very user friendly, and with a lot of functions and options to use.

            To begin with I wasn't very adventurous and uploaded my photographs. I had around 200 on my memory card, and was worried it would take hours to upload. Don't get me wrong it isn't high speed however; as it uploads it gives you a timer so at least you know where you are. I would say it took around 45 mins to 1 hour to upload 200 photographs.

            I am not very technical and worried I wouldn't be able to do it, but with step by step instructions on what to do, you can't really go wrong.

            Started by a husband and wife team who discussed how to get real prints put on the wall to show the grandparents...and it took off from there. Starting in 2000 over the next 2 years the website grew in strength, members, and also the friendliness of the website. To which it was awarded in the Sunday Times top 10 best websites.

            In 2003 it won a further award for best online retailer and grew on from there, including teaming up with Boots in 2008 and launching Bootsphoto.com

            As a customer I have to say that to begin with I found it a user friendly, and aesthetically pleasing website, and spent ages uploading my photographs. It has many options to order prints, canvas, acrylic prints and many many more.

            There are basic tools on photoshop such as editing cropping and colour adjustment, all things you would expect to find. But wait there's more....for £3.12 a month you can upgrade your photobox account to enable you to use the further functions of this website. This grants you access to a huge range of editing options, such a slimming people down (one for my best friend who loves this!!) removing wrinkles (one for my mum who wishes she was 21 again) one to whiten your teeth (one for my dad who wishes he was a Hollywood movie star) and one for tanning (especially for me as I always look pasty!!)

            The editing options are endless and what I like is that every month and for every season they offer novelty ideas for that month's occasion. For example at Christmas you could add snow to a photograph or have a frosted frame, you could even add a Santa hat to the most miserly of relatives.

            So ok all so good so far...yes!!

            Here comes the gripes....you cant copy and paste people into photographs, and you can't always guarantee that your photographs will turn out how you expect.

            I ordered a set of 200 prints of my sisters wedding. This was very very important to me as the photographs were in Dominican Republic, and it was my first photo shoot away from the standard realms of what I was used to. The photographs came out superbly and I couldn't wait for them to arrive.

            They arrived very quickly after ordering and were packaged wonderfully so that no edges or corners were bent or torn...however...the cropping was awful. I clearly hadn't read the instructions properly when formatting the photographs for printing, and this meant that I ended up with 40 photographs that were unusable.

            I was vey disappointed but put it down to my in experience of using the website and returned them.

            Photobox were great, they refunded the cost of the additional prints and sent me through an instruction guide on how it all works. How you can specify the orange box to go around your photograph and then the photo is cropped to that setting.

            Ok so second time lucky. Just before Christmas I did a photo shoot for 5 children aged between 18 months and 6 years old. Trying to get them all together was a bit of a mission but I was over the moon that the photo shoot yielded the want of a huge poster print and several orders for many different sizes for the grandparents as a Christmas present.

            So I went onto the website but was disappointed to find that the maximum size print wasn't available. Undeterred I went ahead and ordered the remainder prints. 2 10x8 prints and 25 standard 7x5 prints.

            Excited that I now knew what I was doing and because it was getting closer to Christmas. And with the postal strike and snow I was worried they wouldn't arrive in time.

            4 days before Christmas they arrived. Phew I thought I can get them delivered and still have time to meet up with my pals on Christmas Eve and have a few drinks and relax.

            As I opened the packaging I wanted to cry. They had cropped the photographs and had also cropped 2 of the children's heads and also half an arm for one of the others. Out of the 25 prints and the 2 10x8's I could only use 3 of them. It was absolutely unacceptable.

            I therefore had to go to Boots on Christmas Eve and reprint the whole lot and also it meant paying out twice.

            I have now written off to Photobox to complain and am yet to hear back from them.

            Whilst it in essence a fantastic website, it is obvious that the photographs are simply churned out and sent out. There is no checking or maintaining of the quality of the prints. The paper may be great and the colour second to none but if you can only see half of your child really what is the point!!

            It caused me a lot of aggravation money and time wasted and I felt really disappointed.

            Overall I would have to say that I am not very technically minded and perhaps there is something I am doing that is fundamentally wrong here but for the life of me can't work it out.

            I have read through all of the choices and used the tools provided to try and produce the same quality print that I see on screen but to no avail.

            It's a real shame as I am a fan and have to say that the prints that came out well were great. However, I have to say that I am disappointed enough that I more than likely will not use them again.

            I am in two minds over it and so I would recommend the website in part, however the aspect of the printing was a huge disappointment.


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              25.01.2011 12:56
              Very helpful



              Lets get scrapbooking....

              I love scrapbooking and I just wish I had more time for it...maybe when I retire!! For now though I love to spend hours getting a lovely set of photographs together along with suitable design and layout ideas to capture my favourite shots.

              The best thing about scrapbooking is not only is it fulfilling but it allows you to be as creative as you like, and you then get to keep them forever.

              I came across this book the complete book of creative scrapbooking whilst out shopping with a pal and although it was slightly more than I wanted to pay (retail price around £10.00 but cheaper on Amazon and e bay)
              I was amazed by the content of this book and what is included. You get the following all packed into over 100 glossy pages:

              Image transfer and manipulation, fabric and textiles, serendipity squares. Playing with paint effects, collage collections. Creative journaling, recycling everyday objects, miniature books, metallic effects. Retro style, metals and minerals. Layouts on computer and see through layers

              SPECIAL PROJECTS
              Mini memory album, Layout on canvas, chain of postcards, wearable scrapbooks, altered compact disc album, framed for disp[lay. Greeting cards and gift tags, time capsule, silver leaf album cover, altered book. Index of materials and techniques, project makers. Credits and templates.

              This sounds like a lot of information and that's because it is. I won't break down each page and what it contains. What I will explain though is just how fantastic the book really is.
              Each page is full of a mindful of information and you don't have to be a proficient expert in the art of scrapbooking, the beauty of this book is that it starts from the beginning. It gets down to the basics and teaches you what tools you will need and what new and exciting tricks and ideas you can use to expand your knowledge on this subject.

              What I like about this book is that you can pick it up at anytime with ease and refer to a page you like the look of. You don't have to read it cover to cover (unless you really want to) You can choose to start a project that they suggest ie the time capsule and it gives you on advice on how you can achieve this.
              I did this with my 14 year old godson who really is too cool for school and thought he would turn his nose up and either go and play on his X Box or listen to some music, but no...it held his attention and for longer than an hour!! Now that is a miracle!!
              He thoroughly enjoyed it and quickly got together a whole load of memorable things to pop into his capsule and couldn't wait to bury it!!!
              The scrapbooking side is also fantastic as it helps you with layout design which personally I always get a bit stuck on. I find the photographs I even have a lovely background paper and embellishments, but then I think so where do I put it all on the page???!! This book helps you out with all of that!! It is packed with ideas.
              They say in the book that the tecniques are more advanced than the basic skills you would learn as a beginner but personally I feel that you can use the book even if you have never scrapbooked before.
              There are step by step projects which cover embossing with enamels, paint effects, working with various materials; includes 24 sheets of templates, stencils etc.

              This book is published by Murdoch books and I would highly recommend it.


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              • AA Car Insurance / Car Insurance / 29 Readings / 29 Ratings
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                25.01.2011 10:49
                Very helpful



                Overall a great car insurance company with helpful staff and cheap premium

                I am a fan of finding the best deal when it comes to car insurance. I get straight onto the comparison sites around a month before my renewal is due.

                I hate being bombarded by offers from companies who promise the earth and you get nothing much in return. Ok you may pay cheaper monthly installments, or get a discount when you first start, but it's very hard to find a company that you consistently have good deals from.

                Perhaps because I have worked in the world of insurance in the past (Massive yawn) that I feel that the companies are only interested in how many policies they sell, as apposed to is the customer getting the best deal.

                I normally use a website like money supermarket, or go compare, but honestly I do try and scout as many websites as possible without having to speak to someone as I feel it is easier.

                This year my current insurer Admiral were not offering me a very good deal at all, despite having stayed with them for 2 years claim free, so I decided to change.

                After putting in all my details I found it strange how high the premiums were coming out as. I have always gone for 3rd Party fire and theft, I don't really ever feel the need to go for fully comprehensive. Mainly because my car isn't really worth a huge amount of money and I have family that work in the motor trade so no issues with breakdown or repair required.

                My partner is 10 years older than me and has been driving for over 20 years and I have been driving for nearly 17, with no claims. Our car is a Volkswagen golf, and I figured that my premium for the year should be around £300 top whack. We both work, and have been employed for over 3 years so I was shocked as the premiums coming through were shown as £400- £550 for the year.

                Horrified I figured that maybe I would have to go for one of these deals and perhaps see if they offered monthly repayment quotes.

                When I got to work and chatted to my colleagues someone recommended the AA. I have heard mixed messages about them and was dubious to say the least.

                However, undeterred I decided to go online and do the quote...it came out at £520.00. I thanked my colleague for her help and decided that when I got home I would ring around a few people and see if there was any way of reducing it.

                After calling several companies and being pushed into buying from their company, I decided to stop looking. I had a month to go so I thought I would try nearer the time.

                A day later I received a call from the AA. I thought here we go again, I am going to be bamboozled into buying from them as they had seen my application and therefore they knew the lead would be warm.

                I was pleasantly shocked and surprised, not only by the helpfulness of the customer service representative, but by the efficient manner in which I was treated.

                It was explained that perhaps I could try and re quote it with my partner as the main driver and me as the named driver. To be honest it made sense, and I couldn't believe that I didn't think of it myself. Lo and behold it was only £420.00. So I weighed it up but still felt that for 3rd party it was still really high. So I called the customer services department for some guidance.

                Not only did I get straight through with no annoying automated messages or buttons to press, but I got the same lady. Another brucey bonus!!

                She discussed it through with me, and asked if I would consider fully comprehensive. I explained my reasons for not wanting it, and she gave me several reasons and benefits of why I should.

                Reluctantly I thanked her and thought why not try anyway...and well well well...it was £288.00. I was over the moon. I made the call and decided to proceed. Again the customer service representative was the same lady and she was thrilled that I had decided to proceed. Then after discussion she advised me that they had an option to pay monthly. So £24.00 a month fully comprehensive for both myself and my partner.

                I was chuffed. The policy was put in force immediately and I was given the policy number and told my documents would be sent out within the next 3-5 working days.

                By biggest bug bear when taking out insurance is how long the paperwork takes. I was very impressed as 2 days later the pack landed on my door mat.

                It was informative and helpful and explained the policy in great detail and outlined the benefits in taking out this insurance.

                What I liked about AA was that the website is very user friendly. Before you start your quote it prompts you to what you will need to know such as an estimate of your mileage, Car registration number and make and model and details of any claims you have made. Basic I know but these things are particularly helpful.

                It also outlines the highlights of a comprehensive car insurance cover such as a receiving a courtesy car whilst your car is repaired, personal accident cover, windscreen repaid, medical expenses etc etc. This automatically makes you feel that you are getting a lot for your money.

                The form to complete is easy and there are question marks next to some of the questions if you don't understand them. For example...are you the main driver? You click on the question mark next to it and it brings up a large white box with a full explanation of what this means.

                I haven't had to make a claim since taking out this insurance so I cannot comment on the claims department or how this works, but if it is anything like the customer services department I would have to say I can't fault it.

                As with every insurance company the trick is keeping up the momentum and still offering a great deal at a great price.

                My insurance is due to be renewed next month so it will be interesting to see if AA can offer me as competitive a deal as they did last year.

                I would have to say that I would highly recommend the AA and am a reformed comprehensive cover girl now!!


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                  10.11.2010 15:18
                  Very helpful



                  Overall a fantastic read and one I would highly recommend

                  I love reading although I am not the quickest in the world. When my sister lent me The Betrayer, I have to say I have never read so fast in my life.

                  This book had my emotions all over the show and shock wasn't the word, as I eagerly turned each page and was totally absorbed in all that was this gritty truthful book.

                  The basis of the story revolves around The Hutton Family from a council estate, in the East End. The story spans over 30 years and strangely it works. I haven't ever come across a book that works like this and I have to say I loved it!!

                  The Hutton Family consist of, Maureen the mum, Tommy her eldest child, Susan her daughter and her youngest James. We are also introduced to Ether the gran and mother in law who I have to say was one of my favourite characters as she actually reminds me of someone I know!!

                  The story starts in 1975 and tells of the Hutton's family life. Maureen is separated from her husband and is doing her best to bring up her 3 kids on a rough estate with not many pennies to go round.

                  It seemingly strange how it starts in 1975 and not a lot in this world has changed. People struggling for money, and Maureen doing her best to bring her nippers up. Teaching them right from wrong.

                  It's a pretty mean feat for her, as all 3 of her kids have something that sets them apart and makes Maureen want to cry on more than one occasion.

                  Tommy the eldest son commits a murder and gets put inside for 10 years. Although Tommy is a real hard nut in this book the way he is with his younger brother James shows that he still has a soft side. Tommy isn't a very nice character and I have to admit I wasn't a fan as soon as he was introduced, I took an instant dislike to him.

                  I know it seems mean but I actually loathed Susan. A spiteful little cow who terrorized the local kids she wasn't someone I liked the sound of. When she finds out she is pregnant and is going to move in with the boyfriend and you think that Maureen finally can have a daughter to be proud of....all I can say is...without ruining the book...Man alive Maureen has her work cut out for her with her daughter. I did end up feeling a bit sorry for Susan though towards the end of the book, and you do get a better understanding of why she is the way she is.

                  James was my favourite next to Ethel. The youngest son and the blue eyed boy he is the one child that Maureen actually can see making a life for himself. He is protected by Tommy, but early on we can see the hold that Tommy has on him. However as brothers they have that close connection. James always wants to do the right thing and has manners and is a ''good lad'' and you just hope that he doesn't get led astray as his brother gets released from Prison. He is in love with Maria the girl next door, and their love is what strings the whole wangled web together.

                  Maria- The girl next door who is a beauty from the start. James is in love with her and throughout the book we see their relationship flourish. Strangely though it's Maria who holds a secret throughout the book which makes you understand her angst. All I will say is as you read you just wish for her and James to get it together and have their happy ending that they should....you have to read it though to find out!!

                  Ethel, My fave...she had me in hysterics the whole way through. She is one of those old before her time Nan's who has all the answers, and can sense when someone is lying or when disaster is about to strike. She is a tea leaf and steals anything that isn't nailed down. She swears like a trooper and has absolutely no sense of shame. The sad thing is the family doesn't pay much attention to her wise words and soon they realize that ''the old bird'' might actually know something but by then it's all little too late....


                  I found this book an absolute joy to read and couldn't put it down. I have to be honest and say that I hadn't heard of Kimberley Chambers before and I had heard people saying that she is like Martina Cole but I haven't read enough of Martina Cole's books to comment on that. What I can say is that if you want a ''real'' book that feels like you are there...this is it.

                  The characters and storyline and scarily real and you are drawn into the dark world of crime and feel like you want to go there and help them!!

                  The book is fantastically written. It had me on tenterhooks one minute, and then nearly crying the next.

                  I liked all of the characters and could see this being the sort of book that could easily translate to a series on TV...although they would have to cut out the swearing (unless they put it on after 9)

                  Overall I am thrilled to say that this is by far one of the best books I have read for a while and I thoroughly enjoyed the style of writing.

                  A big fat fu***g thumbs up from me!!!!


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                    31.08.2010 15:31
                    Very helpful



                    A fantastic fun filled exciting day out!!

                    I have just come back from the ''Great Thorpe Park'' and have to say that yes it was really really great!!

                    Based in Chertsey it is a well known amusement park which caters for all the family.

                    I think that going to a park like this you will need to be prepared (and no I wasn't) and so this review is not only my opinion but to give you a little bit of a heads up on how it all works.

                    Ticket prices in my opinion are pretty costly. For an adult ticket it costs £38.00 per person and for a child (below the age of 12) it is £24.00

                    If you go in a group or book online you will make big savings. For example if you book online it decreases by £15.00 and for a child £18.00.

                    However I found the best way to make big savings is to go online to many of the super saving places or discount offers where they have vouchers as sundry.

                    I got a couple of cut out vouchers on the off chance from The Sun and got buy one get one free. Then in Burger King I got a half price voucher when I ordered a large meal.

                    I went on Saturday of the bank holiday weekend and I knew it would be busy, but I really wasn't ready for the crowds that were heaving.

                    I took my godson of 14 and his pal of 13 and we set off at 9.30 (shockingly they were both dressed and ready when I went to collect them!!)

                    We travelled from East Croydon and got 2 trains to Staines and then when we arrived at Staines you can either take a shuttle bus which takes you directly there or you can share a cab if there are a few of you.

                    As it seemed like the whole world and his hand all decided to go on Saturday when we arrived at Staines there was no chance of us getting on either the first or second shuttle bus.

                    As we stood contemplating what to do we were approached by a family of 5 who asked if we would like to share a cab. It was a space cruiser type of thing and it seated all of us in quite comfortably.

                    The shuttle bus worked out to be £3.00 for adults and £2.00 for kids (no age restrictions) but we only paid £6.00 in the cab (so we saved a whopping whole £1.00)

                    We arrived at Thorpe Park and the queue was spiraling around in about 15 lanes and it seemed that the entrance was buried. Dismally we joined the queue and I was worried that the moaning would begin. Shortly after joining however we were blasted with music coming from the entrance. Capital Radio had been sponsoring some events there and helpfully had left their sound machine there so that the queuing seemed to go through smoothly with people jigging and singing in the queue. (I know they say we Brits like to queue and after being there for over ½ an hour I can totally agree with that)

                    After making the boys pose for photos on the bridge they wanted to sprint off and go on the scariest rides straight away. I had to be the strict godmother and tell them that no we needed to make a plan.

                    So we decided that after getting our free map of the park that we would make our way round strategically and go on a mixture of rides but after we had spent £57.00 that we would make sure we got as much out of the park as we could.

                    The rides I have to say were absolutely awesome. There are many many rides in the park and you have a great choice. They are categorized as Extreme Thrills, Thrilling and Fun and Young Thrill Seekers.

                    As the boys are both in that teenage bracket we were headed straight for the extreme rides. I was worried I wouldn't be able to keep up with them or that my heart would keep up more to the point!!

                    We decided to go on Nemesis Inferno first. It is described as the coaster from Hell. Well we queued for over ½ an hour (we decided not to buy the fastrack ticket option which is basically where you don't queue). It was a rollercoaster which lasted probably around 3 minutes.
                    It was fast and furious and flung me around enough to generate a slight scream and to get my heart and head racing.

                    As we staggered off I could see from the glee in the boy's eyes that we were on to a winner.

                    So off we ran to a slightly calmer Rumba Rapids. A huge circular sort of rubber ring type affair that gently eased round a path of water. It was mildly exciting and we bumped from side to side of the man made river and got a slight splash. But it was nice and relaxing but I could see that the boys were in need of more thrills and spills.

                    Next we headed off to Vortex. I squeezed my tall self into a small silvery type circular pod and had my godson in front. I did pre warn him that I may scream to which he said it will be ok.....well it wasn't. It takes you up and then basically spins you round and about for a few minutes then plonks you back down again...and yes I screamed...

                    Then we went to Rush. A huge massive great swing thing that basically swings you up to the highest point you can go without going all the way over the top and then back to the other side. It took my breath away and I actually felt really scared on this ride. Basically because there is no where really to hold on. You have a sort of plastic chunky thing over your nether regions and a bar...when you are being swung you feel like you could come out at any moment. It didn't help that my godson told me that the nets at the side of the ride where to catch you if you fell out!!

                    Next we went on the Detonator. They call it countdown to Terror and I can hand on heart say terror is the exact word to use. You are lifted up to a height of 100 feet and then after a few seconds (well what seemed like loads of seconds) you are plummeted to the ground at 45mph....This freaked me out too and I am sure the whole park heard my stifled scream on the way down.

                    After all that excitement and several hours of queuing I needed a glass of wine and a fag...but then I remembered that I was with the kids and this was supposed to be fun!!

                    Don't get me wrong it was amazing fun but also scared the beejeesus out of me at the same time.

                    So we decided to calm ourselves down wander round the park and also get something to eat. There are loads of places to eat and a mixture of food choice but it aint cheap. We queued for Pizza Hut but they wanted £7.99 per person and on reflection I didn't think that would be a good idea as it would be too heavy. The hot dogs were £4.00 each plus an extra £2.50 for drinks. Don't get me wrong it isn't hugely expensive but I hadn't brought that much cash out with me. We settled for Burger King Meal for £4.00 each.

                    Deciding it wouldn't be a good idea to go on any rides we ambled round the arcade section. The boys loved it. All that you expect from an indoors arcade. Slot machines, 10p machines, dance mat, fighting, you name it they had it. With every game you play (varying from 10p - £1.00) you get tokens and then you can exchange the tokens for a prize. The prizes aren't much cop unless you have over 1,000 tokens and you would probably end up spending well over £20.00 to earn that anyway so you may as well just go to a toy store and treat the kids that way. With the tokens we earnt we still managed to get a couple of yo yos and some sweets.

                    Next we went to the outdoor games. Again most of these are £1.00 and believe me it soon adds up. We had darts games, fishing, basketball, football...honestly really was a lot there to see and do. This entertained them for over an hour but cost me a small fortune.

                    Deciding that we had spent enough and needed to be scared again we headed off to the Tidal Wave. Now I have been on these log flume rides (I remember Chessington a few years back) so I have to admit I was pretty nonchalant about it all. So as we approached the ride I suppose I didn't quite notice the height of it....It is 85ft up!! And you get absolutely drenched. It was scary but so much fun at the same time. We weren't prepared at all and hadn't brought any other clothes. We were drenched and luckily the sun was out and we managed to get dry. For those people who like me didn't bring any spare clothes they have a drying booth. Just a little box type mini heater really (£1.00 for 5 mins drying time)

                    Sopping still a little we then decided to go on Stealth. It goes from 0-80mph in under 2 seconds and you are launched 205 feet high. This ride we queued for the longest. Over 90 minutes we were there...I almost gave up and told the boys we weren't going to go but I had to do it. In the queue you make yourself all paranoid and as you are under the ride you start to look and hear noises and see the height and you actually can feel the adrenaline before you even get on it...Needless to say I did. I got stuck as the 2 boys were so eager that they jumped in along with most of the queue and I ended up with a little 10 year old girl on the last carriage. She bounced into the seat and asked me if I was scared. Yes I replied a little embarrassed to which she told me I would be alright.
                    Well you are catapulted through this ride and the speed I can't even begin to tell you really does shock you. I was full of adrenaline and screamed the hardest since arriving at the park. When I got off the ride I had to sit down. I felt really dizzy and totally overwhelmed by it. But I have to say it was totally worth queuing

                    So after all that...yes we still had more to go on....next it was saw. Time was ticking on and the boys had been dreaming about this ride. So we bombed on over to the ride only to be told there were technical difficulties and the ride was shut for now.
                    I thought both of them were going to cry so I swiftly directed them towards Colossus in the hope they would forget Saw at least for a while. With only an hour left until the park closed we queued for the next ride. By this point as the temperature of the day was going and a lot of people had started heading home we jumped on the ride in less than 20 minutes. But I have to say I hated it. It's a rollercoaster which does 10 vertical loops and you are hurtled through this corkscrew of a ride.
                    The reason I didn't like it was because of my head. It was being flung around in all directions and my head kept hitting the side of the support in the ride. So when I got off my neck and head felt like I'd been in a fight...

                    After that ride I have to say it was 7.15pm the park shut at 8 and I said to the boy's ok once last try to see if Saw is open. They bounded off and I heard them screaming with excitement. As I rounded the corner they joined yet another queue. I couldn't complain though this was the one ride they hadn't wanted to go on the whole day. (Thank the lord it had opened)
                    So we queued and I was getting worried as it was then 7.45 and we were only half way and I thought they will shut the park and all this queuing would have been for nothing. Luckily the owners of Thorpe Park announced to us all that the ride would remain open until we had all been on it...Yippee...

                    As I entered the ride (I won't ruin it by telling you about the inside) I was already peeing my pants. The guy in Saw freaks me out anyway so I knew that the ambiance and all the little tricks they do before you start the ride will get you in the mood to be totally scared.....

                    The first ever horror movie themed ride and I have to say probably the scariest ride I have ever been on. It had a vertical drop of 100 degrees and then a fall of over 100 feet and 3 inversions all I can say is I swore screamed cried and laughed all in the space of 5 minutes. The funniest part was that at the end of it unbeknown to me that the whole time I was on the ride that they record you. I did wonder what the little button in front of me was for and now I know it was for that!! They play a few seconds of it when you exit the ride and you have the chance to buy it on DVD for £12.00 which I know is pretty costly but well worth it for the fun factor!!!

                    Overall I have to say this was one of the best days out I have had in a very long time.
                    It was thrills and spills all the way and I totally enjoyed myself and so did the boy's.

                    The best tip I can give you is;

                    Be prepared to get soaked and bring a spare set of clothes with you

                    Bring lots of change to pay for:
                    Lockers to put your stuff in during the day (£1.00)
                    Rides that aren't free (i.e. £5.00 per non advertised ride, £1-£3 for other non advertised rides)
                    Food (£4.00- £8.00 per person - at least)
                    Drinks (£1.00- £6.00 - refillable all day)
                    Games/Arcades (£1.00-£3.00 per game)
                    Outside Games (i.e. Football, basketball etc £1.00 per game)


                    THORPE PARK is situated between junctions 11 and 13 of the M25. (Access from Junction 12 of the M25 is not possible).
                    THORPE PARK
                    Staines Road
                    KT16 8PN
                    Accessible by rail or road or bus it is a very straight forward journey. There is plenty of parking (Inc Disabled bays) and if you need instructions on travel you can go to the parks website www.thorpepark.co.uk

                    The opening times vary from 10am-5pm. 9.30am-6pm, 9.30am-8pm and 10am-10pm dependant upon what date you go. Again you can check these details on the website.

                    A last thing to tell you on a few of the rides they take your photograph as you scream yell laugh whatever tickles your fancy on a ride and you can then get a memento. This is in the form of key rings, magnets, mugs, t shirts or DVDS. Prices range from £3.00- £12.00 or you can buy a photo pass which is £20.00 and is valid for a year; this entitles you to 4 photos, key rings or magnets.

                    Overall I would have to say this is a fantastic day out. Not for the faint hearted unless you go on the smaller rides and one for all the family. Top day out!!!


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                      25.08.2010 15:03
                      Very helpful



                      I love Cadburys full stop, but have to admit that I do love the Cadbury's caramels. Then as usual Cadburys came out with a lovely little bag of mini ones.Basically they are the same as the full bar version but made into 2p piece size minature ones.They are coated with chocolate and delicious caramel oozes out when you bite into one.I actually found after I bought the bumper pack at £1.89 that you can also buy a mini pack for 52p ( I got mine from Tesco)They are high in calorie content but I think I knew that anyway and still managed to scoff the lot in one sitting.Ideal for a snack a treat or really at any time they are ideal for one and all.I would recommend them :)


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                    • Tippex Pocket Mouse / Homeware / 52 Readings / 51 Ratings
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                      28.07.2010 14:29
                      Very helpful



                      A nice little product that does what it says on the label

                      ****** The Product*****

                      Whilst having a nose around my local shop Rymans and getting some stationery I came across this quite sweet looking pocket mouse tip-pex.
                      Small enough to put in the palm of your hand it is shaped like a mouse with no legs
                      It is designed to be used instead of the standard tip-pex and is less messy.

                      ******* The Price *******************

                      It cost me £2.00 but I think you can buy it for a lot cheaper if you shop around.
                      I know that you can buy it from WH Smith, Asda, and other stationery shops.

                      **** What does it do*******

                      The makers of tip-pex clearly bored by the dip and wipe technique of the standard tippex decided to come up with something new.
                      I do love the fact that they introduced something new, because the standard tip-pex that comes in the bottle does tend to clog and the pen/wand thing gets all hard.
                      So roll on...the mouse...
                      It really does what it says on the packet ''an easily transportable solution to any written mistakes''
                      You literally pop open the red nose to reveal the thin line of tape. It rolls on quite smoothly and I have to say is very good. It covers a range of I think 2.5mm or something along those lines, but it is excellent in my job.
                      Once you have rolled the tippex on you don't have to wait for it to dry as it is instant. You can then begin to re write over your mistake and very easily. Wheras before I would paint over my mistake wait for what always seemed like an age only to write over it and for it to be a big pile of gooey messy pen/tippex all over the shop

                      **** Ease of Use *****

                      Literally after you have opened the little red nose, it slides into your hand quite comfortably. It is quick and efficient and really does work a treat. I have found that sometimes the roll gets a little stuck, but to get it back working you can just do a little roll on a piece of paper and its fine.

                      ****Overall ****

                      I personally like this product, I think it's pretty ingenious, easy to use cheap and better than the bottle.


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                      22.07.2010 16:06
                      Very helpful



                      A tasty snack with a bit of a kick

                      Always one for something new, and as my sister lobbed over the latest in a new range of Wotsits a smile came to my lips.

                      I like a nice packet of wotsits but can never settle with just one pack as they are so moreish.

                      I have to say the picture shown on Dooyoo is not the same as the one I have from the multi pack. The new packet is similar in design but pink to match the new flavour of prawn cocktail. Before I opened the pack and devoured it within minutes as normal I had a think about it. How strange to think that cheese and prawn flavour could mix, and the more I thought about it the more I was unsure about this.

                      Anyway as I less than hastily now opened the packet and gingerly popped my nose in for a good smell was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't too strong. The normal smell of the cheese was there, but you could smell the prawn trying to crack over the top and overpower it.

                      As I popped just one in my mouth (it was new after all) I decided to try and savour it for a moment unlike my normal crunch and swallow. As I sucked the tubey shaped wotsits the taste of them strangely was neither cheese nor prawn. Well not in my opinion, it tasted like tomato. Maybe I have the strangest taste buds in the world, but was surprised as I bit into the next one that they reminded me of the old 10p packs of Tom Tom's I used to buy as a kid.

                      Half way through the packet, it changed. It was so weird and I didn't expect it. I took a gulp of water before cracking onto the bottom and found the lower I got the more the prawn flavour was beginning to make an appearance.

                      Polishing off the final remnant crumbs at the bottom it was such a sweet flavour that it made me wince a little. Thing is I quite like the last bit of a packet, making sure that I clear the whole packet. (Well you have to get your moneys worth) but I didn't really enjoy the last bit.

                      After I finished I had a strong flavour which lingered for about 20 minutes, which is probably less time than a standard cheesy packet of wotsits.

                      The packet was from a multipack from the supermarket and was on special offer for £1.99 (normally £2.21). I haven't been able to find them sold on their own yet.

                      They only contain 91 calories, 1.0g sugar, 5.3g fat, 0.4g saturates and 0.3g salt and listed on the pack tells you the percentage of a guideline of a daily amount.

                      Overall I would have to say these are a unique packet of crisps and Walkers as ever and very inventive in trying out new flavours, and being very successful

                      I would recommend that you give these a try


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                        13.07.2010 15:01
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                        A truly inspiring magazine that I love to read and I am sure others will too

                        Spirit and Destiny is a truly brilliant magazine which launched in 2002.. It is it a magazine which provides all things different to the normal magazines and is based upon all things which are spiritual

                        Each month it focuses on holistic health, natural beauty, celebrity spirituality and advice from many sources. This is normally psychic phenomena astrology, guardian angels, white magic, spiritual life coaching eco living and buying and many many more.

                        What I like about S&D is that it is consistent. There are variations in topics, but they always use the same people to contribute every month.

                        There is David Wells who is an astrologer who has appeared on Most Haunted and also on GMTV to talk about his new book. (Real People, Real past lives) This isn't a plug as I haven't read it...but for those of you who have heard of him will probably know this.
                        He is very gifted in my opinion and can be scarily accurate.

                        There is Silja who is a white witch and personally one of my favourites. She has 3 pages dedicated to her topics and I have to stop myself from rushing to her pages to read. She provides tips and advice on anything from spells to help you in your exams, or to how to prevent justice if you have to go to court. For those of you reading who are total non believers in all things spiritual I dare you to try out one of her spells to see if it works. I think not only will you be surprised but you will also be shocked something so simple can work.

                        The beauty of what she does is that she doesn't create any spells that create bad feeling or ''black magic'' as it is referred to. You cannot do a spell for financial gain or to help you to win the lottery, but there are spells to help you retain your money in your home for example.

                        Tony Stockwell is another regular. He is a psychic medium. He teaches and lectures at the London College of Psychic studies and has toured in the uk and abroad. He also offers courses and workshops for those who are interested in this area.
                        Often he will have a 2 page spread in which he will either carry out a personal reading for someone in their home. It will be his reading followed by the response from the reader. Very intriguing stuff. He also a few months ago carried out a medium workshop in which you can guague ideas of a persons past life by reading from their jewellery or an item. It was wonderful as of the 6 people chosen only 3 actually believed it was possible, He therefore explained how to do it, how anyway can apply their mind to have that link. And it worked...it turned from 3 to 6 believers by the end of their full day of teaching.

                        Marie Bruce is another witch, She has been since she was the age of 20 She is a popular and prolific author in the fields of personal development and mind, body and spirit.
                        Every month she will create a spell which she tells everyone who reads that if they are to carry it out, that it has to be performed at a certain time, date and place.
                        I participated in one of these and in the article she said that as you carry out the spell you will feel the pull as if other people are joining you ...and I have to say although it freaked me out slightly I did actually feel like that!!

                        Finally there is Doreen Virtue my total fave. Every month she gives advice on communicating with angels. She is a spiritual doctor of psychology who works with the angelic realms in her writings and workshops and has written over 20 books. She is American and is based in California and I feel one of the best in the whole magazine (well next to Silja) She explains stories that have happened to her directly and you feel an instant warmth as you read. She also tells you how you can call upon your angels in times of need.
                        Anyone who believes in this will not be shocked to find that this truly works.

                        There are many angels (aside from a guardian angel) that can protect and help you. A particularly helpful ( and probably very busy) angel by the name of Chameul can help you to find lost items. When you have lost something all you have to do is to ask for his help in locating it.

                        My boyfriend was very skeptical of the whole thing to be honest and he thinks I am a bit kooky....well I am but I digress...
                        He had lost a small tin which contained a lucky coin (and he says Im kooky) anyway he couldn't find this tin for love nor money, and we had literally tipped our flat upside down to try and find it but to no avail.
                        I told him of the angels and how they could help and he turned up his nose and said he wouldn't bother.

                        A few days later and still not found he reluctantly said ''go on then lets try this angel rubbish'' I told him you have to believe in it for it to work. So after a lot of giggling and messing around he gave it a bash. he called Angel Chameul and asked for him to help him locate his tin. He sat there and nothing...he went very quiet, and then his forehead creased up and he said '' I know this is going to sound weird but something is telling me to look on top of one of the kitchen cupboards...but there is no way I would have put it there...'' dismayed I thought no I cant see him doing that either but told him to check anyway....

                        And what do you know....there is was!!! So now he is totally convinced and often will do a little angel request if he has a long car journey or has to travel.

                        Ok so aside from all of the regulars the magazine itself provides a wide range of topics and interests to suit everyone and does vary from month to month.

                        There are competitions to enter (ie this month you can win a yoga holiday for 2 in Italy) there are links at the back of the magazine to books and other places you may like to visit. There are many sections on recycling eco living and where you can buy eco friendly products and bargains.

                        Overall I have to say it's a fantastic magazine and I love it!!!

                        It costs £2.90 a month but you can also buy a subscription for 12 issues for £26.10 which works out to £2.18 per month. I think either way it is totally worth it


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                        • Race to Witch Mountain (DVD) / DVD / 36 Readings / 35 Ratings
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                          12.07.2010 10:48
                          Very helpful



                          Great film...one for all the family

                          As soon as I saw another movie with the sexy Dwayne Johnson I hot footed it down to the cinema to watch his luscious figure on screen...and I wasnt disappointed.

                          A die hard fan of Dwayne ''The Rock'' Johnson I love the fact he has moved from wrestling into the feel good family comedy roles.

                          The movie is based around Dwayne playing a Las Vegas Cab driver named Jack Bruno. He is an ex con who is trying to get his life back on track and earn money to buy a beloved Mustang featured in the Steve McQueen movie Bulllit.

                          Whilst driving he picks up a scientific doctor (played by Carla Gugino) who specialises in extra terrestrials and all things alien. After dropping the doctor off at an ET convention he is pressed by 2 thugs from his old life to try and make him return to his criminal ways. After fighting them off (with ease...well he is THE ROCK!!) he is then stunned to see 2 kids sitting in the back of his cab.

                          It transpires that they are brother and sister aliens who need to find their spaceship that has crashed to earth and they will pay whatever is necessary to find it.

                          They are pusued hotly by not only government agents but also by Siphon who is a killer from outer space that has been sent to kill them, by the military of thier planet that want to invade Earth.

                          Jack teams up with Dr Alex in a race to Witch mountain to retrieve the kids spacecraft.

                          I personally loved this film. Disney have produced a great feel good fun family comedy with great placement of characters.

                          There are great special effects, car chases, lots of explosions, excitement and a great team morale with Jack Dr Alex and the 2 kiddies.

                          I think this is an all round fab film for all the family to watch.


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                            12.07.2010 10:21
                            Very helpful



                            A fun frank and sexy version of a burlesque star


                            Tiger Starr has risen from nothing to become burlesque's most sensational showgirl...She's bewitched an adoring public and media with her old school Hollywood glamour, hourglass curves and wickedly, sexy stage shows.

                            Tiger's life is a whirlwind of glamour, diamonds, celebrity parties and more than her fair share of suitors. She seems to finally have it all. But though she may have the talents to bring any man - or woman - to their knees, Tiger never lets her friends or lovers get too close. Only now, she's finally ready to take a chance on love...

                            But beneath all the glitz and the feathers, she's hiding more than her modesty. As she prepares for the most important show of her life, it seems somebody is intent on exposing the dark secrets of her carefully guarded past.

                            Unfortunately, there's more than one likely candidate. Is it one of Tiger's discarded lovers? A rival showgirl? Or even her jealous sister? As her world starts to unravel, Tiger will have to fight for survival, by delivering the performance of her life...

                            **** My Opinion*****

                            This is an easy read chick flick book which was surprisingly a good read.
                            I havent ever heard of Immodesty Blaize before and was lent this book by my sister (who is like a library)

                            Immodesty Blaize is a UK burlesque star and has written this book based on her first hand experience.

                            It is an interesting read and a behind the scenes look at what really goes on beneath the corsets and nipple tassels.

                            The story itself is based around Tiger Starr the real heroine of the stage. She has everything she could ever ask for, fame an amazing career, huge stage presence and an array of fans.

                            What I liked about this book was the way in which the story was told, no airs and graces, no cover up just the full and frank life of the star.

                            As with every celebrity and fame, there is always a dark side or a secret waiting to be let out of the bag and for Tiger that is exactly the case. She has a deep dark secret and someone is playing games with her and making threats to expose her.

                            Tiger starts to question in her mind, her friends her family her die hard fans. Who would possibly do this to her??

                            I was really intrigued by this book as it was well written, sexy and full of page turning fun. (Although the man on the train to Victoria raised his eyebrow when he read over my shoulder of the ''throbbing co...'' that she takes in her hand!!)

                            I was surprised that I wanted to keep reading to find out Tigers secret...and I am glad that I did. I was actually quite surprised as the secret wasn't what I was expecting,..also the person behind it made me gasp in horror!!

                            Overall I would rate this book as a great feel good fun sexy read.


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                            01.07.2010 15:06
                            Very helpful



                            An overall nutter !!!!

                            Ok it seems like all you dooyooers have been honest with your strangeness so maybe I should be honest and share with you the 5 reasons I think I am strange!!!
                            Ok here we go:
                            Number 1- I think I am strange because when I get a new book or magazine I dont want anyone to touch it...maybe its not strange just weirdly over protective!! I dont like anyone to break the spine on a magazine or book..only I can do that...and only if I want to..I mean its not like I am going to sell them on or anything I just like things in a certain way. I like the smell of a new book or mag so if someone else touches it ...it feels like its tainted!!

                            Number 2- I have to have things in a certain order otherwise I am not a happy bunny. Example...when a bill comes in ...I have to and I mean have to write it into my journal of bills...and if I dont I feel all tense and agitated..how weird am I...It doesnt necessarily mean that if its in the book it gets paid but I have to know where I am money wise otherwise i get really anxious!! ....

                            number 3- I like to be able to choose my own stuff without someone intefering. For example if I go to a clothes shop lets say to buy a new pair of trousers for work. If anyone approaches me and asks me if I need help I mutter no thanks and run out of the shop. I cant take being hounded. I know they are just doing their job but I just dont think its right!!! :)

                            number 4- I like to smell things...If I try out a new food or go to a shop and its new...I smell the products..if it smells stale musty or unloved I leave. I love the smell of all things new (with the exception of kiddies books which sometimes smell like vomit) and I can only smell things if no one else has touched them.Weird and bizarre all at the same time..I mean how would I know if anyone else had been there?? I wouldnt...so there you go I am super weird...

                            number 5- To be honest there are so many things that are weird that 5 doesnt seem enough...but here goes...I love the smell of white spirit. When I go to my dads I often spend a good 20 minutes in his garden shed having a good old whiff of the stuff...its probably not good for me in the slightest but I have to do it....


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