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      02.03.2013 20:18
      Very helpful



      Brilliant book, worth the money, excellent read!

      I am an avid reader and I'm always on the look out for books, wherever I am, I'm always searching.
      I found this book in a charity shop and having heard about it and seen it advertised online, I couldn't resist! Especially for just £1...

      Hush, hush is a book written by Becca Fitzpatrick and was published in late 2009 and is all about forbidden love and what could happen if you fall for the "bad boy".

      The storyline is an intriguing one and I found myself half in love with the main male character right at the start, although at times it seemed he was not all he was made out to be, I carried on regardless of my doubt concerning his reasons for being around and was glad I did, once I was past the first chapter I couldn't put it down! And even when I did I was constantly thinking about what was going to happen next! The female lead is very easy to love and relate to, not giving off that annoying female lovestruck emotion that is seen so often in books out now, she was simply a badass. Other characters mentioned often in this book are portrayed brilliantly and at times I was fooled by their seemingly "good" actions.
      A girl falling for a boy she just shouldn't want, it's happened to us all, right?

      The cover is simple, beautiful and incredibly artistic, I found myself drawn to it because of it's immense dramatic front cover! The title 'hush, hush' is written in a gorgeous, blood red font, as is the authors name and other important information. My copy is half way between a hard back and a paper back, but you can feel the indent of the angels wings.

      The price for me was extremely cheap, as I purchased it as 2nd hand, if I was to buy this new it would cost me around £6, a price that I would be dubious about paying but I probably still would.

      I've heard there is a sequel too this story but honestly I want it to end where it does now! No doubt I'll be looking out for the next one though, I just can't resist!


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      08.08.2012 17:05
      Very helpful



      A great nail polish with beneficial powder, just a little too expensive!

      BellaPierre is not a make I had heard of before purchasing this clear nail varnish, but now it's my number choice for all nail varnishes!
      This specific nail varnish is guaranteed to protect against everything, whether that be a minor chip or a breakage to a split in your nail or peeling.
      This for me was excellent as I know that a broken nail is one of the worst things that can happen, it may not seem that disastrous but to people who find it hard to not bite their nails aka me, a broken nail when you've finally managed to grow them is just depressing!

      Now we all know that clear nail varnishes claim to prevent breaking but I've tried many in the past and they haven't worked!
      This is why BellaPierre was such a revelation!

      -What makes this nail varnish different?
      This isn't a normal clear nail varnish, this nail varnish can be mixed with Bellapierre shimmer powders to create a coloured nail polish. I know right, wow!
      So not only does that mean a cheaper and easier way of getting exciting colours, it also means a decrease in the bottles cluttering up your make up box!

      This bottle is 15ml so if you use a lot like me, you'll have plenty of use before you run out!

      Price- There is one down side.
      As I'm sure you'll know most clear nail varnishes can be found for about £1 in specific shops, this polish however is slightly more than that...£9 more...
      Just a little too expensive in my opinion but hey, if you have the money, it's worth a go!


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      08.08.2012 14:39
      Very helpful



      Well worth the money!

      Framing Hanley have always been a top favourite band for me, having seen them live twice I have a lot of evidence to support my love for them.
      A promise to burn is the second album by this band and it's safe to say this alternative five piece have only improved with time.
      This album also includes a behind the scenes DVD showing the making of the record!

      A Promise To Burn can be found in various music stores such as HMV for around £10, which is an excellent price for such a great album.

      This album has a total of 13 songs;

      Intro- a spine tingling start to an album with a basic but heavy piano background which then turns half way into a crackling sound and then into beautiful piano.

      The Promise- I think this song comes from the perspective of a girl wanting to make it somewhere in life or her boyfriend not wanting her to leave him. Heavy electric sounding guitar, with participation from drums.

      Wake Up- This song seems to be about a relationship that has broken up because of someone cheating or leaving. Electric sounding, with heavy guitar and an overpowering voice.

      Bittersweet Sundown- This song doesn't seem to really have any meaning, atleast not one I can understand although the beat is catchy.

      Warzone- Incredibly catchy and different sounding, chilling song.

      You Stupid Girl- One of my favourite songs about a mistake made, very rocky and punky, different to their usual.

      Weight Of The World-Piano all the way through, very soft love song, sweet meaning all about love felt for family.

      Fool With Dreams- About wanting to make something of yourself in life and trying to get the person you love.

      Back To Go Again- Repetitive drum beat, very catchy song.

      Livin' So Divine- Lots of drums, very rocky song, voice is heard over everything else.

      You- Very acoustic sounding, beautiful meaning and sound, obviously about a girl.

      Photographs And Gasoline- Very strange song, shows the diversity of Framing Hanley.

      The Burn- Lovely song, with a strange sound and lyrics.


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      05.07.2012 17:40
      Very helpful



      Great drink, well worth a try!

      It's only been a few months since I first tasted Shloer, and when it was first purchased I thought I wouldn't like it, but I was wrong!

      Shloer comes in a variety of flavours, but white grape is definetly my favourite.
      Shloer on a whole is a seemingly healthy drink as it is free from preservatives, artificial colours, sweeteners and flavourings.
      In my opinion, this flavour of Shloer tastes like a dulled down, non alcoholic white wine, which is bound to be helpful to anyone trying to get away from alcohol.
      As Shloer is sparkling it's a great drink to have in the summer when you need to relax and cool down, as the bottle says it's "best served shared with family and friends." so it's perfect barbeque weather!
      This flavour has a very unique taste/smell and when you open the bottle you are attacked by a delicious fruity smell with a slight tang.
      Although the taste left in your mouth afterwards is slightly bitter, white grape is still my favourite!

      The nutritional information are values per 100ml ;
      -49 calories
      -11.6g in carbohydrates
      - protein there are traces
      It isn't too bad in terms of health.
      Ingredients include carbonated water, white grape juice from concentrate(36%), glucose-fructose syrup and Malic acid.

      Shloer comes in a very tall glass bottle, with a Shloer sticker down the side with grapes added for design.
      A gold capped lid seals the delicious flavours inside, this bottle contains 750ml of white grape flavours.
      This bottle draws the eye, which is brilliant for Shloer!

      Shloer is reasonably cheap, and at certain shops can be bought for 99p but is usual around the £1.50 mark which is still reasonable.


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    • Britvic J2O Apple & Melon / Soft Drink / 8 Readings / 8 Ratings
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      02.07.2012 23:40
      Very helpful



      A great drink no matter the weather!

      J2O was always my choice of drink when I went to the pub as a child with family, the fruity deliciousness combined with an icy coldness was just perfect in my young eyes.
      J2O comes in a variety of flavours; these include Apple & Mango, Orange & Passion Fruit, Apple & Raspberry, Apple & Blueberry and of course Apple & Melon.
      A limited edition was also available - Orange & Pomegranate.

      Flavour- Apple and Melon-
      Although I have only tried this flavour once it definetly stuck in my taste buds memory, the delicious contrast between the apple and the melon is one that is not easy to forget.
      The apple in no way overpowers the melon and vice versa, both flavours are of equal importance and both tastes explode in your mouth, fantastic.

      The outside-
      J2O's are known for their glass bottle and J20 sticker, and the display of the brand name Britvic along the side. Britvic are also known for Fruitshoot and Tango.
      J2O's come in a variety of different amounts, and are sized at 285ml.
      How something looks is usually very important to me, and J2O never lets me down, the signature design is known all around.

      Unfortunately J2O can be quite expensive if there are no deals available, this is the only downside to this drink but in most stores deals on J2O are always available as the popularity of this drink is sky high.

      Values per 100ml;

      Energy (kJ) 164
      Energy (kcal) 39
      Carbohydrate (g) 9.1
      of which sugars (g) 9.1
      Protein (g) 0.1
      Fibre (g) 0.1
      Fat (g) trace
      of which saturates (g) trace
      Sodium (g) trace
      With a percentage of apple and melon thrown in!

      Overall this is a very delicious fruit drink and one that I always enjoy no matter what flavour or weather, so go buy a pack or two, you won't regret it!

      All these years later, J2O is still my drink of choice, I guess you never fully grow up.


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      02.07.2012 23:14
      Very helpful



      Great purchase! Try it!

      I first received these exfoliating gloves as a Christmas present, and despite almost daily use, they are still in great shape over 7 months later!
      When I first began to use them my skin became extremely soft and any dry or dead skin I had was taken away, but after a long period of use these gloves have become almost painful to use, as they have made my skin ultra sensitive.

      Extremely simple and easy to use, just wet the gloves, squirt on some shower gel and scrub away, but not to hard or you may end up taking one too many layers of skin off!
      After you have finished with the gloves make sure to thoroughly rinse through and squeeze out all excess water, as over time the gloves absorb the water and get smaller and smaller, which is not advisable as they are already a smaller than average size.

      These gloves come in various colours, some bright and some more conspicuous, but all have a similar design, almost like a criss cross pattern, this makes these gloves strong and sturdy and almost impossible to break.

      These gloves can be found in various stores at extremely cheap prices, from as little as 50p in some good bathroom supplies store, so they won't break the bank and are a great little buy for anyone wanting a deep and exfoliating wash.

      My opinion-
      In my opinion these gloves are a fantastic purchase, although sometimes tough on skin, this can be avoided by being a little gentle, these gloves beat sponges any day!
      Coming in all these great colours means you can mix it up a little and change your colour every now and then!
      And for as cheap as they are, you might as well give them a try, I'd definetly recommend them!


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      30.05.2012 23:45
      Very helpful



      Favourite flavour of crisps, go and try them!

      I had heard of these 'Walkers Sensations' but had never actually bothered to go out and buy some, as they had always seemed far to expensive. The past is no longer! I finally tried these crisps and instantly fell in love with the subtle spice and crunch.

      Walkers is obviously a very well known crisp brand, but when Sensations were first advertised the strange flavours didn't wow me, I regret my lack of interest as these Thai Sweet Chilli crisps are my new favourites!

      Sensations are also available in these other flavours;
      Mexican Fiery Sweet Chipotle
      Smoked Monterrey Chilli with Goat's Cheese
      Thai Sweet Chilli
      Vintage Cheddar & Onion Chutney
      Caramelised Onion & Balsamic Vinegar
      Roast Chicken & Thyme
      Southern Style Barbecue

      Although these flavours do not appeal to me, they may do in the future!

      It seems now every time I enter a shop I am automatically searching out these crisps, I guess that's what a perfect blend of flavours will do too you!
      The basic flavours are chilli, onion and herbs with some soy sauce thrown in, how such simple flavourings can produce such a great tasting treat I'll never know!
      Being as in love with these crisps as I am, you have to choose the 150g bags, which altogether contain about 750 calories, which is evidently a great amount! So your weight may grow and grow if these crisps grab you like they did me!

      Unfortunately there are a few other down sides to Walkers Sensations, they are awfully pricey if you cannot find them on a good deal, the 40g packets are usually bought at around 75p, which for a small packet is insane! Especially as I had great luck in getting a 150g bag for just 79p today! Although usually the price of a 150g bag is around £2.

      Brilliant flavours, huge, chunky crisps and a great treat! You won't regret this purchase!

      The slogan seems to be 'great for sharing' I think not!


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      29.05.2012 21:50
      Very helpful



      A great album, good price for such a popular singer, go buy and listen! Enjoy!

      Fearless is the second album by country singer-songwriter Taylor Swift.
      Fearless was released on November 11, 2008 by Big Machine Records.
      The great thing about Taylor Swift is that she writes or co-writes the majority of her songs which for most artists seems almost impossible.
      Fearless topped the Billboard 200 and sold 3.2 million copies in 2009, the album became the year's best-seller.
      5 singles were released prior to the album, these were;
      -Love Story
      -White Horse
      -You Belong With Me
      All of these singles received positive feedback and Love Story is now Swifts biggest seller to date.
      In 2009 'Fearless' was re-released with six additional new songs, photos from the Fearless Tour and a bonus DVD featuring behind the scenes.

      Although I'm not usually a fan of anything but rock music, Taylor Swift is an awesome singer whos music is easy to relate to and listen too when you're a bit sad and in need of a cheering up. Which is unusual as most believe her songs are about heart break and love. This is untrue although the lyrics do sometimes portray this.
      My favourite song on this album has got to be Fifteen as every girl can relate to it in some way and the lyrics are just spot on.

      Track List- The original album:

      1. Fearless- Very catchy and country-pop, lots of drum beat. About a girls first date and how he makes her feel unafraid and 'Fearless'.
      2. Fifteen- Great guitar beginning, quite calm and acoustic. About when you're younger all you care about is dating and being popular, yet when you grow up that won't matter. A song about mistakes at a young age.
      3. Love Story- Repeating tune throughout, slowly brings in other instruments. About a forbidden relationship and how if you love someone enough nothing can come between you or stop you from being with that person.
      4. Hey Stephen- Very poppy upbeat song but the country tone can be heard more, starts off with Taylor humming. About a girl having a crush on a guy but never telling them, even though you want too.
      5. White Horse- Very soft melody, with piano, a slower more low toned song. About a girl in love with a guy who repeatedly cheats on her and realising sometimes you have too let go in order to be happy.
      6. You Belong With Me- Upbeat and poppy song, slightly heavier guitar than usual. About a girl who has a crush on her boy best friend and trying to let him know that his girlfriend is no good for him and she is.
      7. Breathe- Very acoustic guitar, calmer melody, soft vocals. About letting someone you love go, how to deal with the pain of loss.
      8. Tell Me Why- Sounds like a violin intro, more poppy and upbeat than her other songs. About taking a chance with a person, and then realising the risk you took was a mistake as they aren't who you thought they were.
      9. You're Not Sorry- A soft and sad melody with piano and violin the whole way through. About dating someone who keeps doing you wrong and then apologising but then repeating the mistake and finally ending in goodbye.
      10. The Way I Loved You- Drum/guitar beginning, builds up into quite a hyped up beat but still remains calm. About how a 'perfect' relationship isn't always the one you want, you sometimes miss the old relationships built on passion and craziness.
      11. Forever & Always- Only backing music, basic drums, can mostly only hear Taylors voice. About being with someone who seems to love you and promising you 'forever' but then leaving you for someone else.
      12. The Best Day- Sounds like bongos are being used, lyrics are very country and soft. About how no matter what happens or how old you are your mum will always be there for you to run back to and help you like she did when you were younger.
      13. Change- Quite rocky compared to Swifts other songs, lots of guitar and drum, then turns softer when vocals enter. About how even if someone is bigger/stronger than you, you can still have the strength to be better than them and not let what they say hurt you.

      Fearless is a great album which is available from Amazon at just £3.14 + shipping, a great price for a brilliant album!


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      28.05.2012 19:46
      Very helpful



      A brilliant album, go buy it and have a listen!

      All Time Low a pop-punk band from Maryland, Baltimore, is comprised of vocalist and rhythm guitarist Alex Gaskarth, lead guitarist and backing vocalist Jack Barakat, bassist and backing vocalist Zachary Merrick and drummer Rian Dawson they have been in the music industry since 2003, this certain album 'Nothing Personal' was released in 2009.
      Nothing Personal debuted at number 4 on the Billboard chart and sold 63,000 copies, making it the band's highest charting album to date.

      Nothing Personal features 12 songs, with top chart hit Weightless and Lost In Stereo, Nothing Personal shows perfectly All Time Low's poppy style but also there romantic and serious side, Nothing Personal is quite different from the bands previous albums.

      This album is most definitely my favourite out of all All Time Lows work, many of the songs are relatable and show a softer side of the seemingly wild quartet, 'Hello, Brooklyn' and 'Too Much' are my personal favourites and while they may not be as popular as some of the others, they are definetly they best!

      All Time Low have had several record deals but this album was produced when they were with 'Hopeless Records'.

      This album is available from Amazon at the price of £5.42 + shipping and from other good music stores like HMV for slightly more.

      Track List:

      Weightless- Quite techno-pop, same beat throughout, catchy and clear lyrics, awesome guitar rifts!
      Break Your Little Heart- Heavy rock-pop, lots of drum included, memorable chorus, a heartbreak song.
      Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't)- Catchy beat, with an awesome guitar sound at the beginning, about mistakes in a relationship.
      Lost in Stereo- Epic beginning, all of their voices fade into eachother, good use of effects, awesome chorus.
      Stella- Very poppy, seemingly about a girl but I just think it's about alcohol and the effects, epic!
      Sick Little Games- Rock-Pop, but softer than their usual music, about missing people from home and how people are fakes.
      Hello Brooklyn-Very catchy and poppy, a great song about partying and travelling around the world.
      Walls- Great song, awesome guitar solo. About a relationship that a member of the band was unable to keep due to a lack of maturity and how he's changed.
      Too Much- Softer/calmer song, still awesome very drum based, this song is about having love in your life and taking it for granted so much that you eventually lose it.
      Keep the Change, You Filthy Animal-Involves a lot of guitar, quite rock-pop, about a girl who messed up a guys chances with her friend because she 'loved' him.
      A Party Song (The Walk of Shame)- Quite techno-pop, about a guy liking a girl, having a one night stand, this ends in him really liking her, but she doesn't feel the same.
      Therapy- Beautiful and heartful tune, beautiful lyrics which basically sum up bullying or anyone who has ever felt left out.


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        28.05.2012 12:24
        Very helpful



        Great album, go purchase it as soon as you can!

        Falling In Reverse are a new band on the Hard Rock scene, fronted by ex ETF singer Ronnie Radke, along with a guitarist, a rhythm guitarist, a bassist and a drummer, the 5 piece originate from Las Vegas and are signed to the well known Epitaph Records.

        The Drug In Me Is You was released on July 2011 although a few songs were released as singles prior to the album release, the album itself peaked at number 19 on the charts.

        When I first received this album it was all I could listen too, Ronnie's vocals are simply awesome and with some epic guitar rifts it is a great album!
        Of the 11 songs on the album there is not one that I can say I dislike at all, every song is witty and brilliant, with some sarcastic humour which fit perfectly with the rest of the lyrics, it's extremely difficult to pick just one favourite!
        One of the things that I like most about the vocals is how while Radke's screamo style is awesome, it's not overused, as screamo is only a feature in some songs.

        I'm Not A Vampire was the first song I heard and I instantly fell in love with it, repeating it over and over, the video shows the story of Ronnie's brief rehab visits, which makes me like him even more because he is not ashamed to show the bad things that have happened in his life.
        Ronnie himself has said that this album is about exactly that, his bad moments and how he has begun to overcome them.

        While this album may not be everyones cup of tea, I think it's worth a listen simply because it's musical genius!
        The album is available quite cheaply from £7 on Amazon or can be purchased in any good music stores, like HMV for a slightly steeper price.


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      • Fanta Fruit Twist / Soft Drink / 16 Readings / 14 Ratings
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        28.05.2012 01:20
        Very helpful



        A great and tasty drink! Go try it!

        Fanta Fruit Twist is truly the best fizzy drink out there in my opinion, although I usually buy the 2 litre bottles because they are much better value at a usual price of £1 at selected stores like Tesco.
        With a delicious and fruity taste it's a perfect thirst quenching drink, and a needed necessity for the hot summer days, but like the bottle says it's 'Best Served Super Cool' so don't forget to put it in the fridge for a fresh and fruity treat!
        I was very surprised when I found out 'Fanta' was a creation of the Coca-Cola company,

        The good thing about Fanta is that they have a whole range of different flavours, but fruit twist is definetly the winner.
        Available in Fanta Zero which has no added sugar, a great positive for kids who love it but get effected by hyperness!
        Very cheap for a 2l bottle, a great bargain!

        I was disappointed to see that there were very limited fruit flavours listed. And that an average 500ml bottle contains 188 calories and 46g of sugar, so it's a very unhealthy drink.
        A 500ml bottle is very expensive at £1.08 at Tesco, incredibly expensive.

        All in all a great and fruity delicious drink! Perfect for anyone in the summer months.


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      • Iceland / Highstreet Shopping / 22 Readings / 20 Ratings
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        26.05.2012 13:25
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Iceland is always my choice for food, a great range at simple and easy prices, you can't go wrong.

        I shop at Iceland regularly as it's only down the road, whenever I fancy a big meal or a small snack, Iceland is my choice, while it's not as big as some of the better known supermarkets Iceland does have better food, staff and cheap offers.
        Iceland is perfect for the money conscious of you, with regular BOGOFF deals and price slashes, you can get delicious food for as cheap as £1!
        Iceland has various sections which include; frozen treats, pizza and even a Chinese and Indian culinary feast!
        Iceland is a great family supermarket with cheap choices that even kids will love, give them a yummy treat for as little as £1, what could be better?

        Frozen treats-
        All year round Iceland is constantly bringing in new frozen foods, from chocolate covered strawberries to peanut butter chicken, which is a personal favourite of mine, you are never short for variety which is great for such a small supermarket!
        Treats start from as little as a pound and the most expensive is £5 for a huge platter of different foods, perfect for entertaining and parties, I have tried their sweet platter and it's truly delicious, with mini profiteroles and donuts and other tasty treats.
        Their barbecue ribs were a personal fav of mine, but unfortunately Iceland has moved them on and replaced them with other delicious foods!

        Indian and Chinese meals-
        You may be thinking I mean microwave meals when I speak about this, but I do not, Iceland has it's own range of Indian/Chinese delicacies, including Chicken Chow Mein and spicy Vindaloo curry, while I have not ventured into the Chinese section, I know people who have and their ratings are always extremely high.
        Whenever I go to Iceland this is the first section I go to, simply because they sell the most delicious Chicken Tikka Masala for just £1.75, no rice is included but plenty of spicy sauce and chicken is in your purchase, but don't take my word for it! Go try their range yourself! Even though in this weather curry may not be the best choice.

        Fresh and savoury-
        Iceland have great deals, as we know, and one of these great deals is there coleslaw and potato salad, an old favourite of mine, for just £1 for the double tray!
        Next you have the savoury snacks, scotch eggs and sausage roles to pork pies and chicken bits, all of these from a range of just £1 and upwards, perfect for barbecues and parties, so cheap yet very delicious!
        Icelands snack meats are perfect for sandwiches and quick meals, with a variety of choices including tandoori chicken pieces and ham slices, all again for around £1!

        Now it's the start of summer(hopefully) and everyone is preparing for family barbecues in the sun, unlike most supermarkets Iceland don't charge an arm and a leg for their barbecue range, delicious burgers for as little as £2 for 4 and a whole variety of meats including chicken wings and legs in a bag for just £5!
        Summer really is here!

        Sweet treats-
        In this weather all that anyone wants is ice-cream, lollies and cold delicious food, and the range from Iceland provides just that, there are so many ice-lollies and ice-creams to choice from you'll be spoilt for choice, especially as all the prices are of equal price!
        My choice of ice lolly is always the splits, a delicious fruity taste with a nice cold ice-cream in the middle, perfect for when you're relaxing after a hot day.
        They also have a huge variety of frozen cakes and pies, the best has to be there chocolate gateau, and old delicious favourite of everyones, remarkably cheap at just, you guessed it £1!

        Iceland is the best supermarket out there, small and simple, with cheap and delicious food perfect for anyone wanting a simple, easy dinner!


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          24.05.2012 21:01
          Very helpful



          A good product which works well, just avoid opening your eyes during use!

          For those of us who use makeup every day it's a refreshing feeling when you finally get home and remove it all, facial wipes make this fantastically easy and my choice would definitely be Olay Daily Facials!

          The packaging is a bright blue and white plastic with a shiny exterior complete with a series of colours which stand out and draw your attention.
          These wipes are sealed by a resealable white flap of plastic keeping in the freshness and cleanliness, stopping air from sneaking in an drying them out.

          Olay Daily Facial Wipes Aim-
          Sweep away dirt, make-up and waterproof mascara but at the same time they want to help enhance your skin's natural moisture using Olay conditioners, all of this will help to hydrate your skin and improve its moisture.

          These wipes have been dermatologically tested, which means they are suitable for your skin and will not cause any harm, they are also non comedogenic meaning they do not block your pours, or cause spots.
          These wipes also include directions on the back helping you properly remove your makeup and appropriately dispose of them when used.

          Olay also includes a phone number to call is you have any questions or comments and a website to visit for more information.
          These wipes come in small and compact packs of 20, for a price that varies in multiple shops, although they are able to be purchased at around £2. Which I believe is slightly to expensive for the amount of wipes given.

          While these are my choice for makeup wipes, there is one serious disadvantage these wipes cause serious pain when used around the eyes the wipes, which for a makeup wipe is not suitable, if this was fixed then these facial wipes would be the perfect buy.

          -Removes all dirt from skin.
          -Smells fresh and clean.
          -Good for your skin, reducing spots and blocked pores.

          -Expensive for the amount.
          -Painful to use at times.


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        • Pukka Pads A4 Writing Pad / Homeware / 15 Readings / 15 Ratings
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          24.05.2012 13:35
          Very helpful



          Overall a great pad, with an awesome and clever design.

          Being an unorganised student in college means a good notepad is essentially, as messy notes are hell to try and make sense of during exam time.
          Finding the right notepad may not seem like a big deal but it's quite a daunting task, that is why I would reccommend the Pukka Pad!

          Organisation is key with the Pukka pad and including dividers is a very useful piece of design, these dividers separate your work with a think and durable plastic sheet, which is handy when you're in a rush and trying to flick through quickly.
          Each divider has a pouch attached to it which comes in useful for storing your notes and keeping things tidy.
          Attached to each individual divider is a tab, in which you can allocate a subtopic too on a changeable and small piece of card.
          To each pad there are 5 movable dividers, so all subject choices and anything else that can be separated are perfectly laid out.

          I personally use the A4 pad but they are available in various sizes(A5 and A6) this pad has 200 pages of 80gsm(weight of paper) premium quality paper.
          While this paper is seemingly thin and light, it's not permeable to the ink of your pen, so no messy blotches will effect your work.
          The paper is easy to write on and all pens are able to write smoothly and cleanly.

          The Pukka pad is pleasing to the eye with a wide choice of colourful designs, some examples of these are pink and purple floural and multi-colour polkadots. There are also designs designed for boys, for example, blue stripes and various others.
          The Pukka pad is fixed together by a strong metal binder, which provides sturdy support so you do not have to worry about your pad breaking apart and your notes being scattered.

          At some stores eg WHSmith there are various deals cutting the price of the Pukka pad, so they are around £5!
          This unfortunately is quite expensive so may seem unsuitable for a student, but this truly is a great notepad so is worth every penny!


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          23.05.2012 19:48
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          All in all a very good product, although the expense is slightly overpriced for the product.

          Impulse True Love is a fantastic smelling deodorant, you need only use a small amount to smell fresh and sweet.
          True Love comes in varied can sizes, and I was lucky enough to get a box of twenty 35ml mini cans from a friend, unfortunately they have all gone now, which is a great disappointment.
          These small cans were incredibly handy for adventures out and if you can find them they are a great purchase.
          All cans have been dermatologically tested, which means no harm will come to your skin.

          True Love is a Unilever brand, which seems quite a good achievement as they have recently aimed to halve their products footprint.
          Although recently, Unilever have been criticised by Greenpeace for causing deforestation, this could have a very negative effect on their products.
          There are serious disadvantages such as, when too much deodorant is sprayed it can be quite a overpowering smell and it makes you feel slightly ill, and you don't wish to use it anymore.
          The price for this sized can is very expensive and not good value for money, unless you can find a good deal which should be available in certain stores.

          -Fantastic smelling.
          -Small cans are good value for money and easy to use and carry around.
          -Gentle on skin.

          -Expensive for bigger sized cans.
          -Overpowering smell.
          -Extremely flammable.


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