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    • Lancome Blush Subtil / Make Up / 5 Readings / 4 Ratings
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      24.05.2015 15:02
      Very helpful


      • " good classic colours"
      • "last ages"


      • "maybe pricey for some"

      A lovely lasting blusher in a classic range of colours

      When I purchased my Lancôme blusher I didn’t go out and intend to buy a blusher, I went to buy a foundation. However Lancôme were doing a deal where if you buy two products you get a free gift.
      The counter assistant did a min face touch up using a blusher and I liked it so I bought it as mine was running low anyway.


      Once purchased the blusher comes inside a silver cardboard box.
      This gives you Lancôme in large letters across the front, so no forgetting what you have bought! Along with the size, colour and a Lancôme motif. On the back of the box is the same detail but also written in several languages the fact that the blusher is proclaimed to be gentle and long lasting. They also provide the ingredients on the side of the box as follows: -

      Talc, synthetic fluorphlogopite, magnesium stearate, triisostearin, phenyl trimethicone, tin oxide, calcium aluminum borosilicate, calcium sodium borosilicate, silica, alumina, caprylyl glycol, polyethylene terephthalate, polyurethane-11, parfum, linalool, geraniol, alpha-isomethylionone, coumarin, limonene, citronellol, benzyl alcohol. Plus a whole load of colours that the say may or my not be included, I assume that they print off the same ingrediants for all colours of blusher.


      So once you open you box you discover a smart looking black snap shut plastic case with a small gold rose in the corner, which is the Lancôme motif.
      Inside the case there is a mirror in the lid, making it easy to topping up on the go.
      On the bottom half the one side holds the blusher set with a rose motif in it, which is 3.5 cm by 5 cm so quite large, compared to some blushers, but I cant tell you the depth as it is secured in the case. Alongside this on the other half is a small brush with which to apply the product. The brush is quite good with a small wide handle and thick bristled so provides good coverage and the width of the brush is adequate to give a good splash of colour over the cheekbone. To be honest I tend to use this brush for applying rather than one from my set most of the time as it saves me cleaning my brushes between other products.


      My colour is Brun Roche. Lancôme currently do a range of eight colours, perhaps not the most number but they do have a good range within it. My blusher looks darker than it actually comes out on the skin, but I guess that also depends on how much of it you use. Intend to just use a slight sweep as I have pale skin.
      You do only need a small amount on the brush as you get good coverage and it does last a long time.
      I also have Rose paradis.


      My blusher does tend to stay all day. This I find very god and means that my blusher has already lasted my nearly a year with daily use, so I am quite happy to pay a higher price.
      With regards to removing. It does come off with a simple make-up remover, better with a cream cleanser I find.


      The price from www.lancome.co.uk is £28 and they have guides on how to apply both in written and video format. It can also be purchased at Lancôme counters in big department stores of Debenhams and House of Fraser or the websites. You may also find Lancôme products on some online beauty sites at perhaps a cheaper price.
      This maybe a high price for some but you do get lastability so I feel it is cost-effective, especially if you buy when they have a free gift deal as the gifts are usually very good.
      Also if you buy at a counter make sure you get an assistant to show you how to use it, you get a mini face touch up for free!

      Review maybe posted on other review sites under the same user name Siberian-queen©


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      17.05.2015 20:09
      Very helpful


      • "smells divine"


      • "moisture could last a bit longer"

      Lovely hand cream with a divine smell but moisture could last a little longer

      I buy a lot of hand creams. This is mainly because of my job; I am constantly washing my hands in sometimes quite harsh cleaner and wearing gloves. All in all this makes my hands susceptible to being dry, especially if it is cold outside when I am walking the dogs too.
      I don’t have any particular rhyme or reason to buying a hand cream just what takes my fancy at the time, or what’s a good deal.

      This review is on The Body Sops almond hand cream. I chose this product 1) because I was in the store looking for something else as I had a voucher and 2) I seem to have a thing about almonds lately :/
      The girl in the shop spied me and advised me that the cream was good for dry hands and got me to try the tester, on smelling it I was hooked – I know not really a reason for buying it but it convinced me at the time.

      The hand cream itself comes in an aluminum tube with a screw top lid. This I like, I find it easier to get all of the hand cream out of such tubes as you can wind them down, allowing you to know when you are near the end. The only possible down side is occasionally if not used for a long time the aluminum has potential to crack where it is folded down. This one is silver with brown as it is almond; some others have different colours to match, which is useful if trying to spot the cream quickly in the shop.
      The tube has a long list of ingredients on the back but the main point is that it is made with almond and Brazil nut oil that are happily from community fair trade. The product has a 12 month use by time frame, but mine has well gone in a couple of months! This is suitable for all skin types apparently and not tested on animals.

      So the smell – certainly almond! Not more I can say really, I like it smells sweet, nice, nutty and somewhat healthy. The smell does stick around on you skin for a while.
      The cream – a nice white fairly thick cream. You only need a small amount for moisturizing your hands and nails and it soaks in within a few seconds. It does leave a little shine on your hands from the oils but this is actually quite nice as it makes my hands seem a bit more healthy to me.
      So does it moisturize? Yes it does but I do find that I am re applying it every few hours even if I am not at work. This is because the moisturizing effect seems to where off after this time and my hands are feeling a little dry again.

      Would I buy it again? Yes I am a sucker for the smell. I would ideally like it to have longer moisturizing effects though. It would be a cream I keep in my handbag but have another intense hand cream for more moisturizing emergencies.

      For 30mls it cost £5 so its not the cheapest hand cream in the world but if you want a set they have other hand and nail items in the range.
      Available from www.bodyshop.com or the shop itself.
      Reviews maybe be posted on other review sites under the same username Siberian-queen ©


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      08.05.2015 18:08
      Very helpful


      • " really moisturises"
      • "great smell"


      • "body shop sometimes take it out of circulation"

      A lovely smelling moisturiser, which does really moisturise and rehydrate your skin

      This review is of The Body Shop’s Almond Body Butter.


      The package is simple, a round tub with a screw top lid; basic yet ideal for the job it is entailed.
      In this case the tub is beige colour, different flavours have different mostly corresponding colours. I like this idea as it helps me to navigate the ones I like quicker when I am in the shop. On the top is a sticker that has almonds on it along with the name “Almond Body Butter” and enlightens you to the fact it is made with almond oil and is for normal to dry skin types, also written in French. The weight is also displayed – 200ml = 6.75oz = 192g. Above which is the signature body shop logo.
      On the underneath of the tub is another sticker, which tells you to store the product in a cool place, that it lasts for 12months from opening, that they are against animal testing and that the product is made in the UK. The fact it lasts 12 months is a good amount of time, but mine never gets the chance to be tested as its gone in a couple of months. I am very happy with the fact that the product is not tested on animals and I am encouraged to buy more just because of this fact.
      If you open up the sticker you reveal the product list of ingredients which if interested can be found on the website or product. This I can see is probably because of space you cant fit everything on the tin, well you could but it would probably look a bit messy. However for those who are particular about certain ingredients in there products, it would be difficult to peel back the label in a shop to investigate. I suppose you could look at the one on the tester though.


      When I open the tub for the first time I am immediately hit with a rich almond smell, it is quite divine. This smell continues as you use the product and does not decipitate over time, which is really good. To this point when on your skin the smell lasts for hours, it is not to overpowering but you can notice it is there.
      The colour of this body butter is beige too, like the tub! I have never been so excited about beige! It looks good enough to eat (not that this is recommended!) Dipping you finger in the butter cream is thick, creamy with a slight oily texture. It almost melts into your skin as you apply and a little goes quite a long way.
      The cream is for normal to dry skin and you can almost feel your skin absorb the moisture from it, my skin definitely has a healthy glow after applying and feels more moisturized for 24 hours.
      I have had no issues with the cream, not that my skin is particularly sensitive, but I have used it on just shaved legs with no sting effect at all.

      PRICE £13.00 - Ok I know this may seem a bit steep, and I agree but if you buy when they have half price deals it is good value so stock up then, that’s what I do!

      AVALIABILITY From body shop stores and online at www.bodyshop.co.uk if you shop online the product ingredients list is available and useful how to guides on applying if needed.
      The only down side is that for some reason body shop seem to withdraw it from purchase at times, which is really annoying when you find something you really like!


      I am in love with this product!

      Review maybe posted on other review sites under the same username Siberian-queen ©


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      26.04.2015 14:45
      Very helpful


      • " moisturises and reasonable price"
      • "lovely smell"


      • "none for me"

      A great cream that moisturises at a reasonable price ideal for your handbag

      As mentioned in my previous hand cream reviews, I use a lot of hand cream. My work means I am frequently washing my hands in sometimes harsh cleaner, using alcohol gel and wearing gloves? This combined with my dog walking on cold windy days, means my hands need some tender loving care.

      Hand Food is a hand cream made by Soap and Glory.

      They are quite clever in the fact that they print on the front of the tube "the most astonishing hand cream ever?" Which kind of draws you in, but then they say on the end "you decide" quite a good marketing technique I think. They do like to make a play on wording too. For example, "mend a hand?" Is on the tube as a heading for the usage instructions, instead of the term "leaned a hand". The design of the bottle seems 70's retro to me.

      They say you can apply the hand cream to chapped dry hands but do say not to use it on irritated or damaged skin. I have never really seen a hand cream with that on before I don't think. My hands are generally ok, but if at work for a stretch of nights they do suffer and my skin becomes quite irritated. I have to say I didn't really read the bit about not using it on irritated skin until later, but I didn't find it was an issues at all, it still soothed my skin. That said I would advise that you follow the manufacturer instructions as it may just be that I have tough, hard to irritate skin!

      The cream is quite thick but is squirtable from the tube and allows an adequate amount to be delivered and having a flip top lid makes it easily accessible. The flip top lid also means that you can stand the tube up allowing the cream to naturally fall to the bottom, making it easier to squeeze.

      The smell is divine. Apparently the original pink fragrance which matches the pink tube. I can not define it to any real smell myself or mixture but I like it.

      As the cream contains Shea butter, macadamia oil, grape seed oil and almond oil within its ingredients, I expect it to soothe my dry skin and it does quite well I have to say. It is not greasy
      and I can do routine tasks such as opening bottles, turning taps within a few moments of it being absorbed. Another of the ingredients is marshmallow, peculiar one, I am not sure of the marshmallow benefits but it works I guess!
      Apart from these ingredients the whole list can be found under the product details at the company website.
      When I have applied the cream it does last on my hands and I don't feel I need to keep reapplying that often, my hands feel nourished.
      This is certainly a product I would actively seek out and buy again.

      The cream has a long life span in my opinion of 24 months after opening. This is really good, many are 6-12 months.

      The 125ml tube is around £5.00 and the 50ml tube around £2.50 you can often get 3 for 2 deals on these products in Boots.

      Soap and Glory seem to be quite a fun company and have a large fan base and many products to try.

      The product is made in the UK but does have a distribution from the USA.

      Available from www.soapandglory.com or www.boots.com and Boots stores

      Review maybe posted on other websites under the same username Siberian-queen©


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      27.03.2015 19:07
      Very helpful


      • " not tested on animals"
      • light


      • " "
      • "no sfp"
      • " or deep moisturising for me"
      • "not rich enough"

      its a basic cream, ok if you have good skin and don't need much moisturisation

      I am not particularly loyal to any brand of moisturizer as yet, mainly because I have not found an exceptional one that I love. Because of this I am happy to try different brands and this time I chose a moisturizer from The Body Shop, vitamin E moisture cream.

      ***THE CLAIMS***

      The Body Shop claim the moisturizer is for all skin types provides antioxidant and moisturizing.

      ***THE PACKAGE***

      The moisturizer comes in a pale pink 50ml pot with a black screw top lid. This provides easy access to the cream and the ability to use every last bit.
      The lid comes with a small Body Shop logo and the words Vitamin E in pink and below the fact that is a moisturizer with the claims stated as above. It is also written in French.
      Around the side of the pot is similar information in various languages. On the bottom is a peal open paper sticker with a full list of the ingredients, the fact that it is made in the UK, against animal testing and that it lasts 12months from opening.
      It is quite basic information but is all that you actually require, they don’t really claim vast amounts of things, which is refreshing, but at the same time did leave me wondering if it was just going to be a very basic cream.

      ***WHAT I THINK***

      On opening the pot the cream is again a pale pink colour like the pot it comes in, quite nice it makes a change from plain old white.
      The smell is quite strong for a face moisturizer I think and I am not sure what the smell is exactly but it reminds me of baby lotion. It’s not unpleasant and after you have applied and put makeup on the smell has decipitated.
      The texture is a cream but not a thick luxury one; it does seem quite basic in nature to me and slightly thinner than I personally like.
      It applies well to the skin and is absorbed within a few seconds leaving my skin feeling moisturized but I don’t think it does deep moisture that I would require. The product is for all skin types but I have combination skin which can get dry around the edges from walking the dogs and I don’t think it does a good enough job for this unfortunately especially as vitamin E is supposed to help against dryness. I think this cream is best suited for a young person with good skin who requires just a simple moisturizer.
      For myself I prefer a cream thicker with sun factor protection and some anti age properties.

      Overall considering this is apparently one of the body shops best sellers, I am not convinced.


      The cream can be purchased from The Body shop or there website www.thebodyshop.co.uk

      Cost is £11 for 50ml, which I think you can purchase other creams that are better in the high street for that from the likes of Nivea, Garnier etc.

      Review maybe posted on other sites under the same user name Siberian-queen ©


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      21.03.2015 19:33
      Very helpful


      • "cheap and does a good job especially for dry skin"


      • "takes time to absorb"

      Great cheap cream for dry skin

      Nivea crème is a more old fashioned moisturiser I would say than a lot, it is a classic.

      This cream has been around since 1911, so to still be going strong it must be good right?

      The formulation remains a secret within the holds of the Nivea Company, it is also preservative free.
      The ingredients are listed as follows: - Aqua, paraffinum liquidum, cera microcristallina, glycerin, lanolin alcohol (eucerit), paraffin, pathenol, decyl oleate, octyldodecanol, aluminum sterarate, citric acid, magnesium sulphate, magnesium stearates, parfum, limonene, geraniol, hydroxycitronellal, linalool, citronellol, benzyl benzoate, cinnamyl alcohol.


      The cream has a pleasant sweet smell, which is the traditional "Nivea" smell, difficult to describe unless you smell it. The smell is clean, fresh, unobtrusive and doesn't really linger on your skin noticeably.

      The texture is what makes the cream seem old fashioned to me. It is not your usual runny lotion or rich cream that many are, but a thick, stand up on its own, won't fall out the pot even if you turn it upside down and shake it cream. Excellent for the accidental person who tips pots of cream everywhere.

      To use I find it best to apply in small finger scoop amount, which I then rub between my hands before applying to an area. This is because the cream is so thick it takes a bit of work to get it to rub in and absorb. When you first scoop it out it is quite cold to the touch and therefore working the cream warms it helping it absorb better in my opinion.
      Absorption does take more time than some moisturisers; it is quite oily probably from the lanolin and paraffin. It takes a bit of effort and you need to be prepared to wait for it to absorb sufficiently to put your clothes on (approximately a couple of minutes), or end up with fluff stuck to you!
      The company do not specify a particular type of skin that this moisturiser is made for but I find that it is really good for dry skin areas, great for after shaving you can feel it soaking into your skin and rehydrating it.
      The cream can be used on the face too. There was a recent article in the Daily Mail newspaper where a woman used it on half her face for 30 days and the other half with an expensive cream. Apparently Nivea came out best, the article is easy to find online if you search and is an interesting read, even though it is only one person.
      I have used it on my face in the winter when my face becomes chapped by the icy wind taking the dogs out and it does work well, although I have not used it for a prolonged period on my face. Given that it is quite oily, I personally wouldn’t used it on oily facial skin. Saying all that, given the article reports, I may try it as a night cream for a while!
      The fact that it is so simple and none gender specific, women or men can use it.

      The cost for this classic cream, just £2 -£3 on average for 200ml blue plastic tub with a screw top lid, perfect for home. Or £1 - £1.50 for 50ml tin perfect for handbags.

      Available from supermarkets, chemists, and online at www.nivea.co.uk

      Overall, I can’t fault it really especially given the amount you get for the price.

      Review maybe posted on other review sites under the same username Siberian-queen ©


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      25.01.2015 17:43
      Very helpful


      • "does what it says"


      • "no sun factor"
      • "bit expensive"

      a nice powder that does what it claims, just a bit expensive

      Review of Clinique stay matte sheer face powder.


      Clinique do a few different face powders, but I chose stay matte sheer pressed powder after discussion with a Clinique representative in store. My chosen shade "stay buff".
      The main selling advantage of this product is that it is for oil control and when applied does not disrupt your make-up underneath. It is suggested for oily and combination skin types.
      Unfortunately it has no sun factor protection, however others in there collection do.

      The powder can be applied with the included white circular pad or if you wish, with a brush. Personally I tend to use a brush at home as you can achieve a lighter covering and then use the pad if I am out and about for top ups. Powder can be applied all over the face or just onto oily areas like the TZone more susceptible to oil.

      I like the style of the compact, not so keen on the colour but it's ok. I like the fact the compact is quite sturdy and despite having a mirror inside, can be thrown in my handbag without fear of it smashing.
      The powder is in set format but is picked up by the brush or pad easily and with minimal waste dust. I prefer a set powder as I feel they last longer and give less wastage. No particular smell that I have noted.
      The powder is delivered to the skin easily and gives a light dusting over make-up. I feel it sets well on my skin, it does not feel heavy or pore blocking in anyway. Good coverage is achieved and does fade my oily patches. I do have to top up my powder frequently as in a few times a day as I do get quite oily skin especially around my nose and forehead. To this point the powder lasts me about 2-3 months which is ok but can be quite expensive given the price of the compact.
      Easily removed with general cleansers, make-up cloths or soap and water. It does transfer to clothes a little if you are not careful especially collars, but no more than similar products.
      Would I recommend? Yes is is a good product, however I personally would probably only buy when on offer somewhere of if buying a few items to get a free gift as its quite expensive and some high street brands like max factor and revlon do similar at half the price.

      It comes in a compact which is retro 70's looking in a green slightly washed out look. A neat little silver effect clasp always closure to be secure and no accidental openings as you have to push it in and lift the lid at the same time. Inside the top half has a mirror in it
      Solid and tidy, small and sturdy.
      In the lower half is the actual powder which is compacted into a set format.

      Cost is £23 for a 7.6gram (this is the Clinique price)

      Available from www.clinique.co.uk , many big department stores and chemists where Clinique counters are held, EBay, Amazon and some other make-up websites.

      Review by siberian-queen © and maybe found on other review sites under the same username.


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      • Lancome Hypnose Mascara / Make Up / 8 Readings / 7 Ratings
        More +
        30.10.2014 10:12
        Very helpful
        1 Comment


        • "lovely and does what it says it does"


        • price

        lovely mascara which does what it claims to but is pricey

        Lancôme is one of the brands I am currently using and decided to try out their mascara hypnose.

        ....the design and brand...

        Lancome is a well-known premium brand of makeup founded in the 1930’s in France and has a wide range of cosmetics products and fragrances.
        The mascara hypnose comes in a sleek black tube similar to many mascaras, but with a curvaceous hourglass effect. It comes with a screw top which has the brush attached on the inside, which appears sort of twisted in the middle.


        Application is achieved by applying in a saw type action of backwards and forwards motion from the base to the tip of the eyelashes. This method helps to define lashes more individually. A straight base to tip motion can also be used in and I tend to do this after the first method, especially if I want to achieve a more volume defined look.

        ....the look....

        Lancôme hypnose mascara is elegant and defines your lashes with individual care, you do get the occasional clump but I feel that is when you get towards the end of the tube, or have not applied with care. It is marketed as a volume, smudge proof mascara without clumping and it does do that to most part.
        The look achieved is ideal for work, evening meal and day to day per poses but I would like a little more high definition for a big night going out. The mascara defiantly highlights my lashes and I can certainly tell the difference between wearing and not wearing it.
        I do find I need to apply again in the afternoon to redefine my lashes. It does not irritate my eyes and I have personally had not issues with smudging. To remove it comes off simply with a good makeup remover.

        ....the cost and availability....

        The mascara only comes in two colours black and brown. This is enough for most people and I don't think Lancôme are really in the younger partygoers market, which would require other colours necessary.
        At around £22 this is not cheap and there are in my opinion mascaras that are half the price and just as good. That said I would recommend it as it does what it says and is nice mascara it's just more expensive.
        The product can be found on the Lancôme websites, department stores where Lancôme counters are situated such as House of Fraser, Boots and Debenhams.

        Review maybe posted on ciao and dooyoo under the same username.


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        • Lancome Teint Idole / Make Up / 7 Readings / 7 Ratings
          More +
          12.09.2014 16:56
          Very helpful
          1 Comment


          • "oh so soft and perfect colour match"


          • "not 24 hour for me"

          A lovely, soft perfect colour match foundation that sits well but not 24hour for me

          After reading reviews by Graygirl I thought I would give Lancôme a go. I needed a new foundation so then seemed a prime opportunity to take advantage of their free gift when you by two products deal.

          A counter assistant of Lancôme selected the foundation for me and they came up with Lancôme teint idole ultra 24 hour.
          With the packaging Lancôme are simple and elegant, it comes in a silver box with a little gold Lancôme logo on it. Other than the front that simply has the name, size, colour and minimal detail; each side is full of the same detailed information about the product in several different languages and a list of the full ingredients.
          Lancôme boasts about their 8 year research into the foundation and have a substantial list of criteria that the item is supposed to meet. This impressed me- if the foundation could meet all of the said targets I was onto a sure winner!
          So when you open your box a thick clear glass bottle with a pump action top secluded by a pull of lid greets you. Again simple and elegant, the lid fits well and needs to be given a little push to pop on so it fits securely. The pump action is good I tend to do little pumps as I am always afraid of wasting too much product if a give it a good squirt! More often than not I use my fingers to apply foundation and it suits this purpose well, I do occasionally use a brush if I am going out or spending more time perfecting my makeup, again it suits it well tending to use a little more with a brush.
          This foundation has an agitator in it, a new thing for me, but basically means you need to shake the bottle before use to mix the foundation to get its full benefit. The agitator is quite useful in that when settled you can see a faint line in the foundation and shows you roughly how much is left! It serves as a good reminder to shake the bottle too, as I am sure you probably should with many other brands but I always forget.

          So to evaluate I will go through each of the claims and give you my opinion on each.

          Divine Comfort, Smooth and velvety.

          The foundation feels more expensive than a lot of others I have used. It glides onto your skin. It does feel very velvety and smooth I have to say and I am impressed with the way it blends into my skin to leave no great streaks of foundation lines! The advantage of having a make up assistant suggest your foundation is that the colour is suited to your skin tone. If left to pick on my own I always go for something far lighter than I actually need it turns out. So because of this your foundation sits well against your natural colour and is far less noticeable. This foundation comes in a choice of 18 shades.
          Because it is so light you hardly notice its there. Even being so light it does cover well and I only use a concealer for more defined things like the odd spot.

          24 hour matt, touch-up free, sweat and friction resistant.

          Ok this is quite tough to achieve I feel but that is what they state on there box.
          For me personally, I do need to touch up. My make-up is still there at the end of the day as when I go to bed I take off my make-up and there it is on the cotton wool. However, I do not feel it is in good enough shape by the evening for me to go out again so I always touch up my entire makeup.
          Now when I put my makeup on I do get a lovely matt finish with a slight gleam of what I describe as a glow, which is great and I have been complemented on how good my skin looks lately since using this and a few other bits and pieces.
          As for sweat resistant, as mentioned I still have makeup on at the end of the day. My skin though is quite oily around the t zone and I don't feel it stays on my skin here; it sweats off especially after a busy day. This is improved somewhat with a good primer but I still end up with a shiny nose and forehead :( whether this is the product or just me who knows but I have not found a product yet that stays put all day without my nose shining and no touch ups!

          Transfer resistant

          Not completely convinced. If I use my mobile phone to my face I have makeup on my screen. I appreciate this May again be partly down to my complexion but it does say the foundation is suitable for all skin types including sensitive. It does not however rub off onto my clothes when I pull them off, so it must have some transfer resistance I guess.

          I do love this foundation even with the minor flaws that I have noted. This is because it feels so good and looks right for my skin.. I would prefer not to have to do touch ups but I have always had to do that anyway so I don’t think I am losing out particularly. It would be nice if what they suggested, as in 24 hour matt, was true though.

          Other Bits

          The foundation has sun factor 15 in it, so a little added extra especially as I am diabolical at remembering face sun cream!

          The product can be bought on various make up websites, however I suggest that you go to a Lancome make up bar, at least the first time to get your match. These can be found in House of Frazer and Debenhams plus a few other big retail shops. Or your could visit the website www.lancome.co.uk where you get a couple of free samples with purchases too.

          For a 30ml bottle expect to pay about £28
          Made in France and lasts 12 months from opening.


          So overall would I recommend? Yes if you are prepared to take the 24hr no touch up bit with a pinch of salt. Maybe for others it will be just that.

          Review maybe posted on ciao and dooyoo under the same username ☺


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          • More +
            25.08.2014 01:07
            Very helpful


            • "Intriguing story"


            • "Not a great end"

            A good story that keeps you reading but unfortunately not a great ending

            Theodore Boone by John Grisham

            Theo is a young boy still at school who likes to act as a mini lawyer. Being a lawyer runs in the family, his parents parents are both lawyers and uncle Ike was a lawyer but is not longer practising. That said he keeps up to date with all that is going on in the judicial system and is more than competent at helping young Theo out where needed.
            Theo likes his position at school as the go to lawyer - he helps out friends with legal issues of their families, offering advice which may not otherwise be found. This he probably gets from his parents who although busy and successful lawyers, still find the time to work for free a few hours at a refuge handing out food with a side dish of free legal advice.

            In a small town when something big happens, everyone knows.

            Mr Duffy is accused of killing his wife for the life insurance. The trial is big news and Theo wants in on it and acquires himself a seat at the trial curtesy of the Judge, along with his class mates for one of there legal study's lessons. However as intriguing as it is, Theo does not realise how involved he is about to get.
            The trial is all but coming to an end and it seems like Mr Duffy is going to literally get away with murder.
            It isn't until then Theo's friends cousin Julio an illegal immigrant, admits to seeing Mr Duffy coming out of house and dumping gloves in a trash can that all might be about to change, or is it? Can Theo convince an illegal immigrant to go to the police? Can Theo convince the Judge to look at supposed new evidence this late in the trial? Will anyone believe Theo, a child, with what he is saying anyway?

            So will Mr Duffy get away with murder?

            The story for me was quite engaging from the very beginning. I enjoyed the fact that I was learning a little about how the judicial system worked and the fact that it was a child, gave a novel take on the story.
            The ending was not so good for me. I was left disappointed. I wanted to know what happened after the trial. They introduced a menacing character Omar half way through the story, but I felt he never really can to any fruition, so much more could have been done.

            I would read further books by the author as up until the last chapter really, I enjoyed the book. The book is part of a series if Theodore Boone books by John Grisham.

            Available on book sites and bookstores for around £6.00 in paperback, hard aback and Kindle.

            Review maybe posted on ciao and dooyoo under the same username.


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            12.02.2014 21:04
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            A good psycohogical thriller about a mother instinct and her baby

            Little Face is the story of a lady called Alice.

            Alice is married to a wealthy man called David a widower whose first wife Laura was murdered after they had separated.

            You never really know what goes on behind the closed doors of a home and this is never more so than in the case of David and Alice. They appear from the outside a happy well off family with a young child and a new baby being assisted with whatever they need by a doting grandmother. Is that really what lies beneath? No, far from it.

            Alice seems to have fallen for this persona in the beginning and merrily got married and became wife, stepmother, mother and daughter in law to all concerned. It isn't until Alice has baby Florence that little things begin to hint to Alice that all was not right.

            Mother in law Vivienne is a woman who is as sharp in her demeanor as in her dress and controls each and every situation she encounters including the lives of Alice, David and Felix. Felix is David's son from his first marriage to Laura and spends his time with his grand mother when not at the private school that she enrolled him in.

            Up until Alice has her baby everything seems to be well, Vivienne is buying and advising on everything the couple need and want for their new child. You as the reader get the hints then that she is a control freak with perhaps more of an agenda than one could imagine. Alice seems to be not concerned by this and when she has had Florence, she leans to Vivienne for support when she finds none in her husband.

            Florence is the baby but is she Alice's baby?

            When Alice returns home after leaving Florence for the first time with David, the story twists.
            Alice swears blind the baby is not Florence. David is having none of it and becomes increasingly angry. As a reader you want to believe Alice but a little part of me thought is she right? Could this just be postnatal depression serving a cruel twist and making her delusional? Or is she right and that is not her baby and someone has stolen her? Did David know?

            Alice enlists the help of Vivienne, strange as she is David's mother, but she believes that Vienne is a matter of fact person and will be hell bent on finding the truth whatever the cost.
            Simon is the police officer sent to look into the case of missing Florence and has a bizarre infatuation with his newly acquainted Alice. Simon in turn has an admirer in his college Charlie and is somewhat bitter by the fact that Simon has his sights on Alice. This plays as a background to the story but does show how Simon's determination to believe in Alice helps solve the mystery.

            Darryl is the man who is serving a prison sentence for the murder of Laura. Is he involved? How could he be he's in prison, but did he murder Laura in the first place or is the killer closer to home?

            The story unfolds and the killer of Laura is revealed along with the story of whether or not this is Florence.

            What the story does involve the reader in is the complex relationships between the characters and the psychological / emotional torture that some people endure and place upon others. The person who inflicts the most demeaning acts is two part where they born like that or made like that by some close, you never really get to find out - maybe it's a bit of both.

            Overall a good psychological thriller.

            Little Face by Sophie Hannah, available in paper/hard back and kindle from all good book stores for around £5.00 and under. Published by Hodder 2006.

            Review maybe posted on dooyoo and ciao under the same username.


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              09.02.2014 18:42
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              A lovely thick cream that smells great and quenches, but has no spf or anti ageing properties

              The benefit range of beauty products are often a favourite of mine so when I bought a day cream from them I asked if they had a night cream too. The girl at the benefit counter said that they didn't do a specific night cream but that she uses and recommended the benefit moisturiser.

              The cream comes in a glass pot with a screw lid in pale brown the whole design is simple, nice and reminds me a little of Art Deco style. It is the box and packaging that holds most of the product information
              The box itself is lovely with a cute little string wrap around button to keep it shut and it's those little touches that puts benefit in a higher league than some other cosmetics for me.

              The cream is pure white and of a thick creamy texture that is lovely to dap onto your skin and smooth's in quickly without any issues.
              Being an intensely high moisturiser this is better as the girl suggested as a night cream or perhaps if you have dry skin. I tend to get dry skin sometimes after working a lot or walking the dogs in the winter cold and wind. I use this cream as a day cream in these times but alternate it with my normal day cream and find this works well to combat the ill effects of winter on my skin. The cream feels cool on application and a little really does go a long way, if you do use to much you end up with a greasy edge to your skin fine for night time but not day.
              Make up glides onto this base very easily, whether that is foundation or a primer base.

              On of it's aim is to provide immediate relief from dry skin and yes my skin does feel quenched on administering the cream. Another aim is to provide long lasting protection against dry skin and to be fair I think it does that too, but as previously said if you use it all the time it may feel too much.

              It may seem a bit of a steep price at £27.50 For just over 48 grams but as you only use the cream sparingly because it is so moisturising it last much longer than some other creams on the market.

              An advantage of this product for some maybe that it comes as part of a range with another moisturise lotion, a skin prep and an eye cream which all come in similar packaging which looks great on the dressing table. Again on this note they do a mini set, which is an ideal gift or test package to see if you like them.

              Down sides for me is that it contains no sun factor, this is ok when I use it as a night cream but in the day I really need sun factor as I have pale skin. It also appears to contain has no anti aging properties. For me personally this is an issue, I need anti aging components in my creams now as I get older and although I may be prepared to accept this without as a night cream there are many other product which cater for my needs better. I suspect benefit are aiming there brand at a younger age bracket than myself and so do not necessarily see it as a primary issue.

              Would I recommend? Yes but for a younger age range of teens to mid twenties and with dry or combination skin.

              Review maybe posted on dooyoo and ciao under the same username.


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                12.01.2014 18:41
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                A great compact design for pod storage.


                I chose this design for my pods as it is tall and compact in width and so fits in my very small kitchen. The dimensions are approximately 11 ½ cm width and 31 cm tall.


                The pod holder itself is made of metal in a chrome finish and so fits in nicely with most kitchens. It has a circular base which underneath has a felt pad so that you don't scratch the kitchen surface when turning your holder around. The circle base swivels so that you can pick a pod from each of the four slots.


                The pod holds 24 of Nescafé dolce gusto pods, these are inserted from the top and they slide down to the bottom where you pick one out when required. Occasionally if you have not lined up the pod with the runs correctly the pod ends up in the middle at the bottom which is a little annoying but you can just manage to get you hand in to pick it out again. I guess if you have really big hands you may have to tip it up, so make sure you aim is right to start with!
                I tend to have a variety of pods but put the two pod flavours together for example, the milk pod then the flavor pod so it is simple when you want a drink.


                To clean you just need to use a damp cloth and dry, the inside circle is a tad more difficult and collects dust more but if you feed a cloth through and out the other side I find it works well.

                Made by Tavola Swiss, I bought mine from www.Amazon.co.uk for about £25, which I think, is a fair price for something that is going to last years.

                Review maybe posted on dooyoo and ciao under the same username.


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                  08.01.2014 16:53
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                  A great little set which looks good and is good quality

                  I bought the bird table accessory kit by Tom Chambers when I bought my new bird table.
                  I had a standard bird table before but found that I was adding other bits around the garden like fat balls and the birds use my pond as a bath when the sprinkler is on. Buying this enabled me to have most things in the same place.
                  Bought at a local Wyevale garden centre for just £12.99 I think it is good value as when you break it down it means each piece costs just over £3.

                  The box is a mine of information, on the front it shows a small picture of the accessories attached to a bird table and what is included. On the side is a larger version of the picture showing in more detail where each item should be placed and on the opposite side a larger picture of each item explaining what they are for. On the back is a brief and simple set of instructions, which basically tells you to carefully screw the items to the bird table - really it's so simple anyone can do it.
                  What I do like on the back of the box is the tips they give you for feeding birds and the importance of keeping the bird table clean and free from rotting food to ensure birds health. Despite my aim to keep it all in one place the box advises against this to prevent overcrowding and I see there point, in the summer we had loads of birds all at the same time! We have now a few other bits in the hedge where there is a nest every year.
                  So what do you get in the accessory kit?

                  ****Fine mesh seed tray****
                  This a small metal round dish with a mesh base. In here we place larger seeds and peanuts and it being on the outside of the bird table makes for better access for the pigeon and magpie that visit as they are a bit big to squash under the roof of the bird table. Easy to clean with a small brush which clears the pieces of left over food from the mesh.

                  ****Water dish****
                  The water dish is a clear plastic bowl which sits inside a metal ring which is screwed to the bird table. Very easy to clean as it simply lifts out and can be washed with warm soapy water.

                  ****Bird feeder bracket****
                  The bracket is a large hook much like the ones you get for hanging baskets. It allows hanging bird feeder to be placed, making good use of one I already had.

                  ****Four fat ball hooks****
                  The hooks are just that hooks like the ones you use in the home and neatly fit fat balls one at a time.

                  One of the things I like about the items is that they are made of a good quality metal that despite the wind and rain over the last 6 months have no sign of tarnish or rust and look pleasant in a metallic brown finish. I know you could use items from the home like the hooks and a hanger from a hanging basket but this just looks so much nicer and matches. If you did want to do that though you could and purchase the seed tray and water bath separately which is an option in the garden centres, but tends to work out a little more expensive. I have added a few other bits to my bird table.
                  I think if you love to have birds in you garden then this is an ideal adage to a standard bird table and gives the chance for a variety of food to be used and different platforms for the birds to engage in.

                  Review maybe posted on ciao and dooyoo under the same username


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                    23.10.2013 14:53
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                    A immigrants view of moving to England to look for work

                    The road home by Rose Tremain was another challenge book for me. Not one of my usual picks but it has won prizes so got me intrigued.

                    The story is mainly about a man called Lev who is from Eastern Europe. You first meet Lev as he is on a bus to England seeking better fortune to enable a brighter life for his family back home after the death of his wife.
                    Lev sits next to a lady called Lydia who after numerous hours together on a bus, develop a brief and what was thought to be fleeting relationship. Even when she gives Lev her number in case he needs help, you don't expect it to go further.

                    Lev has arrived in England and it quickly becomes clear he is somewhat overcome by the hustle and bustle of London, with little money, no place to stay and no job it seems dismal. Lev is progressive in trying to acquire a job and accommodation, as he just has to remember his little girl Maya back home.
                    Lev initially homeless finds a job delivering leaflets but as pay is little he decides that he needs a little help and calls Lydia.
                    She sets him up with a flat share with an Irish divorcée who likes a bit too much to drink. They muddle through together and develop a beneficial relationship where by Lev assists Christy stay off the drink and Christy enlightens Lev to the English ways.

                    With a new place to stay Lev gets a new job at a restaurant kitchen and meets Sophie who he has a intimate relationship with but clearly it meant more to him than to her and it goes downhill. This is the only time when the author gives you another side to Lev, which is not so nice. Setting this aside Lev pushes on to pursue his goal of making money for his family back home, eventually hoping to go back. His goal changes after working in the restaurant and he not only wants to earn money but create a business to take back home.

                    Whether this happens and whether Lev makes it home you will have to read to find out!

                    The book itself is insightful to the immigrant worker and what it must feel like for them coming to this country without hardly anything in search of a better life. It also shows a degree of will power and stubbornness on the part of Lev to get himself to where he wants to be, especially as he has left his young child at home.
                    The narrative of going back to Lev's past and seeing how he coped with his dying wife is insightful to the story, along with the chats that he has every now and again with his friend Rudi from home. They keep you focused on what Lev's end game plan and his reasons for doing this.

                    It does have a tendency to be "to good to be true" aspect about some parts of the story, however I thing the author has done well in the earlier parts to show how little things can make or break people living on the edge of society and perhaps our intolerance to certain things.

                    It is a book I enjoyed and would recommend to others because it does make you thing about the story behind people lives.

                    Published by Vintage in 2007 and is available on Amazon and good book stores for around £3 - £7

                    Review may also be posted on ciao and dooyoo under the same username.


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