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Member since: 09.05.2012

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      11.05.2012 00:10
      Not Helpful



      Very Good to use

      The Wii Active is a great product of which you can gain real genuine fitness while having fun at the same time. I found the programs very easy to use and very easy to setup. The only problem really with the wii active is that it can run a bit slow at times and be a bit annoying at times. But that to be honest is the only real downside. The graphics really are fantastic and it has very easy to use controls. I found that this was much easier than going to gym and in the long run a lot cheaper as well. I would suggest this to anyone who wants to get fit with out the dull atomsphere of gym. It is also not overpriced and suits most budgets. Also being able to design your own style is a lot of fun two . thumbs up for the wii


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