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Member since: 30.01.2008

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      30.01.2008 23:38


      • Reliability


      Good all-rounder, excellent battery life

      As somebody not that techincally minded this MP3 player is great. Its stylish and simple, and for a woman its the perfect accessory in purple! With up tp 50hours battery life its excellent to take away on holiday especially if your not going to be anywhere near a pc. I took it to Africa for 2 weeks and didnt need to charge it once! The instructions are simple to follow and the softwear that comes with it is straightforward and fast at uploading your favourite tracks. The LED display is a little hard to see in some lights, and for some buttons you need a pen but you soon find your way around and can operate it without looking. Great all-rounder but beats all other makes purely on the battery life, it just keeps going. Charge it for 2 mins and it gives you an incredible 2 hours of charge!


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