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    • Monster Energy Drink / Soft Drink / 24 Readings / 23 Ratings
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      01.03.2012 20:16
      Very helpful



      Worth a purchase If you need to use an energy drink

      Monster energy drink is a high caffeine content, fruit flavoured drink with added vitamins and reputed performance enhancing substances such as Taurine and Ginseng.

      Monster energy drinks come in a range of flavours, but the best one in my opinion is the 'original' flavour
      which comes in an attractive black 500ml can, with a green 'monster like' letter 'M' on the front.

      The caffeine content is 32mg per 100ml, so a 500ml can gives you 160mg of caffeine - more than enough
      stimulation for an adult in need of a 'lift'.

      What drew me to this product is the price - quite simply monster energy drinks offer real
      value for money when you compare them to other similar products such as Red Bull.

      But what lets this product down, is the taste - like most 'fruit flavoured' energy drinks it has an odd, and
      perhaps unique taste, but it is way too sweet and therefore quite sickly and I can only describe the
      'original' flavour as "bearable".

      I bought two 500ml cans for £2 at my local convenience store (on an in-store offer ), but I belive they usually sell for around £1.59 per can, which is, like I said, good value , when you consider the ingredients and the volume of liquid.

      To summarise: If you need to use a powerful energy drink and dont want to spend a lot, then I would definately recommend this product - just try and ignore the flavour.


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      18.02.2012 05:02
      Very helpful
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      When you need something a bit stronger than paracetamol these should do the trick

      The other week, my partner had a bad case of toothache. At first she ignored the pain but after a day or two the pain had gotten worse. Unfortunately since moving home - she hadn't registered at a local dental surgery, so she hoped that it would go away by itself, but it didn't and come the Friday afternoon she
      was reporting she was in real pain.

      She had been taking 500mg paracetamol tablets and also Nurofen tablets - but they didnt seem to be
      helping very much.

      So, I went to the nearest Pharmacy which turned out to be Boots and asked them for some strong pain killers and after quite a lengthy conversation and elimination process I left the pharmacy with a box of Boot's own brand 'Paracetamol and Codeine' tablets, which I learned were a combination of 500mg of paracetamol combined with 8mg of codeine per tablet.
      I had been assured that these were not only the strongest pain killer that Boots sold but also
      that because they contain a drug called codeine that these were the strongest pain killers that you could
      get without a prescription. Apparently codeine is quite a strong drug and is part of a group of drugs called 'opiates' - which can be very addictive, so the pharmacist told me to use them for no longer than
      three consecutive days, and if the pain had not resided after the three days - to seek dental
      help as soon as possible.

      Fine - off I went back home with "the strongest painkillers you can buy without a prescription" and after reading the instructions administered two of the little fellows. I really didnt like seeing my partner in pain
      any more than i fancied being kept awake with her moans and groans of pain , so we were both very hopeful, yet not entirely optomistic that they would work well enough to put her on until after the weekend when we could get to a dentist during normal practice hours.

      Thankfully, we needn't have worried because after about 20 minutes my partner declared that the pain was dulled to the point where it was only a discomfort. The agony had been lifted.

      It at first seemed too good to be true but the pain only increased slightly after a couple of hours and it
      was still very bearable for her and she managed to get a decent nights sleep.

      The following day she took the recommended 2 tablets every four hours - just like with normal paracetamol and then the day after that she took them ever six hours or so.

      For £2.25 you get 32 caplet tablets which are easy to swallow. Each tablet contains 500mg of paracetamol and 8mg of codeine.
      They come in distinct silver box with clear blue writing on the front and obviously the Boots Logo is on the front as well.
      The recommended dosage is 2 tablets every four hours - exceeding no more than 8 tablets in a 24 hour period. They are suitable for Headaches, Muscular Pain, Toothache, Period pain, Migraine, Backache and Rheumatic pain. They are not suitable for children under the age of 12 and should not be taken for
      any longer than 3 consecutive days as they can be addictive.

      By the Monday we were sitting in a dental surgery waiting room as a new emergency 'sit and wait' type patient. And she was treated for an infected cavity.

      These tablets really made a bad situation a lot easier for us. Without these painkillers she would of
      probably had to endure a day or two of severe toothache pain.

      Thankyou 'Boots Paracetamol and Codeine'


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        18.02.2012 01:26
        Very helpful



        Reliable lightweight and waterproof watch and cheap as well

        After recently taking up swimming as a relaxing way of keeping fit, I decided I needed a digital watch for timimg my laps etc. Obviously It had to be waterproof and and I didn't really want to spend a lot either.

        So after a google search on digital watches I visited wwww.watchshop.com and after browsing
        a bunch of watches in the £40-£60 pound range I decided to opt for this budget little casio model for
        only £11.25 - which included free delivery.

        To look at, the watch is basic and simple - It's not a fashion / jewellery Item, its just a basic yet
        well made lightweight reliable watch, Which is very easy to set up and use.

        In fact its overall design and "user interface" is more or less the same as one that I once
        received as a christmas present when I was a kid.

        Its very lightweight which makes it ideal for swimming and has a comfortable and durable plastic

        Its a long time since I owned a digital watch so for 11 quid I wasn't really expecting too much and my
        main concern was wether it would be truly waterproof - and work during and after swimming sessions.

        So far, after months and months of visits to the pool, my little black casio watch is chugging away nicely with not a sign of water getting in at all (no steamed up screens ever ).

        The stopwatch function is really simple to use and suits my basic needs of timing my pool length times.
        It has other functions like an alarm and a backlight. And also displays the date which is very handy.

        I nearly spent £50 quid on a much fancier looking "sports digital watch" but I'm glad I didn't.

        I've a feeling that this little watch will serve me well for some time to come. I just cant fault it at all.

        So If you need a basic yet RELIABLE AND WATERPROOF sports watch for not a lot of cash - this will do the job! Simple as that.


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      • Blackberry Curve 8520 / Smartphone / 32 Readings / 31 Ratings
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        13.02.2012 00:28
        Very helpful
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        Brilliant, quality smart phone

        Ok, having tried a few samsung touch screen phones, and having got fed up with the 'over sensitivity' of such phones - I looked around for a decent phone with buttons. I went into my local carphone warehouse shop and chose an 'entry level' blackberry 8520. It cost £110 which was a bit more than I wanted to pay
        for a phone but it seemed to meet my needs.

        I've had it about 2 weeks now and i can honestly say that it is the best phone I have ever owned.

        The buttons on the front are a little bit small for me but adequate. There is a nice tracker pad 'joystick/mouse pointer' thing in the middle which is beautifully responsive and accurate.

        But what has really impressed me is the user interface. Its just so well designed. Its simple and
        logical and within a few hours I was flying around all the features it has.

        You have what is called a 'home screen/area' where you can place all your most used functions
        - like dialling out, text messaging, emails , calendar , camera etc. Then there is a more extensive
        menu comprising of nice simple clear 'icons/objects' - set out rather like the iphones menus.

        It has a real quality and refined feel about it and above all - the tracker pad and buttons are in my
        opinion superior to 'touch screens' which can be way too sensitive.

        My wife has just purchased a sony erricsson that is driving her mad , mainly because its just trying to
        be too clever and asking too many questions and offering too many options.

        This phone doesnt need to impress you with fancy software, it impresses you in a different way , in
        a quality, reliable, works every time kind of way.

        Besides an intuitive and easy to navigate interface and input method - my other main concern with a phone is a decent internet browser, and that's exactly what i got. Its probably the fastest browser I have ever used on a mobile phone - again its easy to use , but what stands out is the speed it renders pages - it has a really fluid swift feel to it.

        On the downside though, I have to pay an extra £5 per month on top of my orange dolphin package
        of £10 per month. But for that extra fiver i have unlimited , fast internet access.
        You have to pay this five pounds to activate the blackberry, but its worth it.

        Another thing is that the camera is basic, good but basic. So if you are obsessed with how many
        mega pixels you have then wouldn't choose this model of phone.

        I think I am now an official blackberry convert. I think I now 'get' the blackberry thing.


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        • onepoll.co.uk / Internet Site / 50 Readings / 49 Ratings
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          24.05.2010 15:15
          Very helpful



          These little surveys only pay small amounts but all in all, it seems fair.

          Onepoll is a website where you partake in online surveys, for which you will receive a small cash payment. Onepoll collects survey data for the press, and unlike some of the other consumer based panels, it's interested in your opinion on a wide and general range of topics. Yesterday, I did a survey on how much food I will eat during a world cup game and today I did one about music festivals and whether I thought the people who camp there, should bother to get washed and changed or not.

          These short, simple and often fun little surveys only last a few minutes, for which you will usually be paid 5p or 10p per survey. It's free to join, and they give you a generous £2.50 sign up bonus, plus you get 50p for every friend you introduce.

          The Onepoll website is really easy to navigate, because the layout is so simple.It has big brightly coloured buttons on the main page, to take you to the most important places - like your balance, or a list of surveys that are available.

          I joined Onepoll about five weeks ago, and in that time I've been getting on average two or three surveys a day ( some days, I might get five or six and other days , none ) and my current balance is just over £7.

          It pays out in cash (paypal), but with a cashing out threshold of £40, I still have a way to go before I see any money. But, because these surveys are so short and sweet I am happy to go along with it. Plus, it's nice knowing that you have this little pot of cash slowly growing in the background - getting ready for that rainy day. I just have to hope that the surveys keep coming, and they don't pull a fast one and stop sending me surveys when I reach £39...but I doubt it.

          I discovered Onepoll whilst reading a review on the reputed Money Saving Expert website, which put Onepoll as one of the best survey sites out there.

          Here is the URL to join:

          Just bear in mind that you have to log on every day, to check what surveys might be waiting for you, because unlike other survey sites, they don't notify you by email when one comes available.


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            19.05.2010 17:24
            Very helpful



            If you like energy drinks you should definately try this one.

            Morrisons 'Source' Sugar Free is an energy drink supplied by Morrisons supermarkets. It is their own-brand of energy drink.

            It contains only 2 calories per 250ml, has no fat or saturates, and has a few different types of vitamin B added.

            It comes in a pale blue 250ml size can and has the word 'Source' in big red letters down the side of the can. They also do a full sugar version which comes in a dark blue can - so be careful to get the right one.

            It's a nice bright golden yellow colour and even though it's very difficult to describe the taste it's a kind of sweet and sour fruit berry taste. The other thing you will notice is its strong sweet smell, which for some, can be a little bit off-putting.

            This drink is what they call an energy drink and contains caffeine - about 75mg per 250ml can. Now that's quite a high amount of caffeine but it's not a VERY high amount like some people think. Just to compare - a cup off coffee can be anywhere between 50mg and 150mg.
            Having said that I wouldn't advise anybody drinking more that a few
            cans a day, because the caffeine could make you feel agitated or even unwell.

            I've been drinking energy drinks for as long as they have been around.
            Not only because they are really tasty and refreshing but because if I want to give myself a bit of a lift - they are a good alternative to a cup coffee, which I don't always have the time to have.

            For years I was an avid drinker of Red Bull, then one day I tried a can of Source and since then I haven't looked back. I've tried many different brands of energy drink but to me this is the best one so far.
            I suppose it's a matter of taste but I really do think this is a much better drink all round than Red Bull.

            Morrisons Source costs just 39p per can, and they usually do an offer where you can get 4 for £1. Red Bull can easily cost you three or four times that amount. So if you are a Red Bull drinker then you should definitely give this a try, and like me, you might even convert to 'Source' and kick yourself for not doing so sooner.


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              17.05.2010 15:33
              Very helpful



              As long as you don't expect too much - it's a good way to give your income a little boost.

              Lightspeed is a web based consumer opinion panel where members are paid small amounts of cash for completing online surveys.

              It's free to join and you can access the registration page with the following link:


              Once you register, it's best to complete all the 'profile surveys', these surveys are there to gather information about you, like personal details, marital status, what you do for a living, what kind of car you drive etc. Then with this information, Lightspeed will try and build up a picture of you and your lifestyle so they can send you surveys which are relevant to you - that's the idea anyway.

              Then after a few days you should start to receive emails which are invites to individual surveys, simply click the link in the email, log onto Lightspeed and off you go.

              At the beginning of the survey you will be asked a few 'filter' questions which are used to see if you qualify for the survey - like for example it might ask you whether you have been on holiday in the last 12 months because it wants to survey your opinions on that holiday. If you don't qualify then the survey will not go ahead and you will come away empty handed except for a few entries into one of their competitions.

              A typical survey will last 20 minutes and upon completion your account will be credited with Lightspeed points. You can expect to receive anywhere between 35 and 150 points per survey.

              Once your account reaches a certain amount of points, you visit the Lightspeed shop and convert your points into cash or high street store vouchers. For example 575 points is £5 cash (via paypal) or 750 points will get you a £5 store voucher.

              I have been a member of Lightspeed for about 5 weeks now and I have been completing about 3 or 4 surveys a week and earned myself £10.
              Now that's not a lot of money but if I keep plodding on and the surveys keep coming , then by Christmas I should have a nice little bit of extra spending money.

              There are hundreds if not thousands of paid survey sites on the net, some of which are good but most of which are rubbish - with unrealistic cashing out thresholds and infrequent or non existent survey invitations, and you should never pay to join a survey site! But Lightspeed does seems to be one of the good guys.


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                14.05.2010 14:36
                Very helpful



                If you want to relax after a stressful day then planting a few virtual cabbages might be for you.

                Farmville is an internet browser/flash game produced by a company
                called Zynga. You can access it from within Facebook, and its also available at www.farmville.com but you still need a Facebook account.

                In the game you are a farmer where you start with a small plot of land. The idea is that you work on this plot of land by ploughing, sowing seeds and harvesting crops which you earn money and points for. Then with the money you earn you visit 'the market' and buy more things to improve your farm, like animals, trees, vehicles or buildings like farmhouses, the list is pretty vast.The general idea is to create as good a farm as you can.

                Farmville has cartoon style graphics, great sound effects and an easy to use interface which all in all give this game a good feel. It's really easy to get into and in no time you are farming away, The only problem is, is that it sometimes takes a while to load up and the more complicated your farm becomes the slower the game performs.

                Farmville is initially one of the most addictive games you are every likely to play. After you visit the market to buy your seeds and then sow them, you have to wait a certain amount of time before they are fully grown and ready to harvest and depending on the type of seeds you buy this can take anywhere between 2 hours and 3 days of real time. And that's what makes it so addictive, because it very cleverly taps into that nurturing instinct we all have. For example if you bought some strawberry seeds which take 2 hours (real time) to grow, I guarantee you will be on your farm in 2 hours to see if they are ready, or lets say you planted some seeds which take 2 days to grow, nothing will stop you returning in two days time to bring your babies in.

                Let me tell you how addictive it is... when I first started playing, one day I was visiting a friend, and while we were chatting I was looking over her shoulder at the clock behind her because I knew that at 4pm my crop of Soya beans were going to be ready. Now that's sad! But true and I reckon that every other player has done something similar. It goes beyond addiction!

                It's not all about growing crops though - it's about making money and buying things to improve your farm. You can buy animals like pigs and sheep and you can buy all kinds of varieties of trees, all of which will earn you money after a set period of time, like for example after a few days the sheep will be ready for shearing so you make money per sheep that way, and the trees will yield fruit which you will harvest and make money.

                As the game progresses more things become available in the market, and after a while ( hundreds of hours ) you will have built yourself a wonderful farm, with well stocked animal pens, orchards and grand farmhouses. Eventually your farm will end up more like an estate by the time you are finished.

                Zynga games are designed to get your friends involved so you have the option of making your Facebook friends your farm neighbours and you can click on these neighbours and visit their farm, you get extra points and cash for doing this and it's also fun to see what kind of farm your mates have got. Believe me I have seen some fantastic farms where people have put some serious time into them.

                Now here, comes the catch, after you have spent many, many hours building your dream farm after harvesting tons of different varieties of fruit and vegetables etc, you suddenly hit this point where you realise there isn't much point in carrying on. Out of my thirteen farm neighbours ten or so farms have long been abandoned, fantastic farms just eerily deserted, with animals crying in their pens overlooking acres of rotting crops - it's a shame really.

                Whilst this game initially gets you hooked, I think Zynga failed to build something into the game to keep people interested, they seem to be relying on the fact that new and more interesting things gradually become available to buy from the market, but it's just not enough. And I have to admit that I only play these days to try and get a higher score than my remaining neighbours.

                But I am still going to recommend this game - if nothing else just for people to see what all the fuss is about. But I wouldn't recommend you spend an awful lot of time building up a great farm, because you might regret the time you spent.


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