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    • Freedom Fighters (Xbox) / Xbox Game / 20 Readings / 19 Ratings
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      25.10.2008 12:58
      Very helpful



      Freedom Fighters is a very enjoyable squad-based tactical shooter game

      Freedom Fighters is a 3rd person tactical squad-based shooter game developed by IO Interactive and published by Electronic Arts. The PC, XBox and ps2 versions of the game were all released in 2003. The game was a big success, receiving immense appreciation from gamers and critics alike. According to many gamers, Freedom Fighters is one of the most thrilling and enjoyable games in the tactical squad-based shooting genre. The reason why this game has attained this level of popularity is because this game has taken squad-based tactical combat and computer AI to a whole new level and surpasses many other 3rd person tactical shooters in gameplay, story and premise. Lets throw some light on this excellent squad-based shooter from IO Interactive and find out what makes this game so enjoyable.

      Story in brief - In-game, you play as Christopher Stone, an American plumber who works along with his brother Troy Stone. The game speaks about an alternate reality where the Soviet Union has invaded the United States. One day Chris and Troy recieve a call from Isabella Angelica for doing some plumbing work in her house. Isabella Angelica also happens to be an anti-communist leader who is aimed at spreading awareness among the people of United States regarding the Soviet threat. When you and Troy arrive at Isabella's house, you find her missing. After a few seconds, Soviet Union troops zero in. They were looking for her.You manage to escape but your brother Troy gets caught. And the Soviet invasion of United States becomes very prominent. Until this, it was an ordinary day for you but its now, that your life is going to change. You join the rebel organization 'Manhattan Resistance' led by Isabella Angelica, aimed at freeing United states from Soviet oppression. Initially you will start as a simple member of Isabella's rebel organization. But as you go on completing missions, you will start becoming more and more influential and finally become a popular leader of Manhattan Resistance. You will be operating from the rebel base that your group maintains in a secret location underneath into the sewers. Its from here that you will receive new missions and their corresponding briefings.

      The wonderful aspects of this game that you should note :

      1. Squad-based tactical shooter games (where you play missions with your own squad/team of personnels) have always suffered from a common set of glitches. And the most frustrating of them has been the AI of computer controlled players. You must have seen this a number of times while in squad-based combat, that when you rush towards your enemy for a kill, one of your squad members suddenly pops a grenade right infront of you. Although he intended to hurt the enemy but computer AI isn't smart enough to realise that that action will eventually hurt or kill you too. So like a fool, that npc tosses a grenade and you fall between the grenade and the enemy. If you have played a lot of squad-based tactical shooter games, you already know that there are lots of glitches like this where the stupid AI of your squad members spoils some part of the fun that squad-based co-operative combat offers. Freedom Fighters not only eliminates most of these glitches to a satisfactory extent but also takes the squad-based tactical combat to a whole new level. Your computer-controlled squad members act real smart in combat and you will be glad to have them. They wont do anything foolish that will cause inconvenience rather than ease and yet they will take an active part in the combat and you will definitely need them and enjoy their presence.You will also find it easy to control your squad members and more importantly you can do it in an efficient way. The gunfights themselves are awesome and packs a lot of fun. The AI of your enemies are not as sharp as your squad members but its still reasonable, realistic and good enough to make things challenging for you.

      2. The in-game gun fights are very very realistic and truly impressive. In only a very few other games, I have seen such realistic and thrilling gunfights. You can play with a variety of weapons from pistols to shotgun, assault rifle, sniper rifle, machine gun, sub-machine gun and rocket launcher. However you can carry only two weapons at a time - a primary weapon and a pistol. In addition to that you can also carry grenades, molotov cocktails, grenades, explosives, binoculars and health packs.

      3. The gameplay packs massive fun. Lets catch a few glimpses of it :

      a. In game, you will truly look like a freedom fighter. You will be operating from your group's rebel base located underneath into the sewers.
      b. The more missions you complete, the more influential you become and the more freedom fighters you can have under your command.
      c. This is not a mindless hack n slash game. While you are in combat with your 'intelligent' squad members supporting you, your strategy and sound planning will be the decisive factor in the battle.
      d. You can use the move, attack and defend commands on your squad mates in the heat of the battle.
      e. Earn charisma points by rescuing civilians, completing objectives and healing other freedom fighters. You can use your charisma points to become a more influential leader.

      4. The game has a wonderful learning curve.

      5. The in-game graphics is good. The characters have been modelled and textured well.

      6. The in-game music and sound contributes perfectly to the set up of the freedom movement.

      7. The story and in-game events will not only look interesting but will also inspire you to play the next level on and so on. The in-game cutscenes are another thing to watch. The cutscenes contribute perfectly to the atmosphere set up in the game and they are in one word excellent.

      However the replay value of the game isn't that much. When you will play the game for the first time, you will have a very enjoyable gaming experience. However after you have finished it, you would pretty much want to try other games like this. According to me, the multiplayer mode the game offers, is also nothing much to talk about. You will have most of the fun while playing in single player mode.


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        28.09.2008 14:43
        Very helpful
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        An enjoyable racing game but not "the perfect racing game"

        Test Drive Unlimited is a racing game developed by Eden Studios and published by Atari. As a new addition to one of the longest running racing franchises Test Drive, this game does bring some fresh ideas of gameplay that turns out to be exciting and enjoyable but also falls short in some areas. To be specific, I have a lot to appreciate about this game but also a bit to complain about. I will never call it "the perfect racing game" but I have to admit that this game packs enough fun and racing action to keep you playing for hours. Lets throw some light on this brand new racing game from Eden Studios. First I will discuss those aspects of this game that you will enjoy and appreciate.

        1. This game has lots of toys to play with. The good news for racing fans is that there are lots and lots of licensed sport cars (I think the total number of cars and bikes taken together exceeds 100) from brands like AC, Alfa Romeo, Ascari, Aston Martin, Audi, Cadillac, Caterham, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Edonis, Farboud, Ferrari, Ford, Jaguar, Koenigsegg, Lamborghini, Lexus, Lotus, Maserati, McLaren, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Noble, Pagani, RuF, Pontiac, Saleen, Shelby, Spyker, TVR, Volkswagen, Wiesmann and not just that, you also have bikes from Ducati, Kawasaki, MV Agusta and Triumph. The developers have done quite good work on this respect and deserve appreciation. The cars look exactly as they would in real life. In addition to that, you can also download new cars via Xbox Live. This only makes it more interesting.

        2. You will be playing the whole game on a landscape that has been modelled based on the Hawaiian island of Oahu and has miles and miles of racing tracks and a beautiful and vast landscape to explore. Portraying an existing location in the real world into a game adds realism to the game . But one thing which I should point out is that in some places you will notice differences between the real Oahu and the virtual Oahu modelled here. But its ok. I think it can never be a perfect replica.

        3. Everything you do in the single-player mode, you can do the same in the multi-player mode too. This is surely a strength of the game and something which racing game fans have been missing in many of the other racing games available in the market. In fact according to me, this is one of the biggest reasons as to why you should play this game.

        4. There is also ample fun in the multi-player mode where you can challenge another player anytime you want. Being able to do that is simply awesome. In addition to that you can create your custom challenges and also participate in the custom challenges of other players. The extent to which challenges can be customized is another enjoyable aspect of this game.

        5. You have a lot of things to do in-game. The game will offer lots of races and missions to you.

        Now if you remember, in the beginning of this review, I said that I also have a few things to complain about. Now lets throw light on those areas where the game falls short.

        1. The game actually lacks a story/plot.

        2. The delivery missions like delivering hitchhikers or models to their destinations can be boring at times and the game forces you to play these missions to earn in-game cash.

        3. The A.I. of computer controlled racers arn't that impressive and the 'cop-chase' part isn't that intense.

        But inspite of all such drawbacks, Test Drive Unlimited still stands out as an enjoyable racing game, definitely worth giving a try.


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          26.09.2008 19:57
          Very helpful
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          An awesome game but not suitable for everyone

          Condemned 2: Bloodshot is a horror, action, adventure game developed by Monolith Productions and published by Sega. Before I begin my review , I think I should make one thing clear right from the beginning. If you are a soft-hearted person or if you are a kid, then this game is not for you. This game is NOT for softies or kids. This is a scary game which has immense use of gore, blood and brutal violence to an extent you wont imagine unless you play the game yourself. The ruthless brutality in which you will kill or better to say 'squash' your enemies will even give you a chill. Yes you just wont kill people here, but barber them like banging their heads into a spike wall, TV...., shoving their heads into a drilling press machine and tearing the head off etc. But if you are the kind of person who loves this style of gaming, well then this unique horror game has lots of entertainment to offer you. But one thing needs to be said here. This game doesn't rely just on the gore element to measure up as a great game but in fact there are more than one reasons, as to why lots of gamers have simply adored it and have reported a wonderful gaming experience. The reason is simple. Condemned 2: Bloodshot in its own right is simply an awesome game. Even people who would avoid playing this game due to the extreme gore and violence wont be able to deny its credibility. Lets see what makes this game so special :

          1. I personally think Bloodshot has improved upon the first release namely "Condemned: Criminal Origins" in a number of areas. One of them is the melee-oriented combat which in bloodshot is wonderful and realistic. The types of combat that the game allows :

          a. Bare hand-to-hand combat (in Bloodshot you can use both your fists)
          b. Melee weapon combat
          c. Use of firearms (both ranged and short-ranged)
          d. Combat using bunch of some fresh carnage tools like
          saws, lollipops, deer antlers, medieval swords, paper cutter blades etc.

          In bare hand-to-hand combat you also have powerful combo attacks and special finishing moves which are very effective.
          But the most notable of all, you can use the environment around you to aid your carnage and brutally squash your enemies like dragging them to a washing machine and pushing their heads in, banging their heads into a TV screen, tossing them into the flames of an inferno and in several other brutal ways.

          2. Condemned 2: Bloodshot has also improved on the game's forensic investigation part compared to its predecessor and infact made it more challenging and interesting.

          3. Another thing to talk about Bloodshot is the atmosphere that is maintained throughout the game. The game offers a grim and nail-biting atmosphere with nasty surprises time and often.

          4. The AI of computer controlled players is quite good and tricky which contributes to challenging fights.

          5. The in-game graphics is simply awesome and fits perfectly with the atmosphere.

          6. The in-game music and sound are truly noteworthy and one of the multiple assets of this game. So is the wonderful voice-acting.

          However the multi-player mode of the game doesn't appeal as much as the single-player mode.


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            24.09.2008 20:44
            Very helpful



            A must-have for every RPG fan

            Elder Scrolls III Morrowind is a role-playing game developed by Bethesda Softworks and was originally released in the year 2002. Two other expansion packs were released by the name of Tribunal and Bloodmoon. And all of the three releases were eventually re-packaged into Elder Scrolls III Morrowind (Game of the Year Edition) and released in 2003. Soon after the game was originally released in 2002, it was a smash hit among gamers and won more than 60 awards including Game of the Year. Enough of history. Now you must be wondering that what's so special about this game that it was such a hit. Well lets throw some light on this magnificent role-playing game from Bethesda Softworks.

            Elder Scrolls III Morrowind was well-received among gamers for several reasons. Firstly one common thing you will notice in most action games is that you are always bound by a set of pre-defined objectives that you have to complete while playing the game. In every action game, you are always working for someone or for achieving something. The goal has been defined and your path has been chosen even before you actually start playing the game. And you are not allowed to walk away from that chosen path or walk out from your objectives anytime when you are inside the game. In other words you have the 'lisense to kill' but you don't have the freedom to do things your way. Elder Scrolls III Morrowind is a game that has broken this very rule in every proportions. Its a game where you can truly play in a free-form style. How you can do that? Lets see what this game allows you to do as a player :

            1. You will decide how you will play the game.
            2. You will choose your name and gender.
            3. You will choose your race. The available races are :

            a. Argonian
            b. Breton
            c. Dark Elf
            d. High Elf
            e. Imperial
            f. Khajiit
            g. Nord
            h. Orc
            i. Redguard
            j. Wood Elf

            Each race will have its own attribute base points, skill bonuses and specials. So you will choose the race that fits your choice.

            4. You will choose your looks, facecut, hairstyle
            5. You will choose your birth sign
            6. You will choose your own character class i.e., what you will be. You can be any of the following :

            a. Acrobat
            b. Agent
            c. Archer
            d. Assasin
            e. Barbarian
            f. Bard
            g. Battlemage
            h. Crusader
            i. Healer
            j. Knight
            k. Mage
            l. Monk
            m. Nightblade
            n. Pilgrim
            o. Rougue
            p. Scout
            q. Sorcerer
            r. Spellsword
            s. Thief
            t. Warrior
            u. Witchhunter

            Although there's a main quest in the game but you can deffer from it and play free-form or play side-quests as you choose. There's no obligation. Be a glorious Knight or be a notorious criminal. No one will direct you. You are your own guide. Kill, save lives, quest, roam, explore, steal, fight, join guilds... do everything you want to do. Go anywhere, do anything! Inside the game you are an inhabitant of the world of Morrowind. You are a free character who has his/her own free will and rights.

            The world of Morrowind is a big big world. The game has loads of maps and each map is unique and carefully designed. No two maps will look similar. And one good thing is, none of the maps are locked for you even when you just start playing the game. As I said, you can go anywhere. A huge world is left open to you to roam, travel, explore.... nothing short of an adventure. At any place you go, you will find lots of other characters around you. You can interact with them for valuable information. Characters who are from your race will like you more. There are lots of places (like caves where you may find other characters and sub-quests) to uncover and lots of strange creatures to encounter in different places. Travel to new places, interact with lots of characters, visit places of interests, shops, buy/sell new weapons, magical scrolls, commodities (like clothes, food etc). You visit a shop and suppose you like a dress,..... well simply buy it and put it on. You find it expensive? Ok fine, then kill the dealer and rob it!!!! But be careful, the local guards (the lawkeepers) may chase you. You just wont believe how endless your possibilities are unless you play the game yourself.

            By reading so much (thanks for the patience) you must have got some idea why this game is so different. Thats the prime reason why this game was a smash hit. The free-form gameplay ensures a high replay value for this game. The graphics is quite good (based on the time the game was released). The in-game music and sound is noteworthy. This game is a must-have for RPG fans who havn't tried it yet. A unique gaming experience is guranteed.


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          • F.E.A.R. (PC) / PC Game / 13 Readings / 12 Ratings
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            23.09.2008 21:21
            Very helpful



            The F.E.A.R. factor turns out to be successful

            F.E.A.R. or First Encounter Assault Recon is a first -person shooter game from Vivendi Universal Games and developer Monolith. These days a new group of gamers have emerged who prefer adventure, strategy and other kinds of games over first-person and third-person shooters. But F.E.A.R. is a FPS that has even grabbed their attention. Whats so special in this game? Lets throw some light on this creepy first person shooter from Monolith. If you love shooters, then you must have enjoyed playing a lot of first-person shooters where shooting down enemies with severe firepower is a lot of fun. But have you ever been scared by an FPS to the point that even with powerful guns in your hands you are shaking and feeling uneasy at everything thats happening around you? Well, F.E.A.R. will do just that to you. F.E.A.R. will test you how you perform when you are scared. This is one of the prime factors as to why F.E.A.R. has had such success as a First Person shooter. Following are the reasons you should buy this game :

            1. Be prepared to be scared. Its not just about shooting your enemies. The problem is more complicated with every few minutes some creepy thing happening around you as if something is constantly playing with your mind and you are the only one to find a solution to all this. It is this scare factor that makes this game so unique. Its not that there will be terrifying monsters or mythical beasts lurking around. But the atmosphere is so creepy and out of normal.... that it will rouse the fear factor in you. You are all alone by yourself with your trusted guns and put to investigate something you have the least idea about. Strange things will happen around you. As you progress, things will look more and more creepy and abnormal. You will feel lonely, separated and your mind will shiver, question and re-question at the sights you will be seeing in the game. Although everything will look normal you will always sense like 'Something isn't right here' while you are inside the game. The atmosphere has been manipulated so well that F.E.A.R. is undoubtedly one of the most intense atmospheric FPS available in the market

            2. Another notable feature of F.E.A.R. is the gunfights. I think the gunfights are more realistic than in any other shooter. The sound of guns firing is awesome. The damage is realistic. The smoke and dust looks perfect.

            3. Any review about F.E.A.R. will be incomplete if I miss out the graphics. The graphics is simply awesome. The light-effects and shadows are truly life-like and realistic. And everything contributes perfectly to the creepy atmosphere of the game.

            4. You will have a great multiplayer gaming experience while playing this game in multiplayer mode. Forget about the cheaters. These days they mess everywhere.

            5. This game has got an intriguing story to keep you going. Ofcourse the replay value of the game will vary among different gamers.


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            23.09.2008 11:13
            Very helpful


            • Reliability


            A high-end super performer, yet cost-effective

            The reason why some people have always preferred AMD over Intel processors is that AMD processors have always been cost-effective. As pointed out by a Ciao member Mohit "You pay only for the technology you want to use". Think about an Intel processor. When you buy a fast Intel processor then other than the basic processor package, you are also paying for the loads of inbuilt Intel technologies that comes along with it. Now the big question is how much of those technologies will you be seriously using? Now according to me thats the advantage of AMD over Intel. Anyway lets not talk about an Intel, AMD comparison. Lets talk about the latest AMD Black Edition AMD Phenom X4 9850 2.5 Ghz processor quad-Core.

            'A high-end super performer, yet cost-effective' will be the perfect way to summarize the whole story. Characterized by sheer raw processing power, it may perform beyond your expectations in multi-tasking and once you use it, you will definitely feel the High performance boost. Furthermore AMD has corrected the BIOS Patch erratum that was discovered in the first generation of AMD quad core processors and the current processor is way better than its first generation brothers. Another striking feature of this processor is the flexibility in overclocking (according to me better than the latest Intel quad core processors). However if you are to decide on pure processing speed, then the AMD Phenom X4 9850 isnt your first choice. Intel Core 2 Quad core Q6600 and QX6700 are still the fastest processors in the market today. But the AMD Phenom X4 9850 stands justs close behind and the speed difference is small and can only be confirmed by benchmark tests.
            You may want to prefer the AMD Phenom X4 9850 over Intel Core 2 Quad core Q6600 for two reasons :

            1. Firstly the latest Intel Quad core QX6700 processor may skip out of your budget while the latest AMD Phenom X4 9850 may stick to, and still deliver the jaw-dropping processing speed that Intel Quad core users boast off.

            2. The AMD Phenom X4 9850 can be a good option for hardcore gamers.


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            23.09.2008 02:14
            Very helpful
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            • Reliability


            First decide, how will you use your PC. Then if you like it, go buy it. Its worth your money

            If you are ready to invest some pretty good cash then Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 can be a dream processor for you of course unless you are a hardcore gamer and gaming is the prime usage of your PC. Only a hardcore gamer will dare to ignore this miracle product from Intel. Lets get this straight. According to me the introduction of Intel Core 2 Duo and Intel Core 2 Quad processors has given Intel a definite lead in the race between Intel and AMD. I think that Intel Core 2 Quad QX6700 and Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 are the fastest processors in the market today and they even surpass the AMD 5400x2 processor in quite a number of areas. So lets examine this new beauty from Intel. With the Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 processor you get 4 executing cores with Intel's new Core micro architecture that takes multi-threading to the extreme. Without a shadow of doubt, this processor is built for fast computing. If you do a lot of multimedia tasks, encoding, rendering and want to run a lot of threaded applications, then look no further because in that case this processor is your number one choice at present.. Lets have a through look at it :

            Processor name : Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
            No of cores : 4
            CPU Socket type : LGA 775
            Cache Memory : 8mb L2, (Advanced smart) (No L3 cache)
            Clock speed : 2.4 GHz
            Front Side Bus : 1066 MHz
            Max. power : 105 W
            Hyper Threading support : No (Actually not needed. This feature in Pentium 4 and Pentium D processors has been replaced by the Intel's new core Micro Architecture)
            MMX support : Yes
            SSE support : Yes
            SSE2 support : Yes
            SSE3 support : Yes
            X86-64 support : Yes
            XD-bit support : Yes
            Warranty : 3 yrs (limited)
            You also get access to built in Intel technologies like :

            Intel Wide Dynamic Execution
            Intel Intelligent Power Capability
            Intel Virtualization Technology
            Dual Intel Dynamic Acceleration technology
            Intel Smart Memory Access
            Larger Intel Advanced Smart Cache
            Intel Advanced Digital Media Boost
            So there you go. A super fast processor for people who like fast computing. While running threaded applications, rendering, sampling videos, performing several multimedia tasks, the performance will simply be jaw-dropping.

            Now another thing to point out. I am not saying that Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 is a bad choice for gamers. Actually its ok for gaming but the fact is that I feel this processor wasn't built for gaming. A hardcore gamer would prefer Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 or E6700 because he/she will feel that spending the extra money wont help his/her gaming experience too much. This processor was actually built for people who don't care too much about gaming (or who are normal gamers, not hardcore ones) and who love to experience high end processor performance which will give them the lead in modern day computing by sheer raw processing power. This processor is a beast so far as processing power and multi-threading is concerned and sets new standards for the other processors in the market . And once you start using it, you will definitely feel the difference.
            But about gamers...... who are happy with playing games as their primary usage of their PCs.. you can be happy with your E6600 or E6700.


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            • Crysis (PC) / PC Game / 5 Readings / 4 Ratings
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              23.09.2008 02:07
              Very helpful



              Revolutionery graphics but cant say the same for the game story

              Crysis is definitely the next generation game by CryTek so far as visual looks and in-game graphics is concerned. Never ever in the past have gamers come across a video game, so visually stunning and which boasts to offer one of the best if not the best graphics available in the market today. Its definitely true that graphics has a significant role to play in the making of a good game. However graphics isn't all that makes a great game. There are several other factors that come to play like Gameplay, Storyline, Non-linearity, Replay value etc. So far as gameplay is concerned, its quite innovative too and you would enjoy it a lot if you like tactical combat style games. However one has to admit that the game could have done much much better did it have something fresh in its storyline. It has been quite some time that gamers are fighting against aliens. The game is pretty short too and will leave you wanting for more. Maybe that comes at the cost of the 'next-gen' graphics, the game offers. The game also doesn't have much of a replay value. When playing for the first time, you would simply love it but once the fun is over, you won't find much interest in doing it over again. But to sum up, Crysis is a great game, worth giving a try. You will surely have an altogether different gaming experience than you ever had before. Thats guaranteed.


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            • Nokia 1110 / Mobile Phone / 10 Readings / 9 Ratings
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              23.09.2008 01:59
              Very helpful
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              Nokia 1110 doesn't do everything that cell phones of today can do but what it does, it does with per

              If you are looking for a basic cell phone that can do all the basic tasks and if you don't care about color screens,cell cameras, mp3 songs, video recording, bluetooth etc, then this is definitely the cell for you and in fact it is the best in its kind. Designed to perform just the fundamental tasks a cell phone is required to carry out, this exceptional package also provides you the maximum you can get from a basic black and white screen cell phone of its kind. Some of the striking features are its toughness (this cell is built for resisting), simple but effective design, changeable cover along with keypad and screen..,easy installation of sim card, exceptional battery backup, useful and efficient software and ease of use. I myself use this cell phone and trust me its so easy to use that just one look at the Demo and even a child will get it. With it you can do the following :

              1. Create, send, store messages (918 characters at max). There are also some picture messages that you can send to your pals like birthday cake, I love you etc......
              2. Search, add, store, manage, copy and delete contacts, make and receive calls, .....You also have speed dials...
              3. Complete log of incoming calls/messages and outgoing calls/messages, missed calls, dialed numbers, received calls.....
              4. The cell comes with some wonderful mp3 quality ring tones. you can also create your own tone using Composer or download tones from your service provider. (Headsets and loopsets can be used with this phone). You also get the loudspeaker feature.
              5. Efficient profile management. choose your profile from "loud" to "silent" or make your own custom profile.
              6. You have the Alarm clock (can choose your own alarm tone or create one), Speaking clock (this one is special to this phone)
              7. Create personal reminders (and choose their tones)
              8. Play Pocket Carrom, Dice or Snake Xenzia at different game levels
              9. In addition you have Calculator, Converter, Timer, Stopwatch, Composer and some screensavers too.
              Being tough, efficient and easy to use and in addition backed by the customer support of Nokia, this cell phone is an excellent choice. And all this comes at a reasonable price.

              To summarize, Nokia 1110 doesn't do everything that cell phones of today can do but what it does, it does with perfection.


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