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    • Avatar (DVD) / DVD / 19 Readings / 14 Ratings
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      28.09.2011 09:48
      Very helpful



      cripple feels free of disabilities on a new world to create his own new life

      Be the films are Westerns, Cowboy, Musical, Thrillers, Romance or Love movies
      I watch the heroes of all these movies like they are my avatars, that is the
      taste and enjoyment of a viewer.

      Now 2009 AVATAR has this new planet PANDORA, colonized by humans and the local Navi
      population are as backwards as the politicians in my country (LOL) They use arrows
      and worship the tree of all spirits (Eva).

      Well it is independence for a paralyzed marine to experience life and body with
      full limbs (Jake Sully) Sam Worthington, or the people of Neytiri (Zoe Saldana)
      Mr.James Cameron names the Ore abundant in Pandora (Unobtonium) There is greed
      for more money everywhere be it presidents, ministers or the common man on the
      streets, I myself have the greed for money.

      Stephen Lang (Colonel Quaritch) just see the weakness of people around him and
      the his own strength which makes him say : lets finish the mission get back to
      base for dinner.

      All this is not the excitement or the beauty of this film, the beauty of this film
      is the LINK box connecting you to the avatar (Jake Sully's brothers Avatar) and
      explore a whole new world and experience the life of primitive people, it will
      definitely propel anyone to defend the loveable underdogs.

      The film definitely makes you feel like hallucinating+World of Make believe+
      psychedelic bird rides, these are things everyone of us might have fantasized
      in his life once or twice.

      The struggle for liberation of Navi people reminds us about the fables of
      Moses, Daniel, Joseph, David and the over throw of mighty cruel foes and all
      this with strong belief in being right and only weapon is determination.

      This films joins you with the mind blowing scenic environs, animated floating
      islands and crazy dragon bird rides or twin fans copter rides with presence
      of SIGNOURNEY WEAVER will always transport you to ALIEN worlds, we do not
      associate SIGOURNEY WEAVER with life on EARTH. She has become an Icon for space.

      AVATAR 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 can be a subject of many meaningful films each new exotic
      actor doing things thru his avatar in a every time new blue, green, red, yellow,
      brown planet, suppose a new AVATAR is just like Mr. Anna Hazare visiting a
      world of corrupt politicians and battle to uproot it will make another exciting
      film. We can show a new world and show anything and everything without
      any fear of repercussion as it will all fit into fiction.

      NEW AVATARS can be shown in new pandoras fighting EVILS of earth on other planets
      give us many stories of Adventure, Romance, Whodunit, Action, Spirituality and
      there are many stories untold, now they can be safely told on many other pandoras.

      Bring the Link Room on...............

      Yo! James Cameron is a creative genius, we need more !!!!


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      • The Aviator (DVD) / DVD / 15 Readings / 15 Ratings
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        19.11.2009 09:32
        Very helpful



        Howard Hughes had a dream !!!

        Pan Am & TWA fight it out !

        A movie by Martin Scorsese

        If I call this movie super in acting by Leonardo DiCaprio, or history of independent film making without sponsorship of big studios or, fight for the air routes of the world and America.

        All these elements could have made it a super hit movie, if a few spices like that of slum dog were added. Whatever the heading under which a movie is made, never forget the entertainment element. Why show us the Howard Hughes had obsession to wash hands, this is not entertainment.

        I love the line said by Katherine Hepburn (Cate Blanchette) Don't let the press in, they will always want in, but if you let them in, they will make us look like freaks, it is so true of our press today, even look at this film, a part of mass communication, it dwell more on hand washing sequences than the fight between PAN AM & TWA, this fight would have added the best spice to this film.

        You had Alec Baldwin playing (Juan Trippe) he did it ably but that fight was side kick to the main spicy issues of this film. Imagine TWA striving to make a SUPER Carrier with the help of LOCKHEED and PAN AM challenging its operation with bribing Senator and establishing a investigative senate committee.

        I love history and I loved knowing that at the time of Howard Hughes, there were few movie cameras available to film, Hell's Angels, I loved the controversy about OUTLAW film, also I loved the tussle to CARVE out air routes by pioneer travel business makers, the daring flight across the world by pilot and owner Mr. Howard Hughes are so trend setting events
        that, actually we are reaping benefits from the things these people made, created, evolved.

        So a person with this much achievements, in fact he is a pioneer in HOLLYWOOD itself but so many frames were devoted to his hiding in bathrooms, to hiding from people to not see him washing his hands are useless information which will not benefit a viewer nor entertain him
        I mean guys seriously, what do I care if the person who invented Jet Engines used to sleep naked or never shaved his under arms. We are benefiting from the research of Mr. Howard Huges investments into building super carriers and making Aircrafts faster than what he
        had. Who can deny that his finds were very beautiful, Rita Hayworth etc., So you see gentlemen, we must never cease to look the good before the bad to put things in proper light.

        Surviving 2 air crashes in 1 life time. I shudder at the thought of crash, He did it. There is a dream like sequence where Howard Hughes is shown as a kid and he is saying to his mother I will make the biggest expensive movie, I will fly the fastest plane and be rich.

        Probably that was spur of his life, probably those words used to ring in his head always even when he was facing senator Brewster (Alan Alda) I love the system where a senator becomes the head of a hearing committee, and confirms that he has taken bribes from Pan Am and also confirms feebly that he as part of government is actually forcing shift of
        TWA ownership to PAN AM. Why is there no accountability to law makers themselves ????

        Cate Blanchette (Katherine Hepburn) played this very exquisitely, I loved AVA GARDNER in real life, no one can bring her glamour to the screen, Gwen Stefani (Jean Harlow) also looked good.

        Before I end this review let me tell you,,,

        Yo!! people of the old had spirit and guts !!!


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      • Slumdog Millionaire (DVD) / DVD / 24 Readings / 21 Ratings
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        21.02.2009 07:41
        Very helpful



        a UNIQUE story told around the thread of TV show, binding so many events and lives in India.

        Yo! This story is well Quilted !!

        Have you seen a quilted story before ?
        Did you know, stories can be weaved ?

        Well our Directors Danny Boyle / Loveleen Tandan are masters in this art of weaving a story, The main thread around which
        our story is weaved is the TV show, "Who wants to be a Millionaire".
        I have never seen such exquisitely woven story, You can compare the weaving with PASCHMINA Shawls.

        This is an intense story "SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE" So you have guessed the main hero is participating in a TV
        show, this is not about India, nor about POOR people, this story is about guts, this story is about surviving the odds, this
        story is about HEART.

        In this story you will see a kid/boy/man struggle to do the bidding of his heart , Jamal Malik (Dev Patel). loves Latika
        (Freida Pinto) it is the story of people trusting each other, no matter what the odds might be. While participating
        in TV Show, whose host is played by (Anil Kapoor) Prem Kumar. This show is connecting us to full life story of Jamal and
        his brother Salim, they used to live in slums and near Taj Mahal and their life along with Latika.

        Can you imagine the questions of the Game show relate to : Life times, Love times, Hard times, Orphan times !!!

        This unique treatment of story is the main entertainment, believe me I have seen many films, no director yet came anyway
        near to this story treatment, this is once in a long time movie, story telling has never been so lovely.

        There is the mention of beautiful Sanchita Choudhary, very small role, there are other small roles in this film, but you can
        touch and feel each character completely thru the quilts of this movie. There is nothing in this film too real, all along the
        story you keep feeling this is just entertainment.

        Your thoughts do not reflect anywhere during the story on real life, this is what is endearing about our movie. There are
        no gory marks left on your psychology about anything except satiated entertainment. As with good story tellers you still
        retain the thought that you have seen or heard a story.

        This is super fast paced movie, you will not guess what will come next, no predictability hence involving, one sad thing
        about this film is Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail (kid salim) the actor is being harassed by a real police inspector so much
        that the mother had to fled from her home, this is what I read in newspapers.

        I wont tell you how was the acting of Irfan khan and other people, what I tell instead AR Rahman music kept the mood of this
        film running and there are few beautiful chants of JAI HO all along the film with a good rap song, I request with this review
        OSCAR judges to be just with this film, this is a UNIQUE story treatment and UNIQUE film, never done before. Bring home
        the OSCARS, AR Rahman.

        Yo! new heights in story telling are achieved thru this film !!!!


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        • Major League [1989] (DVD) / DVD / 20 Readings / 16 Ratings
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          17.01.2009 11:50
          Very helpful



          from Hall of Shame to Hall of Fame

          Hall of Shame to H.O.Fame !!!

          How does a TEAM, reach such halls, why does a committee or owner or individual impose his/her will over the team. Self prestige, ego whatever
          RESOLVE to defeat duplicate goals and resolve to ignore the self and perform with the team is important in every TEAM games in our world.

          To me any individual or a group calling itself UNIQUE or different from others is actually aiming to exploit everyone around us. They are the
          Manipulators of all, beware of UNIQUE people, they dont gel and they dont mix. Here in our film MAJOR LEAGUE it is very interesting to watch, the formation of a
          Team and its evolution.

          I love Hollywood for its treatment of movie story, every scene takes you along, every frame makes you move with the story a bunch of players some veterans and some
          with potential are gathered to form a team.

          The film starts and every individual asserts his individuality, until the crunch times when they learn that their owner actually expected them to finish last in the league
          with that news released by the COACH and relayed to the whole team, they stop being a bunch and gel as a team, it is true everywhere, when we go to a new
          place we are most eager to establish our individuality when we learn about weakness in others than we start relaxing and start to show our weakness to others.

          Charlie Sheen (Rick Vaughn)
          Tom Berenger (Jake Taylor )
          Corbin Bernsen ( Roger Dorn)
          Dennis Haysbert (Pedro Cerrano)
          James Gammon (Lou Brown )
          Rene Russo (Lynn wells)
          Wesley Snipes ( Willie Mays Hayes)
          Margaret Whitton ( Rachel Phelps)

          You must see this movie to see the potential displayed by actors like Rene Russo, Wesley Snipes, they were junior actors those days but you can see what they
          had and how they used it and where they reached today, because of their full heart put in roles like these. The plot is filled with very funny predictable dialogues
          but immensely enjoyable. The team is called "Cleveland Indian" the game is baseball, this movie is full of on field humor, off field humor and small tasty bits
          and pieces edited together to form a very enjoyable 1 or so of entertainment.

          In one scene Dennis Haysbert (he believe in Voodoo rituals) demands a full chicken before the match for his RITUAL, they give him Kentucky fried full chicken. Is that
          funny or what ? Wesley Snipes hits high shots with his bat always, during training the coach demands that he give 20 pushups for every shot which goes up. He hits
          such a shot during a match and straight away starts doing his 20 push ups on the pitch !!

          You have people asking for autographs from Ricky Vaughn (Wild Thing) and his team mate saying, I did not knew you had fans, then Ricky Vaughan asks his fan
          why are you asking for my autograph, the fan says for being listed in the HALL OF SHAME list for the first time.

          I tell you guys in spite of being very predictable, this is very enjoyable movie, one small romance is also there in this movie between Tom Berenger with his ex-wife
          Rene Russo (Lynn Wells) she looked so fresh and very loveable, I am always a fan of her, but in this movie he had the freshness to give you more reason for becoming
          her fan. The romance with the ex-wife and the support of buddies and sympathy for their team mate to get back his wife was also enjoyable.

          Will you believe me, I wished while seeing this movie, someone in Hollywood must make a tasteful movie with Nasir Hussain as one of the cast and plot it to include
          the ashes series of Lillie, border and botham. That will do good business in India, Canada, Usa and many other parts of the world. Romance is a must for any film.

          Yo! dont forget cricket is good business as well, a very decent game too !!!!!


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          • Showtime (DVD) / DVD / 21 Readings / 19 Ratings
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            14.04.2008 07:59
            Very helpful



            reality tv show recruits 2 cops for their show, one is willing and the other unwilling infront lens

            Superstars and flops don't mix

            Why tone down perfect plot, perfect talents into a not so hot film.

            Elementary dear Watson ! hits do not always balance sheets/cheats accounts. We need red ink too in account books, all blue entries are not a sign of healthy successful studios and business. The bigger the talents working the greater the scope of loss generation for account books.

            I am no Sherlock Holmes, unlike Holmes my theories are wrong, so do not pay much heed. I will better write the review as is expected of me, so here we go :-

            Director : Tom Dey had the easiest job to direct Robert Di Niro, Eddie Murphy, Rene Russo, these actors are a dream job for any director, you don't get bigger talents than these guys in Hollywood.

            THE PLOT
            A professional detective Mitch Preston(Di Niro) a wanna be TOP COP Trey Sellers (Eddie Murphy) a TV network executive (Chase Renzi) Rene Russo, she smells success from 9 o clock news.

            The sequence of events which introduce us to the 3 characters are as follows :-
            Mitch dressed like a drug dealer buy cola, empties the liquid near car tire and conceals his gun inside the cola paper cup.

            Same grocery store Officer Trey Sellers is taking a breather from duty on streets, he is playing a video game : SHOOT THE BAD GUY, trey gets a glimpse of Mitch's gun belt and watches him throw the cola, Trey becomes suspicious, he is already pumped up with the hits he scored on his video game, he follows Mitch and radios for back up.

            Inside the drugs den some beautiful scenes take place between ReRun(T.J.Cross) Ray (Nestor Serrano) a shoot out starts with Mitch and his partner detective gets shot, injured partner bleeding the news crew arrive and starts filming the injured detective, Mitch says somebody call an ambulance and asks the camera man : you don't have a right to be here, Camera Man replies, I have every right to film what I want and be where I want to be. The escape of drug dealers, injury to the
            partner and to top it all, Officer Trey Sellers attempt to arrest Detective Mitch. All these blows away Mitch and he shoots the camera shut.

            The camera shooting incident makes 9 o clock news, this incident gives Rene Russo an Idea to raise the falling TRP of their failing reality TV show : SHOWTIME, she takes Okay from ping pong playing network owner and threatens police department with costly lawsuit, if Mitch Preston agree to act
            act in the Showtime, the network will drop lawsuit that is the deal.

            Now this TV show news reaches TOP COP ears officer Trey, he has a diploma in acting before joining police force, he sees a opportunity to be an actor and cop both at the same time, so he arranges purse snatching of Rene Russo and chases the purse snatcher and over powers him and returns the purse back. This goofy acting impress Rene Russo so much that she suggest Officer Trey Sellers as a partner to Mitch Preston in SHOWTIME.

            MY FEEL
            Top Cop Trey Sellers and Detective Mitch Preston are opposite poles, how will they cooperate during Showtime filmings. I have already given you the basic feel, there are some funny moments when these 2 cops face cameras some are hidden and some are following them around. Sinister villain Pedro Damian (Caesar Vargas) is also watch able, the prodding of Chase Renzi mix well with the already tense partnership.

            The story is almost believable and there are laugh moments with William Shatner, Eddie Murphy and even Robert Di Niro, but there is no romance.

            THE CONCLUSION
            With so much of ammo and best acting talent, good story, very bad, bad guys, this film still leaves a taste of plastic in the mouth. It seems everyone was working to block out the likeability of this film intentionally. This still gives credibility to the rumor about balance sheets/cheats.

            By the way there is a cameo in this movie by Di Niro daughter Drena Di Niro. Overall rating for this film is not bad not good.

            Yo! deliberate toning down the likeability of movie magic !!


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            • Someone Like You (DVD) / DVD / 15 Readings / 13 Ratings
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              13.04.2008 11:13
              Very helpful



              people fall in love and out of it, but there is always pain and play mixed in life each moment.

              SOMEONE LIKE YOU.

              At the start itself I am gonna let you know, Ashley Judd looks hot! when she is in tears, her eyes radiate extra light with tear drops in them, there are many times Ashley cried in our
              movie, with her crying so many times, thats a gurantee I like this movie after getting ditched by her guy, she becomes wise, but who will ditch a girl like Ashley Judd.

              The movie has abundance of romantic moments, it starts with romance in the air, Greg Kinnear (Ray Brown) joins the studio where Ashley Judd works as production assistant. This studio
              produces a regular talk show, this film is not about the show itself, but the people who work there and what all relationships evolve in a studio atmosphere.

              Ellen Barkin (Diane Roberts) is the host and producer of this show, she is a liberated women and looks for model guests and challenging topics for women's empowerment, one time she likes the write up in a magazine, she puts her staff to track the writer and plans to bring her as guest.

              HUGH JACKMAN : He is the man with the wings in X-MEN, here he is a engineer of some sort in the studio, we never see him doing work, we see him always around Ashley Judd, talking to her, teasing her etc., Jane Goodale (Ashley Judd) says about him Eddi makes every topic sound like sex topic. Hugh Jackman looked handsome and very much human in someone like you. It was a shocker to see him without wings for the first time, we are exposed to so much promotion of X-MEN, it was a good change to see this actor in a different role and it was a enjoyable role too.

              Ashley Judd (Jane Goodale) falls for Greg Kinnear (Ray Brown) and fall out, this falling in and out is the greater part of the movie mixing with the part of Eddie, how Jane and Eddie become
              room mates and why Eddie has not repaired door of his guest room are small bits and bytes which make you love this movie, it is very light, my review is making it sound serious, but it is
              all the way laced with humor. I will give details about that later. Clean laughs, eye candy both for guys/gals and very predictable plot, the fun is not that you know what is going to happen
              next, but the fun is you are eager to see the reactions of the things you expect on the faces of Hugh Jackman and Ashley Judd, we are happy to see the emotions on the faces we like.

              We have SABINE SINGH again here with very small role, she looked again delicious, Ashley Judd stealing glances all the time looked too much attractive, her way of rotating head in full circle
              was fun to watch, this is the first film which made me become fan of Ashley Judd. I took good notice of HUGH JACKMAN too, he stands out in this film and also the role he plays is full of
              light moments and some romance, he crashed his wings image with a romantic guy fully well. There is not sprouting of wings when ever he gets angry. It is all likeable and the pace is good too.

              Ellen Barkin even though middle aged I guess, looked super with her MEN'S shirt sliding down over her shoulder and that is the dress she wears to her office. I dare any of us to do it in
              India, she potrayed very well the happy face of a women when her love life comes back on right track. Even Greg Kinnear looked a undecided male very well, he looked a bit anemic but the role
              demanded that look from him, there are some happy moments all around.

              Other actress is Marisa Tomei (Liz) played a friend of Jane and they both looked like real life friends, the chemistry between Ashley and Marisa was too good, they were the shoulders for each other in sharing the stories of love and hate.

              COWS IN THIS FILM
              Can you imagine, cows are a prop used in this film to make all of us laugh, they are there from the beginning and they come from time to time parading to make us giggle and laugh. Cows are
              used very creatively by the director to bring light moments in this romantic film. The subject of Cows and Bulls is quiet funny and hilariously dealt in details here.

              FINAL CLOSING
              A happy movie can watch anytime and any season of the year, clean also without any F*** word or other vulgar words so common these days, even films dealing with presidents and high army officers are given vulgar dialogues for the shock value. Here it is prominent because of its absence. I specially enjoyed the scene where JANE says I felt happy and good during the affair.

              This dialogue reinforces my beliefs. I respect a thing when it makes me happy and which excites me. I dont let the world, friends, relatives, associates dictate me what must be respected
              and what must be ignored. I do not have a peer, my supply chain is me first and then diverse and multiple. I know equilibirium needs constant managing, when you loose it, you will loose the way to be happy, you will loose the meaning of your emotions, your heart, your thoughts, you become
              unimportant to yourself. You will start running down everyone around you, to make you feel happy and tall, because from inside you have lost it completely. Respect your own feelings, start nourishing your feel good reinforcers.

              I have a friend he passes me small chores to complete thinking that he is bossing me, but actually the fact is he is passing up the ability to complete a task all by himself, lowering internally
              his self worth and becoming dependend on me for his pleasure, my unhappiness, my discomfort is his happiness. He has surrendered himself to me, without realizing it.

              Yo! self alleviation can be main goal of life !!!


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              • flickr.com / Internet Site / 23 Readings / 21 Ratings
                More +
                13.02.2008 08:00
                Very helpful



                You get lot of views on flickr, you get to learn and see other peoples work

                Learn Photography online !!

                Let me hurry up with this review, What is a photograph ? Capture a moment of time in front of your eyes on a paper, computer, disk, memory card, flash drive etc., ?

                But Flickr is a world of photographs and photographers like no other site, I am a member at other places I should know, here you will come across exquisite albums created by accomplished people most of them are PRO members, pro membership is US$ 24.95 per year. Unlimited storage, unlimited sets. After easy registration for free membership, you log onto your page you will find one of these words greeting you.

                SALAM (I hope)

                This is very amusing as amusing and funny as the GOOGLE guys. I joined very recently, but already I learned a lot about greetings and photos, exposure, lights focus etc., Lets proceed further to give you an Idea, free account gives you 100 MegaByte photo storage !! if a normal photo size is
                300 kb. then that is a lot of free space. I uploaded all my desirable photos, which I dont want
                on my work PC on www.flickr.com.

                Now I can access them from anywhere and show it to anyone, the upload is breezy, I usually select a batch of 10 or 12 photos at one time, they all upload quickly and I can add titles and
                description and add TAGS in bulk to all the photos in one go. Otherwise it is very tiring. This batch organizing of photos is very good, you dont have it even on your own pc.

                Another big deal is the many active photographers on flickr, they have so many beautiful and good photos uploaded, it is inspiring to look at them and learn from them, comments are another joy
                are a joy to read. Dont forget to check out : !efatima and freddy murphy, these 2 photographers are pro members but they take beautiful pictures.

                Ok your landing page has following links :

                Upload photos
                Flickr Blog
                comments/comments you have made
                Photos from your contacts
                Everyone's Photos
                Prints , hp,moo,qoop,blurb,imagekind, all very good services.
                Invite friends
                Send gifts (special flickr gifts)

                Bottom of the page you have a brief description of the options falling under each MAIN LINKs shown above. Flickr is breezy and easy to use, the index page has a very tasty photo always
                it just graps you with feelings.

                OVA UMM BA,
                This comes out of your mouth invariably, there are other options of upload, direct thru your mobile and upload thru EMAILS. You can try them if you dont have FTP uploads on PC.

                Free account lets you creat only 3 sets, dont worry you can name your sets : LOVE, HATE, WAR. anything and upload any kind of photo, there are photo filters, you can give the filter you want to your photo, like ADULT or PRIVATE or PUBLIC etc.,

                I NEED EYEBALLS
                I am a showoff, I need people watching me, commenting on me, criticizing me, praising me putting me down all these things are possible when people see me. GOOGLE search spiders access photos on flickr, when you do IMAGEs search on google. Even yahoo spiders bring you flickr images. What I want to say here is, there are EYEBALLS to your photos, lots of eyeballs, believe me, as soon you load your PHOTOS you have hits listed on each photo, 5 views, 10 views, 20 views and soon you will have so many people seeing your work.

                I am always smisbahuddin on all sites, it is like I am branding myself with my real name. You can join groups you like on flickr, it is easy to join groups, go to group main page and click join.
                You can add people to your CONTACTS, click user name, click profile and click add to CONTACTS.

                FLICKR MAIL
                There is a small flickr mail , you want to send email to members, you go to profile and you have a link saying send flickr mail, it is easy to use and very handy.

                Tags are a tough job, I never know what tags to give my photos, so I have worked out a method, I open a new flickr page, take the tour option and 5th.page, there are SUGGESTED tags by flickr, I copy them and add them to my photo tags, It saves me lot of energy. GEOTAGGING your photos is where you select a location on world map that you took your photo in this location.

                structure of site is white and clean, menus are clear and easy to follow, under ORGANIZE you can do lot of things like adding photos to sets by just drag and drop.

                GRAPHIC EDITOR
                Ok when you click EDIT on your photo options, your photo opens in PICNIK photo editor, this editor is so good, it is being used by PICASA, FACEBOOK,and many other photo storage sites. This
                editor is like reloading your photo inside the camera again to adjust exposure, contrast, brightness etc., You can add text, you can add frames, you can add effects, you can crop, resize
                etc.,The interface is easy.

                I have yet to cover many options, but I have crossed my standard length of REVIEWS, so I will leave the rest of exploring to you, You wont regret exploring www.flickr.com

                Yo!! save flickrs of memory online !!


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                • wikipedia.org / Internet Site / 33 Readings / 29 Ratings
                  More +
                  29.11.2007 08:43
                  Very helpful



                  Community edited encyclopedia, search engine open source, vast, vast, vast amount of information!!!!

                  This review is very dear to my heart, I respect knowledge, be it in bits, bytes, chunks or Clusters upon multi layered clusters loaded onto serial hard disks, digital disks, magnetic Disks etc.

                  I am content with myself after knowing Mr. Jimmy Wales, he is a person, and I would like my children to emulate, he believes in a world where every single person must have free access to sum of
                  all human knowledge.

                  www.principalvoices.com (A brief about him can be found here)

                  This man is on a mission, a very huge mission, any person who can make generous contributions to this man's mission will actually be a part of many future generations of our online world.
                  Helping the cause of this man is helping in building a new world of OPEN SOURCE KNOWLEDGE.

                  This open source world is where knowledge is available for copying, modification and redistribution to all, already his website has 19 million articles, I am planning to add a few
                  articles of myself to this site. Because this website information is a part of community (you and me) edited encyclopedia available in 125 different languages of our world. wow !!

                  Is there a bigger idealist than Mr. Jimmy Wales, let billion dollar earning companies lend him a helping hand, if you cant find him, he will be busy making a pitch to philanthropists of our world in a busy executive lounge.

                  He has a community controlled search engine called WIKIA, open source search engine, community edited and the SAUCE of this engine is known to everybody. This search engine is being made
                  available in 65 languages till now. There is WIKIMEDIA on its way.

                  I have found many links to www.wikipedia.org when I am making my searches, the details of their page are astounding and complete. You can search word meanings, news topics, sciences, maths, history, events, descriptions any thing which comes to your mind on www.wikipedia.org, If a thing exists, it is there on www.wikipedia.org, if a event happened it is here.

                  You must check out the details to understand the meaning of my words. Recently I searched a Hindi film name, I found all about its story, plot, actors, directors etc., where else !!! on
                  www.wikipedia.org, So also great and detailed is their DICTIONERY, called wikitionery, the amount of description to words are a pleasure to browse.

                  I will start with the structure of the site, www.wikipedia.org this address opens up a globe with many listed languages, you select a language, I select ENGLISH, the main page opens up. The
                  structure is as follows :-

                  ONE SINGLE BANNER : DONATE NOW.
                  This banner is made available for people interested in common good of mankind, except this banner there are no other commercial banners on wikipedia, it is a very cool clean site to browse, no banners ! no banners !!!!.

                  There are many links some of the major ones read as follows:-
                  WHAT LINKS HERE
                  UPLOAD FILE
                  SPECIAL PAGES
                  PRINTABLE VERSION
                  PERMANENT LINK
                  FEATURED PICTURE.
                  HELP DESK
                  REFERENCE DESK
                  VILLAGE PUMP
                  SITE NEWS.
                  LOCAL EMBASSY.

                  and what follows next are the usual DISCLAIMERS, the address of the WEBMASTERS the usual stuff what is different here is GNU free documentation. (general public license)

                  Don't be mislead by the name of the links, there is a complete world of many WebPages to each link, you will get drowned in the amount of knowledge each page contains, it a world of pages
                  upon pages of information submitted by untiring editors spread world wide. Just visit the site for all your information needs, You want to be expert MATHEMATICIAN, go to wiki and you will
                  have all the formulas and all the problems solved. You want to become a scientist, go to wiki and there is a big world of science information waiting for you.

                  The general classification of categories on main page is : ARTS, BIOGRAPHY, GEOGRAPHY, HISTORY MATHEMATICS, SCIENCE, SOCIETY, TECHNOLOGY ETC.,

                  All you pointed searches on wiki will bring you the exact and more about the result you desire a mathematics nerd must be living online here, a science nerd must live online here, you are
                  bound to shout to the world EUREKA, EUREKA, EUREKA. Log onto EUREKA WORLD OF WIKI.

                  There are other links like Editing, Overview, Questions, Help, Categories, A-Z index. etc.,

                  I always enjoy TODAY'S FEATURED ARTICLE.
                  This is a exciting article where some important topic is displayed already edited and ready for our reference and consumption. I found a detailed article about WEATHER MAPPING, when did
                  this start and what are its applications etc.,

                  TELEFON HIRMONDO = Longest running telephone newspaper.
                  Aphid Brevicoryne Bassicae = Walking Mustard Bomb, it uses glucosinolates as chemical defense
                  against predators.

                  Is this information wonderful or what ? You can start your own new article and come back after few days, you article will be so much improved, edited and added to its essence, you yourself
                  could never have done it alone. You can also serve as a VIRTUAL LIBRARIAN under wikipedia volunteers.

                  There are BULLETIN BOARDS, PROJECTS, RESOURCES and a host of other activities, all helping and building and constructing for everyone's benefit. Free dictionary, free news content, free
                  quotation collections, free text books, free species classifications, free learning material, free media pictures, just cannot name them all.

                  Before I end I must mention why wikipedia is a advertisement free site, because they don't want to get influenced in their information content by the sponsors or the sponsor products. So if you want to maintain impartial, prejudice free information, wikipedia.org is the name and place.

                  Abundant source of information, Abundant source of information, I am not repeating myself, but I fail to describe in normal words, how vast this ONLINE ENCYCLOPEDIA is. Just visit the site
                  without need and when in need both days you will get what you want.

                  Here wishing more scholars joining as editors on wikipedia and more millionaires donating to the Himalayan project at hand on wikipedia.

                  Yo!wikipedia made precious knowledge made free to acquire.!!!


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                  • yahoo.com in general / Internet Site / 29 Readings / 26 Ratings
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                    15.11.2007 08:20
                    Very helpful



                    vast user base, shopping base, search base, game base, music base and big vast site with all service

                    YAHOO IS THE WAY TO BE

                    Thank you dooyoo for making me capable of writing a review on a big site like YAHOO, Dooyoo did not pay me a penny, still I thank them for the platform, validity of my reviews does not expire How come my points validity expires ? What is this calculation in age of computers ? A court of LAW will be on my side LOLLLZZZ.

                    YAHOO is the first internet company to have reached earnings of 1 million dollor during 90's Recently everyone celebrated YAHOO TIME CAPSULE, Everyone saw YAHOO STORAGE METER blow up, now there is no storage limit on YAHOO MAIL.

                    MY YAHOO BETA, YAHOO MAIL BETA has some very useful features, the MAIL ADMINISTRATOR page is one of the best in business, in this page, you can open multiple emails, compose multiple emails and chat with multiple friends, all at the same time without navigating away from the ADMINISTRATOR PAGE, all things are listed as TABS. Like EXCEL sheet tabs.

                    Y! VIDEOS need some tinkering with the speed of UPLOAD, their Y!VIDEO studio is one of the best and easy to maintain and understand. They must let Y!Vidoes to be included in MY YAHOO and YAHOO 360. I have not seen recent changes in YAHOO PERSONALS, but this is a vast database with many interesting options and many paid and free trials. I am sure with YAHOO users base they can take any match making or dating services on the www.

                    If rumors are to be believed Mr. Bill Gates purchased YAHOO secretly means more new money injection into already good yahoo services. New money will make YAHOO ahead of the pack for many years to come. Half our online world knows about YAHOO.

                    YAHOO SEARCH
                    I always use YAHOO search for all my needs, this I have said many a times, Yahoo search always gives me the exact link and the material I want, may be YAHOO is just compatible with my needs as others swear by the power of Google. I always prefer YAHOO.

                    YAHOO MAPS
                    Yahoo maps are useful but seek parameters need to be refined, I tried searching for the state map of NEVADA, to check out the main cities in this state, the search box did not understand
                    my need, many times over. I used maps before when details of roads and areas were given by YAHOO MAPS, I remember searching for a small town in NEBRASKA, I was successful then. Yahoo maps can include more territories like INDIA, EUROPE and other countries, this can become a powerful MASS UTILITY TOOL, like YAHOO MAIL.

                    I like violet colour very much and YAHOO increased the use of this colour, I am a YAHOO Ian since long and after see VOILET dummies spread all over yahoo, I am converted for life, I have profile on 360, my yahoo, Y!Vidoes etc.,

                    YAHOO ANSWERS
                    I contribute to YAHOO ANSWERS, I have rank there and so many of my answers were chosen as best answers, this is a very interesting database developing online, I am a member on answerbag.com I see the questions and answers there too, I know a synergy of this type will have big future use, maybe yahoo must pay people to become freelance answer givers, as of today I see there are more question writers than answer givers. I can be a asset to YAHOO ANSWERS.

                    YAHOO NEWS
                    Everybody knows YAHOO NEWS, they can compete with any leading newspaper today, the photo features the Video features and news items are professional and par excellence, I stopped reading newspapers, I take my cup of morning tea in front of YAHOO NEWS. There is nice search for news if YAHOO does not have the main column, they will give you a link to who has this clipping.

                    MOVIES AND PHOTOS
                    There are picture trailers and Video trailers, box office listings and many other facilities, I like the slide show of my favorite celebrities, some girls I am not familiar with, I go to
                    YAHOO and check out their photos in details. I have a fair Idea to watch out for this actress next or not ? Their photo database is vast and search is efficient. You have upload your own
                    photos in their photos account. You have nice albums and print facilities. You can also check out slides of old movies and trivia about that particular movie, they don't have reviews like
                    IMDB.COM but their database is as good as them and photos and trailers are better than IMDB.

                    I always wanted to find out about the cast of TV program called "HEROES" I found many details about them here, there is streaming ONLINE TV channels, you can access them from yahoo, they have vast listing of internet TV channels. But I do not think internet TV can rival our plain old satellite TV. Because the variety is not there so much, established channels have online TV, you can check it out, but you need a very fast PC.

                    Paid and free accounts of WEBHOSTING can be created here, I have a website here but I don't have time to develop it, I have this site since 1997, but I am not interested in click pay programs
                    I have seen some celebrity fans made beautiful and big sites on GEOCITIES accounts, however CGI scripts directory is only for the paid account users.

                    A bridge between hearts and minds, if you don't have messenger software downloaded, messenger online webpage login is available, if you stored all your messenger contacts online, then that is also available in webpage login. Just click the link of messenger, you get download or login from web page, choose the later and tone downed version of the messenger is loaded and logged into and you have basic chat with your contacts. This you can do from anywhere in the world and from any computer with internet connection. Now you can chat all you want from YAHOO MAIL itself.

                    I am beginning to like this inbox chat facility more than the other things, but if you need to do voice chat and make landline based telephone networks feel jittery. You need to download
                    messenger software free from www.yahoo.com and a simple microphone and speakers can do fine, the voice glitches of yesteryears are almost gone, dual voice transmissions are clear and with problems. The voice quality is as fine as a land line.

                    I have used the exchange rate mechanism on yahoo, they have all the world currency listings and you can take the today's rate of exchange in a jiffy, just write currency exchange in the
                    yahoo search box, it will give you YAHOO FINANCE link, go there choose your currencies and get the rates fast, there are many other stock trading options, this I have not used so no
                    comments, you try it and tell us all. There is stock ticker in yahoo messenger.

                    Who does not know about the serious WORLD WORD WARS going on in YAHOO CHAT rooms between bitter
                    enemies of our world, I cannot list the categories of rooms present in YAHOO CHAT, if you are bored of all , just go to CHAT CENTRAL and take a look at the FONT formatting and so many
                    emoticons and so many other innovative things unique to chat rooms of YAHOO. You don't need to be a teenager to visit these rooms, there are rooms for every type of you. Romance rooms are
                    also there (heheheh). All these rooms are running in tip top working order 24/7.

                    Yahoo mobile stock alerts, email alerts, tone downloads and my other services are there, if your mobile service provider is not listed, you can suggest the name and other details of your
                    provider and YAHOO MOBILES include them in their already hefty database of mobile providers. You can check out by yourselves the many mobile utilities, checking yahoo mail from mobiles is very
                    fast and easy loading, there are seldom hang-ups. So try this and tell us more.

                    YAHOO PROPERTY, CARS, FLICKER, RADIO, SPORT, BROADBAND SERVICES, SHOPPING, DATING, WEATHER, TRAVEL, MUSIC, GREETINGS, JOBS : you can post your resume here, the format is very professional I don't know what results you will get ! good luck if you are searching.

                    YAHOO TRAVEL=This place has user submitted short reviews about different places of our planet, there is 5 ***** stars rating system to the small reviews written by users, users can rate a review for its usefulness. I submitted a review about HYDERABAD.

                    Before I end, let me give you few other details about other YAHOO SERVICES .

                    GAMES, VIDEO GAMES, Y! VIDEOS, LOCAL
                    I played chess and I have ranking of about 1680 , not bad yeah! there are other beautiful multi-user board games, they all load on WebPages, you do not need to download anything to your
                    pc, just maybe settings etc., This area of YAHOO is well worth exploring if you need to relax a while online. I cannot list the number of games here, but there are a lot, please take my
                    word for it. Yahoo Video Games are vast too, you must visit to find out about the specifics, but be sure of one thing, any section of YAHOO you may want to go, you will find the POWERFUL SEARCH OF YAHOO always there to help you out with any QUERY you many have.

                    Last but not the least YAHOO LOCAL is the name given to REGIONAL YAHOO where you can set yahoo to give you LOCAL specific yahoo services, like if I want to see, YAHOO HYDERABAD, if I have this listed, I will get listing of all yahoo services specific to my city HYDERABAD. YAHOO has many countries and cities listed in their vast database to provide local yahoo specific
                    services. Feel the full blast of YAHOO SERVICES !!.

                    Play base, Database, Userbase, Video base, Music base, Game base, Shopping base, Cars Base what not yahoo has in its net of YAHOO SERVICES. I want Y! Videos base to develop too.

                    Whew !! my hands are aching.

                    Yo! YAHOO is head spinning big search and database of our online world !!


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                    • myspace.com / Internet Site / 25 Readings / 24 Ratings
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                      13.11.2007 13:51
                      Very helpful



                      Vast, big site with big media company as its owners.

                      MYSPACE present YOU to the world.

                      MYSPACE according to modern psychologists and people in the know is the place you occupy as a person and the immediate environs surrounding it. Everyone needs a space of his own, encroaching on others space is unethical and bad morality. According to SUPER NANNY even parents are required to give space to their kids to grow and shine. I love positivists, growth and rights of youngsters upon grownups and whole sphere around these words.

                      I registered on MYSPACE before it was featured on TYRA BANKS show or before it was purchased by big media company, I am a few people who had the pleasure of communicating with TOM the ever present person on every MYSPACE member friends list. Now a days tom sends only AUTO REPLIES.

                      The big media company promoted MYSPACE aggressively with innovative series of NERD and the BLONDE banners and keeping the mention of MYSPACE alive in TV and other media outlets. I am always curious about HOW and WHY of things, they excite me, I am more curios than a cat, but I survived my curiosity well and very adeptly. I have hormonal craving to explore websites and check out their services, I want to check out the VISION of the webmasters and I like to check real life workings of WEB SCRIPT writers. I think maintaining a multi-user website running in top shape takes a ton of scripts and big fast programming skills. I check out sites to see their aesthetic value and vision of the script writers, just the idea of 01,01,01, turning into so many engaging online hours for me is quiet a unique thrill.

                      MYSPACE has big money behind it today, this is a social networking site basically made by webmasters who wanted people to occupy a space on their servers and SHOW THEIR METTLE and their arts and crafts and learn and teach and create a mass synergy. Maybe evolve a global community
                      of satisfied online community.

                      MYSPACE members are busy trying to attract activity partners, make friends and date people, the members of this site were interviewed on talk shows for their sex escapades or models of myspace are promoted as TV or internet celebrities and its ike. We want to convert everything into patterns we know, we want to convert Internet into known media patterns we have already.

                      MYSPACE SERVICES
                      Registration is free, after link validation, your email is the login Id. Landing inside the space of MYSPACE, you are spoilt for choice of online activities. Many MYSPACERS has become clubbers and made real time local groups and party givers and party invitees. There are constant posts of Concerts and music group performances. Services link are top of the page just below logo of the site, and the content of the page is usually the details of the link you clicked, like email, profile, search results, blog post area etc., Uploading photos is worth while here, as you get many interesting comments from other members below each of your photos. This is unique in MYSPACE You can upload any videos you fancy, there is a big load of interesting videos uploaded by others on so many categories, it is hard to list them all here, I have seen some wild life videos like hunting of deer by an EAGLE , it was a thrill to watch. So many video uploaders has become channels and they have 1000's subscribers to them. It is like having your own captivated private free of cost viewership. You can leave comments below videos, Write Blogs, one of the cutest and most FORMATTING friendly options BLOGSPHERE anywhere on INTERNET. You can check out how many members have read your blogs and if they left any comments under your blogs.

                      Bulletin post, Broadcast post, Mobile alerts, Classified posts, buy sell posts, groups, music files upload and maybe download, there are constant launches of new new music groups on MYSPACE.
                      You can send receive INBOX messages, give profile comments, post paid clickable links as comments under profile of others etc.,describing all possible activities is beyond the scope of
                      this review.

                      CHAT with live members is quick and fast, you can browse and search members of your area, there are many useful parameters to your search, refined searches can be made easily. Adding others as friends is easy too, every member profile you have ADD AS FRIEND button, click it and wait for the request receivers approval.

                      EASE IN SERVICES IF ANY
                      Tom is always there looking over his shoulder and watching everybody doing their things, some times you receive music band promotions from TOM or music band schedules from TOM. He is the person to contact if you want to reach each and every member on MYSPACE. Videos load fast, but there is a EGGNOG extension you have to download first on your PC. It is a few KB's in size. Music is everywhere on MYSPACE, you have thousands of music channels and files. Photos upload fast and some people have hundred and more photos posted. Messages can be reviewed, replied and deleted easy with few clicks. Search parameters are very detailed and accurate. You can use
                      7 or 8 back button click on MYSPACE before your browser loose its focus. Navigation is simple and works some days fast and on days of heavy traffic slow.

                      TROUBLE IN SERVICES IF ANY
                      Nakedness is rampant and vulgar explicit comments which does not suit a lady's profile are passed like currency on MYSPACE. There are so many members advertising and posting clickable links for their own earnings in profile comments. Advertising explicit photos and soliciting
                      viewership is present.

                      Unnecessary PIMPING of profiles make it hard to load on your PC. You tend to loose your way and get confused and loose patience in loading of some pages. Everyone is thinking MYSPACE is a dating site, so many people advertise : looking for someone, desire someone, want someone, sometime this makes the general environment of MYSPACE look like boulevard nights street corner. Decent boys and men seem to get sucked in without choice. I have only one question ? Every other person says I am looking for someone in his basic profile page, maybe find love here on MYSPACE ?.

                      MYSPACE is a statement as per the vision of webmasters, a statement of who you are, rather than who you want !!@! Everytime I logoff with this nagging thought in my mind. I think MYSPACE meanings are hijacked away from the vision of the creators by its HYPER ACTIVE MEMBERS. You cannot view your videos without logging in MYSPACE, your material like blogs, photos and other stuff cannot be shared outside MYSPACE, you can do it with only MYSPACERS.

                      AFTER THOUGHTS
                      Overall you feel MYSPACE is not a place to search for meaningful friendships and have fun time and be creative, everybody is bothered with dating only. Maybe people connected with music are having fun time on this site. Level headed people will spend only few minutes here. Of course these are my personal views, they are not the last word. Other folks might be having a blast of
                      their life on MYSPACE, ask them, join now and explore your chances of dating (heheheheeee)

                      Before I end my review I must mention, the BLOG formatting options (BLOG TEXT BOX) is the most wonderful on MYSPACE. No other blogsphere can compete with this website blog environment. Alas nobody is interested in bloggin in MYSPACE, everybody is attracting love to themselves. The beautiful blog option is lying in unused corner of myspace idle. I don't see it developing even as you cannot access it from outside MYSPACE.

                      Yo! MYSPACE means showing how you are ???!!!***!!!


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                      • web.tickle.com / Internet Site / 18 Readings / 16 Ratings
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                        12.11.2007 10:14
                        Very helpful



                        all ages of members are there on tickle, member are social and enjoy good words, design is very ok

                        TICKLE YOUR SOCIAL JUICES

                        Social Networking is a important part of Online life now a days, everyone is involved, no age limit, no bar on caste or class, poor, rich, gorgeous, simple everyone is at it, I have seen
                        Higher caste people have lower caste people in their friends list. Internet is changing everything from the bad old ways of life. Bring on the better new life of equality.

                        Knowing people from other parts of the world is both interesting and enjoyable, I have MYSPACE, LIVESPACES and HI-5 accounts, these sites have people searching for activity partners and Love
                        and clubbing, I am active on tickle, this site is different, tickle is more sober and more social than other places. The members here are very social, we get influenced by the environment
                        we keep, actually the website environment of tickle is a catalyst to SOCIALNESS.

                        Hi-5, all I get is crazy mass messages saying if you don't pass this message to everyone on your friends list, your account will be deleted, I hate extremely mass messages receiving or mailing.
                        I am active on tickle , I like the design of this site, it is simple and clean with loads of interesting people interested in you.

                        Tickle is made in such a thoughtful, studied and researched manner, it inculcates social behavior in its users (members) tickle does not grudge its members becoming messenger chat
                        friends. I must give credit to designers of this site for infusing users into becoming social. We are observing specially teenagers are becoming closed room fantasizers and queers because
                        of the excesses present on the net everywhere, for people who lost socializing skills, can use tickle to break out into online society and learning social skills. This may not be serious
                        problem in India, but it is a danger in other parts of the world. Tickle is doing a good Job. Webmasters keep monitoring this site to keep away harmful things to environment of tickle.

                        Being talkative I have so many things to say, but for the purpose of light reading of this review, I will start describing the structure of this site for your use and abuse. Scripts are very simple on tickle, loading is fast as fast as it can get. Links are small neatly placed with lot of thought given to highlighting each part of the PROFILE PAGE, HOME PAGE, you can follow easily all the offers there are during surfing. Each page has 4 main divisions RIGHT SIDE, PAGE CENTER is divided into 2 parts, top to middle, and middle to bottom, and there is LEFT SIDE.

                        When you sign up , it is simple and needs clicking of validation link in your email inbox. You land on home page with 4 TAB LINKS on top, Home, Tests, Create a Test, You. I always go to you link or click my picture in the top right of the page, it takes me to profile page or my page.

                        Remember the content on TICKLE is to induce you to become social, the tools are TESTS and QUIZZES some are created by help of Analysts and Psychologists, and so many are created by the beautiful and social members of tickle, all are simple and fun to take, you can take part in any of them to help you brainstorm your creative and social juices.

                        Almost all members have a test called (HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW ME) this is like a initial handshake between like minded people, scores are in percentages, some users gave 1 question in their test and others gave 24 questions, there is no limit, if you want your test to become popular, you must keep them enjoyable and participatable. If you hit off well with a good looking member you can chat on messenger or keep sending messages on tickle.

                        FRIENDS , ADD FRIENDS
                        On profile page, you have 4 recent friends visible. Click their thumbs to check their profile Add friends link takes you to the thumbnails of friends of friends dual column, these thumbs when
                        clicked take you to their profile by click ADD AS FRIEND, if the other person approves. You have a new friend in life. Check out thumbs of friends already you have by clicking FRIENDS, new page opens with 2 columns of friends and there you can see and manage your invites.

                        3 recent message with the thumbnail of the sender and their screen name is visible under this section, click message link and you can see all messages on a new page with the thumb of the
                        sender and screen name. There is no INBOX on tickle, it means everyone visiting your profile can check what messages you received and sent to others, it is a open social world everybody
                        can see you like in the real world. This puts on you responsibility to behave well and be good. I liked this very much as you get the feel of being in the society among people. Messages and
                        replies sent by you land on receivers profile message corner.

                        LEFT TOP CORNER
                        This is your profile, pictures and other things you feed at the time of registration, there are some questions like what type of pizza you like. What are your first thoughts when you wake up.
                        Some members gave very original and creative answers to these questions.

                        CENTRE OF PROFILE PAGE
                        2 divisions, Top to middle is the space where 3 last tests you have taken and the creator of the test pic is shown with other details of the test like, how many people have taken this test and
                        how many comments are there about this test/quiz takers. There is your score also listed in percentage of correction. All test masters can reply back to your comments.

                        The Centre middle to bottom division is the space where, the tests/quizzes created by you are listed and relevant statistics and comments can be seen and the 5 star ratings can be seen. You being test master can send the link to all the people in your friends list and invite them to take your test.

                        UPLOAD PICTURES
                        This is where all the pictures you have uploaded appears, there are some artworks or self statements by innovative minded members are there, you can upload many photos which will give
                        other people a chance to see them. I need a comments section under each photo or at least a RATINGS to the quality of photo will also be useful interactive tool.

                        Before I end this long review, let me tell you members of TICKLE stand tall as very real and social people, you will find people from all walks of life here, hotel owners, writers, humanists, youngsters, college going folks, doctors and call centre beautiful employees. They are real and respond to you. It is really a pleasure to socialize on TICKLE.

                        I have missed mentioning new ticklers, trivia, celebrities and so many other interesting things you can do on the social networking online site that is tickle.

                        Yo! Tickle your social juices, they flow in rapids on TICKLE.


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                        • Nokia 6310 / Mobile Phone / 23 Readings / 21 Ratings
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                          30.10.2007 08:12
                          Very helpful
                          1 Comment


                          • Reliability


                          old model no colour and no camera, but plain use this is a tough phone

                          Mobiles are new age Connection tools

                          We must get connected with things around us to feel one with yourself and everything, what best
                          gadget to feel one with your friends and your heartbeats than the MOBILE phones, the new age
                          GET CONNECTED tool.

                          Getting connected has never been so easy in the history of mankind, This makes me remember a incident in the famous writers life, Imam Bukhari was writing a book, he came across a saying he wanted to get confirmation first hand about a quotation and the person lived in Egypt, so Imam Bukhari mounted his Horse, rode from BUKHARA (Russia) to Egypt to meet the person and take confirmation for the saying. 1500 Kilometers distance just to talk with the person.

                          Can you imagine how tough it was those days to get connected, this same confirmation can be made
                          sitting in your office within seconds today. Is it a boon from NOKIA the first company to make
                          Cheap and affordable MOBILE (CELL) phones. Truly the mass of people knew their first mobile sets
                          thru NOKIA company, I myself is one of them. I understand today people living on top mountain
                          homes, just make a call down below to the city to know if the milk van came or not ? Otherwise
                          they had to climb down and go up empty handed.

                          NOKIA 6310
                          There is a deluge of mobile phones in the market today, there are so many manufacturers, I don't
                          know all their names, Sprint, Motorola, Siemens, LG, Samsung are some of the well known names every
                          company has many hundreds of models. But we are reviewing NOKIA model 6310, so down below
                          are the details of this model.

                          GSM / EGSM dual band 900/1800

                          This phone has Monochrome display as opposed to color display, it comes with GPRS, WAP, BLUETOOTH
                          You can hear radio stations from this mobile set and the sound is good, you can use this set to
                          send SMS, the charge depends on the service provider. You can also use www.texthq.com to send
                          free SMS messages to mobile phone users, but first you will get free points and do referrals and
                          earn points.

                          You can keep this unit on vibrating alert instead of ring tons, you have voice recorder, you
                          have voice dialing and automatic redial, this unit is capable of receiving data/fax calls, you
                          can check emails, it has internet browser, it stores 500 names and numbers, Bluetooth file
                          transfer is available. Talk time is 330 minutes and standby time for the battery is 432 hours
                          these are all just specifications, the dimensions are 4.7 centimeters wide, 12.9 centimeters
                          long and 2.1 centimeters thick, so size is not a problem , you can keep it in your pocket without
                          feeling choked. The unit weighs 111 grammas. With this phone you can send picture messages and
                          you can get SMS alerts, like my simple phone NOKIA 3115.

                          This unit comes with standard games, I must tell you, monochrome games are a bit heavy on the
                          eyes on small mobile screen, at least you are getting all applications you need in a mobile phone
                          with cheap price.

                          Like in the model I mentioned 3115 you have ring tone composer, you have fixed ring tones supplied
                          with the unit and a few you can download and some websites give you codes printed to compose your
                          own ring tones in the composer you have in older models of nokia.

                          The battery must be taken care of specially and the batteries for these models are more costly
                          compared to other new models these days and it is difficult to find replacement for batteries, so
                          use wisely your battery, do not keep the charger attached once the charge is full, you can switch
                          off the phone for a half hour and charge the unit, this switching off makes the battery charge
                          3 time more faster than the normal charging. This is a trick works with all mobile phones.

                          Once the charge is full, always take out the charger from the current outlet, if left like that
                          it effects the battery life and even spoils the battery. So on you go with recording voice of
                          your friends unaware and confront them by saying you said this and you said that.

                          You please download some good ring tones and send them to me, so I can use it on my phone.

                          Yo! All mobile users happy calling, enjoy being connected, get connected !!!


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                          • Nokia 7610 / Smartphone / 23 Readings / 21 Ratings
                            More +
                            29.10.2007 08:52
                            Very helpful



                            Forerunner of N-series mobile phones, has all application, good shape

                            THE MOBILE WITH THE BEST SHAPE IN MARKET

                            NOKIA 7610
                            The face of this mobile is very attractive, the shape reminds of heart, with red and
                            silver colours on the face there is no mobile set with so much of attraction at face value.

                            This mobile is a front runner for all mobile which came in Nokia N-Series, it is called the
                            imaging phone. This is the reason the mobile has Camera, Video recorder, Messaging, Email,
                            Wallet, Clock, Calculator and Calendar. The phone comes with a wrist strap.

                            Indicators for message receipt, sms, voice message, keypad lock are all standard icons, there
                            are indicators for Bluetooth, data call, diverts, line 1 or line 2 in use etc.,The menu has
                            standard functions, which can be accessed by SCROLL button in the middle, see the picture with
                            this review. the commands are standard like open, list, grid view, move, new folder, application
                            download, memory details, edit etc.,

                            Like in all N-Series phone, you can press and hold menu key left corner of the mobile
                            screen gives listing of all open application at the time, it is always better for your battery
                            to keep only the required application open, as more applications open will use more charge of
                            your battery. While you are attending a call you press scroll left or right to increase or
                            decrease the volume of your speaker phone. The left hand dash button on top of keypad
                            is the select left and right. The "C" button is the delete button for any file you have under
                            gallery or other applications. You can assign speed dial number to people in your contact list,
                            just press 1,2,3,4,etc., and the whole number is dialed automatically by your cell phone.

                            There is conference call facility in this unit, you will have to see the process in your Guide.
                            You can even transfer a caller to the other caller already on hold by the command transfer, this
                            command disconnects you and make both the callers connected with each other.

                            Most of these miscellaneous services are actually depends on your service provider. When you
                            press the show button, you get a list of missed calls, dialed numbers. 20 numbers in each list.
                            Just select any caller number and press "C" the item gets erased from the list.

                            This phone now will cost a buyer, Rs.5,500=00 previously it was more costly. I got a 215mb card
                            with it, different markets get different cards, Nokia as a rule is well established company in
                            turkey, middle east, Pakistan, Bangladesh and far east, most visitors to Saudi Arabia from these
                            countries seems to be carrying a Nokia mobile, I know it as I am living in the city of Medina
                            we have over 4 Million visitors every year to this holy city, All the visitors come to the holy
                            masjid and My office is near the place. So I know what I am talking about.

                            The General features of this mobile are as follows :-
                            Nokia 7610, model2004, with internal antenna, it weighs 118 gms, size : 108 x 53 x 18.7 cm.
                            the display is 1.2 mega pixel, video has 4 zoom options, video screen size : 128x96 battery
                            is Li-Ion, talk time capacity 3 hours, resolution 176x208 pixel, colours 65k, supports poly
                            phonic tunes, it has standard mp3 player, you can use it to play your songs. But you must have
                            a bigger memory card as sound files take up lot of memory., it supports GPRS, it has MMS
                            and sms facility, it supports wap protocol 2.o and it can have browser of html, xhtml, wml
                            it has support of Java 2.0, Bluetooth is a tool comes handy in connecting friends and exchanging
                            files between phones.

                            Go to connections menu and change Bluetooth to :ON and do the same with your friends phone
                            and do search for Bluetooth devices, you will get a message one device found, select any media
                            file and choose send command, it gives you choice of send to which device, where your friends
                            name or his mobile name is present choose it and click ok, your file starts transferring and
                            your friend must give ok to start receiving this message file, once this file is received in
                            the INBOX under messaging, he can open the file , after opening it, he must choose options and
                            save the file, once the file is saved either in MEMORY CARD or PHONE MEMORY, it can be played
                            anytime on that mobile, otherwise it stays as a message file only.

                            You have voice tags (voice commands) in this phone, you have HANDS FREE option, the operating
                            system is version 60 (symbian), you can also record voice or music thru VOICE RECORDER you can
                            find this application under your application menu, this phone has 8mb RAM memory, the only
                            drawback is memory card is placed under the battery, so every time you want to use the card you
                            will have to open the back cover and take out the memory card. My set came with 250 MB card.
                            This is reasonable amount of memory for a normal busy person.

                            Hope I have covered all features, usability and general information, to give you an idea about
                            this set, enjoy imaging, I can write more but, its your time I am respectful off.

                            Yo! off you go imaging the world around you, Butterflies make beautiful pics !!!


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                              12.09.2007 09:09
                              Very helpful



                              Thinking is an skill and can be improved, just need to know how !!!

                              FOOD FOR THOUGHTS
                              Six Thinking Hats by Edward De Bono

                              Thinking is a skill and can be improved, this is what our book under review teaches us and
                              says, these are not idle words, but they are said by a consultant to many international
                              corporations like IBM, EXXON, DUPONT, PROCTOR AND GAMBLE, SHELL, BP, FORD. ETC.,

                              Enough of bombarding you with Billion Dollar earning company names, let me climb down to common
                              man, that is me, I wont sell my title of common man for a Billion Dollar, I am part of a Billion
                              strong group. I wont give up its membership even if I am offered FREEMASONS secret membership.

                              My common man's impressions of this wonderful book are, this is a eye opener, it is so good once
                              you get the hang of the concept of 6 hats, you will want to try it everywhere, I enjoyed reading
                              this book to the last letter. It is not very big, it has 171 pages and cost you only Rs.100.

                              Professor Edward De Bono is a extraordinary genius, his concept of six thinking hats is a proof
                              of his genius, in his hurry to explain the finer points of his thinking method, he has made this
                              book a little curvy to understand, so I advise 3 or 4 readings of this book to fully understand
                              the actual exercise of FREE THINKING, UNCHAINING THE THINKING PROCESS, DELINKING THINKING from
                              your UNDERSTANDING PATTERNS. PARALLEL THINKING is the word.

                              Professor DeBono's concept is applicable in all walks of life, he does not say this in his book,
                              he has taken pains to make his process plain for MULTINATIONALS but you read fully you will know
                              it is not less than a work of GENIUS. The 6 hats are 6 colour, namely WHITE, RED, BLACK, YELLOW
                              GREEN, BLUE. These 6 hats and colours not DESCRIPTIONS but DIRECTIONS of thinking.

                              In a board of directors meeting, we usually act according to our personality and prejudice, but
                              if we apply 6 hats method by wearing the hats or assuming its symbolic meanings we start to
                              see within ourselves qualities of thinking we thought we did not possess. He has taken pains to
                              highlight the drawbacks in bullet proofing the argument method, which is the normal western
                              culture prevalent method everywhere since Socrates, Pluto etc.,

                              WHITE = FACTS AND FIGURES
                              RED = RAGE AND EMOTIONS
                              BLACK = CAUTION AND CAREFUL
                              YELLOW = OPTIMISTIC AND POSITIVE
                              GREEN = CREATIVE AND NEW IDEAS
                              BLUE = DIRECTOR OF THINKING PROCESS.

                              I can just see 15 people sitting instead of playing a game of one-upmanship and exploring their
                              ego trips, they are all looking in the same direction and looking to solve the issue, it is
                              always better to have 15 brains destroying a problem than one brain flip flopping to deal with
                              it. This is a fantastic liberating scientific concept. Don't be fooled by the dwelling of book
                              on board meetings, it gives you many do's and don'ts for thinking directions.

                              But according to common man (me) this concept has wide applications, Dr.Debono could not write
                              about all of its applications in a small book of 171 pages. Let me tell you this concept can be
                              applied by College principals, school teachers, they put their minds together to make their
                              school top of the nation, 6 hats can make a father apply this method to become best father of
                              this world, 6 hats can make a wife apply this liberating science of thinking and she never has
                              to stoop to conquer. A municipal commissioner can apply it, with his staff, he can make his city
                              the best in the world. It does not stop there a parliament can apply this concept and nobody will
                              ever have to throw chairs or tables at the opposition, the parliament can make their country
                              top of the world, this is a tool for better governance.

                              A vision is seen in seconds and it takes a lifetime to find applications for it. 6 hats thinking
                              will utilize the best of abilities of each individual present in solving the problems of
                              unemployment, hunger, Iraq crisis, Palestine issue, racism, prejudice, environment, rainforest,
                              energy shortage, everything under the sun. Remember the world around us and the things we see
                              were initially a IDEA in our thinking BRAIN.

                              Please understand the all genesis is an IDEA and will to apply it. The LORD thought of creating
                              the world and it came into being, we humans thought of TAJ MAHAL and made it. We thought of
                              PETRA, SPINEX, LUXOR, AMERICA all these things in the beginning were mere thoughts and they
                              became a reality.

                              This book teaches us a brand new way of thinking, it liberates our thinking from old responses
                              and teaches us parallel thinking, I am not bothered about what name academically can be given to
                              it. The concept of 6 hats to me is a path breaker and path maker for individuals, groups. bodies
                              boards, governments, commissions, faculties, universities and above and over them all is the
                              billion strong group of common men.

                              I strongly recommend reading of 6 thinking hats to every citizen of our planet earth, practice
                              its art of thinking, you will come out a better person, better son, better employee, better
                              businessman, better president, better colonel, better general, better administrator and a better
                              common man.

                              In our global world individual benefits do not count, they must be shunned like cancer looking
                              at the full globe makes our problems many and much bigger to tackle, my home is where my globe
                              is, as humans we have a duty to solve everything, after discovery of DNA we are made all equal
                              and belonging to ONE SPECIES, move aside Dr.Darwin you have mislead your generation, we can put
                              out the fire burning in different corners of our GLOBE by thinking WHITE, RED, GREEN, YELLOW,
                              BLACK AND BLUE. We have mastered many arts, now we have reached the frontier to master the art of
                              BEING A HUMAN AGAIN.

                              Yo! Initially everything around us was a mere thought in its genesis. So think well.


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                            • American Beauty (DVD) / DVD / 25 Readings / 20 Ratings
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                              23.08.2007 09:03
                              Very helpful



                              42 year old man becomes dominant from being dormant for years !!

                              American Beauty
                              Director : Sam Mendes
                              Kevin Spacey
                              Thora Birch
                              Wes Bentley
                              Mena Suvari
                              Annette Bening
                              Chris Cooper

                              Some films make 2 dents in our thoughts, this film made more than 50 dents, the dents are big
                              and wide, I must say we need to understand beauty behind a beautiful person/thing. If rose petals
                              are beautiful, then photography of this film won an Oscar, what makes me discuss beauty in this
                              review is the title itself : AMERICAN BEAUTY.

                              My next point is sweet teenage girls talking in very vulgar terms about their escapades , is that
                              b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. A father calling "B" his own daughter, is that b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l, a girl
                              frustrated with her mother flashing to her neighbor's camera, is that b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l ? or a
                              42 years old man fantasying about his daughter's friend is that b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l ? Answer my
                              questions very carefully, as the character of LESTER got an OSCAR award !!!.

                              A Ex-US Marine does not even know his son is straight ! nor does his vast military training makes
                              him understand that his neighbor is only buying drugs from his son ! Most ironic moment in this
                              film was father blooding the nose of his only son, because he dared touch his swastika

                              What is the use of military training, if it does not prepare you to understand your own son, he
                              is just a little artistic, creative and insecure, this son has learned to hoodwink the tough
                              father and fool him by saying his costly gadgets are purchased from his odd jobs money. The son
                              is so smart, he knows his father wants a structured living for him, he uses blunt and very
                              dirty language and tells him that he respects the laws of his father ! is this beautiful ?

                              My moments are many in this film, but I just loved Kevin Spacey (Lester Burnham) calls Ricky
                              Fitts (Wes Bentley) my hero, I choose to believe that is the real moment of self intervention
                              for Lester Burnham, not the moment when he saw cheerleaders performance! It is difficult for
                              any man to turn around the rust in him, pump iron, jog everyday and have the guts to say his
                              mind, that turn around is purely enjoyable and very funny at times, it made me laugh.

                              I loved Mena Suvari (Angela Hayes) this girl is beautiful, she has talking eyes, her role is
                              the anchor holding the whole film together, her presence is very well spaced all along the
                              film, like seasoning and spices, she is there in the beginning and she is there in the end. By
                              the way this film is a flashback narration of a man, he is sitting over the stars, hence the
                              repeat camera floating over the neighborhood tree line and roof tops. I just loved the play of
                              eyes of Mena Suvari, it is very difficult for a young actress to match wits with a talented
                              actor like Kevin Spacey, she did it all with aplomb, we are so much involved with Lester, we
                              overlook the good play of role by Angela (Mena) I just wish she got a few awards and few more
                              roles in the films that followed. Without Mena this film is just hysterical over acting by
                              Annette Bening (Carolyn Burnham) How could we humans become so insensitive and cold to the
                              people living around us. I fail to understand bad treatment of husbands of wives and vice versa.

                              The day I feel resentment for people living close to me, I would have failed as a human being
                              I cannot go about in becoming best real estate agent in the town, No matter how costly my
                              couch is or how much money I contribute to daughters education, I cannot slap her for selfish
                              reasons, I agree to punishing children for their own correction. But I consider it a sin to
                              slap my child to prove my superiority, it could be failure of motherhood/fatherhood.

                              We are loosing our human-ness, we are using drugs to feel good, we are bad and my proof for
                              this statement is the success of this film, it won 5 Oscars, the decadent slide of family life
                              and the termite like rot eating our society, youngsters and oldsters in this film are true
                              as true as you are reading this line in my review.

                              Go buy this film/DVD, see it, you will enjoy it and will feel sad for your enjoyment !!! The
                              treatment is very artistic, I must mention 2 features of Kevin Spacey, the dormant Lester and
                              the dominant Lester, almost these 2 people looked like 2 different person, that is how good he
                              acted in our film. 3 more actors need mention, the US Marine, Colonel Frank Fitts (Chris
                              Cooper) is perfect and a scene stealer, you can almost dread him on the screen. Ricky Fitts
                              (Wes Bentley) gave a sterling intense performance, he looked sensitive and different. There
                              are some very useful dialogues to support him. There is also Thora Brich (Jenny) she did not
                              move her eyes nor her facial muscles all thru the film to perfection. This frozen face was most
                              suitable for her role here. I must mention here as a after thought.

                              Kevin Spacey tried very hard to overshadow Mena Suvari, he tried to push her to sidelines, but
                              this young actress stood her ground and a gave a memorable performance, A role she may find
                              hard to overgrow all her life, maybe high school musical 3 will be a fitting place for her
                              next memorable film.

                              Yo! don't get misled, drugs are bad keep away as far as possible !!!!


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