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      01.06.2006 13:34



      A banking system that works... unless you have a problem!

      I have been with what is now the HSBC (but was originally Midlands Bank) for now over 20yrs.

      The whole banking system has seemed to work pretty much most of that 20 years, which it probably will... unless you have a problem.

      1. Internet messaging system - brilliant idea... if you are happy to wait over a week, or don't want an answer at all!

      2. The Call Centre - If you are a parrot it's fine. You get placed with department after department, each time going over the same things as you did with the last person. No one actually seems to do anything with your call... it just seems to get lost so that next time you ring you start all over again!

      3. No such thing as private numbers - So I want to contact the branch... easy right... so I call the call centre (cos obviously you need to ring India to be put through to the branch). They can't get hold of anyone, so all I need to do is ring the call centre again later on, when they can try again for me... can I have the number... the computer says "No".

      4. Customer Care - I am going to say all the right things, but not actually do anything.

      (Just to point out, if you have any money stolen (via the internet that is)... expect to spend everyday on the phone. Oh, and don't expect it to be passed on to the fraud office until you have threatened to close every account you have!)

      5. Do you really want my business - So I have three bank accounts, an ISA, and a mortgage.... I complain about my dissatisfaction, and say I am gonna move my accounts etc elsewhere. They then start the 'I'm really sorry...' line, 'We don't want to lose your custom...', 'Let us prove we can be better...' BRILLIANT! I've got somewhere. 'We will phone you Tuesday, and come up with a nice deal on your mortgage to prove how valued you are'. Tuesday comes... and goes... and then the call centre cycle starts again. Needless to say I am moving my account!


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