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      28.05.2014 22:53
      Very helpful


      • "Great Design"


      • "Not enough Stuff"

      Not enough Stuff for a stuff pack

      *Requires the SIms 3 Base game to play*

      Fast Lane Stuff is the Second stuff pack released for the Sims 3 and it was released in late 2010 so is nearly 4 years old at the time of writing this review. The main feature of this pack is Cars (on other vehicles) and the lifestyle surrounding driving fast cars.

      There are 4 main styles introduced in this pack with the associated objects, vehicles and clothing to match:
      Classic Luxury - Inspired by vintage cars of the 1930s
      Racing - Inspired by Formula 1 cars of the 1990s and 2000s
      Intrigue- Inspired by modern super cars
      Rockabilly - Inspired by American 50s (my personal favourite)

      This stuff pack offers 10 new cars, one new motorbike and one new scooter:
      The Scooter (Scoot Mobile) is the cheapest vehicle available and comes in at 3500 simoleons and is *Requires the SIms 3 Base game to play*

      Fast Lane Stuff is the Second stuff pack released for the Sims 3 and it was released in late 2010 so is nearly 4 years old at the time of writing this review. The main feature of this pack is Cars (on other vehicles) and the lifestyle surrounding driving fast cars.

      There are 4 main styles introduced in this pack with the associated objects, vehicles and clothing to match:
      *Classic Luxury - Inspired by vintage cars of the 1930s
      *Racing - Inspired by Formula 1 cars of the 1990s and 2000s
      *Intrigue- Inspired by modern super cars
      *Rockabilly - Inspired by American 50s (my personal favourite)

      This stuff pack offers 10 new cars, one new motorbike and one new scooter:
      *The Scooter (Scoot Mobile) is the cheapest vehicle available and comes in at 3500 simoleons and is roughly based on a Piaggio Vespa.
      *The Motorbike (The Jamboree) is 4500 Simoleons and based on a Suzuki gsx600f Katona.
      *The Cars range from the 8100 Simoleon heartbreak hot rod which s based on a 1940s Chevrolet Pickup (Rockabilly theme) to the 175000 Simoleon Velocity which is based on a modern formula one racing car (Racing theme) and the are plenty in between as well.

      Altogether from the different themes there are :
      *2 Racing Cars
      *1 Racing Motorbike
      *2 Luxury Cars
      *3 Rockabilly Cars
      *1 Rockabilly Scooter
      *3 Intrigue Cars
      so a pretty nice mix.

      The game comes with one new trait which is '' Vehicle Enthusiast'' but thsi requires you to update online so if you don''t have an internet connection you won''t get this trait (but will still be able to pay the game).

      There are 44 new objects which to be perfectly honest I think is a really poor show for a stuff pack and 12 of the objects are the vehicles themselves so there is not much in the way of household objects considering the intro to the game makes out you can decorate your house to match your fast lane lifestyle - this is simply not true.

      In create a sim there are :
      *12 new Hairstyles
      *15 new items of clothing
      *5 new accessories
      which again is a really small amount of content and there is not even a new outfit for each new style which is a let down, although the new outfits they have got are really good and math the styles well.

      There is one new radio station - Rockabilly which is pretty cool.

      There is one new strange feature in the game as well which is the ability to develop relationships with your vehicle. The more you drive your car the higher your friendship bar will go. Sims with the vehicle enthusiast trait will develop relationships with vehicles more quickly than other Sims.

      Had to cut this review short as it wouldn''t post
      I can only give this 3* because I feel it offers around half the content it should.

      This review is also on my dooyoo account under sosborne1987


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      18.05.2014 13:31
      Very helpful


      • "Game Play"
      • UNICORNS


      Best Expansion pack so far

      *Requires the Sims 3 base game to play*

      Pets is the 5th expansion pack released for the Sims 3 and the concept is pretty self explanatory, it allows you to have pets in the game (similar to unleashed and sims 2 pets).

      There are three main types of pet you can create in create-a-pet, Cats Dogs and Horses, but you can also collect other low maintenance small pets from the wild including Lizards, Turtles, Snakes and Birds giving the opportunity to have loads of pets.
      Different Pets have different skills:
      There are 46 different breeds of Cat that you can create or adopt, your cat will learn to hunt and will hunt smaller animals as well as go fishing.
      There are 72 big dog breeds and 46 small dog breeds that can be made or adopted via the computer or adverts in the paper. Dogs can also be found stray in the neighbourhood and adopted by your sims after some befriending has taken place.
      Dogs can be taught a few tricks hewn they are adults :
      *Sit up
      *Play Dead
      *Roll over
      They can also be taught to hunt (cats teach themselves) and to sniff out gems, metals and bones.
      Cats and dogs all need to be praised for good behaviour and scolded for bad behaviour to avoid behaviour getting worse.
      Horses can be created or adopted using the computer or phone or bought at the equestrian centre, they can learn 2 tricks:
      Horses also have a supernatural element and may appear in neighbourhoods as unicorns, if a unicorn breeds with your horse toy may get a unicorn baby (it''s worth buying just for that).
      Horses can be used to make a lot of money in various ways including:
      There is one lifetime wish based on making money from horses called ''the jokey'' and you need to make 40,000 simoleons to achieve it.
      Horses can also be ridden around town.

      The game comes with one new town called Appaloosa Plains which comes with the equestrian centre (where you can buy horses) and updated versions of the grocery store, hospital, theatre, bistro, stadium, school. spa. cat jungle gym, parks and a dive bar , as well as a dinosaur skeleton where dogs can collect bones and hunt for treasure. The whole town has been designed to look like a ranch town.

      All pets have their own lifetime rewards and wishes throughout the game and are fully controlled by you meaning if their owners are off at work you can still get them to go hunting etc.

      Pets can form friendships, relationships, fall in love, have babies and develop there own family trees, just like your sims, Baby pets inherit looks and traits from there parents, so make sure you don''t let two naughty pets mate or you will have trouble.

      The game includes one new skill :
      * Horse racing

      4 New traits
      *Animal Lover
      *Dog Person
      *Cat Person

      7 New lifertime wishes
      *Ark Builder
      *The Zoologist
      *The Animal Rescuer
      *The Jokey
      *Fairytale Finder
      *Canine Companion
      *Cat Herder

      The sims 3 pets is a great expansion pack as it gives so much more game-play and a whole new dimension to the game and is great for animal love3rs who thought their sim families weren''t complete until now. I have had hours of fun (probably to many hours) trying to recreate my own pet cats (but that much craziness can''t be captured in computer game form.)

      A lot of people have shown concern over this release, that EA are just churning out remade games on each Sims platform as we have had pets on both Sims 1 and 2. I don''t agree with this as Sims 3 pets offers so much more than Sims 1 unleashed and Sims 3 pets did, and it is so much more advanced that it does seem worth the money. Also just because you could have pets before doesn''t mean you wouldn''t want them now and being able to make so much money from horses is just an awesome added bonus.

      Overall I think this is one of the best expansion packs the Sims 3 have come up with so far and one of the first you should get if you can''t decide.

      This review will also be on my ciao account under shellyjaneo


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    • Majesty 2 (PC) / PC Game / 13 Readings / 11 Ratings
      More +
      13.05.2014 22:31
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • "Good Graphics"
      • "Good quests"


      • "Really hard"

      Great game but a bit hard for my liking

      This isn''t going to be the longest review I have ever written as I didn''t really get very far with the game, and not through want of trying it just gets ridiculously difficult very quickly.

      The first few levels are good fun, the basis of the campaign mode is to build your empire and defeat various obstacles put in your way (one big one per level). The first few levels are easy then there are a few challenging but really fun ones where you get to put your strategic mind to work. Each time you finish a quest you have a choice of a few others to do next so there are options to the order you do them in.
      At the start of each level your aid will explain to you what the current situation is and offer some tips as to how you can solve the problem (although it is usually very vague advice). All you have to begin with is your palace and some money, which is variable depending on what level you are starting. From the palace you build other buildings and you have four types available.
      Guilds -Where you assemble your armies, each faction has different strengths and weaknesses, they include:
      ? Warriors
      ? Rogues
      ? Rangers
      ? Clerics
      ? Wizards
      ? Elves (requires you to build a level two palace and a level 2 marketplace)
      ? Dwarves (requires you to build a level two palace and a level 2 blacksmith)
      ? Lords
      Economic Buildings - There bring all your income without these you will quickly run out of money and won''t get far in the game:
      ? Marketplace ? Brings in the most money and allows you to research and sell potions that your armies can then buy, making them better. This should be the first building you build in every level.
      ? Blacksmith ? Invents and sells new types of weapons and armour for your armies.
      ? Inns ? Where your armies can rest and recover instead of going all the way home.
      ? Trading posts ? Gets you extra income and can be placed at designated spots around the land and shuttle goods to the market place.
      ? Statue of the King ? Increases enthusiasm of your armies (apparently).
      Defensive structures - that attack incoming enemies:
      ? Wizard Towers
      ? Guard Towers
      ? Dwarf Towers
      The last type is Temples, but there is nothing in mins at the moment because I haven''t been playing the game long enough.
      This is a strategy game so you need to decide how to best spend your starting money, what to develop first, what armies to build, and how to best go about defeating the enemies. As far as strategy games go it is a great one, you really do need to think the levels through and plan well, the graphics are good, it''s not a very new game but the graphics are bright and fun and it''s easy to distinguish between buildings and they are all well designed.
      The map is great it I really clear where enemy buildings and flags are and you can navigate around it with ease, the controls are also very simple to use and to understand what all the different options are at the buildings.
      So overall it has the makings for a really good game and in reality it probably is a really good game but I have to review it on the basis of me playing it not your average gamer and I appreciate it probably is a much better game to an experienced P.C gamer, but for me it was just too hard too quickly. After completing the first 5 or so levels I got so stuck on the next one I just kept getting completely slaughtered over and over again, I tried it about 8 times before looking it up online to see how to do it. The general conclusion is that the game can be ridiculously difficult, but I did find an explanation of how to approach it best so I followed the advice and it only took me 4 more tries, including one try where I was about to win and the game crashed and I had to start again (I did give up for a while at this point but got sucked back in). I finally beat the level and went on to the next which to be honest was nowhere near as hard as the previous one so I think it''s just certain levels that are so bad, but to be honest I prefer games that I don''t need to keep trying over and over to beat (that''s too much like hard work I have real life for stuff like that) so I probably won''t play much more of it even though it is great fun on the easier levels.

      I am giving it 3* because I would have given it 4* if it hadn''t been for the inconsistency in difficulty. I would only recommend this game to experienced strategy gamers or people with a lot of time on their hands and I am neither of these things.


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      • The Sims 3 Supernatural (PC) / PC Game / 4 Readings / 4 Ratings
        More +
        12.05.2014 10:35
        Very helpful


        • "Loads of new Objects"
        • "Good Outfits"


        • "Not much game play"

        Not as good as it should have been

        The Sims Supernatural is the 7th expansion pack released for the Sims 3 and sees the introduction of :
        ? Fairies
        ? Vampires
        ? Werewolves
        ? Witches
        ? Zombies
        You can create and play as all of these life states accept for witches (any human can train to be a witch).
        There is a new lunar cycle in which a full moon appears every 3 days, having some interesting effects on your Sims and the game in general, for example Werewolves will be unable to stay in human form during the full moon and they will be forced to change to wolf form, which come with some really annoying habits like destroying your furniture. Zombies may appear outside your house and start digging up your garden or even attack you if you get to close and possible pass on the Zombie curse.

        Your Sims can now learn Alchemy which is probably my favourite bit of this expansion pack, they can learn loads of spells and elixirs and use them on themselves or other Sims, and if you also have ambitions installed you can become a freelance alchemist.

        In designing your home there is a new gothic style you can now choose with quite a lot of themed furniture like the corset backed chair, this is the perfect look if you have a house full of Vampires, all in all there are 226 new objects.

        Create a sim has been overhauled to let you create the new supernatural characters including loads of new outfits, hairstyles and skin tones etc.

        Each of the different supernatural forms comes with its own special abilities. Fairies can turn into sprite form and fix things, high power witches can bring people back from the dead, and Vampires can drink from other Sims.

        There are 6 new traits and 9 new lifetime wishes to choose from and 6 new lifetime rewards to earn.

        There are two new career paths
        ? Fortune teller (which I have never managed to figure out how to get )
        ? Alchemist (Self Employed so you need ambitions installed as well)
        There are 11 new plants, 3 new fish, 3 new gems and 12 new recipes

        Overall it sounds like Supernatural would be a really good expansion pack with loads of new things to explore and do but in reality it just doesn''t live up to the expectations. Although making your new characters supernatural is quite fun and the fairies in particular look really cool (in my opinion) once you start playing with the characters there is not a huge amount to do with them, I don''t know if I am missing something or not getting the most out the game because I don''t have all the expansion packs installed but it just feels like you are playing dress up supernatural rather than actual supernatural characters. So really it was a little bit of a let-down for me.
        In it''s defense you get a lot more new objects and outfits than in most expansion packs so I would probably describe it as more of a cross between a stuff pack and an expansion pack and if you can pick it up cheap then it''s worth getting, but definitely not the best offering the Sims have managed.

        This review is also on my ciao account under shellyjaneo


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      • Ebay (iPhone Application) / Apps / 8 Readings / 7 Ratings
        More +
        10.05.2014 16:22
        Very helpful


        • "Good notifcation"
        • "Easy to use"
        • "Keeps you on track"


        • "Some features missing"

        A great app I couldn't be without

        The Ebay app is one App I could not live without as I have an ebay shop and it makes up a large proportion of my income so it''s important for me to keep on top of it when I am out and about (like at my real job).
        The App is split into 5 main sections which I will go through :

        Home :
        On the top half of the screen there are just loads of pics of things it thinks you might like (my feed), things you are watching, recently viewed items, and eBay deals.
        Then on the bottom it has the most useful bits which are your reminders including notifications, watched items ending soon, selling items ending soon, items you have bought that are awaiting feedback, items you have sold that are awaiting feedback, sold items awaiting payment, sold item awaiting shipping.
        This section is extremely useful to me as it allows me to see a quick overview of what I have going on and how much work I need to do.
        You can also access the details of all the items you need to ship and mark them as shipped, and leave feedback directly from the app.
        Underneath reminders are your messages which is self explanatory and really easy to use, I actually find it easier to reply to messages via the app rather than the website as the messages page on the website is prone to freezing.
        Then you have saved searches which I have never used but gives you a link to your saved searcher and sellers which is useful if you buy things on repeat.
        Then you have a link to your profile which shows you your profile pic, your eBay name, your feedback number, star and percentage, member since date and location, this is good as you can see your profile as potential customers see it and see any obvious needs for improvement. There is also a link to your items for sale and a link to your recent feedback, your postage address, your detailed seller ratings, positive, neutral and negative in the last 1, 6 and 12 months.

        The second section is search, here you can scan bar-codes of items to search for them on eBay, browse categories if you are not sure what you are looking for, access your saved searches and saved sellers or just type in a search phrase, once you have conducted a search this page will also show a list of your last 10 recent searches.

        The third section is my eBay which contains a tab that shows you the items you are watching both active and ended, the items you are buying active (those you are bidding on or have placed best offers on for consideration and purchase history, things you have ordered weather you have paid for them or not. Each item in the list will have a Red paid stamp across it if you have paid, and they have three symbols to indicate if the item has been shipped, if you have left feedback for it, and if you have received feedback. All the symbols are grey until the action is complete then they turn black.
        The selling tab shows you any drafts you have made but not posted for sale yet, any best offers you have received, all your active listings in order of finishing soonest. All your sold items in the last 90 days, where you can see their payment, feedback and shipping status. You can also see your unsold auction items that you have not deleted or archived yet, you can re-list these items directly from the app.
        Then you have any listings you have scheduled to tart at a later date and a value of all the items sold over the last 31 days so you can keep on track of how much you are making.

        The forth section is sell where you can list your eBay items and again it is slightly easier than using the website as each feature is simplified and normally requires 1 or 2 clicks and comprises of drop down boxes that are really smooth and easy to use, and if you get bored half way through or your phone dies etc it just waits there for you to come back and finish. You can even take photos from inside the app instead of having to take them in advance.

        The last section is basket which I really don''t see the point of as I have never used the add to basket option when shopping but if you do this is where you checkout from.

        The App does have alerts that pop up when they apps off and these are really useful including :
        * Bid placed on item
        * Item sold
        * Checkout compete for item
        * New Messages
        * Item ending soon
        * Outbid on item

        These help you keep on top of your eBaying and ensure you don''t miss out on anything.

        Overall a great app it''s only let down is that you can''t complete some functions of the full site such as sending second chance offers, other than that it''s a fab app and one I definitely couldn''t be without.

        This review is also on my dooyoo account under sosborne1987


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      • More +
        10.05.2014 13:02
        Very helpful


        • "Loads of new content"


        • "No new stories"

        Not a game changer but still a good expansion pack

        The Sims 3 Generations is the 4th Expansion pack released for the Sims 3 and focuses on the different life stages that the Sims go through, and bulks them up significantly, but the Sims Generations does not offer any of the game changing aspects associated with previous expansion packs making it in my opinion slightly less value for money than some of the others.

        Each generation has a theme surrounding it:
        Children - Imagination and make believe are the name of the game including fancy dress costumes and imaginary fiends (that can become a permanent member of the family with some fancy chemistry if you so wish).
        Teenagers - Rebellion takes over, including house party''s and pulling pranks such as lighting bags of dog feces on fire :/. Teens now also become extremely hormonal just like in real life and will have crazy mood swings to ramp things up a bit. If your teens get to rebellious or just annoying you can now punish them by grounding them, making them do chores or in extreme cases sending them off to one of 5 boarding schools:
        *Military School
        *Prep School
        *Art School
        *Sports Academy
        Adults can not have a mid life crisis and clone themselves so they have a perfect replica of themselves in child form.

        The game has two new traits to chose from :
        Rebellious (better at pulling pranks etc)
        Nurturing (Good with children, punishments go down better).

        9 new Lifetime reward including the clone voucher mentioned above, Age freeze (self explanatory stops you aging) and the motive mobile a funky van which fills up all your Sims motives when they go for a spin.

        New Parties including, prom, graduation, bachelor/ bachelorette parties etc.

        New field trips for Kids.

        One new profession - Daycare

        New activities
        * Ballet
        * Scouts
        * Sports Team
        * Drama Club
        * Debate Team
        * School Band
        * Newspaper

        Loads of New objects

        So as you can see this expansion pack is chock full of game enhancing content that will give a lot more depth to the game, especially the child and teen years which I always found quite boring to play, but it does not offer any drastic game changing content making it one of the weaker expansion packs. Saying that I believe it will offer a lot of extra game play throughout future expansion packs and so has a longer longevity.

        Overall I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

        This review is also on my ciao account under shellyjaneo


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      • More +
        10.05.2014 11:46
        Very helpful


        • "great characters"
        • "great mythology"


        • none

        I love P.C Cast

        "Part human part centaur, Elphame has always been different. OK make that very different. The hundreds of shimmering butterflies sent by the Goddess Etain to mark her birth were only the beginning"

        The story is based around Elphame who is the daughter of the heroine in Divine by mistake. Her mother is human and her farther is a centaur ( also a master shaman who can sheep shift into human form for anyone questioning the biology ).Elphame lives in the castle with the rest of royalty and has a privileged existence but she wants to find meaning in her life. She gets the chance when she is asked to set off and restore McCallen Castle a long lost home of her ancestors that had been previously destroyed by evil Formorians generations ago .
        Elphame goes through a really good deal of personal development through the book and discovers her in we strength and leadership skills as well a level of womanhood and sensuality that she never knew she had .
        She faces a new evil and hasto decide weather to go in guns blazing or show a level if compassion that most would find extremely difficult to muster because at the end if the day the destinction between good and evil isn''t as clear as you may think .

        There is great depth to this book and many layers. It has the fantastic good vs evil / or are they evil dilemma which is something that P.C Cast does very well. It has some fantastic love stories in it and not just with the main characters, in fact one of the side characters has one of the sweetest and unpredictable love stories that I have read in a while (I can''t say much without giving to much away). True to much of P.C casts earlier books there are some quite explicit sex scenes which I have read a lot of people complaints about. As a P C Cast fan I don''t understand, everybook she has written ( and I have pretty much read them all) except for the house of night series have sex scenes in them( even house of night has mild ones ). It seems that since HON came out everyone expects her to only write kids books . But saying that this book has been seen in the kids and teen section of waterstones and WHSmiths which is rediculous. I think these companies only started stocking Cast after HON became popular and didn''t bother doing their research so to clarify this book if 100% not suitable for children and probably not for teens either.
        The mythology is really interesting and even though to soneone who studies Celtic mythology seriously might find it inaccurate, to the general mythology dabbler there is a good deal of interesting information and depth of detail which is one of the main thing I like about P.C Casts books.

        Overall this is a great book, great characters, I depth storyline, and an unusual plot, great baddies, and good vs evil battles. Raunchy and sweet love stories that really suck you in and a generous helping of mythology. Another fantastic installment by Cast.

        This review is also on my ciao account under shellyjaneo


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      • More +
        08.05.2014 20:51
        Very helpful


        • Characters
        • Graphics
        • "Game Play"


        • "Story Line"

        Feel the greed play assassins creed

        If you want a game in which you can get as greedy as you want then this is the game for you.

        The sheer size and amount to do is really something to behold, the game almost seems endless in it''s game play possibilities. If you just sailed around without using the map or following the story you could probably keep yourself busy with random findings for over 20 hours quite easily.

        Between hunting on land and sea, searching cave and towns, battling other ships for cargo and participating in assassinations, or just having an explore of the islands and looking at the scenery can be a welcome break.This game definitely keeps you busy.

        But through all the things to do it''s the graphics that steel the show. Some of the landscapes are breathtaking, the colour and richness is something even after 40 hours of playing still catches your eye as you are sailing around the med. Considering the game was originally made for the PS3 the graphics are equal to and better than other PS4 games currently on the market.

        The characters have had a lot of effort put into them as well, both the image and graphics of each character and the personalities are all unique and they all have there own individual quirks and traits. Taking the lead is taken by Edward Kenway who is funny, witty and all around likable, probably one of the best protagonists in game I have come across in a long while. Along with him are many other likable and unlikable character that are all very believable.

        The only down side to this adventure is the story, while it''s admittedly not bad they could have put more thought into it, it does seem quite mundane with no real big ending to talk about, and there is meant to be quite a big twist about halfway through the story with one of the characters but I saw it coming a mile off which was a disappointment but still quite interesting.

        But aside from this small problem (I know it seems strange saying the story being rubbish is a small problem but if you play the game you will understand) this is a fantastic accomplishment in gaming which I had a great deal of pleasure playing.

        I''ve given it 4 stars but if I could I would have given it 4.5 stars, losing half a star for the story line. In conclusion I would recommend that everyone play this game, I mean with 60 hours plus of pure side quests you can''t really go wrong with this one .

        Indulge in Greed Play Assassins Creed
        I have put not applicable for multi-player as I never played it

        This review was written with my fiance and is also on my ciao account under the user name shellyjaneo


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      • The Sims 3: Late Night (PC) / PC Game / 10 Readings / 8 Ratings
        More +
        07.05.2014 20:34
        Very helpful


        • "New NPCs"
        • "New Skills"


        • "No new story lines"

        A great addition to an already great game

        Late night is the third expansion pack released for the Sims 3 and is based mainly around socialising and raising your Sims social profiles a throwback to the Sims 1 superstar expansion pack your Sims can now become celebrities, each Sims celebrity status is rated from 1 to 5 stars and the higher their celebrity status the better the perks and benefits are including getting free drinks in bars and being able to get into to celebrity only events. If your Sim is not a celebrity they have to impress other celebrities before they can interact with them which also gives nice other dimension to the game if you don?t want to play as a celebrity yourself, for example if you don?t want to bother dealing with paparazzi following you around all the time (they really have thought of everything) .
        Late Night also comes with a new Neighbourhood (Bridgeport) and a selection of new night club like spots to add to your neighbourhood, each nightclub has different entry requirements and some require a high celebrity status to enter. Bars are good places for social interaction as they tend to have more Sims available than other community lots.
        The New Neighbourhood also has a the addition of apartments which your Sims can move into instead of houses but there is a serious flaw here as you can only move one family into each high rise meaning it doesn?t really add any changes to the game play just the look of the neighbourhood which is a bit disappointing.
        The Game also introduces Vampires (even if you do not have supernatural) which your sims can interact with in the nightclubs as they do not appear in the day time.
        There are loads of new build tools with this expansion pack including:
        Loads of new objects and decorations hair style sad clothes as expected with all expansion packs.
        New Lifetime rewards including The Hustler, Watering hole regular, The Next big thing, Excellent Groupie, Master of Seduction, Better Mixologist, Always on the list, Map of the Stars (which lets you see where all the celebrities live, which I thought was quite a funny one to come up with)
        There is only one official new career which is Film (split into Director and Actor Branch) but there are new ways to make money including Mixology and Starting a band.
        There are four new skills , Piano Bass, Drums and Mixology (different drinks you make have different moodlet effects).
        Two New Traits, She and Star-Quality.
        Three new cooking dishes, Hot Wings, Nachos, Tacos.
        Overall another packed expansion pack for an already awesome game, I don?t think this one offers quite as much extra game play as the world adventures expansion pack but I think it will offer more long term alterations to the game that you will use for the duration of the franchise, definitely worth a look for any Sims fan.

        This is also on my ciao account under shellyjaneo


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      • Betrayed - P.C. Cast / Junior Book / 10 Readings / 10 Ratings
        More +
        05.05.2014 20:40
        Very helpful


        • "Loads of Action"
        • "Easy Read"


        • "A bit cheesy"

        A great Young Adult Series So Far

        This is the second book in the House of Night series and Zoey has settled into life as a fledgling. She has been appointed the new leader of the dark daughters taking Aphrodities place. She is becoming more confident with the huge amount of gifts the goddess Nyx has blessed her with, and is learning how to harness and use her powers for good.

        This book has a bit of a slow start, a lot of narrative and very little action until the last couple of chapters which get very exciting very quickly. This theme does continue to a certain degree in the future books of this series.
        Betrayed is a bit more violent than the first book but not in an overly gruesome way, human teenagers that Zoey was in human school with start getting murdered and all fingers point to the house of night Vampires, but there is something much bigger and more dangerous going on behind the scenes that is almost incomprehensible.

        There is also a lot of romance (much more than you would normally expect in a young adult book but nothing too graphic) and a lot of teenage angst and even a love triangle involving Zoeys ex human imprinted boyfriend Heath and her new Vampyre lover Erik and maybe even one more lover for Zoey to play with, she definitely has her hands full.
        Like all the books in the series there are a few really cringe worthy moments and cheesy bits which I think is due to having an adult trying to relate to teenagers. Even though P.C Cast had Kristin Cast help write these book there is still that obviously trying to be cool air about the book. I think without Kristen Cast''s help this book and series may have ended up extremely cheesy and even though it would have still been a great plot it wouldn''t have been as enjoyable to read.

        Overall you can''t go wrong with this series they are fun have great mythology loads of action and suspense and most importantly loads of hot guys :)

        This review is also on my Ciao account under shellyjaneo


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        05.05.2014 20:37
        Very helpful


        • "Nice Food "


        • "Short staffed"
        • "Out of the way"

        Nice enough but not as good as we were expecting for the price

        Me and my partner stayed at this hotel in April for 5 days and found it pleasant enough.
        The room was a good size with plenty of storage if you needed it and a nice size bathroom and power shower.
        The balcony overlooked the sea which was lovely.
        We had cocktails in the bar a few evenings and although the bar man was lovely and friendly at times it was only him serving which meant you had to wait a long time to get served.
        Also there was entertainment on in the bar a few of the nights but it was the same singer and piano player and he wasn''t very good to be honest , which is way we avoided the bar a few nights.
        The Hotel is really out of the way of the main town and there are only three restaurants near by , one of which was closed due to the early time of year we went.
        The Bowling down stairs is great fun and the pools are great.
        The Gym is very sparse and you have to pay 5 EURO if you want to use the treadmill which I thought was a bit annoying as the hotel was not exactly cheap.
        There were signs to a Starbucks and Sushi Restaurant all over the hotel which we followed one day after a 10 minute walk through wooded paths we arrived at the area to find they weren''t open and had a sign saying not open until April ( It was April at the time) I am not sure why they were not open.
        The Dinning area was lovely and the food was great with a large selection but two days before we left a load more people arrived and you couldn''t move in their there were huge cues to be seated so we ate elsewhere on these days.
        Over all the hotel was nice enough it just didn''t really live up to what I was expecting.

        This review is also on my Ciao account under shellyjaneo


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      • Burned - P.C. Cast / Junior Book / 6 Readings / 5 Ratings
        More +
        05.05.2014 20:26
        Very helpful


        • "Good vs Evil"
        • "Good Mythology"


        • "Stereotyping Characters "
        • "Dragged Out"

        Redeemed the Series Some what but still not as good as the first few

        Burned takes the House of Night down a darker path, Zoey''s soul has been shattered and she is set on staying in the otherworld forever. She needs to retrieve the pieces of her soul in time to do her usual world saving antics. Stark is the only human who can reach her in the otherworld without losing his soul, but this is not an easy feat and he has to put him self through hell to get to her (which is part of the darkness of this book) but of course he is perfectly happy to do this as it''s Zoey and no matter what Zoey does everyone runs to save and defend her time and again despite the fact she doesn''t seem to do much in return, this is my main issue with this book and the series as a whole.

        Stevie Ray and Aphrodite both have big roles in this book as their lives are being thrown on a huge roller-coaster. Stevie Ray is beginning to distrust Dallas her kind of boyfriend, and can''t tell him she may have a chance to save Zoey. Aphrodite is no longer a fledgling, she is now human but for some reason the goddess still chooses to grant her the gift/curse of foresight. She the first of her kind and finding it very hard to deal with not knowing what she is or who to side with.

        The tag line for this book is ''Three girls playing with fire...if they don''t watch out they will all get burned'' A bit cheesy but very appropriate.

        Now anyone who has read my reviews of the rest of the house of night series will know that I am rapidly going off this series, it seems like it is being dragged out to a painful degree in order to cash in on it''s popularity (there is a movie in the making) which from a business point of view I can understand but from an integrity point of view it is unacceptable. P.C Cast is a fantastic author who is selling herself short to this franchise.
        The first half of this book is a couple of hundred pages of Zoey Loving, which is a reoccurring theme in all the later books, Zoey is painted as the ultimate female warrior who is amazing in every way even though she really hasn''t been very amazing and has lucked her way through a lot of the books, winned a lot and had everyone else risking their asses to save her over and over again.

        This book is written from everyone else but Zoeys point of view and although this has annoyed a lot of fans I think it was a welcome change as I find it interesting to here the other characters points of views and to get to know there personalities a bit better. Stevie Ray takes even more of a front role in this book which is fab for me as she is my faveourite character.

        The Book has all the same flaws as the last one, blatant stereotyping of young black girls and gay boys as well as the added country bumpkins, cringe-worthy pop culture references and mind numbing filler.

        I do still enjoy these books but I just think they could be condensed dramatically without loosing anything important, it turns out there may be up to 15 books in total which is serious overkill in my opinion.

        The end of the book was good it was dark and action filled which is what I loved about the books to begin with, but I don''t understand why it took 328 pages to get to the conclusion it did.

        The book does have some really good points includind the story of Raphaem and Stevie Ray and there struggle to remain good despite there situations. (Really hard to explain without spoilers, but the battle between good and evil has been done really well within each character.) Also the Gaelic Mythology dialect has that is used is really good and shows that the authors have researched the topic really well which is something I find P.C Cast does very well.

        Overall the book is Good it has redeemed the series some what but still has a long way to go to get back to how I felt about the first few books.

        This review is also on my Ciao account under shellyjaneo


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        10.02.2014 23:39
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        New Careers for your Sims

        Requires The Sims 3 base game to play.

        The Second expansion pack releases for the Sims 3 is based mainly around skills/hobbies and careers and offers the new ability to register as self employed meaning you no longer have to be classed as unemployed even though you are making a fortune writing novels from home etc.

        The new skills in the game (Sculpting, Inventing, Tattooing) are all linked to new professions :
        Architectural Designer
        Ghost Hunter
        There is also 1 new regular career :
        And loads of new Self Employed Careers:
        Alchemist (also requires Supernatural Expansion pack)
        Horseman (Requires Pets Expansion Pack)
        Nectar Maker (Also Requires World Adventures Expansion Pack)
        Photographer (Also Requires World Adventures Expansion Pack)
        Scuba Diver

        So as you can see this expansion pack ads tonnes of scope for your Sims Careers paths, the only problem I have with it is deciding what to get my Sims to do, I always end up trying to get them to do too much and never master anything, but it's great fun and that's the main thing.
        There are also additional build tools and hobby items including in this expansion pack such as multistory columns and the stylist station, as well as many others for you to explore.
        There are loads of new lifetime wishes available for your Sims based around the new skills and careers including 'Pervasive Private Eye' and the one I am currently working in 'Monster Maker'
        New Lifetime rewards are available to buy which help you with your new careers , such as making more money or being more creative.

        Overall this is another fantastic expansion pack which offers great extra dynamics to the game and hours of exploring and extra game play a definite favourite of mine.

        This review is also on my Ciao under shellyjaneo


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          03.02.2014 20:45
          Very helpful



          A fab first expansion pack

          * Requires the Sims 3 base game to play *

          World Adventures is the first expansion pack released for the Sims three, and it allows your Sims to go on Holidays to three different locations:
          - Shang Simla (China)
          - Champes Les Sims (Paris)
          - Al Simhara (Eygypt)
          They can partisipate in adventures while they are in any of these locations in return for Money, Visa Points, and other rewards.

          I absolutely love the adventures and the visa points concept, basically if you have never been to a location you can only go for 3 days at a time until you gain enough visa points to get your visa level 1 for that country.
          Visa level 0 = 3 day
          Visa level 1 = 5 days
          Visa level 2 = 8 days
          Visa level 3 = 12 days (I haven't got this far yet)
          The adventures themselves are great fun and involve all sorts of things from simple ones like collecting a few gems for someone or talking to the locals, to more complicated ones that can include finding your way through secret tombs and hunting for treasure, these tombs can take a few days to find your way through and you need to take supplies like a tent and dried food to help you survive the adventure.
          The tombs offer a whole new dimension to the Sims as they require puzzle solving and some of them are really tricky but great fun.

          The expansion pack also adds new things to standard Sims 3 features including:
          New plants
          12 New Gems
          8 New Metals
          9 New Insects
          New furniture and decorating items
          3 New Skills (Martial Arts, Nectar Making and Photography)
          New Traits (Some of which have to be unlocked through game-play)
          New Lifetime Wishes

          This is a great expansion pack and is almost like an entirely different game, there are also so many different elements to it and different things to explore, such as tomb unlocking and relic collecting, it offers hours of game-play on its own.
          I have played it for a few months now and have still not been to Egypt and I only went to France because it was part of an adventure that I started in China, and I am only visa level 2 which means I still have loads to do in China before moving on to Egypt and France.
          Obviously because I work full time and don't spend ages playing games but I think I have put in about 15 hours and so I think there should be at least another 50 hours plus left before I would have finished all the adventures. With the Sims though you can always replay things with different characters or in a different way so there is endless fun to be had,

          If this is an indication of the quality of the Sims 3 expansion packs then there should be some great things to come.

          You can currently pick this expansion pack up for around £20 direct from EA or £10ish on Ebay which is a bargain.

          This review is also on my ciao account under shellyjaneo


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        • The Sims 3 (PC) / PC Game / 38 Readings / 38 Ratings
          More +
          02.02.2014 02:20
          Very helpful



          The best Sims base game to date

          The Sims series are games that I have played for many years, when the Sims 1 came out me and my sister used to argue about who's go it was petty much all day during the school holidays. So when Sims 2 and eventually Sims 3 came out I was quick to get them.
          Most people would be aware that the Sims 3 is a life simulation game where you can build a house for your Sims, create your own characters and live through their lives. As the franchised has progressed from the Sims one onward they have constantly made them more life like and added more features to offer a more in-depth game play and the Sims 3 took a huge leap in this way. It is the most life like yet and some part might even be a bit to realistic for example pregnant woman now have morning sickness and need to go to toilet and eat more often.

          Create a Sim
          Using the Create a Sim tool you can chose loads of characteristics for your Sim from the basics like Sex, Hair Colour (although you can now ad highlights and a different root colour if you like) and Eye Colour to things like facial features like ears nose and mouth shape and size, freckles and glasses. You can even decide weather you want your Sim to be muscular or skinny or fat.
          You can then chose their clothes which can be different for different occasions including everyday, formal, nighttime, workout, swimwear and underwear, In this section you also get to chose different accessories and shoes to go with each outfit.
          Finally you can shape their personalities in a few ways, you can chose their star sign, you can give them personality traits such as genius, green thumb, Artistic etc which will effect their personalities and the ways they interact with other Sims and in different situations.
          Overall the create a Sim platform is a great improvement on The Sims 2 and you really can make a huge array of unique Sims, the only thing I would improve on is the selection of clothing styles but you do get tones more when you get the expansion packs so you should never get bored of it , the main limitation is your imagination.

          Build Mode
          The build mode has much more options the Sims 2 and I personally have not utalised this feature to it full potential (the game comes with loads of great ready made houses and you can download more from the Sims store).
          You now have the option to build basements and up to 5 stories with balconies, roof top gardens, you name it you can probably build it.
          The gardens can now contain not only pools with all the accessories but also ponds with varying degrees of nature to surround them, giving you the ability to make wild looking gardens or pristine party havens with little effort.

          I was actually a little disappointing with the decoration tools in the Sims 3. In the Sims 2 you could make really funky over the top styles which looked really good in game, but it seems that the Sims 3 have tried really hard to make the walls and floor designs really realistic for example you can chose great wooden paneled walls that in reality would look fantastic but in game just looks dull and boring, for me this was the biggest let down of the game.
          The furniture selection is also a bit sparse to begin with as they obviously want you to buy all the stuff packs they release which I guess is OK but I think they could have had more selection to start off with and people still would buy the stuff packs.

          Game Play
          If I went in to all the different elements of the game play I wold end up writing 1000s of words so I will just put a few points of interest down.
          More Generation
          Your Sims now go through quite a few life stages, baby, toddler, child, teen, young adult, adult, and elder so 9 in total and you can make them all in create a sim. Each life stage is different and you can do different things for example when you are a teen you can get a part time job, to do after school and you can retire when you become an elder.

          Your characters also have ambitions including day to day wants, for example they may want to talk to a certain person or paint picture, reed a book and they also have a lifetime ambitions such as have 50 girlfriends or reach the top of a certain career path. For all your daily wants you achieve you get lifetime points which you can spend on cool rewards such as a steel bladder making your Sim not need to go to toilet so often and other random rewards.

          There are 10 different Careers with the base game to chose from:
          Law Enforcement

          There are 5 part time jobs (for teens and elders):
          Bookshop Clerk
          Grocery Clerk
          Mausoleum Clerk
          Spa Specialist

          All of the full time careers have 10 levels and you can get a promotion to each level. To gain a promotion you have to meet certain requirements such as have a certain skill level in something or a set amount of friends. For certain jobs you wont get a promotion until your relationship with your boss is high enough which I think is very realistic.

          The Jobs all have fun titles and they give you a little description of your new role in a pop up box when you get promoted as well as details of your new salary and the bonus you get. I think the careers are a really fun aspect of the game and it is great exploring different ones as the career path you chose will ultimately effect the overall game play. You also get new careers with most of the expansion packs.
          Another cool aspect of the careers is that the higher up you go the better the car that picks you up for work will be, in the end you could be going to work in a Limo or even a helicopter.

          There are loads of other fun things I could go on and on about but I would be here for days, so I wil just say to finish that if you liked the first 2 Sims you will love the Sims 3, it's miles ahead of Sims 2 and has some of the more silly aspects of Sims 1 back in it, and with the expansion packs it just keeps getting better and better with never ending hours of game-play.
          You can currently pick up the base game and a few of the older expansion packs for around £20 each and for that price they are a bargain.

          This review is also on my Ciao account under Shellyjaneo


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