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    • Boxer / Pet / Animal / 60 Readings / 58 Ratings
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      08.10.2010 13:13
      Very helpful



      The best breed you can get

      This review is based on my 12 month old male boxer.

      After losing our previous dog (bullmastiff) who we had for 11.5 years, we swore we would never get another dog as losing him was so painful. However, a few months later we welcomed our 8 week old boxer pup!

      All I know about the boxer dog origin is that they were developed in Germany in the 19th century.

      I have a brindle boxer with white markings. He has a full tail and floppy ears.
      I can truely understand why people say after a boxer you will not change breeds. I have never met such a funny, loving, curious, cheeky dog all in one.

      I personally prefer boxers with a tail however, i will admit there tails can act as a whip when excited, so be aware! If anyone already has a boxer they will be well aware of the "kidney bean dance". A boxer will literally shake all of its body when its excited/happy. He will scrunch up his face and try to lick you with his super long tongue!! Boxers are renowned for their tongues. Especially after eating it will look like a boxer is bearing its teeth, this is just the way the mouth is formed. Our dog has never growled or shown any signs of aggression.

      Our boxer loves nothing more than company, the only time he becomes destructive is when he is left alone. We have had no problems with chewing or being destructive otherwise. He loves to eat the mail! Boxers love to be "lap dogs". He will insist on trying to sit on my lap even though he does not fit and must be very uncomfortable for him. This is the same as on the bed, he will insist on laying ON me when there is plenty of room for him.

      I'm sure that boxers believe that they are human at times, if someone leaves their seat he will jump up onto the chair and sit there with the rest of the family. He goes to bed when the last person goes to bed however, he is a lazy boy in the day and is currently sleeping on my feet!

      * Training *

      House training him was surprisingly easy. We used the paper method at first gradually moving it to the door and then took him out the back every time he went in the house. When ever he went to toilet out the garden he was rewarded with a doggy treat. It took less then a week to get him fully house trained, however, as expected, he did have a few accidents.

      On our first night we expected crying however he was almost hysterical. On the first night we made him comfortable in his bed surrounded by cuddly toys and shut the kitchen door. He cried all night becoming very distressed, banging himself on the door. We ignored this behaviour as we did not want him in our beds, for the next week this carried on all night- every night!! Having work the next morning it was making us all very tired so we tried many things including lights on/off, tv on/off, clock, t-shirt and nothing worked! We were advised to crate train our boxer however, we did not feel this technique suited him, the noises he would make were unbearable and in the end we decided that if it was making him this upset, 5 weeks on, it wasn't worth it. So now he sleeps on top of the stairs in his own bed! Has anyone else experienced this with their boxer?

      * Eating *

      Unlike our last dog we allow our boxer to go back and forth his food when he wants as we were advised that boxers were "grinders" and eat when they're hungry. He usually eats around two bowls of his own food, he is currently on "Eukanuba". £50-55 for a large bag that lasts around 6 weeks. He loves to scrounge our food, like most dogs! Our boxer weighs 5 stone (70 pounds). He is bigger than average.

      * Walking *

      Walk times were particularly stressful when he was a young pup. We wanted to socialise him however, we found other dogs would keep going for him. Looking back this was probably because he was so boisterous even when he was little. Boxers love to jump on other dogs and use their front paws for rough play. Now he is 12 months he seems to be more considerate with other dogs, obviously he is still only a pup himself however, he is more careful around smaller dogs- before he would be likely to stand on them.

      On his first ever walk (after jabs) he was bitten in the face by a jack russell. Luckily this hasnt changed him at all and he has never shown any signs of aggression infact, he runs away if a dog growls at him.

      Our boxer needs a firm hand on the lead, he is strong and does pull. When off the lead he loves to jump up at the lead in my hand!? We walk our boxer twice a day (morning,evening). They have lots of energy, we have a lazy boy in the day who sleeps and then want to play during the evening!

      Overall, I cannot recommend a better breed of dog than a boxer. I have loved all our pets however, a boxer is truely in a league of its own. They make great family dogs. They are playful yet gentle with children. Boxers are loyal to family members and do become wary of strangers.

      If your looking into getting a dog then a boxer is definately worth considering. That said you do need a lot of patience, time and love.

      Thank you


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        27.09.2010 18:15
        Very helpful



        Ideal for learners/first car.

        This review is based on a: 1.0, 5v 2 door Vauxhall Corsa Club.

        I personally feel a corsa is an ideal first car. I bought mine second hand (private) however, I do wish that I had waited and saved some money towards a more looked after car.

        I paid £1,500 for an 02, 66k, heavily scratched and had a dent on the back. Besides this however, I really liked the shape of the corsa. There is plenty of room inside and the most tempting at the time was the fact that it was cheap to run and tax. The boot is a decet size, plenty of room for passengers however, i must state a taller person may feel a little cramped. You can buy the car like most, in various colours. My corsa was a 2 door althought you can also buy a 5 door version.

        The 02 version had central locking, power steering, electric windows and a cd system.

        Any faults/problems?
        After just two months of having the car the gear linkage snapped whilst driving on the motorway. The mechaninc said this was very common with corsas. To repair this cost £40 without labour. 8 months after the linkage was replaced it started to "slip", (could not get into first gear from third). I traded the car shortly afterwards.

        Another downside I found with the Corsa was that it was very slow when accelerating after stopping at lights etc. It would also struggle when going up hills however, i must admit it was only a 1.0 engine.

        Overall however, I feel a may have just been unlucky with the gear linkage as none of my other friends have had the same problem. I would recommend the corsa as a first car.


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      • Tesco Cheese Puffs / Other Food / 39 Readings / 36 Ratings
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        18.10.2009 21:35
        Very helpful



        Wotsit like crisps

        I will be reviewing a 20g packet of Tesco Cheese Puffs.

        - These crisps came in a multi-pack. You can buy a larger version of this packet of crisps which would be ideal for sharing with others or for parties etc. They can be purchased amongst a multi-pack of cheese curls & bacon rashers or simply on there own. They were obviously purchased from Tesco as the name suggests and can be found in almost all Tesco stores.

        * Packaging

        The packet of the Cheese Puffs is bright orange. It displays images of the crisps so you know immediately what ones they are (even if the name does not give it away). The front of the packet states that they are from Tesco, Maize snacks and also gives a general idea of the nutritional value.
        On the pack of the packet you can find the rest of the nutritional value, the ingrediants & allergy advice.

        ** Taste
        The cheese puffs are very light, they almost melt in your mouth. They are nice tasting with a fairly strong cheese flavour, however not too strong. The crisps are shaped like wotsits and are basically the same except the fact that they are cheaper and Tesco brand. They are bright orange and left my two year old godson with orange fingers (which easily came off with a quick wet wipe)!

        The crisps contain 110 calories per pack which makes up 6% of an adults guideline daily amount. Compared to many other crisps this calorie content is fairly low however, should still only be eaten as a treat :)

        If you like wotsits and are looking for a cheaper alternative then I'd give these a try :)


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          17.10.2009 15:08
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Excellent holiday!!!!!!

          I went to Sharm El Sheikh 27/08/2009 - 10/09/2009.
          We booked this holiday a year in advance as Thomas Cook was promoting a special "egyptian week". £650 per person for two weeks in a 4* holiday (incl breakfast).

          This has definately been one of my most favourite holiday locations.

          - Egypt

          Egypt is a very hot country. We visited in late August when it was supposed to start cooling (apparently). It was 40 degrees ++ & evenings were often 30-34. Stepping off the plane I nearly fainted! At the airport prepare to queue, you have to fill in medical forms and also at the time we had to declare any symptoms relating to Swine Flu. You may need to purchase a visa for approx £13 if you are going to visit the pyramids or St. Catherines.

          Once you leave the airport you are not allowed to re-enter so ensure that you have all your luggage with you. We were located to our coach and a man was ready to start loading our luggage. The man demanded that we pay him for putting our bag on the coach. Many of us didn't realize this was wrong until another man came running over shouting at the man to stop charging us. So Beaware of this!!

          The coach was air conditioned which was definately a relief! Immediately it was possible to ses how beautiful Egypt actually is. We stayed in Novotel Beach which is a ten minute walk away from Naama Bay, the main town. This hotel was beautiful with its own private beach.

          Egypt is very very clean, not once did I see litter or mess on the streets. It is made up of small markets, hotels, shops and in Naama bay a long stretch of restaraunts and Shisha bars. Every night we made the ten minute walk to Naama Bay. We had two options on how to get there howevever, leaving from the front of the hotel and along the main roads was not a very pleasant experience, taxis kept pulling over and shouting over to us, the pavements were not very safe and the kerbs were very high. However, our second route from the back of our holiday was lovely, a short stroll along a well lited street.

          Naama Bay is full of choice for evening meals. Well known restaraunts such as TGI Fridays, Hard Rock Cafe & McDonalds. In particular I would recommened: Onions, Taj Mahal & The Mexican Bar. Food in Egypt is very good value for money. For three adults to have a starter, a main meal and a few drinks it costed us on average £27. The food portions in Egypt are fairly large. Drinks can work out more costly. Cans of pop cost £1.50 in restaurants and the hotel. Local shops charge just 50p which is quite a difference. Large bottles of water can be bought for just 30p so my advice is to stock up from your local shop.

          We never really had a problem with the locals. Walking past shops/stalls can be a little off putting at first as they are determined to get you into there shops . We just usually said "no thanks" and kept on walking. Chances are they will call after you but my advice is just to ignore it. They can be fairly cheeky in name calling, my 13 year old cousin was called a "cheeky donkey". LOL. Security is high in Egypt, by our hotel there was security and along the main streets guards were present. I never felt unsafe walking on my own in Egypt.

          Locals do come up and make comments to younger girls. This can be a bit off putting but its best just to laugh it off and ignore it. Most locals are very friendly and want to help you enjoy your time in Egypt.

          - Trips
          There are many trips available in Egypt. In particular the trips to visit include the Pyramids. Five members of our party went to see the pyramids (not including myself) and they all thoroughly enjoyed it. Two went by plane (45 mins) and three went on the long coach trip (not recommened with the bumpy roads). I visited Tiran Island, Ras Mohammed and Bedouin Nights, all of which were excellent.

          ** Don't bother buying trips through your rep or the hotel as they organise the trips through the same company that charges a lot less money. Our hotel quoted £45 per person for a boat trip to Ras Mohammed, we went on exactly the same trip but for £14 as we directly booked with the locals.

          -Bedouin Nights....
          Ever fancied camel riding in the dessert? I didn't particularly but I must say what an amazing experience. An air conditioned bus picked us up and took us to the Sinai dessert. We were then guided over to camels suitable for us, ie our height and weight. The tour guide was very friendly and helped me get on/off the camel and laughed at our faces as the camel stood up. Warning** Hold on for deal life when the camel stands up and sits down if not you may end up falling straight over the camels head!

          After a 20 minute ride on the camel we were then directed to a large group of sofas/cushions on the floor. We were introduced to some of the locals who live in the dessert. Bedouir tea was handed around which is supposed to be healing and good for stomach complaints. People were randomly selected to help make bread with the locals and a real effort was made to ensure we were all enjoying ourselves. As it got dark the mountain was lit and dinner was ready. Entertainment was provided for a further 2 hours and then we went back onto our bus and was taken back to the hotel. A lovely evening which was enjoyed by all :)

          - Ras Mohammed
          We used the same company that organised the bedouin nights trip. This trip was also excellent. We visited Ras Mohammed via boat. We were picked up by bus and taken to the dock. The guide was very friendly, talking to us on the bus and making jokes. We had to queue and have our bags checked by security before we could board the boat. That said the search was more a "quick glance". We stopped three times during the trip to go snorkelling or if we wished to stay on the boat. Snorkelling was amazing there was a large amount of fish all sizes and colours. We stopped for an hour to have some lunch which was very nice and also included in the price (£14). We arrived back a 4pm after leaving at 9am. Brilliant day, just remember the sun tan lotion!! One day on the boat is apparently equivalent to three days out in the sun. I'd advise that you at least have a base tan before considering a boat trip as you may return rather burnt!

          Overall Egypt in general was an excellent experience. There is however, one major issue that stops me rating it 5* and that is the stomach bugs. 8/10 of our party become ill at some point during our holiday, sufffering with diarhhea & stomach pains. We were all very careful to use hand santitizer, drink bottled water, no ice, ice cream yet it appears that the dreaded illness still managed to get the majority of us. Due to the heat and sickness I would not recommend Egypt for Very young children. The pharmacists in Egypt were excellent, they asked us to describe symptoms and prescriped medication that worked immediately Luckily!

          Definately a holiday I would recommend to those who enjoy the heat and a relaxing holiday. :)


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            16.10.2009 01:31
            Very helpful




            Yes ok I realise that I am almost two years late for this however I still have a wish list for christmas 2009 ;). Ok I may be thinking ahead as it is still only October and I normally start my xmas shopping around the end of November, early december however, i know of a few people who have completely finished already! In my opinion this spoils the novelty of xmas although I suppose christmas is very costly and needs to be spread over some time.

            So here goes my christmas wish list for 2009:

            1) Everyone to be happy this year.
            2009 hasn't been a particularly kind year to my family. Redundancies, deaths along with other things have been difficult. Hopefully 2010 will be a better year! Seeing family members happy and healthy is very important which brings me to my next wish...

            2) Good Health
            I wish good health for all my friends and family :) Hopefully everyone has a good 2010 with no major health problems.

            3) Win the lottery ;)
            Maybe we could all have a xmas to remember hey? ok I can dream...

            4) A car
            Since passing my test in July I have been saving for a car well ok been saving for the insurance more like!! Maybe Santa is feeling particulary generous this year and supplies me with a lovely car.

            5) Lots of food
            Yum, the usual xmas food collection. Tins of Roses, nuts, sweets, selection boxes, roast dinner, xmas cake, chocolate log. Ok I admit this is my favourite thing about xmas- the one time of year all the goodies come out! This usually results in everyone lying on the sofa feeling rather sick but still yummy!

            6) Laughter
            I wish that everyone has a good laugh this year, even if it is due to a dodgy present. Laughter is almost always present at my house unless of course we are all asleep after eating too much! :) Boxing day is the day guarenteed for laughter when all the christmas games are brought out.

            Hmm.. now I'm getting stuck,
            7) I hope that everyone likes there presents that they receive off me & if not tough haha. I find some family members so tough to buy for they have pretty much everything and when asked what they would like they tend to say " I don't know" grr that don't help.

            8) I wish for some nice new clothes or preferably vouchers for New Look so I can pick my own :).

            9) A Nintendo Wii with the wii fit. I have been lucky enough to use this at a friends and find it so entertaining. The Wii fit also has health benefits as it weighs you and calculates by your height your BMI (body mass index).

            10) Malibu :) A couple of Malibu & lemonades to celebrate and get into the festive spirit with!

            Those are my own personal top ten wishes, I suppose we all have different wishes amd hopes for christmas and the new year. Whatever you receive for christmas I hope you all have a lovely day and enjoy it with those who mean most to you :) :)


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            • Dell Inspiron 1545 / Laptop / 22 Readings / 20 Ratings
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              16.10.2009 00:12
              Very helpful



              Good, reliable Laptop

              I purchased my first laptop just after christmas 2008. I basically went into Currys unsure of what I wanted & without much knowledge on laptops in general. I was advised to go with the Dell Inspiron 1545 and I must say I have been very impressed with it.

              I bought my laptop for £399 in Currys, excellent value for money in my opinion. The Laptop was for a sale price due to it being Boxing day and had previously been on sale £500.

              - Appearance

              The laptop has a "high gloss " lid which looks very nice however, can be fairly annoying as it shows finger prints and constanly requires cleaning. My laptop is "pacific blue" I could have also chose black or pink. The lid of the laptop is plain with just a "Dell" logo. Opening the lid there is a nice sized screen (15.6 inch) a black keyboard & two stickers stating that it is Windows Vista & has a Core 2 Duo processer. The laptop has a glossy look inside too, which gets covered in finger prints very easily. (A cloth would have been useful). The laptop is fairly light weight and not too big to carry around (for meetings etc).

              - Basics

              The 1545 Inspiron laptop has a dual core processor.

              Intel Celeron Dual Core T3000 (1.8GHz, 800MHz FSB, 1MB L2 Cache)
              3GB 800MHz Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM [1x2048 + 1x1024]
              500GB (5400RPM) Serial ATA Hard Drive
              DVD +/- RW Drive (read/write CD & DVD)
              Intel Integrated GMA 4500MHD

              In addition there are headphone and microphone slots, three USB ports and an ethernet port.

              Windows Vista is installed on the laptop which I found very confusing to use at first and fairly difficult to get used to. Anti-Virus software was half price in Currys at the time: McAfee for £39.99. This was already installed onto the laptop and run out after six months.

              Setting up the laptop was very easy. We already have another laptop set up to the internet so had no problems with the wireless. Since having the laptop I have experienced no problems with it what so ever. I use it almost every day and it never fails to load etc. One small critisism is that the battery life is fairly short, if you are able to keep the laptop plugged in then this is not a problem however, my laptop lasts approximately two hours before the battery dies. A warning light comes on when the laptop has around 22% left, this deteriates until a red light comes on the laptop and within a few minutes the laptop will shut down & will restore any data which may have been lost the next time it is charged.


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              • Lloyds TSB / Bank / 15 Readings / 15 Ratings
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                15.10.2009 23:23
                Very helpful



                Good bank :)

                I have been banking with Lloyds TSB for a few years now. The main reason I initially joined was due to the fact that my parents were also with Lloyds TSB. Unlike most other banks Lloyds Tsb issued me a Visa card compared to a solo which most other banks offer to sixteen year olds.

                Have I found banking with Lloyds TSB?

                Overall I have found banking with Lloyds TSB fairly easy. I receive regular bank statements, they always inform me by post of any changes that they are going to make to my account. I accidentally snapped my card and received a new one within 3 days.

                Lloyds TSB offer a range of cards, debit, credit and also insurances. I simply have a debit card and have no insurance with Lloyds TSB so I cannot comment on this.

                It is easy to keep a track of your money with Lloyds TSB which include methods such as : online banking, instore, Atms, Over the phone & even by text! I personally use online banking and find it very easy to use. When I set up my account I was given a ID and was told to enter a password. You simply go onto www.lloydtsb.com & on the right hand side click "personal log on". It is very simple to follow and is a handy way to keep an eye on your money and also transfer money from one account to another if neccessary. Unlike other banks with Lloyds you do not need to wait for a card reader which you require every time you want to use online banking. In my opinion this is a lot easier and you simply need to remember your password & memorable information.

                - In Store -

                I have only had one minor bad experience with Lloyds Tsb & that was when I was sent a letter requesting that I visited my local branch to discuss which account would be best for me once I finished college. I rang up and confirmed that I would be attending the appointment, only to arrive and be told that I did not need to see one after all and that I already had the best suitable account (classic account).

                - On the phone,

                A few years back I had a problem logging onto my online banking account so I rang up Lloyds TSB. They were very helpful and assisted me in logging into my account. They obviously spent time asking me a number of security questions to ensure that they were speaking to the right person and then gave me a new password. The staff have always been polite and very helpful, giving advice and also explaining things which I may not have understood.

                Overall I feel that Lloyds TSB have been a good bank and am in no hurry to leave them.


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                  16.07.2009 02:21
                  Very helpful



                  Ensure that you are capable

                  Well after sitting my practical driving test just hours ago I am pleased to say that I passed on my first attempt! :) That said however, I have had countless driving lessons and was not willing to attempt the test without feeling comfortable driving the car and capable of completing the manouveres.

                  The best advice I can give to anyone is to: Stay Calm.
                  This isn't exactly what you want to hear (it wasn't what I wanted to hear) but it truely is the best advice.

                  ** What to expect? **

                  Once your practical driving test is confirmed you are likely to be given a time that is fairly odd, for example, mine was 3:27pm. I don't really think the time of day you choose will really make much difference regarding if you pass however, this is personal choice :)

                  Ensure that you have the correct documents with you i.e, Provisional (paper part & the card). You will also need to bring the letter confirming your test time & date. It does state to bring in your theory certificate however, I was not asked for this. If you forget any of these or arrive late then you will not be allowed to sit your test.

                  Personally I found the most nerve wracking part was waiting for the examiner. If you suffer with nerves it may be advisable to use a herbal remedy such as Rescue Remedy. This may help you feel more calm and not worry so much.

                  ** In the car **

                  Once yourself and the examiner are in the car he will ask you two questions regarding the mechanics of the car. You may be required to locate parts under the bonnet. I was asked to explain How I would know if the Powered steering was faulty and also how would I check my tyres for wear and tear. There are a number of possible questions you may be asked so ensure that you know the answer to all of them!

                  I was expecting my examiner to be very scary, but to be honest he was fine. Once I was driving he did speak to me a little, asking questions such as what I was doing, where I worked etc. He didn't speak very much throughout the test however, I still felt comfortable with his presence.

                  It can be very off putting knowing that the examiner is assessing your capability to drive. Therefore I would advise you just to pretend it is your instructor who is sat next to you (if possible).

                  The Practical test costs around £60 which is fairly expensive for a 40 minute test! I was determined to succeed first time around especially as I was unable to afford to pay for a second test!

                  ** Don't Assume You Have Failed **

                  My test was going very well until disaster - he asked me to parrallel park. The manouvere that I had been trying to avoid. Once I realised that the car was not going where I wanted to go I started to panic. I assumed that I would be unable to re-attempt it. Do Not be shy to talk to your examiner. He just simply told me to do what I felt was neccessary within two car lengths. I made the mistake of trying to rush and ended up in a even worse scenario. Luckily however, I managed to pull it off. - Try not to panic & do not try to rush the test, the forty minutes will not go any faster.

                  Arriving back at the test centre I was pleasantly surprised to be told that I had passed with 4 minors. You are allowed up to 15 minors, any more and that results in a fail. If you receive any majors then you fail. If you do anything that your examiner feels is dangerous to yourself or other road users he may terminate your test which is definately a fail.

                  So before your test make sure that you are fully prepared. Familarise yourself with the car, ensure you know how to change settings, work the lights etc. Listen to your instuctor if they feel you need more lessons then chances are you probably do.

                  So... Good Luck :) :)


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                  • Britain's Got Talent / TV Programme / 36 Readings / 35 Ratings
                    More +
                    30.05.2009 19:14
                    Very helpful



                    A brilliant show

                    Finally the end is in sight. Tonight 30/05/09 we will find out who will be crowned the winner of Britains got talent. So does everyone think that Susan Boyle will really be the winner of the show? Hmm.. I'm not so sure, after all there is a large range of acts that also have talent.

                    ** About the show **
                    Britains got talent is aired on itv. It has currently been running for a fairly large number of weeks. The show first starts off with weeks of auditions. The amount of people who genuinely believe that they havre talent is endless. Needless to say some of these auditions are brilliant, funny, strange and plain rubbish!! Lately since the auditions have ended the show has been broadcasted from 8:30pm - 10pm. Straight after the show you can then go on to watch " Britains got More talent" which is hosted by Stephen Mulhern on itv 2. You get the chance to hear off the winner of the previous show that has just been aired on itv.

                    Britains got talent is a talent contest. Basically auditions are held all over the country to find the most talented act/acts of Great Britain. It is a variety show which means that unlike shows such as X Factor anyone can enter. The acts can vary largely for example, a little girl singing to a dancing dog! The prize for winning this contest is £100,000 and you get to perform for the Queen at the Royal Variety Performance. This show has given the opportunity for contestants to change their lives. Does the name's Paul Potts and George Sampson ring any bells? Paul Potts has since sold over 80 million albums since winning this show.

                    Basically to have a place in the final, the acts would have needed to avoid the three "X" above the judges. The individual judges decide whether they feel the act are good or if not press there buzzer. The three judges are Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden. In my opinion all three of these judges are brilliant. At times Simon can be slightly annoying by only being interested in the singing acts after all, this is not X Factor.

                    The hosts of the show are Ant & Dec who are both extremely funny and are excellent hosts. Definately a good watch and is surprinsingly addictive! :)


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                    • What's In Your Bag? / Discussion / 49 Readings / 45 Ratings
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                      05.04.2009 23:05
                      Very helpful



                      Has to be with me everyday :)

                      The amount of stuff that I carry around with me Depends on the bag that I chose to wear each day. Like most I find that the bigger the bag the more 'junk' I carry around with me! I am completing this review based on the bag that I am currently using which is fairly small in size. It is a black bag with a buckle design on the front. I bought this shoulder bag from New Look.

                      ** Ipod **
                      A must for those boring bus journeys first thing in the morning when you cannot be bothered engaging in a conversation with some stranger or listening to other people on the bus. Thinking about it this needs to be updated.

                      ** Purse **
                      I'm not sure why I even bother to carry this around with me as it contains no money anyway! It contains my debit card, provisional driving license, college ID, Boots reward Card, Newlook Card & absolutely no money :( .

                      ** Phone **
                      This is normally left in the bottom of my bag. I'm not one of those who are addicted to their phone much to the amazement of my friends I completely forget about it at times. Hence the two day late replies hehe.

                      ** Diary **
                      This is still in my bag from college. I need my diary to ensure that I do not forget about days off/in or hand in dates for work. This is a tiny 'Me To You' diary which takes up very little space in my bag.

                      ** Pen **
                      I always carry a pen with me as you never know when you need it. Also handy if I need to fill in some information in my diary.

                      ** Chewing Gum **
                      Always found somewhere in my bag. I do like to experiment with the different flavours, last week was strawberry & Lime. This week I have Lemon Trident. I also have a packet of Wrigelys spearmint.

                      ** Hair Brush **
                      A must, especially if I am wearing my hair down. My hair is fairly long and very fine which often results in very knotty hair. Not good!

                      ** Perfume **
                      I normally carry a bottle of perfume around with me. This often varies as I like to use all of my perfume instead of just constantly using the one bottle. At the moment I am using a perfume by Anna Sui.

                      ** Keys **
                      My house key which is attached to a 'Me to You Bear' keyring. This is obviously needed to allow me to be able to enter my house. Otherwise without this key I would most likely be locked out. I also have my memory stick attached to this key. This contains all of my college work, therefore it is rather important to me.

                      So there we are this is the contents of my bag. I don't carry as much as most others instead I try and carry the bare 'essentials'.


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                        04.04.2009 00:17
                        Very helpful



                        Would be VERY bored without!

                        1) Facebook

                        Yes, Yet another person addicted to this social networking site. I have no idea why I am so addicted- I suppose I'm just nosey and like to know what people are up to and browse any new pictures which may have been added. Facebook is free to join and is ideal for keeping in touch with people who live a fair distance away. It is also brilliant for trying to find people, especially as the majority of people have facebook.

                        2) Bebo

                        Yet another social networking website. I used to prefer this as I joined Bebo first. I do however, feel that Bebo is better for those who are younger. Bebo is also free to join and use. It makes keeping in contact with people easier however, be careful with the amount of details that you supply on these pages. Bebo allows you to change the 'skin' of your profile and add images

                        3) Hotmail

                        Hotmail allows me to check out my emails. I have been joined up to hotmail since we had a computer about 8 years and have never experienced any major problems. Lately I have noticed that now and again it will say that the server is too busy to access hotmail however, this is usually sorted within a few hours. Hotmail is usually fairly fast and the layout of the site is easy to follow.

                        4) Dooyoo

                        Dooyoo also has to come in my top ten list. I tend to use dooyoo (like now) if I have a bit of free time or if I am bored. Ifind that once I start typing the time soon goes! Dooyoo also has the added benefits such as Amazon Vouchers, Donations to Charity and Cheques. I first come across DooYoo after searching a product in Google.

                        5) Google

                        This website contains literally every piece of information I could want! I have never been disappointed typing into the search engine- I have always been supplied with information which have been of great use. Google is very easy to use, the layout is simple and it is also very quick.

                        6) Wikipedia

                        Got any questions you need answering? Then wikipedia is the site! Wikipedia usually has an answer for most questions. This could be about anything including health worries. Someone did mention to me that not all this information is correct however, I am not 100% sure.

                        7) Ebay

                        Ebay is a great site for selling those items that are just making clutter around the house. Its amazing to see how some people bid on items which might be 'rubbish' to you. Ebay is great for earning a bit of extra cash or if you are looking for an item at a bargain price. One tip: Paypal fee's are fairly large so try not to use Paypal if possible.

                        8) Youtube

                        Great for listening to music or watching movies. Youtube is free. Lately however, I have noticed that 'this cannot be shown in your country' is on a lot of the music videos. This is fairly annoying however, you are guaranteed to find a song or video.

                        9) National Lottery

                        I purchase my lottery tickets online. I mainly do this so I do not forget to buy a ticket. The website automatically checks your ticket for you and emails you if you win any money. You can also check the ticket youself. The money can be paid straight into your bank account which means that you do not have to take time cashing in the ticket.

                        10) Grab.com

                        Brilliant for when you are sat bored and cannot be bothered doing any work!
                        Grab.com has many games. This includes puzzle, action, adventure etc. You are likely to waste many hours on this site playing the various games.


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                        • Top Ten Sweets / Discussion / 24 Readings / 23 Ratings
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                          03.04.2009 23:51
                          Very helpful



                          Sweet teeth :D

                          My top ten sweets: here goes, the reason that my teeth will rot and one day fall out!! :D

                          1) Parma Violets

                          Little round violet coloured sweets. They smell almost of perfume and have a strong taste to them. The majority of people I know hate these- good news for me as I dont have to share hehe. Yes, I was one of them children who used to pretend that that these sweets were infact 'tablets' and that I needed to eat them in order to get better (I wasn't ill in the first place).

                          2) Black Currant and Liquorice

                          Hard boiled sweets that are purple in colour. These tend to taste of blackcurrant mainly until you bite into the shell to reveal that liqourice centre. These sweets are ideal if you are hungry and trying not to snack too much as they last for ages.

                          3) Gobstoppers

                          I used to purchase one of these every saturday. The gobstobbers were so big they wouldnt fit into my hand. Costing 50 pence. However, I did get banned from purchasing these after I accidentally swallowed one whilst it was still too large which resulted in me choking. Luckily my dad was near to retrieve it! Even after this incident I still love them!

                          4) Jelly Tots

                          Yes, they are aimed at children however, I still love them. The black and reds are the best flavours. The best part about Jelly Tots is the sugar that has gathered at the bottom of the pack which I eat after all the sweets are eaten. My poor teeth!

                          5) Haribo

                          The best versions of Haribo are the 'Original Mix' and the 'Kiddie Mix'. They do sell a Tangfastic variety. The sweets are rather sour- too sour for me. I dont have that much of a sweet tooth!

                          6) Bananas

                          The soft foamy bananas that can usually be purchased in Pic n Mixes. They are bright yellow and have a soft texture. Must have as part of a pic & mix!

                          7) Teeth & Lips

                          A mixture of both teeth and lips in one packet. The teeth are made of 'foam'. The lips are bright red and are like jelly. I used to try and pretend that they were infact my real teeth and lips haha.

                          8) Aniseed Balls

                          Usually bought on the way home after school. Purchasing 50pence worth. Aniseed balls are small brown balls. They are solid and I never managed to bite them & break them. Instead you need to suck them until they get smaller. They would change colour after some time in your mouth and would eventually end up white!

                          9) Black Jacks

                          Long bars. Completely black. Usually used to leave me with black teeth, lips and tongue! Could never deny eating a Black Jack. They used to cost just 10 pence however, I think they now cost 15 pence which is also very reasonable.

                          10) Drumstick Lollies

                          These used to be sold at a standard size for 5pence. Now however you can buy 'Super size' ones for around 25-30 pence. These are cream and pink and used to last some time. They are chewy and make your teeth stick together.


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                          • Hula Hoops / Snacks / 53 Readings / 52 Ratings
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                            17.02.2009 22:18
                            Very helpful



                            Lovely tasting crisps

                            Hula Hoops are 3D shaped crisps. They are ringed shaped and are a golden-ish colour. Hula Hoops have been released in many different flavours including Salt & Vinegar, Ready Salted, Cheese & Onion & BBQ Beef. Recently I have come across the corn version of Hula Hoops which also taste great and come in flavours such as Nacho Cheese & Chilli Salsa. These are a lot lighter then the Hula Hoops which I will be reviewing. Hula Hoops were first produced in 1973 and are definately still going strong now! They were produced by KP Snacks.

                            Hula Hoops can be bought individually or in multi-packs. Multi-packs are generally better value for money. I recently paid £1.35 for a packet of 7 from Sommerfield. Individually the packets of crisps cost around 40-50p however, this can vary depending on where you buy them from.

                            The packaging that Hula Hoops come in is slightly different to the one shown above ^^ this could be due to them recently advertising the fact that they are better nutritionally for us then ever before. The crisps come in brightly coloured packets. The BBQ Beef- Brown packets, Cheese & Onion- Green packets, Salt & Vinegar- Blue packets & Ready Salted- Red packets. This makes the crisps particularly eye catching whilst on a shelf in a shop.

                            Original Hula Hoops (salted) contains 129 calories. They also contain 0.8g of protein, 15.4g of carbohydrates, 7.1g of fat, 0.5g of fibre and 0.2g of Sodium. These values vary between flavours. Hula Hoops are cooked in sunflower oil and do not have any artificial colours or flavours.

                            I personally find that due to the thickness and shape of the crisp they full me up a lot more then others such as Walkers. This is definately good as it prevents me from tucking into a second packet! The bag contains a far amount of crisps which are definately good value for money. The crisps are very crunchy and can be a little loud when first chewing them.

                            Definately one of the nicer types of crisps out there!


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                            • Walkers Ready Salted Crisps / Snacks / 59 Readings / 58 Ratings
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                              09.02.2009 22:48
                              Very helpful



                              Great crisps.

                              I am currently reviewing a multi-pack version of Walkers ready salted crisps. The crisps can also be bought individually and are bigger in size then the multi-pack sizes which are 25g. It works out a lot cheaper to buy a multi-pack of these crisps. Individually the crisps can cost around 40-50p, obviously varying depending on where you buy them.


                              Well the packaging of the crisps are exactly the same as the picture above this review ^^. The packet is bright red which makes is very easy in the morning to just grab a packet without having to spend time reading the labels. Cheese & onion has bright blue & Salt & Vinegar has bright green etc. This is definately handy.

                              Opening the packet of crisps I am met with the smell of the crisps. Unlike flavours such as cheese & onion the smell is not overpowering or too strong which definately makes it better when in work for example, when it is not possible to brush your teeth! Haha...

                              I don't know If this is just me being greedy but the packets these days do not seem to contain as many crisps as they used to. However the crisps that are there taste lovely. You can definately taste the salt on the crisps. It is not too much but it is definately enough to give the crisps some flavour. I find that this flavour in particular is rather greasy. The crisps are greasier then other flavours and I often find that I want a drink after eating these crisps.

                              These crisps are definately more-ish which means that I have to ensure that I only have the one packet!! This is especially important as they contain a few more calories then most other Walker variety crisps.

                              A 25g packet of crisps contains: 133 calories

                              * They contain no artificial colours, are suitable for vegetarians & coeliacs.


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                                09.02.2009 14:19
                                Very helpful



                                Hmm maybe I am a tiny bit strange LOL!

                                Okay.. Well after reading some of these reviews I got a little scared by the fact that many people actually consider themselves "strange" yet sound exactly like me!! I suppose this therefore also makes me very strange.
                                Hmm.. Well I don't really know where to start, I mean I have never considered myself to be strange until today, I thought that everyone did pretty much the same... obviously not so here goes!..

                                1) I can only eat jaffa cakes in a certain way. I mean I cannot just put the whole thing into my mouth and eat it- what a waste! Instead I have to eat the spongey bit then remove all the chocolate off the top of it. This then leaves me with the jelly bit that was within the jaffa cake. I then eat this orange flavoured piece of jelly on its own.. Mmmm. Every one thinks i'm odd for this & that I spend far too much time on one jaffa cake but it is the only way I can eat them.

                                2) Before I leave the house I have to check that all electrical items are turned off, the doors are locked and everything is where it should be. Ok, this probably sounds pretty normal to most however, I have often had to do this check up to three times "just in case". I always fear that I have left something on and a fear could start.

                                3) I cannot stand the lighting in supermarkets. When ever I go shopping I always leave with a headache regardless of how easy the trip was. The orangey lighting hurts my eyes & I just cannot stand it.

                                4) I hate the smell of bacon & also sausages cooking.It makes me feel physically sick. I have to leave the house if anyone decides to cook either bacon or sausage (or worse both). I also cannot stand to eat either of these.

                                5) I eat strange combinations of food at times (mainly after a drink). This christmas I discovered chocolate cake and pickled onions Mmm. Ok this may sound a little disgusting but the sweetness of the cake and the bitterness of the pickles balanced out the taste. Yummy

                                Okay.. after reading this list I'm quite scared at how strange I am sounding I could definately go on further but think that I had better stop!! :)


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