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Member since: 19.02.2011

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      19.02.2011 15:19
      1 Comment



      £185 fine for parking my car whils having a drink,,,,, your having a laugh white rabbit,, disgusting

      I would like to draw people's attention to what is going on at the "White Rabbit" pub in Maidstone.

      I am a local resident who lives very close to the "White rabbit pub". I drink and eat in the establishment at least once every 2 weeks, usually with 3 or four friends, sometimes more(or rather used to).
      I have done this for over 8 years on a regular basis. That's about £400 per month! Regular money.

      On Sunday I went to the white rabbit pub for drinks with friends. After which I decided to leave my car in the car park over night, because I wanted to be a good citizen and didn't want to drink and drive. I have done this for many years.
      On Monday morning when picking up the vehicle, I was surprised to find out I'd been clamped. The Hired hand demanded £185.00 from me, and threatened to tow the vehicle away.

      I feel this pub is penalising local customers for spending their hard earned money in the "white rabbit" pub.

      With this kind of attitude I don't think the "white rabbit pub" deserves paying customers.
      I have tried to discuss the issue with the management who are not interested and say tough luck.

      I will never visit this establishment again and neither will any of my friends.

      I feel this kind of business should be illegal and feel that everyone should know how this pub is operating.

      I do have a right to my opinion and, I would advise everyone to steer clear of the "White rabbit pub" in Maidstone unless you don't mind paying the £185.00 fee to get your vehicle out of their car park after you've had a quick pint.


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