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      05.08.2005 01:18
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A cracking printer that does its job VERY WELL.

      Having previously had a HP 1100 Inkjet at work, i loved it so much i bought one for home, the price of these printeres are a little high, but in my opinion its quite worth the extra money.

      The set up and installation of the printer is very easy and so to is replacing the inks and heads should you need too.

      I have owned a HP1100 for over 12 months now, Printing virtually every day and approx 20 sheets a day. I am only on my 2nd second of inks, you do get ink to start with when purchasing the machine but somewhat 30% of a full cartridge.

      If you do buy HP inks which I would recommend, these can be around £20 per cartridge... be warned though, there are 4 cartridges...

      If you run a business from home or you need a better quality printer for what ever reason then I highly recommend the HP1100. Ive never had a problem with it apart from paper jamming but the way in which the printer is designed, its easy to get at anything that may be stuck. The LED lights on the machine are also intuitive to potential problems, like running out of ink, or fully ran out of ink or no paper, a great little feature.

      I replaced one cartridge not so long ago and had a slight problem with it, the reason was it wasnt HP ink, i used a cheap substitute, HP help desk were EXTREMELY helpful and phoned me back within 10 minutes of logging a problem with them, but this error was my own, i used an unsuitable ink.

      The inks are coded, so are easy to reorder, but there are many kinds of HP 1100 so take care when ordering the right ink.

      Overall the printer is quite big and bulky, its bigger than my 17" monitor, but the job it does is fantastic and it does it well, very fast print outs in draft mode, approx 20 - 25 per min. (more for colour)

      If you only print out every now and then, this may be too much for you and would advise you not too purchase one, this printer is for printing, and its not happy if it isnt printing :D - a true beast in the printing world.

      I purchased one for around £150 just over 12 months ago and have never looked back!.

      Printing on different types of paper too can help with the ink usage, currently im printing on glossy setting, whilst printing on normal photocopier paper, this tells the printer to use lesser ink due to the fact it thinks its printing on glossy.

      The print on all papers and accetates dries quickly within reason, a few seconds is enough, printing at high resoultion will take time, but its well worth the 2 minute wait.

      Since learning more about the printer, you can buy compatible inks off ebay for a fraction of the price, i can vouch for these as Im currently using 2 of them in my printer without any adverse effects... An £80 ink bill is now about £25 ink bill (FOR ALL 4 CARTRIDGES) when bought through ebay. There are so many ink sellers on ebay you will find one that is right for you and the sellers are very helpful to let you know your buying the right ones.

      Keep on printing and dont look back with HP1100


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      • Slam Man / Sports Equipment / 21 Readings / 17 Ratings
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        05.08.2005 00:57
        Very helpful



        Great bit of fun, if you can afford it, this will keep you entertained for ohhh, minutes! ;P

        Having owned several punch bags in my time and having a few hundred quid burning in my pocket for a bit of a boys toy!, One of my work colleauges told me he had just purchased this slam man!... This lead me on to seeing why this toy cost him £284...

        On first impression the slam man looks hysterical, only when you say "Hang on, thats for real", do you take its function seriously... I wee'd myself when I saw what my work mate had brought (he was a big overweight at the time) you had to be there I guess...

        The slam man comes in 2 parts, the torso and the base, the torso then attaches to the base, once you fill the base with sand, once you plug the computer in its ready to use. There are 2 entry points into which you can pour sand into the base.

        The slam man is a life size model resembling a torso, featuring a computerised system with integrated lights within the body. The computer is situated at the bottom of the torso (groin area) so you can see your statistics.

        The torso is adjusted to the height you want ranging from around 5 ft 6", - 6ft 6" by lowering a catch at the back of the slam man.

        What are these LEDs/Lights?
        There are lights Integrated, or shall i say moulded into the slam man, 2 lights represent the eyes, 1 light for the nose, 1 light for the mouth, and a series on the chest of the torso... These give the impression the torso has a face and body, these are approximately match box sized and recessed into the mould...

        Whats the computer for?
        The computer has several setting allowing you to train to a certain pattern. If the light lights up on the slam man, your objective is to punch the light until it goes out, depending on the strength setting which you can adjust by a little wheel at the bottom of the torso, depends on how hard you have to hit the light for it to go out. (this can take some effort - ha ha ha) This computer itself takes 2 pencil batteries. (AA - I think) and it features an auto shut off so it doesnt drain the batteries when your on the floor passed out! :P

        The computer will randomly light up lights on the slam man, you have to follow the computer, data is then recorded and statistics are given following the programme you selected. telling you how many punches you have thrown, how long you have been punching etc.

        What are these programmes?
        The slam man has 3 modes, and 5 levels for each mode, the levels indicate what speed the lights are animated, the higher the level, the faster the lights appear, (remember its your job to follow them by punching them!!! - This is somewhat exhausting :P even after 10 secs!!!)

        The modes are the programmes in which you can train differently, you can set it to allow you to punch harder to knock the light out before getting your next light to punch out, or you can set it to randomly display lights for a quick burn out session, (meaning, leaving you in a heap on the floor dying!)

        All these programmes are timed, so you can work out for a specific time, or to calculate how long it takes you to realise your unfit... no joking 10 secs was my limit! :P (at first)

        What do I like about it?
        Well its a true boys toy. There's no real need for it, a punch bag is just as good, yes the computer makes it all fancy and more fun, but when all said and done i just want to hit something, im not bothered about how long for!...

        Mine sat in the living room for a while in the corner, I grew quite attached to it, I even put a dress on it and it became a member of our household... oh by the way, the lights are LEDs, and yes, they do light up... turn the living room lights out at night and turn the slam man on and you have one very scary monster looking at you, especially if its wearing a dress ;)

        The slam man itself is quite big and would need no less than 10 ft sq to use fully... It can with stand ANY punch without falling over, but it does rock, so this is why the space is needed and depending on your flooring can move about abit when punched vigourously.

        Its made of tough black plastic and a softer plastic in key panels to the torso where the LED's are embedded, you can punch this all you like, you aint gonna break it!... I tried!... no chance...

        What dont I like about the slam man...
        It took 5 bags of sand to fill the slam man, well over 4 hours to fill it... so be warned, the holes to pour the sand into are small and i ended up using a funnel and cup, my work mate had to do it like this too, it took him the same time also...

        If you are filling with sand make sure its 100% dry, or it will clog up and you will feel like you are putting a grain of sand in at a time :( dry sand will take minutes not hours to fill.

        Once filled with dry sand, pour some water into it, as much as you can... This will make it even more heavier and sturdier.

        The slam man is a professional product my gym has one of these and charges £3 per 5 minutes to use... Trust me 5 minutes is long enough... :P

        It can take a punch as mentioned above and as long as you have the room, a garage is ideal, then this will always outlast yourself... I did try kicking it, (properly) and you can kick box with it, if you can kick someone's head or chest that is... if you cant, doenst matter just use your fists, if you can dont tell me, i'll only feel less superior :P

        Overall a bloody good bit of kit for the professionals and consumers... Great talking point, and very handy with its computer programmes too. Never had a problem with it, im still using the batteries it came with...

        Come with training golves (one size fits all)

        This is a heavy item so expect a postage charge if ordering... I paid an extra £20 for saturday delivery.

        How much is it?
        Well ive owned my slam man now for over 2 years and i paid £284 for it from www.boysstuff.co.uk ;) -

        They are currently on ebay for £240 (Buy it now) or if you want to wait for a bargain, ive seen them go for under £100!!!...

        This item is heavy so if you do buy second hand make sure you have at least 3 strong friends with you when collecting, or else forget it... it weighs nearly 300lb when filled.

        An estate car is also advantageous, i dont think a fiesta ect will do the transport job, unless it sits out of the sunroof!, now that has got to be seen!... (dont forget the dress though!)


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          04.08.2005 01:17



          What Kleeneze can offer you!

          My partner and I have been an independent kleeneze distributors now for 12 months. And we easily pay our mortgage each month with the money we make building our kleeneze business.

          Kleeneze is growing from strength to strength year on year. Launching in Holland last year and soon europe. Imagine that, a kleeneze catalgoue in germany! WOW.

          On the surface it can look a bit of a scam at first, but i trusted the people I had met and asked loads of questions. My boss recommended me to Kleeneze, he too himself was a distributor, I didnt get it, my manager delivering catalogues, he showed me how much he made and just like they say... "the rest is history". We joined.

          Starting your own business will always take hard work and the system will reward you for your efforts, it will pay you exactly what you are worth.

          It is a network marketing company, founded over 80 years ago and is british. Kleeneze are also a founder member of the Direct Selling Assosiation.

          So what does Kleeneze offer to people.
          The realistic chance to earn what most company executives earn and more!, some of our team members earn over £50,000 every 4 weeks. EVERY 4 WEEKS. Grrrrrrr

          Its simple to earn £50 a week, and even £200. This is easily achievable from week 1.

          £200 - £500 are a common place and most distributors that start earn this amount straight away,

          Many distributors though have incomes of 4 figures for part time work... proof of incomes are always available...

          So, With flexible hours, no boss, work as many hours as you want, gain friends, build a business from home, residual income, more holidays, etc... you can see why we joined up!.

          So what have we done in the last 12 months???
          Since joining kleeneze we always knew it would be hard work, but its not that hard to deliver a catalogue. We liked the payment structure of kleeneze, and the flexibility of when we worked, afterall we are not shy of a little hard work, especially when theres money involved :P

          Every month we have earned over £200. From month one as well, Our highest was £500. Our average is £375 every 4 weeks, This is for about 10 hours work a week. It really helps and pays the mortgage without us having to dip into our main wage... it now feels like im saving and making money rather than always having none. It really does work if you work and the extra money, well its already had a change in our lives.

          So how much work do you have to do?
          We work 10 hours per week and this is broken down into the following:

          Friday we drop 200 Catalgoues. (2 hours)
          Monday we pick up the 200 catalgoues (2 hours)
          tuesday we collect the catalogues not picked up on monday. (1 hour)
          Friday we deliver the orders (2 hours)

          the other time is spent recycling the catalogues ready to put out again, so all in all about 10 hours work per week. plus a little bit extra here and there, This will earn you about £200 per month even from month 1. The more you do the more you earn, its simple.

          There is a system in place on how Kleeneze works and its like anything at first, takes a bit of learning and understanding, but you slowly see the bigger picture and boy is it exciting!. Just follow the system and you will have a successful kleeneze business... Full training is provided across the country and the people we have met have been tremendous.

          How much does it cost to run your business?
          You do have to purchase your catalogues priced at £28 for 50. This includes every suppliment in the catalogue packs, so in essense 50 packs. These can be used approx 10 times, they do get ripped and torn, and the ocassional dog will decide to have a "how fast can i destroy this" fit... :P by distributing your catalogues and getting a customer base of customers who do repeatidly buy from you.

          Its hard work but gets easier the more you stick at it. Were now in our 1st year and we now earn more money for the same amount of work we were doing last year, due to us now only delivering our 200 catalogues to people that do order with us... (200 x £10) = £2,000 of sales... not bad for 10 hours work.

          How do you get paid?
          As a distributor you will earn 21% of everything you sell... The more you sell the more you can earn, we have bonus structures in place, on reaching these bonus levels you will then receive an extra % of everything you have sold. This bonus cheque is paid into your account every month, and the other 21% you take when your customer pays for the goods.

          What are the disadvantages...
          well, it rains, might sound silly, but rain and paper.... ewww, you do looks catalgoues, and these have to be bought for!. You meet all sorts of people, some nice some not so nice, but thats just there nature. Its also very hard work to begin with as you learn new things, but its well worh it, our business is growing from strength to strength.

          Why did you join?
          Well Kleeneze also offers a residual income plan, teach others how to run a successful kleeneze by following the system and kleeneze will pay you another bonus cheque for everything they do...


          you sell £800 worth of sales (easily done)

          Teach 10 other people how to do that and you have a group sales of £8,000, you then not only earn 21% of your £200, but you are now entitled to an extra % of £8,000.

          Eventually you end up being paid for teaching others... you get a percentage on everything they sell and any people they introduce into the business.

          Its quite impossible to teach you how all this works, and It really cant be explained in text.

          For more information try visiting www.kleeneze.net
          or call the Kleeneze Service Centre:

          UK - 08703 33 66 88
          ROI - 01248 22 22

          NL - 0800 023 2517

          Kleeneze UK Limited
          St Ivel Way.
          BS30 8TY.
          United Kingdom

          Alternatively if you would like some more information please visit my website www.findouthow.co.uk for all details. This is my Kleeneze Opportunity site.

          Kleeneze - It works if you work


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            03.08.2005 22:04
            Very helpful


            • Reliability
            • Reliability


            Comfortable in handling, superbly designed, very easy to use.

            Having owned various digital cameras in the past from cheap £30 - £99 ones, I dived in and purchased a good one that would hopefully last a life time.

            The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-F717 was my choice after reading tremendous reviews raving about its features. I hadn't read one review that didn't recommend this camera, so I kept my ears and eyes open and purchased one off ebay.

            The Sony camera is a little expensive but hopefully I can justify the costs and why I would always recommend this camera first to anyone who asks me about "GOOD" digital cameras.

            By no means am I a digital camera boffin, nor do I protest that I use all the features it has. Truth be known, until I need to use them, I don't use them. The standard default settings alone are good enough for me to download the picture and say "that will do" and be happy with the result - being a designer, I'm not happy at low quality, so this in itself warrants my pleasure with this camera.

            Ok, here is a list of this camera's capabilities...

            Camera Type: Digital SLR
            Hence the cost - but well worth it

            Resolution: 5 Mega pixels
            Great pictures at great quality, There are additional setting to enhance the picture also, with contrast/sharpness/brightness controls in the menu.

            Flash: YES
            Pop up Flash built in. Possible additional external socket available. You can force the flash to flash or set to automatic and the camera will determine whether it needs the flash or not.

            Focus: YES
            Both auto and manual, Manual focusing is easy and feels natural in handling and focusing at the same time, the auto focus is superb as you would expect with Sony.

            Lens Aperture: F/2.0 - 2.4
            hmm, I think this allows more light into the subject - never had need to adjust settings.

            Video: YES 16 frames per second
            This outputs your movie clips in MPG format 320 x 240 • 160 x 120 • 160 x 112 , so far I have taken video clips well into the 3rd minute at low resolution - higher the resolution and this will still easily take clips reaching 2 minutes depending on your storage space - [please see memory note below]

            Saves pictures as GIF, JPEG, TIFF - 640 x 480 • 2560 x 1920 • 2048 x 1536 • 1280 x 960

            12cm Wide, 7cm Heigh, 15.5cm Deep. (I measured it myself :P)

            696g - This is quite a heavy camera, in comparison, it's approx 2/3 the weight of a bag of sugar - so quite heavy but very stable and easily manageable)

            Special Effects: B+W, Negative, Sepia -
            Cool functions, but would never need to "Negative" any photos I take, but they do look cool, the sepia function is the most useful to me as this merges your photo over a short time frame, so your object looks blurred - more exciting than I make out here though)

            Battery Time: 2 hours 45 Mins - This is excellent on battery time, this is standard I would say, but mine can run alot longer, a lot longer!!! by adjusting a few basic settings, such as not displaying it on the 1.8" LCD display and viewing my objects through the View finder instead.

            Digital Zoom: 5X
            Now this is good!!!, this really does zoom close and clearly pick hairs out, or it can produce a landscape picture. Excellent for close up photography work. Especially with the added macro function... this really does take photos of not only a garment, but the stitching too!!! unbelievable

            Memory: Depends on your purchase... (buying one with 32Mb can save you a little) I had 128mb therefore I personally get 51 images at high res, this is 2048 x 1536 which i would say is way to big... wayyyy toooo bigggg, or 1,829 images at low resolution being 320 x 240 - ok but quite small, great for photo albums though. So storage space is plenty if you download regulary. Memory card, Slides in the back.

            White Balance: Automatic
            This little function will adjust the amount of light needed for the photo, (Sony, they think of everything).

            Night Vision
            WOW, what a feature this is great fun, to describe it would be to say, it creates light when there is no light using its 2 infra red beams. In complete darkness turning the camera into night vision allows you to see everthing. If you have ever seen wildlife documentaries of night vision, this is exactly what it is. Absolutely amazing. Be warned its scary stuff.

            Additonal Extras:
            Tripod Mount, Built in microphone (which is excellent, be careful though, it picks up everything ;) ) built in speaker, self timer which is 10 secs, viewfinder (view your object through the lens), red eye reduction, so many to detail, but the ones I have missed please take as standard.

            Using the camera and software provided:
            Very easy, I personally didnt have to do anything to install it apart from putting the CD in, XP did it for me, even on a 98 or 2000 it is very simple and nothing out of the norm. I have done this on my work PC which was Win 2000 without a glitch. The pictures are simply saved as a JPG (or your choosing) to a folder it creates using your USB port. (Mine creates an E: Drive named "SONY" when I turn the camera on. And that's it, drag and drop your photos to your hard drive. Easy.

            Carrying case - this is really good qaulity, made of leather and really tough, very comfy to carry also. The camera strap looks the part too, but it does advertise the camera your carrying with "SONY" all over it :P.

            Photo Edit Suite:
            Mine came with this and I would say its very easy to use with big buttons on what you want the picture to do, ie, Sharpen, Brightness, Blur, Remove Red eye etc. Very rare would I have to adjust in this software programme as I find the picture is of top quality to begin with, but these functions can help improve the picture more if so desired.

            OK the important part... COSTS.
            This camera came out in 2002 i believe, and since then it has really come down in price, I have seen this on Ebay around the £360 mark, but this is cheap, I have also seen them advertised at £1,000. Very rarely though. I personally paid £240 for mine. I waited and found a bargain! :D

            Most Camera dealers are familiar to this camera too, should anything go wrong with it, so it wont cost you a fortune in the unhappy event to get it fixed. Once you own one of these, you need not ever look at buying another ever. (as long as it still works of course).

            I must say this is more than I intended to write and apologise for its lenthyness, but I also hope this justifies the camera and its costs, photo quality can be provided if you really are looking to buy this camera and I would happily email some over to you if needed :o)

            An expensive toy, but boy will you be happy with it. :)


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            • Jungle Book / Snow White (DVD) / DVD / 18 Readings / 11 Ratings
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              02.08.2005 20:41



              Snowhite the best animation by Disney

              Well I have been a fan now of snow white and the seven dwarfs for sometime now, from a child when my mother bought me a bottle of coke (that was a lot in them days) and we watched the snow white movie in the back room of a working mens pub, it was a real treat i can tell you.

              Anyway, snowhite not only captures the "princess" state of childrens dreams, but it also capulated the very true essence of what Disney could do at the time with animation.

              The animation of snow white is truely the best by disney by a long shot, and the accuracy in which the movie is drawn is breath taking if you know what you are looking for, no other animation has ever come close to the quality in this movie, which is a shame as I believe they started to mass produce artwork for these films after snowhite was made.

              The storyline is briliant and will grip any youngster new to snowhite, the 7 drawfs are independently full of character and you cant help but have your facourite dwarf.

              The plot let me feeling sad at times with the evil witch sending snowhite to sleep for 100 years, as a child i thought this was true and avoided all people that resembled the witch I saw in the movie (including my gran).

              The true romance of the film ends the story on a high and the tears soon start to dry up, running time of this film is approx 90 mins, and is featured in colour, rated U.

              I have stumbled across a lot of snowhite films, short versions, b+w versions, if you are looking to watch snowhite, then i would suggest the original version by Disney available at most high streets or online shops... I would list these, but you will already have heard of amazon etc. Ebay occassionally has them, grab your self a bit of true movie time magic and sit back and admire how the animators used to portray a cartoon!... No Computer graphics here, pure bliss!.


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              • Rocky (Box Set) (1991) (DVD) / DVD / 22 Readings / 19 Ratings
                More +
                02.08.2005 16:04



                Great acting and stroy line, makes you want to pick up the gloves yourself

                Rocky Balboa is a small-time boxer who lives in an apartment in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and his career has so far not gotten off the canvas. Rocky earns a living by collecting debts for a loan shark named Gazzo, but Gazzo doesn't think Rocky has the viciousness it takes to beat up deadbeats. Rocky still boxes every once in a while to keep his boxing skills sharp, and his ex-trainer, Mickey, believes he could've made it to the top if he was willing to work for it. Rocky, who has a dog, goes to a pet store that sells pet supplies, and this is where he meets a young woman named Adrian, who is extremely shy, with no ability to talk to men. Rocky befriends her. Adrian's brother Paulie, who works for a meat packing company, is thrilled that someone has become interested in Adrian, and Adrian spends Thanksgiving with Rocky. Later, they go to Rocky's apartment, where Adrian explains that she has never been in a man's apartment before. Rocky sets her mind at ease, and they become lovers. Current world heavyweight boxing champion Apollo Creed comes up with the idea of giving an unknown a shot at the title. Apollo checks out the Philadelphia boxing scene, and chooses Rocky. Fight promoter Jergens gets things in gear, and Rocky starts training with Mickey. After a lot of training, Rocky is ready for the match, and he wants to prove that he can go the distance with Apollo.

                ROCKY II
                In the aftermath of his celebrated match with World Heavyweight Champion Apollo Creed, Rocky Balboa enjoys his success, and the money he earned from the match, which was declared a draw, and the heavyweight championship didn't change hands. He marries his fiancee Adrian, buys her an expensive fox fur, a sports car for himself, and a large new home. When a projected stint in TV commercials fails because he is unable to remember his lines and cannot read the 'dummy boards' being held for him, an embarrassed Rocky is forced to work for the meat packing company that Adrian's brother Paulie works for. When Rocky later gets laid off from the meat packing company, Adrian, who is now pregnant, tries to support them by continuing to work in the pet shop. Rocky believes he has no future as a boxer and accepts a menial job at the gym run by his former trainer Mickey. Apollo, angered by repeated taunts that his fight with Rocky was fixed, is eager for a high-profile rematch with Rocky to prove that the match was a fluke. Adrian is against it, and doctors have warned Rocky that with his injured eye, another fight could seriously damage his eyesight. With the family resources declining and his pride wounded, Rocky decides that fighting is all he knows how to do, and he makes the decision to get back in the ring with Apollo. Adrian's lack of support affects Rocky's training, much to Mickey's dismay. When Adrian lapses into a coma after giving birth to a baby boy named Rocky Balboa Jr, Rocky stops training. After Adrian later emerges from the coma and tells Rocky to beat Apollo, Rocky resumes his training. Adrian's love for Rocky is selfless, and Rocky, who feels the same way, is determined to win the title from Apollo this time.

                ROCKY III
                Having defeated boxer Apollo Creed twice, Rocky now finds himself in an excellent position to take it easy for a while. He develops a great friendship with Creed and spends more time with his wife. However, when he gets defeated by newcomer Clubber Lang, no one wants to know him any more. Only Creed manages to persuade Rocky to organise a re-match.

                ROCKY IV
                Heavyweight boxing champion Rocky Balboa accompanies his friend Apollo Creed, who will be in a match against Ivan Drago, a Russian boxer who has been scientifically trained, using high tech equipment. When Drago kills Apollo in the match, Rocky blames himself for Apollo's death, and promises to get revenge on Drago in the ring, in the name of Apollo and the United States. Against the wishes of his wife Adrian, Rocky is off to the USSR to take on Drago, and hires Apollo's former manager Duke to help him prepare for the fight. While Drago enhances his amazing punching power using high-tech equipment, Rocky toughens up under the guidance of Duke in a compound in the frozen Soviet countryside, with his mind set on destroying Drago.

                ROCKY V
                World boxing champion Rocky Balboa returns to Philadelphia fter defeating Ivan Drago in a boxing match.soon discovers that his match with Drago has left him with damage to his brain, and his fortune, which he had entrusted to his wife Adrian's brother Paulie, has been squandered by an incompetent accountant. In debt to the IRS, Rocky is forced to sell most of his possessions, including his mansion. Rocky, Adrian, and their son Rocky Balboa Jr, move back to Rocky's old neighborhood in South Philadelphia. Adjustment to the dramatically different lifestyle proves to be more difficult for Rocky Balboa Jr than it is for Rocky and Adrian. Junior quickly becomes involved with a bad crowd, and encounters a bully. Meanwhile, financially desperate Rocky is tempted to re-enter the ring when shady promoter George Washington Duke offers him a huge amount of money to defend his title. Adrian insists that Rocky not risk his life by returning to the ring. Rocky's financial future looks bleak, until he is approached by a young boxer named Tommy "Machine" Gunn, who idolizes Rocky and begs Rocky to help him train. Rocky agrees to train Tommy, but this hurts Rocky's relationship with Junior, who believes Rocky is neglecting him in favor of Tommy. Junior becomes even more deeply involved with the bad crowd that he has fallen into. Junior even undergoes training and beats up the bully who was harassing him. After Tommy wins his first few matches, he starts becoming arrogant. When Tommy, who wants a high profile match against a champion, arrogantly decides that Rocky is not moving him up quickly enough, an impatient Tommy turns his back on Rocky and hires Duke as his new manager. While this gives Rocky and Junior the chance they need to work things out with each other, Tommy wins a belt, and still doesn't have the respect that he's arrogantly looking for because fans always boo him. Duke tells Tommy that the only way to get the respect Tommy wants would be to beat Rocky one-on-one, so Duke and Tommy find Rocky at a bar, and Tommy challenges Rocky to a street fight that may put Rocky's life on the line. But im sure you know what happens.

                This is a superb film and has already made history in its own right, If you are a fan of boxing, or just like to watch a gutsy underdog film with great acting from Talia Shire and Carl Weathers, then this film is a must, personally Id buy this regardless of the price. But then again I do have rocky pictures all over my house. :)


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                  02.08.2005 15:47



                  Mario Sunshine - get the instructions :P

                  I must admit im one of the those people that buys a game, and immediately just plays it with out reading the instructions, (you know who you are)... I like to judge a game on wether its self explanatory as to what I have to do, with Maria Sunchine, I did have to read the instructions :( so its not really that intuitive, this can get a bit fustrating when you seem to spend hours trying to figure out what your supposed to be doing... The game play is addictive be warned. The characters are very well thought of and the whole game itself is incredibly infectious. If your anything like me, you will see the early hours of the morning with this game. Great fun for all ages, young and old. Wouldnt like to pay the full price though, its a must buy if you see one second hand.


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                    02.08.2005 15:39
                    Not Helpful



                    Great for all ages, puzzles and tasks, but annoying music

                    Ive played Zelda a few times now and apart from the annoying music (turn TV down) Its great, The story line keep you amused with the inclusion of little tasks which you have to beat/finish to progress. Great for youngsters too. Almost looks like a saturday morning TV programme in its cartoon state, The puzzles do get harder as you progress and you will be screaming at the TV that it cant be done... but after a while you get to think like Zelda does and you wont be able to wait for the next level, well i couldnt anyway! :P


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