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Member since: 15.09.2011

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    • Kwik Fit / Transport / 11 Readings / 11 Ratings
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      15.09.2011 20:56



      Only one visit there, but they got the job done and had a positive attitude.

      I went to KwikFit at Knights Hill in South London to get a new battery - I had suffered a flat battery and knew it needed replacing (8 years old). This KwikFit team were helpful and knowledgable, explained what they were doing, had the part ion stock and fitted it promptly. They also took time to show me how to take off some of the interior casing so that I could change a bulb - they didn't have to do this as they did not actually have the bulb needed - they showed me what to do so I could get the bulb from Halfords and do the job myself. They even refused a tip for their work.

      I have had terrible experience at other KwikFits but these guys seemed to know what they were doing, at least for a battery change. I would go to them again for their advice and opinion.


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