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      04.10.2009 16:05
      Very helpful
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      Overall not a good product - Steer clear!

      Another makeup review for me. This time Urban Decay. So as most of you know, I have worked in makeup and skincare for a year or so now. I love trying and testing things, as I have extremely high standards as to what I regularly wear on my skin. I have worked for a few big name brands, from Maxfactor and Olay to time on Chanel and Dior. The first time I used Urban Decay was actually when a friend of mine in a store I was working at, decided to give me a dramatic make-over.

      It was my partners work do (the first one in his new job), so I wanted to look nice. We were going to a drag act, and I had heard all the ladies were dressing up and going bright. So Urban Decay was the right type of makeup as they are known for their bright, bold and eccentric colours. My friend started applying the makeup, and to be fair some of it felt nice on the skin - but much of it didn't. The foundation felt thick and heavy (not something which I favour), and it felt like my eyelashes were so heavy they were going to fall off. She had used Big Fatty Mascara and some glittery eyeliner which she had made into little balls of glitter at the end of my eyelashes.

      That night the makeup did look lovely and I was very sparkley and bright. A few months later, I got the opportunity to work for Urban Decay for a few weeks as an agency girl. So I certainly know how it applies on the wider public!

      ...The look...
      The mascara goes on very thickly and does coat the lashes well, but a but too well on occasions. Sometimes it tends to go lumpy, the trick was to try and separate the lashes with a dry mascara wand to give a "fan-lash" look. However, that can be very time consuming, and who wants to do that everr morning?

      ...The Packaging...
      Bright, bold tube - eyecatching. The mascara wand is thick and the brissles are long for maximum lengthning of the lashes. "Big Fatty Mascara" is written across the tube in funky, bright, bold lettering. The patterns carry on all around the tube.

      Smells horrid. It smells a big like No7's new mascara - old, stale and just not very pleasant at all! Once the mascara is actually on the wand, after having it for a little while it starts to dry around the edges and the wand goes rather brittle and not something which I would want to put around my eyes.

      It varies from £12 - £15, boots.com sell if for £14. Not too bad for a mascara, however I don't feel the price justifies the actual product.

      ...Customer feedback...
      I also found that many people would return this product or come back to tell me that it is not good for anyone who has even remotely sensitive eyes. To be honest, after being told this I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Many people who had never had a problem with mascara's before - were coming back to say that their eyes would start streaming and stinging after use.

      Overall, not such a good product, and certainly not worth £14 when you could buy Maxfactors False Lash effect for just £10!!!


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        16.06.2009 17:46
        Very helpful



        A fantastic mascara!

        Now then, althought I work for Procter and Gamble (the company who makes this wonder wand) I am not in the slighest bias. Simply because I know exactly how much companies bang on about how great they are and how their products are the best on the market.
        But Procter and Gamble are different. Yes they love their products. Yes they are confident with their products. They are so confident that we are given (for free) any new products that are launched. The most recent being the Olay eye derma pods and the False Lash Effect Mascara.

        So I recieved my mascara and expected it to be like any other mascara, I really had given up because every mascara I have tried I have had a list of problems with.
        1) My eyes are too sensitive and water like mad and itch like crazy.
        2) They mascara goes clumpy
        3) The mascara rubs onto clothes or wears off in hours
        4) Not waterproof
        5) The mascara smudges when I rub my tired eyes.
        Having all of these to consider, I was hardly confident that this would be great for me.

        My first impressions were good. Mainly because it is not overly packaged (thinking of the environment here!), it is just simply in the mascara tube - no carboard around it with pretty writing etc. There is writing on the mascara tube itself - The maxfactor Logo on a black and silver background (with a blue rim if you chose waterproof). It also says "false lash effect - full lashes, natural look mascara. It is a 13.1ml tube - which is quite thick and chunky. All well and good but it isn't the tube that does wonders is it?

        We were also given the brush to look at and inspect to our hearts content. The brush is enormous and has lots of alternating thin and thick spikes (rubber don't worry!). This is great, and actually quite scientific because the alternating of lengths ensures the no clumping and the rubber ensures that you can bend it around the lashes easily - and also so it doesn't poke your eye out (which is always a plus!).

        So the actual mascara. How do I rate it? For me lets go back to the 5 steps.
        1) Sensitivity - Doesn't make my eyes water, or itch. So good for my sensitive eyes!
        2) Clumpiness - The mascara wand is carefull designed, and even after months of use my mascara remains clump-free.
        3) This mascara does not flake off - which was my major cause for going onto clothes etc, and it lasts ALL day. But I will admit for maximum effect I will apply a cheeky layer in the afternoon.
        4) You can have this in waterproof - or not if you choose to. And when it says waterproof - it really is. I HAVE to use makeup remover to get mine off!
        5) This fabulous mascara is ... *drum roll* SMUDGEPROOF! So rub your eyes off and the mascara will still be there!

        So it covered ALL aspects for me, which is a first to say the least! Now for the look. Working in the beauty industry, people look at me and pick out my best features and ask what foundation I am wearing, or what my skin care routine is as I have such clear skin etc. Now, it's all about my eyelashes. I am FREQUENTLY asked are they real. And people's jaws are actually open when I say yes they are, and I don't actually have particularly long lashes either. They make the eyelashes look long and thick - funnily like false lashes!

        The best way to apply this mascara is to start from the very bottom of the lash, and just wiggle up - like any other normal mascara. BUT, then leave to dry and apply a few more coats (the amount depending on how thick and long you want your lashes to look). Then another trick is to curl the eyelashes with a curler AFTER you have applied the lashes. VaVaVoom! Fabulous lashes!

        This mascara costs around £11 - but is on offer currently in boots for £7 odd. Althought it may seem a bit on the expensive side, the mascara lasts ages. You are supposed to change your mascara every 3 months to avoid bacteria etc spreading to the eye - but it has lasted me that long at least!

        People look at your eyes when talking to you, and I truely feel much better when my eyelashes are long and voluptuous because they make me feel sexier. I believe this is worth every penny. And it really is the Makeup of Makeup artists!


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        • Haribo Star Mix / Sweets / 89 Readings / 89 Ratings
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          14.06.2009 14:53
          Very helpful



          Lovely sweeties! 9/10

          Haribo Starmix ... yum yum yum.

          ...What are they?...
          Haribo starmix are basically fruit flavoured jelly sweets really. They come in a variety of "shapes" and colours and tastes!

          ...Whats in them?...
          Well they look like they are going to be full of artificial colourings and all the bad stuff. But they contain NO artificial colourings!!! The main ingredients are : Glucose syrup, sugar, Dextrose, Gelatine, citric acid, Caramelized sugar syrup, flavourings, fruit and plant concentrates (blackcurrent, grape, lemon, mango and orange for example), some glazing agents and some more sugar stuffs. So yes, it does contain quite a lot of sugar (63.4g per 100g to be precise.

          ...Nutritional Information...
          So in 100g there is 344cals. Not so great - but are you really going to sit there and munch your way through 100g of Haribo? In 100g there is also 6.6g of protein and 79g of Carbs, only 0.2 g of fat and 0.1g that saturates. No salt or sodium. So it's not THAT bad!

          ..."Food Facts"...
          Haribo starmix are :
          Gluten free
          Nut free
          Milk free
          Soya Free
          Free from artificial colours too!

          My little bag of Haribo that I have in front of me now that I am munching away at is very brightly coloured - mainly blues and reds and yellows. It has "HARIBO STARMIX" written in big bright colours and it has a picture of a rocket with the little Haribo man in the window! There is also a transparent bit so you can see the lovely sweeties inside!! And the packaging is recyclable so even good for the environment!

          So the sweeties come in lovely shapes - hearts, gummy bears, rings, cola bottles, eggs - lots of fun things. And lots of nice colours - reds, yellows, oranges, greens etc etc.

          They are gummy sweets. I loved them as a child, and I guess I havn't grown out of it yet!!! They are fruity flavours, orange and strawberry ones are my fav (the gummy bears are looovely!). They are chewy, and just lovely! They do remind me of childhood as I used to eat gummy sweets as a treat!

          Taste = 10/10

          Packaging = 9/10 (only because I think it is designed purely for children, yet loads of adults eat them too!!!)

          Ingredients = 6/10 - it is full of sugar, but then again it is sweeties!


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            12.06.2009 18:36
            Very helpful



            Absolutely Superb album by Beyonce.

            Now I have always rated Beyonce, but I had never bought or downloaded her albums before. It all started when my mum had picked me up from uni to go home for a break. Well, the 2 hour journey flew with this album! I was very curious when I heard the first song, and just had to listen to every one in full. Absolutely Fabulous. Stunning. Pure Genius. Singing at it's absolute best. She is so talented, and I never really picked up on the extent until I heard this album.
            This is Beyonce's 3 solo album, and it was released on the 18th Nov 2008. I was curious as to why it was called "I am... Sasha Fierce", so I googled it thinking there wouldn't really be a story behind it ... oh was I wrong.

            ~~ I am ... Sasha Fierce ~~
            Sasha Fierce is Beyonce's alter-ego. Beyonce believed that "Sasha" came alive during 2003, and She is only really there when Beyonce is on stage. I am being a bit cheeky here ...
            "Knowles wears a "roboglove" in public to compliment Sasha Fierce. It was Knowles' concept, and New York-based jeweler Lorraine Schwartz made the titanium glove. It consists of several pieces, including a ring, a glove, and a separate component that covers Knowles' upper arm. The glove first appeared in the video for "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)." Knowles later wore it on the red carpet during the 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards, on her performance at the Saturday Night Live show, on the cover of Gotham magazine,[12] and in the music video to "Diva."" I took this from google - I just find it fascinating how she has effectively 2 personalities. Although, she is a world-wide super star!

            It's in 2 disc's ... the first called "I am ..." the second called "Sasha Fierce" (see what she did there?). Also there is a deluxe edition avaliable which has, I believe, a few more songs on it.

            ~~DISC 1~~
            1) "If I were a boy" - a beautiful song about an ordinary day "for a couple, but in role reversal". He has to wait for her to come home, he buys her presents and doesn't really feel loved. All mirroring what she thinks women feel on a daily basis. The lyrics are very deep, the video for this song is also quite lovely, but sad! This song topped 11 different charts worldwide. This song lasts 4 minutes and 10 seconds! t was allegedly written after a bad break-up.

            2) Halo - another beautiful song. Very powerful, and she shows off her voice superbly here. This song was released in Jan '09 as a single. I guess the lyrics could be percieved in many ways - but I saw it as a "typical" love song, with a split and then she is really hurt - then she finds the one she loves (angel? = halo?). Anyway, the video doesn't really tell a story from what I can see - she is dancing (ballet type thing), it's in black and white again. It's what I call a "pure" video, she isn't wearing lots of make-up - she looks very beautiful and natural, not loads of technology just dancing and water etc. This is one of my fav songs on the album!

            3) Disappear - a soft song, lovely lyrics. It's a very chilled out song, not very loud and no huge notes, but still excellent vocally. From what I can gather it is about her "neglecting" her partner (or ex?), saying that she never really took notice and she didnt really care - but now he has "disappeared" (whether this means died or just left, I don't know). This song is 4 minutes and 29 seconds long.

            4) Broken-hearted girl - This is another of my favourite songs. It's just so beautifully sung, the first time I heard it I cried!!! It is about being "broken-hearted", and if you have ever felt sad because of a lost love or something like that, it really does tug on your heart strings. It has beautiful piano playing, and is just a very beautiful song overall! "the times that you hurt me and put tears on my face .... I know I'll be there at the end of the day..." These lyrics really ring true to me, when you love someone so much and you will do anything, even when it hurts you to do so. Just a fabulous song!

            4) Ave Maria - Goodness, another great song. This hasn't been released as a single yet, but I am sure it will fly off the shelves when it does. Again, it is a soft song with no massive notes, but still she sings it fantasically. It has piano and another instrument which sounds like a high pitched guitar. 3 minutes and 42 seconds!

            5) Smash into you - A good song, not my favourite, but still good nonetheless! Its a mixture of soft and strong vocals, really shows her talent again I believe. It's about love again, but I don't really feel it has a proper story to it.

            6) Satellites - I am not too keen on this one really. It is about communication and love from what I can gather. Lasts 3 minutes 8 seconds.

            7) That's why you're beautiful - talks about the beautys in the world - diamonds, lovers making love, the sky and souls etc. This is another that I would probably skip, only because I think it is quite different from her other songs on this album, and I prefer them!

            8) Save the hero - Piano based again. Real beautiful piano playing. Beyonce sings so gorgously in this song. It is quite a sad song, about pressures "I am left with no shoulders but everyone wants to lean on mine, I guess I am the soldier, but who is mine?". Real beautiful song. "who is there to save the girl after she saves the world?" It's very true too, when you need someone a lot - who helps them? Reminds me of my mum, constantly helping others but is worn out. Puts things into perspective this song doesn! Beautiful masterpiece!

            ~~DISC 2~~
            1) Single Ladies - Everyone knows this song from the video. "all the single ladies, now put your hands UP!", Beyonce dances with 2 other dancers in very tight short catsuits. Big hair, Big dance. There have been many remakes, some of which are hilarious! Good song, upbeat and dancy!

            2) Radio - this is such a fun song. I love to dance around to this song whilst cleaning. She sings well in it - when she isn't making funny noises that is! I guess it's about her love for music " I think I am in love with my radio, it never lets me down". When all else fails - put some tunes on!

            3) Diva - another fun song, "a DIVA is a female versio of a hustler", funny lyrics. Probably not one of her best, but fun nonetheless! Video is in Balck and White like many of the others!

            4) Sweet Dreams - not one of my favourites. Upbeat, dancy - quite good lyrics very interesting. Her voice is as good as always.

            5) Video Phone - Another very fun song. Quite strange though - not what I was expecting. "If you want me you can watch me on your video phone..." I am not sure really what this is about, but I am guessing sex? It really does play on the senses - with the "smelling of cologne" and the "colour of her nails" etc. Good song though!

            6) Hello - I really love this song. Shows off her vocal talent for sure. Upbeat yet beautiful all at the same time. What I really admire about this song is her voice, she has such a strong and beautiful voice!

            7) Ego - quite a good song. She talks in the beginning - which isn't like any of her other songs. Another video which is in black and white. 3 minutes and 56 seconds this lasts. I think she shows off her skills in this song, fast and slow singing - long ans very short notes etc. She also shows off her curvacious figure in the video!

            8) Scared of lonely - I love this song. Lyrics are very deep - about loneliness. How she is scared of being lonely, and I think it is about how you can have lots of people around you and still be lonely - and also how she is lonely at night when all the lights and fans have gone ? Good voice in this song, strong and deep.

            9) Why don't you love me - A very upbeat song. Not really my cup of tea though. I just feel the lyrics dont really fit the song. the tempo is too fast for what should be a sad song? Unless I am missing the point?!

            As you can see, the first CD of the Dulux Edition is rather soft, slow and philisophical I guess. The second CD is more upbeat, fun, dancy. So this album really does suit all moods. I prefer the first CD, probably because I love a good cry over a great song (sad I know!). But when I am doing the cleaning up, the second CD does go on!

            Varies from place to place - as usual it would be cheaper to buy it online, or even download.
            Play.com = £12 roughly
            amazon.co.uk = £6.98 (BARGAIN!)
            All the above prices are for the deluxe edition.

            ~~~Is it worth buying?~~~
            Totally. Mainly because her voice is just excellent in this album, it really does have a huge range of songs and I am SURE that you will like a good few. Even my partner who doesn't like this type of music loves this album. A mind-blowing album.


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            • Boots Stores / Highstreet Shopping / 73 Readings / 70 Ratings
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              10.06.2009 12:37
              Very helpful



              A fab place all over!

              Boots has a load of products to offer. So it is great for customers. Also, as I work for a company within a boots store - I get the inside info too!

              Boots was first established by a man called John Boot in 1849. Thats where it all started. First it was a chemist if my memory serves me well, then it started to gather more and more products. The boots company also used to own Halfords (as in the car/bike shop!). They started making their own medicines like paracetamol etc in the year 1994, so this offered a cheaper version etc. They have been going for many years, and they have gradually increased in the products they stock and sell and also improving the customer service they provide.

              There are loads of stores all over the country, and in recent years they have been fixing any problem within each store - be it with staff or the building itself. For example, in the store I work in the tiles kept coming up in the floor - and obviously this is a hazard. When the new manager came into store, she went round with a private health and safety officer to pick up on any, little faults which could be fixed to make the store as safe and customer friendly as possible. Each store is set up differently, but they all have "sections" : Dental, personal care (skin care), Body and shower, Pharmacy and Medicines, Fragrances, Cosmetics, Opticians, Baby and Photography are the main sections. Boots have now introduced a "DIY photo printing", where you simply go and stick your memory card from a phone or camera etc into a machine, and choose the photo's you want to print and they print instantly, and you then take the receipt up to the counter to pay.

              ...Own Brands...
              They have a few, from their boots brand, No7, soltan and Ruby and Millie.

              No7 is probably the most popular - when they launch new products - usually from Protect and Perfect there are queues for the product. But recently they have launched the Protect and Perfect Beauty Intense Serum and it didn't have the launch they were expecting - probably because i is £19.50 per bottle and we are in the middle of a recession! But nevertheless, it has still done really well. No7 is quite pricey, at around £20 for the facial moisturisers and £10 for toners and cleansers and the makeup is also slightly pricey - many people simply can't afford it - however they are frequently on 3 for 2!

              ~Ruby and Millie~
              Ruby and Millie is also a great brand, and very popular - but not the cheapest of brands. Foundations at £20 a pop and nail varnishes at £9.50 each it isn't always affordable. But like no7 the quality is good. There are always a Ruby and Millie assistant on each counter to assit you in the colour matching of foundations etc. These people are also able to tell you when the next offers should be on (that is if we have been briefed on it!)

              ~Boots essentials~
              Like the value range in Tesco, the Boots essential range is extremely cheap. They are relatively good quality too. The most popular boots branded product that I know of are the cucumber facial wipes. Again often on offers like 2 for £2 etc, these are a bargain they smell lovely and work really well!

              ...Personal care/ Skin care...
              This is the section I work on. I work for a company called Procter and Gamble who have loads of products such as makeup with Maxfactor, Skincare with Olay, Aussie in haircare, Gilette in mens personal care etc etc. What I like about working on Skincare is that we are all trained. Boots staff have to pass modules etc so you can be assured that you are being told the truth. My company give us many projects to read through, and tests etc to make sure we are up to scratch. In bigger boots stores, on Skincare there is often a machine which is able to "read" your skin - as in its hydration, skin age, skin damage from sun etc, and then recommend products which will be suited to your skin type. This is great, however we find it hard sometimes to tell the person their skin age when it is 10 years older than they are!

              This is also split into sections. You have "self-selection" which are the lower end brands such as Maybelline, Bourjois, Number 17 etc etc, and then you have stands/seperate areas for bigger brands like Maxfactor, Channel, Doir, Elizabeth Arden, Clinique etc etc. But be warned, people on these counters DO NOT work for boots - so they will really only to try and sell you THEIR brand of products. So if you do want honest advice, sometimes it may be worth checking it up on Dooyoo or asking a Boots member first.

              Boots is widely famous for the pharmacy. The pharmacists are obviously qualified, and are really there to help you in every way they can. They give some really good alternative advice too - so if medicines are not your thing, just pop in and ask! Boots have began to ipen up individual pharmacies now, so instead of having a huge store - it could be a simple small pharmacy in a rural area that is needed, so thats what they provide!

              How do we get treated? Well its a great job, Although I don't work directly for Boots, I have to liase very closely with the boots managers etc. They like you being busy - like any retail shop really - and they do give you credit when you do well. There is a thing called WOW reports, which is when you go to the tioll sometimes you will get a receipt that enables you to go online and tell us how you think the cashier in particular did. This are great as it shows our managers how we are doing, what can be improved etc. Boots moto is "delivering LEGENDARY customer care", having to be above the rest of the retail stores in customer service, we are constantly reminded that we are there to serve customers and that giving good customer service reflects on the business - which is all totally true. When you go into a boots store next, look at how you think the customer care is, and how is it different to other stiores? If you have time speak to a manager or write a quite letter in - its really great to know how we are perceived!

              ...Advantage Card...
              4p back for every £1 you spend. It's the most generous points card in retail at the moment. It is simply fantastic. What loads of people do is save the points up for buying christmas presents and/or a treat for themselves! I personally spend mine as soon as they are avaliable as I am impatient! What is also great about the advantage is card is that if you just pop it into the advantage card points machine before your shp you may be able to get even more offers - for example if you buy this nail polish today you get 300 extra points or triple points etc - which is effectively money back! Also, I get little slips sent through the post to me with triple points and double points and free this when you buy that. etc. It's so rewarding!

              I love working in a boots store, you get a huge range of customers who really apprechiate some honest advice etc. Boots offers loads of products and gives LEGENDARY customer care. We really are customer focused which I feel is very important in retail these days! Boots is a fantastic company both to buy from and to work for. They take every complaint and apprechiation letter very seriously and try to fix any problems that may arise straight away. Fab place!

              Edit : Had forgotten the advantage card system! Silly me!


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              • Cadbury Creme Egg / Chocolate / 55 Readings / 51 Ratings
                More +
                10.06.2009 10:37
                Very helpful



                Eggtastic - sorry I couldn't resist!!!

                Cadburys creme egg, chocoletey on the outside, gooey on the inside. There are loads of ways to eat your creme egg ... Personally I bit off the top, then lick the insides out. My partner dips his chips in them, my mum puts hers in the fridge and my dad eats them whole. However you eat it - they are delicious!

                ...Packaging ...
                When bought seperately they come wrapped in a brightly coloured tin-foil type wrapping. When bought in multiples ... they come on a little cardboard tray - again each egg is wrapped. This is great because then they are stil kept fresh. The packaging is really great I think. Colourful and fun which is what I love.

                ...General Info...
                I just had a quick browse on the Cadburys website and it gives quite a informative little paragraph on the history of the cream egg. "Cadbury introduced its first creme-filled egg in 1923, but it wasn't until 1971 that the Cadbury Creme Egg hit the shelves. In 1975 Cadbury Creme Egg was advertised for the first time on television and it became an Easter classic across the globe. By 2008 the Bournville factory could make 1.5 million eggs per day, and over 300 million are sold each year." 1923!!!! Blimey its been going for ages. That is also a great thing - if a product is really great it stays on the market and rarely has a change!

                One creme egg (34g) contains 150 calories. Thats quite high, but if it's a treat and part of a healthy balanced diet then it's fine! 5g of fat, 25g of carbohydrates and 1g of protein.

                The website is pretty funky! There are a few from the Cadburys website - www.cadbury.co.uk or you can look at the Creme Egg website - www.cremeegg.co.uk This one is very bright and fun, and there are regular updates on there. For example many people had written in complaining that the eggs were getting smaller - so they wrote an update saying :
                "Many of you have egg-spressed a concern that Creme Eggs are getting smaller. Well fear not, because we've spoken to the egg-spurts at Cadbury and while they say there are different sizes and flavours (orange for one) all around the world, they won't get any smaller here. We know you love us just the way we are. Keep up the goo'd work."
                I loved how they made it fun with all the fabulous puns ... "eggtastic". But it shows that any questions or complaints then they are more than happy to answer and try to change things to meet the customers needs. Did I mention all the fun games on the website?

                Now the most important bit. It's chocolate on the outside - just like Cadburys chocolate, so lovely and creamy. The inside is gooey and sweet. It is quite hard to explain the inside of the egg, but it really delish!

                Hilariously funny. If you go onto the cremeegg.co.uk website, they show loads of the adverts. Most of the adverts revolve around the egg splatting and the "insides" spewing out. They are quite funny!

                Taste - 10/10
                Packaging - 8/10
                Service - 9/10
                Nutrition - 7/10 - its ok for a sneaky treat!
                Adverts - 10/10 - Eggtastic!!!


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              • Honeywell HT-800 / Fan / 53 Readings / 48 Ratings
                More +
                02.06.2009 17:12
                Very helpful



                A great fan for a great summer!

                I bought this fan 2 days ago, due to the scorching weather we have recently been having. I live in a 1 bed ground floor flat in Cardiff, and it just seems to be like a greenhouse at the moment! Windows open and still its just not cool enough. So I bought this fan for night time when I am sleeping, and in the evening when we don't want the windows wide open.

                I puchased this from Argos, but you can buy from many places online like amazon etc.

                This is quite a small fan - it's not one on a massive stand, its more of a 'table-top' fan. It is black all over, except for the word "honeywell" written in red on the front. It's quite compact, so it doesn't take up much room at all - which is great when you live in a flat! It looks very sturdy unlike many cheap fans.

                It has 3 blades and for the price I wasn't expecting it to be very powerful, but good enough to give a good colling down when you need it to. However, it is very powerful for a small fan!! It has 3 speeds so you can adjust it according to how much breeze you want. I have it permentantly on 3 as it gives such a great breese which cools me down fantastically.

                As I mentioned it has 3 blades, and 3 different speeds. But what I loved about this fan was you can adjust the tilting-position of the fan. So if the table it's sitting on it slightly lower than you, just tilt the fan head up. It practically can face upwards which is just fab. The only catch with the tilt is that it has to "click" into place - so there is no 'inbetween' bit. Which is fine, but it can be frustrating when it's not quite facing you. Also, to make it easy to carry it has a little carry handle which I have found extremely useful when bringing it from lounge to bedroom when you have other things to bring aswell! This fan is also wall mountable - so if you know it is going to stay in one place, you can wall mount it to the exact spot!

                I didn't really think about how much noise it would make - and I was quite shocked. It is quite a noisy little thing. It isn't annoying enough to make you want to turn it off - but it's definately there! It can be quite frustrating when you want to sleep and have the fan on - but I have been able to just fall asleep and not wake up at all, and I am a very light sleeper. So it's not a huge problem - but it is a slight downfall.

                What I absolutely hate about many appliances is the length of the leads. For some strange reason they never supply enough length!!! It's really frustrating. But this one is superb. With nearly 75" worth of lead I don't think it will be a problem for many people!!

                Dooyoo seems to think that this has a 5 year warranty - but in fact it is 3. They must be pretty confident though to give it a 3 year warranty. I love warranties because so many things DO break before their time should be up - and it's great that you can just send it off it anything happens ... although this is a cheap fan - so if mine does die within 3 years, I will probably just go and buy another one!

                I got mine from Argos and it cost around £20. I think this is great value for money because it is compact yet very powerful. It looks stylish (if fans can?) and isn't at all bulky. There are a huge range of fans in argos, with a wide range of prices. I have had a cheap cheap one before, and they do break in no time - they are not powerful in the slightest, it just feels like someone is blowing on you which isn't any good!!! I think this is brilliant value for money, if it lasts of course - but I do have faith. It looks like it's well made!

                So far I would give this fan a 8.5/10. The only thing that lets it down in my opinion is the fact that it is slightly too noisy for a fan. But I do think that the advantages really do outweigh the noise. It is small and easily movable, it is relatively cheap for a fan, it's powerful, and it has ample leadage!!!
                If you are buying a fan for the summer - this one is great!


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                • River Island / Highstreet Shopping / 47 Readings / 44 Ratings
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                  01.06.2009 15:51
                  Very helpful



                  Great place to shop!

                  I had never shopped in River Island before I moved to the city. Mainly because the nearest one was 2 hours away. I came to university and was really excited to see all the shops that I had dreamed of shopping in - River Island, Zara, Topshop the list is endless.
                  But by far, I think River Island has been the best "new" shopping experience for me. It really is now my favourite clothes shop.

                  ...First encounter...
                  Bright lights, colourful displays, models wearing really swanky clothes, really friendly staff. I went in for the first time, they had some really upbeat music on and the staff were very smiley and keen to help. I made my way around the Cardiff River Island store, and it is layed out in a very logical order. It has the mens section upstairs, Work/Office wear in one corner, shoes in the other, accessories/knickers/hats etc in one area and casual in another. I find this is great as if I am in a rush and just need to "pop in" to grab a skirt for work or something, then I can without having to trawl through loads of clothes.

                  As I mentionned before, they were very eager to help out. Did I need any other sizes? They would look in the stock room for me. Was I ok or looking for anything in particular? etc etc. For some this can be quite annoying, but after I said "i'm fine thanks, I'll find you if I need you" and smiled at her - I wasn't bothered again until I asked for help with a size.

                  River Island are quite good with their sizes really. I hate it when you try something on and you need to get something which is 2+ sizes above what you would usually get. I find them SLIGHTLY smaller. Not a huge amount though. So usually I would get a size 14 top, here I would get a 16 to be on the safe side.

                  ...Changing rooms...
                  are fresh and airy, but I find that they could be a little bigger. When you are in the actual section its fine, but when you open to door and try to shut it with a bag in your arm, a coat on etc - that can be challenging. I think they have designed those for the size 6-8's!!

                  A bit more expensive than Newlook etc. But it is quality clothes. I bought an everyday dress and it has lasted me ages. Unfortunately they don't do student discount, but if you open a store card they give you 10% off. But I am guessing the APR etc would be quite high in the 25% range.

                  Quite good, as I mentionned above the dress has lasted me ages and it cost me £30. I find the shirts are not as good quality for myself (that could be as my boobs are large and stretch the material!!!). So I do prefer to buy my shirts elsewhere.

                  A good shopping experience. Very friendly staff - always willing to help. Great choice of clothes to suit all shapes and sizes. Okish prices - could be cheaper. I just wish they did student discounts and their fitting rooms were a tad bigger!!!


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                    01.06.2009 11:56
                    Very helpful



                    Tattoos, becoming more socially acceptable now! Give it lots of thought before its done!

                    Tattoos - you really love them or hate them. I love them, well some of them! My parents, hate them. I have always wanted a tattoo but had no real reason to get one, plus I was underage. I was doing my Alevels and found a huge interest in Hinduism and studied it quite thoroughly for 2 years. I absolutely love the religion. I, myself, am not religious. But the premise of Hinduism fascinates me.
                    There is a symbol which to me depicts peace, freedom, faith, family and love. This is the 'Om' symbol. I decided that I wanted this symbol to be my first tattoo.

                    I then had to decide where I wanted it. I thought about this really carefully, I want to be a teacher after university so I have to have it done in the right place and for it to be tasteful. I chose to have it on the inside of my left ankle, so it is easily coverable if it needed to be - but in the summer its lovely to wear a skirt and flipflops and let the whole world see it!

                    I wasn't really planning on anymore tattoos as there wasn't anything that I REALLY wanted. It wasn't until my dad was diagnosed with cancer, that I decided I wanted one to be an image of the struggles we have been through as a family. My dad was diagnosed with Hodgekins Lympoma at the age of just turned 40. It was another huge blow for my family. With three younger brothers I just knew this was going to be a huge struggle for the family. I was thinking about getting something to symbolise this, but really couldnt decide. It wasnt until the whole family pulled together and we were such a strong unit - THEN I decided. I was having the lymphoma flower tattoo. Its a lovely little purple flower, unique to that type of cancer. I carefully traced the flower and designed some swirls around it. That was to be my next tattoo.

                    These are the only two I have. I don't plan to have anymore unless I have another major turning point in my life, when I am sure I will reassess it then! My parents actually love my lymphoma tattoo, and think its really pretty. My dad, I think, was secretly really proud of me when I got it done. I hadn't seen him for a month and a half, and when I did see him the first thing he said was "lets have a look then!".

                    With tattoos if they are done tastefully and by a good tattooist, then I don't see a problem with them. What I don't really like is when you see people absolutely covered in them. But then again, it is up to them. I just think "god they must have had a stressful life with all those tats!" as I just assume that people have them when big things happen like I have done!

                    The key things you need to think about before having a tattoo, is to go to a reputable tattoo shop, make sure its clean and they are using clean needles etc etc. Make SURE its the design you want, after you have it there really is no going back. See the artist's previous work, you can tell then what yours might look like. And finally be prepared for the pain! It does hurt a little!!


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                    • Toshiba Satellite Pro A100 / Laptop / 13 Readings / 10 Ratings
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                      01.06.2009 11:23
                      Very helpful
                      1 Comment


                      • Reliability


                      Fantastic Laptop. Well worth the pennies!

                      Toshiba Satellite Pro A100.

                      I am using this latop as I type. I have had it for over 3 years now, I have dropped it several times, I have spilt plenty of drinks on it, I have stood on it. ALL sorts. I honestly think this should be broken 10 times over.

                      It has a 15.4" screen, which is crisp and smooth. On the left hand side of the keyboard area, there is a Play/Pause button, a stop button and a fast forward button. This is due to the fact that this laptop is EXCELLENT for playing music. The speakers are the best I have ever had on a laptop.

                      It has everything I need in a laptop
                      - good speakers
                      - a clear screen
                      - a sturdy keyboard (Toshiba arguably make the best keyboards)
                      - excellent reliablity (this laptop has been through a lot!)
                      - Toshiba has good customer service
                      - parts are easy to get hold of
                      - easy to use
                      - easy to install programs
                      - long battery life
                      - plenty of USB ports (4 to be precise)
                      - quite light at 2.7kg

                      Overall this is a fantastic latop. Unfortunately it is coming to the end of its life *wipes away tear*, so I am looking for another one before it does finally go. I will be looking for a toshiba, as they are extremely reliable. Its easy to use and it perfect for loads of different things. It's also a very quiet machine which is great.
                      Its a very cheap laptop considering all the great features on it. The only problem I feel there is, is the lack of RAM or memory. It runs off Vista which does require quite a high memory. To solve this problem I simply have an external hardrive to put some of my pictures on etc. Looks very sleek too. Very portable and easily used. A great budget laptop!!!


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                      • The family unit / Discussion / 24 Readings / 21 Ratings
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                        01.06.2009 10:51
                        Very helpful



                        the family unit is quite important to me!

                        How have I been brought up? ...
                        My parents had me at quite a young age (well it was young for the time), my mum was 19 (just turned by a few days) and my dad was 22. Mum got married at 7 months pregnant, as then it was shameful to have baby out of wedlock. We lived in a 2 bed flat until I was around 3, we moved to a 3 bed house as mum had fallen pregnant with my brother. 5 years later she had my second brother, and then 2 years after that she was pregnant again, so we had to move to an even bigger house - which is why we moved to west wales. Mum and dad are still together, and are still going strong.

                        I am studying criminology and sociology. I had to do a research project on whether having a "typical" family unit (i.e mum, dad who are married) will make a person "less criminal or more balanced". My findings were as I had expected really.
                        I found that people who had commited a crime, had more often than not come from a "broken home" - where the parents had split up, one of the parents drank more than the reccomended amount of alcohol a week and was on benefits. These characteristics in a parent(s) are more likely to create a child who is likely to commit a crime or use drugs. Also many studies have suggested the same.
                        However, I could also argue that this does not take into account corporate crimes, so "better off" families who have a father working as the head of a company - we didnt take into account if he had commited fraud (i.e tax ivasion etc).

                        My own experience ...
                        I come from a "typical" family unit. I am a very balanced individual, I have done very well educationally and I am now studying in university. One of my friends, her father had an affair and left her mother when she was 14 (so old enough to know whats going on), she is now not working and is on benefits, even though she did well enough to go to uni. I just feel she doesn't have as much of a drive or ambition. One of my old male friends, has never known his father - he is also on the dole and frequently steals - I hate this, hence why we are no longer really friends.
                        But I must point out that I do know people who have been brought up by a single parent and have gone to university and still done very well - so I feel it is down to the individual and how the single parent has brought them up.

                        I do feel that even if my dad had left, I would have still gone to uni etc - and it would have probably given me even more of a drive to do well to show him really. But then again I am very determined and ambitious!

                        Same Sex parents ...
                        I know a lesbian couple, and they are so great. I feel that they are more than capable of bringing up a child together. The only issue that I have with same sex relationships having children is that some children will get bullied because of it. Kids are cruel these days - so it would be quite hard for them. But with the right support and the right school, I don;t see the problem.

                        It is hard to categorise people - as its never all the same. There are single parents who are superb, but there are some who don't care and are very selfish in which case their children are highly likely to not be as balanced or do as well educationally. Personally, I will absolutely try my hardest to have a "traditional" family unit, mother father and children. I think having both authorative figures is better mentally, educationally and socially for the children involved - but that is not to say that all that and more can happen with someone from a single parent family.


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                          01.06.2009 10:15
                          Very helpful



                          Have to be careful with how we help them.

                          Homelessness. I find it extremely hard to comprehend how they live, I have been very sheltered - always had food on the table, a roof over my head, warmth and a bed to sleep in. The neccesities, and of course more - mobile phones, laptops etc.
                          I used to live in the countryside - all the way up to age 18 when I moved away to Cardiff city for university. I feel quite awkward and sorry for them really. One man in particular, it was raining really hard, and he had tucked himself into the doorway of KFC, obviously for a reason.
                          I went into Cafe Nero and bought him a cup of coffee. I felt so sorry for him. I am the type of person that would bring him home and get him showered and into some warmer clothes and some food in his belly - but obviously its just not safe to do this.

                          Most homeless people have dogs - I will never understand this. Obviously company and things like that - but how do they get them? How do they manage to feed them aswell as themselves? And I also find it quite cruel to the animal (obviously I care about the human too but why make the animal suffer aswell?) .

                          Outside my university there is a little "underground" tunnel, and 3 men usually sit in there most of their days and sleep there I guess, away from the rain. But every time I pass them they are really drunk. I have major issues with this. I can understand that drinking alcohol will keep them warm and help them to forget - but sometimes I think it just masks the problem. And I do not want the money I may give to them being spent on booze!

                          Big issue sellers - there is one man who makes such an effort. He has a dog, over christmas he put little tinsel on the dog and work a old santa hat. When wales were playing rugby, he has the welsh flag painted on his face (I asked him how he got this and he said that he had to sacrifice 20p of his begging money to get it done by some people in the streets who were doing it). Bless. I often buy a big issue off of him because I never see him drunk or anything like that.
                          Being a student, I don't have a huge amount of money, but when I am having a McDonalds - I get a free burger with my student card. So I give this to a homeless person. And with Cafe Nero, sometimes Ill get a free coffee, which Iwill give to them again. But usually I won't give them money outright, as I dont want them buying booze with it.

                          My nan used to work in a homeless "group" type thing where the homeless people would go in and have a bowl of soup and bread and a cup of tea. Me and my nan used to do some volentary work there. You get to hear stories of WHY they are homeless. Things like being disowned by their families is really hard.

                          Charities - people walking up and down the city getting money for them - no I don't like this. But volenteering to cook for them etc is better.

                          It's a difficult subject, because unless you know WHY they are homeless you don't know if they are deserving of help. I personally would not give a homeless person who was a drug addict of alcoholic any money at all. And I wont know which one is or isn't - hense why I will give them food or coffee instead.


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                            21.10.2008 20:10
                            Very helpful



                            we need more police and patrol cars on the road.

                            Are speed cameras really there to reduce speed therefore reducing the number of accidents? NO.

                            Speed camera's are there to make them some more dosh.
                            There are so many more people being caught "speeding" by a few miles an hour over the speed limit than muggers are caught. Did you know that?

                            Well, the government claim speed is a killer on the roads. But of all the crashes i have heard of - it hasnt been speed (though they may have been speeding at the time) it has been debris on the motorway, ice, badgers, other cars, lack of sleep, too much alcohol the night before. THESE are the things they should be looking out for. Something which a machine simply cannot do.

                            My answer to the problem of road traffic accidends are more police cars, motorway people things like that on our roads. That way people are not slamming on the brakes because they have realised there is a speed camera on the bridge, causing 20 cars behind them to shunt the car infront.

                            More police and patrol cars also means there we will be less uninsured drivers on the road, probably less stolen cars on the road, and the list could go on.

                            I think yes in 30mph areas there should ALWAYS be speed cameras, because it means its either has a dense population meaning schools, hospitals; places of vulnerability. Here we need to be doing the speed which is applicable. However, being caught doing 80 on the motorway is just a waste of time. Yes, there should be a limit on motorways, and people shouldnt take the mick and do 100 etc. But speed cameras on motorways only causes mayhem! People spend more time looking at their speedo as they are passing a camera, than they are looking at the braking car infront of them and BANG a crash occurs.

                            It's silly.


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                            • Lush / Highstreet Shopping / 27 Readings / 31 Ratings
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                              21.10.2008 17:37
                              Very helpful



                              Lush does it again!

                              ---What is it?---
                              It's a shop that sells fresh handmade cosmetics, bath salts, bath bombs, moisturisers, shaving creams, scrubs, toners, shampoos... ok you get the jist. They sell most things bath/shower/cosmetically related.

                              ---Whats so special about them?---
                              ALL of their products are made from ORGANIC fruits and veg and lovely oils and vitamins and minerals.
                              Their ingredients are all fresh, and their products and ingredients have not been tested on animals. There is no artificial colourings, flavourings, fragrances. Completely Au Natural.

                              ---How did I stumble across them?---
                              They have a shop in Cardiff. Never thought much about going in there, until i saw a huge sign saying some of their products help skin problems. So i thought maybe they would have something in there for my dad (who has cancer).

                              Greeted by plently of huge smiles and "can I help you". Usually that kind of service makes me sick but this was different. The shop smelled gorgeous, the staff were friendly. I explained what I was looking for, and she asked if my dad still had his hair. I said yes, it is going patchy but he still has it. She showed me a shampoo bar, like a soap bar, made with cinamon and all sorts of other wonders, which claim to help restimulate hair growth, and make your existing hair stronger. Even if it doesn't work... it smells LUSH (excuse the really bad pun). They show you how to use it, rubbing your hands together to create the lather - and then they have a bowl of warm water to wash your hands in after - so you really try before you buy. I even got a hand massage while I was in there!

                              Not too expensive, but not cheap either.
                              For the shampoo bar - which is quite small but apparantly lasts months I paid £4.50 - so thats very reasonable. I also bought a antiseptic type soap to be used on my face to get rid of my spots - £5 for 125g i think. But again if it lasts months it is what you would pay for olay or anything else! Prices do range - but it is generally very well priced.

                              ---The products---
                              Smell lovely, feel lovely on the skin. The face soap thing has actually cleared my skin up pretty well in just 3 days! So far so good!

                              I really think it's great! I felt so fresh after I left the shop - all the smells were lovely. Relatively good prices (I am a student, so it probably is really good prices i'm just stingey!), good products - you can't reall ask for more can you?


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                                21.10.2008 11:57
                                Very helpful
                                1 Comment



                                I wouldn't mind it ... !

                                If i won the lottery ... I would accumulate millions of friends without even trying. I KNOW for sure that would happen.
                                Ok say i won £25 million - yeah i know "fat chance" ... but I can dream...

                                I would pay off my mum and dad's morgage and give them £5million. Coz I Love them lots! I would also pay for my dad to have private hospital treatment rather than NHS.

                                Then i would give my 3 younger brothers a million each. So thats about £8.5 million gone.

                                I would buy a palace for my pooch. When I say pooch - I mean a St Bernard Called Buster. He is my dawwwg!

                                Then I would buy a sexy house somewhere luxurious. I would give my man driving lessons and a brand new drum kit. Oh did i mention a grand piano for me? And a holiday for my whole family.
                                I would quit uni thats FOR SURE!

                                I would buy a BRAND new toyota yaris - which cute alloys =).
                                A mini cooper, Porche and a big mercades Jeep. woohoo.

                                probably got about £13.8 left now. Invest some? In google.com LOL. And then I would have my own chat show, and be like Jeremy Kyle.

                                Jeez, I havn't even had a big party yet ... I would defo do that. huge party - and everyone on dooyoo is invited.
                                Also I would save about £5 million. so I would never ever have to work again. And I would BUY river island coz then I would NEVER run out of pretty clothes and shoes and bags etc.
                                I'd also buy a place in the south of France for my daddy with a huge lake for his fishing stuff.

                                Wow. 25 million doesnt really go very far...

                                But I wouldn't say no.


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