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    • MySims (Wii) / Nintendo Wii Game / 35 Readings / 20 Ratings
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      19.10.2007 23:32
      Very helpful
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      It's in my top 10

      I have resently received many emails and this review!! I have not wriiten it or published it onto my profrile i have not used my account for a few months and you account has been hacked into and someone has been making changes to all my personal details.
      Sorry if this has caused offence to anyone and the review has now been removed!!



      I have resently received many emails and this review!! I have not wriiten it or published it onto my profrile i have not used my account for a few months and you account has been hacked into and someone has been making changes to all my personal details.
      Sorry if this has caused offence to anyone and the review has now been removed!!




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      • Top Ten TV Characters / Discussion / 34 Readings / 27 Ratings
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        24.07.2007 14:43
        Very helpful



        All my favourites old and new

        I love television and probably watch way too much of it!
        It is going to be so difficult to just list my top ten favourite characters as there are so many different programmes I watch with many different characters. I shall start with the best and work my way backwards!!

        1) Homer Simpson - I love the Simpson’s and have watched since the 90's. I like all the characters but Homer has to be my number 1 as he is so like my partner apart from the yellow skin. Homer has a fantastic personality and sense of humour. Bearing in mind that he is an animation character I am sure many women can see a Homer in their loved ones. For those of you that don't know Homer he is crude, overweight, incompetent, intolerant, clumsy, thoughtless and a borderline alcoholic. He only has about 2 hairs on his head. He has 3 children and married to Marge. He works in Springfield Nuclear Power Plant eating donuts all day long with his friends. His favourite word is 'DOH'.

        2) Jade Goody - Although she is not an actress she is famous because of the television and has 3 television series of her own. I have always liked Jade and she has a similar approach to life as myself. She is a very attractive and intelligent young woman. Since her last appearance in the Big Brother house things have changed a lot for her. She has achieved a lot in her 26 years of life. She has two beautiful children, written a best seller autobiography, produced a best seller perfume Shhh... by jade, Built and ran her own salon business. As mentioned above she has had 3 TV shows of her own Jades PA, Just Jade and Jades salon all shown on Living TV. She has made many TV appearances: Celebrity Stars in Their Eyes she won the final, Mastermind, Friday night project and many more.

        3) Jack Bauer - From 24 on sky one played by Kiefer Sutherland. Sadly I only started watching 24 when the last series started. I am now a 24 addict and go weak at the knees when ever I see kiefer. I plan to borrow my friends complete box set of 24 and catch up on all the other series I stupidly missed. Jack Bauer is a 41 year old sexy man working in CTU. In the last series he prevented major terrorist attacks on the United States, saving both civilians and government leaders. He works along side Chloe O’Brien played by Mary Lynn Rajskub she is also a favourite of mine. If I was ever in trouble I would want Jack Bauer to save me, he is 10x better than superman! I have to confess I removed my children from my desktop background and replaced it with Jack!

        4) Nan (Joannie Taylor) - From the Catherine Tate show
        Isn’t she just fab I wish my grandmother was like her! She is foul-mouthed and constantly swears at and criticises other people, including her grandson. She often uses the phrase "What a fucking liberty". She should be higher up on my list but I never realised how many fantastic characters there were.

        5) Alfie Moon - From Eastenders played by Shane Richie.
        He arrived in the square in November 2002 and departed with Kat Slater Christmas day 2005. Alfie was a cheeky Cockney chappie who had a number of jobs while in the square. I loved his bright patterned shirts and his cheekiness he was a loveable character. I cried my eyes out when eastenders did a special episode with Alfie and his Nana visiting the places where she grow up, it was fantastic. I have read Shane Richie Rags to Riches autobiography too and it is a fantastic read he has had a very interesting life.

        6) Del boy - From only fools and horses played by the excellent Sir David Jason
        Set in Peckham, it starred David Jason as ambitious market trader, Nicholas Lyndhurst as his younger brother Rodney, and Lennard Pearce as their aging grandfather later replaced by Buster Merryfield as their Uncle Albert. Backed by a strong cast, it chronicled their highs and lows in life, particularly their attempts to get rich. My all time favourite has to be the episode where Del gets is hands on some cheap blow up dolls which are self inflating only to realise later that they are factory rejects due to the explosive gas which they contain. David Jason is one if not the best all time actor!

        7) Zippy - From Rainbow.
        As I child I loved rainbow and like many others I am sure Zippy was my favourite. He talked and talked and he was only quiet when Geoffrey pulled the zip across his mouth. He was loud and domineering, who was actually a rugby ball (though with a body attached). He was a funny looking character with his main feature being his big zip for a mouth which went right across his face. The rainbow characters have recently made a come back on nick junior and now my children are watching it.

        8) Grotbags - From Emu's World played by actress and singer Carole Lee Scott
        Grotbags character was to act as a nemesis to the good and virtuous character played by actor Rod Hull and the puppet Emu often with the hindrance of her two companions, a cowardly crocodile names Croc and a politely-mannered robot butler, Robot Redford. Her presence in the show largely involved threatening to steal Hull's 'pet' Emu and terrorising the children inside The Pink Windmill. She also had her own show where children won prizes from her grotto.

        9) Richard Richard (Richie) - From Bottom played by Rik Mayall.
        Bottom was a comedy series from the 90's which also featured Ade Edmondson as Eddie Elizabeth Hitler. The double act produced some of the funniest material I have seen since the young ones. Their sketches were outrageous and mad which often resulted in them being taken to hospital. The character Richie was a middle aged man that was a optimistic dimwit and a virgin. His mission in life was to have sex but because he was so vile he couldn't get a girlfriend he did come close but sadly missed out and Eddie got the woman. Richie wardrobe consists of only a few items mostly dirty and old, he usually wears a white shirt tucked into his Y-fronts and black tie with scruffy blue jeans. If you haven't seen Bottom before it is a must DVD are quite cheap on Amazon or you might be lucky and be able to catch a show on sky.

        10) Jim Royle - From the Royle family played by Ricky Tomlinson
        Jim is overweight, unemployed and lazy. Ignorant and boorish, he is prone to being quick-tempered and scathing to those around him. Reminds me of a family member!
        He spends most of time sitting in an armchair watching television and in one episode the Christmas special his family brought him sky which was the best present ever.


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        • What's In Your Bag? / Discussion / 58 Readings / 50 Ratings
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          10.07.2007 21:03
          Very helpful
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          The contents of my bag

          As a mum of two young children i do not carry a handbag any more as i would end up taking two bags every where instead i put all my stuff in my sons bag which acts as my handbag!

          It is a small rucksack light blue in colour with spiderman on the front. I have just tipped everything out on the floor so i had better get on with the review so i can get all the mess tidied up before Big Brother starts .... ha ha ha

          In the small front pocket i have found...

          1 AAA battery with has ran out of life thanks to my mp3 player.

          1 Black toothed hair comb for windy days to keep my hair out the way.

          My purse which contains £15.84p in cash and my cards. Some little pics of my loved ones and all the normal female rubbish like loyalty cards, receipts and coupons.

          In the main section of the spiderman bag there is the following:

          1x Tesco my baby's ultra soft cloth wipes scented nearly full.

          Half pack of sainsbury's little ones baby wipes (You can never have enough just incase)

          1x nappy sacks blue in colour scented with handles perfect for the smelly gifts i get left by my little son.

          1x Clarks little fishy sun hat to protect his head from the sun if we ever get any.

          1x Thomas the tank sunglasses blue/red again would be useful for sunny weather.

          1x Wicksteed park map and information leaflet. Left from our day out on saturday.

          1x Ten pence piece

          1x Yellow glittery bracelet belonging to my daughter.

          1x Blue mam dummy for emergencies when out in public.

          2x School bars they are a fruity snack for children.

          1x Rimmel lipgloss - shimmery brown colour

          2x Weight receipts from the scales in boots

          2x Tampax

          And that's about it!


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            04.07.2007 13:31
            Very helpful



            How low can you go?

            As a few of you may be aware I am due to get married on the 1st September. So I thought I would be nice to write a review on how to plan a wedding on a budget! We are paying for the wedding ourselves as parents aren’t able to help. We decided to keep it small and personal due to costs. I have tried to include everything in my review and hope that it helps other couples to see you can have a wonderful day without it costing an arm and a leg. Throughout the review I will be quoting prices and at the end I will give a total of the wedding costs so far.
            Once I have actually got married I shall do a follow up review on how much everything cost and how our big day went.

            © Registry Office ©

            As we are working a budget and are only having about 25 guests we decided that our local registry office would be ideal. At a registry office you can get married any day of the week, times vary between offices but they usually work from about 10am - 4pm. They are very helpful and will try their best to cater to your needs. Each office has different maximum people per service make sure you check with the office that your wedding party will fit in the room. When you go to your local office to book your date you will have to take two forms of ID and £60 cash or cheque, they will be taking all your details including your fathers occupation I haven’t a clue why! On the day you have to have a 5 minute interview to make sure all your details are all correct. You can choose whether you wish to be interviewed together or separate. Some offices will allow you to provide your own music as long as it on religious but others will provide music for you. Photos and video cameras are allowed in some offices too. The service will last about ½ hour.

            *If you get married at a register office, it will cost £30 per notice and £43.50 on the day of the wedding.

            © Reception ©

            We are having our reception at a lovely country hotel. We have decided to have a wedding breakfast which will consist of 3 courses and coffee to follow. There will be an additional 50 people arriving for the evening reception and we have booked a disco and buffet for the evening. In many hotels they will have a wedding co-ordinator mine has been a god send and she is very helpful with answering all my silly questions. Once you have looked around the hotel you wish to use and have met your wedding co-ordinator there are quite a few things you will have to decide:

            Arrival time
            Menu and drinks package required
            Evening buffet menu and timings
            Special dietary and vegetarians requirements
            Children’s meals and high-chairs required
            Entertainment arrangements
            Table plan and napkins
            Details of delivery of your cake, place cards, table plan, flowers, favours ect.
            Any other special requests

            This may sound like a lot of things to organise but your wedding co-ordinator will help with a lot of it.

            We have decided to have the menu below:


            Trio of melon / Prawn & Apple cocktail
            Traditional roast turkey/ beef
            Chocolate fudge cake/ Profitter rolls with chocolate sauce

            Glass of red wine or sherry for reception toast
            Glass of red or white wine with meal
            Glass of sparkling wine for toast

            *CHILDREN‘S MENU*
            Melon starter
            Traditional beef or turkey
            Ice cream

            *EVENING BUFFET*

            Open rolls with various fillings
            Roasted vegetable quiches
            Gala pork pie
            Cocktail sausages & cheese and pineapple
            Sausage rolls
            Marinated chicken
            Selection of vol au vents
            Chicken satay
            Puff pastry case assortment
            Crisps, nuts and pickles

            *The total cost for both will be : £1’141*

            The disco will cost about £170 for the evening and there will be a bar serving drinks all night.

            In total the wedding reception will cost around £1’311.00 We do not have to pay a charge for the hotel function room as that is included in the cost of the catering.

            Most hotels will also offer a package on bed & breakfast for yourself and your guests.

            © Transport ©

            Transport to and from the wedding venue can be very costly and we are very lucky to have a good friend that drives a lovely Mercedes so he will be taking us to our wedding. There are many car hire places across the country some offer amazing head turning vehicles. But the prices start from about £500 which is a huge amount of money so if you know someone that has a nice car just ask them to take you and decorate the car with ribbons and have a bottle of champagne in the back!

            © Formal wear ©

            We looked at hiring a suit with all the bits from BHS and it would have cost around £70 for the groom and £60 for my son who is 19 months old. Before we made a final decision we went to the burtons sale and got a fantastic suit which had been reduced in the sale it should have been £260 and had been marked down to £110. My partner is a sales manager so he wears a suit everyday and will be able to wear this suit for work after the wedding. Many men buy a suit for a wedding which costs a lot of money then only wears it for weddings and funerals and the rest of the time it is left in the wardrobe!

            We finally brought my son a Shirt, waistcoat and cravat from Ebay which was brand new with tags originally from BHS which costs a tiny £5.00 and I will just buy a pair of black trousers to go with them closer to the time as he is forever growing.

            © Bride and bridesmaid ©

            I brought my daughters bridesmaid dress from sainsburys and it is beautiful with lots of little sparkly stones on the skirt and it only cost £15.00

            My dress on the other hand was a lot more money!
            I had my eye on a dress in a wedding shop just after having my son. 6 months later I went back and asked to try it on, it fitted nicely and the owner told me that it was due to be reduced from £600 to £410 so I snapped her hand off and brought it there and then.
            I have borrowed a veil from my friend as she had two when she got married and never wore the one she gave to me. I brought two tiaras for myself and my daughter from ebay costing about £15 for the pair.

            © Stationary ©

            Instead of paying shop prices why not use Ebay!

            I was able to buy favours, place cards, invites, save the date cards, table accessories all from ebay at the fraction of the price in shops. In total I have spent around £40 on all of the above. Many seller offer postage discount on multi orders.

            © Cake ©

            I don’t like cake so I wasn’t happy on paying £300 for a cake that I wouldn’t be eating!!

            I shopped around and brought a cake from M & S and Tesco then got my partner and children to try both. The result being that the Tesco cake was the better of the two. We are going to buy a large & medium white occasion cake which will cost around £20 and to decorate it I will put a ribbon around the base and I brought 2 personalised cake toppers from ebay which will be placed on the top. Cake topper cost around £15 each from ebay.


            I have included everything that I have either booked or bought for my magical wedding.
            So far we have spent ……….


            We have still got to book our honeymoon but we will be staying in the uk as the children are only young and they will be coming with us.

            I will update the review as I go along but I hope that the information included so far will help you or someone you know that is getting married soon.


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              28.06.2007 14:25
              Very helpful



              Great little kit and provides hours of fun

              ~~~~~Crayola Friendship Bracelets Aged 5+~~~~~

              My daughter received this for her birthday last week and we have both had great fun in making bracelets for her and all her friends at school.

              ~Company Background~

              The company began back in 1880 when the first headquarters were set up in New York City.
              Crayola is a brand of crayons and other arts & crafts tools and kits manufactured by Binney & Smith, Inc. The Crayola company was one of the first to make its crayons, chalk, markers, and coloured pencils as well as other writing utensils and artistry tools non-toxic. The first box of Binney & Smith crayons, produced in 1903, sold for a nickel and contained eight colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, brown, and black.


              The box is a medium size and is yellow in colour and has a handy yellow handle on the top so it can be carried easily. There are examples of the finished bracelets on the front and down the sides, there is a 3 step diagram on one side. On the back of the box there is a large clear picture showing the contents of the kit.


              All of the content come in a vacuumed plastic tray so that once you have opened the individual bags you can place the beads and threads in the compartments so that they don't get mixed you and in a mess.

              *40 pony beads - These beads are about 9mm with a 3mm hole. They are pearly pastel colours blue, yellow, pink and purple.

              *40 heart and star beads - You get 20 stars about 11mm wide with a 3mm hole. They are blue and yellow. 20 heart beads about 11mm wide with 3mm hole and come in purple and pink.

              *Braiding thread- 16 meters 4 meters of each of the colours yellow, pink, blue and purple. Each thread is made of 6 single strands twisted.

              *Elastic - There is about 90cm of white elastic.

              *Ribbon - You get 70cm of blue ribbon and about the same in yellow ribbon

              *10 Foam flower shapes - Which you can thread on to your finished bracelet to make it extra pretty.

              *Instruction sheet - The sheet comes in 6 languages including English luckily! It is quite easy to follow with adult help and gives a guide to make six different bracelets.

              ~ Summary ~

              The friendship bracelet kit costs around £4.00 which I think is an excellent price. This is a fantastic present and gave both myself and my daughter a good few hours of fun.

              The great thing about this kit is there are simple and more complicated designs to make. Some are just threading beads on elastic and twisting /plating the threads where as others are knotted bracelets which take more time and attention.

              Once you have made a bracelet you can either keep it or give it to your friend hence the term friendship bracelets, let your friends wear your piece of art!


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                25.06.2007 21:55
                Very helpful



                Great all over body shimmer for any occasion

                As many of you are aware I’m getting married soon and I have been shopping for all my bits and bobs that I’ll need to try and make myself look sexy and glam on my big day. I have been looking for a nice light shimmer powder that I can safely wear with my ivory wedding dress without spoiling it.

                I have tried Avon, Boots and Body shop but couldn’t find the right kind of product that I wanted. Last week I was speaking to a friend who recently got married and she recommended Virgin vie Fantasia Melted kisses shimmer powder. I searched the website but couldn’t find it, I could have ordered it from the South Africa site priced at R150 for 15g which is roughly about £10.55 but the postage would have cost a lot. I called Virgin Vie customer service where a lady informed me that the product Fantasia Melted kisses shimmer powder had been discontinued.

                So I a call of desperation I tried Ebay and there were a few listed on there mostly brand new and sealed at a fraction of the original price. It arrived this morning and I am over the moon with it.


                As far as i am aware you can only get the one size of melted kisses and that is a 15g box. The style of the box is quite strange and very hard to describe but I shall give it ago. Its has four sides like a square but the sides are slanted on the base and on the lid if you look at the picture you will hopefully see what I mean. The ‘box’ is a pale pink colour with a white swirl pattern on the panels and a silver square on the top in the middle with the virgin symbol on it. It also has Virgin Vie Fantasia out of this world… Melted kisses shimmer powder printed on the side in purple and silver lettering.

                **Product description**

                'Lavish your skin with the touch fluttering, feather soft powder'
                It is a very fine, light and soft shimmer powder which is silvery/ lilac in colour. Once it is applied to your skin there is no colour as such, what you will see is a shimmer of silver which sparkles when caught by light like starlit snow. It has a beautiful sweet berry scent which makes your mouth water. This shimmering powder is like no other…. You can actually eat it!!

                **How to use it**

                Once you have opened the box you will find a purple puffball which you use to apply the shimmer. I was a little confused at first on how to get the shimmer out, you might not be as stupid as me and see the sticky tab in the centre. Once the tab has been removed there are ten little holes where the powder comes through. Simply shake the powder onto the puffball then apply it to the skin. It is safe to use all over the body and don’t forget it is edible so be daring and adventurous. It tastes delicious described as frosted berries a sweet sugary taste. Not sure on the calorie content!! Once the shimmer is applied it lasts quite a few hours unless it is licked off!


                Mannitol, Mica, Synthetic Fluorpholgopite, Sodium Saccharin, Zeolite, Calcium Silicate, Propylene Glycol, Methylparaben, Sorbic Acid, Propylparaben, Tetrasodium EDTA, Butylparaben, Aroma, BHT, CI77891, CI77742, CI77491, CI77492, CI77499

                I personally have no idea what any of these are!

                I am very happy with Melted kisses and recommend it highly but grab it while you can as they are limited now they have been discontinued. As I stated earlier I brought mine from ebay which cost £3.21 including postage.

                Tel: 0845 300 8022


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                • Build a Beetle / Board Game / 24 Readings / 23 Ratings
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                  24.06.2007 23:42
                  Very helpful



                  Nice stocking filler

                  My daughter turned the grand old age of five years old last week and had a birthday party on saturday with all her friends. She was a very lucky little girl and received lots of presents so that's my next few reviews taken care of!

                  One of her friends bought the game build a beetle. I had never heard of this game before it is produced by Chad Valley and can be purchased from Woolworth's.

                  I did some price checking and it retails for about £6.99 but currently on offer for £5.99.

                  The box contains:
                  4 beetle bodies
                  4 beetle heads
                  4 noses
                  8 eyes
                  8 feelers
                  24 feet
                  1 die
                  Game storage
                  instruction sheet

                  The game is very easy to play and the winner is the first to build up a beetle. Throw a one for the body, two for the head, three for the feeler, four for an eye, five for a nose and six for a leg.

                  The game is aimed at children aged 4+ and can have up to 4 players.


                  My daughter and I have had great fun with playing build a beetle although after 3 games we both started to get a little bored. This game is very easy to play but because it is so simple can be a little repetitive and tiresome. Problem would be more fun with more players!

                  The price is quite reasonable would make a nice little stocking filler for christmas. There are lots of little parts to the game and will easily get lost in the toy cupboard, I have put them in re-sealable sandwich bags to keep them all together.

                  To be honest I have mixed feelings about this game as there are many other children's games on the market which will last longer and be played more. Unfortunately they will also cost twice as much as this one.

                  I would personally buy it for a rainy day treat or a stocking filler. I don't think my daughter will play it much because she enjoys a more challenging game.


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                    15.06.2007 17:28
                    Very helpful



                    Excellent ointment

                    I first discovered Bepanthen when my youngest child had a slight nappy rash I had never experienced the problem before with my other babies. I was going to buy Sudocream until my midwife recommended Bepanthen and gave me a small sample tube. Within hours his bottom was back to normal and he was back to his happy self. I have also used it on grazes after the children have fallen and again the results were excellent.

                    Bepanthen is a barrier cream for nappy rash it can also be used for sore or cracked nipples and is often recommended by tattoo artist when you have had a new tattoo.Bepanthen is very gentle on the skin so it can be used at every nappy change if required I didn‘t use it every nappy change as it soon got to work and cleared the rash up. It is so gentle it can be used even if you child has sensitive skin as it contains no fragrance, preservatives, colours or antiseptics.

                    Because it contains Pro Vitamin B5 it gently helps soothe and heal irritated sensitive skin while keeping it soft, smooth and moisturised. It works by forming a long lasting, transparent layer to continue protecting your child’s bottom even after the rash has gone.

                    When applying to the skin make sure that it is clean and dry before applying the ointment. If you are using it for nappy rash always wash the babies bottom after each nappy change and only apply a thin layer so that the skin is still able to breath.

                    The box is white and blue in colour with a pink stripe at one end going across. The tube is the same with the same design and the word ‘Bepanthen’ printed on it.
                    Once you open the tube you will have to piece the seal with the end of the cap and you will see the creamy coloured ointment inside. There is no scent and not too cold when it first comes into contact to the skin. It is easy to apply simply squeeze a small amount onto your finger and apply to irritated area it absorbs very quickly. Make sure you wash your hands after application and return the lid onto the tube. Store in a cool dry place below 25 c.

                    You will find a tube of Bepanthen will last a long time and can be stored for up to 2 years once opened.

                    Bepanthen is manufactured by Bayer and is supported by The Royal College of Midwifes and also contain the British Skin Foundation stamp. It is available in a 30g and 100g tube. It can be purchased at many stores and shops including Tesco, Boots. If you can’t find it on the shelf then you might need to ask for it at the counter some Boots store it in the under counter draw.

                    Tesco sells 30g tube for £2.48
                    Boots sells 100g tube for £5.99

                    Aqua, Lanolin, Paraffinium Liquidum, Petrolatum, Panthenol (Dexpanthenol), Prunus Dulcis, Cera Alba, Cetyl Alcohol, Stearyl Alcohol, Ozokerite, Glyceryl Oleate, Lanolin Alcohol

                    If you go to the website www.bepanthen.co.uk and fill in a short survey you and claim a free sample why not give it ago.


                    I found this ointment a lot better than Sudocream as it was easier to apply, thinner and less greasy. It also seemed to clear up the rash a lot quicker. It is a little more expensive than other nappy rash creams but in my opinion it is a lot better.

                    Thank you for reading my review.



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                      13.06.2007 10:33
                      Very helpful



                      A little expensive but well worth it.

                      I brought the BT Digital Baby Monitor Plus about two years ago from Argos priced £69.79.
                      I have had other baby monitors in the past but this design is by far the best as it has many useful functions. It is quite pricey but you will not be disappointed once you have it, mine is on all day everyday.

                      The monitor comes as two separate unit’s the larger one is for the nursery ideally near the cot and the parent handset which I keep down stairs. Both are connected to the mains and the parent handset has re-chargeable batteries (2x AA supplied). The parent handset has a 50 metres indoor range and 300m range for when you are on the move around the house it comes complete with a belt clip to fasten it safely to your waist band. The area of range was essential for me when my little one was newborn. It meant I could keep an ear on him while I was in the garden hanging out the washing or gardening. The parent handset will alert you with a beep if you go ‘out of range’ or if the main unit has been disconnected.

                      The monitor has 120 channels which enable you to have crystal clear sound interference free none of that cracking in the background which you can experience on a cheaper two channel monitor. Once you have plugged in the monitors the auto select will select the correct channel for your home.

                      I found the digital temperature gauge on the LCD display screen very useful in both summer and winter, the monitor displays the temperature on both the main unit and the parents handset. You can set a alert on the temperature, so if the temperature falls below or rises above the temperature you set the handset will alert you with a beep and it will also flash.

                      Two-way Intercom is an excellent idea which allows you to interact with your child if they are unsettled. We mainly use the two-way intercom to shout at the kids when they get out of bed now they are older which means I don’t have to get up in the middle of Eastenders. It is very easy to use just simply press and hold the button at the top of the parent handset while you speak then release when you have finished.

                      The volume is adjustable on both the parent handset and the baby unit very easily with the labelled volume buttons. There are five settings and off/mute. We tend to have the volume off on the parent handset and usually monitor the noise by the sound sensitive lights.

                      Sound sensitive lights are very useful so you can hear baby’s sounds and movements. You can set the sensitive through the parent handset and is very easy to change. There are five green lights and 3 red. When the lights hit the red the noise should be very loud as in a loud cry rather than a moan.

                      On the baby monitor there is a nightlight in the shape of stars that can be remotely activated by the parents handset to be honest it is not very good and doesn’t really light up so that you can see anything at all.

                      The monitor has five Lullabies to soothe your baby back to sleep they are twinkle, rockabye, hush, Brahms, golden. Using the parent handset you can select which lullaby you would like to play or you can select play all.

                      The menu and all the functions are all accessed through the parent handset below are the menu options:

                      Light on?
                      Sound alert
                      To select one of the options scroll down using the volume arrows and press the tick on the correct option.

                      I recently went on holiday and took the monitor with me in the travel bag that comes with the monitor to keep it safe so you don’t lose any of the parts.


                      Although this monitor expensive compared to some others it also has a lot of very useful functions with many do not have. I have had my monitor for about two years and have never had a problem with it. It was extremely useful when my child was newborn because it has lullabies and intercom. I would recommend this monitor to other parents but if they can’t afford I would recommend the lower spec model Bt digital baby monitor which sells for about £49.99.


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                      07.06.2007 14:57
                      Very helpful



                      Must add to your places to visit in the uk beautiful place and lovely people

                      Over half term we decided to have a long weekend in Cornwall with our friends. There was eight of us all together four adults and four children my friends mum owns a holiday cottage in Jacobstow near to Bude so we stayed there. We live in Leicestershire so it was a good trek to Cornwall and the traffic was horrific especially around Bristol, in total it took us around six hours to get to our destination.

                      Jacobstow is a quite a small village with only about 420 people living there. The village is three miles south-west of Week St. Mary, and just inland from the A39 and seven mile from Bude. We didn’t spend much time in the village apart from going back to the cottage in the evening. Although we did have a short walk round and looked at the wonderful church in the centre of the village. There is a nice village pub close by and a petrol station with village shops and post office just across the main road. It is a nice quiet place with lots of beautiful scenery and plenty of fields for afternoon walks.

                      Back at home the weather was terrible but we were blessed with a beautiful sunny day on the Saturday. We spent the day at Polzeath it is a very popular with families and surfers it has a great deal to offer to all with it beautiful views and scenery. It is quite expensive to park your car there it cost us a £1 per hour. We spent the whole day on the beach it wasn’t very crowded so the children had plenty of room to run around and to build castles. There were lots of lifeguards on the beach which made us feel safe and secure near the water as the tide comes in very quickly. Dolphins may sometimes be spotted and the surrounding coastline is a particularly good area for many types of coastal bird including puffins. The beach is very clean and has been listed as one of the best in the area. They have nice clean public toilets close to the beach too.

                      There are many things to do at Polzeath shopping, surfing and eating out. There are shops that sell fab food at reasonable prices one of the shops has its own deli counter and sells delicious hot toasted panini’s. I had a bacon, sun dried tomato and brie panini it cost £3.20 there was enough for two people to share.
                      There are also a few clothing shops but be warned if you are any bigger than a size 12 you will find it difficult to find clothes and of course a few surfing shops too.
                      If you so desire there are surfing day courses you can take part in at a cost (details can be found at surfsupsurfschool.com) and a place where you can hire surfboards and wetsuits. We didn’t take part in the surfing though as the children were a little too young. We did however have a go on the trampolines which are the sort where you are attached to bungee ropes so you can bounce very high they cost £5 for about 5 minutes. I know that doesn’t seem very long but the children were shattered after 3 minutes. Great way to finish off the day and the children were fast asleep by 8pm (well worth £5).

                      On Sunday we visited Tintagel it was quite wet and windy on that day so we did most of our site seeing from the safety of a warm car. Tintagel castle was the home of King Arthur and his Knights, the castle was built by the first Duke of Cornwall, the son of Henry I. My husbands to be decided he would like to visit here as he is very keen on history but unfortunately due to the weather he was unable to see all on offer. There is a informative Visitor Centres, superb walks, good shops and numerous homely pubs.
                      We visited the Book shop, Gallery shop, Gift shop but the children decided the best one we visited was the pasty shop which had delicious steak and onion pasties. Tintagel has a very mystical and enchanting feel to it voted one of the most romantic places in the Country. If only the weather was better for us we would have enjoy a cream tea or home made local pasty sitting on a bench looking across the beautiful landscape and cliffs.
                      On our way back to the cottage we drove through the picturesque village Boscastle hidden in a steep sided valley. You might recall this village in the headlines in 2004 when it was badly affected by the floods. I am happy to report that the place looks wonderful now and it looked as though there was still developments being worked on parts. There was a lovely little harbour that you could see when driving down the hill into the village with lots of little fishing boats. There were quite a few charming little shops and the village seemed very busy.

                      To end our day we visited Crackington Haven for a late Sunday lunch. As we drove into the village we were stunned by the spectacular scenery. The road leading into the village is very steep but you could see for miles. The beach is quite small and very stoney but the views were the best we had seen all day. We were surrounded by cliffs and it was very peaceful. There are just a few little beach shops and the family pub with we had our meal. The Coombe Barton Inn is a warm, friendly place and serves lovely high quality food, we all had a Sunday carvery which cost £7.50 per adult and about £4.50 per child. There was a large family room which was perfect for us with four children in tow. There were toys available but they weren’t in very good condition but there was plenty of space for them to play around and burn off some of their energy from being trapped in the car most of the day. They also provided highchairs. The carvery was really nice you got the choice of pork or beef then you just added your vegetables and trimmings. Over all we were very pleased with the service and food.

                      We had to leave on Monday so after sadly packing our bags and forcing the children into the cars we headed to Bude for a last look at the beach and a short walk round the town.

                      Bude is a very pretty town the beach is fantastic. The beach is full of little rock pools where the children took there nets and tried to catch crabs. It is again full of surreal views and awesome scenery. It was also extremely clean we didn’t spot one piece of litter if you have been there you might recall the millions of bins at the top of the beach but the obliviously they fulfil there purpose. Next to the beach there was a large store that sold all the normal beach stuff buckets, spades, hats and some surfing items and public toilets. There is also a café but I would not recommend it as it took 20 minutes for them to get me four coffees and a bacon batch there prices were a little steep too.

                      You can take a short steep walk up to the town to save finding a parking space which is what we did, it’s not too far the children managed it. The town has a mixture of shops lots of surf and gift shops and a few little Celtic shops which are the ones I like most. Some of them were closed due to it being bank holiday. Lucky for us the ice cream shop was open and they served ice creams in loads of different flavours. After a short stroll around the shops we headed back to the car to set off home.


                      We had an amazing time in Cornwall there was plenty to see and do. We wish we could have stayed longer but my husband to be had to go back to work. Since visiting Cornwall we have decided that we will spend our honeymoon there in September as we can’t go abroad as our son is too young. I personally can’t wait to go back and take some more pictures of the beautiful scenery and spend some more time exploring the sights. There was only one thing that disappointed me on our break away and that was that no matter where we went, we could not find anywhere that sold seafood or shellfish. There was a fishmongers in Bude but it was closed.

                      Thank you for reading my review - Claire x


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                      • SlimFast / Diet & Weight Loss / 43 Readings / 40 Ratings
                        More +
                        04.06.2007 18:25
                        Very helpful



                        Slim fast range of meals and snacks is both delicious and convenient.

                        I’m getting married on the 1st September and I would like to lose a bit of weight before our big day. I have previously tried weight watchers and slimming world lost quite a bit of weight but I am the type of person that will eat all my daily points in one go or get bored of eating the same thing.

                        I have never tried slim fast before so I decided to give it ago. I am going to be on the diet for 3 months and hope to drop a dress size or two. I have been slim fast for one week and I have lost 6lbs!!!! I am very pleased so far.

                        I had heard about the Cambridge diet and looked into starting it instead of slim fast but it is very expensive and hard to get hold of. In many ways it is very similar to slim fast but with slim fast there is a large variety of flavours and options.
                        Slim fast appealed to me because it is very simple to follow you have slim fast for both breakfast and lunch then a healthy meal for dinner. You don’t have to spend ages on weighting out products and counting calories. I found that whilst on the weight watchers eating plan I spent hours planning and thinking about what I was going to eat the next day to be sure I kept to my points. I also like the fact that slim fast can be purchased in many places supermarkets, boots, online and some petrol stations. Which makes it easier if you are out and about.

                        ~ How it works ~

                        Breakfast - I have a ready made slim fast shake for my breakfast as I find that it is quick and easy. I have two children so I don’t have much time in the morning before school. To be honest I never used to eat breakfast at all. You don’t have to have a shake very morning or even at all there are many options smoothies, meal bars both come in a variety of flavours or just simply a big bowl of fruit.

                        Lunch - I have a shake again for lunch as I find them quite filling, I usually have a different flavour to breakfast though. You could also have slim fast soups as well as the other options above.

                        Dinner - By 5pm I am hungry for some real food. I have made lots of different meals for my dinner but the key thing is to keep it to a maximum of 600 calories. I ate chicken salad, jacket spud with tuna and salad, stir fry, Steak and home-made wedges (weight watchers recipe) and pasta with tuna, apple, raisins and celery.

                        Snacks - You can have up to three snacks a day. These can be slim fast products, fruit, low calorie yoghurts or other low calorie products. You done have to go out and spend pounds on the slim fast products I have brought some go ahead chocolate bars which are the same a the slim fast bar and had that for my snack. I usually choose a piece of fruit for my morning snack, cereal bar for afternoon and snack a jacks or yoghurt for evening snack.

                        ~ Shakes~

                        They are my favourite they taste delicious and are filling. I have both slim fast powder and ready made shakes. With both you are guaranteed to get all the nutrition you need to help you maintain a balanced diet.
                        Each meal contains:

                        - As much as half a pint of milk
                        - About as much protein as a 75g salmon fillet
                        - About as much Vitamin C as half a small orange
                        - As much potassium as a large banana
                        - As much beta carotene as a 40g serving of carrots
                        - As much iron as 200g of raw spinach

                        I use the powder for when I am at home as it does work out cheaper and I don’t mind getting the hand blender out for two minutes.

                        ~Prices ~

                        To give you an idea of prices I have listed a few below that I have brought and tried. The shakes come in Heavenly Chocolate, Simply Vanilla, Summer Strawberry, Banana and Café Classic (only available in Ready-to-drink)

                        Ready made shake - £1.09 but I can usually be found in supermarket on offer Tesco’s has it on offer buy 1 get 1 free at the moment which works out a lot cheaper, so stock up quick offer ends 19th June. Morrison’s also have them on offer for 58p per bottle.

                        Slim fast shake powder - £3.99 at Tesco I think it is about £1 more expensive at boots. I have discovered a fantastic milk to use for the powder you can buy it in all supermarkets and its called The one in a purple bottle. You can buy it in a two litre bottle and the great thing is it has got all the taste of semi-skimmed but only 1% fat!
                        Its fab and tastes really good too. Each tin serves 12 meals.

                        Sour cream & chive pretzels - 48p roughly and are counted as a snack. They are quite tasty and a little moreish.

                        Chocolate caramel bar - 48p roughly I didn’t like these so brought some go ahead bars instead.

                        Apricot, Cashew Nut & Pumpkin Seed - 48p very chewy and delicious perfect for a afternoon snack.

                        Cranberry, Almond & Raisin - 48p very chewy and delicious perfect for a afternoon snack.

                        Main things to remember when starting any diet is weigh yourself before you start then weekly after that. Drink lots of water it will fill you up and it is also good for your skin. Finally if you do have a bad day don’t let it turn into a bad week!!

                        ~Summary ~

                        I feel that slim fast is just as good as all the other diets that are on the market today. Slim fast range of meals and snacks is both delicious and convenient. It makes it easy to follow a calorie-controlled diet without the hassle of calorie counting, weighing or measuring every meal or snack. I have lost 6lbs in my first week and have not had any side affects or hunger pains. As long as you follow the diet you will lose weight and when you decide to stop using slim fast keep to a healthy diet and you shouldn’t gain the weight back again.


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                          01.06.2007 18:12
                          Very helpful



                          Excellent trike with fantastic features

                          ~ Smart trike with sunroof ~

                          I brought this trike about 3 months ago for my 1 year old son. I am really happy with it and my son loves to travel on it everywhere we go. I have even resulted taking it to sainsburys shopping because he is much happier on his trike than sitting in the trolley.

                          I needed a trike that had a parent handle so that when we go out it is easy to push and to control. The parent handle on this trike is excellent, you can actually steer the trike and have full control. It comes with foam padding on the handle for comfortable handling ideal for long walks. The handle is easy to detach from the trike for storage and for when the child grows up and can pedal by themselves.

                          I was attracted to this particular product because of its stylish and colourful design. It is also quite a chunky trike. With it having a steel construction it is very strong to ensure stability. It is not too heavy to lift in and out of the boot of your car but would probably be a good idea to detach parent handle, backrest and sunroof before doing so.

                          The trike is aimed at toddlers aged 10 months - 4 years and is designed to grow with them. There is a detachable safety guard and backrest which makes it safe and suitable for younger children and stops them from falling off. There is also an adjustable harness which can be used along with the safety guard and without. Underneath the seat the is a “clutch” like mechanism which can be folded down to make the footrest for the child’s feet so they don’t get caught in the pedals.

                          The sunroof is also detachable and is a unique feature to this trike. I have never seen a product like this with a sunroof and it was an excellent idea. I have found it very useful as my son will never keep his sun hat on his head so when we are out in the beautiful sun (which we have got none of at the moment) the sunroof protects his head and shoulders from sun and stops him from burning. Unfortunately the sunroof can only be used if the safety guard and backrest are attached as it attaches to the side of the backrest.

                          The trikes seat is very comfortable to ride on and there are rubber grips on the handle bars which is great for on uneven ground and helps the child to keep grip. There are also rubber grips on the wheels which makes is easier to pedal on slippy surfaces and also helps stop the trike from make that terrible noise then your going down the street.

                          There is a little bell that can be attached to the handle bars which make a nice little ‘Ding’ sound you’ll be happy to know that it can be easily detached. Apart from the fantastic sunroof I also really like the little bucket on the back of the trike, it is quite handy for putting snacks and juice in.

                          My trike came in a box with needed assembling. I personally like to put things together and love flat pack stuff so I enjoyed making it up. It only took about 20 minutes if that and had a very easy to follow simply ENGLISH instructions.

                          ~ Price ~

                          I paid £37.99 from Argos Cat No: 367/0554 although if I remember rightly they knocked a few pounds off because it does not come with the little bag as pictured. I personally think that the price is very reasonable for the amount of use my son will get out of it.

                          ~ Summary ~

                          I would recommend the smart trike to other parents and grandparents. It is a very strong durable product with stylish head turning design and fantastic unique features.

                          Thank you for taking the time to read and rate my review ~ Claire


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                            30.05.2007 21:27
                            Very helpful



                            Whether you want a beach read, something to travel with, or just a good book to kill this is the per

                            ~ Background ~

                            Cecelia Ahern is a young writer born and bred in Dublin, she completed a Degree in Journalism and Media Communications. At twenty-one, she wrote her first novel PS, I Love You, which was sold to over forty countries. The book is due to be released as a film later this year.

                            She has also written Where Rainbows End, If You Could See Me Now and A Place Called Here. Many of her novels and short stories have won awards worldwide and have become best sellers.

                            ~ Story ~

                            This book is based around Holly. She was married to Gerry and had the type of love many of us can only ever dream of. They were childhood sweethearts who grew up together and became best friends, lovers and soul mates. So you can imagine Holly's grief when at the age of 30 Gerry is tragically taken from her, the victim of a brain tumour.

                            Holly and Gerry often joked that if he was to die before her, she would not be able to cope. They decided that the best thing to do is for Gerry to leave a list of things for Holly to follow. It was just a joke all along and never thought that such a terrible thing would happen especially when they were both so young.

                            The story begins, After Gerry has died and Holly is left to face life without him. She was finding it very difficult and resulted to staying at home were she was surrounded by all her memories with Gerry. Out of the blue her mother reminds her that there is a envelope waiting for her at her parents house. When Holly collects it she finds that is The List that they had always joked about, inside there were envelopes and a letter from Gerry explaining that there is was an envelope for each month for twelve months and she was to follow and obey every message in each envelope. Each message ends with the line 'P.S. I love you'

                            The story is based around the envelopes which Holly opens every month, and the tasks they contain. They range from buying a table lamp to a secret holiday. It is one of those books you can not help but enjoy - at the moments it makes you laugh out loud, and the moments you have to reach for the tissues you realise its been a long time since you've read a book this good.

                            In one of the tasks she is to go on holiday with her friends which was organised by Gerry before he died. Holly and her friends end up drifting out to sea on lilo’s and have to be rescued.

                            Holly begins to realise that live must go on without Gerry. She decides to get a new job which she has no experience in and starts spending more time with her friends.

                            Throughout the story Holly grows closer to her friend Daniel and towards the end he breaks some important news…..

                            ~ Characters ~

                            Holly - She is the main character who has recently lost her husband

                            Gerry - Holly’s husband who died of a brain tumor

                            Daniel - A new friend of Holly’s who owns a bar

                            Sharon - Holly’s friend expecting a baby.

                            John - Sharon’s husband

                            Denise - Holly’s friend due to get married

                            Tom - Denise’s husband to be

                            Declan - Holly’s brother who made a very funny documentary of her and her friends.

                            Frank - Holly’s father usually in his own little world.

                            Elizabeth - Holly’s mother

                            Ciara - Holly’s sister who is travelling around Australia

                            Jack & Richard - Holly’s brothers

                            ~ My opinion ~

                            This is the first book I have read by this author and I really enjoyed it. The story line is touching and compulsive to read, you won’t want to put it down. I would lay in bed and say I’ll just finish this chapter then I’ll switch the light off but I couldn’t help myself I had to read more it was very gripping.

                            I really liked the storyline to this book it was very touching in places but made me laugh in others.
                            The style of writing is very similar to Sophie Kinsella and Isabel Wolff all quite easy to read and great for the female readers from the age of 18 yrs +

                            Similar authors: Marian Keyes, Sophie Kinsella, Jill Mansell, Cathy Kelly and Alexandra Potter

                            ~ Price ~
                            I paid £3.99 for my paperback copy from Amazon

                            Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Ltd (4 Jun 2004)
                            ISBN-10: 0007165005
                            ISBN-13: 978-0007165001

                            ~ Other books ~

                            Where Rainbows End, If You Could See Me Now and A Place Called Here, Love Rosie.

                            Whether you want a beach read, something to travel with, or just a good book to kill this is the perfect book.


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                              22.05.2007 14:38
                              Very helpful



                              Excellent day out for all the family

                              ~West midlands safari park~

                              I have visited the safari park quite a few times. It is a fun day out and you won’t get bored as there is loads to see and do.
                              Don’t be put off if you have a nice car because there are not monkeys or animals that will destroy your window wipes or aerials. I would also recommend that you take a snack in the car for the drive around the park as sometimes it can take up to 2 hrs depending on how busy it is.
                              I live in Leicestershire so it is a bit of a drive to get there but well worth a visit especially if you have children.

                              West midlands safari park is located in Bewdley there are directions on the website and GPS co-ordinates.

                              West Midland Safari and Leisure Park
                              Spring Grove
                              DY12 1LF
                              Tel: 01299 402114
                              Fax: 01299 404519



                              Admission only (Rides extra) Adults - £9.50 Children - £9.50 (Under 4's free)

                              You pay while in your car at the entrance, prices may seem expensive but you do get a FREE return ticket for the next time you visit. Although you cannot use the return ticket or any other discount vouchers on bank holidays. They are also part of the Tesco club card deals so you can use your Tesco vouchers there too. After you have paid you will be offered the chance to by food to feed the animals which costs £2.75 and a safari park programme which gives you lots of details about the animals you’ll be seeing and costs £3.99.

                              Admission includes…..

                              ~Drive-Through Safari ~
                              It consists of a 4 mile drive along a route which covers an area of over 100 acres. Make sure you fill your radiator with water as it is a slow drive round. It is very funny to count how many cars have over heated or broken down.
                              On the drive through you will see exotic and unusual animals which roam the reserves. No doubt you have heard that the safari has the African Big 5 you will get to these on the drive through. Get your cameras ready!!
                              There are Elephants, Buffalo Boma, Rhino, Giraffe, Lion, Wallaby, Tiger, Emu, Camel, Zebra, Gnu, Eland, Ankole Cattle, Yak, Przewalski’s Horse, Asian Buffalo, Wolf, Llama and all kinds of Antelope!

                              ~Hippo Lakes ~ & ~Hippo Feeding Time ~
                              The Hippopotamus are located in the main park next to the children’s train ride and the is a viewing platform where you can safely stand to watch them. If you time it right you can watch the hippo’s at feeding time. They make some funny noises too they always make us laugh as they sometimes sound like a huge trump!

                              ~Safari Express Train ~

                              This is a small train which is FREE to go on and takes you on a short tour of the grounds. Suitable for children and adults.

                              ~Sea Lion Show ~ Sea Lion Encounter ~Seal Island Exhibit Pool ~ Twilight Cave Creepy Crawlies ~ SeaQuarium ~ Reptile House ~ Reptile Encounter ~Animal Encounter ~

                              These are all part of the discovery trail where you can learn about the animals. At Seal Island there is a large under water window where you can stand and watch them dance and often show off to there audience.
                              The Twilight Cave has free flying fruit bats I personally wait outside on that one as I’m not fond of things flying around near my head the children love it though.
                              In the SeaQuarium you get to see lots of different types of fish and sea creatures, both the Twilight cave and SeaQuarium have disabled access with is also useful for families with buggy’s.
                              As I am a wimp I have never been in the Reptile areas but I do know that you get the chance of holding creepy crawlies, snakes and spiders. Not my cup of tea!!


                              There is wonderful variety of 30 fun rides and attractions to suit the whole family, water rides, fast spinning rides, pirate ships and the dodgems to name just a few.
                              My favourite is the water rides on the log flume you get your picture taken which is a nice little way of remembering your fun day out.

                              New ‘Cubs Kingdom’ is a place where the fun never stops there are bouncy castles and small rides for smaller children it is a lot quieter down there too. You can also feed the goats and sheep in the little discovery area. Make sure you all wash your hands after any contact with the animals.

                              There are two ways in which you can buy access to the rides. Wristbands & Ticket Machines. Wristbands £9.25 per person and Tickets minimum payment £5.00 (three tickets) Some rides cost 2 tickets.

                              To be honest there is rarely a queue for rides so you can jump off and get straight back on again.

                              Some rides have height restrictions and some need an adult to accompany a child.

                              For people 1.4 and over there are 18 rides available

                              For people that are 1.2 to 1.4 there are 15 rides available

                              For people that are 1.0 to 1.2 there are 11 rides available

                              And finally for people 0.8 to 1.0 there are 11 rides available.

                              **Food and Gift shops**

                              ~Congo Candy Sweet Shop~
                              Lots of sweets in here for the journey home.

                              ~Port Livingstone Pizza ~
                              Variety of Pizza, Southern Fried Chicken, chips and drinks. Vegetarian option available. There can sometimes be a large queue.
                              Open weekends and main school holidays.

                              ~Lost City Fun Foods ~
                              Located in the Lost City Plaza and quick stop off for all kinds of novelty food. Opens weekends and main school holidays.

                              ~Oasis Licensed Bar & Coffee Shop~
                              Found inside the Explorers Café, in Discovery Trail, ideal for assorted baguettes, pasta dishes, ice cream, muffins, flapjacks and low-fat desserts.
                              Vegetarian options available. Open all season.

                              ~Hot & Spicy ~
                              Located in the Amusement, the ideal place for jacket potatoes with a variety of fillings; hot dogs, spicy spiral fries, doughnuts, drinks and ice creams.
                              Vegetarian option available. Open weekends and main school holidays.

                              ~Refreshment & Snack Houses~
                              May be found throughout the Park selling ice creams, sweets, drinks and a variety of snacks perfect to eat on the hoof. Open weekends and main school holidays.

                              ~Explorers Cafe ~
                              Located opposite the Reptile House in Discovery Trail, this newly re-themed large family dining Café serves a variety of main meals ranging from traditional fish or sausage and chips, baked pies, pasta or quiche salads, ploughman's platters. Vegetarian options available. Open all season.

                              ~Botswana Burger Co~
                              Found in the heart of the Amusement Area, visitors may choose whether to eat in or take away. Perfect for a selection of burgers, chicken nuggets and fries; hot and cold drinks. Vegetarian options available. Open all season.

                              Prices are reasonable compared to other places on a day out. I prefer to take my own picnic and sit in the picnic area.

                              There are 4 gift shops and most of the items are highly priced I brought my son a safari jeep and it cost £6.00 actually I suppose that isn’t that bad but the teddies are about £15 and above.


                              I think that west midlands safari park is a wonderful place and great for all ages. It gives children the chance to see and touch animals that are from other climates and are not usually found in this country.
                              All the animals look very healthy, happy and look well cared for with plenty of room to walk and run around. Compared to Alton Towers, Cadburys world or Warwick castle I think the safari park is much better and you could easily spend the whole day there and not get bored the time will fly by due to all the fun you will be having.

                              I have included some of our pictures of our day out hope you enjoy them and thank you for taking the time to read my review.


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                                17.05.2007 19:42
                                Very helpful


                                • Reliability


                                Excellent cheap little mp3 player

                                My review is based on my opinions and thoughts as a learner of technology which I hope will help other people similar to myself.

                                I have wanted an ipod or mp3 player for a while but have never understood what they do and how they work. Two weeks ago after a long informative chat with my sixteen year old niece I decided to take the plunge into the new technology of music.

                                I wanted a product that I could download my favourite songs onto so when I am out and about I can listen to them. I didn’t want a complicated product with lots of buttons, features and functions which would cost me an arm and leg.

                                The Philips Go Gear SA1100 is ideal for me it is small, compact and reasonably priced. I chose the pink one but it also comes in silver. It is cheap to use too as it only requires one AAA battery and it will last at least 8 hrs.

                                I brought mine from Argos priced at £29.99 catalogue number 513/3178 pink 513/3161 silver

                                It looks very trendy in the pink and looks like a lipstick case due to its size: (H)8.3, (W)2.9, (D)2.3cm

                                It holds 128 music tracks which were very easy to download. I used bearshare to find my music if is free to download from and the quality is great. You can use MP3, WMA, WAV formats. Once you have downloaded the song (s) you want you simply plug in you mp3 player into your USB port and drag them to the mp3 player folder located in My Computer. Honestly it is very simple!

                                Once the music is on your mp3 player you can listen to it straight away with the earphones supplied. I did not like the earphones because they hurt my ears so I used my nice jelly one instead.


                                Equalizer - There are four preset settings Rock, Pop, Jazz and Classic. To be honest there is not much difference between them.

                                Playback Modes - Shuffle, All tracks repeat and one track repeat. There is also a flash memory so it will start back to where you finished.

                                Voice Recorder - With the built in microphone you can record voices, I recorded my children singing and playing and the recording lasted over ten minutes the quality is quite good.

                                LCD screen - LCD screen shows which track is playing, volume level and menu options.


                                You can by speakers to add to the mp3 player so if you are outside gardening or having a party you and your friends can listen to your music.

                                I have brought a in car accessory kit so I can plug my mp3 into my cassette player in my old banger of a car, the music then plays through your car speakers. Unlike in car cd players your mp3 player will not jump, or skip parts of the tracks. Just clear quality music for you journeys.


                                This little mp3 player is excellent and does what it says on the box. There are cheaper mp3 players that do the same job but they are a lot larger and are not as attractive as this one. I would recommend it to others.


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