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      18.04.2010 15:50
      Very helpful
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      • Reliability


      Excellent sound quality but pricey

      I am sure most people have heard of Lady gaga after she hit the music industry by storm and won International Female Solo Artist, International Breakthrough Act and Best International Album for The Fame, winning every category in which she was nominated in the 2010 Brit awards.

      My son is such a Lady gaga fan that he was avidly awaiting the release of these headphones and purchased them from HMV as soon as they were available. They are priced at £79.99. they are also available on HVV.com for the same price and free postage. These headphones were designed by Lady gaga produced by Dr Dre. Lady gaga states she wanted a unique product unlike anything else on the market to incorporate her signiture style and creative flair for the unusual. They come in rose red, black and bright (which is silver and white)

      So what do you get for almost £80? The in-ear headphones report features such as innovative design, flat-cable, tangle-less wires as well as multiple flanges for optimal fittings and a design unlike any other, therefore being a perfect fashion accessory aswell as a practically designed accessory for music lovers.

      Multiple Eartips For the Perfect Fit Heartbeats come with multiple sizes and shapes of eartips to ensure the perfect fit and seal. I have to say that some earphones dont fit my ears and are uncomfortable but these afford flexibility by offering a variety of ear plugs to ensure you find a perfect fit for your unique ears! I personally find them the most comfortable earphones I have tried.
      The fact that they fit your ears perfectly not only affords better comfort but outside noise is also minimised. From personal experience having a teenager with these headphones constantly in his ears, there is no way he is hearing anything else! I could stand next to him shouting and he wouldnt hear anything! thats how well they fit.

      The headphones come with a triangular shaped plush headphone case designed like the earphones and the same colour as the earpeices that you have chosen, so if your earpeice is silver your case will be silver. Exclusive Monster Cable
      The monster cables are a unique flat cable design which makes them tangle resistant. This is also reported to be a design feature to complete the look of the whole produce. My son has had these headphones for 3 months and reports no tangling.

      Sound quality
      Hgh performance sound with extreme clarity and deep bass, clear and accurate sound without interferance. Large efficiency drivers play loud without distortion. My son rates these as 10 out of 10 or 5 stars for sound quality in comparison to headphones which come with ipod touch.
      The earphones are designed to sit inside the ear and are angled to slide into the ear tunnel and dont sit plush to the ear like most other earphones. Whilst this has its advantages for sound quality and no outside noise it takes a few wearings to get used to this.

      Three Year Limited Warranty also offered with the earphones starting from the day of purchase. Please BEWARE that fake heartbeats are circulating online auction sites. these are usually about half the price and they are a very very poor comparison. the design of the earphone is not the same and the quality is very poor. If you are considering buying these headphones I recommend that you go to a trusted retailer like HMV.

      Thankyou for reading I would be very grateful if you would rate my review. I have also reviewed these on Ciao under the same name


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        08.03.2010 20:29
        Very helpful



        I love them especially when i have a blocked nose

        SNORE? ME?
        I dont think I snore all the time but my other half sometimes wakes me up in the night to roll me over because I am snoring, personally I think he has woken himself up with his own snoring lol

        Anyway, i stumbled across the breathe right strips and thought I would give them a try the next time my partner stayed over.
        Admitedly they are not very attractive so best to put on when you are actually going to sleep. Looks like you have just had a nose job! lol

        These strips are actually quite expensive in comparison t the normal breathe right strips.
        Vicks strips 8 for approx £6
        Normal breathe strips £3.60 for 10 at Tesco (Bargain)

        The strips come in REGULAR and LARGE
        They are used to help you breathe better, releive nasal congestion and reduce snoring.

        the nasal strip is adhesive and comes in packaging like plasters wheren you peel them out then apply. They are rigid but flexible so when you apply it to your nose the rigidity (elasticity) or the wire inside the strip in trying to remain straight it draws your nasal passage wider.

        Its like all of a sudden your blocked nose is clear and you can breathe through them.

        I have taken to buying a couple of packets every time I go to Tesco now for my big shop because my son usees them when he has a cold, I find that I breathe better and sleep better with them so use them for that reason and when my other half stays its silent nights all round lol

        I cant fault them except that they are only used once, and then the adhesive isnt strong enough to use again. Another downside is that if you have greasy skin like my teenage son, the strip can peel off a little in the night. Now he cleanses his nose before he goes to bed and applies it straight away. Only occasionally has he found it hanging off in the morning.

        Overall I would buy the cheaper breathe right strips and slap a bit of vicks on your chest lol Not worth the extra cost of having it built in.

        Shop around aswell because they can be more expensive in chemists than superstores.

        for all your unanswered questions on how they work see the demo pages


        Hope this helps


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        08.03.2010 19:33
        Very helpful



        Where else can you get money in your PAYPAL?

        I have to say up until recently and being a bit strapped for cash I had not even thought about consumer survey and opinion sites but a fellow dooyooer recommended Lightspeed panel. On visiting the web page I couldnt find anywhere to register and then low and behold a few days later I spotted on magic freebies a link to the registration of this site.


        It was easy to register just fill in a few boxes verify your email and then you are away!
        On signing into your account you will find that there are some "surveys about you" and mini-polls. I imaginge the more you keep these up to date the more you will be selected for surveys.

        In the first few days I didnt receive any surveys but in the weeks following I have completed a couple a week.
        Sometimes its very frustrating to start filling in a survey get part way through and then it tells you that you dont qualify. Arrrgh

        I have so far completed surveys about cars, transport, laptops, etc all of which carry between 50 and 110 points per survey.

        Surveys last upto 30 mins to complete and if you start one be prepared to be there for the duration because if the questionnaire freezes there is no getting it back....or maybe thats just my computer.

        I have tyo be honest I am fed up with coming home from work with an inbox full of surveys to which i dont qualify or 'they have received enough participants' I seem to m,iss out all the time because I work full time, so I have had enough.

        In the last few weeks I have earned 345 points which are instantly redeemable, not like dooyoo where they are pending for a while first.

        Redeemable points can be through Apparel ,Audio & Video ,Charities
        Computer Accessories , Electronic Vouchers , Entertainment , Gift Cards
        Jewelry , Kitchen , Magazines , PayPal etc.

        I have to say I have earned 360 points in the last few weeks and I have redeemed 345 points for £3 in my paypal.

        Good having money going itto my paypal but to be fair if I was to add up the hours I had spent partially completing surverys that I dont qualify for or that I am 'just going to be added to a prize draw' or 'already got enough participants' then I would probably be on around 30p per hour maybe even less!

        So i have decided to leave it there and be hapy with my £3.00 paypal which paypal will probably deduct a percentage from!

        Anyway if opinions are your thing then this can be fun! Bit time consuming and once you start you cant stop!
        Hope this helps


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        • Line Dancing / Discussion / 18 Readings / 16 Ratings
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          27.02.2010 01:32
          Very helpful



          What a load of fun!

          When talking about line dancing most people slap their thigh and say 'yehargh'! and its not surprising since the media showcases line dancing as a simple grapevine to the right then to the left its like watching my grandma do the slosh in 1980! and not to mention the barn dance with nessa and bryn on Gavin and Stacy!.

          Line dancing lends itself to a lot more versitility than that.

          The basic principles of line dance is that you dont need a partner
          You can come to a class on your own and will be welcomed immediately
          You will learn steps which are interchangeable throughout sequeances of different dances.

          Dances are choreographed using the same steps in different sequences, some more adventurous than others.
          A beginner dance will be anything from 16count sequence to 32 count
          There are also 48 and 64 count dances for intermediate and advanced.

          Sequences can be repeated throughout the dance changing walls each time at the end of the sequence or depending on the music you can have a bridge, tag and restart.

          Most experienced line dancers will tell you how much it enfuriates them that it is not recognised for the technicality as a dance genre but I feel its all about the music, the social networks, the exercise and the fun!

          Here are a few links to demonstrate the versitility of linedancing..

          **HALO** by beyonce demonstrates a slow line dance


          **Jai ho** demonstrates the fun & modern vigour of line dance


          Coochie bang bang demonstrates the tags!


          I have to say I prefer it to keep fit! and you can do 10,000 steps during a fun line dance class and not even realise you have done them. Its a great way to keep in shape. Its not all about country music and cowboy hats, not where I go anyway.

          So find a beginners class near you for a bit of fun, meet some new friends and get fit! Who knows you may even get hooked and end up doing your medals.

          Then there is the next level.... competition line dancing... line dancing that you have never seen anything like before in your life!
          This takes line dancing to a whole different level!


          Hope its been an eye opener for you! Hope you enjoyed the links!
          I would love some feedback

          I love line dancing!


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          • Working in the NHS / Employment / 23 Readings / 19 Ratings
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            26.02.2010 20:45
            Very helpful



            GEt a job at http://www.jobs.nhs.uk/

            I thought i would write a review about working for the NHS

            I am in my late 30's and have worked for local authorities, housing associations, private companies, voluntary sector and now NHS

            If you want a job with the NHs the best place to start is NHS jobs webite (http://www.jobs.nhs.uk/)

            There are vacancies for a variety of disciplines and you dont need to be trained clinical staff to land yourself a decent job.

            I have to admit when I first applied to join the NHS i was terified of the interview process as I thought it would be tough.
            My interview was in front of a panel of 3 staff members and they asked me 10 questions pertaining to the role. As I was in a similar role I didnt find the questions too challenging. They always seem to ask about Equality and Diversity, Patient care or care planning and like to throw in a scenario or two.

            the whole recruitement process is lengthy. The jobs are advertised on the site either with a fixed closing date of approximately 3 weeks or until they have received enough applications for the role.

            Then you have to wait a couple of weeks for an invitation to the interview usually via the website where you accept or decline at the press of a button. All the details date , time , location will be present in the invitation.

            Following your interview be prepared to wait a few days before you receive a phonecall. Usually because of the volume of applicants they interview over a couple of days.

            If you are successful great! You then wait for a provisional offer with CRB application and wait again for this to come back.
            Then you will receive a confirmed offer and have to negotiate a start date.

            To give you an example I applied in early July and started in November! So you can see its not a speedy process.

            The conditions are good working for the NHS, the pay is good, holidays start at 27 days plus bank holidays. They have flexible working where you can purchase extra annual leave or reduce your working day or working week. There is a pension if you are worried about the future.

            Although not a job for life now with trusts and tendering for contracts unfortunately but whilst it lasts its great!

            The only downside I would say is the beurocratic red tape when trying to do anything. Heaven forbid you fill in your mileage claim on an old form (where one word has been changed!) You will never get it! until you submit it on the CORRECT form!

            But if you can handle that you are ok!

            I love working for the NHS, they are heavily into staff development and are regularly sending me on conferences and training. My next one is 3 days in Glasgow! Fun and personal develoment all in one! Good for happy knowledgable staff and patients in good hands.

            Get on now and have a look for a job that suits you!


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            • Nivea Creme / Skin Care / 10 Readings / 10 Ratings
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              26.02.2010 19:33
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Good budget cream which works well

              I have to review this product basically because this is the only moisturiser my mum has used for years and she is now 65 and has excellent smooth skin with very few prominant wrinkles and what s more it is cheap!

              I always used to get a tin in my christmas stocking and would be very disappointed if it wasnt there. I have to say that i didnt use moisturisers much as I was never bothered about my skin until i hit my 30's so these tins where just used for hand cream or when i could remember to use it.

              The cream comes in a tin generally and is pure white withthe consistency of sudocrem, very thick and you have to plaster it on, dont be mistaken that this is a lotion or a light cream because it isnt.

              what does Nivea say about it?...

              "NIVEA Creme The reliable beauty classic provides intensive moisture for every skin type. Truly multi-functional, it's perfect for all the family, all year round.
              NIVEA Creme provides the skin with all it needs to stay pure, nourished and smooth making it ideal for natural skincare.
              Containing Eucerit, a special moisturising ingredient, NIVEA Creme is free from preservatives. Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.
              NIVEA Creme is also available in 30ml tins as well as 50 and 200ml pots."

              It may be described as general purpose but it has definately worked for my mum as part of her skin care regime of over 20 years soap and water and Nivea Creme. I have used it in the past and it is definately fine for my sensitive skin. I just dont like this thick greasy consistency that seems to take ages to soak in. on top of that I find it difficult to apply because if you have used it or sudocreme you know you have to spread it on! lol

              Overall if you want to look after your skin and in this economic climate you have to do it on a budget then this is definately for you.
              50ml is approxiamtely £1 so you cant argue with that its not going to break the bank so you can still have good skin and not have to pay the earth!


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                26.02.2010 19:15
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                Its worth paying more for a quality product

                I am usually very fussy about moisturisers as I have very sensitive skin and I dont usually like to swap and change as you never know how your skin is going to react.

                I once remember buying a synergie product for sensitive skin and came out in horrible red blotcheson my face.

                But recently my skin has been very dry and being late thirties I am conscious of wrinkles forming! Argh!

                This prompted me into looking for a more expensive quality moisturiser which would replenish the moisture in my face. I had heard about this product from my sister who swears by it but since it is so expendsive I was reluctant to part with my cash for what could be potentially shelved in a drawer.

                I had a good look round online at the prices and a 125ml bottle as pictured will set you back around £27 from Clinique. It is available on ebay for around £20.00 but still quite expensive for a product you dont know if you will like.

                I decided to buy a 30ml tube from ebay for £3.75 & £1.50 p&p that way if I liked it I could purchase a large bottle or if I didnt I hadnt wasted much money.

                The moisturiser arrived and I was very keen to try it. It was a pale yellow colour and I used a couple of pea sized squirts applied to my face and neck area.

                The consistance is that of a lotion but its not runny or greasy. It soaked in well and left my face feeling really soft. I have been using it for 3 days now and my dry skin has completely gone and my skin is very soft toucvh touch. I am definately pleased with it and will be purchasing more.

                What clinique say..

                "Skin's moisture "drink". Helps replenish lost moisture. Skin looks fresher and healthier. Leaves no residue. Safe to use around eye area. Comforts and smoothes the skin.

                Safe and effective; clinically formulated with a proven track record.Replaces lost moisture by duplicating the water and oil balance naturally occurring in the skin.Lightweight, non-greasy formula leaves no residue."

                I have to say that I agree. The 30ml comes in a plastic squeeze tube which is ok for a tester but the 125ml comes in a square glass bottle with the distinctive clinique logo and has a pump action which can allow more ease of application.

                I think you pay for what you get and it is worth paying more for a quality product which is going to benefit your skin more than a cheap product. You cant argue with mother nature but you can look after your skin and keep it looking young.

                the only down side is it doesnt have an SPF so you would have to use a separate one. Maybe its something clinique should look at!

                Thanks for reading, ope this helps prospective moisturiser buyers!


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                  21.02.2010 21:30
                  Very helpful



                  A piece of heaven in a bottle! So feminine and soft!

                  I received this body lotion as part of a gift set for christmas with the 100ml Tresor Eau de Parfum.

                  For those unfamiliar with Tresor it is made by Lancome comes in attractive peach packaging and the perfume bottle is very distinctive jewel shape designed to sit delicately in your hand. It certainly looks and smells special. available online at Lancome a 100ml bottle will set you back around £65.00. Debhenams usually have a Lancome counter and usually have more competitively priced gift sets with freebies at Christmas.

                  Alternatively if you want to test this perfume at a reduced cost you can get an absolute bargain at Fragrance direct. They have a gift set with 4 x 5ml bottles of Tresor and a free necklace for £14.99

                  2x5ml Eau de Parfum Spray
                  2x5ml Eau De Toilette Spray with Free Gift of a Promotional 15 Years of Love Lancome Necklace.

                  You cant argue with that

                  So what do Lancome say about Tresor body lotion?

                  "TRÉSOR, eternally feminine.

                  Enjoy the precious notes of TRÉSOR in this subtly scented body lotion enriched with moisturizing agents: Rose mingles with Apricot blossoms, before giving way to a more enveloping, powdery accord of Heliotrope, Iris and Lilly of the Valley. A heart of sensual Amber is amplified by base notes of Sandalwood and Musk. "

                  I have to say this is one of my favourite perfumes, it is so distinctive that I can always tell when someone is wearing it. It is quite a strong smelling perfume that lasts for hours. If you spray some on your clothes it will last all day.

                  The body lotion I had never used before. It usually comes in 200ml bottles and is quite pricey at £39.00 from the Lancome site. It is available at £38.00 from John Lewis or you could find it on ebay for £24.99. Small 50ml bottles are available on ebay for approximately £5.00 a great way to give this body lotion a try at the fraction of the cost.

                  Lancome's review of Tresor body lotion

                  "Love is a treasure.

                  This silky-soft, oil-free emulsion is refreshingly light to gently wrap the body in the soothing scents of TRÉSOR. Its moisturising and softening properties leaves the skin feeling supple, satiny. Its subtle fragrance is an infinite source of pleasure for your entire body."

                  I have tried this body lotion and I love it. It is in a tall peach coloured bottle with the unmistakeable Tresor crystal shaped top.
                  The bottle doesnt have a pump action you have to pour it which makes it a little uncontrollable. thankfully the lotion is thick and creamy so it doesnt run away with you, in fact you have to shake the bottle a bit to make it flow a bit like ketchup! lol

                  Anyway the lotion has a creamy not oily consistency and is nice to smooth on the body. (a bit cold!)
                  The smell is more delicate than the Eau de Parfum but believe me it is not mild. You get a lot of fragrance for your money. Just to remind myself for this review I have put some on my hand. It rubs in well and leaves a glistening to the skin which soaks in after a couple of minutes leaving the skin really soft to touch. I can smell it all around me even though I have only put it on my hand which gives you an idea how fragranced it is.

                  This body lotion can be used after a bath or shower and instead of wearing perfume. Yuo could top up with perfume if you were going out later in the evening. But you would be smelling delicious and fresh all day.

                  I dont use it all the time but occasionally when i pamper myself and I got so many comments and compliments about 'my perfume' when I was only wearing the body lotion.

                  My advice would be to try it, it is definately a little bit of luxury and you deserve a treat! I would definately recommend that you buy a small 50ml on ebay first and give it a try before you pay full price for a large bottle or you could always visit your local Lancome counter at Debhenams for a test but dont be pressured into buying it.... smile sweetly and tell them you will come back! and then get on Ebay!! :)

                  Hope this is helpful for perfume lovers and for partners who want to give their loved ones something special


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                • Pandora Jewelry / Jewellery / 18 Readings / 13 Ratings
                  More +
                  21.02.2010 13:57
                  Very helpful



                  Attractive jewelry! Bit pricey

                  Pandora seems to be the latest Must have! as far as jewelry goes. Everyone is wearing it, admiring it and talking about it.
                  By far the most popular piece of accessory in the Pandora range is the charm bracelet.

                  A simple idea but one that will cost a small fortune if you want authenticity.
                  You can purchase a basic silver snake bracelet which will set you back £50 at a minimum and then your creativity and flair can be captured upon your wrist as you create changeable elegance and design with each charm you add. If you prefer gold be prepared to pay a lot extra.

                  Charms vary from solid silver/gold spacers to colourful glass beads inlayed with silver, comically shaped quirkily designed beads to suit every tast and personality and even charms with dangley bits. You can buy birthstone beads, silver with gold inlay beads, initial beads, zodiac beads and dont forget to buy the safety chain which will cost between £30 -£230.
                  Beads range from £20 - £155 which it a tad expensive for my pocket but if you have the money and life fine jewellery this is the bracelet for you.

                  Charm bracelet lovers will love these and they can always add to their collection through birthday and christmans presents.
                  There are other varieties of bracelets on the market such as Truth from HSamuel who offer a starter bracelet with 3 charms for approximately £50.00.

                  If you want authenticity then you will pay the price with Pandora. There are a beautiful variety of charm bracelet beads which are not Pandora but will fit Pandora available from Argos and Ebay whose prives range from £4.00 - £25.00
                  The choice is yours.
                  Pandora is a name that everyone knows but if you are wearing a Truth bracelet with glass beads from Argos will anyone know the difference unless they are close up? Pandora beads have the name etched on the inlay so there is no faking it!

                  I have a Pandora snake bracelet but I am happy to fill it with charms from a variety of sources and enjoy changing the beads and redesigning it whenever I wish.
                  Hope this helps prospective Pandora shoppers

                  Thanks for reading. a rating would be most appreciated :)


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                • Tesco Value Coffee / Coffee / 24 Readings / 22 Ratings
                  More +
                  20.02.2010 21:22
                  Very helpful
                  1 Comment



                  Handy to have a jar in the cupboard for emergencies

                  I am usually a stickler for great coffee and like brands such as Kenco, Carte noire but with the current economy and the state of my bank account i decided to be thrify and opt for cheaper products where large saving could be made.

                  Most value products are great and i know from previous employment at a dairy it was the same milk and yogurt but packaged with a different label so by close inspection i figured being granuals it could be the makings of a decent coffee?

                  Still with the unmistakeable blue an white packaging where shoppers can see that you are economising by the lack of colour in your shopping basket.

                  The jar of coffee was 49p for 100g which is a huge saving when in comparison i recently paid over £3.00 for a jar of Kenco.

                  I arrived home and the first thing you do after unpacking your shopping is to sit back and relax with a brew!

                  Opening the cheap plastic cap i was greated with a trypical foil cap to keep in the freshness. I broke through this and savoured the aroma of coffee beans. I love the smell of coffee but I could tell instantly that this was a mild coffee as it didnt have an overly strong aroma.

                  The consistency was good as it was quite large granuals not powder which is a bonus. In my experience powder coffee is rather bland.

                  I made a coffee with milk and set about drinking it. I have to say its not as bad as some value products and to be fair I usually stay clear of the likes of Red Mountain and kenco rapport as I am not keen on the taste.

                  At 49p i had to try it but I have to say that was all I did. Try it the once and shelved it and unfortunately went right back out to my corner shop to buy a more quality coffee.

                  If you are trying to economise then this is a good buy as it is not as bitter as some cheaper brands on the market and it is similar in taste to red mountain however for this product its not for me.


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                  • B&M Stores / Department Store / 15 Readings / 15 Ratings
                    More +
                    20.02.2010 20:05
                    Very helpful



                    Good all round store with variety of products at competitive prices

                    B & M was first formed in 1976 and started off in Blackpool. I remember everyone raving about it and was pleased when they expanded into my local area with shops in both Accrington and Preston.

                    B & M house a variety of products at competitive prices including recognised brands such as dove and colgate. They sell health & beauty products, toys, textiles, electrical items, housewares, home decor, drinks & confectionary, cothing and seasonal goods.

                    To give you an example of their competitiveness I was looking to purchase a pvc greenhouse as I only have a small back yard and a glass one would be unsuitable. I trawled round the shops and online to find a greenhouse that i liked and saw one on argos which suited my needs a walk in tubular steel frame with pvc covering priced at £39.99 at Argos. Luckily for me i called into B&M at Accrington before going to Argos as I saw the same product erected in the seasonal section for £19.99 I mean I was shocked! That is half price!
                    I knew B&M was competitive but this is more than proof of the bargains you can get in store.

                    With over 100 stores nationally it is likely there is one near you!

                    Well worth a visit to pick up a bargain!


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                    • More +
                      20.02.2010 19:28
                      Very helpful



                      Great night out especially with orange wednesday!

                      Vue cinema is the only picture house in Blackburn. It is situated on the edge of the town centre on a retail park at the rear of the train station. It houses a bowlplex with cafe and bar and is surrounded by various eating establishments in close proximity such as pizzahut, chiquitos and frankie and benny's.

                      The cinema complex is easy to get to by bus or trin and can be accessed through the subway at the train station. If you are driving access is from the Darwen street end of town. Parking can be busy at peak times but i have never struggled to find a place.

                      The cinema boasts 10 screens with a seating capacity of around 6300 and is always showing a variety of pictures to suit all ages and tastes.

                      they often have incentives such as Kids am. For only 95p a ticket on selected films Saturday and Sunday mornings and every morning in the School Holidays. Cheap enough to take the kids for the price of an adult ticket, however if booking on line it charges over£2.00 for a card processing fee. Still a cheap morning out!

                      Cheap day is tuesday with tickets only £3.70 all day and you can easily sign up now for a free Cheap Day Tuesday card online.

                      Vue offers voucers for those who are regular cinema goers such as the vue more voucher where you save £1.50 on all adult ticket, 75p on all other tickets, when you return within two weeks.

                      Tickets can be purchased online with a fee or in the machine on the ground floor. They can also be purchased from the counter on the first floor where you will be greated by friendly helpful staff.
                      One evening i visited the cinema with a friend and when paying for the ticket the staff member reminded me it was orange wednesday and gave me the number to text, she waited for my confirmation code to come through and then processed the tickets 2 for 1 how good is that so we both got in for the price of 1 adult ticket thanks to the helpful member of staff.

                      There is a large selection of overpriced sweets popcorn and drinks and even a ben and jerrys icecream counter.

                      Overall a good night out! You can even make it a day out with the kids and visit the bowllex underneath get a spot of dinner and a film all under one roof!


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                    • Compaq Presario CQ60-305EA / Laptop / 15 Readings / 11 Ratings
                      More +
                      20.02.2010 17:23
                      Very helpful


                      • Reliability


                      Good value laptop with extras

                      Whilst pondering my next review it occurred to me that I had overlooked my trusted laptop which helps me create my reviews on a daily basis. This laptop has been with me for over 12 months now and is still running as well as the day it was bought.
                      This laptop retails at approx £250-£299 and is sometimes offered as part of a freebie with a contract mobile phone.
                      I have had compaq laptops before and completely recommend them.

                      This laptop is 15.5" widescreen so it is larger than your average laptop, excellent quality for watching Tv on iplayer or dvd's

                      Integrated CD/DVD player and again the size of the screen is an added bonus for watching films. Many an evening i have curled up in bed with my laptop to watch a chick flick with a hot chocolate!

                      Built in webcam. This has very good qulaity for an integrated webcam and also has features where youi can frame your pictures or add effects. My son likes to play on it to create funny videos with the effects like the house of mirrors.

                      Memory 1gb Ram HDD 160 GB
                      I have never had an occasion where i have mximised the memory. I have a lot of music tracks saved onm the computer and sometimes upload films to watch and have never had any issues with capacity.

                      Full sixe keyboard with separate number pad. Touch pad mouse with right and left click buttons to the bottom of the touch pad. The touch pad has good sesitivity and is easy to navigate.

                      Battery life.
                      Good battery life can play for hours on bejeweled before i need to plug it in, however most of the time i am wired up to save my battery at home. I once forgot my power cable when i was out teaching dance and it lasted about 2 hours playing music and i dont even think the battery was fully charged.

                      Operating system
                      It runs on vista home basic. Now i was an XP fan and it took me a while to get used to it but now i really like it. I like the tab funtion and it runs quite quickly.

                      It has 3 ports for pendrives and HDMI port ideal for plugging it into your TV for great viewing experience, it also has an SD memory slot.


                      integrated wireless and you can also hardwire it with ethernet cable

                      What more can I say. all in all a good all rounder. Would definately buy again and recommend to others.

                      A disadvantage is that it runs at core temperature between 63-69 which is quite high so i wouldnt recommend you placing it on your lap for any length of time. fan runs not too loudly and i have had no problems with overheating where it shuts off like other laptops can.


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                      • Sony Ericsson W580i / Mobile Phone / 14 Readings / 13 Ratings
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                        20.02.2010 12:30
                        Very helpful


                        • Reliability


                        Phone walkman facebook and camera on the go what more do kids want?

                        I have had a pink sony ericsson w580i now for about 18 months and I am not tempted in the slightest to upgrade or change it.

                        The reason for this is not only is it a stylish slide phone available in silver, white, black and of course pink, but it has many appealing features which make this phone versatile and good value for money.

                        In my opinion sony ericsson make phones that are easy to operate and this is no exception where you can access to your 400+ track music library at the touch of a button.

                        One touch button to access your 2.0mp camera which takes exceedingly clear pictures which unlike other phone cameras does not distort when viewed as a large image on a pc.

                        Easy to transfer pictures with usb cable, built in 512mb memory card which holds plenty pictures videos and music.

                        The w580i bouast original features such as the step counter which calculates calories burned through walking and running and even tracks distance and average speed.

                        The phone has internet access through the network and has a good clear screen which I have easily used to access ebay and facebook on the go!

                        The phone comes with stylish headhones which also activate the radio function.

                        This phone in my opinion is good value for money, it has everything you need from a phone at a snip of the cost of some similar phones on the market.

                        I paid around £80 18 months ago and now you can pick up a real bargain on amazon and ebay as the phone appears to be discontinued.

                        My only criticism is that whilst the phone is robust and i have dropped it on more than one occasion with no damage to the casing the text keys are a little flimsy and if you are an avid texter you will find that the keys crack down the middle. Although they do not lose functionability asthetically they lose some of the sleek appeal of this phone.

                        Overall I think this is a good value for money phone a phone that i will be keeping for another 18 months.

                        For me its an ideal phone for the kids who like a bit of technology and a cool slide phone. Girl or boy it has something for everyone, with melody makers and sound recorders radio, camera, walkman, internet there is not much it doesnt do!

                        Gem of a phone that i will be sorry to see the back of.


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                        19.02.2010 21:20
                        Very helpful



                        Tasty easy to make bread!

                        'Have you ever made bread? I haven't despite being the owner of several inherited cooking an baking items. This week for some reason whilst wandering round the supermarket I cast my eye over the home baking products and came across Rright's baking parmesan & sun dried tomato bread mix. With a quick scan of the back of the packet it became apparent that it was relatively easy to do. Just add water? I can do that! I thought. So off i went towards the till with my newly inspired ideas and small 500g packet of what was later to become a tasty loaf!(with a bit of luck!) It cost around 69p for a 500g packet which makes a 2lb loaf or 10 bread rolls.

                        the ingredients are:
                        Wheat flour
                        Dried yeast
                        Tomato powder
                        Dried parmesan cheese
                        Dried kibbled onion
                        Chick pea flower
                        Dried garlic
                        Mixed herbs
                        and flour treatment agents

                        Why would you go to the effort of fnely selecting those ingredients yourself when its a ll here in a packet to just add water to!

                        Packet in hand in my kitchen I reached for the dusty kenwood mixer and loaf tin given to me when i moved into my new home a couple of years ago only to be stuffed in the back of a cupboard never to see the light of day. Ifigured using the mixer would be easier than mixing by hand although the instructions state that you can mix in a bowl with a wooden spoon. 5 minutes of that seemed like a bit too much effort so the mixer was first choice. I measured 315ml lukewarm water in a measuring jug, added it to the flour mixture and set the mixer at go. 5 minutes later and a lovely dough had formed. The instructions stated to leave the dough for 5 minutes on a flored surface to rest for 5 minutes. Next to kneed and stretch for 2 minutes. Anyone with young kids will have watched big cook little cook? and as I had played on the website with my son I knew the basics of kneeding and stretching. Making a fist with one hand and cupping with the other pushing down on the dough stretching it out, rolling back up turning and kneeding again with fist. This was the fun bit! Next to either form 10 balls and place on a greased baking tray to make rolls or reshape to fit the loaf tin. I opted for the greased loaf tin. I placed my dough in the loaf tin and as directed placed a damp cloth over it and left it on top of the cooker (warm place) to prove. This is estimated at 30-40 minutes to double in size. I waited 40 minutes. then I removed the cloth and placed it into the pre-heated oven 230 degrees C (450F) or 210 degrees C in fan assisted ovens (410f). 30 minutes later and the loaf was ready. (15 minutes for rolls)

                        I removed it from the loaf tin and left it to cool, however whilst it was still warm I couldnt resist a slice with lashings of lurpack.
                        the taste was amazing, especially for something i had cooked. It was nothing less than delicious and my kitchen could easily have been mistaken for an itallian bakery with the delicate aromas of sun died tomatoes and crusty bread.

                        i almost feel like an accomplished baker!

                        the finished bread is crusty on top and the colour of the bread inside is wheaty with pieces of sun dried tomatoes through it. You can definately taste the tomatoes and bread with a hint of parmesan running through. Overall a very tasty loaf!

                        It is definately easy to do, very little mess and your family will be most impressed. It can also be used in a bread making machine. I think i will make a pasta later and really get into the italian spirit!


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