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    • Plenty Kitchen Paper / Kitchenware / 17 Readings / 15 Ratings
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      02.05.2005 21:34
      Very helpful



      I have always bought the cheaper brands of kitchen towel, the cheaper the better. After all you use them once then throw them away and how much difference can there be really?

      A LOT!

      Ok so Bounty is expensive compared to other rolls, but it lasts SO much longer.

      I got a voucher to try a free pack of bounty, can't get much cheaper so I tried it. Now most shopping days a pack goes in my trolley.

      It is available in 2 and 3 roll decorative packs and the white is available in 2 rolls also. Not sure if they do this in another pack size as I tend to buy the plain white from Tradex in a 12 pack when they have them in stock. (I buy these purely to USE, they live in the cleaning cupboard, the patterned ones I leave out on show, but they both mop up and clean just as well!)

      The decorative packs are either fantasy or designer. The fantasy rolls have various pictures on them including teddy bears with hearts, teddy bears picnic, cows and other assorted animals. The designer range has things such as herbs, leaves and flowers.

      I usually buy the fantsy range and usually spend ages looking through the shelves for a pack with the teddy bear and hearts on! Sad I know!

      The 2 pack of white is around £1.49, I usually pay £1.69 for the 2 pack fantasy and the 3 pack designer £2.29.
      You can now get "fat rolls" which are about 25% bigger, they are more expensive though if you work out per sheet, so I'm sticking to the normal rolls.

      It is a very thick and quite soft paper, with lots of little dimples in each sheet. Each roll has 56 sheets of 2 ply paper measuring 22.9m x 22.8cm per sheet.

      It is soft enough to use to blow you nose, clean your make-up off and wipe the kids faces with. And the best bit if a sheet gets left in a pocket it dosen't fall apart in the wash!

      It is also extremely strong even when wet. I have used it to scrub spills on the carpets and it hasn't left a soggy mess on the carpet or in my hand. When mopping spills up there is no need to get sheet after sheet of paper it is strong enough to wring out and carry on mopping up with.

      It shouldn't be flushed down the loo, although I admit on the odd occasion I have flushed it without thinking after cleaning the loo with it.

      It is made by Proctor and Gamble in the E.U.


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      • Tesco Clubcard / Credit Card / 22 Readings / 18 Ratings
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        29.04.2005 12:27
        Very helpful



        You can get a Tesco clubcard from any Tesco store. There is a brief registration form to complete which you drop in a box instore and you can use your card straight away.
        For every £1 you spend in Tesco you get 1 point which is worth 1p.
        To collect points you simply hand over your card when you pay for your shopping and it is swiped and a balance appears on your receipt.
        You can also collect points at Tesco petrol stations, by using a Tesco credit card, taking out a Tesco loan using their home or mobile phone service or Tesco internet service. Other places you can collect points are Avis, Beefeater restaurants, D & Q opticians, Johnsons dry cleaners, Marriot hotels, National tyres and autocentres, Nationwide autocentres, Travelcare and if you use powergen for your gas or electricity supply than you can get points for that too.
        You get your vouchers sent through every 3 months and the vouchers are valid for about 3 years.
        Points you have accumalated over the 3 months are sent as vouchers in 50p increments anything over is carried forward to the next quarter.

        In addition to the vouchers for your points you get special offers these can be Double points on your shop for a certain date period, or bonus points for spending a minimum amount on a certain product i.e. spend £1.50 on dairy products get 40 bonus points. Also instore there are sometimes bonus points on selected items, such as buy 2 jars of coffee and receive 200 bonus points.
        When you spend your vouchers instore you need to present your card with the vouchers and the amount will be taken off the total bill.
        You can also spend you points on things like Avis car hire, restaurants, magazine subsriptions, RAC membership, travel and theme parks and they are work 4 times the value on the voucher, so if you use a £2.50 voucher towards the cost of a meal at a participating restaurant it is worth £10 which is really good!
        When you receive your quarterly statement you get a booklet telling you where you can use the vouchers.
        You can also convert your points into airmiles and now you can convert them into e vouchers useful if you do your shopping at Tesco online.
        You cannot collect points on cigarettes, lottery tickets or presription medicines. You cannot pay for lottery tickets using your vouchers.

        You can have more than 1 card linked together this means that if say yourself and your other half have linked card all the points collected between the 2 cards will be added together and sent out in one statement.
        If you lose your card simply pick up another one in store and phone the freephone number on the leaflet that it is attached to and providing you have your old clubcard number they will transfer them straight over your clubcard number can be found on your statement.
        If you have any special dietry needs such as diabetic, Vegetarian, kosher or Halal and you specify this on you registration form you will be sent special offers for money off or bonus points relevent to your requirements.
        If you ever forget your clubcard ask the assistant to sign the receipt and when you are next in store go to customer services with the signed receipt and you clubcard and they will add tehm on then.

        I don't find my local Tesco to be anymore expensive than any other supermarket in my area so it is worth shopping there to collect the points as I currently receive around £6 - £10 per quarter which works out I must spend around £600 to a £1000 per quarter, now I know I don't spend anywhere near this amount so the bonus points really must add up.


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          11.03.2005 02:39
          Very helpful



          Sorry i meant to say scented loo roll!

          Having gone through almost every colour you could want for you loo roll and adding aloe vera and moisturisers to keep your delicate bum happy now Velvet loo roll is available in a scented version!

          I threw a pack of 4 white loo rolls into the trolley at Morrisons and it was only when I opened them I realised they were scented. The scent is "white flowers" and isn't actually on the loo paper but in the core (I assume they mean the tube!)

          When I opened the plastic wrapper from around them the smell hit me straight away, I would like to say it was a nice surprise but I can't really. The smell is too overpowering and smells more like something I would clean the loo with rather than wipe my nether regions with! It does smell flowery and the scent does last (unfortunatly) right to the end of the roll. Supposedly to keep the bathroom smelling fresh. Yes I suppose it does keep it smelling but again I'm not sure I want to wipe my bum with it, because although the scent is in the core the whole loo roll does smell. I tore off a few sheets and took them away from the scented core and they still smelt after a good 30 mins so the scent has transferred to the paper somehow, and this is only halfway through the roll.

          The paper is still nice and soft as you would expect from Velvet and the rolls last just as long.

          If you want to try these then go looking for a green wrapper around the white rolls, there is a yellow panel in the top corner that says White flowers scent and in the bottom corner it says Aroma, with a scented core. Other than that there is no difference to the regular packs, I never notice what colour the normal white paper pack is I just look for the paper itself, something I will check on from now on!

          I paid £1.78 for a pack of 4 rolls.

          There is a note on the back of the pack which says if you are allergic to any perfumed products then choose a different product from the velvet range. I would recommend you choose a different product even if you aren't allergic to perfumed products!


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          • Panasonic DMR-E60EG-S / DVD Recorder / 18 Readings / 15 Ratings
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            28.02.2005 01:46
            Very helpful



            My husband is a real gadget man. He had been nagging for a dvd recorder for ages and we finally got one about 2 years ago ago.

            We chose the Panasonic DMR-E60EBS, mainly because of one very useful function it has which is timeslip recording.

            This allows you to start recording a programme and watch it from the beginning before it has finished recording. Very handy when for exampleif a programme starts at 9pm you have set the recorder to record from 9pm because you expect to be out till 11pm and plan to watch programme when you return home. If you return home at say 9.30pm you don't want to watch the programme minus 30 mins but you don't really want to wait until it finishes and watch it then, you can set the recorder so you can watch from the beginning as it is still recording! You simply go into the menus and decide how long you want to go back anything from a minute to the whole programme!

            You can only do this when recording onto a DVD RAM disc which is included with the machine, it is not possible to do it if you are recording onto DVD-R disc. This machine does not record onto DVD-RW the DVD-RAM disc is rewritable and they are available as 4.7GB or 9.4GB discs. The one included is 4.7GB which allows upto 6 hours of recording.

            It will also play CD-R/RW, CD video and mp3.

            It has a direct navigator which means you can see at the press of a button what you have recorded and pick what you want to watch.

            When you set a timer recording you have the option of entering a title.

            If you use the DVD RAM disc you can erase the disc very quickly and easily you just go into the direct navigator and scroll through the options until you find erase and confirm, it will ask again if you want to erase and if you select yes again it erases a full disc within seconds. You can also erases just portions of a disc for example the adverts. This takes a bit longer as you have to go though the programme and select which bits you want erasing.

            The quality of the recording is really good, you can get between 1 hour and 6 hours recording on 1 disc and obviously the quality is not as good on the longer settings but still I would say better than a VHS recording.

            If you record onto a DVD-R disc you have to finalise the disc before it can be played on any other machine and although you can erase parts you don't want on the disc you cannot write over those parts altough you can take the disc out and if there is still space left, unless you have finalised it you can still record onto it.

            On the front of the machine there is also a pc/sd card slot for storing and viewing JPEG images from a digital camera.

            The machine itself is in a brushed steel and chrome finish with a digital display and all menus can be accessed on screen.

            You need to be careful as to which discs you buy to record onto as not all discs are compatible. It uses the DVD-R format as opposed to the DVD+R format but even making sure you have the right format dosen't ensure that the brand is compatible. Obviously panasonic discs are but they are expensive. I would suggest finding a supplier that offers a selection pack of discs and seeing which one works best. We ordered a pack of 6 different brands from www.ukdvdr.co.uk
            which cost us £6.49 we were then able to select which out of the different brands worked so we could order the right ones. We found that bulkpaq orange were the best and are very reasonably priced.

            For the DVD-RAM disc though you really do need a panasonic branded one and these cost about £9.99 for a pack of 5 4.7GB RAM discs.

            Even when a DVD-R disc has been finalised it may not play on every dvd player, it seems to be very hit and miss at the moment. The salesman did tell us that more and more dvd player manufacturers are leaning towards the format panasonic use for compatability as they are the leaders at the moment in DVDR technology, so if this is going to be an issue i would seriously recommend waiting a while before purchasing a recorder until there is more uniformity. So far we have tried our discs in LG, Bush and Alba machines which all work fine!

            The remote control is a good size although some of the buttons may be a bit fiddly as they are a bit small, but it seems a very sturdy handset and is finished in the same brushed steel as the recorder.

            The instructions are really clear, but for most things it is easy enough just from the buttons and on screen instructions to figure out how to use it even without instructions.

            Setting it up took no time at all, connects to the tv and cable/satalitte if you have it by scart cables plug it an and away you go.

            We paid £449 for this machine, there is a more basic panasonic without the timeslip function and the pc/sd card slot for around £100 less. The model we bought can now be found for about £225.


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            • Domestic Violence / Discussion / 22 Readings / 17 Ratings
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              28.02.2005 01:36
              Very helpful



              What gave you the right to try to take away me? That is in effect what you did, you tried to take away all the life, the fight and the strength from me.

              We were together 9 years, the first 2 were heaven almost. I had had a bad start in life, abused and raped by my Grandad, in care for years, unwanted by my real family. I had a new family now though that loved me like I had been theirs all the time. You even tried to take them from me.

              Within months of moving in together you changed, you went from a kind, gentle man to being unpredictable and verbally abusive. Nothing i did was right for you. I didn't earn enough, I saw my friends too often, i didn't clean the house properly, i took too long in the shower I even annoyed you if i went to bed at a differnet time to you. You worked shifts and when you were on an afternoon shift you would stay up late, if i was starting work early I wanted to go to bed, on these nights you used to come into the bedroom and start an argument over nothing, just because you knew when I got upset I couldn't sleep. I would be like a Zombie at work the next day.

              After 18 months of this I finally let my family know how bad things were, My "dad" was really good, he even phoned my best friend from school to see if she had a spare room, I couldn't go home for long as the house was already fit to bursting. I went home and told you I was moving out, you looked at me and cried, you told me you loved me and you didn't realise you were treating me so bad. I stayed.

              After another 18 months you bought a house, we chose it, but the mortgage was in your name. Every time I put a foot wrong I got the this is MY house speech.

              Things got slowly worse, you didn't want me to work anymore, your wage had to be paid into my bank account because you had run up such an overdraft on yours, but you held the cash card. I had to account for every penny I spent, not that i had many. If i wanted to visit my family on my own i had to beg for the busfare. I didn't want them to know just how bad things had got so i didn't tell them why I didn't visit so often. My friends rang the house you told them I didn't want to speak to them, most stopped calling, When a few still called you had the number changed. My oldest friend however was still in contact with my family and she got the number, used to ring me when you wasn't there.

              We had to stop seeing my "real" brother and his family because you couldn't keep your hands to yourself while his daughter was around. She was 13 years old you sick bastard!

              Yet still i stayed. by now I had gone from being confident with a large group of friends and a close family to being painfully shy and quite even on the occasions we went to my family I felt uneasy with them. Why? Because you told me they only took me in because they felt sorry for me and it would look bad on them if they turned their back on me. I believed you, because I couldn't believe that anyone could actually love me for being me.

              In time you children came to live with us. I thought that with them around you would treat me better, thought you wouldn't want to see what you were like. I was right, partly at least. In front of them you would simply ignore me, on a good day you would treat me almost like a human being. I say a good day, but they weren't really because as sure as night follows day a bad time would follow the good.

              You were by now criticising everything i did. If we visited my family you would have me in tears by the time we got to the end of the street after leaving, because we had stayed too long, or you had heard me mention your name while i was talking to someone.

              I got pregnant and miscarried at 6 weeks. When we were leaving the hospital after you sneered at me that this just proved how useless I was, I couldn't even have a baby. That hurt me more than anything. Now I count it as a blessing, not what you said but the fact that I am not tied to you for the rest of my life.

              I started having problems with my periods. I would bleed for weeks at a time. But sanitary products weren't allowed to be bought in with the weekly grocery shopping. If I wanted them I had to buy them myself. Seeing as the only money i was given by now was for my asthma inhaler prescription I had to choose between my medication and sanitary protection. Most times my medication won, I had no choice. i started using it half dose so i would only need a presciption every 12 weeks instead of 6, but the attacks got more frequent and I realised I couldn't risk not taking them properly. After that sanitarty protection was rolled up toilet roll. Ok in an emergency but hardly practical or hygenic over time.

              Then the abuse got physical. You changed the carpet at the bottom of the stairs to terracotta floor tiles, then 3 days after you finished the job pushed me down the stairs. I landed on my knee at the bottom and within seconds it had doubled in size. The pain was so bad I passed out. You simply left me there and stepped over me and made a coffee. I spent the next 6 days with my knee bandaged with an old bedsheet because you wouldn't take me to the hospital, It was 3 month later I finally had an X-ray and that was because I had to go to the asthma clinic and the nurse was worried about my knee. I had fluid leaking from my kneecap. Even now 4 years on the slightest knock in the wrong place and I climb the wall in agony. The slaps and punches became a daily event, always where bruises wouldn't show. I almost forgot my name "hoy" was usually the best. I soon believed what you told me was true, i was just a fat, ugly stupid cow, a waste of space, thick and useless.

              I went to leave countless times, your reaction would vary from telling me you loved me and you would change, and I believed you. You didn't change!
              Other times you would tell me there was no point leaving nobody else wanted me around them. I believed that too.

              Things got worse and worse until one night you did the worse thing you could, you raped me. Your children were in the bedroom above. And when you had finished you told me nobody would believe me because who would believe that anyone would want to **** a fat ugly bitch like me even if it was handed on a plate.

              6 weeks later, i finally with the help of a wonderful man i met online and married 6 months later, and also with the help of the family you said didn't care about me. i left.

              Getting to where I am now has been a long hard journey, and theres still a long way to go.

              I discovered recently you raped and abused your ex, the mother of your children. She like me thought nobody would believe her. But they do and together we will fight you, and we will win if not in the courts then in ourselves because we are strong again and getting stronger each day.

              My advice to anyone in a similar situation is tell someone what is happening. Don't believe the derogatory things you are told, easier said than done I know. Leave. Don't believe the I can change speil, how many times are you expected to give them another chance, and remember it only takes once for a beating to go too far and you may never get the chance to leave, except in a box.


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                05.02.2005 23:08
                Very helpful



                I tried these after a friend took a pack into work one night as a treat fro us both I am always on the look out for low sin (slimming world) products especially sweet things so I was really looking forward to them.

                They come in a mainly white cardboard box with the weightwatchers brand name in dark blue writing and chocolate brownies written under that in the same dark blue.
                Beneath that is the decription of the product in grey much smaller writing.

                It says 4 delicious sponge cakes with chocolate icing with sugar and sweetener.

                There is then a picture of 4 quite yummy looking chocolate brownies with nice glossy looking icing atop them.

                On the front of the package it states they are suitable for vegetarians, they contain 2 weightwatchers points, 0.6g of saturated fat and 143 calories this by the way is each not for the box! For anyone on slimming world they are 7.5 sins each on either red or green days so not so low after all!

                They contain gluten and are produced in a factory handling nuts.

                On opening the box we found the brownies in a clear plastic tray sealed in cellophane.

                They still looked as good as the picture and we could hardly wait to get into them.

                The cellophane came off, there was no particular smell on opening them, but even without the cellophane they still looked appetising. The icing looks as glossy as it does on the picture and the sponge looked moist.

                They are about 10cm square and about 1 cm deep, the icing is quite thick.

                We reached in and took a brownie each, the icing was nice and sticky and they felt quite heavy just as a brownie should.

                This is for most part where the pleasure stopped!
                One biting into one I found the sponge rather tasteless, certainly not chocolatey, rather bland in fact and about the consistency of one of those foam washing up spontex sponge thingies.

                The icing was quite pleasant though, it tasted more chocolately than the sponge and was nice and sweet without being sickly.

                On later reading the ingredients i found that there is only 5%reduced fat cocoa powder in the product and I would say most of that would be in the icing.

                I wouldn't rush out to buy these unless I was really desperate for something sweet and even then they would be as a last resort as I could spend my sins on something far more tasty and a lot cheaper. These cost £1.49 for a box of 4.


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                  28.01.2005 08:28
                  Very helpful



                  I bought my Birds Eye smoked haddock with cheese and leek fish cakes at my trusty local frozen food discount store at the very reasonable price of £1 for 2 packs of 2 fish cakes. I like fish cakes but sometimes find them a little bland so with them being smoked and the addition of the leeks and cheese these sounded like a good idea.

                  They come in a cardboard box approx 9cm by 17 cm and on the front there is a very tempting picture of a fishcake with a chunk taken from it. There is the word NEW splashed across one corner, so I assume these are , well, new!! It also states they are a source of vitamin B12, which is needed by the body for healthy nerves and the development of blood cells, each fish cake contains 20% RDA of B12.

                  When I take them out of the pack (there is no additional packaging for those that may be interested, just the cardboard box) they are a vivid orange colour, at this stage there is no real smell to them.

                  It is recommended they are cooked from frozen and can be grilled, shallow fried or oven baked. In the grill they take 15 minutes, fried 12 minutes, in the oven slightly longer at 20 minutes. I did mine on my George Foreman grill and they took about 10 minutes.

                  As they cooked I could smell a leeky, cheesy smell and the smoked haddock was definatly overpowered by that.

                  Once cooked, on cutting into them I found a crisp breadcrumb which was now golden as opposed to orange with a light fluffy mixture inside. Still the main smell was the leeks and cheese.

                  On tasting however the smoked haddock came into its own, it wasn't overpowered by the leeks and cheese anymore but complimented by them. It wasn't over smoked either it was a delicate flavour.

                  On reading the ingredients I was dissapointed to find there is in fact only 16% fish of which 8% is haddock and 8% smoked haddock. There is 7% cheese and 6% leek, the majority of the fishcake though is water and potato.

                  Each fish cake weighs in at approx 80g and contains 190 colories and 10g of fat, and this is if they are grilled. It states all bones should have been removed but take care in case some got missed. I didn't find any in mine!

                  All in all they are quite tasty, they make a nice change from regular fishcakes, but within 30 mins of eating them I have had terrible heartburn, so they won't be a regular feature on the menu in this household.


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                    24.01.2005 23:05
                    Very helpful



                    I can spend hours at a time on the internet but I actually visit very few sites, so getting a list of 10 was quite difficult.

                    1. http://groups.msn.com/EastYorksBorderlinePersonalityDisorder

                    This was set up by a friend of mine to help people with Borderline Personality Disorder,(BPD) but has grown into a site covering all types of mental illness. Although I don't suffer from BPD I do suffer from depression and find the site very helpful, I am also a Manager there. At sometime in our lives most of us will either suffer from or have someone close to us suffer from a mental illness of some kind. Here there is loads of support and advice on all sorts of issues. Membership is restricted, you have to apply to join and you cannot post until your membership has been accepted although you can read any posts.

                    2. pogo.com

                    A games site with chat. Loads of games to choose from, eg cards, wordgames, bingo, golf and jigsaws among loads of others. It is free to play but soem of the games are for paying members or AOL users only, but a good assortment even without these.

                    3. isketch.net

                    Online pictionary with chat. Choose a room to play in, they are mostly themed i.e. movies, colours and food, plus others as well as general and non english rooms. Players take turns to draw and everyone in the room guesses the answer. Great fun.

                    4. Dooyoo.co.uk

                    Of course we all know what this site is, I have been a member for quite some time but have only been an active member for a couple of weeks.

                    5. ciao.co.uk

                    Another opinion site where you get paid to write and read, also there you can sign up to receive surveys which you get paid for completing.

                    6. justchatting.com

                    A message board for general chat, chatrooms and games, loads of games in the arcade with new ones being added all the time. You have to post to be able to play and depending on how many posts you have made determines how many times you can play per day.

                    7. ebay.co.uk

                    Internet auction site. I love ebay, buying, selling or just browsing. Theres not much you can't find on ebay. I have had some real bargains, especially DVDs from here. There is a downside to ebay such as people bdding and not paying, or sellers not sending as promised or shoddy goods but thankfully they are in the moinority.

                    8. http://www.thesimsresource.com

                    I am a big fan of The Sims games and this site is brilliant. Download items, clothes and houses for your sims, soem things you have to pay for but they rotate the fee items every 3 days and there is always a good selection of freebies to choose from. There is also a message board where you will find, cheats, hints and advice on all things Simmy.

                    9. midsummerseve.com

                    I met my Husband here just over 4 years ago, I suppose it should be number 1 on my list but I only really use it now to read other peoples success stories. Mainly free internet dating site, you can pay for enhanced membership such as see who's been looking at your profile, better search options and more promient listings but the free option works fine! ;O)

                    10. http://www.geocities.com/nj_teddy_2004/teddylineuk.html

                    My own site. I collect Teddy Bears and this is my site dedicated to my furry friends(and other less fortunate teddy bears!), I keep meaning to expand it just not had time to get to it.


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                    • More +
                      21.01.2005 14:20
                      Very helpful



                      I was born in Halifax and have lived in the area almost all my life except for living in Newark for a while (where I would go back given the chance).

                      Halifax isn't a bad place to visit there are some good shops, officially there are more pubs/clubs per household than anywhere else in the country) with more being built almost daily!) and there are some nice places to visit.


                      Quite a lot of big chain stores here such as M & S, W H Smith, Woolworths, Peacocks, New Look, Evans, Wilkinsons and The Body shop (among others) there are also lots of "one off shops" Harveys is a department store sells higher end fashion, cosmetics and homeware items, Spinnies very nice card and gift shop with a coffee shop, a few small "boutiques" and 2 markets! There is the Borough Market large, indoor open all week (except Sunday), sells everything from fruit and veg to porcelain dolls and everything inbetween. The Piece Hall Market outdoors open Thursday, Fridays and Saturday and the 4 Sundays before Christmas. Thursday is the busiest day this is second hand day! The peice Hall itself has some good specialist shops dolls houses and teddy bears, craft, mineral and crystals, records and a book shop. The Piece Hall is a wonderful building more about that later.
                      There did used to be Westgate Market as well which was a small indoor market that could have been really nice but somehow wasn't and recently closed, what it will reopen as is anyones guess but possibly another bar or club!


                      Loads of them, if a business closes down and it is big enough it will open as a pub or club! For a decent cheap pub lunch go to the Brass Cat they do 2 meals for £4.99 and aren't half bad. There is a Yates wine bar which is always packed. There are several Nightclubs, The Coliseum where I spent my later teen years! Not a bad club usually busy, not much trouble, drinks not cheap but they do have cut price nights have live acts on occasionally Jason Donovan springs to mind! The Acapulco known locally as the Acca, dosen't seem too bad, cheap drinks ok crowd used to be that the men were all about 50 and the girls about 15! Both are mainstream music clubs. The Tube and Zoo bar are more "alternative" music. Revival has a heavy metal night on a Friday usually with a live tribute band playing last time I was in it was "Moletallica"!
                      There are countless pubs most of them are ok, no real dives!


                      Eureka Childrens Museum is a must if you have kids, it is about £4.75 per person kids and adults pay the same under 2s are free. They have loads of "hands on exhibits" there is a M & S, a post office and a kwik fit as well as a broadcasting studio and how your body works. There is a gift shop and cafe which are both fairly resonable.
                      Bankfield museum is situated just outside Halifax town, they have various exhibits troughout the year past ones have been 1960's and the world wars.
                      Shibden Hall is situated again just outside Halifax town centre in Shibden Park. It is still as it was in the 17-1800's and craft fairs are held there where vendors will dress in authentic costumes.

                      Other places of interest

                      The Piece Hall is probably one of Halifaxs finest buildings. It is a large multi storey building around a central courtyard where wool and cloths were sold, an outdoor market is still held here Thursday (flea market), Friday and Saturdays. The building itself has dozens of small individual shops ranging from model shops to vinyl record shops. If you enter the Piece Hall from the Westgate entrance there is a handprint in the stone wall this is said to be a Witches handprint left as she tried to stop herself being dragged into the courtyard for execution.
                      The Shay, if you are a Halifax Town supporter, not much to look at really but some people do go to visit!
                      Peoples Park, a delightful park with a fountain and staues that have been restored over recent years, and a newly opened information centre. Until recently was a no go area, situated to the west of the town centre it is now a pleasent place for a family day out, there is a play park for the children and the whole area is covered by CCTV, the park is locked at night.
                      The Victoria Theatre, a lovely building which attracts acts for all tastes, from Chubby Brown to the ballet, The Chippendales stripped there and teh West Yorkshire Scouts put on Gang show there every 4 years.
                      The Halifax, a review of Halifax wouldn't be complete without mentioning THE Halifax would it? The Head Office is on the outskirts of the town centre and is a massive building almost entirely made of windows! Although it has been there for years it still looks modern and somehow out of kilter to it's surroundings, it is among beautiful old buildings and looks stark and unfriendly in contrast.

                      Transport and Parking

                      Most of Halifax Town centre is pedestrian zoned but there is plenty of parking both in car parks and on streets. All parking is pay and display (except disabled). The town has a good bus service and trains are frequent. The Bus station has won several design awards and there is a lovely cafe there for while you wait for your bus. The bus and train services into Halifax are quite good.

                      All in all Halifax is a nice place to visit with plenty to see and do, but I'd prefer not to live here!


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                        21.01.2005 13:52
                        Very helpful



                        I didn't think I could like a "gadget" as much as I did my Delonghi Caffe Firenze but I do! Ok so it is basically the same, only better!

                        The Delonghi Caffe Nabucco is a filter coffee maker, cappuccino and expresso maker all in one unit!

                        It is fairly bulky to look at but considering it replaced 2 machines it probably does take up slightly less space.

                        It is a very easy machine to use, firstly decide whether you want filter or cappuchino/expresso coffee and push one of the buttons on the front of the machine, there are 2 silver buttons it is simply a case of pressing the one that you want.

                        Once that is decided the rest of the process is just as easy.


                        Just the same as using a regular filter coffee maker really.
                        Remove the large jug from the base of the machine and fill it with water.
                        There is a lid on top of the machine which is where the water goes, pour the water in there. You can actually lift out the water reservoir to fill it if you prefer.
                        Next open the door on the front of the machine, here you will find the filter where you put your coffee. (There isn't a permanent filter included which is the only bad thing about this machine, however the permanent filter out of my old machine fitted, my old machine is a cookworks cheapie machine so I assume they must be a standard fit.) Anyway unless you have a spare permanent filter you will have to use a paper filter, you just open the filter up and sit it in the compartment then fill with the ground coffee of you choice.
                        I was always told that if you pour almost boiling water onto the coffee grounds first you get a better flavour so this is what I do next. The water won't run out so don't worry about that.
                        Close the door set the selector to how strong you want your coffee on the dial on top of the machine place the jug back on the machine and wait!
                        For a full pot of coffee it only takes around 5 minutes on strong setting if you prefer it weaker it takes a little less time.


                        A bit more fiddly to use than the Caffe Firenze this has replaced in my kitchen but I have to admit it is better, for the cappuccino in the Firenze you put milk into the machine with this it just steams the milk.

                        There are 2 jugs with this machine the first I've already explained is for filter coffee the second, small jug is for cappuccino and expresso.
                        Fill this small jug with water and unscrew the cap on top of the machine, pour the water in. This is where the water boils and makes all the steam you need for the cappuccino and lets the water through for the expresso.
                        The cap is a special cap that once the machine is in use it would let you open it until it has either cooled down or until the water has emptied. This prevents scalding. Whilst the unit is still too hot the cap will just spin round but won't loosen.

                        Above where the small jug sits there is a handle sticking out, this hold the filter for the expresso coffee. You turn it and it unlocks from the machine so you can fill it with coffee. You can use normal filter coffee in this but it does taste better if you use a proper expresso coffee.
                        There is a permanent stainless steel filter which you fill with coffee, there are markers inside which shows how much to use depending on how many cups you are making.
                        When you have filled this lock it back into place and place the small jug under it
                        Make sure the button on front of the machine is set to cappuchino/expresso and set the strength selector which is the dial on top of the machine above where this jug sits.
                        It takes a few minutes for the water to heat up but when it has heated it only takes a couple of moments for the coffee to come through.
                        For your milk for a cappuccino you set the dial which is also the strength selector for the expresso so it is set to steam.
                        Put in the required amount of milk into the small jug, there is a guide on the side of the jug depending on how many cups you want.
                        To the side of the machine there is an arm with a white nozzle, this is where the steam comes out.
                        Place the jug of milk under this with the nozzle immersed into the milk and turn the knob at the side of the machine, this releases the steam into the milk.
                        The first time I used it it was quite scary, as if you don't have the nozzle in the milk it can just blow the milk around. It is very quick at steaming the milk and leaves you with a lovely frothy milk to pour on top of your coffee.
                        Cleaning is easy just remove the white nozzle and wash in hop soapy water and wipe the end of the stainless steel pipe that is under the nozzle. The jugs can be washed in hot soapy water or the dishwasher as can the filters. Beneath the small jug there is a drip tray which is removable and I usually just rinse it after each use.
                        It is only available in one colour which is black with silver buttons.

                        It comes with a video on how to make the perfect coffee, i have to admit I haven't watched it yet but it is on my viewing list!!
                        I paid £49.99 from Argos


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                          20.01.2005 20:16
                          Very helpful



                          Having had my George Foreman grill now for almost 2 years I can honestly say I don't know how I survived without it! My only regret in buying it is that I bought the smallest version the, Baby george. I bought this one thinking it was another "gadget" which would within weeks be relegated to the back of a darkened cupboard only to see the light of day when it had been there long enough to justify taking it to the car boot sale!

                          Boy, was I wrong. I use this machine every day.

                          Even though it is only small (you can fit on 2 chicken breasts but nothing else) it is incredibly fast. I cooked a salmon steak from frozen in less than 10 minutes. I use it for everything, bacon, turkey breasts, sausages, onions and mushrooms even grilled sandwiches!

                          My Baby George cost £14.99 from Argos, it is also available with a bun warmer I think it was £17.99 for this model.

                          The amount of fat that comes out of food during cooking is amazing, I am convinced it is the main reason for my continued slimming world success. Even grilling 2 chicken breasts left me with about a tablespoon of fat in the drip tray.

                          The reason the fat is taken away so well is because the bottom grill tray tilts slightly thus allowing the fat to run into the little drip tray provided which you slide under the front of the grill.

                          I spray my grill before turning on with a little aerosol cooking oil to stop sticking. Although I have used it "dry" before and there was no real sticking then. The oil does make it easier to clean though. This is my one and only gripe about the machine it is a pig to clean. I usually wipe it over with kitchen roll while it is still warm, but has i have quite fat fingers i find it difficult to get in between the ridges properly

                          The drip tray provided is safe to put in the top shelf of a dishwasher, it's just a shame there is no way to take the actual grilling plates off to do the same with! It also comes with a plastic spatula for lifting things on and off the grill without scratching the grill or burning yourself, the only thing that lets this grill down is this spatula, it is a bit flimsy and heavier items such as chicken breast can band it quite easily.

                          Grilling thicker food is easy as the grill is fitted with a "floating hinge" this allows you to lift the top grill up so it fits on top of the food instead of just laying on one side of it and wobbling! This is ideal for toasted sandwiches as it dosen't squich all the filling out of one side.

                          There is no on/off switch on the grill you have to either switch of the plug socket or unplug the grill to turn off. There is a small orange light on the lid which lets you know when the grill is hot enough to start cooking on.

                          I would recommend a baby George to anyone short on space or a single person who wants to reduce their fat intake but for larger families buy the biggest George you can get your hands on!

                          After 2 years my Baby George still works just as well as the day I bought it, the non stick coating is still intact and it still gets used almost daily, alas he is soon goign to a new home as I have decided at last to replace him with his bigger brother, so he will be going to my Father in Laws where hopefully he will grill the rest of his life in happiness!


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                          • Ikea / Highstreet Shopping / 18 Readings / 17 Ratings
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                            16.01.2005 19:01
                            Very helpful



                            I am a big fan of IKEA, I have bought and built several items of furniture from there, my bedding is from there and practically all my kitchen equipment too. I do however have a few gripes about the place, not enough to put me off spending my hard earned cash though.

                            So what is IKEA?
                            It is a store which originated in Sweden and now has stores all over the world. They sell much their furniture in flat pack form to save the customer money as they can store more and so can buy in larger quantities, also the customer is not having to pay for the time it takes to build the items. Obviously items such as sofas are already built up for you. As well as furniture they also sell bedding, curtains, rugs, material off the roll, pictures, lighting, plants, kitchen ware, even kitchens. In fact almost everything you could want in a house you can pretty much buy at IKEA.

                            Where is IKEA?

                            At present there are 12 stores in the UK with a 13th due to open in 2005, they are located

                            Brent Park, London
                            Croydon, London
                            Gateshead, near Newcastle
                            Thurrock, London
                            Warrington, near Manchester
                            Wednesbury, Birmingham

                            The store due to open this year is In Edmonton.

                            The stores are generally situated in retail parks and the ones I have been to (Leeds and Nottingham) are well signposted. Once you are close to a store there is no chance of missing it and driving past. They are huge stores and are blue with a bright yellow IKEA sign around each side of the buildings.

                            When can I go?

                            Opening times vary from store to store but through the week they are mainly open 10am till 10pm some may open slightly earlier and at least 1 closes at midnight.
                            Saturdays are usually 9am till 10 pm but again this can vary some don't open till 10am and some will close at 8pm.
                            Sunday opening seems to be 11am till 5pm but some stores open at 10am but you can't actually make a purchase till 11am, but the cafe will serve breakfast!

                            When's the best time to go?

                            Definitely NOT on a Bank Holiday weekend unless you really are desperate for something, or there is not other time you can get there, In fact most weekends are probably best avoided as it is usually chaos. We find the quietest times at our local store (Leeds) is about 2pm - 4pm and then 8pm - 10pm Monday to Friday.

                            What can I buy there?

                            The question here really should be what can't you buy there household wise. Their speciality is flat packed furniture but there are loads of ranges available some are chipboards other are solid wood, the prices vary across the ranges and you do get what you pay for, the cheaper ranges tend to be chipboard and the solid woods more costly, however whatever range
                            you choose they are all sturdy and easy to build up. A small laminate covered chipboard side table costs around £7, while the solid pine version which is practically the same size will set you back around £14.Home office and professional office furniture can be found here and some desks can be customised. You choose the top and the legs separately to get exactly the look you want. A planning service is available.Chairs and sofas are available in a wide range of styles and fabric and there is usually one of each style on the shop floor for you to try before you buy. Then you pick the style you want, choose the fabric you want it in and order it, it is then delivered to your home.Designs vary enormously from the sort of chintzy frilly sofa your Grandma used to have to sculptured wicker chaise lounges. The seats are tested by a mechanical "bum" that is pounded on to them to resemble a average sizes person sitting down over a period of time and in the stores I have been in they have a working model showing you the test.
                            You can buy everything for the bedroom from the bed and bedding right down to the curtains and lighting evens prints to hang on the wall. Possibly one of the most popular lines at IKEA is an up lighter, it is a simple silver coloured base it an adjustable pole and an opaque plastic up lighter shade. Almost everyone I know has at least one of there and at around £6 they are a bargain. They stock a vast range of wall lights, table lamps, floor standing lamps and light fittings as well as bulbs. They are worth visiting if only to stock up on energy saving light bulbs at around £1.50 each depending on the sort you want.
                            Bedding is one of the things I feels is expensive here, around £25 for a double duvet set, but you do get 4 pillowcases for that. Some of the pillows they sell are really expensive expect to pay up to £30, but they do start at about £2 so there is something for everyone’s pocket.
                            Wardrobes are available as basic wardrobes or you could choose a storage solution! They are
                            basically hanging rails, baskets, hanging shelves and tie racks that fit behind doors or curtains and are fully customisable.
                            The Marketplace contains all the little knick-knacks you never knew you wanted till you got
                            there, things such as carrier bag dispensers, sugar pourers, candles, and wicker baskets also the kitchen ware is found here. One of my best buys have been knives from IKEA, but avoid the block sets, they seem a bit flimsy, a better choice is the loose knives they are very sharp and very sturdy and they start at around £1.50 for a small peeling knife to around £4.50 for a large chefs knife. You should find everything you want for the kitchen here from pans to chopping boards, dinner plates to egg cups and everything in between.
                            Talking of kitchens you can also buy that at IKEA too. They have a planning service and as with the seating they usually have a working display of how the drawers are tested for durability. Styles range from country style wood to modern stainless steel.
                            Come the run up to Christmas and you can get really nice inexpensive wrapping papers and decorations.
                            They have a small but nice selection of plants and plant pots.

                            Ok so now I know what they sell, how do I shop?

                            First of all pick up a tape measure, pencil and bag, they are usually located as you enter the store but are dotted around the store also, it may be a good idea to take a piece of paper along with you too.
                            Go round the store see what you want. Most of the larger furniture is set out into room settings and they will have a tag attached telling you the item location. Write this down because it will save you a lot of time when you get to the storage area, each aisle has a letter and each shelf a number and you simply go and pick what you want off the shelf. Make sure you check that all the boxes for the item you want are there, because some of it comes in 2 or even 3 boxes.
                            Smaller items such as light, pans textiles you just pick up off the shelf as you would in any other store.
                            When you get to the entrance of the self serve warehouse you will find the trolleys, then you need to go in search of the location of the items you have picked, this is why it is important to write them down as the place is huge and just looking up and down the shelves would take you ages to find anything.When you are loading onto your trolley ensure that the barcodes are visible as this will make going through the checkout a lot quicker. Smaller items go on the conveyor belt just like in a supermarket.
                            You can pay by cash. credit or debit card of by an IKEA home card. Be aware though that paying by VISA or MasterCard will incur a 70p charge per transaction.


                            Yes they have them. My gripe is there aren't enough, as the store is so big I feel they should have several dotted throughout but they seem to have them by the entrance, this is the case in Leeds at any rate, Nottingham are more practical by the cafe. Both Leeds and Nottingham stores were undergoing alterations when I last visited and parts of the store were blocked off, I suspect that there may be additional facilities being provided. They are usually very clean and are checked regularly. The cubicles are of a good size and they offer disabled facilities and baby changing.

                            What about disabled access?

                            Wheelchairs are available to borrow, just ask at customer services which is in the entrance, they usually only have a very few so you need to be there early to get one. The floors are set out to easily allow a wheelchair to get through although in busy times it can be a nightmare and many people must go home with bruised ankles. Disabled parking is good, closest to the entrance and quite a few spaces.

                            Anything for the kids?

                            Yes loads. There is a crèche usually located near the main entrance. I have never had the
                            need to use one but I have noticed they can get very busy. I have seen children in there from around 2 - 10 years of age. You can borrow buggies from the customer service desk, to save taking up valuable car space. There is an entire department dedicated to children such as small sized furniture, fun lighting ideas, practical but fun storage and of course toys.
                            IKEA seem to stick with the more traditional toys such as wooden train sets, which are compatible with the major brands, dressing up clothes, role playing toys such as kitchen
                            equipment, puppet shows and of course stuffed toys. As well as the traditional furry teddy bears expect to find lime green snakes and hairy spiders! The toys are well made and good prices and the children are just allowed to play with them they are encouraged to.
                            They are also thought of in the cafe, here you will find a children’s area where they can colour and I noticed that there are also play station consoles installed in Leeds cafe now, which seemed very popular.

                            More about the cafe?

                            Meals are very good value, from £2.95 for adults and 75p for children. Breakfasts of sausage, bacon, scrambled egg, hash brown, beans, and tomato. With the choice of tea or coffee can be had for just £1. They also have offers at various times such as 2 meals for £5, but a kids meal for 50p with every adult one or even get the kids meals free. If you just want a drink expect to pay about 80p, they have a good range of teas, coffees and soft drink and you can also refill for no extra charge. In my experience the cafe although busy has usually been clean and you can usually find a table. You clear away you table yourself, though some people neglect to, in these cases it is dealt with by the staff as soon as they notice. Some of the items they serve such as the Swedish Meatballs are available to buy from the Sweden Shop.
                            If theres nothing to take your fancy in the cafe, or you are too rushed to stop there is a hotdog bar which also sells drink near the exit, the hotdogs are delicious and are great value.

                            What's the Sweden shop?

                            Basically its a Swedish food store, usually only a few shelves a and couple of fridges and freezers, but worth having a look if you fancy something a bit different, most packages do have English translations otherwise you'll just have to go by the picture!

                            The staff?

                            In general very friendly and helpful. If they don't know something they will go out of their way to find out for you.

                            Anything else worth noting?

                            Yes a few things.

                            IKEA homecard

                            This is quite a good value card as store cards go, just 12.9%apr and by using it you avoid the transaction charge you would get sing a credit card. You can apply instore or online.

                            Bargain Corner

                            Well worth a look here, you will find ex display, end of lines slightly damaged or incomplete items at reduced prices. We saved £30 on a bedside cabinet that had a corner of veneer hanging off, easily fixed with a spot of wood glue. Furniture here is usually still assembled good if you aren't good at that but will take more room to transport.

                            Home delivery

                            Is available for a charge which depends on the location and what is being delivered. For things that have to be made to order such as sofas these are delivered free of charge.

                            Getting things to the car

                            If you can have more than 1 person go, as you cannot take the trolleys into most of the car park, you have to leave the trolley and fetch the car to the pick up point located outside the exit, either that or carry the items. The pickup point is usually very busy so be prepared to wait to get a space. People are usually quite considerate and load up as quick as possible.


                            Large car parks but in busy times you can find yourself driving round for longer than you are actually in the store. Bays are quite a good size and as trolleys can't get into the car park due to bollards that is one less obstacle.

                            Finding your way around the store

                            This is my big problem with IKEA, unless you want to go round the whole store, in which case
                            just follow the footprints on the floor it can be quite difficult to get around and you can
                            just end up going around in circles. They do have "maps" which are signs with a line with
                            dots on, the dots represent different department and so you can see where you are, there are
                            some signed shortcuts to things like the cafe. On occasions I have knowing exactly what I have wanted from the self serve warehouse nipped through the checkouts and scoured the shelves or asked a staff member for the location.

                            The website

                            A good site loads of information there about the stores, products and facts about the company. Well worth a look, especially as now they have a stock checker on there, however you cannot reserve items online so just because they show an item is in stock now this doesn’t mean that it will be when you get there.


                            Sorry for the length but as it is such a big store there is a lot going on there to write about!


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                            • Glade Shake N Vac / Homeware / 15 Readings / 12 Ratings
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                              16.01.2005 17:33
                              Very helpful



                              I had my niece to stay the other night and as she's laid on the carpet in front of the TV she says "Oooh Auntie Anne your carpet smells all fruity" so I guess the shake 'n' vac does work then, because before it used to smell (albeit very slightly) of dog!

                              So what is shake 'n' vac? Well I'm sure most of you know because you've either used it or you've seen the ads where the woman dances round the room shaking it all over and then vacuuming it up all the times singing that annoying "do the shake and vac and put the freshness back" song!

                              So, shake 'n' vac is a white powder it comes in various scents but my favourite is the Citrus blossom. It comes in a tall green plastic tub with a small tab top, that when you flip opens to reveal 2 holes through which you sprinkle the powder. On the front of the tub it tells you what scent you have got and on mine there are pictures of slices of oranges and little orange blossoms. It also say that there is an odour neutraliser in the powder.

                              On opening the tab I can immediately smell the citrus scent. It does not smell like cutting into a lemon or an orange if anything it smells almost like orangeade even down to a slight fizzy smell!

                              The directions on the back tell you to hold the tub (it actually says bottle but to me it's a tub!) slight tipped and shake from side to side all over the carpet. you should then wait a few minutes and vacuum away. You should only use it on dry carpets and not on carpet tiles or on carpets with loop pile carpets. I assume this is because the powder will get caught in the loop but I cannot see why carpet tiles should be a problem unless it is because the powder may collect in the joins between tiles. The reason for not using it on wet, or even damp carpets should be obvious, it sticks and turns to sludge! I know this from experience after shaking it all over the living room floor not having realised my husband had spilt a glass of water over earlier that day! But once dried out it does vac out anyway, just that you are left with a white patch on the carpet until such time as it does dry out. Unless you have some damp/wet places on the carpet then it does seem to all vacuum out, although depending on how good your vacuum cleaner is you may have to go over it a few times. I have neices and nephews that come and crawl over the floor regularly and we have found no problems from this. Apparently this can cause problems for animals, but my Mum has used it for as long as I can remember and their dog is 15 years old with no problems, but I suppose animals are like people and some will have an adverse effect to it like most other household cleaning products.

                              The powder is the consistency of salt, so while it doesn’t float around as much as it would if it were more like talcum powder it does still land on surfaces and so dust builds up more quickly if you use it.

                              It says on the label that each tub should cover approx 16 - 18 square metres which should do a room measuring about 12 feet square. I find a tub does my bedroom and living room which by the time the furniture is in probably leaves about 16 square metres between them of floor space. I used to go back and sprinkle more so I could see it on the carpet but now I just sprinkle around and you can only see the powder in some places but it has still probably covered all the carpet that I want it to just a bit more sparingly in places, but it still does the job!

                              There is nowhere on the labels that say what the powder is made of other than it contains perfumes.

                              So does it work, well it passes the sniff test so I suppose it does. When you have first sprinkled it there is a lovely fruity scent all around the room, this lasts for a while even after you have vacuumed it up. After a while though what you probably notice more than the scent of the powder is the lack of the other smell that were living in your carpet such as animal smells, tobacco and cooking odours as well as anything that has ever been spilt on it so the neutraliser works as well as the perfume!

                              I don't use this every time I vacuum, I usually use it once a week but if you haven't emptied the vacuum when you next use it you can still smell the scent from the powder in the bag or cylinder and so it acts like one of the fresheners that you can buy that you drop into the bag, so this saves money as well! I tend to empty my vacuum the last vac before I am going to use the shake 'n' vac again so I get the smell each time I use the cleaner.

                              A 400g tub of shake and vac costs around 50 - 60p depending on where you buy it, I pay 53p from tesco I think this goo value especially as it works as a vacuum freshener as well!

                              I haven't noticed any skin reactions from using it, nor have I noticed any breathing problems through using it, even though I have asthma.

                              It is made by Johnson under the Glade brand and if you have any questions regarding the product you can ring them on the homecare line free phone number which is 0800 353 353, lines are open Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm. Or you can visit the website at www.scjohnson.co.uk


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                                14.01.2005 01:37
                                Very helpful



                                We've probably all seen the ads on tv for oxi clean.

                                Someone shows you a stain that looks like it will never shift, sprays some oxi clean dissolved in water and it vanishes as if by magic.

                                They squirt dye into a bowl of water and drop in a white sock then sprinkle in a scoop of oxi clean and hey presto the water turns white and the sock stays white.

                                Most of us have probably said it won't work like that once the cameras turn off, it's a con. Right?

                                Wrong!! Well almost. It dosen't do it quite as fast as it is shown.

                                Oxi clean is an amazing product. It works just like they show you, well almost, not quite as quick, but not far off.

                                There is no bleach in oxi clean, that's not how it works. You dilute it in hot water and it fizzes and the little bubbles that it lets of attacks stains.

                                It is safe to use without rubber gloves although they do recommend you use them, covering their own backs just in case. I have fairly sensitive skin but this doesn't affect me at all.

                                There is no smell to the product either before of after diluting.

                                It can be mixed in hot water as I said and sprayed onto the stain. This got out a coffee stain that had been lurking in my carpet for who knows how long, within minutes.

                                You can add a scoop to you laundry along with the washing powder, it helps stops colours running and if they do stops then running into anything else. My whites have never been so white.

                                It can also be mixed into a paste for jobs like cleaning the grount in between tiles.

                                It is also useful outside, wash wooden decking with it, you have probably forgotten what colour it really is under all the grime.

                                It is available in 500g tubs and 1kg tubs. Each tub comes complete with a plastic scoop. For laundry you use a scoop per load, for diluting for stain removal you only use 1/8 scoop to about a pint of water. Mixing into a paste you use several scoops to a couple of tablespoons of water. The small tub contains 32 full scoops.

                                I cleaned my full 3 peice suite with this, it took no scrubbing I just diluted to the stain removal strength in a bucket and used an ordinary car cleaning stocking cloth and wiped over the surface. It took next to no time as I didn't even have to scrub except on the edges of the armrests which always seem to get grubbiest. I didn't need to wet the surface too much either and the muck didn't just sink further in only to reappear as it does with some products, it stayed clean!

                                It is also deodorising. It has no smell so doesn't mask an odour, it neutralises it instead. It even took out the smell where my poor old moggie had an accident behind the settee something disinfects hadn't done before.

                                It is available from tv shopping channels, none in particular it seems to advertise on them all, from it's website http://www.greatcleaners.co.uk and from ASDA, it is supposed to be available in Tesco but i have never seen it.

                                From ASDA a small tub costs £3.99 and the large tub £5.99.

                                The tub itself is white plastic with a secure screw on lid. The label is blue, like bubbles and says oxi clean, the last tub I had also said contains no bleach but I have seen them that don't say this on the front.


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                                • pogo.com / Internet Site / 10 Readings / 6 Ratings
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                                  14.01.2005 01:30
                                  Very helpful



                                  I am a complete games addict and one of the first sites i played on when I started using the internet was pogo.com, but as you do after a while I lost interest and I didn't visit for months. When I DID go back to the site I was amazed at the changes.

                                  Firstly there were loads more games than there had been before, then there was some games that you can only access if you pay to be a member or if your ISP is AOL in which case you can access the members games but you can't access all the facilities on the site.

                                  Free Games
                                  There are loads of free games of all different types cards, puzzles, word, casino, arcade and even extreme sports. Most of the games you play earn you tokens, which you can enter into prize draws, these aren't really relevent here as you have to be a US or Canadian resident to be able to win cash prizes.
                                  When you play fee games there is an intermission every so often for advertising, each intermission lasts for 30seconds. If you pay to be a member you don't have to wait for the intermission to finish yu cna just click to continue with your game.

                                  Some of the games you can play for free are....

                                  sims pinball
                                  video poker
                                  word whomp
                                  tumble bees
                                  and there are loads more some of which I haven't played yet.

                                  There is a chatroom within most of the games although there is usually very little chat goes on.

                                  AOL Members

                                  If your ISP is AOL you get a limited membership. This means you can access all the member games, at present there are 18 members only games, mostly card and puzzle games.

                                  Paid members

                                  Paid members get to access all games on the site without intermissions and there are also extra features available for chat such as private chat and animated emoticons. The main difference though as a paid member is the challenges. Each week there are 2 challenges where you have to complete a certain amount of games, win a certain amount of tokens or win a set amount of jackpot spins in the week on a particular game. For example the current challenges are to get 3 consecutive jackpot spins whilst playing turbo 21 and win 10, 121 points games of cribbage. If you complete the challenge you get a badge, this is I suppose an avator that shows up alongside your name in chat, you also win some bonus tokens. This is a good way of keeping people interested in the site and also a good way to learn to play games you wouldn't normally. Badges can also be won by reaching certain ranks on some games. Also as a paid member you can set up a friends list and you can see if your friends are on the site, which games they are playing and you can go directly to where they are playing. You can also set up a personal profile and see what your stats are for the games you are currently playing.

                                  For all users there is really good clear intructions on how to play each game. For most games you can practise with robot players if you choose.

                                  The site is very easy to get around, all the games are sorted into groups so it is easy to see what different types of games there are.

                                  Membership for a year costs £19.99 unless you are an AOL member then it is £14.99. You can also pay monthly at £2.99 a month for AOL members or £4.99 for non AOL members. AOL members get a months free trial. As a paid member you get "guest passes" each month to send out to friends, this allows your friends to try the full pogo for 5 days, they don't have to give any payment details to use the pass and you get 2000 tokens if they use it.

                                  As I said before the tokens are useless if you live outside the USA or Canada but it is fun to see them build up.

                                  The games on pogo are fun and (mostly) easy to play. There is someone there for almost everyone of all ages and abilities, new games are being added all the time. If you are someone who used to play on pogo and hasn't for a while go back and see how much better it is, is you have never visited the site give it a go if you like games at all.

                                  The site is very easy to get around and everything is written in an easy to understand way. Some of the games take a little while to load but usually after the first time you play they are much quicker.


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