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      27.03.2010 18:29
      Very helpful



      great album from sum 41

      Does this look infected is the second studio album from sum 41. It was released in 2002, and although I probably still didn't really listen or really know of the band back then, since being a fan of the band, this is an album I have really gotten into, it has some great songs on and has a great overall sound to it.

      Hell song couldn't really get the album off to a much better start, it's a really catchy song. Its got a great palm muted verse to start with, which is combined with some great singing however I just really love the whole build up to the very strong and explosive chorus which is so good and sung so well as well.

      Still waiting is another really great and really powerful song from the album as well, its got really good rocky sound to the whole song, it starts off fairly mellow however then a bit of shouting come in for the first verse, not that its exactly screaming, but then the whole song calms down a bit and gets going and sounds great.

      Over my head, better off dead is another one I always like listening to, its start is a bit bad religion sounding however couldn't sound more different when it gets going. it's a fairly low key and sad song, however the lyrics arent exactly cheerful, but it's a quite relaxing song whilst still being fast paced and having a rock sound to it as well.

      This is a really great album from sum 41, if you're a fan of some of their songs but haven't checked this one out, then give it a go.

      1. Hell Song
      2. Over My Head (Better Off Dead)
      3. My Direction
      4. Still Waiting
      5. A.N.I.C.
      6. No Brains
      7. All Messed Up
      8. Mr. Amsterdam
      9. Thanks For Nothing
      10. Hyper-Insomnia-Para-Condrioid
      11. Billy Spleen
      12. Hooch


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      27.03.2010 18:07
      Very helpful



      great first album

      Half hour of power was the first album, or EP released by sum 41 in 2000. The album has a really raw style to it, id describe it as similar to a lot of blink 182's work, it's a much fresher and sounds a bit rougher than a lot of their work after this as they simply got better, and better recording equipment however I do really like this kind of more rough around the edges sound to the band and its good to hear them as they were when they first started.

      Machine gun is a really catchy, with perhaps a bit of an annoying chorus however it has good instruments all the way through and always gets me going.

      My favourite song off the album though has got to be makes no difference, its track 5 off the album and it starts off with a great guitar part with the drums before the singing comes in and when it does it just takes the song to another different level. The song just has great lyrics and there sung great too, but more than anything just a great tune, its so catchy and I still love listening to this one, even though they have since re recorded this with better quality audio.

      Summer is also a song I really like, its got a pretty good opening with drum clashes to build it up, but its got quite a nice relaxed sound to it guitar wise and the singing doesn't come on too strong either, its quite a relaxing song all the way through without being boring.

      Altogether, I loved this album from sum 41, its got a great style to it, in their earlier years they still did some fantastic songs, and I didn't really discover this album till after I had listened to their older material but I do really like it, so if you like them but haven't checked this one out yet, then please do.

      1. Grab the Devil by the Horns
      2. Machine Gun
      3. What I Believe
      4. T.H.T.
      5. Makes No Difference
      6. Summer
      7. 32 Ways to Die
      8. Second Chance For Max Headroom
      9. Dave's Possessed Hair / It's What We're All About
      10. Ride the Chariot to the Devil
      11. Another Time Around


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    • Chuck - Sum 41 / Music Album / 25 Readings / 24 Ratings
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      26.03.2010 21:41
      Very helpful
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      a good combination of styles makes a great album

      Chuck is the third studio album from the punk, or pop punk band sum 41. There a band who I used to really like, and although there not really about much now, I still really like most of their songs and never really tire of listening to them from time to time.

      No reason, is track number two but really the first after the intro. Its quite a hard rock song with a really good strong loud start, however when the lyrics come in its much more mellow than you first think. However it is backed up by strong guitar and drums all the way through, it's a very catchy song with a great chorus.

      Where all to blame is another song that opens up with another really hard sounding start. This has some great singing on this song though, especially once it gets to the slower parts with the guitar track going over the lyrics and the rest of the instruments, it sounds great.

      Some say is my second favourite song off the album, its got a much more relaxed sound to it than the many other rockier and hard songs on the album, whereas this is very easy listening even though it does still have some great guitar and drums in it.

      However my absolute favourite song off the album has to be pieces, its track number 11 and its easily my favourite song off the album, if not my favourite song from the band in general. I just really love the lyrics, but more than anything the singing, probably the best singing iv heard him do on a song, and a little bit of a different style to what they usually do as well.

      Altogether this was another sum 41 album I really enjoyed, it had some really rocky songs on there, and some quick hard, however mixed with some more mellow low key ones too which I think was a great route to go down on this album, trying to please everyone's tastes, and they certainly pleased mine.

      1. Intro
      2. No Reason
      3. We're All to Blame
      4. Angels With Dirty Faces
      5. Some Say
      6. Bitter End, The
      7. Open Your Eyes
      8. Slipping Away
      9. I'm Not the One
      10. Welcome to Hell
      11. Pieces
      12. There's No Solution
      13. 88


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        24.03.2010 18:27
        Very helpful
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        great first album

        All killer no filler is the first album from the pop punk band sum 41. When they first came on the scene it was at the time bands like this were thriving really, blink 182 were getting a lot of airplay and these were another band who wrote catchy pop punk songs to get them in the charts as well. And, although they have now kind of fizzled out a bit, I still really love this album and still listen to it from time to time.

        Track number four off the album is fat lip, its my favourite song and its one of their more rockier songs, it has a little bit of shouting in here and there however I really like that about it. The song has some great instrumental bits in though and is rocking all the way through, although it does have a very mellow singing part in the middle which is a really nice addition to the song as well.

        In too deep is another one that made it into the charts and gained them commercial success. Its much more low key then the fast paced shouting and harder rock sound of fat lip. It starts off with a really nice palm muted guitar tune which sounds really good and goes all the way through the first verse to the chorus. The song really gets going when it hit's the chorus and although it isn't as fast paced as song of the others they have done its still a really great song.

        These two songs may be the best but that's not to say the others on the album aren't any good at all, motivation is another fantastic song, handle this is also really good and pain for pleasure is also one I enjoy listening to. In fact most the songs on here are pretty good and there aren't really any weak links, a really great first album from a band that could write pretty catchy pop punk songs.

        1. Introduction To Destuction
        2. Nothing On My Back
        3. Never Wake Up
        4. Fat Lip
        5. Rhythms
        6. Motivation
        7. In Too Deep
        8. Summer
        9. Handle This
        10. Crazy Amanda Bunkface
        11. All She's Got
        12. Heart Attack
        13. Pain For Pleasure


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        • Encore - Eminem / Music Album / 36 Readings / 35 Ratings
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          23.03.2010 13:29
          Very helpful
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          great album

          Encore is the fifth studio album from Eminem and was released in 2004, it was also the last album he did for a while until relapse came out last year. Encore is a real mix of songs put onto two disks, though the second only actually has three more songs, its still a a great album.

          Evil deeds is track number two off the album and its one that I really like, its got a catchy tune to it and a really catchy chorus. it's the first proper song on the album after the short curtains up intro and it gets the album off to a good start.

          Like toy soldiers is track 5 and has to be one of my favourites off the album, the lyrics to this one are just fantastic so its no doubt it earned him a number one in the UK. it's a really good song about Eminem in the rap world and give us an insight into his life.

          Just loose it is a bit more of a commercial song than the others, its not lyrically one of his best although it is pretty catchy and you just cant seem to get away from singing along to this one, it also earnt him another number one with this album.

          Mockingbrid had to be my absolute favourite from the album though, its about his daughters and you can tell the lyrics are really personal to him, but its really well written and has great instrument parts to go along with it as well.

          Encore CD DISC 1:
          1. Curtains Up
          2. Evil Deeds
          3. Never Enough
          4. Yellow Brick Road
          5. Like Toy Soldiers
          6. Mosh
          7. Puke
          8. My 1st Single
          9. Paul (Skit)
          10. Rain Man
          11. Big Weenie
          12. Em Calls Paul (Skit)
          13. Just Lose It
          14. Ass Like That
          15. Spend Some Time
          16. Mockingbird
          17. Crazy in Love
          18. One Shot 2 Shot
          19. Final Thought (Skit)
          20. Encore

          Encore Songs DISC 2:
          1. We as Americans
          2. Love You More
          3. Ricky Ticky Toc


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            22.03.2010 22:27
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            great Eminem album

            The Eminem show is the fourth studio album from Eminem and coming after what were two hugely successful second and third albums there was no doubt pressure to deliver the goods on this one as well, but he certainly didn't give in to the pressure and managed to put some great new tracks out there.

            Track four cleaning out my closet is a track that got quite a lot of public response because of how Eminem talked about his mother, this certainly put him in the news, but no doubt didn't do his album sales any harm. it's a very catchy song and I really like the way Eminem raps it.

            Without me is another great song off the album, really catchy and it did quite well in the charts too. I think its probably got the most catchy bass line throughout, just a great song and the lyrics are really good too.

            However my absolute favourite song from the album has just got to be sing for the moment, it's a much slower song than the others and whilst many other have been fairly comical it was good to hear Eminem do something more serious about his own past experiences. The lyrics are just great and the whole build up the song has until it gets to the climax of the chorus is great as well.

            To be honest I really liked pretty much all the songs on this album, there's many different styles of songs on here, it feels like Eminem experimented a bit on some but it really worked out well.

            1. Curtains Up - (skit)
            2. White America
            3. Business
            4. Cleanin Out My Closet
            5. Square Dance
            6. Kiss, The - (skit)
            7. Soldier
            8. Say Goodbye Hollywood
            9. Drips - (featuring Obie Trice)
            10. Without Me
            11. Paul Rosenberg - (skit)
            12. Sing For the Moment
            13. Superman - (featuring Dina Rae)
            14. Hailie's Song
            15. Steve Berman - (skit)
            16. When the Music Stops
            17. Say What You Say - (featuring Dr. Dre)
            18. 'Till I Collapse - (featuring Nate Dogg)
            19. My Dad's Gone Crazy
            20. Curtains Close - (skit)
            21. Curtains Close


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              22.03.2010 21:07
              Very helpful
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              great album

              The Slim Shady LP is the second studio album from rapper Eminem, and was really the first time this now massive hip hop star came into the public eye. It is one of my favourite albums from Emimem, it has some really great songs on, and whilst I think he has some better songs lyrically after this one, its still great, some of the lines he's coming out with are just fantastic and the beats on the songs are so catchy too.

              My name is, track number two, is no doubt the most well known song off the album. Its also probably the catchiest however its not my personal favourite, however I still think its one of the best on there. It did really well in the charts and really is what started Eminems career. Its quite a comical song but just so catchy and the lyrics are pretty good too.

              In terms of lyrics though, I think as the world turns has got to be the best off this album. Again its quite a comical song, but the lyrics are just really great and so complex. The beat is also very catchy and I always end up rapping along to this one when I hear it.

              Guilty conscience is a song that got mixed reviews, its another quite comical song featuring Dr Dre rapping along with Eminem arguing as a mans guilty conscience, I think the songs very clever, its only a short song however it has different parts, the lyrics are really catchy and its just good to hear Dre and Eminem together on a song.

              Altogether then, I really like this album, it has some really great songs and its no doubt one of Eminems finest pieces of work.

              1. Public Service Announcement
              2. My Name Is
              3. Guilty Conscience
              4. Brain Damage
              5. Paul
              6. If I Had
              7. 97' Bonnie & Clyde
              8. Bitch
              9. Role Model
              10. Lounge
              11. My Fault
              12. Ken Kaniff
              13. Cum on Everybody
              14. Rock Bottom
              15. Just Don't Give a Fuck
              16. Soap
              17. As the World Turns
              18. I'm Shady
              19. Bad Meets Evil
              20. Still Don't Give a Fuck


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                21.03.2010 16:42
                Very helpful
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                classic album

                The Marshall Mathers LP was the third studio album from Eminem and was released in 2000. It featured some really great catchy songs and therefore sold extremely well earning him huge success and really putting him into the public eye.

                Probably the most popular and most successful song off this album is stan, featuring dido it's a really great lyrical song about a man who is writing letters to Eminem. The singing from dido is really great and goes well as a chorus over the great rapping versus that this song has, it was at the time and still remains now one of my favourites from Enimem.

                However another song that was very popular was the real Slim Shady. Along with Stan, this also received the top spot in the album charts in the UK. This is an upbeat song, and comical in places which is a bit different from what Stan was. I think this was the first song to really hit the UK and introduce people to Eminem so it probably was the first song I heard from him.

                Apart from that though, theres also the way I am and Marshall Mathers which are both really good songs as well, that's no the say the others arnt good, because to be honest all the songs on this album area really good in their own way.

                This was a great album from Eminem and a great way to put himself firmly in the public eye of one of the best rappers at the time, just a classic album.

                1. Public Service Announcement 2000
                2. Kill You
                3. Stan - (featuring Dido)
                4. Paul (Skit) - (skit)
                5. Who Knew
                6. Steve Berman
                7. Way I Am, The
                8. Real Slim Shady
                9. Remember Me? - (featuring RBX/Sticky Fingaz)
                10. I'm Back
                11. Marshall Mathers
                12. Ken Kaniff (Skit) )
                13. Drug Ballad
                14. Amityville - (featuring Bizarre)
                15. B**** Please II - (featuring Dr. Dre/Snoop Dogg/Xzibit/Nate Dogg)
                16. Kim
                17. Under the Influence - (featuring D12)
                18. Criminal


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                • Relapse: Refill - Eminem / Music Album / 6 Readings / 4 Ratings
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                  21.03.2010 15:28
                  Very helpful



                  good add on album

                  Relapse refill was released just before Christmas 2009 as a follow up to the album relapse that came out in May that year. It was released as Eminem wanted to put some more songs out there which he had intended to release on a whole relapse 2 album the same year, however he apparently changed his mind about the songs and the direction he wanted to take with relapse 2 so decided just just put out a small album to tie the fans over for a while.

                  1. Forever
                  2. Hell Breaks Loose
                  3. Buffalo Bill
                  4. Elevator
                  5. Taking My Ball
                  6. Music Box
                  7. Drop the Bomb On 'Em

                  The album features 7 new songs though really only five of them were new songs as I had already heard the released previously forever collaboration song and the taking my ball which featured on the DJ hero game.

                  However despite there only being 5 new songs it was good to hear a few more from Eminem, all the songs on this one are fairly up beat ones, and my particular favourite is probably taking my ball followed by elevator. Forever is pretty good too though, especially if you like the other rappers on there, but it is mainly lil Wayne with a short rap from Eminem at the end.

                  If you're a big fan of Eminem then this is probably worth the buy, it now comes with the relapse CD in a kind of two disk set so you might as well get it like that, either way I still enjoyed this one despite people thinking it was just a bit of a money spinner.


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                • Relapse - Eminem / Music Album / 20 Readings / 19 Ratings
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                  21.03.2010 14:01
                  Very helpful
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                  Eminem came back

                  Relapse is the sixth studio album from Eminem, and came out in May 2009, although was leaked on the internet some time before this which is when I first head the songs, however I still decided to buy the album as I liked it that much.

                  The album had some mixed reviews, it was his first albums in 4 years, and Eminem being the huge star that he is, this was always bound to be an album that was analysed carefully, however despite mixed reviews at first the album went on to sell well and become popular amongst his fans.

                  The album features song really great songs, lyrically and musically, its produced by Dr Dre, and in fact all tracks on the album are apart from beautiful which Eminem produced himself, and this is actually one of my favourites from the album.

                  From the comical lyrics of we made you, crack a bottle and even my Mom to some extents, to the dark lyrics of insane, and 3 am, and the very personal real lyrics of Beautiful and déjà vu, this album really does have it all, songs for every single mood. Personally I think lyrically this album have some of his greatest ever work, and I love every single track on here. I think it has some really great singles as well but the main reason behind these not being a commercial success is that it isn't his first album and people know how good he is by now. Most people I know really like this album, and I think the long time Eminem fans love it, so if you haven't checked this one out yet then please do, its great.

                  1. Dr. West [Skit]
                  2. 3 a.M.
                  3. My Mom
                  4. Insane
                  5. Bagpipes From Baghdad
                  6. Hello
                  7. Tonya [Skit]
                  8. Same Song & Dance
                  9. We Made You
                  10. Medicine Ball
                  11. Paul [Skit]
                  12. Stay Wide Awake
                  13. Old Time's Sake
                  14. Must Be the Ganja
                  15. Mr. Mathers [Skit]
                  16. Deja Vu
                  17. Beautiful
                  18. Crack a Bottle - (featuring 50 Cent)
                  19. Steve Berman [Skit]
                  20. Underground


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                  • The Dark Knight (2 DVDs) / DVD / 30 Readings / 27 Ratings
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                    27.01.2010 16:22
                    Very helpful
                    1 Comment



                    a classic

                    The dark knight is a wonderfully made superhero film with a dark twist to it, I think that's one of the reasons why it works so well, it does have an age rating of just 12 however there are some quite bloody and dark moments in there which makes this film as much, or even more so for adults as it is for children which is unusual for a superhero theme film.

                    The film was released in 2008 and became a massive success in the box office and was really the only film people were talking about at that time, there was a huge buzz around it and much anticipation about its release and this only grew once people had seen the movie and enjoyed it so much.
                    Much of this press was from the death of Heath Ledger who played the joker in the movie before its release.

                    Christian Bale performs very well as batman, a kind of dark more mysterious figure in this movie however still good at heart, but the real star of the movie has to be Heath Ledger who played the joker amazingly well. It such a good character to play any way however his acting was top notch and really brought something to this twisted character.

                    This film was my favourite of the year 2008, and one of my all time favourite movies to date, I'm sure a lot of people have already seen this however if you haven't then I must urge you to get the DVD, if you don't think superhero films are your thing then you would be wrong to categorize this movie as its so much more than that, just a truly well made film and one I never tire of watching again.


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                    • Paranormal Activity (DVD) / DVD / 35 Readings / 35 Ratings
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                      23.01.2010 21:32
                      Very helpful



                      slow and short

                      Paranormal activity was in many ways the horror film of the year, last year in 2009 when it came out here in the UK, it had already been made by 2007 and released in the US in 2008 and so word started to spread and it was a much anticipated film that really promised a lot.

                      The film itself is a independent film and so has done very well to achieve mainstream success, its also the most profitable movie ever made having made hundred of millions whilst only being made on a small budget of $15000.

                      The film is all shot on "home recorded video" however the quality is fantastic and it doesn't get annoying at all. The actors are pretty good as well, there roles believable which is great for actors who aren't big Hollywood stars.

                      The film does start a bit slow, but as the story develops it does get more interesting to watch, however sometimes your on the edge of your seat just wanting something to happen because nothing is and it never really does. There are occasional parts to this film which are brilliant and then some which weren't needed and don't really make much sense.

                      All in all I did enjoy some aspects of the film, but its wasn't no where near what all the hype said it was going to be, I just found the whole movie a bit slow and lacking in story, there simply wasn't enough in there for me, also the movie was quite short as well and I couldn't believe it had ended where it did as I just expected to see more and felt a bit robbed of my cinema fee.

                      Id say this is worth a watch if your with some mates and want to watch a scary movie you haven't seen or when it eventually comes on TV, but whilst some people were scared by it, its not really a scary movie, it has done well but I'm not too sure why.


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                      20.12.2009 16:35
                      Very helpful
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                      another top nofx album

                      Wolves in wolves clothing is the tenth studio album from the American punk band nofx. They have had some really great albums in their time and this one was again no exception. Released in 2006, it managed to keep up to their usual good work.

                      The first song off the album is called 60 percent. it's a slower song than usual from the band, infact im struggling to think off another song from them that is quite this slow and mellow however Im sure there is one. Its actually quite a nice relaxing song although the lyrics are quite sad but its sung very well as well.

                      The man I killed I think must be my favourite song off this album, its got a kind of country sound to it, especially with the guitar and bass at the beginning however I just think the whole melody of the song works so well and its really well written, it just all sounds really nice together.

                      White wolves in wolves clothing is the title song off the album, it starts off nicely with a slow singing verse with a really nice guitar part and good bass, the drums are really soft as well until a little way into the song and then in true nofx fashion they pick up the pace and turn it into a great punk rock song.

                      Door nails is track number 17 and again it's a slow started with just mike singing with an acoustic guitar, when he stops at a pause that's when you think the other instruments are going to come in, but they don't, in fact the song carries on as an acoustic song until the end which is unlike nofx but it did sound good.

                      1. 60 Percent
                      2. USA Holes
                      3. Seeing Double At The Triple Rock
                      4. We March To The Beat Of Indifferent Drum
                      5. Marxist Brothers
                      6. Man I Killed
                      7. Benny Got Blowed Up
                      8. Leaving Jesusland
                      9. Getting High On The Down Low
                      10. Cool And Unusual Punishment
                      11. Wolves In Wolve's Clothing
                      12. Cantado En Espanol
                      13. 100 Times Fuckeder
                      14. Instant Crassic
                      15. You Will Lose Faith
                      16. One Celled Creature
                      17. Door Nails
                      18. 60 Percent

                      This album is a lot softer than most of nofx's other albums however there are still tracks that are fast hard punk as well so it's a good mix from the band, the albums contains some really good songs but more than anything I think the best thing about this album is that all the songs are pretty good, there aren't really any weak links anywhere and that's why I like it so much.


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                        20.12.2009 16:34
                        Very helpful



                        great live album

                        They've actually gotten worse live is a live album from the punk band nofx, its actually there second live album and as their first one was called I heard they suck live, they've actually gotten worse live is a pretty good name for there second live album.

                        The first song is entitled inrto/ glass war, it's a little bit of the crowd shouting and the band introducing them selves before a a nice little instrumental opening and then it goes into the song glass war which isn't on of my favourites however the intro is a really good opening to a live show.

                        Scavenger type is the fourth song and its where the album really comes into its own for me, its an absolutely great song on the normal studio album so its good to hear it sung live as well, and its one of those songs that really works live as well, he sings it to perfection and it just sounds fantastic.

                        Eat the meek is a kind of ska song from the boys, it starts off with ska up notes and a saxophone and then the really slow singing comes in, it's a totally different style to anything iv heard them do before but its sounds great and the versus sound particularly good, I just never tire of hearing this one and live is sound fantastic, you can hear the crown singing and cheering along and it sounds really nice.

                        Green corn is a particular highlight for me though as its such a fast paced punk song, and the band do it really well live as well, for this one you can really hear the energy that they have when they sing live, the song is great anyway but it sounds even better live especially with the backing singers singing along as well.

                        1. Intro/Glass War $0.99
                        2. Yer Wrong
                        3. Franco
                        4. Scavenger Type
                        5. Parents
                        6. Long Line
                        7. Amy's a Crack Whore
                        8. Eat the Meek $0.99
                        9. Murder the Goverment
                        10. Mono/Tim/Pee
                        11. Get the Stink Out
                        12. Pee/Alcoholic
                        13. FTK/Juicehead
                        14. Herb
                        15. Lori Meyers
                        16. Indifferent Dub
                        17. I, Melvin
                        18. Green Corn
                        19. Whoop's I Od'd
                        20. Stick in Eye
                        21. One More Song
                        22. Bonus Track 1
                        23. Bonus Track 2
                        24. Bonus Track 3

                        Well, I was impressed with their firs live album so I knew that they didn't suck live so I already knew this album would be good but it was actually even better than I expected.


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                        02.12.2009 20:29
                        Very helpful
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                        good covers album

                        The BYO split series vol 3 is a kind of split album which features both nofx and the punk band rancid. It has six song by each of the bands however the best thing about this album is that it's the other band that actually covers the songs so nofx cover six rancid songs and rancid also do six nofx songs, im a fan of both these bands and there both good in their own way so it was great to see them have a go at each others songs.

                        The most memorable song off the album from rancid covers was Bob, it's a great song when nofx do it so I wasn't really expecting rancid to do it better however they did a really good job, the singing from rancid has a really distinctive voice when singing and so this gives a really different style to the song, the instruments are also really good for this one I think they pick up the pace a bit and make it a bit rockier.

                        Tenderloin which is a cover by nofx of the rancid song is fantastic, it sounds really great when nofx do rancid covers as his style of singing is something I prefer however rancid do write great songs as well so it's a good insight to how well they can do covers, he brings a bit of a mellower style to most of the rancid songs but they sound great.

                        The last song has to be my favourite cover from nofx though its his attempt at having a reggae style that rancid do so well, it quite funny hearing his reggae impression however it does sound really good as well

                        1. Moron Bros - Rancid
                        2. Stickin' In My Eye - Rancid
                        3. Bob - Rancid
                        4. Don't Call Me White - Rancid
                        5. Brews - Rancid
                        6. Vanilla Sex - Rancid
                        7. I'm The One - NOFX
                        8. Olympia - NOFX
                        9. Tenderloin - NOFX
                        10. Antennaes - NOFX
                        11. Corazon De Oro - NOFX
                        12. Radio - NOFX

                        If you're a fan of any of these two bands then this is a must have album, I was a fan of both and so I really enjoyed it, however if your not then I guess the album wasn't really meant for you, but I still think it's a really great idea getting bands to cover each others songs and I think it should be done by more bands.


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