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      20.01.2011 02:12
      Very helpful



      Cant really live without them, can see myself using them for many years to come.

      1) www.facebook.com
      No doubt most of you will have heard of it and probably use it.
      I use it mainly to keep up to date with friends, share photos and news, organise events and some times to look over how a night out went when i can't recall what happened.

      2) www.bbc.co.uk/news
      Probably up there with pageviews by me with facebook.
      News website that is pretty reliable, usualy kept up to date pretty quick and you are also able to comment on some news stories and 'have your say' which is pretty good because you get to see what peoples views on certain topics are from all over the globe.
      First thing in the morning i check up on this to get up to date with the world and make sure world war 3 didn't happen over night so i've actually got to get up and go to university.

      3) www.share.com
      I'm on this probably 10-20 times a day checking out share prices and to see whats happening with mine. They are very secure and reliable, the shareprices are updated with a few minutes delay. Probably the easiest, cheapest and best way to get into dealing shares. I invested about £500 in total, in seperate companies, and im now at about £720. Thats not a bad profit for 3 months investment.
      If you don't want to risk any money or dont know much about shares and how it works you can also set up a practise account, which is exactly the same as the real accounts apart from the fact that its not real money.
      They offer you lots of support, advice and help to get your investments up and running.

      4) www.blogger.com
      I decided to set up my own little blog to share my life with the world. Its mainly about lifestyle changes, keeping fit and other things that are going on in my life, such as reading, university and money.
      Its a great way to start up a little side project to keep you entertained and focused.
      Its free to set up, comes up in google searches, comes with free templates that are fully customisable and you are also able to store photos and videos on there.
      Another good feature of blogger is that it lets you make money if you want to, for example if you set up an amazon associates account you get paid for every purchase made through your blog, or every click on an advert with google adsense.

      My blog;
      (if anyones interested. ha.)

      HotUKDeals is the UK's largest site for member submitted deals, voucher codes and bargains.
      Its basicly a huge word of mouth forum, people find things that they think are cheap, from clothes, food to holidays and they post it up.
      It gets rated either hot or cold, generally the hotter the deal the better the deal is. I have used this website to find out about special offers on clothes and games. It helped me to pick up some soul cal hoodies for £5 delivered from their online store, new Xbox games for under £25, which i have then played and sold on for a profit etc.
      The only down side is that you end up finding really cheap things on there that you cant help but buy, even if you dont need it. Such as Full HD 40" LCD t.v's for £175. Definatly a good thing to look at before using the next website on my list.

      6) www.ebay.co.uk
      Ebay is an online auction website, you are able to buy and sell things on there for a price.
      I rarely sell things on ebay now because of the fees.
      You get charged to list items on ebay, they then charge you a 10% fee ontop of the final sales price, you also get charged to use paypal.
      There really is no seller protection anymore and you cant leave bad feedback if you're a seller.
      On the plus side its good if you are a buyer because you can find pretty much anything on there for cheaper then anywhere else, seriously anything. I bought a shrunken human head from a museum. Don't as why, it freaks me out, god knows what i was thinking.

      7) www.youtube.com
      Another big name, i use it to look at trailers, catch up on tv i've missed, post videos and look at how-to's.
      Its a video sharing website that you can upload your own videos to and share with friends or the world.
      Its also a good website to look up bands and songs if you have headphones but not your mp3 player at the handy.
      You are able to comment and share videos with other uses to voice your opinions. Although over the internet it can be pretty pointless due to the amount of trolls and uneducated people sitting at home waiting for an arguement.

      8) www.onepoll.com
      Onepoll is a survey website, there are constantly surveys online that you are able to complete for money, they dont take that long to do and most can be completed in a minute or two.
      A great website to use if you're working from home or you've got some time to kill and want to earn some extra money.
      I visit this every day just to do a few surveys. The only downside is that you cant withdraw the money until you get £40, which takes on average 2/3 months.
      Not bad for a free website to join.

      9) www.hotmail.co.uk
      hotmail is an online email account, you dont need to use outlook express to get your emails, but you can if you would like to.
      All emails are stored online and can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. There is a huge storage limit which means that it can hold many emails and photos. I use this to send work to myself incase i dont have my usb stick with me. Then i simply download it when i get home.
      Easy to use, free to set up and very simple.

      10) www.dooyoo.co.uk
      This website, i dont visit it as often as the others but its still a good website.
      Everything i buy i end up writing a review, either to tell people about the bad experiences i've had with a company or product or the good ones.
      So far ive probably earnt about £30 from it. Not bad for a website i'm not that active on.
      Before i go to buy something i check here for a few reviews first, to make sure im not making a mistake and i know what i should expect.

      So thats my top 10, if there are a few websites there that you have never used before i highly reccomend going onto them and giving them a go. You've got nothing to lose and lots to gain. Feel free to tell me your experiences with them.



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      14.01.2011 20:24
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A must have piece of kit for anyone looking to upgrade or modernise their computer setup

      I was given this and assumed it would end up as an unwanted christmas gift because i felt that i had no need for it at all.
      Im a third year computer science student and i use photoshop quite often, but dont be fooled into thinking its just for editing and creating. I have started using it in place of my mouse, mainly because its got all of the functionality of a mouse and so much more.
      There are 4 programable buttons on the pad itself, you can use these for right and left click, a shortcut to open up a program and even zoom.
      The pad even has multi touch input, which means you can use the pinching function to zoom in and zoom out, along with many more.

      For the price its very advanced, the pen is very accurate, the touchpad is customisable with your own settings, its very durable and all runs off of the usb cable plugged into your computer.

      It is very easy to live with, i am able to slide it down the side of my laptop and netbook case, its that thin you can hardly notice it there and the pads on the bottom stop it form moving around and rubbing.

      I really cant see any downsides to this touch pad, if i had to pick one i would say that it takes a while to get use to. A day or two i would say, just to get you out of the habbit of using it how you would a mouse, there are so many more features the just pointing and clicking.

      Very thin and light weight
      Good looking
      Use your pen and finger
      Use two finger gestures, like on theapple products
      Windows and Mac compatible
      Long wire, you dont need to be up close to use it.
      4 programable buttons - replace your mouse if you want
      Very large tracking area
      track pad is programable, make it smaller if you want
      No battries required for the pen, has programable buttons on too
      Comes with spare tips
      Back of the pen acts as a rubber
      compatable in photoshop

      Takes a while to get use to


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    • Nintendo N64 / Games Console / 13 Readings / 12 Ratings
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      13.01.2011 19:05
      Very helpful



      Old school first person shooters at their best, goldeneye and perfect dark are a must.

      I recently decided to buy a nintendo 64, mainly because a long time ago me and my friends would meet up and just have a day of gaming, the nintendo 64 being one of the consoles.
      I managed to pick it up for about £10 with all cables and a game included.

      It sits on top of my xbox 360 with goldeneye in, which in my opinion is worth buying the N64 just to play.
      With the re-release of goldeneye on the wii, with only just improved graphics for about £30 i would reccomend buying yourself an N64 with goldeneye and a few controllers.
      You are able to use the nintendo wii controllers and game cube controllers that plug in with the nintendo 64, so you may not even have to buy any additional controllers.

      It took me back a few years as if i had traveled in a time machine.
      After playing it for a few minutes you get lost in it and completly forget about the graphics.

      Advantages -
      Cheap games and accessories
      Cheap to buy
      Graphics aren't too bad
      Good games
      4 players without a multi tap
      No RROD
      No YLOD

      Dis-Advantages -
      Check for a faulty console first, alot of broken ones around.
      Check for broken parts, i bought a controller and the analogue stick was broken.
      Not top of the range graphics


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    • Bio Oil 200ml / Skin Care / 13 Readings / 10 Ratings
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      13.01.2011 18:55



      Very good for dry skin cannot comment on the effectiveness of improving scars or stretchmarks.

      I recently brought myself a little bottle of this because ive got some faint stretch marks on the tops of my legs, so thought i would give it a go.

      It does seem a little expensive for what it is, but a little does go a long way and last a long time. Compared to other stretch mark/scar removers its also a pretty good price.
      I would reccomend looking in the big supermarkets and occasionally pound land etc for the best prices.

      Due to the cold weather i also get very dry on my neck and face from walking around outside, i keep this little bottle with my and just apply it whenever i feel like i'm getting dry. Its small enough to keep in your pocket but i wouldnt reccomend wearing it during the day as it has a shine to it(due to it being an oil) and makes you look a bit greasy.

      Although i've not seen an improvement in any scar tissue or stretchmarks i have noticed an improvement in softness and dryness of my skin.
      It does last a long time where ever you apply it, it does not soak in(from what i have notices) and can rub off very easily.


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      13.09.2010 16:40
      Very helpful



      An insanely good game for anyone, a must have for any halo owner or 360 fan

      Mine has come a day early, ordered from tesco entertainment for a grand total of £25.

      Thought i would order it and see if i like it, if not then i can always sell it for more then what i got it for.


      There is so much to do.
      When i first started it up you are given the options to customise your spartain completly, from armour, colours, emblems, voice, add-ons as well as things that happen when you die, such as having a flying heart attack, or confetti flying out of your head when you get shot in the head.

      It has kept true to the halo franchise, i have played all the halo games and can honestly say this is the best by far, what a way to go out.

      I like 1,2 and 3 but disliked halo odst and halo wars.

      You can instantly tell that the graphics are so much better then the halo 3 graphics, they have used a new engine to power it all and everything that you see is destructible, just like in battlefield bad company 2.

      I can see this being the game of the year.
      Halo 3 had a very large online community and was consistantly the biggest played online game for a very long time, even when call of duty 4 was out.

      The campaign from what i have played is incredible, i really dont want to ruin it for anyone so ill just keep it brief.

      The game takes place in the year 2552, where humanity is locked in a war with the alien Covenant. Players control Noble 6, a member of an elite supersoldier squad, during a battle for the world of Reach.

      There are too many new features to list, from armour permutations to special abilities, such as jet packs and making a hologram twin to take your place and divert fire.

      Multiplayer; "wiki"
      Slayer and King of the Hill, Headhunter where players drop skulls upon death, which other players can pick up and deposit at special zones for points. Stockpile has teams race to collect neutral flags, holding them at capture points every minute for points. Generator Defense pits three Spartans against three Elites. The Elites' objective is to destroy three generators, while Spartans defend the installation. Invasion is a six versus six mode with 3 squads of two on each team

      - Very very good graphics
      - Best game i have played this year
      - Very large online fan base/multiplayer
      - Millions of different variations in armour
      - Completes the halo story
      - Masterchief is back
      - Play as Spartain or Elites

      - none yet, bound to be some bugs though

      I really cant write a long review now, ill be back to update, i cant put this game down!


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    • Breo Sports Watch / Watch / 17 Readings / 16 Ratings
      More +
      12.09.2010 14:45
      Very helpful



      A must have for any gym bag

      I recently purchased one of these because ive taken up running, i thought it would be a great idea of any timing that i needed without carrying around a stopwatch or a big bulky watch itself.

      There is slight movement when you are jogging/running but not that much, it can only get annoying if you arent listening to music etc.

      The rubber body also gives it good shock resistance, i usualy have it on the size of my gym bag, or in the bottom and it gets thrown around alot.
      This also makes it good if youre doing a heavy workout or run and you sweat quite a bit, its just wipe clean and you can be cinficent that it wont effect the workings of the watch itself.

      The stretchyness also makes it easy to pull on and off, this is good because its a universal size in a way.

      It also states that its water resistant(10meters), but on the package i got mine in it had a sticker over the top stating that it should not be submerged in water, so i guess that rules it out for my swimming, but makes it ok for sweat/rain.

      I reallt cant fault this watch, it does what it sets out to do, it works well, is light and easy to carry around, so light you can forget about it.

      It also comes in a range of colours to suit everyones tastes or "gym outfit".

      - Does what it says on the tin
      - Water resistant (dont submerge it)
      - Light
      - Easy to put on
      - Comes in a range of colours
      - Cheap
      - Durable

      - Doesnt do advanced functions, but it does not claim this
      - Feels cheap, but it is cheap (does not feel like it will last long)
      - Not water proof


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    • Storm Hydron 4377 / Watch / 10 Readings / 10 Ratings
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      12.09.2010 14:30
      Very helpful



      The finishing piece to any suit, i wont be seen without it.

      I recently got brought this watch as a present, which i thought was weird because i never wear anything on my wrists, i just dont like the sensation at all.
      dont ask me why, ive got no idea.

      But i thought i would give it a go as to not hurt any feelings.
      I got this one in black, its gorgeous.

      Its a great size, not some silly little watch, its well made and feels a good weight, so you know its there.
      It makes any outfit, suits, shirts and even t-shirts, ive worn it with all and it still looks great.

      The face is large and has a nice White storm logo set against the shiney black surface.
      The watch itself is what seems to be annodised stainless steel, its in black and has a nice dull shine(if that can be possible?)
      The colours are great and its a great make.
      I have just seen from an advert on amazon that this one is called the metal slate version, check it out, see if you fall in love like i did.

      - Makes an outfit
      - Tells the time/date/month (obviously)
      - Well made
      - Good weight
      - Good size, straps not too large or thick
      - Good locking mechanism, never gets caught on anything or comes loose.

      - Large glass face can get scratched easily
      - Can be fiddly to change the settings, one pull out, two pulls out or one pull in? ive got no idea. I set it up by trial and error.
      - Might be too large for skinny wrists?


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    • Toy Story 3 (DVD) / DVD / 10 Readings / 9 Ratings
      More +
      12.09.2010 14:21
      Very helpful



      Cant reccomend this enough

      I grew up with the toystory movies, so i had to see toystory 3.
      I went to see this in 3d just because i could, i really cant see that much of a difference in 3d vs normal, not enough to justify the extra £3+ it is.

      I cant say how much i loved this movie, being older now i get alot more of the jokes, the music is more of my taste and i can understand alot of the innuendos that they have been using in all of the animated movies.

      Pixar have realised that their main audience is going to be the younger generation but also the children who were born and brought up int the 80s/90s and have included jokes for the new generation of adults who were brought up watching these movies.

      The plot is great, just like the other movies.
      Despite some of the characters voice actors passing away in the ten years it took them to make the movie, they have covered it well, its hard to notice any kind of difference in their voices.

      The opening scene is great and really brings you back to your childhood, im not going to write any spoilers in this review because i really do not want to ruin it for anyone else.
      Although quite a few bits are pretty predictable.
      Apart from spanish buzz, who is great.

      if you have a free night or some spare time that go and rent/buy/watch this movie, you will not be dissapointed, its kept truw to the brand and ends the films very well. Put a smile on my face, and i stole a cardboard cut out of ken, so its all good :D


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      • Saab 9-3 Convertible in general / Car / 7 Readings / 5 Ratings
        More +
        12.09.2010 14:00
        Very helpful
        1 Comment


        • Reliability


        A top quality car that you know youre going to be safe driving

        Loved this car, not the best looking thing on earth, but one of the most reliable.
        Built like a tank, fast, luxurious and everything you would want from in a car.

        I recently got into an accident whilst in this car, a 40tonne truck decided to drive into the side of us and push us 60ft down a dual carrigeway.
        I can honestly say if it wasnt for this being so well built the whole accident could have been a completly different story.

        The drive;
        The drive is very comfortable, ours had full leather interior and the seats are very comfortable and supportive.
        The suspension irons out any bumps in the road nicely and the car itself (2.3ltr) can shift if it wants to.
        We picked this version over the turbo version for fuel economy.
        Its not the most economical car ever, we get about 30mpg from around town and motorway travel, however i can imagine the turbo version would be alot more thirsty.

        Well renound reliable well made cars, they are like this for a reason.
        Nothing has gone wrong with ours since when we have had it, great for use in winter, summer, rain and snow.

        Not the best looking car in the world, but they have their reasons.
        Goot aerodynamics help to keep them on the road and give them great road holding.

        an all round great drive, weve had 3 saabs now and have only even sold them to get a newer model. Luxury car without the luxury price tag.

        - Powerful
        - Built like a tank
        - Fast
        - Convertible
        - Reliable and well built
        - Very luxurious interior.
        - Hold their money well
        - Very reliable engine 200,000+ miles
        - New model is just out, older models prices have dropped
        - Very roomy interior

        - roof can leak on some models, but i have not had or seen a convertible that does not let a bit of water in, in heavy rain.
        - Not that good looking
        - Not the most economical car ever
        - Can take some getting use to, keys go in next to hand brake, has to be in reverse to get your keys out etc.


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          10.09.2010 13:43
          Very helpful



          Get if youve got the money spare, if not wait a little while for it to come down in price.

          I Pre ordered this a few weeks ago with TescoDirect.
          I managed to get this model with about £50 off, thanks to staff discount and various vouchers etc. Plus 500 extra clubcard points (Code: TDX-AWCK)
          Ive always liked the ipods but thought that they were kind of overpriced for not that much more then a normal mp3 player.

          The case is pretty much the exact same as the old itouch, its a nice clear case with a sticker on the front of the ipod. It is well made and looks as if it can withstand an impact or two, although i wouldnt want to try this.
          Still comes with everything the old ipod comes with, cables, headphones etc so nothing new there. Just a shame it doesnt come with an inwall charger.
          Ive been wrong with this one, built in cameras, FaceTime, games, better looks and so much more then the other ipod touch had.
          I think they could get away with calling this the iphone lite.
          It has the majority of the features for under half the price, you can get this and have a normal phone for less then what the iphone would cost.

          Like most of the apple products i have had it feels very well made, its got a nice weight to it and a great shine.
          The problem i think im going to have with it, like with the other touch will be keeping it scratch free.
          Now with the camera on the back it could cause a problem scratching the lens.

          What i did love about this was the face time, you need to be connected to the internet to be able to do this but it is possible. You are able to call your friends and "face time" with them. Nothing new and innovative i know, its been around for years, but this time its on an mp3 player.
          This makes it so much easier if you are meeting up with some one and you are at a place with free wifi, they get lost, you jsut turn this on call them and show them around. (or just get good maps up).

          Also something ive only just found out by having a look at the contents of the box is that it also has something that they call "Retina display", which apparently makes the 960x640 resolution "look even more incredible", im really not sure how or what this does but i can say watching videos in it is very crisp, there are no blatant pixels or blurs like there were on the last itouch.

          New itouch vs Old itouch:
          Comparing them to eathother(before i sell my old one) i can clearly see that its thinner, it may not be by much but its noticable, its also clearly lighter even though its got more features.

          The ipod touch 4g is more like the new iphone then the old touch was, the button layout is pretty similar, the power and new volume buttons.

          Camera capability, the 4g has this and the old touch obviously does not, just has a black fill on the back. Although its not the best quality camera recording it is passable for when youre out and about, similar to a phones video camera. But if you have a decent camera that you carry around anyway it really doesnt make that much of a difference.

          Display, although fairly similar in size the quality on the ipod 4g is so much crisper, the games look nicer and the video is displayed alot clearer. I dont know how the "retina display" does it but it is a clear improvement.

          Batterylife, ive not had the time to test it out fully, but it states that the battery on the 4g should last about 40 hours listening to music, which is about 10 hours more then the older models. I dont think this will make much of a difference to me as mine rarely ran out of battery anyway.

          Gym, i use mine for the gym, it links up to the machines and records my workouts, im off to try this later to see if there are any compatibility problems with it so i will keep you posted. I dont think there should be because my ipod touch was upgraded to the latest software anyway.

          - Seems well built, no problems yet.(not had it that long though)
          - Looks very nice, better then the last ipod touch, thinner.
          - So much more features then the last one.
          - Highly portable
          - Large storage
          - HD video recording
          - Camera on front and back, FaceTime.
          - Feels alot smoother going from one thing to the other, faster load times.
          - Video quality is closer to the iphones and alot better then the old one.
          - Screen feel more responsive.

          - The price of a netbook/low end laptop.
          - Looks like its going to get scratched alot.
          - Perhaps too thin, may break if left in your back pocket?
          - Definatly needs a protective casing.
          - Not sure if its worth the extra cash, ill have to use it more and see.


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          10.09.2010 13:04
          Very helpful



          A nice place but shame about the people

          Went here last year for a nice break to get away from uni after i had finished.
          I wish i could say i reccomend it, but i cant.

          Everyone there just seems to be trying to get as much money out of you as possible.
          Including the hotel staff.
          Be prepared to argue, get leered at, perved upon and harassed. They do not know what no means and will try to rip you off on every occasion.
          The theme tune to my holiday was the constant beeping of horns from the taxi drivers, who are easily the worst con artists that sharm el sheikh has to offer.
          Ask around first to see how much it should cost to get to places, otherwise they will try to charge you 10x as much as it should have cost in the first place.

          The food is terrible, everyone i know that has been there has gotten ill, i myself had food posioning.
          The only safe place i had food was mcDonalds, what does that say?
          Apart from all of this the weather is gorgeous, the beach is nice and the ocean is great.

          I would reccomend doing the excursions but again look around, the hotels may say that they are the cheapest and safest but they just take your money then go to the people on the beachfront and give them even less then what you paid for the service.

          Look around in the shops, they get everything they sell for really cheap but try to mark it up stupid amounts, haggle with them, if they say no or demand another price just walk away. Nothing is unique, everyone does the same stuff.
          I can understand why they are like this, but they just dont learn when enough is enough.

          I feel sorry for the women who go there, i was there with my girlfriend and we were harassed by many men, it gets annoying very quickly and theres not much you can do espechially if some of the men are the police, all with guns.


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            09.09.2010 00:59
            Very helpful



            A great controller thats improved the gaming experience for the better

            This is an awesome controller.

            Where as sony and microsoft were looking to improve the games and the graphics, nintendo looked to improve the ways we interacted with the games.
            It paid off.

            This controller looks weird but its so eay to use.
            There are no size issues, people of all ages can use it.
            There is a great feeling of sensitivity from it, the slightest movements can be picked up. Now that they have released the wii motion plus it makes the tilting even more sensitive.
            Its also able to pick up slight twists, which is great on sports such as bowling when you need to put a nice side spin on the ball.

            People of all ages have been able to use this controller, my little brother has been using it from the age of 7, my nan has also used it on several occasions.
            You do not need to use great force to use it.

            The original ones came with a very poor strap that often broke and sent the controller flying(if you were stupid enough), the newer ones come with a string strap instead of a plastic/rubber one so its alot more durable and less mlikely to break.

            - Makes gameplay so much better
            - Very easy to use
            - Very easy to hold
            - Good button layout
            - Sensitive to movements
            - A pleasurse to use
            - Very innovative
            - Helps you work out while you use it

            - The D-pad can be hard to use with the hand you are trying to control with, it needs to be held lengthways like a conventional controller to get maximum effect.
            - The wires between this and the nunchuck can get in the way a bit.
            - You can end up punching some one or damaging something around due to the arm movements.


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            09.09.2010 00:46
            Very helpful
            1 Comment


            • Reliability


            A great collectors item, i wouldnt use mine every day though.

            IVe had 4 of these, the first one i bought cheap and ended up selling for 3 times as much as i bought it for because they are pretty rare.
            They look great, i bought the other three as investments, the sale of the first one pretty much covered the cost of these ones.

            I woudl say that they are more of a collectors item then something that woudl would use day in and day out with your xbox.

            Ive got mine tucked away and one on display, the artwork is great and they are a must have for any halo fan, i cannot fault them.
            Ive got three spartan ones and ive never seen an elite one, they are pretty rare.

            They operate in the exact same way as the normal xbox controllers.
            It suits my hands perfectly, it may not for others but it just feels right.
            The buttons are well placed and i adapted to it really well and quickly. The layout is easy to lean and everything is within read of your thumbs, theres no moving around to do button combos, they are the prefect space to quickly move between if you are using them for any fighting game. Its very easy to set up, you just push the sync button on it and your xbox and it should connect in a matter of seconds.

            - Looks great
            - Collectors item
            - Rare
            - Wireless, Quite a far signal
            - Strong
            - Great button layout
            - Vibration feedback, may not seem alot but it completly changes the experience.
            - A must have for any halo fan

            - Can be quite expensive due to rarity
            - Can be too big for smaller hands.
            - Dirt can build up in the joints and connections.
            - Joystick buttons can start to fail and lose some sensitivity because they are the main buttons being used.
            - I woudlnt reccomend using it all the time, can cause the artwork to fade.


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              09.09.2010 00:40
              Very helpful


              • Reliability


              A great addition for any pc gamer thats trying to adjust to the xbox or vice versa.

              I picked this up because im mainly a console gamer, i bought myself fallout 3 on the pc to play in my spare time because its very addictive and lasts a long time.
              I was use to playing it on the xbox 360 so thought i would get one of these controllers so that i could just simply pick up and play instead of having to look around for which button to push and what button does what.

              Its a straight plug in and play set up, i found it very easy to use, i just had to select the controller setting on my laptop and i was away.
              the button configuration was pretty much the same as they were on the xbox version.
              For me it was the best option because im so use to using the xbox 360 controller, this has the same layout, the same weight and the same looks(apart from the sync button)

              I would reccomend buying the wireless adapter for the controllers instead of this because you can just use your original wireless xbox controller with it anyway and it woudl work out cheaper.

              - Easy to use
              - Good size
              - Best button layout
              - Good feel
              - No need for batteries
              - plug and play
              - Easily configurable
              - Identicle to the xbox wires controller

              - Not built for small hands(no problem for me personally)
              - Wired - Buy yourself a wireless controller adapter instead and use the xbox controller.


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              09.09.2010 00:31
              Very helpful


              • Reliability


              The best controller you can get, shame they dont make it for the other consoles

              This is by far the best controller i have ever used and ive used a vast majority of the console controllers and numerous pc controllers from the 90's onwards.

              It suits my hands perfectly, it may not for others but it just feels right.
              The buttons are well placed and i adapted to it really well and quickly. The layout is easy to lean and everything is within read of your thumbs, theres no moving around to do button combos, they are the prefect space to quickly move between if you are using them for any fighting game.

              Its also well made, i have dropped mine numerous times and it still works properly.

              There is a connection on the bottom of the controller for a keyboard or a headset so you are able to type and speak to other people on xbox live, although the keyboard isnt really needed some people find it faster to type that way.
              On the top there is a connection for a play and charge kit, i would reccomend buying this along with the controller as you will go through batterys very quickly if you game alot.
              All accessories fit very well and do not come loose(unless you jump around and really get into the games, then the headset might)

              The controller itself is really easy to set up, there is a button that you need to push on the back, which when pressed will sync with the xbox in a few seconds(if the one on the xbox has been pushed too) The lights in the controller with then light up and you will be told what player you are by the "X" button lighting up in whichever quater.

              - Wireless, Quite a far signal
              - Strong
              - Great button layout
              - Vibration feedback, may not seem alot but it completly changes the experience.

              - Can be too big for smaller hands.
              - Dirt can build up in the joints and connections.
              - Joystick buttons can start to fail and lose some sensitivity because they are the main buttons being used.


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