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      10.07.2013 22:22
      Very helpful



      Do you want to be whisked away to the Caribbean, if so drink this rum, x

      =Captain Morgan - Spiced Rum=

      I don't normally buy Rum, as when I was a lot younger, I had one too many, and wasn't well, I blame it on the blackcurrant juice, as the drink then was Rum and Black.

      It was only the last couple of years that I rediscovered Rum, in the form of Golden Rum, with coke, it was lush.

      =How I got the Spiced Rum=
      On the duty free on the plane, they had offers of 2 bottle for £22, mix of Brandy, Vodka, Spiced Rum and Gin, I wanted 2 bottle of Brandy, they only had one (£12 for one), but as there was 2 for £22, the steward recommended the Spiced Rum, so I brought it.

      =From the Bottle=
      Information from the bottle, it explains that the Spiced Rum is a spirit drink, and it is based on a secret blend of premium Caribbean rums, mellow spices and other natural flavours.

      The distinct richness and amber colour is from the aging process of the rum in charred white oak barrels.

      Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum is the perfect mix with cola,

      The apr is 35%

      =My Experience=
      Wow, as soon as I opened the bottle, I was immediately whisked away to the Caribbean, golden sands, sunsets, beaches of fine powder sand, I poured some into the glass, the rum was a beautiful golden colour, I added some ice, and then Coke, I added a wedge of lemon, although lime would have been equally as good if not better,

      Even when the drink had the coke in it, I could smell the spices, I couldn't tell you what they were sorry, but imagine a rich Christmas Cake, cooking and you get the aromas from the spices that is another way I can think of describing it.

      =The Verdict=
      The bottle lasted two weekends, as it was lovely, and was a nice drink, a good taste, and it went down very well.

      I will be buying this bottle again, I would prefer duty free prices, but hey I can't have everything, so see what the prices are like at the supermarkets.

      =Star Rating=
      A 5/5 and one that I am drooling over already just writing about it..



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      • Absolut - Mango / Spirits / 19 Readings / 18 Ratings
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        10.07.2013 22:18
        Very helpful



        A great flavour mango and has many drinks options

        =Absolut - Mango=

        Absolut Vodka is a Swedish Vodka, and comes in the unflavoured Vodka, which is Absolut Blue, and flavours including, Citron, Mandarin, Mango, Vanilla among other flavours, which I haven't got round to trying.

        =No Added Sugar=
        Absolut do not have any added sugar in their flavoured Vodka, so you get the true taste of the flavour, in this case is the Mango flavour.

        =The Aroma=
        As soon as you open the bottle, the aroma of mango's immediately sets my taste buds ringing, it is a distinct rich and juicy fruit. If you don't like Mango then this Vodka is not for you, but if you like Mango and Vodka this is the one for you.

        This Vodka can be drunk neat, over ice or with a mix of drinks, I like lemonade and coke (separate times), and both are lovely, a couple of my friends have drunk this with Grapefruit, orange and cranberry juices, but I haven't tried them yet.

        This can be equally mixed with cocktails, as the mango gives the cocktail a twist, I tend to mix mine with peach Schnapps and lemonade.

        Absolut is at the dearer end of the vodkas, and can retail at around £20 for a bottle, I brought my last one duty free, I paid about £12 for a litre, which is a lot better than normal shop prices.

        =For me=
        This is a treat, as I begrudge the prices in the supermarkets.

        =Star Rating=
        This is a 5/5 from me, as I love the exotic Mango flavour.


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        10.07.2013 22:14
        Very helpful



        A good tablet, but you must like to take drinks

        = Asda High Strength Effervescent Vitamin C Raspberry Tablets=

        I came back from holidays and just seem to lack energy, whether it was post holiday blues, or what I wasn't sure, so I thought I would try a course of Vitamin Tablets, but I was originally going to buy the chewy tablets, but when I saw these for £1, and they were the ones that dissolve, I took a chance.

        The packet contained 20 tablets.

        The tablets come in a tall slim plastic tube. The main colouring in purple and white. The ADSA logo is at the top on the front and underneath this the information continues to tell us this is a high strength and Effervescent Vitamin C. That this is for your immune system, and there are 20 tablets in the packet. They are raspberry flavoured and are suitable for vegetarians.

        On the reverse of the packet, it gives the ingredients, the dose, which is one per day, as well as the warning information.

        =To Open=
        You need to break the seal which is a ring of plastic around the rim of the lid, then push the lid up with your thumb and hey presto you are in, tablet ready, now where was that water?

        =Vitamin C=
        Vitamin C is used to help in reducing fatigue and tiredness, and also helps the immune system.

        =To Take=
        You take 1 tablet daily, dissolved in a glass of water, these are suitable for adults and children over the age of 12 years old.

        =The Tablets=
        The tablets are a very pale purple, I would have expected them to be pink or red due to the raspberry, but seeing them they reminded me more of a blackcurrant, but after reading the ingredients and seeing beetroot juice, then to me it made more sense to the colour. They are about 1in in diameter and 1/4in thick, which I am glad that they are the dissolvable tablets


        Citric Acid , Ascorbic Acid , Acidity Regulator (Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate) , Bulking Agent (Sorbitol) , Polyethylene Glycol , Maltodextrin , Sweetener (Acesulfame K) , Colour (Beetroot Juice from Concentrate) , Glyceryl Triacetate , Flavouring .
        Each tablet provides 1000mg/1250% of Vitamin C.

        =My Thoughts=
        Once I figured that I did not need a degree to get into the vitamins, ok it was a one off having to pull the ring, but the lid, it took about 4 or 5 attempts each time, if you had arthritis in your hands you would have no chance at getting them open.

        =The Drink=
        It was very easy to dissolve the tablet, and the water was a light purple. The taste was bearable, it was not sweet not sour, but like you had some squash and said hello water, goodbye water, but with a fizzy feel.

        =How did I get on=
        After taking a week's worth of tablets, I am sorry but these were not for me, I just could not get on with them, it was not the fault of the tablet, but getting use to drinking it, as it reminded of paracetamol.

        I did feel a bit better towards the end of the week, I noticed a notch of improvement, maybe long term these would work, but for me I'm going back to the jelly vitamins.

        I have given this a 4/5, it was not ASDAs fault that I didn't like them, the 1 star reduction is due to the difficulty I had trying to get into the tablets. But they are great value for money.


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        10.07.2013 22:12
        Very helpful



        A great drink, a welcome addition to the Baileys range, and one I cant wait to buy at Christmas

        =Baileys Irish Cream Hazelnut Flavour=

        I always think as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for and with Baileys there is never a truer word, there are alternative cream liqueurs, but they are never as good as the Original.

        =Baileys Flavours=
        Over the years Baileys have introduced different flavours and these include
        -Hint of Mint Chocolate
        -Hint of Coffee
        -Orange Truffle

        =Back to the Baileys Hazelnut=
        This has the traditional element of the Baileys brand that we have come to love, from the velvet smooth texture to the rich taste, but with the added aroma and taste of hazelnut.

        =No lumps!!=
        Ok I know that may sound daft, but my mother asked has it got lumps of nuts in it, the answer no it hasn't!!

        =The Drink=
        Once you open the bottle you get a beautiful smell of hazelnuts, and when you taste it, it is like heaven, the taste reminds me of a praline chocolate, not over powering but a lovely smooth taste, with the hazelnut not being over powering, as with some flavoured drinks you get all the added flavour, but none of the original taste, but with this it is Baileys with added hazelnuts, they blend perfectly and complement each other.

        =To Drink=
        This can be served on its own or over ice, which personally I prefer.

        =Cold or Hot=
        -Cold - It can be mixed into a milkshake, poured over ice cream.

        -Hot- It can be added to a coffee, (instead of milk) added to a hot chocolate, then add whipped cream and marshmallows.

        =Price and availability=
        The bottles are available in 70cl and 1 litre bottles, the prices do vary, although come Christmas time you can buy a 1 litre bottle for around £9, compared to a 70cl bottle with a normal retail price of £15+

        =Star Rating=
        The drink itself is a 5/5. but for the price as the alcohol content is about 20%, the price is expensive for what is charged, so I tend to buy at Christmas and then when there drunk that is it until they come on offer again. Unfortunately the price reduces it by one star.


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        09.07.2013 21:41
        Very helpful



        Easy to store, simple to use and do the job

        =Dr. Oetker White Baking Cases=

        My daughter had a friend up for a sleepover, and we always try to do something different, so this time they both asked if they could make some butterfly cakes and flavoured buns.

        When I checked my supply area, the case for baking cases was empty, so I sent Mr Thrifty to the supermarket, and he came back with the Dr Oetker cases.

        =Dr. Oetker=
        Dr Oetker, is a well known brand for many items related to cookery from cake mixes, frosting, through to baking cases, and the company is over 100 years old, they were founded in 1893.

        We paid 83p for 100 cases - these are enclosed in a plastic outer case.

        =The Cases=
        The baking cases are white and pleated and they fit easily into any bun tray, if you put them in a muffin tray they get a bit lost, but that is because muffins are bigger than fairy cakes.

        The paper used is not thick paper but it holds its shape well during the cooking and when they are cooked, I find that the food does not stick to the case.

        The cases come in a plastic pot, where all the cases are stacked tightly, and they do come apart easily, I think out of the 100 there was only one of two that we had to pull apart.

        =Good Value=
        They are good value cases, they do what they say, they hold the cake mixture in and don't go out of shape.

        =Would I recommend=
        I would highly recommend these, there a bit more expensive than the supermarket own brands, but they were good quality.

        =Star Rating=
        I give these a 5/5

        =What did we cook!=
        A lot of buns!! We used the 100 cases in 1 go...

        =Basic Mixture=
        We used the basic mixture for a Victoria Sponge - 2 eggs, 4 oz flour, 4 oz sugar, 4 oz butter. From one batch of mixture we got between 18 and 20 buns.

        -Butterfly cakes- Slice off the top to look like wings and pup some butter cream into the gaps and pop the wings back on

        -Strawberry Swirls- Add 2 tablespoons of strawberry jam to the mixture stir in so it looks like ripple effect, and then when cooked you get the mixed look.

        -Choc Chip - added a 4oz / 100g packet choc chips

        -coconut and Orange - Added 2 oz of desiccated coconut and 3 tablespoons of orange juice



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        09.07.2013 21:38
        Very helpful



        Great for dogs, kids and adults taking tablets

        =Asda Smartprice Plastic Sports Bottle=

        No do not adjust your eyes, it may read Sports, but for me I did not buy this for the sports benefit!! I brought it for the dog.....(and one for me)

        =The Bottles=
        They are available in pink and blue colours, I brought mine last year, we were away popped into Asda and saw these. I ended up buying four, one for both the cars one for keeping with us when we take the dog out, and the 4th for my handbag, as I have to take regular medication, and always end up having to carry some with me.

        The bottles are plastic, but this is a strong plastic, and has a strong stopper which you pop down, the only point you need to make sure it is fully pushed down as the first few uses the stopper is still.

        The bottle holds 200ml, which for me is adequate for my needs,
        -Dog - We always take water with us in the car, he has his own dish, bottles and a little cooler bag in each of the cars, and a fold up bowl which slips in one of our bags for when we are out and about, this 200ml size, he gets 2 drinks from it, and it is easy to top up when we go to a cafe.

        -Myself- I put some squash in mine, as this may sound really odd but I can't take tablets with water, I had to have a juice based drink, (although my daughter is 10), but before I was pregnant with her I use to be able to tablets without anything, this is just a perfect size as I can take tablets and still have a small amount left, for a drink if I need one, and with the size they fit perfectly in my handbag.

        She has used the bottle sometimes to take a drink into school on a normal day she finds this big enough, but in a hot day she says she has finished it by dinnertime, but has to ask for help in getting the bottle refilled.

        I personally don't feel that this would be big enough for a sports drink, as two or three gulps, the contents would be gone.

        =My thoughts=
        For the uses I need it for, I think the bottle is perfectly adequate, but as a sports bottle I feel that this is not big enough and as such it loses 1 star for that.

        =Star Rating=
        This is a 4/5




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        09.07.2013 21:35
        Very helpful



        These are the Rolls Royce of cotton wool pads

        =Superdrug Oval Cotton Wool Pads=

        I will be honest and say that I am not brand loyal to cotton wool, whether it is balls, wrap or pads, I will use any.

        =The Dog=
        Our dog is prone to wax build up in his ears, and from advice of the vets was to wipe his ears out with warm water and cotton wool, that was where we incurred problems, as with cotton balls, we couldn't get a good grip on them, wrap, we pulled off and there seemed to be bits falling off, no good for his ears, when a friend recommended that I try these pads from Superdrug.

        They are more expensive than other cotton wool as they are 50 for £1.69

        =The Bag=
        The cotton wool pads come in a polythene bag and this has a drawstring to the top which keeps the pads clean and sealed when they packet has been opened.

        =Using the Pads=
        As the main reason for buying them was for the dog, then how we found them with him, was important.

        As soon as picked up the first wipe, I noticed they were oval in shape and this seemed to give them a bigger surface area, and also they were thicker than a normal pad, so far so good.

        =In Use=
        We had some warm water on the pad and the first point I immediately noticed was the pad did not leak, nor did it shrink in size, and when we were cleaning around his ear, there was no loose flecks of cotton coming away, the pads with being larger, meant it took less time to clean his ears, as we were able to get a wider sweep around. Even when they had been used, they kept their shape.

        =Overall score from using with the Dog=
        I wish there was a 10/10 as on all aspects, they were amazing.

        =Sneaked a couple of pads to try myself=
        Being as it was me and not the dog doing the write up, I needed to test them on makeup removal and cleansing, while I can say on every aspect I was really impressed, they held the shape, both before and after, they were so gentle on my skin and I seemed to use less of these compared to normal balls or wipes.

        =Would I buy again=
        I have already been and brought another bag, which is for exclusive use of the dog, and this is the only ones we will be using with him, for myself, I have some other brands to use up, but I will be buying these again.

        =As the saying goes=
        As the saying goes, "you get what you pay for" and with this, there is never a truer word said, they may be dearer, but the value from them absolutely exceeds the other brands, and the most important thing they are 100% cotton.

        =Star Rating=
        For me these are a 5/5.


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      • Avon Paddle Brush / Beauty Accessories / 6 Readings / 6 Ratings
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        09.07.2013 21:31
        Very helpful



        A great value brush and one I would highly recommend

        Avon Paddle Brush

        I find that like keys I lose brushes, and as such I do not like paying full price for them, and last year, in the Avon catalogue the brushes were reduced and the paddle brush was £2.50 instead of the £7 recommended retail price.

        =The brush=
        The brush is red and it has a long plastic handle, the only downside to the handle is there is no grip, you have to grip the handle tightly yourself, the brush element has a good sized bristles and a wide paddle area so you get to brush quite a large area in one go.

        =My Hair=
        I have short curly hair, and the brush I can brush my hair in 20 seconds flat.

        =My Daughters Hair=
        Now this is where the fun and games start, as she has long hair, and this is prone to being pluggy, it is thick as well, although we have a tangle teezer, which I would not be without, but this brush gives me a 2nd option, as it is strong, it gets to a large section of the hair, especially the underneath of her hair, as this gives it a really good comprehensive brush through.

        My daughter likes the brush as well, as it does help with reducing the tangling, but for her (she is 10) she does find the brush a bit difficult to grip hold of the handle, unless she grips it for England.

        =A year old=
        We've had the brush nearly a year, and it is still in really good condition, it gets used well, we liked the brush that much that the next time it was on offer I brought a 2nd one.

        =Would I recommend=
        I would highly recommend this brush, even at £7 it is a good price, as compared to named brushes you could pay £10+ for, but even better when it is reduced.

        =My Niggle=
        My only niggle is the grip on the brush, and because of this I am knocking 1 star off, (sorry).



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        09.07.2013 21:29
        Very helpful



        A great nail polish from a well established range

        =Boots No7 Stay Perfect Nail Varnish=
        Boots have three own brands within their makeup ranges, they are
        -Natural collection - these are the basic range and are priced very competitively at £2 per item and generally have offers such as 3 for £5.00
        -Boots No 17 - This is the mid priced collection items, and these vary in prices.
        -Boots No 7 - This is the top of the range priced items and the nail polish comes from this range and is priced at £6.00

        =Product Claims=
        The nail varnish claims to give a pigment rich colour and has a ultra gloss finish. The product also claims to be quick drying.

        The bottle for No 7 nail polish is a slender bottle, it has "Stay Perfect" in gold lettering on the front of the bottle, and gold "no 7" on the lid. The lid is black, and this has the brush built in. The nail polish is 10 ml.

        There is information on the back of the bottle regarding safe use and the manufacturer contact details.

        I brought a metallic silver shade, which was called "disco nights". I did put a clear coat on my nails first, with it bring a darker shade, and applying the nail polish I needed to use 2 coats to get a good definition of colour.

        I noticed the brush had a larger bristles than previous brushes, but when I looked on the bottle there was a blue sticker that said "new and improved brush", so mystery solved, this brush also seemed improved on the cut of the bristles, and they were flat and more compact, and on most of my nails, I could get one sweep of the brush and they had painted the nail.

        This was quick to dry, and by the time I had painted the first coat, the nails were perfectly dry and ready to do the 2nd layer of polish,

        =Staying Power=
        I was really impressed as this did last 5 days before it chipped, it was 7 days and it still had not chipped, so the staying power on this polish was really good and I could not fault it, I have used this bottle so far on about 4 different occasions and each time, it has been a week and there has been no chips on them.

        =Would I recommend=
        I would highly recommend these nail polishes, although they are £6 each, they do last, they come in a wide range of colours to suit all occasions, and it is worth keeping an eye out for when Boots do the till split coupon, offering £3 off the makeup range.


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        07.07.2013 02:19
        Very helpful



        This is mine and my top favourite of the Baileys range

        =Baileys Irish Cream with Orange Truffle=

        I have found the flavours of Baileys to be hit and miss, but that it is a personal taste, and I received a miniature of the Baileys Irish Cream with Orange Truffle to try.

        Mine was a 5cl bottle, but they are also available in 70cl bottle and 1 litre bottle, the price does vary, you can pay around £16 for a 70cl bottle, although at Christmas time they seem to become a price war item and there are generally some good offers around.

        =The Flavour=
        To sum up the flavour, it is lush, but to break it down, you get the creamy element that we have come to expect from baileys, once you open the bottle the aroma of orange is lovely, it is not over powering, but enough so that you know you have the orange flavour. The truffle side, I noticed this more when I was drinking it, as the drink was more chocolate in colour, with the orange aroma, it was as though someone had got a normal bottle of Baileys and grated a Terry's Chocolate Orange in there.

        I served the contents of my bottle over ice, as I wanted to appreciate the flavour, and I find that the ice gives the sweetness of the Baileys a cooler edge to it.

        I loved the bottle that I went and brought myself a normal bottle, and that lasted just over a month, it was beautiful.

        I really liked this Baileys in a hot chocolate, as the orange truffle just added a beautiful flavour to the hot chocolate, normally I add Baileys to a coffee, but when I tried this one, I found that although it mixed well, the taste just did not mix for me, I found that the coffee was fighting with the orange trying to see which one was the strongest, but hey you learn by your mistakes.

        =This worked=
        I find that when you get a successful product, when you add flavours to it, it does not always work, and for Baileys I think that the Orange Truffle is a successful flavour, where as for me I found the Biscotti to sweet, it was like drinking a nutty milk, yet this Orange truffle is lovely and I will be buying a bottle or two for Christmas.

        =My Niggle=
        I have to say that my niggle with Baileys is the price, as it seems better to wait till Christmas when the prices reduce and buy a couple of bottles to last a year, I feel that around £16 is expensive.

        =Star Rating=
        I give this a 5/5, I was going to knock one star off for the price, but the taste is so lovely that it earns that star back.


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      • George Basic Flip Flops / Shoes / 21 Readings / 18 Ratings
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        07.07.2013 02:17
        Very helpful



        A great value flip flop a great investment for the summer

        =George Basic Flip Flops=

        Not that I am tight wad, but I brought these for myself and my daughter for our recent holiday so we could use them for going down to breakfast, swimming pool and the beach, as it was too hot to walk on the sand.

        These are George brand from Asda, and the flip-flops are there basic range, the plain ones are priced at £2 per pair, or if you want a nice patterned pair they are £3, but for us, I brought the £2 ones as I leave them in the hotel.

        These come in 3 sizes they are adult sizes, and I found are pretty much true to size.
        -Small = 3/4
        -Medium = 5/6
        -Large = 7-8

        The plain colours included, pink, silver gold, white, blue and purple. I brought White for my daughter she is nearly a size 5, so I got her the medium which fitted perfectly, and me I'm a 6, but found that the Large fitted me better, I had a pink pair.

        =The Flip Flops=
        The soles were not the thick soles, they are about 1/2 in thick, but a constant level throughout the flip flops. The rubber straps and the toe post are comfortable, although personally I prefer the old fashioned flip flops that you just use to slide your feet into, what I do with the toe piece, is put some plaster around it, as I find they rub between my toes. They are well fixed into the soles.

        =The Grip=
        They have a good grip on both the soles in relation to the grip on the floor, you're not slip sliding everywhere and also they have a textured grip to the base of your sole, so this holds your foot in place.

        They were perfectly comfortable, with mine I put a plaster on the t-bit, but with my daughter they didn't need that. We lived in the for the day time, and for my daughter the night time, she literally lived in them.

        We left them at the hotel at the end of the fortnight, they were still as good as new, but for £2 they did the purpose, they would have lasted us a lot longer, but with shopping every inch saved was filled with something.

        =Since we got back=
        I have brought my daughter some more flip flops ready for the summer holidays, she has one pair now which she wears as slippers and another 2 pairs ready for UK holidays.

        =Would I recommend=
        I would highly recommend these flip flops, for £2 you just cannot go wrong.


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        05.07.2013 19:15
        Very helpful



        Overall a great value linen box

        =Argos Natural Pine Linen Bin=

        I have had a couple of these over the years, as I like the fact that they are a fold up style, and they are less intrusive than the traditional plastic Linen Bin.

        This is a simple design, it has a wooden frame, and onto this you attach the linen bin, the linen is a pale cream colour, and it has a flip over lid with Velcro on the top, so if you do have a full bin of washing you can put the lid across and no-one needs to see the dirty washing.

        Our first one lasted about 10 years, before it broke, and we paid around £7 for it, the second we brought 2 years and again that was under £10.

        =Folds Flat=
        When the bin is not in use, you just fold the linen bin up, although in our house if the bin is empty that is for about a couple of hours, but the thought is there.

        =Additional uses=
        I brought a 2nd one and have put it in an inside a built in wardrobe and have stored some spare quilt covers and curtains in there.

        The first one is about 15 years old now, but no longer has the stand, whereas the newer one is maybe about 9 or 10 years old. We learned the lesson from my first stand that the wood is ok and strong enough as long as you don't overfill the bin and then decide to move about with it. Then it will very quickly ping apart and not join back together

        =Wash the Bag=
        What has really impressed me with this bin is the fact that you can take the bag off and wash it, which we tended to wash every couple of weeks, just to keep it fresh, it has never shrunk or been difficult to hook back on to the frame.

        I haven't got the measurements to hand, but if we strip a double bed, sheet, duvet, 4 pillowcases, and the under blanket, and a couple of towels and couple of items of nightwear, then that is the bin full, so it does hold quite a big, for clothes, I find that it holds about 2 washing machine loads of clothes..

        =My Niggle=
        My only niggle, which I feel that I am being picky, but I also think I am being honest, if the frame, I feel that this could be stronger, as it is pine and lightweight, there have been times when we have had to readjust the screw as they worked lose.

        These are available from online as well as in store, and they are really good value for money, and are great as a starter for a teenager to use in their own room or for storage.


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        05.07.2013 19:13
        Very helpful



        An alco-pop that has stood the test of time

        =Bacardi Breezer=

        Alco pops, I feel like I am showing my age, as I remember the introduction of Alco pops, and over the years have seen them come, go and some stay, and one of the "stairs" is the Bacardi Breezer.

        =What is Bacardi Breezer=
        This is an alcopop and the base alcohol in the bottle is Bacardi Rum, the ABV is 4%, which may seem low, but as the drinks are quite sweet, and taste more like a flavoured drink than an alcohol based drink, it is easy to drink them, without noticing any of the effects, till you hit the fresh air.

        The Breezer comes in many flavours, some have been limited flavours, others here to stay, a selection include
         Lime
         Pineapple
         Watermelon
         Cranberry
         Raspberry
         Orange
         Mang0

        =How does it come=

        The drink comes in 2 different size bottles, the first is the single serve bottle, which is 275ml, this has a metal lid, which you use a bottle opener to open, the other is a 70cl bottle, this again is glass, the only difference is this has a screw top lid.

        This has a sweet flavour to the drink and I have tried a few of the flavours, you have to taste them for the quality control and I found that they were true to the fruit flavour that I was drinking at the time, and they have a background of the rum, for me the best way that I can describe it is like a Rum with a lot of soft drink, some of the flavours such as peach tend to be a bit more sweeter than the cranberry, but again they are true to flavour.

        =Diet Range=
        I don't know what flavours they did, but there has been a diet range in the drinks.

        To be honest I very rarely drink Alco-pops in pubs unless it's a Wetherspoons pub, as I feel the price charged is too expensive, compared to the fact that you can get a 70cl bottle from the supermarket, for the price of a 275ml in a pub.

        =Flavour for everyone=
        As long as you like Rum, then you are bound to find a drink that suits you

        =My Thoughts=
        This is a drink that I stay to about 4 bottles as I find that it can be a bit gassy for me after four bottles, and the nice tasting it goes down to quick,

        =Overall Score=
        This is a 5/5, a great drink that has held its own in a very competitive market.


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        05.07.2013 19:10
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        For £30 this is a really good steamer and one I would highly recommend to all

        =Quest Steam Mop Cleaner=

        About two years ago we had the bathroom renovated or should I say gutted, swopped around and ending up as a wet room, and although we regularly wash the floor with a mop with disinfectant in the water, I felt that it needed a little extra.

        =Steam Mops=
        Over the last couple of years steam mops are coming more popular and as such the price has reduced, although there are still more expensive items the affordable now seems to have good write ups, which is how just before Christmas I came to ordering this Steam Mop Cleaner.

        I was really surprised to find that the steam cleaner does not use any detergents, and uses the steam to sanitize the floor.

        =Amazon to the rescue=
        After shopping around on Amazon, I settled for this Quest Steam Mop as it was just under £30, the mop came with two replaceable heads, and you could also purchase additional mop heads, which I did at the time, I got a pack of three for about £7.

        There are instructions with the mop, although they were adequate enough, I feel they could be improved on, it was enough to get it set up, but it was a case of work the rest by trial and error.

        =The Steam Mop=
        The steam mop is a yellow colour, when the parcel arrives you have to set the steamer up as it is in parts, but it took about 5 minutes, for us to set up.

        =Little Jug=
        The steamer comes with a jug that you use to pour the water into the cylinder.

        =First Time=
        Before you get let loose with the actual cleaning, you need to seal the water tank, this is less complicated than it sounds, basically you fill it with water turn it on, let it heat up, then empty the water, this seals the tank, so the next time you can use it for the purpose.

        =Close Position=
        On the mop there is an open and close on the dial, the close you need to use when your heating the water, which I find on average takes about 30 seconds to heat up, then when you're ready to use, pop to open and your ready to use.

        =Up and Running=
        As soon as you press open the steam starts to work and you lift the mop off the floor, following the instructions, you need to hold the mop over the area for 5 seconds to sanitize the area.

        I found it a bit weird holding for 5 seconds, so I tend to work slowly around, and if there is a mark on the floor, then I will pop the steamer on and hold for a few more seconds.

        From a full tank, I find that I get about 20 minutes, cleaning, which as first seemed to be a really short time, but after using a few times, I find that the 20 minutes, I can get the bathroom (vinyl floor) and the kitchen (tiled) both cleaned.

        =Mop heads=
        I was really surprised at how dirty the mop head got, there is part of me thinking are we that dirty we've used the shower, but then when you look at the other side of the coin, is that it is picking up what I would class as invisible dirt, and the difference is unbelievable, we use the mop about three times a week in the bathroom, as we use to run over with a mop daily and give it a deep clean weekly by scrubbing the floor, we have now elimated this and do the job in 5 minutes flat.

        =Washing the Mop Heads=
        You just take the mop head off and pop into the washing machine, and it comes up as good as new, were still using 2 of the original mop heads, as I think of one to wash one to wear.

        =If you have bits over the floor=
        This does not pick up like a Hoover, so if you have bits on the floor you still need to Hoover.

        =Value for Money=
        I think this is excellent value for money, I know the old saying you get what you pay for, so to be honest I wasn't expecting too much from the product, as I would have expected to pay around £100 to get a good steam cleaner, but the budget did not allow, but for £30 this really is the Rolls Royce of steam cleaners in that price bracket.

        =My Niggles=
        I don't have niggles as such, just points that I feel could be improved on, the main one being the markings on the water tank, as they are not 100% clear and you need to be on top of it to see the markings, but when you have used it a few times, you soon get the hang of it, and it becomes 2nd nature on where to fill.

        =Mr Thrifty=
        Even Mr Thrifty offers to clean the floor, and he doesn't moan, so this has to be a plus point.

        I rate this as a 5/5 and I would highly recommend it to all.


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        • Tia Maria / Liqueur / Cocktails / 13 Readings / 13 Ratings
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          05.07.2013 19:05
          Very helpful



          A great drink - good as a mixer - but not on the price

          =Tia Maria=

          Tia Maria is a rum based drink with a strong coffee taste as well to the product, it is a drink that is quite heavy based, and not one that I can drink regulary or a lot of it, but as an occasional treat then it is nice.

          Tia Maria originated in Jamicia, and the design of the bottle has never really changed in design, with the attractive red, black and gold colour scheme, and this gives it a stylish feel to the drink.

          For anyone who has not drunk Tia Maria, the best way I could describe it is a very strong sweet black coffee, this can be served in many ways.

          I find that if I use this with ice cubes, the sharpness of the ice, cuts through the drink, even though this is not a harsh drink, if anything it is very sweet drink and the ice makes it melt longer.

          I find that coke is lovely with the Tia Maria, as it adds a new dimension to the Tia Maria, it melts the strong element of the coffee and the cola . I have tried this with the lime coke and this also tastes nice, as the lime further adds a new dimension to the drink.

          This turns this into a longer drink.

          This is where Tia Maria also adds a further dimension to drinks as it can be served with other spirits as a cocktail.

          -Black Russia-
          Equal measures - Tia Maria, Vodka topped up with Coke.
          This doesn't really change the flavour of the drink for me, but the added Vodka does give it a kick in terms of alcohol as adding a new spirit, with Vodka generally being 37.5% a easy way to get a headache

          -White Russia-
          Equal measures of Tia Maria, Vodka and topped up with Cream.
          Ignore the calories, this is beautiful, although it goes down to well but this is a drink you only want one or two as the cream can be heavy, but this is like drinking a cold liquer coffee.

          =Hot Drinks=
          I find the best way to perk up a fresh ground coffee is add a good measure of Tia Maria, as this gives the coffee a more indepth flavour.

          =Hot Chocolate=
          I was introduced to this method of Tia Maria in a drink with Hot Chocolate by a friend, although I was not 100% sure, and am still sitting on the fence, it gives the Hot Chocolate a Mocha taste, it is a like it or hate it drink like this.

          The ABV of the Tia Maria is 20%, which is a ball part figure for liquer drinks.

          =Price and Availability=
          This can be purchased in most retailers, and is around £15 for a 70cl bottle, which in my opinion is more expensive than traditional spirits such as Whisky, although at Christmas time you can get Tia Maria on offer.

          =Would I recommend=
          I would highly recommend Tia Maria, it is a great flavour drink, a good mixer, and one that is lovely on a summers day as much as it is on a winters evening.

          =My Niggle=
          My only niggle is the price, as I feel that the price does put me off from buying this more than I wish to.


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