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Member since: 04.03.2003

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      04.03.2003 15:37
      1 Comment



      I wholeheartedly agree with the review on how appalling Cellular Operations are,i also have had nothing but trouble with them.I am now even more worried after reading the reviews that i wont be able to cancel the contract that i never wanted in the first place. I ordered a free ! sim card through an internet site,i was new to the internet and had never been on a computer before.Somehow i had entered into a contract with Cellular Operations that i cannot cancel mainly because they just ignore you and dont answer your e-mails or your letters.I have been paying for 9 months for a sim card that i have never activated and dont wont. The last payments were done over the internet as usual and the have sent me to a debt collection agency although they went through.As usual all my correspondence has been ignored and i am becoming increasingly worried.I will never have any dealings with them again and would advise noone else to.I work in customer service and if i spoke to customers the way they do i would be sacked!


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