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Member since: 24.12.2011

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    • Toshiba Satellite C660-155 / Laptop / 17 Readings / 15 Ratings
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      24.12.2011 04:35



      good product.

      Great value for money with a quality build. Really quick start up times, though this will surely change as more stuff gets loaded onto it. Lots of software to help you set up and keep up to date with firmware and software updates etc if you're not too savvy then its a great setup, though for those of us who can do it ourselves its easy enough to disable. Another great thing is the noise...there is NONE! Obviously if its left on for a long period then you will hear the fan kick in but even then it is pretty much silent, a gentle hum perhaps. Nowhere near as loud as our old HP laptop, my current PC, or the Xbox 360. In fact, its probably quieter than my WD external harddrive!
      Bad points:
      The one and only bad point I can think of is possibly the mouse/keyboard. I find that when typing I quite often mash the mouse pad with my hand accidentally, which although is not major, it could have possibly been moved slightly to the right, or maybe its just because I have spades for hands. The other is the clunky and noisy mouse buttons, which again isn't a massive downside as you can always just tap the mouse pad, but could disturb the person who is lying asleep next to you (the click is louder than the fan!).


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