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    • Quaker Oat Granola / Breakfast / 40 Readings / 37 Ratings
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      10.10.2008 00:40
      Very helpful



      A tasty healthy cereal and good value for money.

      Quaker Oat Granola is a tasty breakfast cereal which comes in a 600g box,
      I think this is the only size it comes in as I have never seen it in a smaller or larger size before.

      The box looks quite small for the weight and compared to say a box of cornflakes its about half the size but that's because the cereal itself is so compact and you do get your moneys worth.

      The cereal itself consists of oat clusters and raisins and although there doesn't seem to be a lot of raisins you can taste them with every mouthful maybe because they are "jumbo Chilean raisins"' lol, anyway
      the oat clusters are random sizes and can be pea size and smaller to about grape size and the only downside for me is that some of the larger oat clusters can be rock hard!

      When I first tried this cereal I thought it was delicious but I nearly broke one of my back teeth too! but I still buy it because I really do like the taste and it fills me up and stops me snacking, but now when I'm having the odd bowl I leave it sitting and let the milk soak in and soften the harder bits

      I use skimmed milk and I suppose which milk you use affects the taste but it tastes delicious to me, there's no need to add sugar as the raisins and the honey which binds the oat clusters adds enough sweetness but without it being too sweet,

      It tastes lovely with ice cold milk or with warm milk, either way tastes good, its even nice to snack on straight from the box but beware of those jaw breakers and for this reason I wouldn't recommend it for really young children or for anyone with dental problems

      I think this is a good cereal to start the day off, I enjoy most things made with oats as I know they are healthy and have a lot of benefits and this oaty cereal fills me up for longer and tastes healthy too.

      This is an easy and delicious way of getting the goodness of oats with each 50g serving (without milk) containing only 205 calories and has...............
      No added salt and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives but may contain traces of nuts.

      Quaker Oats Granola can be bought in most food shops for around £1.73 but Tesco have it on offer at the moment @ 2 for £3.00 valid from 17/09/2008 until 14/10/2008.

      Quaker Oats have been milling oats since 1899 and their mill in Cupar, Scotland uses electricity from renewable energy sources.

      Thank you for reading.............: )


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        18.02.2008 14:37
        Very helpful



        A good product that works well for me.

        Not long ago on my last birthday I was given some Clarins beauty products one of them being a small jar of 'Super restorative night wear',
        My birthday was at the end of December so I've been using the 'Super restorative night wear' for well over a month now and I am really pleased with the results.

        I've since found that this 50ml jar can cost from £50-£70, and personally when I buy face creams I'd refuse to pay anywhere near this price,
        I think the most I've paid is around £40.
        But then again, now I have tried it and I am pleased with the results I would buy it at the lower price of £50 as it is one of the better night creams I've used so far.

        The night wear comes in an oval shaped glass jar and looks and feels expensive,
        The glass is a vibrant cherry red colour and the lid is white with a gold trim with the Clarins logo on the top.
        The lid is an easy to open screw off top which opens in one turn so it is very easy to open and close.

        As soon as you take the lid off the scent of the cream drifts out, not that it is overpowering not at all it smells very lightly and freshly of Jasmine one of the ingredients used in this lovely cream.
        The cream is white but looking at it in the red jar it has a pinkish hew but that is the strong red colour from the glass that makes it look like this.

        Clarins Super Restorative Night Wear is a unique and intensive night cream designed to enliven and replenish mature skin and should be applied to the face and neck area in the evening and should then be left on overnight until washed off the next morning,

        Preparation is a must if you want any cream to work especially if the cream cost up to £70,
        So before applying the Super Restorative Night Wear the face and neck area must be thoroughly cleansed using a cleanser,
        I use a Boots cream cleanser but any one will do as long as the face and neck area are thoroughly cleansed and ready for the Super Restorative Night Wear to work at its best.

        I apply my Super Restorative Night Wear about 1-2 hours before bedtime,
        I apply the cream a few dabs at a time to my face and neck area working it in as I go along,
        The cream is very rich and silky smooth making it easy and effortless to apply and a little really does go a long way.

        As I gently rub the cream on my face and neck area it is easily absorbed into my skin and is not noticeable at all,
        no sheen and no greasy look at all it just leaves the skin looking soft and smooth to the touch.
        At this point the night wear is already working to visibly enhance and illuminate the skin leaving it looking soft and smoothed.

        Almost immediately after applying the night wear my skin has a faint pinkish glow to it giving it a healthy and revitalized look and another of the ingredients is Soft pink pigments that have an exceptional anti-dull complexion action so I guess this part really works.

        At bedtime and overnight the night wear is still working to replenish and nourish the skin,
        and next morning after I wash, my skin is still soft and smooth and since using Super restorative night wear' I have noticed a subtle improvement, my skin is softer and just looks and feels better.

        It's easy to apply and easy to wash off,
        Doesn't leave any marks or residue on clothes or pillows
        and I haven't had any allergic reaction.

        When applying 'Super restorative night wear' a little really does go a long way and there is really no need to overdo it,
        I have been using night wear once every evening for about 7 weeks and my 50ml jar is still over half full so I reckon a jar this size will last about 3-4 months and maybe a little more.

        This is a lovely cream with a subtle and fresh scent, a bit expensive but worth getting for a birthday or Mothers day present,
        It comes in a lovely red glass jar that looks expensive and will look nice on your shelf or table,
        At the moment I'm happy using this until something better comes along,
        this is a quality product and I will buy it in the future.

        Clarins beauty products are readily available on the high street and online,

        A 50ml jar of 'Super restorative night wear' will cost from £50-£70 and is available in smaller sized jars and as part of a gift set.

        Clarins have been around for over 40 years and are the European leader in premium skin care.

        For more information on this product and many more please visit.............

        Thank you for reading.............: )


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          05.02.2008 20:11
          Very helpful



          Great for when it's cold outside.

          I spotted these heated gloves on my last visit to Maplin about 3 months ago,
          I bought them mainly for wearing in the cold weather when walking my dog and taking her to the park for a good run about and throwing her ball ect.........

          I had previously considered buying heated gloves but thought they were a bit pricy so when Maplin had these on offer at a reduced price down from £19.99 to £9.99 they seemed a bit more appealing.

          The gloves come in 2 sizes small/medium and large,
          I bought the small/medium for my medium sized hands which fit really nice and are very comfortable.

          The outer material is made from 100% Nylon and they come in black with a bluish black band across the middle of the glove and on the band there is a silver/grey triangle which says Volcanic Heat (the picture on the box shows a lighter blue band so check inside first).
          The cuff of the glove has an adjustable strap at the wrist and this allows you to tighten it up to keep the draughts out.

          The outer material can be wiped clean with a damp cloth but the material is water resistant NOT waterproof and for obvious reason should not be operated unless the gloves are completely dry.
          The lining is also black in colour and is made from 100% polyester but actually feels and looks more like brushed cotton and feels really soft and comfy when wearing.

          Operating the gloves is really easy ...............

          Each glove comes with its own battery box which measures 6cm x 3cm and just over 1cm thick which fits into the small pouch on the upper cuff,
          The battery box has a connector which attaches to the built on socket in the glove,
          Each battery box takes 3 x AAA batteries and unless you have rechargeable batteries this can turn out to quite costly as the batteries only last about an hour if you are lucky.

          The battery box has an on/off switch so it's a matter of just sliding the switch to on or off and this is as simple as can be as you can feel the switch through the pouch so you don't have to open it to get to the switch,
          And when it is connected and switched on you immediately start to feel heat radiating from the upper palm out to the fingers and should go up to a warm and cosy 40 degrees in about 5 minutes

          Battery boxes, wires, connectors all might sound like the gloves are big and bulky but not really,
          once everything is connected and in place they look ok and the battery pouch is hidden under the sleeve of your jacket so they are not as bulky looking as they sound.

          These gloves are designed for the outdoors in cold weather i.e. hiking, cycling, motor biking or even for playing with the dog at the park which I use them for,

          But can be used for anyone really who is outdoors a lot and are prone to the cold,
          Even for the elderly for pottering about in the garden which I think would be ideal.

          Since buying the gloves they have had a lot of use, my son has borrowed them while on his motorbike and has since bought himself a pair but as I mentioned you do have to use rechargeable batteries otherwise it's not worth it.

          Overall a great pair of gloves that keeps that horrible cold feeling away,
          They are very comfortable and easy to wear and the battery box and the wiring is so light you don't notice them,
          And at half price at Maplin they are a great way to introduce you to heated gloves as they usually are a lot more expensive.

          The gloves are still available at Maplin for £9.99 but only until 19/02/2008 when they will go back to the usual price of £19.99.

          Safety instructions..................

          These gloves are designed for adult use only and should not be used by anyone with heart disease, skin allergies or anyone who is pregnant.

          On the Maplin website as above the gloves and mittens are sold under the same heading and for some reason the heading is for the mittens and the picture is of the gloves. (For reference the mittens are now discontinued)

          Thank you for reading.


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          • Samsung SPR6150 / Telephone / 86 Readings / 84 Ratings
            More +
            30.08.2007 18:07
            Very helpful


            • Reliability


            A landline phone that looks like a mobile phone.

            I bought my Samsung SPR6150 Dect phone going on 5 years ago,
            I don’t know if it still is but at the time it was the smallest Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephone around, and I still love it now as much as I did when I first bought it.

            There are many advantages to this phone which I use pretty often;
            The biggest advantage is that you can use up to 4 handsets,
            With each additional handset coming with its own docking station.

            Having an extra handset is not only ideal for use in other parts of the house but you can also use the intercom function which allows you to talk from handset to handset or from handset to the main base unit.
            And with its 300 meter range it can be used outdoors which is useful when the children are in the garden or hubby is upstairs or in the garden shed.

            The intercom function doesn’t cost anything to use this is just an added feature of the phone which comes in very useful at times.
            Using this function is easy just press intercom on the handset and the handset at the other end will ring,
            And the same procedure from handset to base unit and vise versa,
            The sound quality using this function is as good as when a normal call is being made and its free.

            The phone can also be used with the headset which is supplied,
            Or the speakerphone which is installed in the base unit and again both functions are easy to use and with good sound quality too,
            And for times when you are expecting a call and you don’t want to disturb anyone or when it’s late and everyone is asleep then the ring and vibrate function can be used.

            The LCD screen displays the menu when needed and the date and time.
            The LCD screen also shows call information such as caller display which allows you to check who's calling first and gives you the option to answer or not.
            Also on this screen is where the last 20 dialed numbers can be viewed too.

            There is also a phonebook where you can store up to 70 numbers and assign each number with a corresponding name so it’s easy to know which number belongs to whom allowing you to make a call without having to remember the number.

            The phone also has 10 different ring tones which I use a lot as it allows you to assign a ringtone to a specific caller so that when the phone rings with a certain ringtone I know who is calling,
            but this feature is only available if the telephone systems used by both you and the caller support Caller ID.

            Other functions are………………

            An alarm with a variety of wake me up sounds which are loud enough and will definitely get you out of bed.

            70 number speed dialing and 10 last number redial all at the touch of a button.
            And an easy to navigate menu with an 8 multi-language selection.

            A recording facility, but to keep within the law it beeps every 10 seconds to let the caller know they are being recorded,
            For obvious reasons ….THE BEEP……it can’t be used for everyday calling.
            I’ve only used this facility to try it out but it works with good sound playback and is easy to use.

            And then not forgetting the very useful call barring function which allows call barring for up to 4 numbers.

            When I first started using this phone I found it easy to navigate and read the menu ect on the illuminated LCD screen but it took me a while to remember all the functions and how to use some of them but after a short time I found it really easy.

            The phone has a good clarity of sound with all functions and looks really stylish,
            It’s a flip open type which opens to reveal the press buttons which are easy to see and operate,
            It is very small and lightweight and looks just like a mobile phone and is comfortable to hold and will easily fit into your pocket.

            I haven't had any problems so far and I've only replaced the battery in the handset twice in 5 years which I think is really good,
            and removing and replacing the battery is very simple to do.

            This is a nice little phone which you won’t be disappointed with,
            If I had to buy another phone I think I would buy this one again not just because of all the good functions it has but because it looks so good too.

            Handset measures 11cm x 4 1/2 cm
            Base unit measures 17cm x 14cm x 7cm

            Add up to 4 Handsets…..LCD screen…Intercom function…300 meter range
            Headset…Speakerphone…Clock…Alarm…Ringtones…Caller display
            Call barring…Call screen…Answer machine…Recording facility.

            Silver grey
            Gun battle grey~ which is the one I have.

            The phone comes with an easy to read and understand manual with clear graphics

            I bought my Samsung SPR6150 online from www.homephonesonline.co.uk and 5 years ago it cost me £160 but on checking their website they now sell them for £100.
            This website also sells extra handsets, batteries and spare parts and all the information on this and other phones.

            Thank you for reading.


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              12.08.2007 17:44
              Very helpful



              A great product that works well.

              Persil Small & Mighty Bio is a next generation liquid detergent which is 2x concentrated.

              Small & Mighty comes in a 730 ml plastic bottle measuring 10in/26cm in height which is half the size of the current dilute liquid bottles,
              The lid is an easy to screw off type and the bottle has an hourglass shape which makes it easier to grip.
              I find the smaller bottle size and shape more convenient compared to the bulkier dilute bottles especially for storing in the cupboard.

              The liquid is a green colour the same as the Biological bottle,
              And the lid /cap of the bottle hold the exact measurement for I whole wash load.

              Due to the liquid being 2x concentrated it is thick and smells quite strong but not overwhelming just a fresh clean smell and this is only when pouring from the bottle as the smell is lesser when the wash is actually in progress and when its finished.

              Since I’ve started using Small & Mighty I have noticed a big improvement all-round,
              Firstly it contains a stain and odour remover and is packed with pre-treating agents that burst into action on contact with water which results in a really deep clean.

              I’ve noticed my darker colours seem to have a bit more life in them and somehow seem a bit brighter,
              But the biggest difference I’ve noticed is in the whites and lighter colours.

              After a normal wash the lighter colours seem a bit more vibrant this is especially so with shirts where the collars and cuffs look a lot cleaner and the whites definitely look better, my sheets and towels especially.

              I’ve used it as a pre soaker for white socks with good results,
              And I’ve used it to wash the pets bedding which has come up smelling a lot fresher!

              Since using this stuff all of my washing actually smells fresher, not that it didn’t beforehand I might add, but when the wash load has finished the washing smells really nice and fresh and the smell lingers on a while too.

              I also don’t use as much fabric softener now as I’ve found the clothes feel pretty soft after using small & mighty but I still use it maybe every other wash especially on things like denim.

              When the washing is in the machine it lathers pretty much the same as any other detergent and rinses well without leaving any residue on the clothing or machine, and so far no one has had any skin irritations including the pets who had a quick sniff at their blankets and didn’t seem to be bothered by anything.

              Previous to this I used Persil tablets which come in a bulky box and sometimes I found it difficult to open,
              And after trying Small & Mighty I find the bottle which is 40% smaller than the other Persil liquids much easier for storing and opening,
              But overall it’s the better all round washing performance that has won me over and I will definitely be using this from now on.

              I buy mine from Tesco @ £3.69 for a 730ml bottle which I think is good value as it does 20 full wash loads.
              Persil small and mighty is available in ………….
              Non bio,
              Aloe Vera and freshness of Comfort

              For more information on ingredients and other products from Persil visit…………
              www.persil.com which has lots of info and tips.

              Thank you for reading.


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              • Creative Inspire P5800 / PC Speaker / 52 Readings / 50 Ratings
                More +
                04.08.2007 22:44
                Very helpful


                • Reliability


                A good buy.

                I purchased my Creative Inspire PC multimedia speaker system a few years ago,
                A friend of mine already owned this set and I knew from experience they were good all-round for listening to music, movies and for playing games,
                And after a lot of searching and comparing price and performance I eventually settled for the same set my friend had.

                This is a 5.1 surround sound speaker system and so consists of 5 satellite speakers and 1 subwoofer speaker,
                they come in all black and are a simple and clean cut cubic design with the 5 satellite speakers having detachable mesh grilles,
                All of the speakers stand flat. (No legs) or can be wall mounted except the Subwoofer...

                SETTING IT UP……………

                The instruction leaflet and installation CD is really easy to understand and gives clear step by step instructions on how to set up and position the speaker system,
                The subwoofer is the main body of the system and the largest of the speakers and it’s on this speaker that the smaller satellites are connected,

                When the satellites are connected it is then time to connect the subwoofer to the computer and the electrical socket.
                It’s simply a matter of connecting the wires to the appropriate sockets and doesn’t take long at all

                THE SUBWOOFER……....

                The subwoofer is the largest of the speakers and is made with reinforced wood to give a better Dynamic Bass and is an impressive 22 Watt,
                It has line-in connectivity which allows it to be used with games consoles and home audio,
                I keep this on the bottom shelf of my computer desk as it’s handy as the wired remote control is connected to this,

                The remote control has a simple wheel movement which operates the volume and bass control both of which can be set to very loud,
                The remote control also has a headphone jack which I’ve found very useful when someone wants to play music or play games while someone else wants to watch TV.

                SATELLITE SPEAKERS………

                4 of the satellite speaker are 8 Watt and 2 of these have a speaker cable length of 2m and the other 2 have a cable length of 4m,
                The 5th speaker has a cable length of 2m and is slightly smaller in height and longer in length than the other satellites and is to be used as the central speaker in the surround sound and has a more powerful 18 Watt output.

                SOUND QUALITY……………….

                The total output power of the speakers are 72 watt and is really quite powerful when on high,
                The sound quality on the system for me is really quite impressive,
                But whether its watching movies , listening to music or playing games I usually have the volume between low / medium and the sound is crisp and clear,

                My sons (24 and 22) and nieces and nephews have listened to music and played games and are satisfied with the quality, and my sons are actually quite impressed by the sound quality and amount of speakers I got for the price as my older son paid around £200 for his system.


                All of the speakers have a protective coating for durability but I am still careful when cleaning them,
                I dust them down with a feather duster and if I have to, I wipe over with a damp cloth only, with NO detergents as this would damage the surface,
                And every now and then I will take the mesh grilles off and with the cylinder vacuum on low I go over them gently with the small brush attachment which is designed for this type of job.


                At £40 I got a bargain, I did a lot of searching and comparing before I bought these and found there are a lot of other speaker systems for sale at a much higher price for a lot less i.e.…………….not as many speakers and not as high a wattage,
                There’s also a lot for sale that have the same specifications but at a higher price,
                I’ve had my system just over 3 years and never had a problem yet,

                I like the simple cubic design, I never did like the type on legs or the long thin type either so all in I’m really happy with my choice, although I do find the speaker wires could have been a bit longer, but I suppose if I really wanted it would be easy enough to have them lengthened I just haven’t got round to it yet.

                This is a really good quality sound system combining value and performance which I highly recommend,
                It looks good sitting on my computer desk,
                And has given me and my family lots of enjoyment,
                And it’s a good set for a first time buyer, who doesn’t know much about them,

                I paid £40 for mine on Amazon but they no longer have them in stock, but I have seen them online elsewhere for the same price and recently saw them on E-bay for a lot less which makes them an even better buy.

                Thank you for reading.


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                • Tunnock's Caramel Wafer / Snacks / 65 Readings / 63 Ratings
                  More +
                  28.06.2007 18:47
                  Very helpful



                  They must be good they've been seling for 50 years!

                  Tunnock’s caramel wafers are a delicious wafer snack wrapped up in layers of chocolate and caramel…………….

                  These wafers can be found in the biscuit aisle of the supermarket and are really quite noticeable in their striped foil wrappers,

                  The Milk chocolate version comes in a Red and Gold striped foil
                  And the Plain chocolate version comes in a Blue and Gold striped foil with Tunnock's Caramel Wafer clearly written on the front.

                  The wafer is quite substantial at around 4in / 10cm long and 1in / 2.5cm thick and as soon as you open the wrapper the quality is noticed by the delicious chocolaty smell which makes you want to bite in straight away.

                  The wafer is covered completely in chocolate and hidden beneath the chocolate are the layers of mouthwatering caramel and wafer which give the wafer its soft and chewy texture,

                  The combination of chocolate, caramel and wafer make for a really chewy biscuit but biting in is easy as your teeth just glide through.

                  The ingredients used are a perfect consistency making this a really enjoyable treat,
                  for me the taste, texture and smell are all perfect and its good value for money too.
                  At around 11p per wafer it’s worth a try.

                  Tunnock’s wafers and the companies other products have been a firm favorite in my family since I was a child and probably before that too.

                  I think that the Caramel Wafer is an excellent treat and recommend it to chocolate, caramel and wafer lovers alike.
                  it goes great with a nice cup of tea and is really delicious with a glass of milk too.

                  These wafer biscuits are so tasty and hard to put down so it would be wise not to eat too many as each bar contains 120 Calories and 5.3g of fat and can easily become addictive as they are so delicious!
                  But in moderation for adult and child alike they are lovely snack to cheer you up inside and out

                  Each wafer contains....................
                  120 cals
                  5.3g fat

                  They come as single bars or in multi packs of ...............

                  4 per pack
                  8 per pack
                  24 per pack
                  And are available in your local supermarket, local shop.

                  At the moment an 8 pack sells for 90p in Tesco and is available from almost all supermarkets and other food outlets.

                  Facts about the Tunnock company…………………

                  Tunnock’s is a successful family run business based in Uddingston, Lanarkshire. Scotland and has been producing bakery products since 1890 and at this time employs 550 staff.

                  They produce and sell 4,000, 000 of these wafers every week and distribute worldwide to 25 countries.

                  Tunnock’s are the sponsors of the annual rally held on the Isle of Mull called The Tour of Mull, run by the 2300 Club.

                  I hope this review has been helpful and thank you for reading.


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                    23.06.2007 17:34
                    Very helpful
                    1 Comment



                    A practical and nice looking camcorder case.

                    The Case Logic TBC5 Medium Camcorder Case is a versatile little camera bag which is strong and well made and holds more than you would think...........

                    The bag has been constructed with a very strong high quality weather-resistant nylon material and comes in black with grey accents,
                    The main compartment which holds the camcorder is well padded on the top, bottom and sides and has a carry handle but also comes with a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap and has 4 ample sized pockets for accessories ect.....

                    The main compartment has a zip opening and fully opens up making easy access for the camera,
                    It can hold mid-size 8mm or digital camcorders and digital or 35mm cameras,
                    I use mine for my 8mm Samsung camcorder which fits inside very neatly and securely and is surrounded by a thick lightweight 1/2 inch padding top, bottom and sides,
                    I've had a few minor bumps while carrying the bag by the carry handle
                    with no damage done to the camera so I’m very satisfied knowing the padding will protect my delicate camera equipment.

                    The bag has 4 ample sized accessory pockets.... 1 inside the bag and 3 on the outside
                    The inside pocket is a mesh pocket and is found on the top inside the bag and can be used for memory cards and batteries,
                    The front pocket can be used for cables ect.....
                    and the side pockets for cassettes.
                    The front and side pockets are really well constructed,
                    at times mine have been bulging with cables and cassettes and are still in one piece without them coming apart at the seams or zips!

                    All the zips on this bag are easy to grip hold of and still easily glide open and shut ( handy to know if you have arthritis like me) and open nearly all the way making it easy to access and see whats inside.

                    The handles are made of the same strong nylon but with a webbed construction,
                    the carry handle is comfortable to grip and the bag is really quite light considering all the stuff inside,
                    the shoulder strap is adjustable from 21in / 64cm to 42in / 107cm.

                    Cleaning is done simply by wiping with a damp cloth and any marks come off easily due to the easy clean nylon material.

                    This quality constructed camcorder case will protect your delicate camera equipment and accessories and the carry handle and strap make it easy to take anywhere,
                    It looks very neat and fashionable and is one of the top sellers in the Case Logic range and comes highly recommended.

                    The bag measures W 10 in/ 26cm. D 5 in/13cm. H 5 in/13cm.
                    and weighs 10 oz.
                    It can be used for domestic and professional use and sells for between £15 to £25 online and on the high street.

                    Thank you for reading.


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                    • Servis MO330AL / Fridge / 66 Readings / 65 Ratings
                      More +
                      01.06.2007 19:09
                      Very helpful


                      • Reliability


                      Frost free with plenty of storage space.

                      While thinking about replacing our fridge freezer I decided the next one would be frost free,
                      the advantage being no more need to go searching around in the snow buildup for the frozen food and no more need to manually defrost the ice buildup that's freezing the drawers stuck.

                      And after searching and comparing I decided on the Servis M0330AL, which is a large family top and bottom, frost free, fridge freezer which stands quite tall at 1800 mm in height with a width and depth of 600mm and comes in White or Aluminium.

                      We have an average sized kitchen where space is limited so before I even chose the new family sized FF I had decided it would go in our large kitchen cupboard / pantry to free up some much needed space.

                      I opted to buy the Aluminium coloured one to match the silver / grey and white colour scheme in our kitchen and it fits in really well,
                      the actual colour of the FF to look at is a deep silver grey which is really quite nice but in this colour it looks more imposing than it is in white,, but as I said ours is in the kitchen cupboard so this did not pose a problem for us.

                      This is a 2 door FF the top being the fridge and the bottom being the freezer,
                      At the very top of the FF is the Power on and Temperature warning light ect....
                      and at the top middle of the fridge door is the name ''Service'' in silver chrome which has a nice effect against the Aluminium grey of the FF,
                      each door is reversible and can be adjusted to a left open or right open,
                      and the doors have chunky grab handles which you can get a firm grip on as opposed to the flush type where you can only get the tips of your fingers in and end up with broken nails into the bargain.

                      The Freezer...............
                      The bottom door conceals the huge 95 Litre 4 star freezer which has 4 large removable plastic storage baskets,
                      the top basket being the fast freeze compartment and
                      the bottom basket being slightly smaller than the others.
                      included was a plastic ice cube tray but personally I never use these, I prefer to use the plastic bag type you fill with water then freeze and when ready tear them from the bag so I probably wont use the one which was supplied.

                      This is a real family sized freezer which holds loads of food and with the magic of frost free no matter how full or empty the baskets are they always easily glide back and forth when looking for something..........no more frost or ice to freeze your baskets shut.

                      The Fridge..................
                      The top door is where the fridge is and again a large size at 180 Litres,
                      this is a really nice fridge and has been well thought out,
                      as you open the door you immediately see how bright the interior light is,
                      the fridge bulb is behind a clear plastic panel measuring about 8 x 15cm at the middle back of the fridge and looks really good but more importantly it lights up the fridge really well.

                      There are 3 shelves on the door..............
                      the top shelf has a large dairy compartment with a fixed clear plastic flip top to keep whatever is in there fresh and protected,
                      this is where you will find the 1 x6 egg rack which is a separate item and can be moved around the fridge, I keep my marg, cheese and eggs on these shelves.

                      I was a bit disappointed with the size of the egg rack, they could have at least provided 2 or a x12 like the one I got with my previous fridge,
                      anyway I kept my other one and now I have a x18 egg rack lol.

                      The middle shelf is a simple shelf with no flip top,
                      this is where I keep my smaller bottles and jars ect..........

                      The bottom shelf has a bottle gripper and can take 2 litre bottles and cartons ect and holds them very securely in place with no risk of them toppling over or sliding from side to side.

                      The interior of the fridge is huge too it has 2 salad crispers / compartments at the bottom which slide out effortlessly and have lots of room,
                      I keep my salad and veggies in one and fresh meats in the other, and directly above these is a clear plastic shelf which doubles up as a cover for them.

                      Above the salad compartments is the stainless steel wine rack which holds 5 wine bottles or any bottles of that size realy.....a very nice and useful addition that has come in very handy!

                      Above the wine rack are 2 glass shelves of which one is adjustable and can be moved up or down to accommodate larger items,
                      all the shelves, salad compartment and wine rack are easily removed for cleaning.

                      I've since noticed with some models the front of the storage baskets are clear see through plastic whereas the model I have has solid white plastic fronts,
                      I can see the benefits of the clear plastic and would definitely have got this type if I had known before,

                      Cleaning & Noise...............
                      I've always used a hot water solution of Bicarbonate of Soda to clean the inside,
                      this solution not only makes for a good cleaner but its properties also get rid of any lingering odours,
                      the outside never looks grubby or dirty but a quick wipe over with a damp cloth does the trick.

                      The appliance does have the usual electrical hum but you really cant hear it until you think about it and for such a large FF it really is pretty quiet,
                      We have had no need to replace the bulb yet which should last for a while anyway but clear instructions are given in the manual and it looks like a very simple thing to do,
                      and although this is a large appliance it is surprisingly easy to move around due to the wheels at the back and 2 strong people can position it into place with little effort..

                      We've had our Fridge Freezer for just over 3 months now and are very pleased with it and so far no problems,
                      this is very popular A rated frost free fridge freezer and would suit someone with a large family or for someone who stocks up like we do and comes recommended.

                      I bought our Service Fridge Freezer from Argos when it was on offer at £322 which included delivery and fitting but it has gone back to the previous price of £422,
                      but with a search it can be found online for as little as £299

                      Comes with an easy to understand manual and a full 1 year guarantee.


                      Temperature warning light.

                      Interior light.
                      2 glass shelves (1 is adjustable).
                      Bottle rack with gripper.
                      2 dairy compartments.
                      2 salad crisper compartments.
                      1 x 6 egg rack.


                      Fast freeze facility.
                      4 removable plastic storage baskets.
                      ice cube tray.
                      Size (H)180, (W)60, (D)60cm.
                      Energy efficiency class 'A'.
                      Energy consumption 375kWh/year.
                      Net storage volume - fresh food 180 litres.
                      Net storage volume - frozen food 95 litres.
                      4 star rating.

                      Thank You for reading.



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                        12.05.2007 19:54
                        Very helpful



                        Dual purpose cream that works.

                        Forever Living Aloe Vera Propolis Creme is a dual purpose moisturiser containing natural skin softening emollients with the added benefits of bee propolis for minor skin ailments.

                        The key ingredients in the Creme is the aloe vera which give it its rich moisturising and soothing qualities,
                        and the bee propolis which is a natural germ-fighting product of the bee hive,
                        Propolis makes this the perfect creme to soothe occasional scrapes, minor burns and rashes, or as an everyday treat for the skin.

                        I was given a tube of this creme by my Mum who has been using it for a long time now,
                        she uses it on her arms and legs as she finds as she gets older that this is where her skin seems the dryest,
                        she doesn't have any skin ailments as such but uses it simply because its a great moisturiser.

                        The creme comes in an easy to open tube with a flip top lid and is very easy to squeeze from the tube,
                        there is no distinct smell to it as such so nothing overpowering just a clean fresh smell.

                        The creme itself is white and quite thick but feels really soft and smooth as it is rubbed into the skin,
                        you don't have to use a lot either as it spreads really well and is easily absorbed leaving a natural barrier on the skin.

                        This Creme is so versatile it can be used on stings and minor burns and injuries or even for skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis.
                        and it also helps with cold sores and acne soothing the affected area with its anti-biotic properties.

                        I tend to use this after a shower / bath............. on my elbows, knee and ankle areas and since using I have noticed a big improvement , my skin is a lot softer and actually looks better.

                        And after applying I have never noticed any residue left from the creme
                        on towels or on my clothing or bedding.

                        After applying it you can definitely feel it on although you cant notice it to look at, I use it as a body cream and I wouldn't us it on my face unless it was seriously dry and I was staying in for the rest of the night !

                        And although it can be used for help with cold sores I personally haven't used it for this as yet but I have used it when I burnt my hand with the iron,
                        it was only a little burn but the pain was ferocious,
                        but after applying some of the creme the pain did gradually subside, faster I think than it would have without the creme and the burn didnt blister as I thought it would.

                        This is an excellent all round Body / Hand skin moisturiser and conditioner with a blend of Bee Propolis and Aloe Vera along with other ingredients, including vitamins A and E which all contributes to healthy skin.

                        Forever Living Propolis Creme is one of Forever Livings most popular skincare preparations and can be bought from the Forever Living website for £12.96 for a 113g tube, but can be bought online at a variety of online shops for around the same price.


                        The website has a huge variety of skincare products containing Bee Propolis and Aloe Vera along with the history of the company and is well worth a visit.

                        Take care as some people are allergic to Bee Propolis, try a small patch test first. and check with GP or Specialist before using with medication.

                        Thank You for reading.


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                        • Grobag Egg / Child Safety / 68 Readings / 64 Ratings
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                          23.04.2007 23:17
                          Very helpful



                          A very simple and useful gadget.

                          The Grobag Egg is a quirky little gadget in the shape of an egg which glows in the dark,
                          It is designed to be used as a nursery room thermometer to help promote safer sleep for babies but could be used in any room to keep a check on the temperature.

                          I use mine in the spare room mainly when my Mother visits,
                          She suffers from emphysema and her breathing and wellbeing can be affected by the heat and cold so it's important to get the room temperature just right especially if she has to sleep the night there.

                          The Egg is about 13 cm tall and stands on its flat base and has a power cable just over 1 meter long,
                          on the front of the Egg is the LCD which digitally displays the temperature and under this is a little cut out face shape.( 2 eyes and a mouth )

                          Once the Egg has been plugged in it's a matter of heating or cooling the room to the desired temperature which for Mum is between 16-20°C which is within the recommended guidelines.

                          When the room reaches this temperature the LCD will digitally display the numbers at the front of the Egg which are very clear to see,
                          the numbers are about 1 inch high and I can see them from the other end of the room.

                          At this point the Egg also glows changing colour until it reaches the corresponding temperature ( 16-20°C - yellow ) resulting in a gentle nightlight which is perfect for what it was designed for........ in a baby's room / nursery.

                          When the Egg is at the recommended Temperature of 16 - 20 the Egg will glow yellow and show a happy face ( 2 eyes and a smiling mouth )
                          Outside of this temperature and the Egg will glow a different colour and show a sad face ( droopy mouth )

                          Temperature and colours are......................................................

                          Under 16°C - too cold - Blue glow - sad face.
                          16-20°C - recommended - Yellow glow - happy face.
                          21-24°C - warm - Orange glow - sad face.
                          Over 24°C - too warm - sad face.

                          The light is on permanently and can't be switched off unless you switch the Egg off completely , but it emits a very gentle glow and is'nt harsh at all, I leave it on overnight and it does'nt bother Mum.

                          Checking the room temperature with the Egg could'nt be easier,
                          I don't even have to look at the readout on the digital display,
                          I just check the colour and if it's yellow then the room is fine,
                          I have mine positioned on the chest of drawers where I can see it when I open the door slightly so as not to disturb Mum,
                          It's as simple as opening the door to check the colour.

                          The Egg is lightweight and easy to move from room to room or to take with you if you are staying away from home at any time,
                          and from a distance it could be mistaken for glass but it is made from plastic which is just as well as I have dropped it on the wooden floor and miraculously it is still in one piece but I would'nt say it was the sturdiest of things I was just lucky.

                          The Grobag Egg won the FQ Top Gear Award and is recommended by the FSID ( foundation for the study of infant death )
                          It is also the only colour changing digital room thermometer which tells you at a glance if a room is too hot or too cold and is ideal for use in a nursery or childs room or for the elderly.

                          I've checked the accuracy against other thermometers and this one is more or less accurate to 1 degree,
                          this is a very simple to use thermometer with a twist as it doubles as a nightlight and looks really nice too.

                          I've read there have been problems for some people concerning the digital read-out, but mine has been ok so far .....................

                          The Grobag Egg comes with easy to understand instructions and a safe sleep guide and can be bought for between £ 15 - £20 on-line and on the high street.

                          Thank you for reading.


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                          • Edom Mineral Mud Masque / Skin Care / 61 Readings / 58 Ratings
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                            22.03.2007 17:03
                            Very helpful



                            A good Mud Masque thats worth trying.

                            I've been using Edom Mineral Mud Masque for the past 3 years now,
                            I pick up a couple of packs every so often at the local market for £5 each which is a great saving as a web search has come up with an average price of £9 each.

                            I like it even better now as I did'nt realise it cost that much.,
                            but then I always thought it was good quality and this has comfirmed it.

                            The Edom Mud Masque is intensive and deep cleansing and has an exceptionally high concentration of natural minerals,
                            these minerals draw out the toxins and skin pollutants leaving your skin clean, nourished and invigorated whilst stimulating the blood circulation.
                            these minerals are known for their therapeutic and beautifying properties so it's full of good stuff.

                            The Mud Masque comes in a 125ml tube with an easy to screw off lid,
                            the mud is a dark grey in colour and sqeezes out quite easy and feels silky soft and also slightly grainy to the touch,

                            it also has a pleasant fragrance to it which reminds me of Parma Violets........................not overpowering though just a hint, it actualy smells really nice and light.

                            After cleansing my face and neck I apply the Masque avoiding the eye and lip area,
                            the formula contains 50% black Dead Sea mud and 50% moisturising cream and so spreads on really well giving good coverage without using lot's of it.

                            As I apply it I can feel a pleasant tingling sensation which gradually fades as the Masque dries,
                            after about 5 minutes the Masque has dried to a lovely greenish grey colour............lol.

                            After a total of 15 minutes the Masque is ready to be rinsed off with lukewarm water,
                            you must rinse thoroughly and to be honest this can be messy if you are not carefull so I always use a dark coloured towel for drying to avoid any stains.

                            Each time I use this Masque my face and neck feel and look deep cleansed and my skin looks and feels tighter too,
                            unfortunately the tightness fades after about 5 minutes but I'm left with a slightly pinkish glow to my skin.

                            I always moisturise after I use the Mud Masque and afterwards my skin feels really soft and smooth and I feel that it really has done some good,
                            and for as long as I've been using it I've never had any adverse reactions.

                            The Masque can be used on ...................
                            Normal Skin.........use once a week.
                            Oily Skin...............use twice a week.

                            This is one of the best Mud Masques I've come across and it's suitable for all skin types...........
                            It's a lovely product to use and I highly recommend it.

                            The large size 125ml tube lasts for ages and with this stuff a little really does go a long way.

                            The 125ml tube comes in an attractive box also containing a leaflet with a list of all their products ect.......

                            Edom have a vast range of Skin care and Beauty products from The Dead Sea which can be bought online from their website....................

                            Edom products are not animal tested.


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                              18.03.2007 22:27
                              Very helpful
                              1 Comment



                              A classic parfum.

                              Donna Karan Black Cashmere Eau de Parfum was launched in 2002 and was Donna Karan's sixth fragrance release for women.

                              I received a bottle of Black Cashmere as a gift a couple of years ago, the Parfum came in a plain glossy black box, and the bottle itself is plain black too with gold writing.

                              The bottle is an oval shape and flat on one side and is designed to lie flat on it's side rather than stand upright,
                              and although the parfum was used up long ago , I kept the bottle as I liked the simple shape of it and now it sits on the shelf in my bathroom.

                              The bottle has a simple spray application and gives the right amount with each spray.
                              The parfum has top notes of.....................
                              Saffron, Masala Spices, Clove and Nutmeg,

                              with middle notes of ........................
                              Pimento Berries, White Pepper CO2 Extract,

                              And lower notes of..............................
                              Mediterranean Broom Flower, Patchouli Singapour, Crimson Red Marechal Rose, Ethiopian Guggal Incense, Wengue Wood, Bois de Miel

                              With the first spray there is a definite scent of a rich spicey woodiness,
                              strong but not overpowering,
                              this soon settles down to a distinctive aroma which is spicey but sweet at the same time.

                              I would spray this on in the morning and could still smell it by evening so it is longlasting,
                              and I woukd say this parfum would be best used in the colder months rather than summer as I think the combination of spices ect could be too overpowering in the hotter weather.

                              This is a really lovely and sophisticated parfum which has very rich and sensual aromas and will receive a lot of compliments.

                              As this was a gift I dont know how much it cost but a web search shows a range of prices from £30 - £52 for a 50 ml bottle.


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                                11.03.2007 21:07
                                Very helpful



                                A good budget blanket that keeps you warm..

                                I bought my Winterwarm (Morphy Richards) Heated single Under Blanket about 2 years ago for the single bed in my spare room,
                                and although the blanket was bought for when friends and family stay over, I did use it myself last winter when my double bed blanket decided to konk out.

                                The blanket measures 122 x 61cm or 48 x 24in and is the sponge clean only version,
                                it comes in an off white colour and is made from a tight knit man made material which is really quite soft to the touch.

                                The blanket is very easy to fit and when laid flat on the bed you will find attached to the sides are the power cord and control, and the ties,
                                The ties are used to secure the blanket to the bed which is simple enough to do .

                                I use my blanket directly on the mattress and then have a fleece mattress protector on top and then a flannel sheet and with all that padding I can't feel the electric blanket at all only the warmth.

                                The heat control is simple to use and understand and has 3 heat settings and off switch.
                                and although there is a Pre-heat facility with heat up time I've never used it as I find the blanket heats up within minutes anyway,
                                I switch it on at number 3 as I get into bed, then down to number 2 and then 1,
                                for me 1 is the most comfortable setting.

                                All the settings from 1 to 3 give out an even heat all over the blanket and an added bonus to this blanket was the Extra foot warmth, but honestly I can't notice the difference, it all seems the same to me.

                                In the 2 years since I bought the blanket there's been no spills or accidents so I've had no reason to clean it apart from air it before storing it away for the next winter,
                                so for the review I sponge cleaned a part of the blanket covering the wires.

                                To make things easier I put a folded towel under the part of the blanket to be cleaned and used a small sponge and some lukewarm soapy ( but not too soapy ) water and rubbed very gently being careful not to overwet the area as the material soaks the water up quite fast, after this I rinsed the material in the same way again with lukewarm water, and then lay the balnket on the bed to dry with a dry towel again under the wet part.

                                I found it very easy to clean as long as you dont overwet or oversoap, leaving it to dry naturaly took a while, after a couple of hours it was still damp but next morning it was dry and looking the same as it was before sponging, with no difference to the material at all......no stretching or shrinkage.

                                For the price this blanket was a bargain especially it being a well known brand, it has all the basic functions you need and to put your mind at rest it has a safety overheat protection system, a must when buying any electric blanket.

                                When someone stays over they always comment on how lovely and warm the bed was and so far I have been satisfied with its all round good performance and price.

                                I bought this from Argos for £14.99 but they are now selling them for £12.99.

                                Heat up time from 20 minutes.
                                Pre-heat facility.
                                3 heat settings.
                                Safety overheat protection system.
                                Extra foot warmth.
                                Sponge clean only.
                                Suitable for all night use.
                                BEAB approved.
                                Size 122 x 61cm/48 x 24in.
                                Manufacturer's 3 year guarantee


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                                  24.02.2007 19:28
                                  Very helpful



                                  A recommended hairdryer especially for anyone with problem hair.

                                  My old faithful Babyliss hairdryer was on it's last legs and it was time to find a replacement,
                                  I had heard a lot about Ionic hairdryers and how they left your hair shinier and frizz free..........
                                  Shiny, frizz free.............I want one ............and so began the search for an Ionic hairdryer.

                                  My search began with Amazon and it was'nt long before I found and ordered the...................
                                  ''Phillips Tresemme Salon Proceramic Hairdryer''
                                  that was a few weeks ago and so far has proved to be a worthwhile buy.

                                  What prompted me to buy this one (apart from the style and functions) was it was on sale down from £30.00 to £22.99 and iincluded a separate Ceramic straightening brush.

                                  The hairdryer is all black apart from the slider switches, the air inlet grille and the hanging loop which are light grey ( see pics )
                                  and looks very professional and sleek.
                                  I'd say the dryer is average weight and easy to hold and has a long 3m Salon length power cable.

                                  The handle of the dryer has a rubbery black matt finish and feels really comfortable to hold all through drying and gives a good grip,
                                  the temperature and airflow control switches are on the handle along with the coolshot button and the Ion slide switch and are easy to operate by sliding up or down with the thumb.

                                  The concentrator / styling nozzle is easily fitted by pushing on and removed by pulling off.
                                  The air inlet grille is easily removed and replaced for cleaning in the same way.

                                  This hairdryer has a powerful 2000w motor and a ceramic element that creates a gentler warmth than the conventional element, which then protects your hair from overdrying.
                                  I have quite thick hair just below shoulder length and I can
                                  dry my hair really quick with airflow on medium and temperature on warm.

                                  I'm not sure how the Ion function works ......but the negative Ions neutralise the static in your hair preventing further damage and leaving it frizz free and shiny.............as I said not sure how it works but it does !............ since I started using this dryer my hair looks and feels in better condition.

                                  Although I've stopped using ceramic hair straightners the damage has been done and I've been left with dry and frizzy hair, my old hairdryer did'nt help and sometimes made it worse,
                                  since using the Ionic hairdryer I have definitely noticed a big improvement,
                                  my hair is still dry but softer and looks much smoother rather than frizzy and flyaway like it was before, and theres a better shine to it too

                                  At £22.99 I think I got a bargain and even at the full price it would still be worth it,
                                  this is a sturdy professional and nice looking hairdryer with a variety of settings and good functions that seem to work.........a recommended hairdryer especially for anyone with problem hair.
                                  The hairdryer arrived well packed in an easy to open box containing....................
                                  The dryer,
                                  The concentrator / styling attachment,
                                  The cramic straightening brush.
                                  Easy to understand manual and a 2 year worldwide guarantee.

                                  Included in the box was a ceramic straightening brush used for straightening hair when used with a hairdryer,
                                  I tried the brush but found it really awkward to use and think it would work better if someone did it for you.
                                  Otherwise a well made brush that looks like it might work.

                                  Ceramic element for fast gentle radiant heat
                                  EHD - Even heat distribution technology
                                  Ionic conditioning
                                  3 heat settings.....cool / warm / hot
                                  3 speed settings low / medium / high
                                  Cool shot
                                  Turbo shot
                                  Cool blue indicator light
                                  3m salon extra length cable
                                  Hanging loop

                                  Thank you for reading.


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