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      09.02.2013 00:26
      Very helpful



      The first few bites quite pleasant. After a while quite rich.

      I was browsing Tesco because I was bored and I came across my favourite isle. The confectionery isle! Whilst looking I noticed there was a variety of chocolate bars that were priced at £1 each. I thought bargain! As Tesco's are quite expensive I was surprised and treated myself to a new Rolo share bar.

      At first glance the bar seems quite small compared to other name branded chocolate bars. The Rolo symbol is quite out there so it easily catches your eye. Regards the background it's quite minimalistic. The rolo Symbol is in its original form Red. The background itself is quite plain with similar shades of Brown. The depth of the packaging is quite thin so it makes you think you're not getting too much of the chocolate. Quite stingy I think! If you are someone who is watching your weight there is a small GDA chart at the bottom right hand corner of the packet.

      On opening the pack the chocolate bar seems quite thin. Each segment is quite large. The smell is quite chocolaty which makes my taste buds tingle when wanting that chocolate fix. The taste though is quite rich so having too many blocks of it can be a bit too heavy on the tummy and can make you feel quite queasy. Through the bar there seems to be a lot of caramel which is very sticky and can make quite a mess when breaking a piece off from the bar. I noticed particularly that a few minutes after taking a bite there is a slight after taste which can be a little off putting if you feel a little nauseous.

      The hubby though strongly disagreed with this! He felt that the whole experience of tasting this was very satisfying. He likes very strong and creamy chocolate. He isn't sensitive to sickly chocolate.

      On the back of the chocolate bar there is a detailed chart of the nutritional value of the bar. In a 2 piece section of the bar there is 102 calories which is around twice as much as other chocolate bars. The reason for this is maybe because of the caramel within the bar. I wouldn't recommend this product for someone who is watching their weight or who has intolerance to sugar!

      My overall opinion is quite average as it's quite sickly. I personally would only buy this again if it was on offer. Other than that I think if I was to eat it again I would probably nick a few segments off my hubby or a friend.


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