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    • Sleek Face Contour Kit / Make Up / 11 Readings / 11 Ratings
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      12.02.2013 01:48
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      love love love!!!

      It still comes as a shock that we live in 2013 and most people I speak to have never heard of contouring. My makeup is just not complete without it.
      For anyone who is reading this and thinking "what is contouring" let me explain.
      Start by looking in the mirror and studying your face, the centre of the forehead, bridge of the nose, cupids bow and chin are the areas you would highlight your face, these are the areas of your face that the sun would bounce off and give a highlight effect.
      Now when contouring it is like drawing the number 3 on your face, start at the hollow of your cheek and gently shade in then blend up towards the temple and in to your hairline, this is the top half of the 3, the second part is working from the hollow of the cheek/ cheekbone down towards the jawline creating a more defined jaw.
      The key with contouring and most important thing to remember is blend blend blend! Although it is an amazing technique to use if you do now blend you can often look bruised ( a look you never want).
      Contouring can also be used to slim down a nose and reshape eyes, by learning to contour you can dramatically change your face.
      I absolutely love Sleeks contour and highlighting duo, not every contour out there comes with a highlighter so this is an extra bonus.
      All sleek products are reasonably price and great value for money. Being a fan of contouring I have spent a lot of money on expensive well-known brands and sleek out shines them all.
      I use my sleek contour/ highlighting duo every day and I couldn't cope without it.
      Sleek packaging is all adorable. Everything product is black with sleek wrote in shiny black.
      Sleek contour duo is £6.49 which I find is excellent, here is the website
      www.sleek.co.uk Sleek is stocked inside of more but not all superdrugs and now being stocked by newlook.
      And for anyone who wants to learn more about contouring this is a great video to watch.

      Vicky oxoxo


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        21.07.2012 02:07
        Very helpful



        great fragrance , lasts all day with a gorgeous bottle.

        I am obsessed with nice smells, from my deodorant to my perfume I just love a strong scent that lasts most of the day.

        Once I have my make-up on, my hair done and wearing something nice, the last thing I love to do is squirt myself with a delicious smelling perfume.

        When I look for a perfume I absolutely hate how a sales assistant will come over and give you several different perfumes sprayed on to that tiny bit of card. Yes it smells amazing on the card but each perfume reacts differently to the individual. A perfume has to warm to your skin and even then, the same perfume can smell like a complete different one on someone else.

        A few years ago I was in House of Fraser with my mum and while she was doing her usual (going through ever moisturiser and eye creams) I went to look at the YSL counter. The only thing I had ever had from YSL is the Touché Éclat (which I adore).

        I had seen an advert for the new YSL perfume called Elle and really wanted to try it. On the front of the YSL counter they had a display of Elle. A soon as I smelt it I immediately loved it and when the woman on the counter wasn't looking I bathed myself in it. (I am a monkey for doing this).

        YSL Description..

        A fragrance for an unpredictable and unique woman, in tune with her every desire.

        Unpredictable and unusual, Elle is the very essence of Yves Saint Laurent femininity. Elle is the incarnation of a unique and up-to-the-minute chic style. Free to choose, rich in contrasts, strengthened by its contradictions... Elle experiences its passions, all of its passions, fully, without concession. Elle fulfils all of its desires...

        YSL Description of Fragrance

        A fresh, colourful and infinitely feminine opening of cedar wood gives this fragrance its luminosity. A hint of lychee offers its boldness and peony delicately softens it. Last but not least, pink berries combined in the middle notes with freesia create a fusion of olfactory opposites.

        A fragrance bursting with femininity and audaciousness where floral and woody notes blend and mingle together.

        Peony - Pink Berries - Patchouli.

        After a few minutes of wearing YSL Elle it began to warm to my skin. Now I cannot describe exactly what it smells like as like I've stated every perfume smells different on each person, but on me Elle has a musky floral smell with a hint of spices and ginger.

        Whilst wearing this I have has so many compliments on how lovely I smell and since buying my first bottle have gone through 3 more.

        Every now and then I give YSL Elle a brake and change to a different perfume but I always end up going back to it and adoring it all over again.

        As for the bottle, well it's beautiful.

        It comes in a rich purple bottle with a gold bit on the front with YSL in purple engraved on it. It has an expensive elegant look and stands pride of place on my dressing table.

        With any perfume I wouldn't recommend you reading this then go out and buy it, but I do suggest next time you're looking for a perfume try YSL Elle. Don't be hasty (as there is nothing worse than buying a new perfume then getting home and realising you don't like it). Don't be shy to ask for a sample, if they haven't got one then give your wrists a spray and leave it to warm on you while you carry on shopping. Only then will you know it is the one for you.

        If once you've decided you love it just like me, then you are in for a treat.

        The scent lasts all day and you don't need to use a lot, so the bottle lasts for ages.

        It's the perfect perfume to use day or night.

        On the House of Fraser website..

        Yves Saint Laurent
        Elle Eau De Parfum 50ml, Was £ 56.00, Now £ 50.40

        Hope this helps!

        Vicky xoxox


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        19.07.2012 01:18
        Very helpful



        great value for money, washes well, flatters again any figure, light to wear.

        In the last couple of years I have really loved some of the fashion to come out on to the high street, there has been some very beautiful tops and blouses but most of them are sleeveless. Being someone who doesn't always like their arms on show, I tend to steer away from them.

        Last year I saw the most beautiful top but the lack of sleeves put me off, I was still determined to have it and thought if I wore a cardigan, it would look fine.

        I really struggled to find a cardigan as most were thick and woolly or all had big thick buttons on and just looked wrong against my new top.
        A couple of days later I was talking to my mum and noticed her cardigan, it was just the type I had been looking for but it was in navy blue.

        I asked where she bought it and she told me New Look, luckily we were heading in to town that day so I decided to have a look.

        When we got there my heart sunk, they were nowhere to be seen so I asked a member of staff if they still sold them and she directed me to their new stand in the shop.

        The Boyfriend Cardigan comes in four colours,

        * Black
        * Teens Blue (Navy)
        * Dark Red
        * Grey

        I picked up the black one and bought it without trying on (which I tend to do a lot).
        When I got home I put my new top on and then tried my Boyfriend Cardigan on, it fitted like a glove. It has large drop pockets both sides and the arms are quite tight fitting which I love, often if you pull sleeves up on a cardigan they tend to stretch but not with this one. It keeps the shape when you pull the sleeve back down.

        I also find the Boyfriend Cardigan very flattering as it falls perfectly again my curves giving a flawless smooth look.

        The Boyfriend Cardigan can be used for various looks. I normally wear mine with a pair of leggings and a vest top but recently I dressed it up for my friend's birthday meal. I wore my Boyfriend Cardigan with black skinny jeans, a grey dip dye beaded vest top (also from New Look) with heels and a clutch bag.

        I feel so comfortable when I'm wearing my Boyfriend Cardigan I often forget I have it on.
        It washes well and once its dry I hang it up and any creases go, however I still iron mine but you could easily get away without doing so.

        I would be surprised if anyone didn't feel the same about the Boyfriend Cardigan once they tried it and at £12.99 I find it great value for money.

        Since buying the Black one I have been back and purchased the Teen blue and Dark Red one.
        I won't be getting the Grey one as it didn't suit me (I did try).

        All in all the Boyfriend Cardigan is a valued addition to my wardrobe.

        Vicky xoxox


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      • Gosh Nail Lacquer / Make Up / 18 Readings / 18 Ratings
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        18.07.2012 02:11
        Very helpful



        great colour, great value for money and quick drying

        Lately I have been on the search with my cousin to find pale foundations for her YouTube channel (which is impossible) we have been in every shop looking.

        We went to look in superdrug where I live and had no joy so decided to go to the bigger store in our town centre. I have never been to this superdrug as it is a new bigger store, I was very surprised to find all the different product ranges that I had never heard of, one of these were Gosh.

        When I got home I looked up Gosh on the internet believing it was a fairly new product and to my surprised found out Gosh Cosmetics started as a pharmaceutical company in 1946.

        The next day I went back and browsed through the many products gosh had to offer when I came across Gosh Nail Lacquer 555 Silver. As there were was no tester I decided to buy it anyway. I bought it for £4.99 which I think is great value for what you get.

        The bottle is very stylish, its round and has a thick black lid that compliments the glass bottle showing the silver varnish with GOSH wrote horizontally down the bottle.

        The colour is fabulous and very current with up to date fashion, its metallic silver with a hint of glitter shimmer which gives a foil type effect.

        Normally I prefer a wide brush when painting my nails as I find that thinner brushes don't give me an even smooth coat, however Gosh nail lacquer has a thinner brush yet I find when I painted them the colour came on even.

        I also like that Gosh Nail Lacquer dry's very fast and doesn't chip easy like most nail varnishes.

        When I applied Gosh Nail Lacquer 555 Silver I only had to give them one coat as the colour came out exactly as it looks in the bottle, I didn't have to give several coats to get the look (which is always a bonus).

        All in all I'm super happy with my new Nail Varnish and my introduction to Gosh Cosmetics.
        If Gosh's other products are anything like their nail varnish I will definitely be trying more!!

        Vicky xoxox


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        16.07.2012 00:29
        Very helpful



        healthy tasty food and very easy to clean

        I first saw the Tefal Actifry on a shopping channel early one morning when I couldn't sleep. Every time flick I through the TV I'm always drawn in by something they are selling (last week I was nearly the owner of a wig).

        Being someone who struggles with their weight the Tefal Actifry sounded amazing, I could have homemade chip whenever I like and be able to point them on weight watchers. I was convinced there must be a catch!
        The next day after seeing this I went on the internet and did some research on it.

        This is the description the Tefal website gave.


        Tefal Actifry allows you to cook enough chips to feed a family of four with just one spoonful of oil and only 3% fat!

        This makes it much more economical to run, as well as safer and easier to clean. And not only can it cook chips, but also a whole range of other meals including stir-fried vegetables, meat, fish and even pudding!


        Removable bowl, lid and paddle easy to clean - dishwasher safe.

        Use any oil - e.g. olive oil, rapeseed oil balance intake of fatty acids which body require plus add flavour.

        No preheating required ready to use when you are.

        Other Features...

        Power: 1400W.

        Large viewing window observe cooking plus steam free.
        Comes with a recipe book.

        The size of the Tefal Actifry is 22cm x 32cm x 43cm.

        Once I read all this, I was very impressed and decided to order one. I bought mine for £169 from the Tefal website about 2 years ago and since then I've never looked back.

        Normally when new things come out they promise you all these special features and when you get it, it goes in the back of the cupboard with the rest of the gadgets but with the Tefal Actifry it has done everything it says.

        I have only ever used my Tefal Actifry to make chips, roast potatoes and Potato wedges and although they are a great slimming alternative to the regular way of making these, there isn't a great difference they taste just as delicious.
        My whole family have all commented how lovely they are when I have made them. When my sister in law first tried chips from the Actifry she was so impressed that she has now bought her own and uses on a regular basis.

        When I use the Actifry I use no more than two potatoes and cut them in whatever style I fancy, I put them in the Actifry and then using the measuring spoon that comes with it, measuring a tea spoon amount of oil (I use olive oil) and then pour over the potatoes. I press the timer to 26 minutes. I know 26 minutes may seem along time but once you flip the lid down it starts straight away and you don't have to do anything until the timer goes off to let you know there ready.

        Also if you was using oven chips you have to wait 5 -10 minutes for the oven to warm up then wait up to 14 -18 minutes which in total can be 28 minutes the same time it takes to cut your potato and use your Actifry with the bonus of fresh ingredient's instead of processed and less fat with all the taste.

        I find the Tefal Actifry very easy to clean, I just remove the bowl by the handle and wash it up with hot soapy water then rinse and dry with a t-towel then I put it back ready to use for next time. This take no more than 3 minutes once cooled down.
        It is also dishwasher friendly but I just find it quicker this way.

        The only disadvantages I found with the Tefal Actifry was within 10 months the spoon it came with broke, so now I use a tea spoon to measure the oil with.
        Recently my Actifry sometimes stops rotating but since I have had it for two years I just put it down to constant use.

        Since I've had mine the price range of a Tefal Actifry varies and is stocked in numerous places.

        Here are a few...

        * Amazon.co.uk - New £117.40/ Used £97.90
        * Very.co.uk - £129
        * Asda Direct - £139.96
        * Simply Be £159
        * Best buy £138.99 (not so best)
        * Argos £169.99

        Overall it's a great thing to have, its healthy and tasty, two things that are not often in the same sentence. Anyone who is trying to diet or just simply cut back, this is perfect. It is quick and easy to use and created a delicious treat for all.

        I recommend it to anyone.

        Vicky xoxox


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        • Blackberry Curve 9300 / Smartphone / 17 Readings / 16 Ratings
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          15.07.2012 17:01
          Very helpful



          an nice phone to look at with great features if it didnt keep freezing

          I was due a new phone as my old one was slowly dying on me, after looking on the internet at various different mobiles I came across the BlackBerry Curve 9300 in White.

          I read up on the phone and decided this was the one I wanted.
          I ordered it from Car Phone Warehouse for £169 and was very happy and excited to receive my new phone.
          As soon as I got my new BlackBerry Curve I put it straight on charge as I have been told the longer you leave your battery to charge the first time the better. (I don't actually know if this is true but I always do it).

          For the first couple of days I adored my new phone, it did everything I wanted, however within 3 or 4 days my camera stopped working and I wasn't able to take pictures. I rang my network (Orange) and told them what was happening and they advised me to simply take the battery out and put it back in again. I tried this and hey presto it worked again.

          For the next few months it was working fine until it started to freeze all the time.
          Also the track pad created a mind of its own after about 4 months of owning it. Every time I wanted to scroll down my stubborn phone decided to scroll up instead.

          Two of my good friends have also had the same phone and experienced the same troubles I had.

          I really loved this Blackberry It looked very stylish and if I hadn't of had these problems all the time I would have kept it longer as the actual Blackberry Services are brilliant and great value for money.

          The phone itself is very light weight and has an excellent look to it.

          The battery was shocking though, I charged my phone every day and if I used the internet, listened to music or took photos it would eat my battery and be nearly dying by the time I got home.

          It has a good memory space as I was able to store a lot of songs, pictures and videos on it but also pointless as previously stated about the battery power.

          I also love the QWERTY keyboard and found it very easy and fast to txt or e-mail.

          Over all if this phone didn't let its self-down with silly faults it would be perfect but as it did it wasn't the one for me.

          Vicky xoxox


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            15.07.2012 02:34
            Very helpful



            great smelling nice moisturiser with coverage of a foundation

            Being someone who suffers from rosy cheeks I need a foundations with good coverage, so when I look for a foundation I always go for the top end brands such as Clinique Redness Solution Foundation.

            Recently I helped my cousin move out of her room at Middlesbrough University, she was sorting through her make-up and asked me if I wanted anything, being hard to resist I jumped at the chance and among the items I took was, Nivea Visage Daily Essentials Tinted Moisturising Day Cream in Natural.
            I had no intention of using this on its own but thought it would be a nice base for my make-up and any moisture to my skin is a bonus.

            The next day I got up and jumped in the shower, now everyone knows when you get out your face feels tight and horrible. As I was reaching for my daily moisturiser the Nivea Tinted Moisturiser caught my eye so I thought what the heck I'll try it.
            I squeezed a pea size amount on to the back of my hand then grabbed my Real Techniques Buffing Brush and applied it to my face.
            I was very surprised how well it glided on my face and it smelt gorgeous. I was also impressed with the way it seemed just like any normal foundation and covered my rosy cheeks. I didn't expect it to stay like this, I thought as all moisturisers it would sink in and the colour would fade.

            I dried my hair and then came back to do my make-up and it was exactly the same as when I had first applied it.
            Since then I have worn it every day and have absolutely fell in love!
            I've stopped using my heavy foundations and just stuck to this. I don't even have to use my powder as it sets on my skin and make my face look healthy with a natural glow.

            It comes in a cute little squeezy bottle, very easy to slip in your bag and freshen up at work or if going on a long haul flight etc.

            I would never have given this a second glance in a shop let alone buy it but I'm so happy I gave it ago. Since using this my face has felt so soft and smooth and I haven't had any spots.

            I recommend this to anyone. It's a light moisturiser with an effect of a good foundation.

            Vicky xoxox


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            13.07.2012 01:07
            Very helpful



            very upset but the efffects this colour has coursed

            I have been colouring my hair for around 13 years now. I was always blonde growing up but throughout the years my hair got darker and my natural hair colour is now a very dark dull blonde.

            I used to have highlights in my hair to keep it blonder, then when I was 22 I dyed my hair black. It was a very big change and one that myself and people around me had to get used to. I had a lot of compliments with dark hair as I have got green eyes and with the contrast of my hair they stud out. I had it dark for around 2 years but started to feel it was becoming a little drastic and wanted to go lighter for the summer time. This was a very gradual process and took me a few years to get my hair back to the colour I wanted (blonde) so I didn't want to damage my hair.

            As a hairdresser I used to buy my colours from Denis Williams (a hairdressing supplier), I got bored with using the same colour over again that I left my hair to just fad out.
            One day I was watching TV a saw an advert for John Frieda Hair Foam, it looked really good and easy to apply (which is always a bonus) I decided to give it a go even though I've never been a fan of box colours. I browsed through the colours and decided to try, Colour Extra Light Beige Blonde 10N.

            I took it home and applied it straight away.
            The instructions where very easy to follow, you empty the contents of the developer into the colour bottle and tilt not shake 5 times then squeeze and out comes the foam. The colour was so easy to apply and gave a brilliant coverage. The colour was also perfect and I was very, very happy. Unlike some colours this looked very natural and my hair was very soft and in great condition.

            I have been using John Frieda for about 18 months I felt like I had found the perfect colour for life.
            When John Frieda Hair Foam first come out it was £10 in most shops but now in most super markets it can be found for £6.66, I should have taken this as a sign and that something bad was yet to come.

            On the 4th may 2012 I coloured my hair as usual with John Frieda Hair Foam Colour Extra Light Beige Blonde 10N as I have so many times before. I was going to London the next day to spend a long weekends with my cousin in Greenwich. I was so excited I wanted to look my best so I had my nails done, I had faked tanned and last to do was my hair colour but I had done it that many times it was simple and easy.
            I brushed my hair so I removed all the knots then put my hair in its natural parting, I squeezed the foam on to my palm and spread it on my parting, from there around my hair line then massaged it through the rest of my head as I only do my roots.
            This time when I applied it, it began to really sting but wore off within 30 seconds, when I massaged my head to get the shampoo lather it began to really sting again but like last time within 30 second had stopped. I left it on for 10 minutes and washed it off as it worried me slightly.

            Once I shampooed and conditioned my hair I wrapped it in a towel and left it to dry as I don't like to overdo it after it has been newly coloured. When I took the towel off the left side just before my crown was red raw and my scalp was very noticeable. I kept apply Suda Crème to get rid of the redness , this lasted round 3 - 4 weeks as the colour had burnt my scalp and hair. I have a very noticeable bald patch around the size of a 50p and it has only just started to grow back.

            I have been very upset and conscious about it as I have very thick hair and didn't realise how lucky I was till I lost some.
            This was 3 months and 9 days ago.

            I do not know what coursed this to happen as I have been using the same colour over and over again but I am very sad and want people who use this regularly or deciding to use it for the first time to be very careful as I would hate it to happen to anyone else.

            I have contacted John Frieda and they have sent me a medical questionnaire to fill in and asked me to send the colour I just back to them but as this was 3 months and 9 days ago I have not got it any more. They said they will reimburse me for the colour but this does not help me for the hair I have lost.

            When using John Frieda it tells you to do a skin test 48 hours before you use the colour but then states the colour must be used within 24 hours with in opening it. So if you did a skin test on one then bought another to colour your hair it wouldn't be the same colour you've tested so you can't win!

            I hope this helps anyone who's thinking of using this, and let you know this CAN happen.

            Vicky xoxox


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              12.07.2012 23:35
              Very helpful



              brilliant brushes there are a must buy for anyone who loves make-up

              I have always loved make-up, and when I was little my mum would always find me up to no good in her make-up bag, spilling most of it on carpet.
              I truly found my love for make-up when I was around 14, I used to save up all my money and buy all the latest products about.

              At Christmas time I would always get a kids make-up set with its own pair of brushes but I would never use them as I have always applied foundations and eye shadows with my hand.

              If I did ever use a brush it would be for my bronzer, which I could cringe when I think back to my gold cheeks!

              About a year ago now I was bored and browsing through YouTube when I came across a make-up tutorial on Jenifer Lopez. I was so intrigued by this I had to watch more, once the video was over I subscribed to the channel and found loads more videos just like it.
              The woman in the video was Nicola Chapman now (Haste), who does these kind of videos with her older sister Samantha chapman. There channel name is Pixiwoo they also have a Pixiwoo-madness channel as well as their own blogs.
              Until I watched their videos I had never really seen anyone applying there make up with brushes and definitely not foundations. During and after each video, either Sam or Nic explain what product and what brushes they are using. Every time I have searched the brushes they mention, I am always shocked at the prices and know there is no way I can afford them all.
              One day I was watching one of Nicola's videos and she mention she was using the Real Technique Core Brushes by Samantha Chapman, I was really excited to find out more but knew they would be far too expensive and out of the question.

              When I bought my Real Technique Core Brushes they weren't available in shops so I got mine from www.love-makeup.co.uk I bought them for £20.99. I was so happy and couldn't wait to receive them. I thought they were such great value for money.

              In the Real Technique Core Brush Set, you get.

              * Detailer brush which is precision cut for concealing problem areas or for use with lipstick.

              * Pointed foundation brush for liquid foundation to build custom coverage.

              * Buffing brush ideal for full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation.

              * Contour brush delicately applies highlighter, contour colour to create a sheer soft focus finish.

              The brushes look very stylish and look extremely professional. They are a gold colour with a black rubber handle.
              Each brush is fantastic and is very versatile as I personally use the buffing brush to apply my liquid foundation.
              Before I receive my Real Technique Core Brushes , I hadn't heard of contouring but since I've been using these it has changed the way I wear my make up for the better.
              I also find my make-up is lasting a lot longer since using these brushes as the brushes really work any make up into the skin.

              Another bonus to these fabulous brushes is the case, normally I hate getting new things as I hate all the packaging that come with it but not with these.
              I store my brushes in a make-up cup but if I am ever going away for the night I always put my brushes back in there case and have no worries of them being damaged as I know they are protected.
              The case is very versatile and can be turned in to a 2 in 1 case and stand.

              I absolutely love my Real Technique Core Brushes and I fully recommend them to anyone, they have just been something I had to have but also changed my whole make up routine and the time I used to take. They are super soft and work well on even the cheapest of make-up.
              Since I bought mine they are now selling Real Technique Brushes in Boots.

              Once you use these you will never turn back!

              Vicky xoxox


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              12.07.2012 00:38
              Very helpful



              amazing product, leaves skin soft, smells great!

              Well, where do I start...?

              I first saw this product on an advert and the girls on it where really glamorous and beautiful, they were all heading for a night out and I thought, hmm I want to try that!

              The next day I was in a super market and me being me cannot walk in any shop without browsing through the beauty area.
              I spotted Lux instantly and directed my trolley towards it. I took each one and smelt them. Each one has its own strong fragrance, which I love in shower gels.
              My favourite was Lux Shimmering Sea, the fragrance is delicious and fresh, I had to have it straight away.

              This was the only shower gel I used for about 2 years, then one day it seemed to have disappeared and I couldn't find it anywhere. I was gutted.

              Since then I have used numerous shower gels but none have been the same.
              Last year I went in to Lloyds Pharmacy near where I live and what was on the self looking down at me... Lux Shimmering Sea. I was so happy that I bought all 5 of them and I actually couldn't wait to get home to use it again.

              I really can't express enough just how much I love Lux Shimmering Sea, as I've stated, I absolutely love the smell of it. It has clean and fresh smell and it doesn't fade away within a few hours like most shower gels do, Lux stays all day.
              Once I've wet my skin I squeeze out a 20p size amount to my palm and rub them together then I apply from left arm to right going to chest and then down my body. This is all I use on a daily basis. Lux Shimmering Sea lathers up really well and leaves my skin feeling clean and super soft. I also find that when I use this I don't need to use as much moisturiser as most shower gels dry my skin out but Luz nourishes my skin.
              I also suffer with dry sensitive skin and normally I can't use strong fragranced shower gels yet this is perfect for me. I really feel I have found my perfect product.

              Since buying this I have seen it in other shops.
              * Pound Stretcher
              * Wilkinson's
              * Boots
              * Lloyds Pharmacy

              The shimmer is a lovely touch too, though I would buy it even if it didn't have this.
              I do use Luz on a daily basic but it would be the perfect shower gel to take on holiday with you, the shimmer would add that extra sun kissed look to a lovely tan.
              I also really love the bottle it is very cute and compact with an easy squeeze bottle, it looks good in any shower and I believe it has an expensive look to it.
              I could actually talk all day about this product but I don't want any one falling to sleep while reading this.
              So over all I highly recommend anyone to try Lux Shimmering Sea Shower Gel.

              I would be very surprised if once you have tried it you didn't fall in love like me.

              Vicky xoxox


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                11.07.2012 22:08
                Very helpful



                i was very disappointed

                I was browsing through Superdrug one afternoon and decided to treat myself to some new nail polishes. My niece had been telling me for weeks how she loved Barry M nail varnish and how I should try some, so I did.
                I bought several nail varnishes in various colours and at £2.99 I was happy.

                Once I took my products to the till the lady behind the counter asked me if I had seen their new Crackle affect varnish. I put my things to one side and went to look. As it was a new product they only had black in store but told me there would be other colours coming soon.
                I thought it sounded amazing so I bought one at £3.99 I still thought it was cheap compared to some other well-known brands.

                I was so excited to get home and use it straight away, I applied a quick coat over the existing polish I was already wearing but it didn't work very well. I put it down to having chipped nail polish on, and convinced myself it would look amazing once I redid my nails.
                I painted all my nails pink and waited for them to fully dry, then I read the instructions that came with the Barry M Crackle, then applied to my nails.
                On the instructions it says apply a thin layer over your choice of nail varnish and watch the crackle work. Firstly I found the brush far too small, you have to be quick when using the crackle as it works straight away but to get an even coat and make sure your entire nail is covered you have to do at least 3 strokes.
                I was very disappointed and didn't think it looked anything like it did on the bottle, or the picture of the nail that comes on the little card attached to the bottle.
                I left it to dry and like all Barry M varnishes it took a while. Once dry I was very disappointed I thought it looked silly.
                When it dried it was a very dull matt finish and felt really rough to touch. I applied a top coat as I do every time I paint my nails but the black was smudging.
                I gave them a chance but only had them on for a day as they chipped very easy, and taking them off took some budging.

                I think the Barry M nail polishes all come in really nice bottles and love all the colours they come in but as for the crackle..... I'm not impressed.

                All in all I wouldn't buy another but at least my niece got a new nail varnish.

                Vicky xoxox


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                11.07.2012 01:01
                Very helpful



                i enjoyed the tv drama more

                To me there is nothing better than settling down and watching a scary/thriller film. When you're so into the film the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and you just know you're going to jump out of your skin at any minute.

                Lately though every film that comes out are all the same.

                My mum has always got her head in a book, sometimes more than one. Last time my mum when to our local book stall in town I went with her and found myself looking at the thrillers. I came across Lynda La Plante, Above Suspicion. I have only ever read this type of book once which was also Lynda La Plante called, The Black Dahlia. I absolutely loved the book and it frightened me to the core so I decided to give Above Suspicion a go.
                This is what hooked me...


                Young Anna Travis has been assigned to her first murder case - a series of killings that has shocked even the most hardened of detectives. They started eight years ago - now the body count is up to six. The method of killing is identical, the backgrounds of the girls identical - all drug-users and prostitutes. Then a seventh body is found. The modus operandi is the same - but the victim is a young student with the 'face of an angel'. The profile of the murderer has changed dramatically. Determined to earn the respect of her male colleagues, Anna stumbles on a vital piece of information which links one man to the killings, a much-loved actor on the brink of international stardom. His arrest would create a media frenzy. But if he were found innocent, his wouldn't be the only career over - Anna's hard fought for reputation would be destroyed once and for all...

                It took me a while to get into the book, I found it a bit too complicated to begin with and for the first couple of chapters felt like it was going in circles.
                I am not going to give away the story as it is a good read and throughout the book I was getting drawn in more and more.
                However several times I did become bored and wished for the story to get going at a quicker pace.
                The character where thought up brilliantly and made you believe you was in that environment of a busy police station. The descriptions are also excellent as you really feel you are visiting the suspect with Anna Travis and the team.

                I think Lynda La Plante is a very creative and talented author but I felt slightly let down by this book.

                A few days after I watched, Above Suspicion drama on TV. Normally I believe the book is always better than the film/drama but this time I preferred to watch it.

                Vicky xoxox


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                10.07.2012 23:27
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                great value for money

                I don't know about you, but I love having an all year round tan, it just makes me feel better in myself. I have never been one for sunbeds and when I go away find it way too hot to sit in the sun an get one.
                I started using fake tan when I was around 15 and began to take pride in my appearance, since then I've never looked back!

                I've used lots of fake tans over the years ranging from £1 - £45, you name it I've tried it.
                Recently I was shopping and came across the St. Moritz Instant Tanning Mist. I've only ever seen the mousse (which I find hard to use as I usually wake up looking like a tiger) Being hard to resist I bought it for £2.99. I thought it was cheap but didn't hold any hope for it.
                That night I thought I would give it ago. I gave the can a good shake and started on my left arm, when it came out it wasn't quite what I expected. It came out spotty and no the flawless tan I thought. Thankfully I was wearing a tanning glove and lightly rubbed it in to my skin making sure I didn't miss any.
                The actual tan was a perfect colour, instead or the orange tinge you get with most tans this had more of a golden look to it.

                Once I got the hang of it I continued to my right arm, chest, legs and feet, I also rubbed it in to the back of my neck to give it a natural look if I wore my hair up.
                Unlike other fake tans it didn't have that nasty tan smell that usually lingers until it fades. It smells yummy.
                I was also very impressed with how quick it took to dry, normally I am standing in my bathroom flapping around for ages and then I still feel tacky but with St. Moritz Instant Tanning Mist, I found myself dry with 5 minutes and able to get dressed.
                I also found it easy to apply as it goes on the skin a brown colour and easier to see where you have put it unlike other tans that you apply colourless and can't see where you have missed.
                I really struggle when applying fake tans on the awkward areas such as, knees, elbows and ankles but with St. Moritz Instant Tanning Mist, I didn't have this problem. Once it had fully dried I took a damp flannel and lightly rubbed these key areas that are a tell-tale sign to a bad looking tan.

                The next day I fully expected for my tan to have to have rubbed on to my sheets but to my surprise there was nothing and my tan was still perfect.

                All in all I love this product, I found it great value for money, easy to apply and dry and a perfect colour. I've had several compliments about it and have also recommended St. Moritz Instant Tanning Mist to my best friend who has also falling in love with it.

                I highly recommend this product to anyone who likes a tan like me.

                Vicky xoxox


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